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Who will be the next superpower ??


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As u see from our increasing economy .Who will be the next superpower among all countries ??

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Who will be the next superpower ??

  2. 2. WHAT IS “SUPERPOWER” ?  Superpower is a word used to describe a state with a dominant position in international relations and which is characterised by its unparalleled ability to exert influence or project power on a global scale.  Superpower includes a country’s combined means of technological ,cultural , military and economic strength, as well as diplomatic and soft power influence.
  3. 3. CRITERIA FOR BEING “SUPERPOWER”  The size of the country.  The natural resources of the country.  The army size and it’s expenditure on military system.  Education and skills.  Political system and whether it is a key member of NGOs and powerful on an international scale.  GDP/GDP per criteria.  Unemployment.  Sectors of employment  Nuclear power.
  4. 4. CURRENT SUPERPOWER - US  Due to their large markets, growing military strength , economic potential, and influence in international affairs , US is the superpower.
  5. 5. PAST PREDICTIONS  Predictions made in the past have not been perfect . For example , in the 1980’s, many political and economical analysis predicted that JAPAN would eventually accede to superpower status , due to its large population , huge gross domestic product , and high economic growth at that time.  But JAPAN has faced an ongoing period of weak growth since the lost decade of the 1990’s , and has been suffering rom an aging population since the early 2000’s eroding it’s potential as a superpower.
  7. 7. BRAZIL  Federative republic of Brazil seems to be incoming superpower due to some reasons like –  From past 200 years, Brazil has sought to emerge a s a serious global economic and political power.  Brazil has certainly fulfilled some of its aspirations and finally started to gain the international recognition it deserves .  Brazil including valuable minerals , a tenth of the world’s fresh water and the Earth’s largest remaining rainforest.
  8. 8. CHINA  People’s Republic of China receives continual coverage in the popular press of its emerging superpower status ,and has been identified s a rising or emerging economic growth and military superpower by academics and other experts.  Assuming that the Chinese and U.S. economic grow, respectively , by 8% and 3% in real terms and in America’s is 2% (the average of last decade).  The term “Second Superpower” has been applied by scholars to the possibility that the People’s Republic of China could emerge with global power .
  9. 9. EUROPEAN UNION  The European Union (EU) has been called an emerging superpower by academics. Many scholars and academics like T.R. Reid , Andrew Reding , Andrew Moravcsik , and many other believe that EU either is , or will become , a superpower in the 21st century.  EU includes : large population, large economy (EU has the largest economy in the world ),low inflation rates , high quality of life etc.  Some do not believe the EU will achieve superpower status . A/C to the former UK secreatery for foreign and commonwealth affairs . Because of it’s military reach.
  10. 10. INDIA  The Republic of India has seen considerable coverage of it’s potential of becoming a superpower , both in academics and media . Due to it’s functional institutions of democracy and it’s relatively corruption free society ,it will emerge as a desirable , entrepreneurial and resource and energy efficient superpower in the near future .  INDIA includes :  Large population  Large economy  Nuclear power  Army etc.
  11. 11. RUSSIA  The Russian federation has seen some discussion regarding its potential of re-emerging as a superpower , while other have made a assertion that it is already a superpower.  Russia will not become a superpower unless climate changes eats away at the permafrost that covers as of march 2014,two- thirds of the country’s landmass.  But Russia have the best army , wide economy , large population , reveal immense stores of oil , natural gas and precious minerals ,as well as potential farmland , which would allow Russia o become the world’s bread basket-and controls the plant food supply.