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Nutrition | New Titles, Bestsellers, Coming soon

  1. 1. ŻYWIENIEKatalog książek anglojęzycznychCeny podane w PLN są cenami brutto i zawierają 5% podatek VAT.Ceny podane w walucie są cenami netto i zostaną przeliczone na złotówki wg kursu walut NBPz dnia sprzedaży.Oferta jest ważna do 31 marca lub do wyczerpania zapasów.
  2. 2. Dostępne książki Advancing Medicine with Food and Amino Acid Metabolism Nutrients Ingrid Kohlstadt David A. Bender Taylor & Francis Wiley 9781439887721 9780470661512 03.01.2013 10.08.2012 twarda twarda 487,00 zł 393,00 złFood and nutrients are the original medicine and the shoulders on which modern Amino Acid Metabolism, 3rd Edition covers all aspects of the biochemistry andmedicine stands. But in recent decades, food and medicine have taken divergent nutritional biochemistry of the amino acids. Starting with an overview of nitrogenpaths and the natural healing properties of food have been diminished in the wake fixation and the incorporation of inorganic nitrogen into amino acids, the book thenof modern technical progress. With contributions from highly regarded experts who details other major nitrogenous compounds in micro-organisms, plants and on the frontlines of disease management, the bestselling first edition of Contents include a discussion of the catabolism of amino acids and otherAdvancing Medicine with Food and Nutrients, Food and Nutrients in Disease nitrogenous compounds in animals, and the microbiological reactions involved inManagement effectively brought food back into the clinical arena, helping physicians release of nitrogen gas back into the atmosphere. Mammalian (mainly human)put food and nutrients back on the prescription pad. protein and amino acid requirements are considered in detail, and the methods that are used to determine them.Board-certified in General Preventive Medicine, Ingrid Kohlstadt, MD, MPH has been Chapters consider individual amino acids, grouped according to their metabolicelected a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition and a Fellow of the American origin, and discussing their biosynthesis (in plants and micro-organisms for thoseCollege of Preventive Medicine. Guided by Dr. Kohlstadt, this authoritative reference that are dietary essentials for human beings), major metabolic roles (mainly in humanequips clinicians with the information they need to fully utilize nutritional medicine in metabolism) and catabolism (again mainly in human metabolism). There is alsotheir practice. discussion of regulatory mechanisms for all these metabolic pathways, and of metabolic and genetic diseases affecting the (human) metabolism of amino acids. Biochemical, Physiological and Bone Health in Children Molecular Aspects of Human Nutrition Martha H. Stipanuk Steven A. Abrams Elsevier Taylor & Francis 9781437709599 9781439849262 24.04.2012 22.03.2012 twarda twarda 499,00 zł 402,00 złCovering advanced nutrition with a comprehensive, easytounderstand approach, Bone health is one of the most widely discussed topics in pediatric nutrition."Biochemical, Physiological, and Molecular Aspects of Human Nutrition, 3rd Edition" Ensuring adequate calcium and vitamin D intake is essential, and other factors alsofocuses on the biology of human nutrition at the molecular, cellular, tissue, and play a significant role. Bone Health in Children explores the recent decades ofwholebody levels. It addresses nutrients by classification, and describes research and public commentary on the subject, debunks popular myths, andmacronutrient function from digestion to metabolism. This edition includes the new clarifies the often confusing and contradictory scientific literature. PresentingMyPlate dietary guide and recommendations from the Dietary Guidelines for practical and theoretical education and advice, the book provides rational andAmericans 2010, plus coverage of the historical evolution of nutrition and accessible information geared to a wide audience of individuals interested in thisinformation on a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and other food components. In critical element of pediatric health."Biochemical, Physiological, and Molecular Aspects of Human Nutrition", lead Featuresauthors Martha H. Stipanuk and Marie A. Caudill are joined by a team of nutritionexperts in providing clear, concise, coverage of advanced nutrition. • Promotes an overall approach to optimizing bone health in children including nutrition and lifestyle • Explains how bone is formed and how calcium and vitamin D work together to form bone in children Cancer as a Metabolic DiseaseOn the Cereal Grains: Laboratory Reference Origin, Management, and Prevention of and Procedures Manual Thomas Seyfried Sergio O. SernaSaldivar Wiley Taylor & Francis 9780470584927 9781439855652 27.07.2012 28.02.2012 twarda miękka 480,00 zł 220,00 złThe book addresses controversies related to the origins of cancer and provides Emphasizing the essential principles underlying the preparation of cereal-basedsolutions to cancer management and prevention. It expands upon Otto Warburgs products and demonstrating the roles of ingredients, Cereal Grains: Laboratorywellknown theory that all cancer is a disease of energy metabolism. However, Reference and Procedures Manual is a practical laboratory manual complementingWarburg did not link his theory to the "hallmarks of cancer" and thus his theory was the author’s text, Cereal Grains: Properties, Processing, and Nutritional Attributes.discredited. This book aims to provide evidence, through case studies, that cancer Organized so that readers progressively learn and apply the theoretical knowledgeis primarily a metabolic disease requring metabolic solutions for its management and described in the parent book, the manual covers a range of essential topics,prevention. Support for this position is derived from critical assessment of current including:cancer theories. Brain cancer case studies are presented as a proof of principle formetabolic solutions to disease management, but similarities are drawn to other • Main quality control measurements used to determine physical, morphological, chemical-nutritional, and sensory properties of cereal grains and their productstypes of cancer, including breast and colon, due to the same cellular mutations thatthey demonstrate. • Critical factors affecting grain stability throughout storage and analytical techniques related to insects and pests responsible for grain storage losses • Physical and chemical tests to determine the quality of refined products • Laboratory wet-milling procedures 2
