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Springer's Blue Sale in Medicine

  1. 1. PodanecenysącenaminettoizostanąprzeliczonenazłotówkiwgkursuwalutNBPzdniasprzedaży. Ofertajestważnado20stycznia2014roku. WarunkiemotrzymaniarabatujestpowołaniesięnahasłoBLUESALE2013.
  2. 2. Podane ceny są cenami netto i zostaną przeliczone na złotówki wg kursu walut NBP z dnia sprzedaży. Oferta jest ważna do 20 stycznia 2014 roku. Warunkiem otrzymania rabatu jest powołanie się na hasło BLUE SALE 2013. 40 000+ tytułów dostępnych od ręki 300+ wydawców w ofercie dowolna książka obcojęzyczna dostępna na zamówienie 40+ przedstawicieli handlowych 7 księgarń w całej Polsce Spis treści: 1. Administracja medyczna .......................................................... 3 2. Anatomia ................................................................................. 5 3. Anestezjologia.......................................................................... 5 4. Chirurgia.................................................................................. 7 5. Choroby zakaźne..................................................................... 10 6. Cukrzyca i endokrynologia ....................................................... 11 7. Dermatologia ........................................................................... 12 8. Gastroenterologia .................................................................... 14 9. Geriatria................................................................................... 15 10. Ginekologia.............................................................................. 15 11. Intensywna terapia................................................................... 16 12. Interna ..................................................................................... 17 13. Kardiochirurgia i kardiologia ..................................................... 20 14. Medycyna nuklearna................................................................ 23 15. Medycyna sądowa................................................................... 24 16. Medycyna układu oddechowego.............................................. 24 17. Nefrologia ................................................................................ 25 18. Neurochirurgia ......................................................................... 25 19. Neurologia ............................................................................... 26 20. Obrazowanie medyczne........................................................... 28 21. Okulistyka................................................................................ 32 22. Onkologia ................................................................................ 33 23. Ortopedia ................................................................................ 34 24. Patologia ................................................................................. 35 25. Pediatria .................................................................................. 38 26. Psychiatria ............................................................................... 39 27. Reumatologia........................................................................... 40 28. Urologia................................................................................... 41 29. Zdrowie publiczne.................................................................... 42 www.facebook.com/ABEIPS
  3. 3. www.abe.pl 3 Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Anesthesia Informatics 9781848829619 12.10.2009 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 64,99 Po rabacie: € 32,50 The ability to interface patient monitors directly to a computer, and generate a clinical record has existed for over 20 years. However, the acceptance of comprehensive electronic medical records in anesthesia has been slow to develop. Experts anticipate this reluctance is changing because of enhanced patient care through the use of detailed health information record systems. Jerry Stonemetz Clinical Decision Support Systems 9781441922236 19.11.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 89,99 Po rabacie: € 45,00 This is a resource book on clinical decision support systems for informatics specialists, a textbook for teachers or students in health informatics and a comprehensive introduction for clinicians. It has become obvious that, in addition to physicians, other health professionals have need of decision support. Therefore, the issues raised in this book apply to a broad range of clinicians. Eta S. Berner (University of Alabama) Clinical Research Informatics 9781848824478 15.02.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 69,95 Po rabacie: € 34,98 This book provides foundational coverage of key areas, concepts, constructs, and approaches of medical informatics as it applies to clinical research activities, in both current settings and in light of emerging policies. The field of clinical research is fully characterized (in terms of study design and overarching business processes), and there is emphasis on information management aspects and informatics ... Rachel L. Richesson Consumer Health Informatics 9781441920218 19.10.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 89,99 Po rabacie: € 45,00 According to the Pew Foundation's "Internet in American Life Study," over 60 million Americans per year use the Internet to search for health information. All those concerned with healthcare and how to obtain personally relevant medical information form a large additional target group Many Medical Informatics programs- both in the United States and abroad-include a course in Consumer Health ... Deborah Lewis Consumer Informatics 9781441923363 02.12.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 89,99 Po rabacie: € 45,00 This comprehensive volume explores the evolving fields of consumer informatics and telemedicine as envisioned by the Institute of Medicine in its landmark reports on the electronic medical record, patient safety, and quality care. Each chapter describes the role of computers, technology, and telecommunications as enablers within a specific application focused on the needs of consumers. Rosemary Nelson Evaluation Methods in Biomedical Informatics 9781441920720 12.02.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 79,99 Po rabacie: € 40,00 Heavily updated and revised from the successful first edition Appeals to a wide range of informatics professionals, from students to on-site medical information system administrators Includes case studies and real world system evaluations References and self-tests for feedback and motivation after each chapter Great for teaching purposes, the book is recommended for courses offered at universities ... Charles P. Friedman Evaluation Methods in Biomedical Informatics 9780387258898 01.12.2005 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 79,99 Po rabacie: € 40,00 Heavily updated and revised from the successful first edition Appeals to a wide range of informatics professionals, from students to on-site medical information system administrators Includes case studies and real world system evaluations References and self-tests for feedback and motivation after each chapter Great for teaching purposes, the book is recommended for courses offered at universities ... Charles P. Friedman Health Information Systems 9781447126195 30.01.2013 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 79,99 Po rabacie: € 40,00 Health Information Systems: Architectures and Strategies is a definitive introductory resource that tackles the pivotal role of information systems in health care. Illustrating the importance of information systems in delivering high-quality health care at the lowest possible cost, this book provides the essential resources needed by the health informatics / medical informatics specialist to understand and ... Alfred Winter ADMINISTRACJA MEDYCZNA
  4. 4. 4 www.abe.pl Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Healthcare Knowledge Management 9781441922120 30.11.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 89,99 Po rabacie: € 45,00 This unique text is a practical guide to managing and developing Healthcare Knowledge Management (KM) that is underpinned by theory and research. It provides readers with an understanding of approaches to the critical nature and use of knowledge by investigating healthcare-based KM systems. Designed to demystify the KM process and demonstrate its applicability, this text offers contemporary ... Rajeev K. Bali Information Retrieval 9781441926975 19.10.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 54,95 Po rabacie: € 27,48 The third edition of this book will reach across disciplines and address the needs of not only those who study, evaluate, and purchase health information, but also computer and library/information scientists, information technology developers building databases, search engines, Web sites, and other systems for universities and hospitals who enthusiastically read the first two editions. The book is divided ... William Hersh Information Technology Solutions for Healthcare 9781852339784 25.10.2005 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 99,99 Po rabacie: € 50,00 Understanding how healthcare is being transformed by IT is key to the improvement of medical standards and reduction of cost. The synergy between computer technology and medical services allows fascinating new possibilities for benefit in areas such as continuing care, chronic disease treatment and home monitoring, bringing with it the promise of essential changes in existing models of care ... Krzysztof Zielinski Integration of Medical and Dental Care and Patient Data 9781447121848 18.01.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 59,95 Po rabacie: € 29,98 This book informs readers of the needs and rationale for the integration of medical and dental care information with an international perspective as to how and where medical and dental care separated into specific domains. It provides high level guidance on issues involved with care and data integration and how to achieve an integrated model of health care supported by integrated HIT. Valerie Powell Introduction to Nursing Informatics 9781441920829 30.11.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 74,99 Po rabacie: € 37,50 Intended as a primer for those just beginning to study nursing informatics, this text equally provides a thorough introduction to basic terms and concepts, as well as an in-depth exploration of the most popular applications in nursing practice, education, administration and research. The Third Edition is updated and expanded to reflect the vast technological advances achieved in health care in recent years. Kathryn J. Hannah Managing Technological Change 9781441931337 05.12.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 109,99 Po rabacie: € 55,00 The successful implementation of health information systems in complex health care organizations ultimately hinges on the receptivity and preparedness of the user. Although the Information Age is well underway, user resistance to information systems is still a valid concern facing the informatics community. This book provides effective management strategies to health care administrators for the productive ... Nancy M. Lorenzi Patient Flow 9781441941435 18.12.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 169,99 Po rabacie: € 85,00 This book is dedicated to improving healthcare through reducing the delays experienced by patients. It is the first book treatment to have reduction in patient delay as its sole focus, and therefore, provides the foundation by which hospitals can implement change. In short, the book provides "hands-on" discussion and methods for solving a variety of problems, and is a guide to motivate change in ... Randolph W. Hall Project Management for Healthcare Informatics 9781441925275 23.11.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 74,99 Po rabacie: € 37,5 Through its use of real clinical examples, this book provides an explanation of the project management process tailored for nurses. It first describes, in detail, the project management process along with its relationship to the phases of the project life cycle. Coverage includes the tools available to successfully complete each phase of the project management process and advance the project life cycle. Susan Houston Public Health Informatics and Information Systems 9781441930187 01.12.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 129,99 Po rabacie: € 65,00 This book covers all aspects of public health informatics and discusses the creation and management of an information technology infrastructure that is essential in linking state and local organizations in their efforts to gather data for the surveillance and prevention. Public health officials will have to understand basic principles of information resource management in order to make the appropriate technology ... Patrick W. O'Carroll Terminology and Terminological Systems 9781447128151 16.05.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 59,95 Po rabacie: € 29,98 This book will provide readers with the essential information needed to understand knowledge representation with a focus on healthcare. The book will use health sector real world examples to delineate the principal issues and solutions for the field of data representation. The book will include a history of terminologies and in particular their use in healthcare. Peter L. Elkin
