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ABM VIP Consulting Franchising Businesses English


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Franchising is the practice of using another firm's successful business model.
If you are a franchisor or a business owner who would like the business to be expanded,
ABM VIP Consulting® services on franchising

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ABM VIP Consulting Franchising Businesses English

  1. 1. ABM VIP Consulting® Management Consulting is interested in cooperation on the subject of franchising businesses expansion
  2. 2. ABM VIP Consulting® Management Consulting is in search of businesses focusing on entering the market of Ukraine on the base of franchising
  3. 3. Ukraine 45,415,596 population (2010) Country Area: 603,628 sq km Capital city: Kiev Population 3,000,388 (2007)
  4. 4. We are considering successful fields for franchising: Art Franchises Food Franchises Automotive Franchises Franchise Consultants Franchises Beauty Franchises Health Franchises Business Services Franchises Home Services Franchises Children’s Franchises Medical Franchises Cleaning and Maintenance Franchises Pet Franchises Computer and Internet Services Recreation Franchises Franchises Retail Franchises Construction Franchises Senior Care Franchises Education Franchises Small Business Franchises Entertainment Franchises Specialty Franchises Financial Services Franchises Staffing Franchises Fitness Franchises Travel Franchises
  5. 5. ABM VIP Consulting® Management Consulting Services on Franchising
  6. 6. The data base (know how) forming for Franchisor
  7. 7. Business processes system creation
  8. 8. Business model creation (that shall be cloned)
  9. 9. Developing of marketing strategies with the aim of successful promoting of business
  10. 10. Elaboration of controlling system
  11. 11. ABM VIP Consulting® Management Consulting We do help you to expand your business
  12. 12. ABM VIP Consulting® P.O.BOX 15 Kiev 35, Ukraine 03035 Tel.: +380-44-5391178 Cell: +380-98-6971669 Fax: +380-67-2310261 SKYPE: ABMVIPConsulting