  3. 3. Dostępne książki Contemporary Nutrition Flavonoids and Related Compounds: Bioavailability and Function Gordon M. Wardlaw Jeremy P. E. Spencer McGrawHill Taylor & Francis 9780073402543 9781439848265 01.02.2012 18.05.2012 miękka twarda 617,00 zł 557,00 złContemporary Nutrition is a complete and balanced resource for nutrition Flavonoids exert a multiplicity of biological effects on humans and can haveinformation written at a level nonscience majors can understand. Completely revised beneficial implications for numerous disease states. Flavonoids and Relatedand uptodate with "MyPlate", "Healthy People 2020" and "Dietary Guidelines for Compounds: Bioavailability and Function examines current knowledge regarding theAmericans, 2010", it provides the ideal balance of reliable nutrition information and absorption, metabolism, and bioavailability of individual flavonoids and relatedpractical consumeroriented knowledge. With a friendly writing style, the authors act phenolic the students personal guide to dispelling common misconceptions and to Profiling the latest evidence of their impact on various human pathologicalgaining a solid foundation for making informed nutrition choices. "Contemporary conditions, the book summarizes current thinking with regard to theNutrition" emphasizes that a population consists of individuals with varying genetic biotransformation and conjugation of individual compounds in the gastrointestinaland cultural backgrounds, and these individuals will have varying responses to diet. tract, liver, large intestine, and cells. It highlights a topic that has been largelyThe knowledge gained from this text will allow students to personalize nutrition ignored—namely the extent to which dietary phenolics components undergoinformation and empower them to make better choices in their daily lives. Users who metabolism in the large intestine. It also explores the generation of bacteriallypurchase Connect Plus receive access to the full online ebook version of the derived metabolites. Individual chapters discuss which metabolites enter thetextbook. circulatory system and are likely to offer protective actions against human diseases. Edited by internationally recognized leaders in the field, the book presents contributions by a panel of experts who demonstrate the potential of flavonoids in ... Food Proteins and Peptides Nutrition for Sport and Exercise Navam S. Hettiarachchy Hayley Daries Taylor & Francis Wiley 9781420093414 9781405153546 11.04.2012 12.10.2012 twarda miękka 608,00 zł 186,00 złA multidisciplinary resource, Food Proteins and Peptides: Chemistry, Functionality,Food and drink choices before, during and after training and competition have aInteractions, and Commercialization enables researchers in biochemistry, direct impact on health, body mass and composition, nutrient availability andbiotechnology, food science and technology, nutrition, and medicine to understand recovery time, and an optimal diet can significantly improve exercise performance.the physicochemical and biochemical factors that govern the functionality of these Nutrition for Sport and Exercise outlines the fundamental principles of nutrition infood components. Following chapters on the structure and chemistry of amino relation to sport and exercise and then applies these principles through practicalacids, peptides, and proteins, the book describes modes of characterization and thetools such as food and nutrient lists, recipes and menu options. This practical guidefunctional relationships of food proteins. It examines protein solubility and insolubility translates the athlete’s goals into achievable strategies and shortens the gapand explores proteins and peptides as emulsifying and foaming agents. between theory and practice. Equipping the reader to successfully implementSpecialized topics include: dietary changes, this is an invaluable resource for athletes, sports physicians and• Factors affecting heat-induced casein–whey protein interactions in bovine milk undergraduate students of nutrition and sport and exercise science courses. Special Features systems• The effects of protein–saccharide interactions on the properties of food • Dedicated chapters on the impact and relevance of specific nutrients and food groups components • Includes recipes and menu options Nutrition Therapy for Chronic Kidney Nutritional and Therapeutic Disease Interventions for Diabetes and Lynn K. Thomas Debasis Bagchi Taylor & Francis Elsevier 9781439849491 9780123850836 03.05.2012 15.03.2012 twarda twarda 361,00 zł 548,00 złKidney disease is a global health concern that affects people of all ages and races. Diabetes mellitus affects approximately 20 million people in the US, or nearly 7% ofBased on the work of the National Kidney Foundation and the Kidney Disease: the population. It is expected to increase by 70% within the next 25 years andImproving Global Outcomes foundation, guidelines have been developed outlining numerous epidemiologic studies have demonstrated that type 2 diabetes increasesthe parameters for patient care. Nutritional Therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease the risk of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. It is estimated to cost over $92builds upon the discoveries made by these institutions and expands upon their BILLION in health care costs and lost productivity. The increased risk is due to therecommendations to provide a comprehensive guidebook with practice protocols detrimental vascular effects of prolonged exposure to a hyperglycemic, oxidant richfor individuals with kidney disease. environment yielding associated cardiovascular risk factors: atherosclerosis,With chapters written by expert authors drawing on their own experiences, the hypertension and clotting abnormalities. Hypertension and dyslipidemia in diabeticbook: patients produces substantial decreases in cardiovascular and micro vascular• Outlines the history of kidney disease and its treatment diseases. NUTRITIONAL AND THERAPEUTIC INTERVENTION OF DIABETES AND• Details the distinctions in nutrition therapy throughout the five stages of chronic METABOLIC SYNDROME provides an overview of the current epidemic, outlines the kidney disease consequences of this crisis and lays out strategies to forestall and prevent diabetes,• Features precise recommendations for management of the complicated renal ... obesity and other intricate issues of metabolic syndrome. 3
