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The IET books


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15% discount on selected books published by Institution of Engineering and Technology.

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The IET books

  1. 1. The Institution ofEngineering and TechnologyOferta anglojęzycznych książekSpis treści:1. Circuits, Materials, Devices & Systems ........................... 22. Computing & Management ............................................ 33. Control Engineering ....................................................... 44. Electromagnetic Waves & Electrical Measurement ......... 65. Microwave & RF ............................................................ 76. Power & Energy ............................................................. 87. Radar, Sonar & Navigation ............................................. 98. Renewable Energy ......................................................... 119. Telecommunications & Networks ................................... 12Zamówienia można składać:ABE-IPS Sp. z o.o.ul. Grzybowska 37A00-855 Warszawatel. +48 22 654 06 75fax + 48 22 652 07 67info@abe.plwww.abe.plPodane ceny sa cenami netto i zostaną przeliczone na złotówki wg kursu walut NBP z dnia sprzedaży.Oferta jest ważna do 31 marca 2013 roku.
  2. 2. Circuits, Materials, Devices & Systems Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Levitation: Engineering sustainability through efficiency Alan J. Sangster Electromagnetic levitation is commonly energy available from renewable sources is associated with transport applications, strictly limited. principally “MagLev” trains. However the technology has many potential applications across engineering, particularly where there is a requirement to improve efficiency of electrical products and devices, propelled by the desire to minimise frictional and bearing losses and ohmic losses in conductors, the major causes of machine inefficiency.978184919663508.12.2012 Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Levitation:Oprawa: twarda Engineering Sustainability through Efficiency is an introductory text encompassing the enabling £70,00 electrical technologies associated with magnetic levitation, electrostatic suspension, Po rabacie: £60,00 diamagnetic levitation and superconduction, high frequency magnetic levitation, high frequency electric suspension, and levitation using microwave pressure. It aims to make aspiring and existing electrical engineers aware of the efficiency implications of frictionless machines and hence of how important this may be in a post fossil-fuel world in which the The Handbook of Electrical Resistivity: New materials and pressure effects G. Dyos This book updates and expands the editors previously acclaimed Electrical Resistivity Handbook, bringing together advances in the field over the last two decades. In this period, much has been achieved in the fields of new materials and superconductivity. This new volume provides a comprehensive compilation of experimental data in graphical form of the resistivity/resistance of over 11009781849191494 elements, compounds and alloys in three30.07.2012 sections. The first section deals with resistivityOprawa: twarda as a function of temperature, the second section deals with resistivity as a function of £99,00 temperature and pressure, whils Po rabacie: £85,00 2
  3. 3. Computing & Management Lean Product Development: A managers guide Colin Mynott Lean product development (LPD) is the profitability, cutting out waste, creating a application of lean principles to product market winner and how to control risk. It also development, aiming to develop new or contains some practical tools and techniques improved products that are successful in the that help to cut time and cost. market. It is a cross-functional activity that seeks to uncover product knowledge hidden within the end-to-end production flow, typically in the hand-over points between functional units. LPD deals with the complete process from gathering and generating ideas, through 9781849196710 assessing potential success, to developing 15.12.2012 concepts, evaluating them to create a best Oprawa: twarda concept, detailing the product, testing/ developing it and handing over to manufacture. £55,00 LPD is performed against a background of continuously assessing and reducing risk of Po rabacie: £47,00 market failure. Lean Product Development: A manager’s guide explains what needs to be done in order to successfully complete the complex task of developing products. It describes how you set up and run each project according to its particular needs and covers planning your Nonlinear Optimization in Electrical Za po w Engineering with Applications in Matlab ie dź Mohamed Bakr • provides an introductory course on nonlinear optimisation in electrical engineering, with a focus on applications • basic concepts are introduced using a step-by-step approach and illustrated with Matlab codes that the reader can use and adapt. Topics covered include classical optimisation methods, one dimensional optimisation, unconstrained optimisation, 9781849195430 constrained optimisation, global optimisation, space mapping optimisation, 31.08.2013 and adjoint variable methods Oprawa: miękka • essential reading for advanced students in £45,00 electrical engineering Po rabacie: £39, 3