  5. 5. www.abe.pl 5 Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% The Nursing Informatics Implementation Guide 9781441923523 02.12.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 79,99 Po rabacie: € 40,00 This book is an indispensable tool and a practical guide for nurses and health care professionals as it details the implementation processes of both small and large clinical computer systems used in various health care settings. Combining theory and research, this book explains system implementation, with material drawn from multiple specialties, such as nursing informatics, information technology, and ... Eleanor Callahan Hunt Transforming Health Care Through Information 9781441902689 23.12.2009 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 74,99 Po rabacie: € 37,50 With the growth of information and focus on Healthcare Informatics, there remains an interest in case studies. In the current field of Health Informatics there is no text that uses case studies to explain the difficulties that occur. . Edited by specialists in the field of Health Informatics, the third edition of Transforming Healthcare Through Information: Case Studies builds upon the specific examples of case studies to ... Laura Einbinder An Atlas of Histology 9780387949543 01.06.1999 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 66,99 Po rabacie: € 36,00 Bridging the gap between textbook diagrams and the complex reality of histological preparations, this magnificent atlas of human microanatomy is designed to help students understand the complex structures encountered when viewing microscopic sections of tissues. Instead of simply depicting an individual section, each drawing is a compilation of the key structures and features seen in many ... S.-X. Zhang Skeletal Tissue Mechanics 9781441931283 05.12.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 110,95 Po rabacie: € 55,48 Knowledge of the mechanical properties of the skeletal system is important in understanding how our body works and how to repair it when it is damaged. This textbook describes the biomechanics of bone, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. It is rigorous in its approach to the mechanical properties of the skeleton yet it does not neglect the biological properties of skeletal tissue or require mathematics beyond ... R. Bruce Martin Clinical Anesthesia 9780387725192 18.10.2007 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 59,99 Po rabacie: € 30,00 Residents, fellows, and practising certified registered nurse anesthetists will benefit from the retelling of these actual near misses, the solutions chosen at the time, and a retrospective analysis of those solutions that includes tips for how the problems could have been avoided altogether or resolved differently. An excellent study aid for the American Board of Anesthesiology oral exam and a useful teaching tool for ... John G. Brock-Utne Crisis Management in Acute Care Settings 9783642090127 15.10.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 44,95 Po rabacie: € 22,48 This book addresses all issues relevant to error prevention and safe practice in the acute and emergency health-care setting. It begins with the basic principles of human behavior and decision making and then partitions into three sections where the individual, the team, and the organizational influences within the health-care system are discussed in greater depth. ... Gesine Hofinger ANATOMIA ANESTEZJOLOGIA
  6. 6. 6 www.abe.pl Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Drug Abuse and Addiction in Medical Illness 9781461433743 06.07.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 149,95 Po rabacie: € 74,98 Drug abuse and addiction are common in clinical practice. Often they interfere with patient treatment or require an alternative approach. "Drug Abuse and Addiction in Medical Illness: Causes, Consequences, and Treatment" is a major contribution to the literature, a gold standard title offering a comprehensive range of topics for those who care for patients with addiction, conduct research in this area, or simply ... Joris C. Verster Essentials of Neurosurgical Anesthesia & Critical Care 9780387095615 30.12.2011 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 59,95 Po rabacie: € 29,98 This handbook is aimed at first-line health care providers involved in the perioperative care of adult and pediatric neurosurgical patients. It is unique in its systematic focus on how to deal with common and important clinical challenges encountered in day-to-day practice in the OR, the PACU, and the ICU and is designed as a problem-solving tool for all members of the perioperative medicine ... Ansgar M. Brambrink Essentials of Pain Management 9780387875781 26.02.2011 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 89,99 Po rabacie: € 45,00 This concise, evidence-based text contains essential topics important for every pain management student, trainee, and practitioner. Both acute and chronic pain management principles and techniques are discussed, while numerous case vignettes help reinforce basic concepts and improve clinical decision making. Throughout, a multidisciplinary approach to pain is stressed. Nalini Vadivelu Essentials of Regional Anesthesia 9781461410126 23.12.2011 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 69,95 Po rabacie: € 34,98 This is a compact, single-source guide to regional anesthesia. Chapters are authored by regional anesthesia fellowship directors and fellows to insure maximum practicality and up-to-date coverage. Essentials of Regional Anesthesia covers all anatomical regions as well as the unique considerations in patients with chronic pain, obstetric patients, pediatric patients, and patients treated in the outpatient ... Alan David Kaye Handbook of Ambulatory Anesthesia 9780387733289 09.07.2008 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 89,99 Po rabacie: € 45,00 This second edition of the Handbook of Ambulatory Anesthesia has been completely updated and expanded to reflect current practice guidelines and trends in ambulatory anesthesia. This practical manual covers preoperative evaluation, patient and procedure selection, anesthetic techniques, postoperative management, and quality assurance. Rebecca S. Twersky Liver Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine 9781461451662 14.12.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 149,95 Po rabacie: € 74,98 Liver Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine emphasizes all aspects of this broad and important area and is the definitive textbook for anybody involved in the perioperative care of liver patients. The book is divided into three sections: Physiology and Pathophysiology, Anesthesiology, and Critical Care Medicine. The anesthesiology section contains information about liver transplantation and other ... Gebhard Wagener Monitoring the Nervous System for Anesthesiologists and Other Health Care Professionals 9781461403074 18.11.2011 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 69,95 Po rabacie: € 34,98 Written and edited by outstanding world experts, this is the first portable, single- source volume on intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IOM). It is aimed at all members of the operative team - anesthesiologists, technologists, neurophysiologists, surgeons, and nurses. Now commonplace in procedures that place the nervous system at risk, such as orthopedics, neurosurgery, otologic ... Antoun Koht Obstetric Anesthesia Handbook 9780387886015 25.02.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 49,99 Po rabacie: € 25,00 For nearly two decades, anesthesiologists and obstetricians have turned to this handbook as the definitive reference for obstetric anesthesia. Authoritative yet concise, it has been designed as a practical guide to all aspects of anesthesia for childbirth and related obstetric procedures, including perinatal pharmacology, relief of labor pain, fetal monitoring, anesthesia for cesarean delivery, high risk ... Sanjay Datta Pediatric Sedation Outside of the Operating Room 9780387097138 21.09.2011 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 74,95 Po rabacie: € 37,48 This comprehensive guide provides tips and instruction for the entire range of specialists that utilize pediatric sedation. Each specialty receives tailored coverage that focuses on its unique patient population, challenges, potential solutions, and sedation techniques. Each chapter is written by a leading specialist in the field. A comprehensive spectrum of pediatric sedation will be covered, which will be of ... Keira P. Mason Practical Handbook of Thoracic Anesthesia 9780387884929 01.05.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 49,95 Po rabacie: € 24,98 This comprehensive handbook delivers "bottom line," evidence-based guidance in the practice of thoracic anesthesia. Chapters are short and practical and include actionable technical pearls not available elsewhere. The editor and contributors are academic faculty who work at one of the busiest thoracic surgical programs in North America, and their aim has been to integrate essential concepts with practical ... Philip M. Hartigan
  7. 7. www.abe.pl 7 Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Principles and Practice of Anesthesia for Thoracic Surgery 9781441901835 03.08.2011 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 139,95 Po rabacie: € 69,98 Principles and Practice of Anesthesia for Thoracic Surgery will serve as an updated comprehensive review covering not only the recent advances, but also topics that haven't been covered in previously published texts: extracorporeal ventilatory support, new advances in chest imaging modalities, lung isolation with a difficult airway, pulmonary thrombo-endarterectomy, and chronic post-thoracotomy pain. ... Peter D. Slinger Principles of Airway Management 9780387095578 10.12.2010 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 79,99 Po rabacie: € 40,00 Principles of Airway Management is the leading text on the essentials of airway management. First published in 1988 and now in its Fourth Edition, it remains the text of choice for clinicians and trainees across a range of specialties – anesthesiology, emergency medicine, critical care medicine, surgery, and acute care medicine – who confront the issue of airway management. Brendan T. Finucane Adipose Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine 9783642200113 07.09.2011 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 139,95 Po rabacie: € 69,98 The therapeutic potential of the use of adipose stem cells in regenerative medicine has been increasingly recognized, and in recent years concrete clinical benefits have accrued as these cells have been explored for a variety of applications. This readable and informative textbook tracks the progress that has been made in this fascinating new area of biomedicine. Yves-Gerard Illouz Aesthetic Medicine 9783642201127 23.09.2011 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 159,95 Po rabacie: € 79,98 The Aesthetic Medicine: Art and Techniques provides step-by-step instructions in the procedures and techniques commonly employed in aesthetic medicine. The book is divided into four parts, the first two of which offer an introduction to aesthetic medicine and discuss preoperative assessment and treatment. Detailed guidance is then given on a wide range of cutaneous procedures, including the ... Peter M. Prendergast Atlas of Intestinal Stomas 9780387788500 07.02.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 139,95 Po rabacie: € 69,98 Designed to provide a highly visual reference for surgeons and other members of the patient management team, Atlas of Intestinal Stomas is based on the 1967 gold standard text, Turnbull and Weakly's Atlas of Intestinal Stomas. Additions include chapters on anatomy and physiology, biliary stomas, pediatric ostomies, the continent ileostomy, urostomy, laparoscopic stoma construction, stomas in ... Victor W. Fazio Blood and Marrow Transplant Handbook 9781441975058 10.11.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 44,99 Po rabacie: € 22,50 Developed by the Blood and Marrow Transplant team at Oregon Health & Science University Knight Cancer Institute, this pocket guide provides management guidelines for hematopoietic stem cell transplant patients from the moment of their initial consultation throughout the transplant process. It includes indications for transplant, essential details for patient/donor evaluation, recommendations for ... Richard T. Maziarz Clinical Facial Analysis 9783642272271 08.05.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 139,95 Po rabacie: € 69,98 This richly illustrated book presents a straightforward non-instrumental method of clinical facial analysis in preparation for aesthetic surgery, orthognathic surgery, and orthodontic treatments. After discussion of various practical aspects of facial examination and photography, analysis of different regions of the face and dentofacial deformities is discussed in a series of detailed chapters. Fabio Meneghini Difficult Decisions in Thoracic Surgery 9781849963640 07.01.2011 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 114,99 Po rabacie: € 57,50 The second edition of Difficult Decisions in Thoracic Surgery: An Evidence- Based Approach addresses the growing complexity of decision making in thoracic surgery. More than half of the clinical questions posed in this book are new, and of the questions that remain as holdovers from the previous edition, virtually all have been revised and updated. Mark K. Ferguson CHIRURGIA