  4. 4. Dostępne książki OMICs Technologies: Tools for Food Physical Activity and Public Health Science Practice Noureddine Benkeblia Barbara E. Ainsworth Taylor & Francis Taylor & Francis 9781439837061 9781439849514 27.01.2012 29.02.2012 twarda twarda 643,00 zł 346,00 złSince the completion of the Human Genome Project, food and nutrition sciences Physical activity remains a critical area of research as we consider cost-effectivehave undergone a fundamental molecular transformation. New discoveries in measures for lowering the chronic disease epidemic worldwide. In our increasinglymolecular biology, analytical chemistry, and biochemistry have led to the automated society, many adults and children are not active at health-enhancingdevelopment of new tools that are likely to revolutionize the study of food. OMICS levels. In Physical Activity and Public Health Practice, a panel of respectedTechnologies: Tools for Food Science explores how these tools reveal the researchers summarizes essential topics in physical activity and community healthfundamental pathways and biochemical processes that drive food and nutrition and guides public health practitioners and researchers in understanding the positivesciences. impact that physical activity has on a host of disease states.In this volume, an international panel of researchers examines the rise of these new Focusing on the benefits of physical activity across the human lifespan withtechnologies—including metabolomics, metagenomics, nutrigenomics, emphasis on primary and secondary prevention of chronic diseases and conditions,transcriptomics, and proteomics—and describes how they translate to food science the book examines:research and productive technologies. The book explains how these methods canbe used to assess the quality attributes of foods and food production systems. It • Historical insights into physical activity and healthexplores the principles that regulate food production, analyzes processing and • Public health philosophy and approaches to understanding health concernsethical issues, and documents the transformation from industrial to sustained foods • Application of public health strategies to increase physical activity in youth ...production using the OMICS tools. Phytochemicals: Health Promotion and Tocotrienols: Vitamin E Beyond Therapeutic Potential Tocopherols Colleen Carkeet Barrie Tan Taylor & Francis Taylor & Francis 9781466551626 9781439884416 20.09.2012 04.10.2012 twarda twarda 443,00 zł 513,00 złIncreasing knowledge of the various protective effects of phytochemicals has The first 90 years of vitamin E research has produced prolific and notablesparked interest in further understanding their role in human health. Phytochemicals: discoveries, but until the last few decades, attention has been given mostly to theHealth Promotion and Therapeutic Potential is the seventh in a series representing biological activities and underlying mechanisms of alpha-tocopherol, which we nowthe emerging science with respect to plant-based chemicals. Drawn from the know is one of more than eight vitamin E isomers. Currently, the non-tocopherolproceedings at the Seventh International Phytochemical Conference, vitamin E molecule tocotrienol has reached a new measure of research height: morePhytochemicals: Health Promotion and Therapeutic Potential, the book contains than one-third of all vitamin E tocotrienol research of the last 30 years has beenchapters written by conference presenters along with those of additional invited published since 2009. The thriving field of tocotrienol research gives ground forauthors whose research focuses on the biological activities and clinical outcomes publication of Tocotrienols: Vitamin E Beyond Tocopherols, Second Edition, aassociated with phytochemical consumption. compilation of the latest tocotrienol research in all new chapters.The book begins with a discussion of major research that has contributed to the Highlightswidespread interest in phytochemicals and health promotion. This is followed by anexploration of the beneficial effects of polyphenols in healthy aging and against a • Established research, including prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and cancerhost of illnesses and disorders, including cancer, cardiovascular disease,inflammation, and ulcers. The contributors also examine various aspects of • Emergent research, including angiogenesis, bioavailability, bone health, gastricphytochemicals related to bone and brain health, obesity, and metabolic disease. injury, inflammation, life extension, and skin health 4
  5. 5. Książki na zamówienie Amino Acid Chelation in Human and Artificial Nutrition and Support in Clinical Animal Nutrition Practice H. DeWayne Ashmead Jason PayneJames Taylor & Francis Cambridge University Press 9781439897676 9781107609655 07.02.2012 09.08.2012 twarda miękka £ 82,00 £ 48,99Although introduction of amino acid chelates in mineral nutrition initially met Any healthcare professional with, or developing an interest in, clinical nutrition will beconsiderable skepticism and controversy, the greater absorption and bioavailability able to use this textbook, first published in 2001, as a source of information for theof amino acid chelated minerals compared to nonchelated minerals have been formation of a clinical nutrition support service of excellence. The first three parts ofwelldocumented for decades. Amino Acid Chelation in Human and Animal Nutrition the book will enable a clear perspective of the metabolism and physiology of clinicalcompiles published chemical, nutritional, and clinical studies with new ... nutrition to be related to the practical application of support techniques. The ... B Vitamins and Folate Caffeine: Chemistry, Analysis, Function and Effects Victor R. Preedy Victor R. Preedy Royal Society of Chemistry Royal Society of Chemistry 9781849733694 9781849733670 23.10.2012 31.08.2012 twarda twarda £ 153,99 £ 153,99B Vitamins and Folate covers thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, Caffeine is known to stimulate the central nervous system but what other functionsbiotin, cobalamin and folate. The book begins with an overview covering the does it have? This book covers the latest scientific knowledge in a uniquelyhistorical context of B vitamins, disease and fortification effects. Coverage then structured format and is specifically designed to link chemistry with health andincludes chemistry, biochemistry and metabolism across the vitamins and related nutrition to provide a broad, appealing book. Coverage begins with caffeine incompounds; analysis including spectrofluorimetry, isotope dilution mass ... relation to nutrition focussing on beverages, then concentrates on chemistry ... Chocolate as Medicine: A Quest Over the Chronic Inflammation Centuries Philip K. Wilson Sashwati Roy Royal Society of Chemistry Taylor & Francis 9781849734110 9781439872116 05.10.2012 25.09.2012 miękka twarda £ 29,99 £ 89,00The Mesoamerican population who lived near the indigenous cultivation sites of the Although acute inflammation is a healthy physiological