  4. 4. Control Engineering An Introduction to Fractional Control Control Theory: A guided tour Duarte Valério and José Sá da Costa James Ron Leigh 9781849195454 9781849192279 30.11.2012 09.08.2012 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda £70,00 Po rabacie: £60,00 £65,00 Po rabacie: £56,00Fractional control techniques provide an effective way to control dynamic Using clear tutorial examples, this fully-updated new edition concentrates onbehaviours, using fractional differential equations. This can include the control of explaining and illustrating the concepts that are at the heart of control theory.fractional plants, the control of a plant using a fractional controller, or the control of a It seeks to develop a robust understanding of the underlying principles around whichplant so that the controlled system will have a fractional behaviour to achieve a the control subject is built. This simple framework is studded with references toperformance that would otherwise be hard to come by. more detailed treatments and with interludes that are intended to inform andAn Introduction to Fractional Control outlines the theory, techniques and entertain.applications of fractional control. The theoretical background covers fractional The book is intended as a companion on the journey through control theory andcalculus with real, complex and variable orders, fractional transfer functions ... although the early chapters concentrate on fundamental ideas such as feedback ... Developments in Control Theory Distributed Control and Filtering for Towards Glocal Control Industrial Systems H. Fujioka Magdi S. Mahmoud 9781849195331 9781849196079 13.03.2012 01.12.2012 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda £90,00 Po rabacie: £77,00 £95,00 Po rabacie: £81,00Honouring the life-long, celebrated contributions of Professor Shinji Hara to the In recent years technological advancements in the design and fabrication ofdevelopments of numerous control theories, this book features a collection of the integrated circuits have led to the development of cost effective, low power, thumb-latest papers from leading researchers in the field. The results presented in the book size devices that can be used for sensing/actuating, communication, andlay a solid foundation for new control theories to be developed in the future. computing. This trend is enabling a surge of new applications for which pervasiveThe book explores the key concept of glocal control. The term ‘glocal’ is derived network architectures are being developed. A key feature of these systems is thatfrom ‘global’ and ‘local’, and glocal control is a technical term in the field of control they are decentralized and communication among different subsystems may beengineering, coined by Prof. Hara, which means control of dynamical systems with unreliable. From an engineering viewpoint, to ensure correct operation, thelocal sensing and actuation to achieve a desired global behaviour. theoretical analysis requires a fundamental paradigm shift, as many of the typical ... Frequency-Domain Control Design for Further Advances in Unmanned Marine High-Performance Systems Vehicles John O’Brien G.N. Roberts & R. Sutton 9781849194815 9781849194792 24.04.2012 30.07.2012 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda £80,00 Po rabacie: £68,00 £95,00 Po rabacie: £81,00One of the few books that focuses on practical control theory for high performance Unmanned marine vehicles (UMVs) is a collective term which can be used tosystems, succinctly presented for ease of consumption, with illustrative examples describe autonomous underwater vehicles, remotely operated vehicles, semi-using data from actual control designs. submersibles, and unmanned surface craft.This book serves as a practical guide for the control engineer, and attempts to These days there is considerable interest being shown in UMVs by the military,bridge the gap between industrial and academic control theory. Frequency domain civilian and scientific communities for undertaking designated missions whilst eithertechniques rooted in classical control theory are presented with new approaches in operating autonomously and/or in co-operation with other types of vehicle.nonlinear compensation that result in robust, high performance closed loop More and more worldwide importance is also being placed on the design andsystems. development of such vehicles as they are capable of providing cost effective ... Nonlinear and Adaptive Control Optimal Adaptive Control and Systems Differential Games by Reinforcement Zhengtao Ding Vrabie, Vamvoudakis & Lewis 9781849195744 9781849194891 30.03.2013 31.10.2012 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda £65,00 Po rabacie: £56,00 £95,00 Po rabacie: £81,00• treats nonlinear control and adaptive control in a unified framework, presenting Adaptive controllers and optimal controllers are two distinct methods for the design of automatic control systems. Adaptive controllers learn online in real time how to the major results at a moderate mathematical level control systems but do not yield optimal performance, whereas optimal controllers• of interest to postgraduate students and senior graduate students in control must be designed offline using full knowledge of the systems dynamics. This book engineering, and in other engineering disciplines relating to dynamic modelling shows how approximate dynamic programming – a reinforcement machine learning and control, including electrical and electronic engineering, aerospace technique that is motivated by learning mechanisms in biological and animal engineering and chemical engineering, as well as researchers and engineers systems - can be used to design a family of adaptive optimal control algorithms that working on nonlinear and adaptive control converge in real-time to optimal control solutions by measuring data along the ... 4
  5. 5. Control Engineering A Practitioners Guide to Real Application of Dimensional Analysis Za Za Time and Embedded Control in Systems Modelling and Control po po Design w w ie ie dź dź Michael Short Pedro Balaguer 9781849194914 9781849196215 01.10.2013 30.08.2013 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda £65,00 Po rabacie: £56,00 £70,00 Po rabacie: £60,00• treats the design of real-time and embedded control systems as a unified, multi- • provides an introduction to the fundamentals of dimensional analysis for control disciplinary exercise engineers, and shows how they can exploit the benefits of the technique to• empowers the reader with the required knowledge and tools to move beyond the theoretical and practical control problems restrictive domain of time-driven PID control • an essential introduction to this powerful technique for control engineers and• of interest to engineers with a practical background in control or digital signal theorists in fields as diverse as mechanical, chemical, electrical and electronic engineering processing, control engineers who wish to move beyond basic control ... Control of Sea Wave Energy Control of Wheeled Mobile Za Za po po Devices Robots w w ie ie dź dź Michael Belmont et al Loulin Huang 9781849195850 9781849194853 31.07.2013 30.08.2013 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda £70,00 Po rabacie: £60,00 £70,00 Po rabacie: £60,00• outlines the underlying principles that identify the desirable features of control • describes methods and applications of motion control and speed control of strategies for wave energy capture devices (WECs), and explores why these wheeled ( wheel and omni-wheel) mobile robots principles have failed to be realised in practical WEC operating systems • topics covered include kinematic modelling, dynamic modelling, motion control• of interest to the wave energy device research and development community, and (trajectory and target tracking), speed control (single actuation and academics and advanced students working in marine renewable energy, systems synchronisation of multiple actuations), practical considerations and real time and control implementations Control-oriented Modelling Handbook of Vehicle Za Za po po and Identification Suspension Control Systems w w ie ie dź dź Marco Lovera Honghai Liu; et al 9781849196147 9781849196338 01.10.2013 31.08.2013 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda £75,00 Po rabacie: £64,00 £90,00 Po rabacie: £77,00• an international panel of leading researchers describe the main methods and tools available to develop mathematical models suitable for control system design• state-of-the-art case studies in the applications of advanced modelling and identification techniques are provided, covering fields such as adaptive optics, aerospace, automotive, biomedical engineering, computing systems, environmental systems, and mechatronics ... MATLAB for Electrical and Modeling and control of Za Za Computer Engineering Students and po po Professionals: with Simulink flexible robot manipulators w w ie ie dź dź Roland Priemer M. O. Tokhi and A. K. M. Azad 9781613531884 9781849195836 03.05.2013 01.12.2013 Oprawa: miękka Oprawa: twarda £36,00 Po rabacie: £31,00 £95,00 Po rabacie: £81,00 • describes a promising approach to compensate for vibration in flexible robot manipulators by incorporating a sophisticated control algorithm with an involved actuation and sensing network • of interest to academics and advanced students working in control engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics and robotics, and systems engineering ... 5
