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Social Statistics

  1. 1. Katalog książekanglojęzycznychStatystyka w naukachspołecznychAmerykańskie Towarzystwo Statystyczne ogłosiło rok 2013Międzynarodowym Rokiem Statystyki. Ogólnoświatowa akcjama na celu uczczenie i docenienie osiągnięć nauk statystycznych.Przyłączyliśmy się do akcji promując najważniejsze książki z tejdziedziny.Przeglądaj katalog z nowościami i najciekawszymi publikacjami.Dowiedz się więcej na
  2. 2.    Statystyka w naukach społecznych2 www.abe.plA Calculus of Ideas: A MathematicalStudy of Human Thought9789814383189 28.09.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 59,00Ulf GrenanderThis monograph reports a thought experiment with a mathematical structureintended to illustrate the workings of a mind. It presents a mathematical theory ofhuman thought based on pattern theory with a graph-based approach to thinking.The method illustrated and produced by extensive computer simulations is relatedto neural networks. Based mainly on introspection, it is speculative rather thanempirical such that it differs radically in attitude from the conventional wisdom ofcurrent cognitive science.World Scientific PublishingA Gentle Introduction to Stata9781597181099 16.04.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 49,99Alan C. AcockUpdated to reflect the new features of Stata 11, A Gentle Introduction to Stata, ThirdEdition continues to help new Stata users become proficient in Stata. After readingthis introductory text, you will be able to enter, build, and manage a data set as wellas perform fundamental statistical analyses.New to the Third EditionA new chapter on the analysis of missing data and the use of multiple-imputationmethodsExtensive revision of the chapter on ANOVAAdditional material on the application of power analysisThe book covers data management; good work habits, including the use of basic do-files; basic exploratory statistics, including graphical displays; and analyses usingthe standard array of basic statistical tools, such as correlation, linear and logisticregression, and parametric and nonparametric tests of location and dispersion.Taylor & FrancisA Primer of Multivariate Statistics9780415645584 03.03.2013Oprawa: miękka£ 28,00Richard J. HarrisDrawing upon more than 30 years of experience in working with statistics, Dr.Richard J. Harris has updated A Primer of Multivariate Statistics to provide a modelof balance between how-to and why. This classic text covers multivariatetechniques with a taste of latent variable approaches. Throughout the book there isa focus on the importance of describing and testing ones interpretations of theemergent variables that are produced by multivariate analysis. This edition retains itsconversational writing style while focusing on classical techniques. The book givesthe reader a feel for why one should consider diving into more detailed treatments ofcomputer-modeling and latent-variable techniques, such as non-recursive pathanalysis, confirmatory factor analysis, and hierarchical linear modeling. Throughoutthe book there is a focus on the importance of describing and testing onesinterpretations of the emergent variables that are produced by multivariate analysis.Taylor & FrancisA Statistical Guide for the EthicallyPerplexed9781439873687 23.10.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 31,99Lawrence J. HubertFor disciplines concerned with human well-being, such as medicine, psychology,and law, statistics must be used in accordance with standards for ethical practice. AStatistical Guide for the Ethically Perplexed illustrates the proper use of probabilisticand statistical reasoning in the behavioral, social, and biomedical sciences.Designed to be consulted when learning formal statistical techniques, the textdescribes common instances of both correct and false statistical and probabilisticreasoning.Lauded for their contributions to statistics, psychology, and psychometrics, theauthors make statistical methods relevant to readers’ day-to-day lives by includingreal historical situations that demonstrate the role of statistics in reasoning anddecision making. The historical vignettes encompass the English case of Sally Clark,breast cancer screening, risk and gambling, the Federal Rules of Evidence, "high-stakes" testing, regulatory issues in medicine, difficulties with observational studies,ethics in human experiments, health statistics, and much more. In addition to thesetopics, seven U.S. Supreme Court decisions reflect the influence of statistical andTaylor & Francis...Academic Advancement in CompositionStudies9780415515634 13.12.2011Oprawa: miękka£ 28,00Richard C. GebhardtThis volume deals with a number of related issues that are becoming increasinglycrucial for English studies during this time when most faculty in the field are assistantprofessors approaching tenure review or associate professors seeking promotion.These critical issues focus on:The diversity of research and scholarly publication in composition studies;The fact that composition studies faculty are often evaluated by personnelcommittee members, department chairs, and deans unfamiliar with the natureand demands of the field;The way that American higher education is rethinking "scholarship" and the role itplays in the work and evaluation of faculty members; andThe role composition studies faculty can play in this review of scholarship andprofessional advancement.Taylor & FrancisAdvanced Research Methods inPsychology9780415653466 22.03.2013Oprawa: miękka£ 28,00David GilesHow do you perform a MANOVA? What is grounded theory? How do you draw up arepertory grid? These, and many other questions are addressed in this wide-ranginghandbook of methods and analytic techniques which uniquely covers bothquantitative and qualitative methods. Based on a broad survey of undergraduatecurricula, the book takes curious readers through all of the methods that are taughton psychology courses worldwide, from advanced ANOVA statistics throughregression models to test construction, qualitative research and other more unusualtechniques such as Q methodology, meta-analysis and log-linear analysis. Eachtechnique is illustrated by recent examples from the literature. There are alsochapters on ethics, significance testing, and writing for publication and researchproposals. Advanced Research Methods in Psychology will provide an invaluableresource for advanced undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers who need areadable, contemporary and eclectic reference of advanced methods currently inuse in psychological research.Taylor & Francis
  3. 3.    Statystyka w naukach społ 3Advances in Configural FrequencyAnalysis9781606237199 05.06.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 41,00Alexander von EyeUsing real-world data examples, this authoritative book shows how to use the latestconfigural frequency analysis (CFA) techniques to analyze categorical data. Some ofthe techniques are presented here for the first time. In contrast to such methods aslog-linear modeling, which focus on relationships among variables, CFA allowsresearchers to evaluate differences and change at the level of individual cells in atable. Illustrated are ways to identify and test for cell configurations that are eitherconsistent with or contrary to hypothesized patterns (the types and antitypes ofCFA); control for potential covariates that might influence observed results; developinnovative prediction models; address questions of moderation and mediation; andanalyze intensive longitudinal data. The book also describes free softwareapplications for executing CFA.This book will be invaluable to researchers and graduate students in psychology,education, management, public health, sociology, and other social, behavioral, andhealth science disciplines.Taylor & FrancisAgent-Based Computational Sociology9780470711743 30.03.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 55,00Flaminio SquazzoniThis book presents an introduction to agent-based computational sociology and thekind of science that is done with agent-based models. The focus is on marking thedifference between what is intended for sociology as a science and what is not,emphasizes is given to the idea that the complexity of social phenomena and thepeculiarities of complex social systems should not condemn sociology but toembrace qualitative un-formalised historical accounts as the only methods to doresearch. Cooperation and Social Norms, Social Patterns and Dynamics and FutureProspects and Challenges feature throughout the book along with an accompanyingwebsite. The website will feature instructions and codes of the models. The websitewill also support new functionalities, such as educational programmes, furtherexamples and research announcements. Agent-Based Computational Sociology iswritten in a common sociological language, along with examples of models that lookat all the traditional explanatory challenges of sociology, with focus onepistemological, methodological and substantive issues, by combining theory andexamples.WileyAn Introduction to Statistical Concepts9780415880053 04.04.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 62,99Richard G. LomaxThis comprehensive, flexible text is used in both one- and two-semester courses toreview introductory through intermediate statistics. Instructors select the topics thatare most appropriate for their course. Its conceptual approach helps students moreeasily understand the concepts and interpret SPSS and research results. Keyconcepts are simply stated and occasionally reintroduced and related to oneanother for reinforcement. Numerous examples demonstrate their relevance. Thisedition features more explanation to increase understanding of the concepts. Onlycrucial equations are included. In addition to updating throughout, the new editionfeatures: New co-author, Debbie L. Hahs-Vaughn, the 2007 recipient of theUniversity of Central Floridas College of Education Excellence in Graduate TeachingAward. A new chapter on logistic regression models for todays more complexmethodologies. More on computing confidence intervals and conducting poweranalyses using G*Power. Many more SPSS screenshots to assist withunderstanding how to navigate SPSS and annotated SPSS output to assist in theinterpretation of results.Taylor & FrancisApplied Missing Data Analysis9781606236390 02.08.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 44,00Craig K. EndersWalking readers step by step through complex concepts, this book translatesmissing data techniques into something that applied researchers and graduatestudents can understand and utilize in their own research. Enders explains therationale and procedural details for maximum likelihood estimation, Bayesianestimation, multiple imputation, and models for handling missing not at random(MNAR) data. Easy-to-follow examples and small simulated data sets illustrate thetechniques and clarify the underlying principles. The companion website,, includes data files and syntax for the examples in thebook as well as up-to-date information on software. The book is accessible tosubstantive researchers while providing a level of detail that will satisfy quantitativespecialists.This book will appeal to researchers and graduate students in psychology,education, management, family studies, public health, sociology, and politicalscience.Taylor & FrancisApplied Statistics for Economists9780415554688 22.09.2011Oprawa: miękka£ 34,99Margaret LewisThis book is an undergraduate text that introduces students to commonly usedstatistical methods in economics. Using examples based on contemporaryeconomic issues and readily available data, it not only explains the mechanics of thevarious methods, but also guides students to connect statistical results to detailedeconomic interpretations. Because the goal is for students to be able to apply thestatistical methods presented, online sources for economic data and directions forperforming each task in Excel are also included.Taylor & FrancisApplied Statistics for the Social andHealth Sciences9780415875363 12.06.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 100,00Rachel A. GordonApplied Statistics for the Social and Health Sciences provides graduate students inthe social and health sciences with the basic skills that they need to estimate,interpret, present, and publish statistical models using contemporary standards. Thebook targets the social and health science branches such as human development,public health, sociology, psychology, education, and social work in which studentsbring a wide range of mathematical skills and have a wide range of methodologicalaffinities. For these students, a successful course in statistics will not only offerstatistical content but will also help them develop an appreciation for how statisticaltechniques might answer some of the research questions of interest to them. Thisbook is for use in a two-semester graduate course sequence covering basicunivariate and bivariate statistics and regression models for nominal and ordinaloutcomes, in addition to covering ordinary least squares regression. Key features ofthe book include: interweaving the teaching of statistical concepts with examplesdeveloped for the course from publicly-available social science data or drawn fromthe literature thorough integration of teaching statistical theory with teaching dataTaylor & Francis...