  8. 8. 8 www.abe.pl Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Endobronchial Ultrasound 9780387094366 30.07.2009 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 129,99 Po rabacie: € 65,00 Endobronchial ultrasound has received explosive attention amongst pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons and gastroenterologists and the procedure is increasingly being performed. Even though the technology has been in use for over 10 years, technical modifications have just recently lead to the ability for near ubiquitous use. The editors and contributors have all been active in the field for years, are well ... Armin Ernst Essentials of Orthopedic Surgery 9781441913883 05.10.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 74,99 Po rabacie: € 37,50 This concise third edition offers hands-on guidance for identifying and treating the most commonly seen orthopedic problems in children and adults. Convenient as a study source for medical students, its many photographs and illustrations will also serve as a useful clinical reference for young surgeons, residents, nurses, and physician assistants. Sam W. Wiesel Front Line Surgery 9781441960788 24.11.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 79,99 Po rabacie: € 40,00 Both editors are active duty officers and surgeons in the U.S. Army. Dr. Martin is a fellowship trained trauma surgeon who is currently the Trauma Medical Director at Madigan Army Medical Center. He has served as the Chief of Surgery with the 47th Combat Support Hospital (CSH) in Tikrit, Iraq in 2005 to 2006, and most recently as the Chief of Trauma and General Surgery with the 28th CSH in Baghdad, Iraq in ... Matthew J. Martin, MD, FACS Handbook of Burns: v. 1 9783709103470 22.12.2011 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 119,95 Po rabacie: € 59,98 This volume covers the entire spectrum of acute burn treatment. Individual chapters deal with basic aspects of different burn mechanisms as well as the acute care of burn patients. Pre-hospital management, critical care and basic concepts of burn surgery related to the acute phase, as well as the use of skin and skin substitutes in early stages of therapy are addressed in this volume. Marc G. Jeschke Handbook of Burns: v. 2 9783709103142 22.12.2011 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 119,95 Po rabacie: € 59,98 This volume compiles the perspectives of a multi-author team examining the entire spectrum of burn reconstruction and long-term treatment. Individual chapters cover basic aspects of wound healing and scarring, and those of plastic surgery relating to tissue rearrangement and the use of flaps, as well as the long-term use of skin and skin substitutes. Lars-Peter Kamolz Handbook of Pediatric Surgery 9781848821316 01.03.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 49,95 Po rabacie: € 24,98 Although pediatric surgery is a distinct and evolving specialty, it still remains an integral part of most general surgical and paediatric medical practice. Nevertheless, surgery in children does differ from adult practice in various fundamental ways, and there are key physiological and anatomical differences that constantly need underlining. Chandrasen K. Sinha Illustrative Handbook of General Surgery 9781848820883 11.12.2009 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 49,95 Po rabacie: € 24,98 With the large number of surgical atlases in the market focusing on a variety of surgical procedures, it is almost impossible to find an area that is not comprehensively illustrated. However, almost all of these atlases are very large and serve to be 'library reference' books, which are commonly displayed in the office and utilized in that manner. Herbert Chen Liver and Biliary Surgery 9781849964289 13.10.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 46,99 Po rabacie: € 23,50 Liver and Biliary Surgery provides an illustrative, instructive, and comprehensive review that depicts the rationale of basic operative principles essential to liver and biliary surgical therapy. The chapters provide pertinent and concise summaries of how to deal with various liver and biliary disorders, spanning benign and malignant problems and minimally invasive procedures. Kirby I. Bland Manual of Fast Track Recovery for Colorectal Surgery 9780857299529 03.01.2012 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 74,95 Po rabacie: € 37,48 Manual of Fast Track Recovery for Colorectal Surgery provides a broad overview on enhanced recovery, with expert opinions from leaders in the field regarding elements of enhanced recovery care that are generic and specific to colorectal surgery. This book covers the patient journey through such a programme, commencing with optimisation of the patient's condition, patient education and conditioning of their ... Nader Francis Manual of Spine Surgery 9783642226816 23.10.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 149,95 Po rabacie: € 74,98 The success of any spinal operation depends on good definition of the indications, consideration of the contraindications, technical and organizational factors, good operating technique and correct preoperative preparation and positioning of the patient. These points are presented in this book as clearly as possible and are illustrated with detailed high quality artwork. Uwe Vieweg
  9. 9. www.abe.pl 9 Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Minimally Invasive Bariatric Surgery 9780387680583 02.10.2007 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 199,99 Po rabacie: € 100,00 Preface: Over the last decade, bariatric surgeons have witnessed more dramatic advances in the field of bariatric surgery than in the previous 50 years of this relatively young discipline. These changes have certainly been fueled by the great obesity epidemic beginning in the 1970's which created the demand for effective treatment of severe obesity and its co-morbidities. Phillip R. Schauer Minimally Invasive Thoracic and Cardiac Surgery 9783642118609 12.12.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 179,95 Po rabacie: € 89,98 It is now 20 years since thoracoscopic surgery first entered everyday hospital practice, revolutionizing surgery and offering major benefits to patients. The intervening years have witnessed rapid progress, with the development of a variety of specialized techniques and equipment. This superbly illustrated book provides authoritative and comprehensive descriptions of the various minimally invasive ... Rolf Inderbitzi Operative Techniques in Laryngology 9783540258063 16.09.2008 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 169,99 Po rabacie: € 85,00 Filling a void that currently exists in otolaryngology textbooks, this is a comprehensive text on laryngeal surgery that can be used by physicians to prepare for surgical cases. It contains explicit step-by-step descriptions of surgical procedures so that the reader can "learn to operate". The surgical atlas is written by experts with step-by-step surgical maneuvers for various laryngeal procedures ... Clark Rosen Peripheral Endovascular Interventions 9781441913869 18.08.2010 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 169,99 Po rabacie: € 85,00 This book offers a comprehensive review of the rapidly advancing field of endovascular therapy, written by internationally recognized authorities in the field, many of whom are the innovators of the techniques and devices involved. Broad in scope, topics covered range from how to obtain training in approved endovascular techniques to promising new lines of investigational therapies. Thomas J. Fogarty Principles and Practice of Geriatric Surgery 9781441969989 03.08.2011 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 169,95 Po rabacie: € 84,98 In the preface to this impressive and well-produced book, the editors state that their aim is not to describe a new surgical specialty, since most surgeons will soon need to be geriatric surgeons," but to assemble a comprehensive account that will allow "all providers of healthcare to the elderly to understand the issues involved in choosing surgery as a treatment option for their patients. Ronnie A. Rosenthal Principles of Deformity Correction 9783540441618 21.02.2003 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 89,95 Po rabacie: € 44,98 This exercise workbook accompanies "Principles of Deformity Correction", a comprehensive text on the analysis, planning, and treatment of lower limb deformities in an accessible and instructive format. In addition to the book, which is extensively illustrated to avoid confusion and to leave little to the imagination, the planning is further facilitated via the exercise workbook available separately. Dror Paley Reoperative Hand Surgery 9781461423720 22.05.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 149,95 Po rabacie: € 74,98 Reoperative Hand Surgery is a major contribution to the literature, offering a wide range of reoperative options for challenging problems that face the reconstructive hand surgeon after failed primary surgery. Concise and discussing all of the more common issues that hand surgeons often face in performing revision surgery, this invaluable title is unique in that it looks specifically at the problem of what to do ... Scott F.M. Duncan Surgery of the Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands 9783642234583 10.11.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 149,95 Po rabacie: € 74,98 This book is a unique in-depth and comprehensive reference that covers all surgically relevant thyroid and parathyroid diseases and presents the latest information on their management. International authorities discuss operative techniques and treatments in detail and explain the rationales for their favored approaches. Daniel Oertli Surgical Guide to Circumcision 9781447128571 23.07.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 139,95 Po rabacie: € 69,98 Surgical Guide to Circumcision is a compendium of the who, what, where, why, and most importantly, the how of circumcision. Given that one third of the world’s males have undergone this most ancient of surgical procedures, a contemporary resource on the subject is in order. David A. Bolnick Symptoms and Signs in Pediatric Surgery 9783642311604 13.12.2012 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 129,95 Po rabacie: € 64,98 This concise textbook of pediatric surgery is designed to guide the reader logically from symptoms and signs to diagnosis and treatment. Each chapter is devoted to one of 35 key symptoms and signs, which are organized according to six body regions: head, neck, chest, abdomen, urogenital system, and back. In each case, a brief assessment of the presenting sign/symptom and differential diagnosis is ... Georges L. Kaiser