  6. 6. Electromagnetic Waves & Electrical Measurement Propagation of Radiowaves Circuit Modeling for Za Electromagnetic po w ie Les Barclay Ian B. Darney dź 9781849195782 9781613530207 02.12.2012 01.09.2013 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda £95,00 Po rabacie: £81,00 £58,00 Po rabacie: £50,00Propagation of Radiowaves introduces the basic concepts and mechanisms ofradiowave propagation engineering in both the troposphere and ionosphere, an • a fully outlined, systematic and dramatically simplified process of designing equipment to meet EMC requirementsunderstanding of which is fundamental to the effective use of the radio spectrum forradiocommunication. Reflecting the wide experience of the exceptional group of • focuses on simplifications which enable electrical engineers to handle EMCauthors, the contents provide a firm background to established theory and introduce problemsthe most appropriate models, methods and procedures which are of use to • helps minimize time-to-market of new products and reduces the need forspectrum planners and system designers and operators in assessing the estimated costly and time-consuming modificationsperformance of radio systems. • outlines how to use general purpose test equipment (oscilloscopes andThe field of radio communications continues to change rapidly and the third edition signal generators) which can be used to validate and refine any modelof this outstanding and successful book has been fully updated to reflect the latest • discusses how to use Mathcad or MATLAB to perform analysis anddevelopments. The relevant Recommendations of ITU-R Study Group 3 are assessmentdiscussed and put into context. Introduction to Sensors and Troubleshooting EMI Za Za Actuators Problems po po w w ie ie Nathan Ida Patrick G. André and Ken Wyatt dź dź 9781613530061 9781613530191 01.10.2013 01.12.2013 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda £76,00 Po rabacie: £65,00 £52,00 Po rabacie: £45,00• undergraduate textbook (junior-senior) which introduces students to the • provides the ‘recipe’ for identifying why products fail to meet EMI/EMC principles and applications of sensors and actuators regulatory standards and techniques for tracking the noise source and• crosses multiple disciplines including aerospace, biomedical, chemical, discovering the coupling mechanism that is causing the undesired effects civil, electrical and mechanical engineering • provides several examples of simple, easily implemented, and inexpensive• excellent professional reference for those needing to learn the basics of troubleshooting tools or aids that can be built by the engineer or technician sensing and actuation, this book is a good choice for industry training • employs methods that require only a basic understanding of seminars electromagnetic theory and minimal EMI/EMC background • tells people trying to solve EMI problems ‘what to do and how to do it.’ VALU Acceleration Techniques Za for Parallel FDTD Methods po w ie Yu et al dź 9781613531747 15.09.2013 Oprawa: twarda £58,00 Po rabacie: £50,00• introduces a general hardware acceleration technique that can significantly speed up finite difference time domain (FDTD) simulations and their applications to engineering problems without requiring any additional hardware devices• provides detailed code demonstration and analysis to help readers get the step-by-step guidelines using the vector arithmetic logic units (VALU) in the CPU• demonstrates the detailed implementation techniques of VALU to the parallel FDTD method and presents a large number of engineering applications• introduces the cloud computing concept and engineering applications and presents a 3D parallel FDTD code, accelerated by using the VALU 6
  7. 7. Microwave & RF Microwave and RF Design: A Systems Za po w Approach ie dź Michael Steer • considerably expanded and updated second edition of this best-selling reference, graduate and/or advanced undergraduate textbook • System module’ updated with current wireless systems with sections on 4G and the technologies behind 5G cellular communications • includes 10 real world case studies of 9781613530214 leading edge designs, taking readers 31.07.2013 through the design process and the many pragmatic designs that must be Oprawa: twarda made during the process £100,00 • includes extensive end-of-chapter exercises ranging from less challenging Po rabacie: £85,00 testing to involved, open-ended design exercises. On average there are 30 exercises per chapter Spectrum and Network Measurements Za po w ie dź Robert A. Witte • covers the theory and practice of spectrum and network measurements in electronic systems • successfully consolidates pertinent theory into a • single comprehensive treatment of frequency domain measurements • thorough coverage of Fourier analysis, transmission lines, intermodulation 9781613530146 distortion, signal-to-noise ratio and S- 15.09.2013 parameters enables reader to understand the basic theory, relate it to Oprawa: twarda measured results and apply it when £52,00 creating new designs Po rabacie: £45, 7