  4. 4.    Statystyka w naukach społecznych4 www.abe.plApproaching Multivariate Analysis: APractical Introduction9780415645911 22.03.2013Oprawa: miękka£ 28,00Pat DugardThis fully updated new edition not only provides an introduction to a range ofadvanced statistical techniques that are used in psychology, but has beenexpanded to include new chapters describing methods and examples of particularinterest to medical researchers. It takes a very practical approach, aimed at enablingreaders to begin using the methods to tackle their own problems. This bookprovides a non-mathematical introduction to multivariate methods, with an emphasison helping the reader gain an intuitive understanding of what each method is for,what it does and how it does it. The first chapter briefly reviews the main conceptsof univariate and bivariate methods and provides an overview of the multivariatemethods that will be discussed, bringing out the relationships among them, andsummarising how to recognise what types of problem each of them may beappropriate for tackling. In the remaining chapters, introductions to the methods andimportant conceptual points are followed by the presentation of typical applicationsfrom psychology and medicine, using examples with fabricated data. Instructions onhow to do the analyses and how to make sense of the results are fully illustratedTaylor & Francis...Basic Statistics for Social Research9780470587980 14.12.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 55,00Robert A. HannemanBasic Statistics for Social Research teaches core general statistical concepts andmethods that all social science majors must master to understand (and do) socialresearch. Its use of mathematics and theory are deliberately limited, as the authorsfocus on the use of concepts and tools of statistics in the analysis of social sciencedata, rather than on the mathematical and computational aspects. Researchquestions and applications are taken from a wide variety of subfields in sociology,and each chapter is organized around one or more general ideas that are explainedat its beginning and then applied in increasing detail in the body of the text.Each chapter contains instructive features to aid students in understanding andmastering the various statistical approaches presented in the book, including:Learning objectivesCheck quizzes after many sections and an answer key at the end of the chapterSummaryKey termsWileyCategorical Data Analysis for theBehavioral and Social Sciences9781848728363 11.01.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 41,99Razia AzenFeaturing a practical approach with numerous examples, this book focuses onhelping the reader develop a conceptual, rather than technical, understanding ofcategorical methods, making it a much more accessible text than others on themarket. The authors cover common categorical analyses and emphasize specificresearch questions that can be addressed by each analytic procedure so thatreaders are able to address the research questions they wish to answer. To achievethis goal, the authors: Review the theoretical implications and assumptionsunderlying each of the procedures Present each concept in general terms andillustrate each with a practical example Demonstrate the analyses using SPSS andSAS and show the interpretation of the results provided by these programs. "A LookAhead" section at the beginning of each chapter provides an overview of thematerial covered so that the reader knows what to expect. This is followed by one ormore research questions that can be addressed using the procedure(s) covered inthe chapter. A theoretical presentation of the material is provided and illustratedusing realistic examples from the behavioral and social sciences.Taylor & FrancisCognitive Methods in SocialPsychology9781462509133 13.10.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 30,99Karl Christoph KlauerResearchers are increasingly applying cognitive methods to investigate socialpsychological phenomena. This book provides a comprehensive introduction towidely used social cognitive methods and offers practical, nuts-and-bolts guidancefor implementing them. Leading authorities present attentional paradigms, primingparadigms, and response interference tasks; psychobiological approaches, such asneuroimaging; applications of mathematical models; and other methods. Detailedprocedural information helps researchers and students take their first steps in usingthese state-of-the-art tools. Each chapter is illustrated with recent researchexamples and includes helpful recommendations for further reading.This book will be important reading for researchers and graduate students in socialpsychology. It may also serve as a supplemental text in graduate-level courses insocial cognition and psychology research methods.Taylor & FrancisComplex Surveys: A Guide to AnalysisUsing R9780470284308 25.03.2010Oprawa: miękka£ 48,95Thomas LumleySurvey analysis remains the bread-and-butter of sociological research. Highlightingthree main areas of interest--calibration estimators, two-phase designs, and fitting ofregression models to survey data-- Complex Surveys is the first book to describethe use of R in survey analysis in order to meticulously demonstrate new andefficient analyses of survey research methods in the health and social sciences.Written for applied statisticians and sophisticated users of statistics in the health andsocial sciences, the text employs large data sets throughout to illustrate the needfor, and utility of, the R software system.WileyData Analysis with Mplus9781462502455 25.12.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 30,99Christian GeiserA practical introduction to using Mplus for the analysis of multivariate data, thisvolume provides step-by-step guidance, complete with real data examples,numerous screen shots, and output excerpts. The author shows how to prepare adata set for import in Mplus using SPSS. He explains how to specify different typesof models in Mplus syntax and address typical caveats-for example, assessingmeasurement invariance in longitudinal SEMs. Coverage includes path and factoranalytic models as well as mediational, longitudinal, multilevel, and latent classmodels. Specific programming tips and solution strategies are presented in boxes ineach chapter. The companion website features data sets, annotated syntax files,and output for all of the examples. Of special utility to instructors and students,many of the examples can be run with the free demo version of Mplus.Taylor & Francis
  5. 5.    Statystyka w naukach społ 5Designing and Conducting Your FirstInterview Project9780470183519 28.05.2010Oprawa: miękka£ 30,99Bruce K. FriesenConducting an interview is an essential part of social research data collection,requiring an understanding of the scientific method and its application in the field.Using collaborative, active-learning strategies, Designing and Conducting Your FirstInterview Project turns what is often the most boring part of a social science classthe scientific method into an exciting and engaging experience. In a clear, easy-to-follow style, this workbook teaches students how to conduct the interview, alongwith how to organize, analyze, and interpret their data.WileyDevelopmental Evaluation9781606238721 13.08.2010Oprawa: miękka£ 33,99Michael Quinn PattonDevelopmental evaluation (DE) offers a powerful approach to monitoring andsupporting social innovations by working in partnership with program decisionmakers. In this book, eminent authority Michael Quinn Patton shows how toconduct evaluations within a DE framework.Taylor & FrancisDoing Statistical Mediation andModeration9781462508150 25.04.2013Oprawa: miękka£ 33,99Paul E. JoseWritten in a friendly, conversational style, this book offers a hands-on approach tostatistical mediation and moderation for both beginning researchers and thosefamiliar with modeling. Starting with a gentle review of regression-based analysis,Paul Jose covers basic mediation and moderation techniques before moving on toadvanced topics in multilevel modeling, structural equation modeling, and hybridcombinations, such as moderated mediation. User-friendly features includenumerous graphs and carefully worked-through examples; "Helpful Suggestions"about procedures and pitfalls; "Knowledge Boxes" delving into special topics, suchas dummy coding; and end-of-chapter exercises and problems (with answers). Thecompanion website provides downloadable sample data sets that are used in thebook to demonstrate particular analytic strategies, and explains how researchersand students can execute analyses using Joses online programs, MedGraph andModGraph. Appendices present SPSS, AMOS, and Mplus syntax for conductingthe key types of analyses.Taylor & FrancisEvaluation Essentials: From A to Z9781606238981 28.09.2010Oprawa: miękka£ 30,99Marvin C. AlkinWritten in a refreshing conversational style, this text thoroughly prepares students,program administrators, and new evaluators to conduct evaluations or to use themin their work. The books question-driven focus and clear discussions about theimportance of fostering evaluation use by building collaborative relationships withstakeholders set it apart from other available texts. In 26 concise sections, Marvin C.Alkin explores how to: articulate answerable evaluation questions, collect andanalyze data using both quantitative and qualitative methods, and deal withcontingencies that might alter the traditional sequence of an evaluation. Student-friendly features include handy bulleted recaps of each section, "Thinking Ahead"and "Next Steps" pointers, cautionary notes, annotated suggestions for furtherreading, and an in-depth case study that provides the basis for end-of-chapterexercises.This book will be important reading for instructors and graduate students ineducation, psychology, management, social work, nursing, and public policy;applied researchers who need a refresher on conducting evaluations; educationalTaylor & Francis...Evaluation in the Face of Uncertainty9781606238578 18.09.2010Oprawa: miękka£ 27,00Jonathan A. MorellUnexpected events during an evaluation all too often send evaluators into crisismode. This insightful book provides a systematic framework for diagnosing,anticipating, accommodating, and reining in costs of evaluation surprises.Taylor & FrancisEvent History Analysis with R9781439831649 26.04.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 49,99Goran BrostromWith an emphasis on social science applications, Event History Analysis with Rpresents an introduction to survival and event history analysis using real-lifeexamples. Keeping mathematical details to a minimum, the book covers key topics,including both discrete and continuous time data, parametric proportional hazards,and accelerated failure times. Features Introduces parametric proportional hazardsmodels with baseline distributions like the Weibull, Gompertz, Lognormal, andPiecewise constant hazard distributions, in addition to traditional Cox regressionPresents mathematical details as well as technical material in an appendix Includesreal examples with applications in demography, econometrics, and epidemiologyProvides a dedicated R package, eha, containing special treatments, includingmaking cuts in the Lexis diagram, creating communal covariates, and creatingperiod statistics A much-needed primer, Event History Analysis with R is adidactically excellent resource for students and practitioners of applied event historyand survival analysis.Taylor & Francis