  10. 10. 10 www.abe.pl Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Total Hip Arthroplasty 9783642273605 05.04.2012 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 79,95 Po rabacie: € 39,98 During the 2011 EFORT Congress in Copenhagen, many interesting topics relating to tribology in total hip arthroplasty were discussed during a special day devoted entirely to the subject. EFORT decided that, given the wide interest in these discussions, publication of the presentations would be warmly welcomed by all fellow professionals who were unable to attend. Karl Knahr Vascular Surgery 9781849963558 27.01.2011 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 104,99 Po rabacie: € 52,50 This updated and revised third edition of "Vascular Surgery: Cases, Questions and Commentaries" provides a unique collection of real-life case histories, written by experts, that highlights the diversity of problems encountered in vascular surgery. With an international panel of contributors, many of whom are also examiners on the UK, European or American Boards in Vascular Surgery, this book familiarizes the ... George Geroulakos Diagnosis of Sexually Transmitted Diseases 9781617799365 12.07.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 109,95 Po rabacie: € 54,98 Sexually transmitted infections (STI) continue to be a major cause of morbidity and mortality, both in developed industrial countries as well as in the developing world. Human immunodeficiency virus infections and the ensuing opportunistic infections are a major drain on the human and financial resources of many countries in the developing world and even with the availability of effective treatment the epidemic ... Colin R. MacKenzie Drug Interactions in Infectious Diseases 9781617792120 07.03.2011 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 69,95 Po rabacie: € 34,98 The revised and up-to-date third edition of Drug Interactions in Infectious Diseases delivers a text that will enhance your clinical knowledge of the complex mechanisms, risks, and consequences of drug interactions associated with antimicrobials, infection, and inflammation. The third edition features five new chapters that cover material not addressed in previous editions. Stephen C. Piscitelli Influenza Virus 9781617796203 07.04.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 94,95 Po rabacie: € 47,48 Reports of influenza-like illnesses date back to the Middle Ages, and outbreaks of influenza likely afflicted humans long before that. Over the last half century, influenza virus research has led to the development of two classes of antivirals -- ion channel and neuraminidase inhibitors. Recently, a method of the artificial generation of an influenza virus was established. Yoshihiro Kawaoka Vaccinia Virus and Poxvirology 9781617798757 14.06.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 109,95 Po rabacie: € 54,98 Since the first edition of Vaccinia Virus and Poxvirology: Methods and Protocols was published, a number of important events related to poxvirology have occurred, such as FDA approval of a culture-based live smallpox vaccine and the vaccination of large numbers of U.S. military and relatively large numbers of U.S. civilians. Novel anti-poxvirus therapeutics have been developed and have been used in ... Stuart N. Isaacs CHOROBY ZAKAŹNE
  11. 11. www.abe.pl 11 Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Atlas of Diabetes 9781461410270 14.05.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 139,95 Po rabacie: € 69,98 This handbook is an invaluable resource for improving the management of diabetes. Chapters cover the fundamentals, including epidemiology, history and physical examination, and functional evaluations. Diabetes in children, adolescents, adults, and geriatrics are addressed. Differential diagnosis is emphasized, and evidence- based guidelines and patient-specific considerations aid the reader with injury ... Jay S. Skyler Diabetes Mellitus 9781461457077 13.11.2012 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 49,95 Po rabacie: € 24,98 Diabetes continues to spread across the globe at an alarming rate, with a current count of approximately 386 million worldwide. Physicians and healthcare professionals in all specialties greatly need a concise guide for managing this disease on a daily basis. Diabetes Mellitus - A Concise Clinical Guide covers the basics of diagnosis, complications, therapies and prevention. Leonid Poretsky Educating Your Patient with Diabetes 9781617378782 28.10.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 74,99 Po rabacie: € 37,50 Diabetes affects an estimated 20 million people in the United States, with many people remaining unaware that they suffer from the disease. While the number of diabetics continues to rise, the number of caregivers who specialize in diabetes treatment does not. In Educating Your Patient with Diabetes, Katie Weinger and Catherine Carver assemble commentary from a panel of leading diabetes ... Katie Weinger Gestational Diabetes During and After Pregnancy 9781848821194 01.04.2010 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 86,99 Po rabacie: € 43,50 Gestational Diabetes Mellitus is becoming an increasingly prevalent disease as obesity and other chronic diseases are on the rise. It requires careful and informed clinical management as the care received during pregnancy affects not only perinatal health but the risk of developing type 2 diabetes even decades into the future, in both the mother and the child. Catherine Kim Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes 9781461433132 03.05.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 139,95 Po rabacie: € 69,98 There is a world-wide epidemic on obesity. This epidemic is driving the immense proportions of Type 2 diabetes across the globe. While there are numerous therapies for treating Type 2 diabetes, the most effective therapy is prevention. Prevention of Type 2 diabetes can be achieved properly by simultaneous prevention of obesity. Derek LeRoith The Diabetic Foot 9781617797903 23.05.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 169,95 Po rabacie: € 84,98 In The Diabetic Foot: Medical and Surgical Management, 3rd Edition, a distinguished panel of clinicians provides a thorough update of the significant improvements in knowledge surrounding the pathogenesis of diabetic foot problems, as well as the optimal healthcare treatment for this debilitating condition. The authors, many practicing at the famous Joslin-Beth Israel Deaconess Foot ... Aristidis Veves Type 1 Diabetes 9780857297532 17.03.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 139,95 Po rabacie: € 69,98 There has been a recent surge of new data on the subject of exercise and sport in type I diabetes, as well as great interest from the multidisciplinary healthcare teams looking after such patients. Providing advice and support to enable athletes to manage their diabetes during and after sport is an essential part of diabetes care. Type I Diabetes: Clinical Management of the Athlete outlines best practice and ... Ian Gallen CUKRZYCA I ENDOKRYNOLOGIA
  12. 12. 12 www.abe.pl Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Atlas of Mohs and Frozen Section Cutaneous Pathology 9780387847993 09.11.2009 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 129,99 Po rabacie: € 65,00 Of all the techniques used to treat non melanoma skin cancer, the highest cure rates belong to the Mohs surgical procedure. Critical to this technique is optimal preparation and interpretation of frozen sections. With more than 400 high resolution figures, the "Atlas of Mohs and Frozen Section Cutaneous Pathology" is the premier textbook on the topic, serving as a highly practical guide to microscopic analysis ... Michael B. Morgan Atlas of Scar Treatment and Correction 9783642291951 12.12.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 139,95 Po rabacie: € 69,98 This atlas is a comprehensive guide to the treatment and correction of scars. It is divided into four sections covering the different types of scar: atrophic and stretch marks, keloid and hypertrophic, normotrophic, and mixed. For each scar type, the various invasive and minimally invasive procedures and their results are documented with the aid of numerous high-quality photographs. In the section on keloid and ... Igor Safonov Atlas of Trichoscopy 9781447144854 02.01.2013 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 139,95 Po rabacie: € 69,98 The aim of this atlas is to provide detailed and comprehensive, easy-to-use information, sufficient to perform trichoscopy in clinical practice. From basics to advanced knowledge, everything in one book. In this sense it is rather an "illustrated textbook" than solely an atlas. It includes evidence based information, acknowledged algorithms, which help easy diagnosis and "take home ... Lidia Rudnicka Cicatricial Alopecia 9781441983985 29.06.2011 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 129,99 Po rabacie: € 65,00 This is the first and only book on the diagnosis and treatment of cicatricial alopecia, written by leading experts in the field. This highly illustrated and practical text helps residents and practicing dermatologists to accurately diagnose and treat the scarring alopecias. Vera H. Price Color Atlas of Chemical Peels 9783642202698 25.01.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 139,95 Po rabacie: € 69,98 First atlas to cover latest advances in chemical peel techniques Fully illustrated to support step-by-step procedures Ideal reference tool for dermatologists focusing on cosmetology ... Antonella Tosti Dermatology Terminology 9781848828391 21.12.2009 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 59,99 Po rabacie: € 30,00 Dermatology terminology is an attempt to describe dermatological diseases with the verbiage dermatologists actually use in speaking to each other. With many disorders, the description can be reduced to a word, or a phrase, or an acronym. This is termed the "keyword" phenomenon, where such a keyword substitutes for a much fuller and much lengthier formal presentation. The keyword, together with a ... Herbert B. Allen Differential Diagnosis for the Dermatologist 9783642280054 01.05.2012 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 99,95 Po rabacie: € 49,98 When faced with a challenging dermatologic problem, physicians are often required to perform a time-consuming search through large dermatologic texts in order to find information that will assist in the necessary differential diagnosis. This comprehensive and concise handbook is designed to simplify this process dramatically, permitting rapid identification of the correct diagnosis. Scott M. Jackson Evidence-based Procedural Dermatology 9780387094236 19.11.2011 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 74,95 Po rabacie: € 37,48 In Evidence-Based Procedural Dermatology, Dr. Alam has compiled the subspecialty's latest research findings in a reference for researchers and dermatologists. It covers the spectrum of procedural dermatology, including skin cancer surgery, laser techniques, fillers and neurotoxins, minimally invasive cosmetic surgery, and emerging procedures. Murad Alam DERMATOLOGIA
  13. 13. www.abe.pl 13 Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Injectable Fillers in Aesthetic Medicine 9783540239413 10.01.2006 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 109,95 Po rabacie: € 54,98 Fillers in Aesthetic Medicine is an excellent and comprehensive overview on the clinical use of fillers in aesthetic medicine. It is designed to assist dermatologists as well as plastic surgeons in the aesthetic medical treatment of their patients. Based on evidence-based medicine guidelines, the first part of the book describes the most common fillers, the characteristics of their substance as well as their ... Mauricio De Maio Kanerva's Occupational Dermatology 9783642020346 13.07.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 99,95 Po rabacie: € 49,98 Occupational skin diseases are a field of increasing interest in today's dermatology. Due to rapid developments in several areas of modern industry, new dermatological problems constantly occur amongst workers. The 1st edition of this Handbook of Occupational Dermatology was published in 2000 and has served as the main reference book of occupational skin diseases for general and occupational ... Thomas Rustemeyer Laser and IPL Technology in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine 9783642034374 01.03.2011 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 159,99 Po rabacie: € 80,00 The editors have gathered 15 laser experts from the United States, Europe and Asia to present the most up to date information in cutaneous laser surgery and intense pulsed light technologies. This innovative book describes new laser techniques (laserlipolysis, fractional photothermolysis, among others) and provides expert guidance on using lasers successfully in over 80 clinical indications. Christian Raulin Laser Dermatology 9783642059582 13.10.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 129,95 Po rabacie: € 64,98 This book represents the most up-to-date description of the state of the art in laser and light source technology. After an initial chapter describing the latest understanding of laser physics and safety, subsequent chapters take up the laser treatment, respectively, of vascular lesions, pigmented lesions and tattoos, unwanted hair, ablative and non-ablative resurfacing, and its use for medical ... David J. Goldberg Management of Complications of Cosmetic Procedures 9783642284144 14.07.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 79,95 Po rabacie: € 39,98 The demand for cosmetic procedures is increasing worldwide. This book presents all the potential side-effects and complications of the most frequently used procedures in aesthetic dermatology and provides sound practical advice on their management. It will be helpful not only to beginners but also to experienced dermatologists who want to start performing new procedures. Antonella Tosti Mohs Micrographic Surgery 9781447121510 07.03.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 159,95 Po rabacie: € 79,98 This book is written for dermatologists, otolaryngologists, facial plastic surgeons and any physician who want to provide state of the art treatment for skin cancer patients. Considering the high incidence of non-melanoma skin cancers such as Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma (accounting for over one million cases per year in the United States) and since Mohs Micrographic Surgery ... Keyvan Nouri Patch Testing and Prick Testing 9783642254918 28.03.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 59,95 Po rabacie: € 29,98 Knowledge in the field of allergic contact dermatitis continues to expand rapidly owing to progress in the chemical, immunological, and clinical fields, including improved techniques of patch testing and prick testing. The third edition of this important book, which includes additional color illustrations, has been extensively revised, updated, and expanded to reflect the most recent developments. Jean-Marie Lachapelle Reflectance Confocal Microscopy for Skin Diseases 9783642219962 01.03.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 159,95 Po rabacie: € 79,98 This book focuses on the use and significance of in vivo reflectance confocal microscopy (RCM) for non-invasive high-resolution imaging of the skin. All of the chapters in this hands-on guide are generously illustrated with numerous confocal images and structured in a reader-friendly way. The contents include detailed information on the most relevant and up-to-date aspects of RCM, schematic ... Rainer Hofmann-Wellenhof