response indicative of wound"Chocolate Tree" (Theobromo cacao) had a multitude of documented applications of healing, chronic inflammation has been directly implicated in a wide range ofchocolate as medicine, ranging from alleviating fatigue to preventing heart ailments degenerative human health disorders encompassing almost all present dayto treating snakebite. Until recently, these applications have received little sound noncommunicable diseases including autoimmune diseases, obesity, diabetes andscientific scrutiny. Rather, it has been the reputed health claims stemming from ... atherosclerosis. Chronic Inflammation: Molecular Pathophysiology, Nutritional and ... Crash Course: Metabolism and Nutrition Diet and Nutrition in Palliative Care Amber Appleton Victor R. Preedy Elsevier Health Sciences Taylor & Francis 9780723436263 9781439819326 24.09.2012 24.05.2011 miękka twarda £ 24,99 £ 94,00Now celebrating over 10 years of success "Crash Course" has been specially Optimal terminal and palliative care requires consideration of the patient and familydevised to help you get through your exams with ease. Completely revised unit as well as cultural and religious sensitivities. The patients well being in terms ofthroughout, the new edition of "Crash Course" is perfectly tailored to meet your mobility, anxiety, stress, social interaction, and pain control needs expert focus andneeds by providing everything you need to know in one place. Clearly presented in a attention. Furthermore, there is an increasing awareness that diet and nutritionaltried and trusted, easytouse, format, each book in the series gives complete ... support plays an integral part of the patients holistic well being. The interface ... Dietary Fiber and Health Dietary Protein and Resistance Exercise Susan S. Cho Lonnie Michael Lowery Taylor & Francis Taylor & Francis 9781439899298 9781439844564 30.05.2012 24.05.2012 twarda twarda £ 114,00 £ 63,99Adequate fiber in the diet is essential for maintaining gastrointestinal and Dietary supplement companies and the food industry spend millions to reachcardiovascular health and for weight management and glycemic control. But a resistance trainersoften with exaggerated marketing messageswhile healthmajority of people in developed countries fall short of their recommended daily practitioners continue to counsel athletes that their interest in protein is misguidedintake. Designed for product developers, nutritionists, dietitians, and regulatory and even dangerous. There appears to be a disconnect between scientists andagencies, Dietary Fiber and Health discusses critical findings from the Ninth ... almost everyone else in sports nutrition. With so much conflicting information, its ... 5
  6. 6. Książki na zamówienie Dietary Sugars: Chemistry, Analysis, Dietary Treatment of Epilepsy: Practical Function and Effects Implementation of Ketogenic Therapy Victor R. Preedy Elizabeth Neal Royal Society of Chemistry Wiley 9781849733700 9780470670415 30.09.2012 17.08.2012 twarda miękka £ 153,99 £ 44,99Dietary sugars are known to have medical implications for humans from causing Epilepsy is a common chronic neurological disorder characterised by recurrentdental caries to obesity. This book aims to put dietary sugars in context and unprovoked seizures, and affects 50 million people worldwide. Approximately 30%includes the chemistry of several typical subclasses eg glucose, galactose and of these do not have seizure control even with the best available medications, hencemaltose. Modern techniques of analysis of the dietary sugars are covered in detail renewed and increasing interest in the use of dietary treatments to treat epilepsy.including self monitoring and uses of biosensors. These treatments include the traditional ketogenic diets but also the newer ... Edible Structures: The Basic Science of Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition What We Eat Jose Miguel Aguilera Lindsay H. Allen Taylor & Francis Elsevier 9781439898901 9780123750839 12.11.2012 18.01.2013 miękka twarda £ 25,99 £ 1940,00Nature converts molecules into edible structures, most of which are then The role of nutrition in improving quality of life and combating disease is undeniabletransformed into products in factories and kitchens. Tasty food structures enter our and researchers from different disciplines are bringing their perspectives to bear onmouths and different sensations invade our bodies. By the time these structures this fundamental topic. The 4volume "Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition, Thirdreach our cells, they have been broken back down into molecules that serve as fuel Edition", is a thorough revision of the previous awardwinning version and reflects theand raw materials for our bodies. scientific advances in the field of human nutrition. It presents the latest ... Food Biochemistry and Food Processing Functional Foods and Cardiovascular Disease Benjamin K. Simpson Mohammed H. Moghadisian Wiley Taylor & Francis 9780813808741 9781420071108 08.06.2012 01.02.2012 twarda twarda £ 200,00 £ 82,00The biochemistry of food is the foundation on which the research and development Cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer in North America and aroundadvances in food biotechnology are built. In Food Biochemistry and Food the world. The staggering medical costs involved in treating patients suffering fromProcessing, Second Edition , the editors have brought together over fifty acclaimed this disease demand an alternative approach to prevent or minimize itsacademicians and industry professionals from around the world to create this fully development. In Functional Foods and Cardiovascular Disease, internationalrevised and updated edition. researchers reveal essential uptodate information on the role that functional foods ... Infant, Child and Adolescent Nutrition a Innovation in Healthy and Functional Practical Handbook Foods Judy More Dilip Ghosh Taylor & Francis Taylor & Francis 9781444111859 9781439862674 22.01.2013 19.09.2012 miękka twarda £ 19,99 £ 89,00This evidencebased, practical guide provides an introduction to the theory behind The focus of food science and technology has shifted from previous goals ofchild nutrition with practical advice on how to put that theory into practice, including improving food safety and enhancing food taste toward providing healthy andcase studies, key points and activities to help readers learn. Divided into three functional foods. Todays consumers desire foods that go beyond basicsections, the chapters cover prenatal nutrition and nutrition throughout childhood nutritionfoods capable of promoting better health, or even playing afrom preterm babies to adolescents up to