  8. 8. Power & Energy Lightning Electromagnetics Vernon Cooray • provides the theory, mathematics and underground telecommunications systems computational tools needed to model and • caters for the needs of physicists, power understand each of the processes associated engineers, telecommunications engineers, with lightning discharges electromagnetic specialists, and atmospheric • covers underpinning electromagnetic theory; scientists charge and discharge processes in the atmosphere that ultimately lead to a lightning flash and the interactions between lightning flashes and the atmosphere, including the production of NOx; numerical tools to study the9781849192156 interaction of lightning flashes with power12.06.2012 transmission and distribution systems; interactions of lightninginducedOprawa: twarda • electromagnetic fields with overhead and £120,00Po rabacie: 102,00 zł Za High Voltage Engineering and Testing po w ie dź Hugh Ryan • in this fully updated and revised new edition of various pathways, practising engineers, consultants and anyone wishing to extend their this popular book, leading experts explore knowledge in this area present day high voltage transmission and distribution systems and describe recent changes in this sector • all the key components of high voltage and distribution systems and are covered to include insulation systems, overhead lines, cables and bushings, switchgear, substation designs and layouts, power / instrument transformers theory9781849192637 and design, construction, user requirements20.05.2013 specifications, and testing and operationOprawa: twarda • ideal for engineering students, lecturers, new graduates entering the high voltage field from £95,00Po rabacie: 81,00 zł Za Multicore Simulation of Power System Transients po w ie dź Fabian M. Uriarte • parallelises EMTP simulations on multicore computers; shows how to formulate power systems using the mesh and nodal methods; and discusses the development of a multithreaded solver. Parallel simulation run times are compared against MATLAB/Simulink • topics include power system modelling in the time domain, discretisation, network formulation; network partitioning; multithreading; and performance analysis9781849195720 • of interest to electrical engineers, graduate18.07.2013 students, software developers and researchersOprawa: twarda involved in the development of power system simulators £75,00Po rabacie: 64,00 zł 8
  9. 9. Radar, Sonar & Navigation Tracking Filter Engineering: Waveform Design and Diversity for The Gauss-Newton and Polynomial Filters Advanced Radar Systems Norman Morrison Fulvio Gini, Antonio De Maio, Lee Patton ISBN: 9781849195546 ISBN: 9781849192651 15.12.2012 18.05.2012 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda £95,00 Po rabacie: £81,00 £85,00 Po rabacie: £73,00For almost 50 years the Kalman filter has been the accepted approach to tracking In recent years, various algorithms for radar signal design, that rely heavily uponfilter engineering. At the start of the Satellite Age in 1958, Gauss-Newton tracking complicated processing and/or antenna architectures, have been suggested. Thesefilters were tried but had to be ruled out for real-time use because of the speed techniques owe their genesis to several factors, including revolutionary technologicallimitations of existing computers. In their place two new algorithms were devised, advances (new flexible waveform generators, high speed signal processingfirst the Swerling filter and then the Kalman filter, both of which could be run in real hardware, digital array radar technology, etc.) and the stressing performancetime on the machines of that era. It was nevertheless observed that Gauss-Newton requirements, often imposed by defence applications in areas such as airborne earlypossessed some superior properties, particularly with regard to stability. warning and homeland security.Computer speed has now vastly increased and so Gauss-Newton need no longer Increasingly complex operating scenarios calls for sophisticated algorithms with thebe ruled out. The almost one hour that it took to execute Gauss-Newton in 1958 is ability to adapt and diversify dynamically the waveform to the operating environmentnow down to a few tens of milliseconds on readily available machines, and could in order to achieve a performance gain over classic radar waveforms. Thus, forsoon be down to microseconds if computer technology continues to progress as it example, a modern multifunction phased array radar can adapt the waveform, dwellhas done in recent years. time and update interval according to the