  6. 6.    Statystyka w naukach społecznych6 www.abe.plExperimental Philosophy and Its Critics9780415505130 14.03.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 85,00Joachim HorvathExperimental philosophy is one of the most recent and controversial developmentsin philosophy. Its basic idea is rather simple: to test philosophical thoughtexperiments and philosophers intuitions about them with scientific methods, mostlytaken from psychology and the social sciences. The ensuing experimental results,such as the cultural relativity of certain philosophical intuitions, has engaged -- andat times infuriated -- many more traditionally minded "armchair" philosophers sincethen. In this volume, the metaphilosophical reflection on experimental philosophy isbrought yet another step forward by engaging some of its most renownedproponents and critics in a lively and controversial debate. In addition to that, thevolume also contains original experimental research on personal identity andphilosophical temperament, as well as state-of-the-art essays on centralmetaphilosophical issues, like thought experiments, the nature of intuitions, or thestatus of philosophical expertise. This book was originally published as a specialissue of Philosophical Psychology.Taylor & FrancisFive Ways of Doing Qualitative Analysis9781609181420 13.05.2011Oprawa: miękka£ 36,99Frederick J. WertzThis unique text provides a broad introduction to qualitative analysis together withconcrete demonstrations and comparisons of five major approaches. Leadingscholars apply their respective analytic lenses to a narrative account and interviewfeaturing "Teresa," a young opera singer who experienced a career-changing illness.The resulting analyses vividly exemplify what each approach looks like in action. Theresearchers then probe the similarities and differences among their approaches;their distinctive purposes and strengths; the role, style, and subjectivity of theindividual researcher; and the scientific and ethical complexities of conductingqualitative research. Also included are the research participants responses to eachanalysis of her experience. A narrative account from another research participant,"Gail," can be used by readers to practice the kinds of analysis explored in the book.This book will be important reading for graduate students, instructors, andresearchers in psychology, education, social work, family studies and humandevelopment, sociology, and nursing.Taylor & FrancisFunctional Analytic Psychotherapy9780415604048 15.03.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 12,99Mavis TsaiHow can I supercharge the therapy I currently use? This volume distils the coreprinciples, methods, and vision of the approach. Each Functional AnalyticPsychotherapy (FAP) principle is presented in terms of its intended purpose and isclearly linked to the underlying theory, thus providing clinicians with a straightforwardguide for when and how to apply each technique. FAP embraces awareness,courage, and love as integral to the treatment process. Part I of this volume reviewsthe history of FAP and the basic behavioral principles on which it is based. Part IIprovides an easy to use step-by-step guide to the application of FAP techniques.FAP is an approach undergoing a renaissance, and this volume uniquelysummarizes the full history, theory, and techniques of FAP, resulting in a handbookperfect for clinicians and graduate students with or without a behaviouralbackground.Taylor & FrancisHandbook of Developmental ResearchMethods9781606236093 20.12.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 83,99Brett P. LaursenThis is the first methods handbook specifically designed to meet the needs oftodays developmental scholars. Leading developmental methodologists describecutting-edge approaches to measurement and design, data collection, andinterindividual and intraindividual longitudinal analysis. For each method or analytictool - whether created to measure change or adapted for this purpose - chaptersdescribe key issues, assumptions, and applications. Chapters also include researchexamples that demonstrate the procedures in action and give readers a betterunderstanding of how to match research questions to developmental methods.Taylor & FrancisHandbook of Ethics in QuantitativeMethodology9781848728554 18.02.2011Oprawa: miękka£ 43,00Abigail T. PanterThis comprehensive Handbook is the first to provide a practical, interdisciplinaryreview of ethical issues as they relate to quantitative methodology including how topresent evidence for reliability and validity, what comprises an adequate testedpopulation, and what constitutes scientific knowledge for eliminating biases. Thebook uses an ethical framework that emphasizes the human cost of quantitativedecision making to help researchers understand the specific implications of theirchoices. The order of the Handbook chapters parallels the chronology of theresearch process: determining the research design and data collection; dataanalysis; and communicating findings. Each chapter:Explores the ethics of a particular topicIdentifies prevailing methodological issuesReviews strategies and approaches for handling such issues and their ethicalimplicationsProvides one or more case examplesTaylor & FrancisHandbook of Implicit Social Cognition9781606236734 16.07.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 57,00Bertram GawronskiThis tightly edited volume provides the first comprehensive overview of the field.Foremost authorities synthesize the latest findings on how automatic, implicit, andunconscious cognitive processes influence social judgments and behavior.Taylor & Francis
  7. 7.    Statystyka w naukach społ 7Handbook of Nonresponse inHousehold Surveys9780470542798 14.01.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 100,00Jelke BethlehemA comprehensive, one-stop guide to identifying, reducing, and managingnonresponse in household surveysNonresponse and its impact on the sample selection mechanism of a survey is acommon problem that often arises while collecting survey data. Handbook ofNonresponse in Household Surveys is a complete guide to handling thenonresponse problem, outlining statistical methods and techniques for improvingresponse rates and correcting response data.The authors begin with an introduction to the nonresponse problem along with basicconcepts and definitions. Subsequent chapters present current theories andmethods that enable survey researchers to skillfully account for nonresponse in theirresearch. Exploring the latest developments in the field, the book also features:An introduction to the R-indicator as an indicator of survey qualityDiscussion of the different causes of nonresponseExtensive treatment of the selection and use of auxiliary informationWileyHandbook of Research Methods forStudying Daily Life9781609187477 17.12.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 83,99Matthias R. MehlBringing together leading authorities, this unique handbook reviews the breadth ofcurrent approaches for studying how people think, feel, and behave in everydayenvironments, rather than in the laboratory. The volume thoroughly describesexperience sampling methods, diary methods, physiological measures, and otherself-report and non-self-report tools that allow for repeated, real-time measurementin natural settings. Practical guidance is provided to help the reader design a high-quality study, select and implement appropriate methods, and analyze the resultingdata using cutting-edge statistical techniques. Applications across a wide range ofpsychological subfields and research areas are discussed in detail.Taylor & FrancisHandbook of Research Methods inPersonality Psychology9781606236123 05.03.2010Oprawa: miękka£ 37,99Richard W. RobinsBringing together leading investigators, this comprehensive Handbook is a one-stopreference for anyone planning or conducting research on personality.Taylor & FrancisHandbook of Statistical Data Editingand Imputation9780470542804 11.03.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 100,00Ton de WaalA practical, one-stop reference on the theory and applications of statistical dataediting and imputation techniques Collected survey data are vulnerable to error. Inparticular, the data collection stage is a potential source of errors and missingvalues. As a result, the important role of statistical data editing, and the amount ofresources involved, has motivated considerable research efforts to enhance theefficiency and effectiveness of this process. Handbook of Statistical Data Editing andImputation equips readers with the essential statistical procedures for detecting andcorrecting inconsistencies and filling in missing values with estimates. The authorssupply an easily accessible treatment of the existing methodology in this field,featuring an overview of common errors encountered in practice and techniques forresolving these issues. The book begins with an overview of methods andstrategies for statistical data editing and imputation.WileyHandbook of Structural EquationModeling9781606230770 20.07.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 84,99Rick H. HoyleThe first comprehensive structural equation modeling (SEM) Handbook, thisaccessible volume presents both the mechanics of SEM and specific SEMstrategies and applications. The editor, contributors, and editorial advisory board areleading methodologists who have organized the book to move from simpler materialto more statistically complex modeling approaches. Sections cover the foundationsof SEM; statistical underpinnings, from assumptions to model modifications; steps inimplementation, from data preparation through writing the SEM report; and basicand advanced applications, including new and emerging topics in SEM. Eachchapter provides conceptually oriented descriptions, fully explicated analyses, andengaging examples that reveal modeling possibilities for use with readers data.Many of the chapters also include access to data and syntax files at the companionwebsite,, allowing readers to try their hands atreproducing the authors results.Taylor & FrancisHandbook of Web Surveys9780470603567 20.12.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 100,00Jelke BethlehemHandbook of Web Surveys presents a self-contained guide to methodologicalissues related to web surveys, covering both theoretical and practical aspects of thetopic. The book first approaches the subject of web survey design, addressing themain question: How can an electronic questionnaire be designed such thatrespondents can complete it on the Internet without introducing (too many) errors?The second portion of the book is devoted to sampling issues and helping readersunderstanding how proper samples for web surveys can be selected to allow forunbiased estimation of population characteristics. The authors also explore thetopics of under-coverage, self-selection, adjustment weighting, and propensityscores as they pertain to effective web survey development. Each chapter followsthe same easy-to-follow format. Following an introduction, a description of theory ispresented along with key formulae. Next, the discussed theory is applied to a realdata set and accompanied with illustrative descriptions. Example sets and exercisesare spread throughout each chapter, and a summary provides a brief overview ofmain points and concepts.Wiley