  14. 14. 14 www.abe.pl Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Color Atlas of High Resolution Manometry 9780387882925 01.02.2009 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 129,99 Po rabacie: € 65,00 While reflux disease, achalasia, esophageal esophageal spasm, gastroparesis and IBS include some of the most common disorders in all disease categories, the understanding of their pathophysiology has remained elusive. The field of clinical gastrointestinal motility has for decades relied on the measurement of intestinal movements for diagnosis and management of these difficult and enigmatic ... Jeffrey Conklin Geriatric Gastroenterology 9781441916228 25.07.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 169,95 Po rabacie: € 84,98 As aging trends in the United States and Europe in particular are strongly suggestive of increasingly older society, it would be prudent for health care providers to better prepare for such changes. By including physiology, disease, nutrition, pharmacology, pathology, radiology and other relevant associated topics, Geriatric Gastroenterology fills the void in the literature for a volume devoted specifically to ... C. S. Pitchumoni HIV and Liver Disease 9781441917119 25.09.2011 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 139,95 Po rabacie: € 69,98 Liver disease has been identified as a leading cause of death in HIV-infected patients since the introduction of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in 1996. The HIV treatment community has been caught largely unaware of this emerging dilemma. Many HIV care providers are ill-equipped to understand and interpret liver injury patterns, or to provide comprehensive care and management for viral ... Kenneth E. Sherman Inflammatory Bowel Disease 9781603274326 May 2009 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 189,99 Po rabacie: € 95,00 As in the first edition of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases this new edition continues to provide readers with a concise, yet in-depth review of many of the important areas in the history, epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment of the inflammatory bowel diseases (ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease), as well as associated issues: extraintestinal manifestations, ostomy care, women's issues ... Russell D. Cohen Surgery of the Esophagus and Stomach 9781849964371 11.10.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 46,99 Po rabacie: € 23,50 Surgery of the Esophagus and Stomach provides an illustrative, instructive, and comprehensive review that depicts the rationale of basic operative principles essential to surgical therapy of the esophagus and stomach. The chapters provide pertinent and concise summaries of how to deal with various esophagus and stomach disorders, spanning benign and malignant problems and minimally ... Kirby I. Bland GASTROENTEROLOGIA
  15. 15. www.abe.pl 15 Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Enhancing Cognitive Fitness in Adults 9781461447672 26.07.2012 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 44,95 Po rabacie: € 22,48 Late life is characterized by great diversity in memory and other cognitive functions. Although a substantial proportion of older adults suffer from Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia, a majority retain a high level of cognitive skills throughout the life span. Identifying factors that sustain and enhance cognitive well-being is a growing area of original and translational research. Paula E. Hartman-Stein Handbook of Pain Relief in Older Adults 9781607616177 09.12.2010 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 99,99 Po rabacie: € 50,00 The second edition of the Handbook of Pain Relief in Older Adults: An Evidence- Based Approach expands on the first edition by providing a number of timely new features. Most important of these are the revised recommendations from the American Geriatrics Society on prescribing that reflect the many new agents available since the last guidelines were released in 2001. F. Michael Gloth, III Laparoscopic Entry 9780857299796 16.12.2011 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 99,95 Po rabacie: € 49,98 Laparoscopic Entry: Traditional Methods, New Insights And Novel Approaches discusses traditional methods of laparoscopic surgery, new devices, laparoscopic entry in difficult patients, robotic assisted surgery access, single port entry, gasless access, transvaginal entry and natural orifice surgery. This book illustrates, through the presentation of techniques, methods, photos, images, drawings and pictures ... Andrea Tinelli Therapeutic Management of 9781846286612 08.10.2007 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 84,95 Po rabacie: € 42,48 This 2nd revised edition covers management and treatment of bladder and bowel dysfunctions in men and women, pelvic organ prolapse, issues concerning the elderly, neurologically impaired patients and those with pelvic pain. New chapters cover quality of life, treatment of bladder and bowel dysfunction in children, the history of pelvic floor muscle exercise and manual therapy. J. Haslam GERIATRIA GINEKOLOGIA
  16. 16. 16 www.abe.pl Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Applied Physiology in Intensive Care Medicine 1 9783642282690 20.03.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 149,95 Po rabacie: € 74,98 The two previous editions of Applied Physiology in Intensive Care Medicine proved extremely successful, and the book has now been revised and split into two volumes to enhance ease of use. This first volume comprises three elements -- "physiological notes," "technical notes," and seminal studies. The physiological notes concisely and clearly capture the essence of the physiological perspectives ... Michael R. Pinsky Applied Physiology in Intensive Care Medicine 2 9783642282324 20.03.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 129,95 Po rabacie: € 64,98 The two previous editions of "Applied Physiology in Intensive Care Medicine" proved extremely successful, and the book has now been revised and split into two volumes to enhance ease of use. In this second volume some of the most renowned experts in the field offer detailed reviews on measurement techniques and physiological processes of crucial importance in intensive care medicine. Michael R. Pinsky Bedside Procedures in the ICU 9781447122586 19.12.2011 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 49,95 Po rabacie: € 24,98 This handbook is a guide to best practice in interventions commonly encountered in the ICU. It is clinically orientated providing :step-by-step explanations and illustrations of most invasive procedures, check lists to make sure the indication is right, check lists to ensure appropriate assessment once the procedure has been carried out. Florian Falter Cardiovascular Pediatric Critical Illness and Injury 9781848009226 29.12.2008 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 54,99 Po rabacie: € 27,50 This book provides comprehensive information on the cardiovascular system in pediatric critical illness and injury in a repackaging of the relevant chapters from the popular "Pediatric Critical Care Medicine" edited by Wheeler, Shanley and Wong. Derek Wheeler Critical Care Study Guide 9780387773278 19.08.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 79,99 Po rabacie: € 40,00 The second edition of this best-selling study guide and text covers all aspects of critical care medicine. Written by a diverse group of physicians and health care personnel, it is of interest to all professionals who care for the ICU patient. The unique format includes key points highlighted in the margins for quick reference and self-assessment questions and answers at the end of each chapter. Gerard J. Criner Echocardiography for Intensivists 9788847025820 19.12.2012 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 74,95 Po rabacie: € 37,48 This book contains all the information that readers will require in order to perform echocardiography and to interpret the findings correctly. After an introductory chapter on the essential physics of ultrasonography, standard echocardiographic examination via both the transthoracic and the transesophageal approach is described. In the third section, the functional anatomy of all normal and ... Armando Sarti Evidence-based Management of Patients with Respiratory Failure 9783540209478 14.02.2005 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 74,99 Po rabacie: € 37,50 Respiratory failure is a complex disease process whereby the underlying disease and therapeutic measures interact. This book contains an extensive bibliographic review, focusing on preventive and therapeutic studies, that was methodologically standardized, with authors assessing and classifying studies according to statutes of evidence-based medicine. Andres Esteban ICU Protocols 9788132205340 11.10.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 149,95 Po rabacie: € 74,98 The book describes step-wise management of clinical emergencies seen every day in Intensive care units (ICUs). As a practical guide, clinicians can refer to it on a day- to-day basis during their work hours, or while in transit to update their knowledge. Targeted readers are intensivists, critical care specialists, and residents involved in the care of patients admitted in ICUs. Rajesh Chawla INTENSYWNA TERAPIA