nature of the particular target, e.g. theIt is on this basis that Morrison presents his approach. The book provides a likely type of target, the clutter environment, the signal-to-noise ratio, the threat thatcomplete theoretical background, and then discusses in detail the Gauss-Newton it may represent and the degree to which it is manoeuvring.filters. Of particular interest is a new approach to the tracking of manoeuvring ... This is essentially the subject of waveform diversity. This new flexibility demands ... Angle of Arrival Estimation Inverse Synthetic Aperture Za Za Using Radar Interferometry Radar Imaging po po w w ie ie E.Jeff Holder Victor C. Chen and Marco Martorella dź dź ISBN: 9781613531846 ISBN: 9781613530139 01.10.2013 15.10.2013 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda £76,00 Po rabacie: £65,00 £76,00 Po rabacie: £65,00 • provides practical information on various algorithms of ISAR imaging of targets and implementation with MATLAB • introduces basic principles of radar backscattering, radar imaging and signal analysis • MATLAB source codes provided • describes applications of algorithms to real-world ISAR data Principles of Modern Radar: Radar and Electronic Za Za Volume 3 Applications Warfare Principles for the Non po po w w ie ie James A. Scheer and William L. Melvin Paul Hannen dź dź ISBN: 9781891121548 ISBN: 9781613530115 15.10.2013 15.10.2013 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: miękka £90,00 Po rabacie: £77,00 £48,00 Po rabacie: £41,00• third volume in the Principles of Modern Radar set, a professional • comprehensive update of the bestselling text/reference for those who need reference of the most important applications in current practice to learn about radar but have no previous experience• foundation of research before tackling in-depth, single topic advanced • five all-new sections added on electronic warfare and its relationship with books and literature radar systems• concise descriptions of the purposes, principal issues, and methods found • distills the very complex technologies of radar and electronic warfare into in a wide variety of current radar types with military, commercial and civilian their fundamentals, tying them to the laws of nature on one end and to the uses most modern and complex systems on the other• community reviewed by experts from around the world 9
  10. 10. Radar, Sonar & Navigation Radar Techniques Using Sea Clutter, 2nd edition Za Za Array Antennas po po w w ie ie Wulf-Dieter Wirth Keith Ward, Robert Tough and Simon dź dź ISBN: 9781849196987 ISBN: 9781849195898 27.05.2013 29.04.2013 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda £90,00 Po rabacie: £77,00 £85,00 Po rabacie: £73,00 • fully revised and updated new edition of the authoritative account of our current understanding of radar sea clutter • includes extensive new material on bistatic sea clutter measurements and modelling methods; electromagnetic scattering theory of littoral sea clutter and bistatic sea clutter; and the use of models for predicting radar performance • invaluable to specialist radar engineers and academic researchers and of considerable interest to the wider applied physics and mathematics communities Test and Evaluation of Za Avionics and Weapon Sytems po w ie McShea dź ISBN: 9781613531761 01.10.2013 Oprawa: twarda £106,00 Po rabacie: £91,0010
  11. 11. Renewable Energy Offshore Wind Turbines: Reliability, availability and maintenance Peter Tavner The development of offshore wind power has become a maintenance, needed to achieve that availability, are pressing modern energy issue in which the UK is taking a essential to improve offshore wind life-cycle costs and the major part, driven by the need to find new electrical power future of this emerging industry. sources, and avoiding the use of fossil fuels, in the knowledge of the extensive wind resource available Offshore Wind Turbines addresses these issues head-on around our islands and the fact that the environmental and demonstrates clearly to manufacturers, developers impact of offshore wind farms is likely to be low. and operators the facts and figures of wind turbine operation and maintenance in the inclement offshore However, there are major problems to solve if offshore environment, recommending how maintenance should be wind power is to be realised and these revolve around the done to achieve low life-cycle costs. The author is one of need to capture this energy at a cost per kWh which is the principal international contributors to the 9781849192293 competitive with other practicable sources. This will measurement and improvement of wind turbine reliability 09.08.2012 depend upon the longevity of the wind turbines which and this book is based upon his and colleagues work in make up these offshore wind farms. Their availability, the area. Oprawa: twarda reliability and the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of