  8. 8.    Statystyka w naukach społecznych8 www.abe.plHow to Study Psychology9781848721067 28.11.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 14,99Warren DaviesDo you want to spend less time studying but end up with better grades, and adeeper understanding of the subject? Studying psychology is a skill that can belearned. In this unique and practical how to guide, Warren Davies offers somesimple techniques that will enable students to retain information, organise theirworkload, and be more productive. By applying some simple and easy-to-makechanges to your study habits, you will learn how to: Get more work done in less timeUse memory techniques to help you breeze through exams Beat procrastinationDevelop a deep grasp of difficult topics Write excellent essays (including how toavoid the seven most common essay errors) Cut your study time in half Understandthe results section of research papers Write a dissertation to publishable standard.This book is written specifically with psychology undergraduate students in mind,and as such will enhance your learning and improve your grades with techniquesthat actually work.Taylor & FrancisIBM SPSS for Intermediate Statistics:Use and Interpretation9780415880473 07.06.2011Oprawa: miękka£ 31,99Nancy L. LeechDesigned to help readers analyze and interpret research data using IBM SPSS, thisuser-friendly book shows readers how to choose the appropriate statistic based onthe design, perform intermediate statistics, including multivariate statistics, interpretoutput, and write about the results. The book reviews research designs and how toassess the accuracy and reliability of data: whether data meet the assumptions ofstatistical tests; how to calculate and interpret effect sizes for intermediate statistics,including odds ratios for logistic and discriminant analyses; how to compute andinterpret post-hoc power; and an overview of basic statistics for those who need areview. Unique chapters on multilevel linear modeling, multivariate analysis ofvariance (MANOVA), assessing reliability of data, and factor analysis are provided.SPSS syntax, along with the output, is included for those who prefer this format.Taylor & FrancisIBM SPSS for Introductory Statistics:Use and Interpretation9781848729827 14.08.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 29,99George A. MorganDesigned to help students analyze and interpret research data using IBM SPSS, thisuser-friendly book, written in easy-to-understand language, shows readers how tochoose the appropriate statistic based on the design, and to interpret outputsappropriately. The authors prepare readers for all of the steps in the researchprocess: design, entering and checking data, testing assumptions, assessingreliability and validity, computing descriptive and inferential parametric andnonparametric statistics, and writing about outputs. Dialog windows and SPSSsyntax, along with the output, are provided. Three realistic data sets, available onthe Internet, are used to solve the chapter problems. The new edition features:Updated to IBM SPSS version 20 but the book can also be used with older andnewer versions of SPSS. A new chapter (7) including an introduction to Cronbachsalpha and factor analysis. Updated Web Resources with PowerPoint slides,additional activities/suggestions, and the answers to even-numbered interpretationquestions for the instructors, and chapter study guides and outlines and extra SPSSproblems for the students.Taylor & FrancisIBM SPSS Statistics 19 Made Simple9781848720695 16.08.2011Oprawa: miękka£ 26,99Colin D. GrayThis new edition of one of the most widely read textbooks in its field introduces thereader to data analysis with the most powerful and versatile statistical package onthe market: IBM SPSS Statistics 19. Each new release of SPSS Statistics featuresnew options and other improvements. There remains a core of fundamentaloperating principles and techniques which have continued to apply to all releasesissued in recent years and have been proved to be worth communicating in a smallvolume. This practical and informal book combines simplicity and clarity ofpresentation with a comprehensive treatment of the use of IBM SPSS Statistics 19for the description, exploration and confirmation of data. As in earlier editions,coverage has been extended to address the issues raised by readers since theprevious edition. In this edition, there is an introduction to the Analysis of Covariance(ANCOVA). Each statistical technique is presented in a realistic research contextand is fully illustrated with annotated screen shots of SPSS dialog boxes and output.The first chapter sets the scene with a survey of typical research situations, keyterms and clear signposts to the location of each technique in the book.Taylor & FrancisIBM SPSS Statistics 21 Made Simple9781848722255 01.11.2013Oprawa: miękka£ 28,99GrayThis new edition of one of the most widely read textbooks in its field introduces thereader to data analysis with the most powerful and versatile statistical package onthe market: IBM SPSS Statistics 21.Each new release of SPSS Statistics features new options and other improvements.There remains a core of fundamental operating principles and techniques whichhave continued to apply to all releases issued in recent years and have been provedto be worth communicating in a small volume.This practical and informal book combines simplicity and clarity of presentation witha comprehensive treatment of the use of IBM SPSS Statistics 21 for the description,exploration and confirmation of data.Each statistical technique is presented in a realistic research context and is fullyillustrated with annotated screenshots of SPSS dialog boxes and output. The firstchapter sets the scene with a survey of typical research situations, key terms andclear signposts to the location of each technique in the book. It also offers guidanceon the choice of statistical techniques, and advice (based on APA guidelines) onTaylor & Francis...Improving Natural ResourceManagement9780470661130 25.02.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 55,00Timothy C. HaasThe decision to implement environmental protection options is a political one. These,and other political and social decisions affect the balance of the ecosystem and howthe point of equilibrium desired is to be reached. This book develops a stochastic,temporal model of how political processes influence and are influenced byecosystem processes and looks at how to find the most politically feasible plan formanaging an at-risk ecosystem. Finding such a plan is accomplished by first fitting amechanistic political and ecological model to a data set composed of observationson both political actions that impact an ecosystem and variables that describe theecosystem. The parameters of this fitted model are perturbed just enough to causehuman behaviour to change so that desired ecosystem states occur. This perturbedmodel gives the ecosystem management plan needed to reach desired ecosystemstates. To construct such a set of interacting models, topics from political science,ecology, probability, and statistics are developed and explored. Key features:Explores politically feasible ways to manage at-risk ecosystems. Gives agent-basedmodels of how social groups affect ecosystems through time.Wiley
  9. 9.    Statystyka w naukach społ 9Improving Survey Response9780470516690 25.03.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 57,50Ineke StoopHigh response rates have traditionally been considered as one of the main indicatorsof survey quality. Obtaining high response rates is sometimes difficult andexpensive, but clearly plays a beneficial role in terms of improving data quality. It isbecoming increasingly clear, however, that simply boosting response to achieve ahigher response rate will not in itself eradicate nonresponse bias. In this book theauthors argue that high response rates should not be seen as a goal in themselves,but rather as part of an overall survey quality strategy based on random probabilitysampling and aimed at minimising nonresponse bias.Key features of Improving Survey Response: A detailed coverage of nonresponse issues, including a unique examination ofcross-national survey nonresponse processes and outcomes. A discussion of the potential causes of nonresponse and practical strategies tocombat it. A detailed examination of the impact of nonresponse and of techniques foradjusting for it once it has occurred.WileyIntensive Longitudinal Methods9781462506781 27.03.2013Oprawa: twarda£ 33,99Niall BolgerA complete, practical guide to planning and executing an intensive longitudinalstudy, this book provides the tools for understanding within-subject social,psychological, and physiological processes in everyday contexts. Intensivelongitudinal studies involve many repeated measurements taken on individuals,dyads, or groups, and include diary and experience sampling studies. A range ofengaging, worked-through research examples with datasets are featured. Coverageincludes how to: select the best intensive longitudinal design for a particularresearch question, model within-subject change processes for continuous andcategorical outcomes, distinguish within-subject from between-subjects effects,assess the reliability of within-subject changes, assure sufficient statistical power,and more. Several end-of-chapter write-ups illustrate effective ways to present studyfindings for publication. Datasets and output for the examples are available forreaders use at the companion website. The website also includes HLM, MLwin, andR code as an alternative to the SPSS, SAS, and Mplus code presented in the book.Taylor & FrancisInterviewing for Qualitative Inquiry: ARelational Approach9781462510009 16.05.2013Oprawa: miękka£ 18,99Ruthellen JosselsonEngagingly written, this book builds the readers skills for conducting in-depthinterviews designed to address a particular research question. With an emphasis onthe dynamics of the research relationship, Ruthellen Josselson artfully demonstratesthe steps of a successful interview. Each step is illustrated with excerpts frominterviews on diverse topics. The book describes how to structure interviewseffectively, develop questions that elicit meaningful narratives, cultivate skills forempathic listening and responding, avoid common pitfalls, and deal with problemsthat develop in an interview. Pedagogical features include:Practice exercises adapted from Josselsons popular workshopsAnnotated examples of "good" and "bad" interviewsA chapter on interviewing dos and dontsAppendices with interview aids, sample follow-up questions, and a sampleconsent form.Taylor & FrancisInvariant Measurement9780415871259 25.01.2013Oprawa: miękka£ 27,99George Engelhard, Jr.This introductory text describes the principles of invariant measurement, howinvariant measurement can be achieved with Rasch models, and how to useinvariant measurement to solve measurement problems in the social, behavioral,and health sciences. Rasch models are used throughout but a comparison of Raschmodels to other item response theory (IRT) models is also provided. Written withstudents in mind, the manuscript was class tested to help maximize accessibility.Chapters open with an introduction and close with a summary and discussion.Numerous examples and exercises demonstrate the main issues addressed in eachchapter. Key terms are defined when first introduced and in an end-of-text glossary.All of the books analyses were conducted with the Facets program. The data setsused in the book, sample syntax files for running the Facets program, Excel files forcreating item and person response functions, links to related websites, and othermaterial are available at & FrancisLatent Class Analysis of Survey Error9780470289075 30.12.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 63,50Paul P. BiemerCombining theoretical, methodological, and practical aspects, Latent Class Analysisof Survey Error successfully guides readers through the accurate interpretation ofsurvey results for quality evaluation and improvement. This book is a comprehensiveresource on the key statistical tools and techniques employed during the modelingand estimation of classification errors, featuring a special focus on both latent classanalysis (LCA) techniques and models for categorical data from complex samplesurveys. Drawing from his extensive experience in the field of survey methodology,the author examines early models for survey measurement error and identifies theirsimilarities and differences as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Subsequentchapters treat topics related to modeling, estimating, and reducing errors in surveys,including:* Measurement error modeling forcategorical data* The Hui-Walter modeland othermethods for two indicators* The EM algorithm and its role in latentclassmodel parameter estimation* Latent class models for three ormore indicators*Techniques for interpretation of modelparameter estimates* Advanced topics inLCA, including sparse data, boundary values, unidentifiability, and local maximaWileyLatent Variable and Latent StructureModels9780415649612 03.03.2013Oprawa: miękka£ 28,00George A. MarcoulidesThis edited volume features cutting-edge topics from the leading researchers in theareas of latent variable modeling. Content highlights include coverage of approachesdealing with missing values, semi-parametric estimation, robust analysis, hierarchicaldata, factor scores, multi-group analysis, and model testing. New methodologicaltopics are illustrated with real applications. The material presented brings togethertwo traditions: psychometrics and structural equation modeling. Latent Variable andLatent Structure Models thought-provoking chapters from the leading researchersin the area will help to stimulate ideas for further research for many years to come.This volume will be of interest to researchers and practitioners from a wide variety ofdisciplines, including biology, business, economics, education, medicine,psychology, sociology, and other social and behavioral sciences. A workingknowledge of basic multivariate statistics and measurement theory is assumed.Taylor & Francis