  17. 17. www.abe.pl 17 Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Management of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury 9783642281259 28.06.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 129,95 Po rabacie: € 64,98 In order to reduce the number of deaths from severe head injuries, systematic management is essential. This book is a practical, comprehensive guide to the treatment of patients (both adults and children) with such injuries, from the time of initial contact through to the rehabilitation center. Sections are devoted to prehospital treatment, admission and diagnostics, acute management, and ... Terje Sundstrom Pediatric Critical Care Review 9781588298294 01.05.2006 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 129,99 Po rabacie: € 65,00 In Pediatric Critical Review, Board certified pediatric critical care physicians uniquely capture the essence of the most common critical care scenarios in a series of carefully crafted questions and answers. With their crisp and clear explanations, detailed references, and pertinent pictures, the authors illuminate-in an easy to read format-the essential facts and latest findings concerning the diagnosis and ... Rashed A. Hasan Pocket Guide to Critical Care Pharmacotherapy 9781934115459 20.12.2007 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 49,99 Po rabacie: € 25,00 This book serves as a pocket bedside medical reference, providing the unique element of supplying a step-by-step design that will guide clinicians in giving their patient optimal, evidence-based care. The book provides practical points based on both real patient-care experience and review of current medical literature with the aim of providing guidance to all critical care clinicians. John Papadopoulos Understanding Mechanical Ventilation 9781848828681 01.01.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 49,95 Po rabacie: € 24,98 This book will familiarize not only physicians but also nurses and respiratory therapists with the concepts that underlie mechanical ventilation. A conscious attempt has been made to emphasize medical physiology throughout the book, in order to specifically address the hows and whys of mechanical ventilation. At the same time the book incorporates the current strategies for the mechanical ... Ashfaq Hasan Whole Body Ultrasonography in the Critically Ill 9783642053276 15.02.2010 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 119,95 Po rabacie: € 59,98 Over the past two decades it has been increasingly recognized that whole-body ultrasound is an invaluable tool in the critically ill. In addition to offering rapid whole- body assessment, it has the advantage of being a bedside approach that is available at all times and can be repeated at will. Accordingly, it permits the immediate institution of appropriate therapeutic management. Daniel A. Lichtenstein Bronchial Asthma 9781441968357 28.08.2011 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 89,95 Po rabacie: € 44,98 Hailed by professional journals and esteemed by primary care physicians, Bronchial Asthma: A Guide for Practical Understanding and Treatment, Sixth Edition, has been fully updated to help physicians face the challenge of diagnosis and management in every variety of patient subpopulation. M. Eric Gershwin Cardiology in Family Practice 9781617793844 21.09.2011 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 44,95 Po rabacie: € 22,48 A concise summary of the most important medical and scientific topics concerning cardiovascular medicine in the primary care environment, this new edition of Cardiology in Family Practice has been updated with cutting-edge information and useful tips. Written in an easy-to-read format (background, diagnosis and disease management) and emphasizing practical techniques for evaluation and treatment ... Steven M. Hollenberg INTERNA
  18. 18. 18 www.abe.pl Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Chronic Disease Management 9780387329277 01.12.2006 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 74,99 Po rabacie: € 37,5 This book focuses on optimizing management and outcomes rather than on routine diagnosis of chronic disease. The reader learns proven methods for treating the most common chronic conditions that they see in daily practice. Chapters are structured to help physicians adopt evidence-based management techniques specific for each condition. Jim Nuovo Dermatology Skills for Primary Care 9781617375989 28.10.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 104,99 Po rabacie: € 52,50 This illuminating review of the basic diagnostic and therapeutic skills used by dermatologists comprehensively demonstrates for primary care clinicians their application in daily practice. Using extensive illustrations and an excellent library of color photographs, the authors provide an overview of basic skills and cover 33 common dermatological conditions encountered every day. Daniel J. Trozak Errors in Radiology 9788847023383 08.05.2012 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 69,95 Po rabacie: € 34,98 Diagnostic errors are important in all branches of medicine because they are an indication of poor patient care. As the number of malpractice cases continues to grow, radiologists will become increasingly involved in litigation. The aetiology of radiological error is multi-factorial. This book focuses on: some medico-legal aspects inherent to radiology (radiation exposure related to imaging procedures ... Luigia Romano Faculty Health in Academic Medicine 9781603274500 16.12.2008 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 74,99 Po rabacie: € 37,50 This ground-breaking new volume is the first of its kind to conceptualize and study the emerging field of faculty health and well-being in academic health science centers across North America. In "Faculty Health and Academic Medicine: Physicians, Scientists, and the Pressures of Success", scholars already published in areas related to faculty health, as well as those primed to break new ground have ... Thelma Jean Goodrich Fundamentals of Geriatric Medicine 9780387323244 28.03.2007 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 66,99 Po rabacie: € 33,50 This book distills the wealth of knowledge contained in the classic text, Geriatric Medicine: An Evidence-Based Approach, 4/e into a practical guide for primary care, family medicine, and internal medicine residents. Written by top experts in the field, the book offers a detailed, compact overview of geriatric care. It addresses geriatric pharmacology, Medicare and Medicaid, and numerous other subjects unique to ... Rainier Patrick Soriano Handbook of Obesity Prevention 9781441942999 12.10.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 109,99 Po rabacie: € 55,00 Comprehensive in scope and meticulously researched, Handbook of Obesity Prevention analyzes the intricate causes of this public health crisis, and sets out concrete, multilevel strategies for meeting it head-on. This innovative handbook clearly defines obesity in clinical, epidemiologic, and financial terms, and offers guidelines for planning and implementing programs and evaluating results. Shiriki Kumanyika Handbook of Parathyroid Diseases 9781461421634 25.02.2012 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 69,95 Po rabacie: € 34,98 The Handbook on Parathyroid Diseases presents a comprehensive and concise overview of our current knowledge in the area of parathyroid function, hormone regulation and disease states. The Handbook educates the reader using a case- based approach presenting current evidence in the field. The material is presented in an easy to read and understandable language and uses a plethora of tables ... Aliya A. Khan Healthcare Disparities at the Crossroads with Healthcare Reform 9781441971357 14.03.2011 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 74,99 Po rabacie: € 37,50 Building upon the success of Dr. Williams' widely influential book "Eliminating Healthcare Disparities in America: Beyond the IOM Report", this new volume takes a fresh and timely look at the state of healthcare reform and the progress and problems we face in the pursuit of healthcare equality. This book focuses on how the elimination of disparities can be accomplished through targeted efforts made ... Richard A. Williams Hyperlipidemia Management for Primary Care 9780387766058 25.08.2008 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 74,99 Po rabacie: € 37,50 This book provides multifaceted strategies necessary to treat hyperlipidemia, as well as tips for incorporating techniques into clinical practice. In addition to discussing pharmacologic treatment, the book includes a review of popular diets and therapeutic foods, herbs, and vitamins. A section on evidence-based recommendations for treating special populations discusses approaches for ... Brian V. Reamy Indications and Techniques of Percutaneous Procedures 9781907673184 02.02.2012 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 39,95 Po rabacie: € 19,98 Percutaneous and coronary interventions, used to treat narrow arteries of the heart caused by/found in those with coronary heart disease. This book is a detailed guide for performing percutaneous procedures and it covers in-depth the procedures that cardiologists and interested specialists must be aware of in order to use the devices proficiently. Anthony A. Bavry
  19. 19. www.abe.pl 19 Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Injection Procedures 9780387765945 01.11.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 66,99 Po rabacie: € 33,50 This practical guide is ideal for healthcare professionals, including family medicine and sports medicine physicians, who wish to integrate peripheral joint and soft tissue injection procedures into their practices. Emphasis is placed on helping clinicians perform injections with accuracy and efficiency. Procedures are presented in a step-by-step fashion. Todd P. Stitik Managing COPD 9781858734491 20.12.2012 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 39,95 Po rabacie: € 19,98 Managing COPD is an in-depth guide on the management of patients with COPD concentrating on the impact of COPD on a patient as well as how healthcare professionals can intervene and educate the patient at an early stage and thereby slow the onset of severe symptoms. This book has been designed to increase physician awareness of the pathological processes involved in the aetiology of ... Richard Russell Osteoporosis 9783540795261 09.04.2009 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 69,99 Po rabacie: € 35,00 Osteoporosis is a global threat because it can impact every human being as they age. In this new edition, the authors point out the enormous scale of the problem in terms of human suffering, morbidity and mortality on the one hand, and the astronomical national costs on the other. Written in an easy-to-read style, this book updates physicians on the current knowledge about bone structure, physiology ... Reiner Bartl Physical Activity Across the Lifespan 9781461436058 17.06.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 139,95 Po rabacie: € 69,98 The statistics are disturbing: steadily rising numbers of sedentary overweight children and obese teens, and a generation looking at a shorter life expectancy than their parents'. But while it may be obvious that physical fitness benefits both the mind and body, a growing research base is supplying evidence of why this is so, and how these benefits may be reproduced in greater numbers. Aleta L. Meyer Primary Care Procedures in Women's Health 9780387765983 15.07.2008 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 49,99 Po rabacie: € 25,00 There are many reasons for primary care providers to offer women’s health procedures in an office setting, from the value patients place on continuity of care to the lack of access to specialty care that patients may experience in rural areas. Primary Care Procedures in Women’s Health has been designed to introduce simple office procedures to clinicians, as well as office staff who must familiarize ... Cathryn B. Heath Rational Phytotherapy 9783540408321 01.03.2004 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 76,99 Po rabacie: € 38,50 All practitioners and pharmacists interested in treatment with herbal remedies should have this book at their disposal. It is the definitive practice-oriented introduction - now in its fifth edition - to phytotherapy. Methodically classified by organic systems and fields of application, the text provides a quick insight into dosage, form of application and effects of the most important herbal remedies. Volker Schulz Running Group Visits in Your Practice 9781441914132 01.10.2009 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 49,99 Po rabacie: € 25,00 With health care costs on the rise, poor access to primary and specialty care, the complexities of the health insurance system and the demands on a physician’s time, the traditional model of one-on-one medical visits no longer best serves patients or health care providers. Patient demand is only increasing as the population ages and suffers chronic illnesses, and with too few medical students entering primary care ... Edward B. Noffsinger Type 2 Diabetes, Pre-diabetes, and the Metabolic Syndrome 9781603274401 01.11.2009 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 89,99 Po rabacie: € 45,00 Diagnosing and managing type 2 diabetes presents an enormous challenge to the primary care provider confronted with multiple emerging scientific insights, therapeutic strategies and risk reduction principles. In "Type 2 Diabetes, Pre- Diabetes, and the Metabolic Syndrome: The Primary Care Guide to Diagnosis and Management, Second Edition", Ronald A. Codario, M.D., FACP - a well-known ... Ronald A Codario
