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Google searches & research


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I made this little slideshow because I figured my students needed a brief review of the ways to search Google's index... and it turned out that they knew almost nothing from this slideshow. Or that some of them knew a few things, but not everything.

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Google searches & research

  1. Google Searches 22 April 2010
  2. Google: based on George Boole • operators: • AND • OR • NOT • IF and IF AND ONLY IF • Logic!
  3. In Google... • The word AND between each search term is assumed.
  4. In Google... • To search a STRING of terms, use quotes " " • United States of America = united states of
  5. In Google... • To drop a word from search, use - (equal to NOT)
  6. In Google.... • Put a tilde (~) to search for word & synonyms
  7. In Google... • "Use an asterisk (*) to use a wildcard for a missing word in a phrase.
  8. In Google... • Walk finds walk, walking, walked, walker, etc • Put a plus sign (+) to keep a word just as-is
  9. • Use OR between to phrases in quotes to find to parallel ideas
  10. In Google... • Command lines allow you to search for parts of web pages • or specific filetypes • or specific elements of information like weather • or definitions.
  11. Google Command Lines • intitle:term returns results where webpage title includes "term"
  12. Google Command Lines • intext:term returns pages where text includes term
  13. Google Command Lines • Link: will find sites that link to that page
  14. Google Command Lines • Related: finds related webpages
  15. Google Command Lines • SITE: searches just one website
  16. Google Command Lines • INFO: finds information about who runs a given site
  17. Google Command Lines • Filetype: searches just for one type of file .PDF .doc .xls .mp 3 .ppt .mo
  18. Google Search Options • Turn on options to give yourself... options!
  19. Google Options give you... • Access to all sorts of new tools Types of Age of pages Timelin e view
  20. I like timeline view