  10. 10.    Statystyka w naukach społecznych10 www.abe.plLongitudinal Data Analysis9780415874151 17.08.2011Oprawa: miękka£ 34,99Jason T. NewsomThis book provides accessible treatment to state-of-the-art approaches to analyzinglongitudinal studies. Comprehensive coverage of the most popular analysis toolsallows readers to pick and choose the techniques that best fit their research. Theanalyses are illustrated with examples from major longitudinal data sets includingpractical information about their content and design. Illustrations from popularsoftware packages offer tips on how to interpret the results. Each chapter featuressuggested readings for additional study and a list of articles that further illustratehow to implement the analysis and report the results. Syntax examples for severalsoftware packages for each of the chapter examples are provided Although many of the examplesaddress health or social science questions related to aging, readers from otherdisciplines will find the analyses relevant to their work. In addition to demonstratingstatistical analysis of longitudinal data, the book shows how to interpret and analyzethe results within the context of the research design.Taylor & FrancisLongitudinal Structural EquationModeling9781462510160 09.05.2013Oprawa: twarda£ 46,99Todd D. LittleFeaturing actual data sets as illustrative examples, this book reveals numerous waysto apply structural equation modeling (SEM) to any repeated-measures study. Initialchapters lay the groundwork for modeling a longitudinal change process, frommeasurement, design, and specification issues to model evaluation andinterpretation. Covering both big-picture ideas and technical "how-to-do-it" details,the author deftly walks through when and how to use longitudinal confirmatoryfactor analysis, longitudinal panel models (including the multiple-group case),multilevel models, growth curve models, and complex factor models, as well asmodels for mediation and moderation. User-friendly features include equation boxesthat clearly explain the elements in every equation, end-of-chapter glossaries, andannotated suggestions for further reading. The companion website provides datasets for all of the examples-which include studies of bullying, adolescent studentsemotions, and healthy aging-with syntax and output from LISREL, Mplus, and R(lavaan).Taylor & FrancisMaking Sense of Statistical Methods inSocial Research9781847872876 25.03.2010Oprawa: miękka£ 24,99Keming YangMaking Sense of Statistical Methods in Social Research is a critical introduction tothe use of statistical methods in social research. It provides a unique approach tostatistics that concentrates on helping social researchers think about the conceptualbasis for the statistical methods theyre using. Whereas other statistical methodsbooks instruct students in how to get through the statistics-based elements of theirchosen course with as little mathematical knowledge as possible, this book aims toimprove students statistical literacy, with the ultimate goal of turning them intocompetent researchers. "Making Sense of Statistical Methods in Social Research"contains careful discussion of the conceptual foundation of statistical methods,specifying what questions they can, or cannot, answer. The logic of each statisticalmethod or procedure is explained, drawing on the historical development of themethod, existing publications that apply the method, and methodologicaldiscussions. Statistical techniques and procedures are presented not for thepurpose of showing how to produce statistics with certain software packages, butas a way of illuminating the underlying logic behind the symbols.SAGEMaximum Likelihood Estimation forSample Surveys9781584886327 02.05.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 49,99Raymond L. ChambersSample surveys provide data used by researchers in a large range of disciplines toanalyze important relationships using well-established and widely used likelihoodmethods. The methods used to select samples often result in the sample differing inimportant ways from the target population and standard application of likelihoodmethods can lead to biased and inefficient estimates. Maximum LikelihoodEstimation for Sample Surveys presents an overview of likelihood methods for theanalysis of sample survey data that account for the selection methods used, andincludes all necessary background material on likelihood inference. It covers a rangeof data types, including multilevel data, and is illustrated by many worked examplesusing tractable and widely used models. It also discusses more advanced topics,such as combining data, non-response, and informative sampling. The bookpresents and develops a likelihood approach for fitting models to sample surveydata. It explores and explains how the approach works in tractable though widelyused models for which we can make considerable analytic progress.Taylor & FrancisMeasurement and Statistics on Scienceand Technology9780415649995 12.09.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 28,00Benoit GodinHow do we objectively measure scientific activities? What proportion of economicactivities should a society devote to research and development? How can public-sector and private-sector research best be directed to achieve social goals?Governments and researchers from industrial countries have been measuringscience and technology for more than eighty years. This book provides the firstcomprehensive account of the attempts to measure science and technologyactivities in Western countries and the successes and shortcomings of statisticalsystems. Godin guides readers through the historical moments that led to thedevelopment of statistics on science and technology and also examines the socio-political dynamics behind social measurement. This enlightening account will be ofinterest to students and academics investigating science measurement as well aspolicy makers working in this burgeoning field.Taylor & FrancisMethods and Applications of Statisticsin the Social and Behavioral Sciences9780470405079 06.11.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 130,00N. BalakrishnanBased on the multifaceted Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences, Second Edition ,this concise book outlines the statistical concepts and techniques for applicationthat are essential for understanding data gathered from modern research in thesocial and behavioral sciences. Methods and Applications of Statistics in the Socialand Behavioral Sciences combines both previously published and newly developedcontributions written by over 100 leading academics, researchers, and practitionerin a comprehensive, approachable format. This succinct reference unveils modern,cutting-edge approaches to acquiring and analyzing data across diverse subjectsfor students, academics, and researchers.Wiley
  11. 11.    Statystyka w naukach społ 11Modeling Intraindividual Variability WithRepeated Measures Data9780415655613 03.03.2013Oprawa: miękka£ 28,00Scott L. HershbergerThis book examines how individuals behave across time and to what degree thatbehavior changes, fluctuates, or remains stable.It features the most current methods on modeling repeated measures data asreported by a distinguished group of experts in the field. The goal is to make thelatest techniques used to assess intraindividual variability accessible to a wide rangeof researchers. Each chapter is written in a "user-friendly" style such that even the"novice" data analyst can easily apply the techniques.Each chapter features:a minimum discussion of mathematical detail;an empirical example applying the technique; anda discussion of the software related to that technique.Taylor & FrancisModels in Statistical Social Research9780415534215 21.02.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 28,00Gotz RohwerModels in Statistical Social Research provides a comprehensive insight of modelsused in statistical social research based on statistical data and methods. Whiletraditionally understood statistical models relate to data generating processes whichpresuppose facts, this book focuses on analytical models which relate to substantialprocesses generating social facts. It formally develops individual-level, population-level, and multilevel versions of such models and uses these models as frameworksfor the definition of notions of functional causality. The book further develops adistinction between the representation of states and events, which is then used toformally distinguish between comparative and dynamic notions of causality. It isshown that, due to the involvement of human actors in substantial processesconsidered in social research, the conceptual framework of randomized experimentsis of only limited use. Instead, modelling selection processes should become anexplicit task of social research.Taylor & FrancisModern Analysis of Customer Surveys:with Applications Using R9780470971284 06.01.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 65,00Ron KenettCustomer survey studies deals with customers, consumers and user satisfactionfrom a product or service. In practice, many of the customer surveys conducted bybusiness and industry are analyzed in a very simple way, without using models orstatistical methods. Typical reports include descriptive statistics and basic graphicaldisplays. As demonstrated in this book, integrating such basic analysis with moreadvanced tools, provides insights on non-obvious patterns and importantrelationships between the survey variables. This knowledge can significantly affectthe conclusions derived from a survey. Key features: Provides an integrated, case-studies based approach to analysing customer survey data. Presents a generalintroduction to customer surveys, within an organizations business cycle. Containsclassical techniques with modern and non standard tools. Focuses on probabilistictechniques from the area of statistics/data analysis and covers all major recentdevelopments. Accompanied by a supporting website containing datasets and Rscripts.WileyModern Statistics for the Social andBehavioral Sciences9781439834565 14.07.