  20. 20. 20 www.abe.pl Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Acute Coronary Syndrome 9781846288685 29.11.2007 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 89,99 Po rabacie: € 45,00 Edited by two leading cardiologists from St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York, this book offers practical algorithms for obtaining quick, accurate diagnoses and providing optimal treatment for patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS). It helps you discover the pros and cons and all the considerations that go into choosing the most effective interventional and non-invasive ... Mun K. Hong Atlas of Real Time 3D Transesophageal Echocardiography 9781849960823 01.05.2010 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 169,99 Po rabacie: € 85,00 This atlas provides a comprehensive description of normal anatomy of the internal structures of the heart (natives valves, interatrial septum, left atrial appendage, left atrium etc..) as seen by this revolutionary ultrasound technique. Normal TEE cardiac structures are described and compared with the corresponding anatomical specimens focusing on the fundamental as well as the details of the cardiac ... Francesco Fulvio Faletra Cardiac Electrophysiology Methods and Models 9781441966575 12.11.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 79,99 Po rabacie: € 40,00 Cardiovascular disease is the major cause of mortality and morbidity in the Western Hemisphere. While significant progress has been made in treating a major sub- category of cardiac disease, arrhythmias, significant unmet needs remain. In particular, every day, thousands of patients die because of arrhythmias in the US alone, and atrial fibrillation is the most common arrhythmia affecting millions of ... Daniel C. Sigg Cardiac Imaging in Electrophysiology 9781848824850 01.12.2011 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 159,95 Po rabacie: € 79,98 Major technological, basic and clinical research breakthroughs have led to impressive changes in both diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities for the management of cardiac rhythm disorders. Diagnosis has been enriched by sophisticated electrocardiographic recording systems and automatic analysis techniques, by the development of 3D electro-anatomical mapping systems ... Angelo Auricchio Cardiovascular MR Manual 9781849963619 27.12.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 49,95 Po rabacie: € 24,98 The aim of this book is to provide a compact text for practicing physicians and cardiologists or radiologists in training that contains all aspects of cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging relevant for the appropriate use of this imaging modality in clinical practice. In a tutorial style, the book provides an overview of the relevant physics that govern CMR imaging and provide details on commonly ... Sven Plein Cardiovascular MRI in Congenital Heart Disease 9783540698364 15.01.2010 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 114,99 Po rabacie: € 57,50 The interpretation of MR images of congenital heart disease can be difficult without previous experience or formal training. This book provides insight into specific, pathologic conditions along with key MR and CT images depicting the pathology with a clear interpretation. Each image is detailed and clearly labeled with a central key for the specific condition, allowing the reader to track anatomical structures ... Shankar Sridharan Cardiovascular MRI in Practice 9781848000896 28.08.2008 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 149,99 Po rabacie: € 75,00 This book represents a new and fundamentally different way of learning cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR). Unlike previous CMR textbooks containing a few pre- selected views for each case, this book contains the entire scan for each of the 150 clinical cases (totalling more than 88,000 CMR images). Within each case, all the necessary tools to make the diagnosis are presented in exactly the same format ... John D. Grizzard Comprehensive Lipid Testing and Management 9781907673030 01.09.2011 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 39,95 Po rabacie: € 19,98 Written by a leading and highly respected expert in the field Concise pocket-sized format Particularly aimed at cardiologists, clinical researchers, general practitioners, and primary care physicians Summarises the key trials in the field in a user-friendly manner Lars A. Carlson KARDIOCHIRURGIA I KARDIOLOGIA
  21. 21. www.abe.pl 21 Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Congenital Heart Disease 9780387772912 01.09.2008 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 66,99 Po rabacie: € 33,50 This manual provides a comprehensive overview of how the cardiac catheterization laboratory in a pediatric cardiology division works. Chapters are organized in the order in which a case progresses. Specific types of cases are discussed in detail and hemodynamics is covered in depth. Information tables and line illustrations are used throughout the text to further emphasize important concepts and ... Lisa Bergersen Diagnostic and Interventional 9780792385974 15.09.1999 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 199,99 Po rabacie: € 100,00 Cardiac catheterization has long been a central diagnostic modality in the evaluation of children, adolescents, and adults with congenital heart disease, and in children with acquired heart disease. Over the past two decades, transcatheter interventions have become equally important in the treatment of pediatric and congenital heart disease. Some transcatheter therapies have become established as the standard ... James E. Lock Handbook of Cardiac Anatomy, Physiology, and Devices 9781603273718 30.07.2009 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 119,95 Po rabacie: € 59,98 With the medical device industry growing at an incredible pace, and the overall understanding of the molecular basis for disease on the rise, today's bio-medical engineers face a constant challenge to re-tool or reinvent devices that remain in step with medical science. In Handbook of Cardiac Anatomy, Physiology, and Devices, Second Edition, leading experts from the University of Minnesota's renowned ... Paul A. Iaizzo Heart Failure in Clinical Practice 9781849961523 01.09.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 46,99 Po rabacie: € 23,50 Heart Failure in Clinical Practice provides a toolkit for clinicians to guide them in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with suspected heart failure. Algorithms and flow diagrams are included to give the reader an illustrated snapshot of the decisions involved in the management of these patients. Michael Y. Henein Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Congenital Heart Disease 9781447142669 18.12.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 139,95 Po rabacie: € 69,98 This textbook is alone in focusing on the subject of cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging in pediatric and adult patients with congenital heart disease. The topic of congenital heart disease imaging is usually relegated to a single chapter in most general CMR texts. The expanding scope of CHD warrants a text dedicated to covering CHD and CMR imaging in detail. Mushabbar A. Syed Nuclear Cardiology, the Basics 9781588299246 04.12.2007 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 89,99 Po rabacie: € 45,00 The purpose of this book is to provide the outline for the "nuts and bolts" establishment and operation of a nuclear cardiology laboratory. In so doing, the authors have attempted to deal with the relevant issues that a laboratory director must address in either setting up the laboratory or maintaining its competitive edge and clinical competence over time. Frans J. Th. Wackers On Bypass 9781617376870 28.10.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 154,99 Po rabacie: € 77,50 With the introduction of cardiac surgery more than five decades ago and the use of the heart-lung machine for open heart surgical procedures granting the surgeon unlimited time in which to operate inside the heart, a complex task has been given to the Perfusionist. With a pairing of a perfusionist and a surgeon for each chapter, this book is an essential collection of techniques and protocols to aid in decision ... Linda B. Mongero Operative Anatomy of the Heart 9783540692270 05.11.2010 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 149,95 Po rabacie: € 74,98 Operative Anatomy of the Heart covers unique data and artwork on the morphological description of cardiovascular surgery and surgical procedures. Topics covered include the entire anatomy of the human chest. An appendix presents the cross sections of the human body including the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic cavity. Denis Berdajs Percutaneous Treatment of Left Side Cardiac Valves 9788847026308 07.05.2012 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 89,95 Po rabacie: € 44,98 The success of the first edition of Percutaneous Treatment of Left Side Cardiac Valves has convinced us of the need to update this book in order to keep pace with the continuing rapid and dynamic evolution in the discipline. Once again, this practical guide is designed to provide the reader with complete state of the art information on the techniques and approaches to percutaneous treatment of left ... Corrado Tamburino Perioperative Medicine 9780857294975 30.07.2011 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 69,95 Po rabacie: € 34,98 Perioperative Medicine uses a concise, highly practical, bulleted format designed to ensure rapid comprehension of key concepts and reinforce the reader's understanding of complex topics in perioperative medicine. It contains authoritative, up-to-date coverage of the most essential concepts in perioperative care from preoperative risk assessment to postoperative follow-up. Steven L. Cohn
  22. 22. 22 www.abe.pl Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Rapid ECG Interpretation 9781588299796 11.10.2007 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 129,99 Po rabacie: € 65,00 With a step-by-step method for accurate interpretation of the ECG, this third edition of Rapid ECG Interpretation describes a systematic approach consistent with the changes in cardiology practice over the past decade. All diagnostic ECG criteria are given with relevant and instructive ECGs, providing a quick review or refresher for proficiency tests and for physicians preparing for the ECG section of the ... M. Gabriel Khan Redo Cardiac Surgery in Adults 9781461413257 02.12.2011 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 139,95 Po rabacie: € 69,98 Redo cardiac surgeries are challenging cases with a myriad of influential factors, ranging from the patient's pathology to the whimsy of the previous surgeon. Redo Cardiac Surgery in Adults, 2nd Edition clearly outlines practical approaches, surgical techniques, and management of associated conditions such as perioperative stroke and acute kidney function. Venkat R. Machiraju Short Stay Management of Acute Heart Failure 9781617796265 01.01.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 139,95 Po rabacie: € 69,98 This timely book is a road map for defining the care of acute heart failure patients in the short stay or observation unit setting. Produced in collaboration with the Society of Chest Pain Centers, this book provides an understanding of the diverse medical needs and solutions, administrative processes, and regulatory issues necessary for successful management. W. Frank Peacock Textbook of Real-Time Three Dimensional Echocardiography 9781849964944 27.12.2010 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 114,99 Po rabacie: € 57,50 Tremendous improvements in ultrasound technology have led to development of one of the most impressive advancements in the use of ultrasound to assess cardiac morphology and function: three-dimensional echocardiography (3DE). During the last decade, 3DE has made a dramatic transition from a predominantly research tool used in few large academic medical centers to a technology ... Luigi Badano Therapeutic Hypothermia After Cardiac Arrest: Clinical Application and Management 9781447129509 24.07.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 99,95 Po rabacie: € 49,98 Therapeutic hypothermia has emerged as a very important treatment option for patients with cardiac arrest as it provides significant protection from developing neurologic injury once the patient has been successfully resuscitated. Studies have demonstrated over 15% absolute risk reduction in death and neurologic injury using this therapy. Although hospitals and medical centers have become familiar with ... Justin B. Lundbye Vascular CT Angiography Manual 9781849962599 09.11.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 59,99 Po rabacie: € 30,00 Despite the exponential growth in the use of peripheral CTA in the diagnosis and follow-up of vascular disease patients, practical sources from which to gain valuable expertise in this field remain scarce. There is becoming a great need for experts in the field of peripheral CTA, yet learning this imaging modality may be intimidating and time consuming. Robert Pelberg Vortex Formation in the Cardiovascular System 9781447122876 01.02.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 139,95 Po rabacie: € 69,98 Vortex Formation in the Cardiovascular System will recapitulate the current knowledge about the vortex formation in the cardiovascular system, from mechanics to cardiology. This can facilitate the interaction between basic scientists and clinicians on the topic of the circulatory system. The book begins with a synopsis of the fundamentals aspects of fluid mechanics to give the reader the essential ... Arash Kheradvar