the age of 18. Section 1: Introduction ... diseaseprevention role. Isoflavones: Chemistry, Analysis, Manage First: Nutrition with Answer Function and Effects Sheet Victor R. Preedy National Restaurant Association Royal Society of Chemistry Pearson Education 9781849734196 9780132181631 14.12.2012 21.09.2012 twarda miękka £ 153,99 £ 45,99Isoflavones remain the subject of many scientific studies most of which reveal them This text focuses on NUTRITION topics. It includes essential content plus learningto have some health benefits. Coverage within this book begins with an overview of activities, case studies, professional profiles, research topics and more that supportphytoestrogens in health and plants with specific reference to isoflavones, how course objectives. The exam can be taken in either a paperandpencil or onlineisoflavones are found in the diet and novel compounds in nuts. Expert accounts of format. The exam format is selected at the time of purchase. The text and exam arethe chemical and biochemical research on this topic are provided followed by ... part of the ManageFirst Program(r) from the National Restaurant Association ... 6
  7. 7. Książki na zamówienie ManageFirst: Nutrition with Online Modern Nutrition in Health and Disease Testing Voucher National Restaurant Association A. Catharine Ross Pearson Education Lippincott Williams and Wilkins 9780132724524 9781605474618 21.09.2012 01.12.2012 miękka twarda £ 45,99 £ 115,00This text focuses on NUTRITION topics. It includes essential content plus learning This widely acclaimed book is a complete, authoritative reference on nutrition and itsactivities, case studies, professional profiles, research topics and more that support role in contemporary medicine, dietetics, nursing, public health, and public policy.course objectives. The exam can be taken in either a paperandpencil or online Distinguished international experts provide indepth information on historicalformat. The exam format is selected at the time of purchase. The text and exam are landmarks in nutrition, specific dietary components, nutrition in integrated biologicpart of the ManageFirst Program(r) from the National Restaurant Association ... systems, nutritional assessment through the life cycle, nutrition in various clinical ... Multicultural Handbook of Food, Neurons and the DHA Principle Nutrition and Dietetics Arlene Barton Raymond C. Valentine Wiley Taylor & Francis 9781405173582 9781439874868 23.03.2012 19.10.2012 miękka twarda £ 49,99 £ 95,00Multicultural Handbook of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics is the must have practical Studies with bacteria and other systems suggest that the omega3 fatty acid DHAresource for dietitians, nutritionists and students working with both well settled but confers great benefits to neurons in maximizing both speed of neural impulses andalso recently migrated ethnic groups. Written by a team of authors drawn from the energy efficiency. Unfortunately, studies also show that DHAs ease of oxidationBritish Dietetic Associations Specialist Multicultural Nutrition Group the book damages membrane integrity. Exploring this duality, Neurons and the DHA Principleprovides indepth information to equip the reader in the provision of nutrition ... proposes a new model for the causes of neurodegeneration, in which ... NMR Spectroscopy in Food Analysis Nutrigenetics: Applying the Science of Personal Nutrition Apostolos Spyros Martin Kohlmeier Royal Society of Chemistry Elsevier 9781849731751 9780123859006 24.10.2012 01.02.2013 twarda twarda £ 153,99 £ 48,99During the last two decades, the use of NMR spectroscopy for the characterization Nutrigenetics: Applying the Science of Personal Nutrition provides a fully referenced,and analysis of food materials has flourished, and this trend continues to increase readable guide to understanding the rationale and importance of nutrigenetictoday. Currently, there exists no book that fulfils specifically the needs of food applications and explains why single nutrition recommendations will not fitscientists that are interested in adding or expanding the use of NMR spectroscopy everybody or even a majority of modern humans. This books explains how geneticin their arsenal of food analysis techniques. variation shapes individual nutrition requirements and sensitivities, presents ... Nutrition & You Core Concepts for Good Nutrition and Diet Therapy Reference Health Plus MyNutritionLab with Etext Dictionary Joan Salge Blake Rosalinda T. Lagua Pearson Education Springer 9780321897220 9789401168809 14.12.2012 20.03.2012 miękka miękka £ 81,99 £ 85,55Nutrition & You: Core Concepts for Good Health is an exciting title in the This wideranging volume covers all aspects of nutrition, including assessment,introductory consumer nutrition market. Drawing on the strengths cultivated in Joan drugnutrient interactions, laboratory interpretations, enteral and parenteral nutritionSalge Blakes majors and nonmajors editions, this text addresses the needs of the support, community and public health nutrition programs, nutrition throughout thegrowing consumer market through a focused review of key nutrition topics and a life cycle, and such topics as nutrition and the immune system, nutrition labelling,handson, lively approach to useful information for everyday good nutrition and ... chemical dependency, AIDS, and organ transplantation. Its comprehensive ... Nutrition and Mental Health Nutrition and Metabolism in Sports, Exercise and Health Ruth LeyseWallace Jie Kang Taylor & Francis Taylor & Francis 9781439863350 9780415578790 16.01.2013 22.02.2012 twarda miękka £ 63,99 £ 35,00Although primary advanced vitamin and mineral deficiencies are rare in the A key determinant of successful athletic performance is the highlevel energydeveloped world, many common health conditions deplete nutritional status, transformation which begins with combustion of the food that we eat. By developingincluding suboptimal dietary intake, frequent alcohol consumption, changes in a sound understanding of good nutrition we can improve athletic performance, helpappetite due to aging, food allergies or sensitivities, special diets, and eating maintain good health and prevent disease. This clear and comprehensivedisorders. introduction to nutrition in sport, exercise and health goes further than any other ... 7