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 52,99Rand R. WilcoxIn addition to learning how to apply classic statistical methods, students need tounderstand when these methods perform well, and when and why they can behighly unsatisfactory. Modern Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciencesillustrates how to use R to apply both standard and modern methods to correctknown problems with classic techniques. Numerous illustrations provide aconceptual basis for understanding why practical problems with classic methodswere missed for so many years, and why modern techniques have practical value.Designed for a two-semester, introductory course for graduate students in the socialsciences, this text introduces three major advances in the field: Early studiesseemed to suggest that normality can be assumed with relatively small sample sizesdue to the central limit theorem. However, crucial issues were missed. Vastlyimproved methods are now available for dealing with non-normality. The impact ofoutliers and heavy-tailed distributions on power and our ability to obtain an accurateassessment of how groups differ and variables are related is a practical concernwhen using standard techniques, regardless of how large the sample size mightTaylor & Francis...Multilevel Analysis: Techniques andApplications9781848728462 24.05.2010Oprawa: miękka£ 31,99Joop J. HoxThis practical introduction helps readers apply multilevel techniques to theirresearch. Noted as an accessible introduction, the book also includes advancedextensions, making it useful as both an introduction and as a reference to students,researchers, and methodologists. Basic models and examples are discussed in non-technical terms with an emphasis on understanding the methodological andstatistical issues involved in using these models. The estimation and interpretation ofmultilevel models is demonstrated using realistic examples from various disciplines.For example, readers will find data sets on stress in hospitals, GPA scores, surveyresponses, street safety, epilepsy, divorce, and sociometric scores, to name a few.The data sets are available on the website in SPSS, HLM, MLwiN, LISREL and/orMplus files. Readers are introduced to both the multilevel regression model andmultilevel structural models. Highlights of the second edition include: Two newchapters-one on multilevel models for ordinal and count data (Ch. 7) and another onmultilevel survival analysis (Ch. 8).Taylor & FrancisMultilevel and Longitudinal Modelingwith IBM SPSS9780415817110 03.09.2013Oprawa: miękka£ 28,99Ronald H. HeckThis book demonstrates how to use multilevel and longitudinal modeling techniquesavailable in the IBM SPSS mixed-effects program (MIXED). Annotated screen shotsprovide readers with a step-by-step understanding of each technique andnavigating the program. Readers learn how to set up, run, and interpret a variety ofmodels. Diagnostic tools, data management issues, and related graphics areintroduced throughout. Annotated syntax is also available for those who prefer thisapproach. Extended examples illustrate the logic of model development to showreaders the rationale of the research questions and the steps around which theanalyses are structured. The data used in the text and syntax examples are availableat a Highlights of the new edition include:Updated throughout to reflect IBM SPSS Version 20. Further coverage of growthtrajectories, coding time-related variables, covariance structures, individual changeand longitudinal experimental designs (Ch.5). Extended discussion of other types ofresearch designs for examining change (e.g., regression discontinuity, quasi-experimental) over time (Ch.6).Taylor & Francis
  12. 12.    Statystyka w naukach społecznych12 www.abe.plMultilevel and Longitudinal Modelingwith PASW / SPSS9781848728639 20.05.2010Oprawa: miękka£ 28,99Ronald H. HeckThis is the first book to demonstrate how to use the multilevel and longitudinalmodeling techniques available in IBM SPSS Version 18. The authors tap the powerof SPSS Mixed Models routine to provide an elegant and accessible approach tothese models. Readers who have learned statistics using this software will no longerhave to adapt to a new program to conduct quality multilevel and longitudinalanalyses. Annotated screen shots with all of the key output provide readers with astep-by-step understanding of each technique as they are shown how to navigatethrough the program. Diagnostic tools, data management issues, and relatedgraphics are introduced throughout. SPSS commands show the flow of the menustructure and how to facilitate model building. Annotated syntax is also available forthose who prefer this approach. Most chapters feature an extended exampleillustrating the logic of model development. These examples show readers thecontext and rationale of the research questions and the steps around which theanalyses are structured. The data used in the text and syntax examples are availableat website.Taylor & FrancisMultivariate Analysis for theBiobehavioral and Social Sciences9780470537565 24.01.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 66,95Bruce L. BrownAn insightful guide to understanding and visualizing multivariate statistics using SAS(r), STATA(r), and SPSS(r) Multivariate Analysis for the Biobehavioral and SocialSciences: A Graphical Approach outlines the essential multivariate methods forunderstanding data in the social and biobehavioral sciences. Using real-world dataand the latest software applications, the book addresses the topic in acomprehensible and hands-on manner, making complex mathematical conceptsaccessible to readers. The authors promote the importance of clear, well-designedgraphics in the scientific process, with visual representations accompanying thepresented classical multivariate statistical methods . The book begins with apreparatory review of univariate statistical methods recast in matrix notation,followed by an accessible introduction to matrix algebra. Subsequent chaptersexplore fundamental multivariate methods and related key concepts, including: *Factor analysis and related methods * Multivariate graphics * Canonical correlation *Hotellings T-squared * Multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA)WileyNew Developments in Categorical Data Analysisfor the Social and Behavioral Sciences9780415650427 03.03.2013Oprawa: miękka£ 28,00L. Andries van der ArkCategorical data are quantified as either nominal variables--distinguishing differentgroups, for example, based on socio-economic status, education, and politicalpersuasion--or ordinal variables--distinguishing levels of interest, such as thepreferred politician or the preferred type of punishment for committing burglary. Thisnew book is a collection of up-to-date studies on modern categorical data analysismethods, emphasizing their application to relevant and interesting data sets. Thisvolume concentrates on latent class analysis and item response theory. Thesemethods use latent variables to explain the relationships among observedcategorical variables. Latent class analysis yields the classification of a group ofrespondents according to their pattern of scores on the categorical variables. Thisprovides insight into the mechanisms producing the data and allows the estimationof factor structures and regression models conditional on the latent class structure.Item response theory leads to the identification of one or more ordinal or intervalscales. In psychological and educational testing these scales are used for individualmeasurement of abilities and personality traits.Taylor & FrancisNonparametric Statistics for Social andBehavioral Sciences9781466507609 06.12.2013Oprawa: twarda£ 57,99Kraska-MillerThis textbook covers concepts, principles, and procedures used in performingnonparametric statistical procedures. The subject is covered using explanations,demonstrations, examples, and exercises. SPSS screen shots are used todemonstrate steps of the procedures and offer explanations and interpretations ofresults. The academic level is for upper undergraduates and for graduate students.Taylor & FrancisPrimer of Public Relations Research9781593855956 15.09.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 37,00Don W. StacksThis practical, comprehensive work is widely regarded as the standard course textand practitioner reference on public relations research. Don W. Stacks explains thekey role of research in all aspects of contemporary PR practice, from planning aprogram or campaign to making strategic changes and measuring outcomes. Step-by-step guidelines and tools are provided for using a wide range of qualitative andquantitative methods to accomplish essential research objectives. The book clearlyexplains technical aspects of data collection and analysis for readers new tomeasurement and statistics. Every chapter features review questions and a detailedpractice problem.New to This Edition:Thoroughly updated to reflect the growth of social media and other technologicalchangesExpanded coverage of measuring return on investment (ROI)Restructured based on classroom experience: learning statistical concepts first willhelp students master the methodsTaylor & FrancisPrinciples and Practice of StructuralEquation Modeling9781606238769 07.09.2010Oprawa: miękka£ 37,99Rex B. KlineThis bestselling text provides a balance between the technical and practical aspectsof structural equation modeling (SEM). Using clear and accessible language, Rex B.Kline covers core techniques, potential pitfalls, and applications across thebehavioral and social sciences. Some more advanced topics are also covered,including estimation of interactive effects of latent variables and multilevel SEM. Thecompanion Web page offers downloadable syntax, data, and output files for eachdetailed example for EQS, LISREL, and Mplus, allowing readers to view the resultsof the same analysis generated by three different computer tools.New to This Edition:thoroughly revised and restructured to follow the phases of most SEM analysessyntax, data, and output files for all detailed research examples are now providedonlineexercises with answers, which support self-studytopic boxes on specialized issues, such as dealing with problems in the analysis;the assessment of construct measurement reliability; and moreTaylor & Francis
