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Mathematical Statistics


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Mathematical Statistics

  1. 1. Katalog książekanglojęzycznychstatystyka matematycznaAmerykańskie Towarzystwo Statystyczne ogłosiło rok 2013Międzynarodowym Rokiem Statystyki. Ogólnoświatowa akcjama na celu uczczenie i docenienie osiągnięć nauk statystycznych.Przyłączyliśmy się do akcji promując najważniejsze książki z tejdziedziny.Przeglądaj katalog z nowościami i najciekawszymi publikacjami.Dowiedz się więcej na
  2. 2.    Statystyka matematyczna2 www.abe.plA Brief Course in MathematicalStatistics9780131751392 30.12.2006Oprawa: twarda£ 61,99Elliot A. TanisFor a one-semester course in Mathematical Statistics. This innovative newintroduction to Mathematical Statistics covers the important concept of estimation ata point much earlier than other texts (Chapter 2). Thought-provoking pedagogicalaids help students test their understanding and relate concepts to everyday life.Ideal for courses that offer a little less probability than usual, this book requires oneyear of calculus as a prerequisite.Pearson EducationAn Introduction to MathematicalStatistics and Its Applications9780321766564 17.12.2010Oprawa: miękka£ 66,99Richard J. LarsenNoted for its integration of real-world data and case studies, this text offers soundcoverage of the theoretical aspects of mathematical statistics. The authorsdemonstrate how and when to use statistical methods, while reinforcing the calculusthat students have mastered in previous courses. Throughout theFifth Edition, theauthors have added and updated examples and case studies, while also refiningexisting features that show a clear path from theory to practice.Pearson EducationAntieigenvalue Analysis9789814366281 27.12.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 59,00Karl E. GustafsonKarl Gustafson is the creator of the theory of antieigenvalue analysis. Its applicationsspread through fields as diverse as numerical analysis, wavelets, statistics, quantummechanics, and finance. Antieigenvalue analysis, with its operator trigonometry, is aunifying language which enables new and deeper geometrical understanding ofessentially every result in operator theory and matrix theory, together with theirapplications. This book will open up its methods to a wide range of specialists.World Scientific PublishingApplied Functional Analysis9781420091953 02.03.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 83,00J. Tinsley OdenThrough numerous illustrative examples and comments, Applied FunctionalAnalysis, Second Edition demonstrates the rigor of logic and systematic,mathematical thinking. It presents the mathematical foundations that lead toclassical results in functional analysis. More specifically, the text prepares studentsto learn the variational theory of partial differential equations, distributions andSobolev spaces, and numerical analysis with an emphasis on finite elementmethods. While retaining the structure of its best-selling predecessor, this secondedition includes revisions of many original examples, along with new examples thatoften reflect the authors own vast research experiences and perspectives. Thisedition also provides many more exercises as well as a solutions manual forqualifying instructors. Each chapter begins with an extensive introduction andconcludes with a summary and historical comments that frequently refer to othersources.Taylor & FrancisBasic Practice of Statistics9781464117664 27.06.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 53,99David S. MooreThe Basic Practice of Statistics (BPS) is designed to give a working knowledge ofthe ideas and tools of practical statistics. Through accessible language andengaging examples and exercises based on real data, BPS explains both themechanics and the concepts needed for statistical work. The Sixth Edition maintainsthe textbooks focus on statistical reasoning and real-life situations and data, whileupdating the organisation, exercises and examples to better reflect the needs andexperiences of todays student. Here are a few highlights of the revised SixthEdition: Updated Exercises and Examples: More than 20 percent of all examplesand exercises have been revised or updated. Contemporary situations and up-to-date data cover a number of fields, including environmental studies, agriculture,business and finance, technology, biology, psychology, health and medicine,education, sports, and entertainment. New examples and exercises draw on topicssuch as texting while driving, CO2 emissions, the Gulf oil spill, and how weatherinfluences tipping.Palgrave MacMillanFoundations of Statistical Algorithms9781439878859 05.12.2013Oprawa: twarda£ 38,99Claus WeihsReviewing the historical development of basic algorithms to illuminate the evolutionof today’s more powerful statistical algorithms, this comprehensive textbookemphasizes recurring themes in all statistical algorithms including computation,assessment and verification, iteration, intuition, randomness, repetition andparallelization, and scalability. Unique in scope, it touches on topics not usuallycovered in similar books, namely, systematic verification and the scaling of manyestablished techniques to very large databases. Broadly accessible, it offersexamples, exercises, and selected solutions in each chapter as well as access to asupplementary website.Taylor & Francis
  3. 3.    Statystyka 3Introduction to Mathematical Statistics9780321824677 02.01.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 55,99Robert V. HoggIntroduction to Mathematical Statistics, Seventh Edition, offers a proven approachdesigned to provide you with an excellent foundation in mathematical statistics.Ample examples and exercises throughout the text illustrate concepts to help yougain a solid understanding of the material.Pearson EducationIntroduction to Partial Differential Equations forScientists and Engineers Using Mathematica9781466510562 05.08.2013Oprawa: twarda£ 57,99Kuzman AdzievskiWith a special emphasis on engineering and science applications, this textbookprovides a mathematical introduction to PDEs at the undergraduate level. It takes anew approach to PDEs by presenting computation as an integral part of the study ofdifferential equations. The authors use Mathematica(R) along with graphics toimprove understanding and interpretation of concepts. They also present exercisesin each chapter and solutions to selected examples. Topics discussed includeLaplace and Fourier transforms as well as Sturm-Liouville boundary value problems.Taylor & FrancisLinear Algebra and MatrixComputations for Statistics9781420095388 06.10.2013Oprawa: twarda£ 49,99Sudipto BanerjeeLinear algebra and the study of matrix algorithms have become fundamental to thedevelopment of statistical models. Using a vector-space approach, this bookprovides an understanding of the major concepts that underlie linear algebra andmatrix analysis. Each chapter introduces a key topic, such as infinite-dimensionalspaces, and provides illustrative examples. The authors examine recentdevelopments in diverse fields such as spatial statistics, machine learning, datamining, and social network analysis. Complete in its coverage and accessible tostudents without prior knowledge of linear algebra, the text also includes results thatare useful for traditional statistical applications.Taylor & FrancisMathematical Statistics withResampling and R9781118029855 12.08.