  23. 23. www.abe.pl 23 Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Atlas of Sectional Radiological Anatomy for PET/CT 9781461415268 13.06.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 99,95 Po rabacie: € 49,98 The horizons of sophisticated imaging have expanded with the use of combined positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT). PET-CT has revolutionized medical imaging by adding anatomic localization to functional imaging, thus providing physicians with information that is vital for the accurate diagnosis and treatment of pathologies. Mehmet Kitapci Basics of PET Imaging 9781441908049 08.04.2010 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 59,95 Po rabacie: € 29,98 <p>This is an ideal text on PET and PET/CT imaging technology that focuses on the basics, such as physics, instrumentation, production of PET radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals, and regulations affecting PET. The chapters are concise but comprehensive, making the topic easily understandable, and they are complete with reviews of pertinent basic science, sample questions, and lists of suggested ... Gopal B. Saha Bone Tumors 9781441908070 02.06.2012 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 69,95 Po rabacie: € 34,98 Bone Tumors: A Practical Guide to Imaging is a concise guide to common tumors encountered by physicians in daily practice. The authors make use of high-yield facts, differential diagnoses, and extensive radiological images to introduce a wide range of bone tumors, focusing on their classic appearance and location in order to provide readers with a solid foundation of knowledge for tumor recognition and ... Jim S. Wu Nuclear Endocrinology 9783642250132 31.03.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 89,95 Po rabacie: € 44,98 Nuclear medicine is an important element of daily practice for the endocrinologist, both for diagnosis and for treatment. The continuous rapid development of nuclear medicine procedures has created the need for a concise, up-to-date practical guide that presents the essential information required by the endocrinologist. This book is designed to ensure ease of use in clinical practice and provides the most relevant ... Doina Piciu PET-CT 9783642246982 27.02.2012 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 49,95 Po rabacie: € 24,98 PET-CT is increasingly being employed in the diagnosis of both oncological and non -oncological patients, yet nuclear medicine physicians may have only limited practical experience of rare diseases and may experience difficulty in recognizing and interpreting rare findings. This unique atlas documents a large number of clinical cases that will help practitioners to identify findings and diseases that, though ... Cristina Nanni MEDYCYNA NUKLEARNA
  24. 24. 24 www.abe.pl Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Criminal Poisoning 9781588299215 01.06.2007 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 74,99 Po rabacie: € 37,50 In this revised and expanded edition, leading forensic scientist John Trestrail offers a pioneering survey of all that is known about the use of poison as a weapon in murder. Topics range from the use of poisons in history and literature to convicting the poisoner in court, and include a review of the different types of poisons, techniques for crime scene investigation, and the critical essentials of the forensic ... John H. Trestrail Forensic and Clinical Applications of Solid Phase Extraction 9781617371141 28.10.2010 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 129,99 Po rabacie: € 65,00 This complete laboratory reference manual explains the principles behind solid phase extraction (SPE) and provides readily reproducible protocols for solving extraction problems in forensic and clinical chemistry. Numerous actual chromatograms, based on original research and diverse applications, demonstrate the technique and the results that can be achieved. Michael J. Telepchak Handbook of Autopsy Practice 9781588298416 26.05.2009 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 154,99 Po rabacie: € 77,50 Handbook of Autopsy Practice, Fourth Edition is divided into three parts. Part I contains six new chapters in which the reader will find an assortment of tools that will increase the value of the autopsy. Included in the section are valuable resources and tools such as a sample next-of-kin letter, a quality assurance worksheet, new discourse on the dissection procedure which is accompanied by a worksheet ... Brenda L. Waters A Clinical Guide to Occupational and Environmental Lung Diseases 9781627031486 29.10.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 149,95 Po rabacie: € 74,98 A Clinical Guide to Occupational and Environmental Lung Diseases delivers a concise compendium to the diagnosis and management of occupational and environmental lung diseases, incorporating evidence-based guidelines where available. Each chapter provides an updated review and a practical approach to different occupational and environmental lung diseases. Yuh-Chin T. Huang Functional Respiratory Disorders 9781617798566 12.06.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 149,95 Po rabacie: € 74,98 Many patients with pulmonary complaints fail to improve despite physicians' best efforts. Sometimes, we ascribe this failure to lack of adherence with therapy, or to the severity of the condition. What we often fail to appreciate, however, is that sometimes the lack of improvement can be explained by the patients' psychological states. Ran Anbar MEDYCYNA SĄDOWA MEDYCYNA UKŁADU ODDECHOWEGO
  25. 25. www.abe.pl 25 Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Core Concepts in Renal Transplantation 9781461400073 15.03.2011 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 139,95 Po rabacie: € 69,98 Though kidney transplantation is considered a routine procedure, there are still significant challenges in post-transplant management. "Core Concepts in Renal Transplantation" is a clinically focused authoritative guide to the management of kidney transplantation. This comprehensive, state-of-the-art reference summarizes the recent changes in the field of transplantation, offering the complete range of ... Ajay K. Singh Principles of Renal Physiology 9781461437840 24.06.2012 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 49,95 Po rabacie: € 24,98 A good knowledge of renal physiology is essential to the understanding of many disease states. The purpose of the book is to set out the principles of renal physiology and normal renal function. Now in its 30th year of continuous publication, this new edition offers a logical progression through renal physiology and pathophysiology. Christopher J. Lote Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery: Vol. 38 9783709106754 20.12.2011 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 139,95 Po rabacie: € 69,98 Advances: H. Duffau: Subpial dissection and subcortical mapping with vasculature and white matter pathways preservation in surgery for brain (low grade) gliomas. - F. Scholtes, G. Brook, D. Martin: Spinal cord injury and its treatment: current management and experimental perspectives. - M. Sindou, M. Messerer, J. Alvernia, G. Saint-Pierre: Percutaneous Biopsy through the Foramen Ovale for Parasellar ... John Pickard Cranial, Cranio-Facial and Skull Base Surgery 9788847011663 01.3.2009 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 184,99 Po rabacie: € 92,50 This atlas, organized in two sections - neurosurgical section and maxillo-facial section - provides a comprehensive overview of the most modern surgical techniques in cranio-facial and skull base surgery. Each chapter describes in detail the anatomic structures and offers a step-by-step description of the technical aspects of the surgical approaches to the cranial base. Paolo Cappabianca Gamma Knife Neurosurgery 9783709103425 07.10.2010 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 114,99 Po rabacie: € 57,50 Today, over 500,000 patients have been treated world wide in 250 Gamma Knife Centres in 37 countries each one treating between 150 and 700 patients a year. The current book serves as a textbook, training manual and reference book for those involved in Gamma Knife practice covering the theoretical background, the practical aspects of treatment, the social side of the method and necessary ... Jeremy C. Ganz Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring 9781441974358 15.12.2010 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 154,99 Po rabacie: € 77,50 The third edition of this classic text again provides practical, comprehensive coverage of the anatomical and physiological basis for intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring. Written by a leading authority in the field, Dr. Aage Moller has updated this important title to again offer all the leading-edge knowledge needed to perform electrophysiological recordings in the operating room, to ... Aage R. Moller NEFROLOGIA NEUROCHIRURGIA
  26. 26. 26 www.abe.pl Springer Blue Sale in Medicine | –50% Meningiomas 9781848829107 16.11.2009 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 89,99 Po rabacie: € 45,00 The overall incidence of meningiomas, particularly in the developed countries, is rising due to a growing size of the aging population, with people living longer and enjoying healthier lives than ever before. Additionally, an increased utilization of imaging studies such as computer tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MR) for routine evaluation of closed head injuries, paranasal sinus problems and ... Joung H. Lee A Primer of Neuroimmunological Disease 9781461421870 23.02.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 139,95 Po rabacie: € 69,98 A Primer of Neuroimmunological Disease is a significant new resource for anyone interested in conditions such as multiple sclerosis(MS), myasthenia gravis, and neurological infections. It is a practical and balanced guide to the diagnosis and treatment of neuroimmunological disease. "A Primer of Neuroimmunological Disease" distinguishes itself by providing a range of features not generally ... Andrew R. Pachner Atlas of Electroencephalography in Sleep Medicine 9781461422921 27.03.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 99,95 Po rabacie: € 49,98 Sleep Medicine is a field that attracts physicians from a variety of clinical backgrounds. As a result, the majority of sleep specialists who interpret sleep studies (PSG) do not have specialized training in neurophysiology and electroencephalography (EEG) interpretation. Given this and the fact that PSGs usually are run at a third of the speed of EEGs and that they usually have a limited ... Hrayr P. Attarian Atlas of Implantable Therapies for Pain Management 9780387885667 03.12.2010 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 109,99 Po rabacie: € 55,00 This Atlas serves as a guide to beginning implanters, intermediate implanters, and the most advanced practitioners. The author covers the process of implanting and managing spinal cord stimulators, peripheral nerve stimulators, and intrathecal pumps from the beginning of the process to long term management. The book also discusses the recognition, prevention, and management of complications. Timothy R. Deer Atlas of Muscle Innervation Zones 9788847024625 13.06.2012 Oprawa: miękka Cena: € 99,95 Po rabacie: € 49,98 Invasive electromyography is a well-established diagnostic tool that has been used for decades by neurologists. Recently, new and alternative devices have increasingly become available that permit diagnosis without the use of needles. This developing area of science and the new tools have not, however, been sufficiently investigated in academic training. Roberto Merletti Clinical Neuroimmunology 9781603278591 10.09.2011 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 179,95 Po rabacie: € 89,98 Clinical Neuroimmunology: Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders serves as an indispensable resource for physicians interested in, and dealing with, this very complex and evolving branch of neurology. This comprehensive title provides an introduction to basic neuroimmunology and principles of immunotherapy and also serves as a thorough guide to immune-mediated disorders of the central and ... Patricia K. Coyle Coma and Disorders of Consciousness 9781447124399 07.06.2012 Oprawa: twarda Cena: € 99,95 Po rabacie: € 49,98 In spite of medical advances and the increasing number of severely brain-injured patients, the assessment and treatment of patients recovering from coma remain challenging. For over 10 years now, the Coma Science Group has been working on the scientific exploration of disorders of consciousness, with both scientific and clinical research agendas. This book is the result of all this work. Caroline Schnakers NEUROLOGIA