  13. 13.    Statystyka w naukach społ 13Program Evaluation Theory andPractice9781462503155 12.04.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 50,99Donna M. MertensThis engaging text takes an evenhanded approach to major theoretical paradigms inevaluation and builds a bridge from them to evaluation practice. Featuring helpfulchecklists, procedural steps, provocative questions that invite readers to exploretheir own theoretical assumptions, and practical exercises, the book providesconcrete guidance for conducting large- and small-scale evaluations. Numeroussample studies – many with reflective commentary from the evaluators – reveal theprocess through which an evaluator incorporates a paradigm into an actual researchproject. The book shows how theory informs methodological choices (the specificsof planning, implementing, and using evaluations). It offers balanced coverage ofquantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches.Useful pedagogical features include:Examples of large- and small-scale evaluations from multiple disciplinesBeginning-of-chapter reflection questions that set the stage for the materialcoveredTaylor & FrancisPsychophysiological Measurement andMeaning9780415994149 27.09.2011Oprawa: miękka£ 34,99Robert F. PotterThis research volume serves as a comprehensive resource for psychophysiologicalresearch on media responses. It addresses the theoretical underpinnings,methodological techniques, and most recent research in this area. It goes beyondcurrent volumes by placing the research techniques within a context ofcommunication processes and effects as a field, and demonstrating how the real-time measurement of physiological responses enhances and complements moretraditional measures of psychological effects from media. This volume introducesreaders to the theoretical assumptions of psychophysiology as well as theoperational details of collecting psychophysiological data. In addition to discussingspecific measures, it includes brief reviews of recent experiments that have usedpsychophysiological measures to study how the brain processes media. It will serveas a valuable reference for media researchers utilizing these methodologies, or forother researchers needing to understand the theories, history, and methods ofpsychophysiological research.Taylor & FrancisQualitative Research from Start toFinish9781606237014 12.11.2010Oprawa: miękka£ 34,00Robert K. YinThis lively, practical text presents a fresh and comprehensive approach to doingqualitative research. The book offers a unique balance of theory and clear-cutchoices for customizing every phase of a qualitative study. A scholarly mix of classicand contemporary studies from multiple disciplines provides compelling, field-basedexamples of the full range of qualitative approaches. Readers learn about adaptiveways of designing studies, collecting data, analyzing data, and reporting findings.Key aspects of the researchers craft are addressed, such as fieldwork options, thefive phases of data analysis (with and without using computer-based software), andhow to incorporate the researchers "declarative" and "reflective" selves into a finalreport. Ideal for graduate-level courses, the text includes:Discussions of ethnography, grounded theory, phenomenology, feminist research,and other approachesInstructions for creating a study bank to get a new study startedEnd-of-chapter exercises and a semester-long, field-based projectQuick study boxes, research vignettes, sample studies, and a glossaryTaylor & FrancisQuantitative Data Analysis with IBMSPSS 17, 18 & 19: A Guide for Social9780415579193 12.05.2011Oprawa: miękka£ 26,99Alan BrymanThis latest edition has been fully updated to accommodate the needs of users ofSPSS Releases 17, 18 and 19 while still being applicable to users of SPSS Releases15 and 16. As with previous editions, Alan Bryman and Duncan Cramer continue tooffer a comprehensive and user-friendly introduction to the widely used IBM SPSSStatistics. The simple, non-technical approach to quantitative data analysis enablesthe reader to quickly become familiar with SPSS and with the tests available tothem. No previous experience of statistics or computing is required as this bookprovides a step-by-step guide to statistical techniques, including: Non-parametrictests Correlation Simple and multiple regression Analysis of variance and covarianceFactor analysis. This book comes equipped with a comprehensive range ofexercises for further practice, and it covers key issues such as sampling, statisticalinference, conceptualization and measurement and selection of appropriate tests.The authors have also included a helpful glossary of key terms.Taylor & FrancisQuestion Evaluation Methods:Contributing to the Science of Data9780470769485 12.08.2011Oprawa: miękka£ 53,50Kristen MillerInsightful observations on common question evaluation methods and best practicesfor data collection in survey research Featuring contributions from leadingresearchers and academicians in the field of survey research, Question EvaluationMethods: Contributing to the Science of Data Quality sheds light on questionresponse error and introduces an interdisciplinary, cross-method approach that isessential for advancing knowledge about data quality and ensuring the credibility ofconclusions drawn from surveys and censuses. Offering a variety of expert analysesof question evaluation methods, the book provides recommendations and bestpractices for researchers working with data in the health and social sciences.Based on a workshop held at the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), thisbook presents and compares various question evaluation methods that are used inmodern-day data collection and analysis. Each section includes an introduction to amethod by a leading authority in the field, followed by responses from other expertsthat outline related strengths, weaknesses, and underlying assumptions.WileyRegression Analysis for the SocialSciences9780415991544 31.03.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 100,00Rachel A. GordonThe book provides graduate students in the social sciences with the basic skills thatthey need to estimate, interpret, present, and publish basic regression models usingcontemporary standards. Key features of the book include: interweaving theteaching of statistical concepts with examples developed for the course frompublicly-available social science data or drawn from the literature. thoroughintegration of teaching statistical theory with teaching data processing and analysis.teaching of both SAS and Stata "side-by-side" and use of chapter exercises inwhich students practice programming and interpretation on the same data set andcourse exercises in which students can choose their own research questions anddata set. This book is for a one-semester course.Taylor & Francis
  14. 14.    Statystyka w naukach społecznych14 www.abe.plSampling9780470402313 30.03.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 76,95Steven K. ThompsonSampling provides an up-to-date treatment of both classical and modern samplingdesign and estimation methods, along with sampling methods for rare, clustered,and hard-to-detect populations. This Third Edition retains the general organization ofthe two previous editions, but incorporates extensive new material—sections,exercises, and examples—throughout. Inside, readers will find all-new approachesto explain the various techniques in the book; new figures to assist in bettervisualizing and comprehending underlying concepts such as the different samplingstrategies; computing notes for sample selection, calculation of estimates, andsimulations; and more.Organized into six sections, the book covers basic sampling, from simple random tounequal probability sampling; the use of auxiliary data with ratio and regressionestimation; sufficient data, model, and design in practical sampling; useful designssuch as stratified, cluster and systematic, multistage, double and network sampling;detectability methods for elusive populations; spatial sampling; and adaptivesampling designs.WileySecrecy and Silence in the ResearchProcess9780415605175 30.09.2010Oprawa: miękka£ 28,00Roisin Ryan-FloodFeminist research is informed by a history of breaking silences, of demanding thatwomens voices be heard, recorded and included in wider intellectual genealogiesand histories. This has led to an emphasis on voice and speaking out in the researchendeavour. Moments of secrecy and silence are less often addressed. This givesrise to a number of questions. What are the silences, secrets, omissions and andpolitical consequences of such moments? What particular dilemmas andconstraints do they represent or entail? What are their implications for researchpraxis? Are such moments always indicative of voicelessness or powerlessness? Ormay they also constitute a productive moment in the research encounter?Contributors to this volume were invited to reflect on these questions. The resultingchapters are a fascinating collection of insights into the research process, making animportant contribution to theoretical and empirical debates about epistemology,subjectivity and identity in research. Researchers often face difficult dilemmas aboutwho to represent and how, what to omit and what to include.Taylor & FrancisSocial Statistics: The Basics andBeyond9780415805018 18.01.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 84,00Thomas J. LinnemanWith just the right level of detail, and a graphically innovative approach, this bookcarefully guides students through the statistical techniques they will encounter in thereal world. The basics are covered in a non-intimidating way for your students, plusmultiple regression, interaction effects, logistic regression, non-linear effects. Thebook uses three datasets throughout: General Social Survey, American NationalElection Studies, World Values Survey, and includes SPSS demonstrations at theend of each chapter. Most of your students will likely take only one stats course anduse only one stats book in their college careers. This one innovatively equips themfor their worlds ahead, regardless of the career paths they follow.Taylor & FrancisStatistical Approaches to MeasurementInvariance9781848728196 13.05.2011Oprawa: miękka£ 26,99Roger E. MillsapThis book reviews the statistical procedures used to detect measurement bias.Measurement bias is examined from a general latent variable perspective so as toaccommodate different forms of testing in a variety of contexts including cognitive orclinical variables, attitudes, personality dimensions, or emotional states.Measurement models that underlie psychometric practice are described, includingtheir strengths and limitations. Practical strategies and examples for dealing withbias detection are provided throughout. The book begins with an introduction to thegeneral topic, followed by a review of the measurement models used inpsychometric theory. Emphasis is placed on latent variable models, withintroductions to classical test theory, factor analysis, and item response theory, andthe controversies associated with each, being provided. Measurement invarianceand bias in the context of multiple populations is defined in chapter 3 followed bychapter 4 that describes the common factor model for continuous measures inmultiple populations and its use in the investigation of factorial invariance.Identification problems in confirmatory factor analysis are examined along withTaylor & Francis...Statistical Concepts: A Second Course9780415880077 04.04.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 47,99Richard G. LomaxStatistical Concepts consists of the last 9 chapters of An Introduction to StatisticalConcepts, 3rd ed. Designed for the second course in statistics, it is one of the fewtexts that focuses just on intermediate statistics. The book highlights how statisticswork and what they mean to better prepare students to analyze their own data andinterpret SPSS and research results. As such it offers more coverage of non-parametric procedures used when standard assumptions are violated since thesemethods are more frequently encountered when working with real data. Determiningappropriate sample sizes is emphasized throughout. Only crucial equations areincluded. The new edition features: New co-author, Debbie L. Hahs-Vaughn, the2007 recipient of the University of Central Floridas College of Education Excellencein Graduate Teaching Award. A new chapter on logistic regression models fortodays more complex methodologies. Much more on computing confidenceintervals and conducting power analyses using G*Power. All new SPSS version 19screenshots to help navigate through the program and annotated output to assist inthe interpretation of results.Taylor & FrancisStatistical Methods with Applications toDemography and Life Insurance9781466505735 12.04.2013Oprawa: twarda£ 49,99Estate V. KhmaladzeSuitable for statisticians, mathematicians, actuaries, and students interested in theproblems of insurance and analysis of lifetimes, Statistical Methods with Applicationsto Demography and Life Insurance presents contemporary statistical techniques foranalyzing life distributions and life insurance problems. It not only contains traditionalmaterial but also incorporates new problems and techniques not discussed inexisting actuarial literature. The book mainly focuses on the analysis of an individuallife and describes statistical methods based on empirical and related processes.Coverage ranges from analyzing the tails of distributions of lifetimes to modelingpopulation dynamics with migrations. To help readers understand the technicalpoints, the text covers topics such as the Stieltjes, Wiener, and Ito integrals. It alsointroduces other themes of interest in demography, including mixtures ofdistributions, analysis of longevity and extreme value theory, and the age structure ofa population. In addition, the author discusses net premiums for various insurancepolicies. Mathematical statements are carefully and clearly formulated and provedwhile avoiding excessive technicalities as much as possible.Taylor & Francis