the £70,00 Po rabacie: 60,00 zł Za Electrical Design for Ocean Wave and Tidal Energy Systems po w ie dź Raymond Alcorn & Dara OSullivan • gives an electrical engineerfs perspective of marine energy devices, addressing offshore power stations, grid integration and distribution • an invaluable reference for electrical engineers working in wave and tidal energy, and those looking to increase their skills and knowledge in this area 9781849195614 30.09.2013 Oprawa: twarda £90,00 Po rabacie: 77,00 zł Za Modelling Distributed Energy Resources in Energy Service po w Networks ie dź Salvador Acha • focuses on modelling two key infrastructures (natural gas and electrical) in urban energy systems with embedded technologies (cogeneration and electric vehicles) to optimise the operation of natural gas and electrical infrastructures under the presence of distributed energy resources • of interest to utility engineers, utility managers, engineers engaged in optimal operational strategies, process systems engineers and 9781849195591 energy consultants 03.05.2013 Oprawa: twarda £75,00 Po rabacie: 64,00 zł 11
  12. 12. Telecommunications & Networks Key Enablers for User-Centric Advertising Across Next Generation Networks J. Simoes Currently there is no cross-domain solution capable of types of user related data in a standardized way delivering real-time advertising across heterogeneous • The Reasoning Enabler is the result of a well-defined environments or domains and at the same time methodology that enables new knowledge to be addressing users’ needs, desires and intentions. Key reasoned, based on previously stored data, by Enablers for User-Centric Advertising Across Next aggregating, correlating and inferring new information Generation Networks shows how this could change using about people and their contexts. conceptual entities called enablers - software • The Session Management Enabler is responsible for components, which are designed to address specific abstracting the communication layers. It provides a needs or requirements, but are generic enough to be context-aware multimedia delivery system capable of reused outside a single domain. It introduces three personalizing and adapting multimedia content according distinct but complementary enablers that together form to a set of user and system pre-defined context data or9781849196185 the Converged User-Centric Advertising System: rules, respectively.20.12.2012 • The Human Enabler provides a real-time contextOprawa: twarda brokerage system capable of securely managing different £65,00Po rabacie: 56,00 zł Za Digital communications: principles and systems po w ie dź Ifiok Otung • provides a thorough grounding in digital communications using an innovative engineeringfirst approach • includes a non-mathematical overview of a modern digital communication system covering building blocks, signal processing tasks, general features and design considerations, and chapters covering transmission channels, source coding, digital baseband transmission, digital modulation, noise impact in digital transmission,9781849196116 error control coding, advanced signal30.08.2013 enhancement techniques for wireless channels, and digital transmission link analysis and designOprawa: miękka £45,00Po rabacie: 39,00 zł Za Dynamic Ad-Hoc Networks po w ie dź Rashvand and Chao • describes new developments in network control, network topology, routing and scheduling for various aspects of ‘ad hoc’ network implementation and applications • features advancements in MANET, VANET and distributed sensor systems (DSS); solutions for specific networking topologies such as Mesh, WLAN, WiMAX and vehicular-to-vehicle; and applications samples such as wireless sensor networks (WSN) and telematic computing9781849196475 • essential reading for academics, and01.08.2013 professional engineers working in next-Oprawa: twarda generations communication networks £85,00Po rabacie: 73,00 zł 12
  13. 13. FORMULARZ ZAMÓWIENIAPodane ceny sa cenami netto i zostaną przeliczone na złotówki wg kursu walut NBP z dnia sprzedaży.Oferta jest ważna do 31 marca 2013 roku. Ilość Tytuł ISBNSPOSÓB PŁATNOŚCI DOSTAWA KSIĄŻEK przelew za pośrednictwem firmy kurierskiej OPEK za pobraniem odbiór osobisty gotówkaNABYWCA (płatnik) SKŁADANIE ZAMÓWIEŃ Nazwa: Online Email Adres: NIP: Fax: Tel.:ODBIORCA Nazwa: +48 22 654 06 75 +48 22 652 07 67 801 777 223 Adres: Znajdź najbliższego przedstawiciela Tel. handlowego (zobacz listę kontaktów na następnej stronie) Fax. DANE FIRMY e-mail: ABE-IPS Sp. z o.o Osoba odpowiedzialna za zamówienie: ul. Grzybowska 37A, 00-855 Warszawa Rachunek:................................... ............................................................... Bank Zachodni WBK, 18 1500 1012 1210 (data) (podpis) 1013 3967 0000 Jestem zainteresowany/a otrzymywaniem informacji o nowych tytułach oraz ofertach
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