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Beecham Philosophy


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Educational Philosophy for Andrea Beecham
Information and Retrieval

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Beecham Philosophy

  1. 1. The ABC Philosophy of Education By: Andrea Beecham #0680862 Information and Retrieval Summer 2008
  2. 2. is for always have an excellent attitude.
  3. 3. is for believing in your students.
  4. 4. is for communicating, which is the key to success.
  5. 5. is for diving into the learning process .
  6. 6. is for excelence in your profession.
  7. 7. is for forming the future. What you do on a daily basis will form our future.
  8. 8. is for getting the parents involved.
  9. 9. is for hugging. Hugs are helpful!
  10. 10. is for isolating the problem and solving it.
  11. 11. is for just listening. It is the best thing to do sometimes.
  12. 12. is for kindness to all .
  13. 13. is for learning from your parents and students.
  14. 14. is for monitoring your students progress and keeping the parents informed.
  15. 15. is for never letting a student down. .
  16. 16. is for organization. It is the key to being effective.
  17. 17. is for paying attention to any changes you might see.
  18. 18. is for providing a quality education.
  19. 19. is for respecting parent’s needs. .
  20. 20. is for smiling. It will be catching.
  21. 21. is for teaching the individual as well as the class.
  22. 22. is for understanding that you can make a difference.
  23. 23. is for venturing out of your safety zone and try new things.
  24. 24. is for welcoming all who enter your room.
  25. 25. is for eXamining all aspects of your curriculum.
  26. 26. is for you are always a role model.
  27. 27. is for zeroing in on the most important thing– the children. .
  28. 28. Now that you have read my ABC’s, I hope you agree with my educational philosophy.