  15. 15.    Statystyka w naukach społ 15Statistical Power Analysis for the Socialand Behavioral Sciences9781848729810 12.11.2013Oprawa: miękka£ 26,99Xiaofeng Steven LiuSubjects1. Power Analysis & Effect Sizes2. Quantitative Methods3. Research Methods in Education4. Quantitative Methods5. Introductory & Intermediate StatisticsTaylor & FrancisStatistics and the Public Sphere9780415878944 21.04.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 85,00Tom CrookContemporary public life in Britain would be unthinkable without the use of statisticsand statistical reasoning. Numbers dominate political discussion, facilitating debatewhile also attracting criticism on the grounds of their veracity and utility. However,the historical role and place of statistics within Britain’s public sphere has yet toreceive the attention it deserves. There exist numerous histories of both modernstatistical reasoning and the modern public sphere; but to date, there are no workswhich, quite pointedly, aim to analyse the historical entanglement of the two.Statistics and the Public Sphere: Numbers and the People in Modern Britain, c.1800-2000 directly addresses this neglected area of historiography, and in so doingplaces the present in some much needed historical perspective.Taylor & FrancisStatistics for Psychologists: AnIntermediate Course9780415651967 03.03.2013Oprawa: miękka£ 28,00Brian S. EverittBuilt around a problem solving theme, this book extends the intermediate andadvanced students expertise to more challenging situations that involve applyingstatistical methods to real-world problems. Data relevant to these problems arecollected and analyzed to provide useful answers. Building on its central problem-solving theme, a large number of data sets arising from real problems are containedin the text and in the exercises provided at the end of each chapter. Answers, orhints to providing answers, are provided in an appendix. Concentrating largely onthe established SPSS and the newer S-Plus statistical packages, the authorprovides a short, end-of-chapter section entitled Computer Hints that helps thestudent undertake the analyses reported in the chapter using these statisticalpackages.Taylor & FrancisStatistics for Sensory and ConsumerScience9780470518212 18.06.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 85,00Tormod NasThis book by a group of established scientists gives a comprehensive, up-to-dateoverview of the most common statistical methods for handling data from bothtrained sensory panels and consumer studies of food. It presents the topic in twodistinct sections: problem-orientated (Part I) and method orientated (Part II), makingit to appropriate for people at different levels with respect to their statistical skills.This text is an excellent resource for food scientists and food engineers working inresearch and industry, as well as food science students at the master and PhD level.In addition, applied statisticians with special interest in food science will also findrelevant information within the book.WileyStatistics for Sport and ExerciseStudies9780415595575 29.03.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 29,99Peter ODonoghueStatistics for Sport and Exercise Studies guides the student through the full researchprocess, from selecting the most appropriate statistical procedure, to analysingdata, to the presentation of results, illustrating every key step in the process withclear examples, case-studies and data taken from real sport and exercise settings.Every chapter includes a range of features designed to help the student grasp theunderlying concepts and relate each statistical procedure to their own researchproject, including definitions of key terms, practical exercises, worked examples andclear summaries. The book also offers an in-depth and practical guide to usingSPSS in sport and exercise research, the most commonly used data analysissoftware in sport and exercise departments. In addition, a companion websiteincludes more than 100 downloadable data sets and work sheets for use in or out ofthe classroom, full solutions to exercises contained in the book, plus over 1,300PowerPoint slides for use by tutors and lecturers. Statistics for Sport and ExerciseStudies is a complete, user-friendly introduction to the use of statistical tests,techniques and procedures in sport, exercise and related subjects.Taylor & FrancisStatistics in Plain English9780415872911 05.07.2010Oprawa: miękka£ 24,99Timothy C. UrdanThis inexpensive paperback provides a brief, simple overview of statistics to helpreaders gain a better understanding of how statistics work and how to interpretthem correctly. Each chapter describes a different statistical technique, ranging frombasic concepts like central tendency and describing distributions to more advancedconcepts such as t tests, regression, repeated measures ANOVA, and factoranalysis. Each chapter begins with a short description of the statistic and when itshould be used. This is followed by a more in-depth explanation of how the statisticworks. Finally, each chapter ends with an example of the statistic in use, and asample of how the results of analyses using the statistic might be written up forpublication. A glossary of statistical terms and symbols is also included.New features in the third edition include:a new chapter on Factor and Reliability Analysis especially helpful to those who doand/or read survey research,new "Writing it Up" sections demonstrate how to write about and interpretstatistics seen in books and journals,Taylor & Francis
  16. 16.    Statystyka w naukach społecznych16 www.abe.plStatistics in Psychology Using R andSPSS9780470971246 09.12.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 55,00Dieter RaschStatistics in Psychology covers all statistical methods needed in education andresearch in psychology. This book looks at research questions when planning datasampling, that is to design the intended study and to calculate the sample sizes inadvance. In other words, no analysis applies if the minimum size is not determinedin order to fulfil certain precision requirements. The book looks at the process ofempirical research into the following seven stages: Formulation of the problemStipulation of the precision requirements Selecting the statistical model for theplanning and analysis The (optimal) design of the experiment or survey Performingthe experiment or the survey Statistical analysis of the observed resultsInterpretation of the results.WileyStatistics in the Social Sciences9780470148747 05.03.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 59,50Stanislav KolenikovFashioned after the 2006 Winemiller Symposium on Recent Advances in SocialScience Statistics, and bringing together top researchers from around the world,this book provides overviews of the most important advanced techniques in thesocial sciences, including latent variable models, multilevel models, social networks,missing data techniques, educational measurement, cluster analysis, and treatmenteffects. The aim of the book is to foster collaboration among mathematicalstatisticians and quantitatively oriented social science researchers and to highlightthe interface between developments in each area.WileyStatistics Translated9781462503018 03.05.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 36,99Steven R. TerrellWritten in a humorous and encouraging style, this text shows how the mostcommon statistical tools can be used to answer interesting real-world questions,presented as mysteries to be solved. Engaging research examples lead the readerthrough a series of six steps, from identifying a researchable problem to stating ahypothesis, identifying independent and dependent variables, and selecting andinterpreting appropriate statistical tests. All techniques are demonstrated bothmanually and with the help of SPSS software. The book provides students andothers who may need to read and interpret statistically based research with theessential knowledge and skills needed to make decisions based on data.Useful pedagogical features include:Checklists of key words and formulas in every chapterExamples of SPSS screenshots used for analyzing dataCautionary notes plus "putting it all together" section recapsEnd-of-chapter self-quizzes (with full answers and explanations)Taylor & FrancisStructural Equation Modeling withMPlus9781848728394 01.01.2010Oprawa: miękka£ 29,99Barbara M. ByrneModeled after Barbara Byrnes other best-selling structural equation modeling (SEM)books, this practical guide reviews the basic concepts and applications of SEMusing Mplus Versions 5 & 6. The author reviews SEM applications based on actualdata taken from her own research. Using non-mathematical language, it is writtenfor the novice SEM user. With each application chapter, the author "walks" thereader through all steps involved in testing the SEM model including: an explanationof the issues addressed illustrated and annotated testing of the hypothesized andpost hoc models explanation and interpretation of all Mplus input and output filesimportant caveats pertinent to the SEM application under study a description of thedata and reference upon which the model was based the corresponding data andsyntax files available at . Thefirst two chapters introduce the fundamental concepts of SEM and important basicsof the Mplus program.Taylor & FrancisStructural Equation Modeling9781119978299 14.09.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 65,00Jichuan WangA reference guide for applications of SEM using M plus Structural EquationModeling: Applications Using M plus is intended as both a teaching resource and areference guide. Written in non-mathematical terms, this book focuses on theconceptual and practical aspects of Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). Basicconcepts and examples of various SEM models are demonstrated along withrecently developed advanced methods, such as mixture modeling and model-basedpower analysis and sample size estimate for SEM. The statistical modeling program,M plus , is also featured and provides researchers with a flexible tool to analyze theirdata with an easy-to-use interface and graphical displays of data and analysisresults. Key features: Presents a useful reference guide for applications of SEMwhilst systematically demonstrating various advanced SEM models, such as multi-group and mixture models using M plus . Discusses and demonstrates variousSEM models using both cross-sectional and longitudinal data with both continuousand categorical outcomes.WileySurvey Methods in Multicultural,Multinational, and Multiregional Contexts9780470177990 28.05.2010Oprawa: miękka£ 56,50Janet A. HarknessWritten and edited by experts in the fields, S urvey Methods in Multicultural,Multinational, and Multiregional Contexts provides an overview of comparativemultinational, multiregional, and multicultural issues in survey methodology. Part ofthe Wiley Series in Survey Methodology, this volume explores the issue of quality inmultipopulation surveys and the level of methodological expertise in comparativesurvey research. The text, including models of design, multilingual issues, and moreon developing countries, is fundamental for statisticians, researchers, and studentsinterested in design and implementation of international, national, and culturalcomparative surveys.Wiley