  8. 8. Książki na zamówienie Nutrition and the Female Athlete: From Nutrition Counseling and Education Research to Practice Skills for Dietetics Professionals Katherine A. Beals Betsy B. Holli Taylor & Francis Lippincott Williams and Wilkins 9781439849385 9781451120387 19.02.2013 25.02.2013 twarda miękka £ 63,99 £ 49,95Designed to address the nutritional needs of women over the age of 18 who partake Nutrition Counseling and Education Skills for Dietetics Professionals, Sixth Editionin sports on a regular basis, Nutrition and the Female Athlete: From Research to covers communications, counseling, interviewing, motivating clients, delivering oralPractice highlights nutritional concerns specific to active women. It discusses the presentations and using media in presentations. Communication is basic to thelink between nutrition and athletic performance and translates research into practical relationship that the Registered Dietitian (RD) professional has with their clients. Theapplications for health, fitness, and nutrition professionals. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recognizes the importance of communication ... Nutrition for Life Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease Janice Thompson Ann M. Coulston Pearson Education Elsevier 9780321828354 9780123918840 26.06.2012 26.11.2012 twarda twarda £ 88,99 £ 60,99Nutrition for Life capitalizes on your natural interest in nutrition by demonstrating Nutrition in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease has been proving itself in thehow it relates directly to your health and daily life. A unique aspect of the text is its classroom for nearly 10 years and is praised as being accessible, applicable and apresentation of nutrients based on function, rather than chemical classification. valuable textbook. It focuses specifically on the relationship between disease andWithin the vitamins and minerals chapters, micronutrients are organized by their nutrition, an area of ever increasing interest and concern as health care costs andvarious functions within the body (such as tissue guardians, antioxidants, energy ... availability continue to be an issue worldwide. Now reaching beyond just the ... Nutrition, Health and Safety for Young Nutrition, Lifestyle Factors, and Blood Children Pressure Joanne Sorte PaoHwa Lin Pearson Education Taylor & Francis 9780132869799 9781439830758 01.03.2013 17.07.2012 miękka twarda £ 65,99 £ 76,99A comprehensive overview of the nutrition, health, and safety needs of young Even though enormous advancements have been made in identifyingchildren from birth through school age, Nutrition, Health, and Safety for Young evidencebased lifestyle strategies for hypertension prevention and management,Children: Promoting Wellness, 2/e prepares future educators to implement healthful little progress has been made in implementing these proven strategies. Nutrition,practices and teach young children ways to contribute to their own wellness. Lifestyle Factors, and Blood Pressure compiles practical, sciencebased informationThrough anecdotes, cases, and authentic examples, the authors use a storytelling ... for health care providers to provide effective lifestyle interventions for blood ... Nutrition: From Science to You Plus Nutrition: Maintaining and Improving MasteringNutrition with Etext Access Health Joan Salge Blake Geoffrey P. Webb Pearson Education Taylor & Francis 9780321840530 9781444142464 10.01.2013 31.08.2012 twarda miękka £ 101,99 £ 39,99Bring nutrition into focus with an innovative approach. Nutrition: From Science to The fourth edition of Nutrition: maintaining and improving health continues to offerYou, Second Edition provides the tools you need to understand the science of wideranging coverage of all aspects of nutrition, including: nutritional assessmentnutrition and successfully apply it in your personal life and future career. This text epidemiological and experimental methods used in nutrition research social aspectspersonalizes nutritional information to engage you in the subject matter, while of nutrition the science of food as a source of energy and essential nutritientsretaining the scientific rigor needed for academic success. Innovative pedagogical ... variation in nutritional needs and priorities at different stages of the lifecycle ... Nutritional Guidelines for Athletic Nutritional Management of Renal Performance Disease Lemuel W. Taylor, IV Joel D. Kopple Taylor & Francis Elsevier 9781439839362 9780123919342 24.04.2012 28.01.2013 twarda twarda £ 76,99 £ 72,99Knowing the basic nutrition requirements and combining them with proper training This translational text offers indepth reviews of the metabolic and nutritionalare the two most important factors for athletes to achieve peak performance levels. disorders that are prevalent in patients with renal disease. Chapter topics addressNutritional Guidelines for Athletic Performance: The Training Table addresses these the growing epidemic of obesity and metabolic syndrome. Each chapter integratesneeds on a comprehensive basis from a training table perspective. Offering practical basic and clinical approaches, from cell biology and genetics to diagnosis, patientguidelines for practitioners and athletes, the book focuses on the key ... management and treatment. Chapters in sections 47 include new illustrative case ... 8
  9. 9. Książki na zamówienie Obesity: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, Obesity: Prevention and Treatment and Prevention Debasis Bagchi James M. Rippe Taylor & Francis Taylor & Francis 9781439854259 9781439836712 03.08.2012 18.05.2012 twarda twarda £ 108,00 £ 95,00The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared obesity a global epidemic. Its The prevalence of obesity in the United States and the rest of the industrializedprevalence has more than doubled since 1980, causing a myriad of health problems world has skyrocketed in the past 20 years. Linked to heart disease, diabetes,for children and adults. Obesity: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, and Prevention, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome, it is also the leading cause of osteoarthritisSecond Edition explores the molecular mechanisms and pathophysiology leading to and the second leading cause of cancer. With contributions from leading experts inobesity and metabolic disorders. It examines the safety of obesity drugs and drug ... the field, Obesity: Prevention and Treatment bridges the gap between emerging ... Phytonutrients Practical Manual of Clinical Obesity Andrew Salter Robert Kushner Wiley Wiley 9781405131513 9780470654767 30.03.2012 07.10.2011 twarda miękka £ 130,00 £ 42,99In many Western diets, the role of plants has been reduced in favour of more This accessible guide to obesity and its clinical management provides clear,animalbased products and this is now being cited more widely as being the cause didactic, clinically focused guidance for all healthcare professionals involved in theof increases in the incidence of diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular treatment and management of patients with obesity, thus acting as a repository ofdisease. This important book covers the biochemistry and nutritional importance of essential practical knowledge.It is an ideal practical guide for registrars and residentsa wide range of phytonutrients, including all the major macronutrients as well as ... in endocrinology and metabolic disease, as well as all other health professionals ... Present Knowledge in Nutrition Soft Matter Approaches to Structured Foods John W. Erdman Royal Society of Chemistry Wiley Royal Society of Chemistry 9780470959176 9781849734493 20.07.2012 31.10.2012 miękka twarda £ 105,99 £ 159,00Present Knowledge in Nutrition, 10 th Edition provides comprehensive coverage of Food materials are unusual as soft matter. They are highly complex, operating onall aspects of human nutrition, including micronutrients, systems biology, immunity, multiple length scales and phases and structured via multiple externally appliedpublic health, international nutrition, and diet and disease prevention. This definitive fields. A growing number of scientists are applying a soft matter physics approachreference captures the current state of this vital and dynamic science from an to food science. This Faraday Discussion on Soft Matter Approaches to Structuredinternational perspective, featuring nearly 140 expert authors from 14 countries ... Food will introduce and strengthen the concept of the soft matter approach to ... Soils and Food Security Tea in Health and Disease Prevention R. E. Hester Victor R. Preedy Royal Society of Chemistry Elsevier 9781849734264 9780123849373 05.11.2012 03.12.2012 twarda twarda £ 65,00 £ 125,00Soil is essential to agriculture and a resource that cannot be replaced easily. While there have been many claims of the benefits of teas through the years, andNevertheless, its importance to food production and the threats to its sustainability while there is nearly universal agreement that drinking tea can benefit health, there isare often overlooked. This book, the 35th volume of Issues in Environmental Science still a concern over whether the labgenerated results are representative of reallifeand Technology, examines the current status of soils across the globe and their benefit, what the risk of toxicity might be, and what the effectivelevel thresholds arepotential for food production to meet the needs of the Worlds population in the ... for various purposes. The Art of Nutritional Cuisine The Esophagus Vickie A. Vaclavik, Ph.D. Donald O. Castell Taylor & Francis Wiley 9781439850831 9781405198646 08.01.2013 20.02.2012 twarda twarda £ 38,99 £ 190,00Now more than ever, culinary professionals are expected to provide cuisine that This is easily the most focused and comprehensive book available dedicated to thesatisfies the diverse nutritional needs of a vast population of consumers. While the esophagus and its conditions, fully exploring anatomy, physiology, pathology,public has become increasingly health conscious, chefs can serve wellpresented, diagnosis, and treatment. Edited by two former presidents of the ACG and ASG, thegreattasting, and nutritious foods that at the same time support a healthy lifestyle. worlds two largest gastroenterology societies, the text offers approved treatmentThe Art of Nutritional Cuisine offers foundational nutrition principles with practical ... guidelines from these organizations. 9
  10. 10. Książki na zamówienie The Nature of Nutrition The Science of Nutrition Stephen J. Simpson Janice Thompson Princeton University Press Pearson Education 9780691145655 9780321883650 03.07.2012 04.01.2013 twarda miękka £ 34,95 £ 65,99Nutrition has long been considered more the domain of medicine and agriculture The Science of Nutrition, Third Edition is uniquely organized using an appliedthan of the biological sciences, yet it touches and shapes all aspects of the natural approach, which organizes vitamins and minerals based on their functions andworld. The need for nutrients determines whether wild animals thrive, how effects on the body. This applied approach is most evident in the functionalpopulations evolve and decline, and how ecological communities are structured. organization of the micronutrient (vitamin and mineral) chapters. Rather than requiring you to memorize all the vitamins and minerals and their characteristics ... The Washington Manual of Vitamin A and Carotenoids Endocrinology Subspecialty Consult Janet B. McGill Victor R. Preedy Lippincott Williams and Wilkins Royal Society of Chemistry 9781451114072 9781849733687 01.09.2012 31.08.2012 miękka twarda £ 32,95 £ 153,99The Washington Manual[trademark] Sub specialty Consult series prepared by Vitamin A has an important role to play in vision, bone growth, reproduction, cellspecialty fellows and faculty in the Department of Medicine at Washington University division, and cell differentiation. With the focus on Vitamin A and Carotenoids, thisSchool of Medicine and reviewed by attending physicians in each fieldeach volume book includes the latest research in these areas and starts with an overview puttingin this renowned series delivers the onthespot help you need to provide quality the compounds in context with other vitamins, supplementation and discussing thepatient management. importance of beta-carotene. Vitamin D: Oxidative Stress, Immunity, Weight Management: A Practitioners and Aging Guide Adrian F. Gombart Dympna Pearson Taylor & Francis Wiley 9781439850206 9781405185592 21.11.2012 31.08.2012 twarda miękka £ 95,00 £ 39,99Vitamin D insufficiency/deficiency is a worldwide, public health problem in both An increasingly wide range of patients of different age, ethnicity and socialdeveloped and developing countries. Rickets among infants has reemerged. Low background often combined with other clinical conditions such as diabetes,levels of vitamin D are associated with increased risk and mortality from cancer. At cardiovascular disease or osteoporosis now find themselves battling against obesitythe same time, the beneficial effects of vitamin D on a host of conditions have and many health professionals become frustrated, feeling illequipped to handle eachrecently been discovered. unique case with the onesizefitsall approach offered by the "eat less, exercise ... Williams Basic Nutrition & Diet Therapy Staci Nix Elsevier 9780323083478 06.10.2012 miękka £ 43,99Part of the popular "LPN Threads Series", "Williams Basic Nutrition & Diet Therapy"is the market leader for a reason: you get coverage of hot topics, emerging trends,and cutting edge research, plus all the essentials for providing the best nutritioncare. Written in a clear, conversational style, the book begins with the fundamentalconcepts of nutrition and then applies those concepts to diverse demographic ... 10
  11. 11. Zapowiedzi Cardiovascular Diseases: Nutritional Essential Guide to Food Additives and Therapeutic Interventions Nilanjana Maulik Mike Saltmarsh Taylor & Francis Royal Society of Chemistry 9781439882009 9781849735605 03.05.2013 01.05.2013 twarda twarda £92,85 £69,99Presenting current research on epidemiological studies of cardiovascular diseases Food additives have played and still play an essential role in the food industry.and the role of nutrition, this book highlights nutritional therapies including alpha- Additives span a great range from simple materials like sodium bicarbonate,tocopherol, beta-carotene, fish oil, polyphenols, olive oil, retinol, and soy and essential in the kitchen for making cakes, to mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids,discusses their relative benefit in diseases such as angina, atherosclerosis, heart an essential emulsifier in low fat spreads and in bread. It has been popular toattack, high blood pressure, and stroke. Examining recursive diseases such as criticise food additives, and in so doing, to lump them all together, but this approachdiabetes, stress, and hypertension, it reveals how nutrigenomics can alleviate ignores their diversity of history, source and use. This book includes food additivesimprinted cardiac weaknesses through tailored diets. Additional areas of discussion and why they are used, safety of food additives in Europe, additive legislation withininclude nanotechnology in treating ischemic heart disease, along with drug, gene, the EU and outside Europe and the complete listing of all additives permitted in theand stem cell therapies. EU. The law covering food additives in the EU which was first harmonised in 1989Features has been amended frequently since then, but has now been consolidated with the• Focuses on nutritional therapeutics including alpha-tocopherol, beta-carotene, publication of Regulations 1331/2008 and 1129/2011. This 4th edition of the Guide brings it up to date with the changes introduced by this legislation and by the fish oil, polyphenols, olive oil, retinol, and soy ongoing review of additives by EFSA. Providing an invaluable resource for food and• Covers cardiovascular diseases including angina, atherosclerosis, heart attack, drink manufacturers, this book is the only work covering in detail every additive, its high blood pressure, and stroke sources and uses. Food Oils and Fats: Technology, Foodborne Infections and Intoxications Utilization and Nutrition Harry W. Lawson J. Glenn Morris, Jr. Springer Elsevier 9781441947376 9780124160415 31.03.2013 03.05.2013 miękka twarda £124,95 £94,99This basic reference provides comprehensive and detailed coverage of food oils and The accelerated globalization of the food supply, coupled with tougheningfats in a practical, how-to format. The book integrates all aspects of food oils and government standards, is putting global food production, distribution, and retailfats from chemistry to food processing to nutrition. Three in-depth sections discuss industries under a high-intensity spotlight. High publicity cases about foodbornesources; physical and chemical properties, and processing; manufacturing illnesses over recent years have heightened public awareness of food safety issues,techniques such as deep frying, griddling, and baking; products such as salad and momentum has been building to find new ways to detect and identifydressings, butter, and dairy product substitutes; the latest analytical and sensory foodborne pathogens and eliminate food-related infections and intoxications. Thisevaluation techniques; flavor control, and nutrition. The book features the latest extensively revised fourth edition covers how the incidence and impact of foodborneinformation on flavor measurement and alteration, product development and cost- diseases is determined, foodborne intoxications with an introduction that noteseffective use of oils and fats in production. common features among these diseases and control measures that are applicable before and after the basic foodstuff is harvested. It provides a summary of the foods most associated with human infections. It offers a discussion of the principles of laboratory detection of the agent considering the advantages and disadvantages of various procedure. It presents the epidemiology of foodborne disease as well as infection categorized by type, and summarizes policy and prevention. Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Handbook of Obesity: Clinical Stroke Applications Mandy L. Corrigan George A. Bray Springer Taylor & Francis 9781627033794 9781841849812 30.04.2013 15.08.2013 twarda twarda £170,49 £165,00Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Stroke is a comprehensive reference on nutrition Now in its fourth edition, this book has become the premier reference for physiciansfor the multidisciplinary team caring for stroke patients. Targeting physicians, nurse and researchers in the field of obesity. It offers unparalleled depth and breadth ofpractitioners, clinical dietitians, and advanced allied health and medical students, coverage concerning this growing global and chronic disease that affects andthis volume provides an introduction on the different types of stroke, associated risk exacerbates co-morbid conditions including diabetes and heart disease.factors, and uniquely featured global perspectives on stroke. In addition todiscussing stroke risk factors, the book expands upon treatment and management The new edition contains 37 chapters spanning the genetic evaluation of the obesefrom the acute care setting through rehabilitation, captures the lifespan of patients and cultural perceptions of its treatment to the range of medical and surgicalaffected by stroke, and discusses the progression of the nutrition care plan. management options and the evolving role of government policy in education,Containing the most up-to-date, evidence based information currently available, regulation, and research. Eighteen of the book’s chapters are dedicated to theHandbook of Clinical Nutrition and Stroke is a valuable resource for clinicians medical management of obesity, with separate chapters dedicated to discussingworking with the stroke population. individual obesity drugs. This section will be of particular interest to our corporate clients and to physicians around the world looking for a comprehensive, and up-to- date, guide to treating obese patients. The use of surgical management techniques has grown exponentially in conjunction with soaring obesity rates As a consequence, six additional chapters are devoted to the surgical management of ... 11