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 86,95Laura M. ChiharaResampling helps students understand the meaning of sampling distributions,sampling variability, P-values, hypothesis tests, and confidence intervals. Thisgroundbreaking book shows how to apply modern resampling techniques tomathematical statistics. Extensively class-tested to ensure an accessiblepresentation, Mathematical Statistics with Resampling and R utilizes the powerfuland flexible computer language R to underscore the significance and benefits ofmodern resampling techniques.The book begins by introducing permutation tests and bootstrap methods,motivating classical inference methods. Striking a balance between theory,computing, and applications, the authors explore additional topics such as:Exploratory data analysisCalculation of sampling distributionsThe Central Limit TheoremMonte Carlo samplingWileyMethods of Multivariate Analysis9780470178966 27.07.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 86,95Alvin C. RencherFilled with new and timely content, Methods of Multivariate Analysis, Third Editionprovides examples and exercises based on more than sixty real data sets from awide variety of scientific fields. It takes a "methods" approach to the subject, placingan emphasis on how students and practitioners can employ multivariate analysis inreal-life situations.This Third Edition continues to explore the key descriptive and inferential proceduresthat result from multivariate analysis. Following a brief overview of the topic, thebook goes on to review the fundamentals of matrix algebra, sampling frommultivariate populations, and the extension of common univariate statisticalprocedures (including t-tests, analysis of variance, and multiple regression) toanalogous multivariate techniques that involve several dependent variables. Thelatter half of the book describes statistical tools that are uniquely multivariate innature, including procedures for discriminating among groups, characterizing low-dimensional latent structure in high-dimensional data, identifying clusters in data,and graphically illustrating relationships in low-dimensional space.WileyModern Mathematical Statistics withApplications9781461403906 08.12.2011Oprawa: twarda€ 99,95Jay L. DevoreMany mathematical statistics texts are heavily oriented toward a rigorousmathematical development of probability and statistics, without much attention paidto how statistics is actually used. In contrast, Modern Mathematical Statistics withApplications, Second Edition strikes a balance between mathematical foundationsand statistical practice. In keeping with the recommendation that every mathstudent should study statistics and probability with an emphasis on data analysis,accomplished authors Jay Devore and Kenneth Berk make statistical concepts andmethods clear and relevant through careful explanations and a broad range ofapplications involving real data. The main focus of the book is on presenting andillustrating methods of inferential statistics that are useful in research. It begins witha chapter on descriptive statistics that immediately exposes the reader to real data.The next six chapters develop the probability material that bridges the gap betweendescriptive and inferential statistics. Point estimation, inferences based on statisticalintervals, and hypothesis testing are then introduced in the next three chapters.Springer
  4. 4.    Statystyka matematyczna4 www.abe.plNonparametric Tests9781848212695 07.12.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 96,95Vilijandas BagdonavieusThis book concerns testing hypotheses in non-parametric models. Classical non-parametric tests (goodness-of-fit, homogeneity, randomness, independence) ofcomplete data are considered. Most of the test results are proved and realapplications are illustrated using examples. Theories and exercises are provided.The incorrect use of many tests applying most statistical software is highlighted anddiscussed.WileyProbability, Statistics, and StochasticProcesses9780470889749 08.06.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 83,5Peter OlofssonThoroughly updated to showcase the interrelationships between probability,statistics, and stochastic processes, Probability, Statistics, and StochasticProcesses, Second Edition prepares readers to collect, analyze, and characterizedata in their chosen fields.Beginning with three chapters that develop probability theory and introduce theaxioms of probability, random variables, and joint distributions, the book goes on topresent limit theorems and simulation. The authors combine a rigorous, calculus-based development of theory with an intuitive approach that appeals to readerssense of reason and logic. Including more than 400 examples that help illustrateconcepts and theory, the Second Edition features new material on statisticalinference and a wealth of newly added topics, including:Consistency of point estimatorsLarge sample theoryBootstrap simulationWileySequential Analysis: Hypothesis Testingand Change-Point Detection9781439838204 18.12.2013Oprawa: twarda£ 63,99Michele BassevilleThis book presents an overview of the theory and applications of sequentialmethods for hypothesis testing and changepoint detection in a wide range ofengineering and environmental domains. It describes all the important theoreticaldevelopments with an emphasis on applications, including environmentalsurveillance, biomedical engineering, image processing, computer security,econometrics, and finance. The text covers more practical discrete-time models aswell as very general cases that include both continuous- and discrete-time models.In addition, it presents the results for multi-hypothesis tests and detection-isolationprocedures.Taylor & FrancisSome Recent Advances in Mathematicsand Statistics9789814417976 05.05.2013Oprawa: twarda£ 63,00Yogendra P. ChaubeyThis volume consists of a series of research papers presented at the conferenceStatistics 2011 Canada: 5th Canadian Conference in Applied Statistics held togetherwith the 20th conference of the Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics titled,"Interdisciplinary Mathematical & Statistical Techniques". These papers cover a widerange of topics from applications of Mathematics and Statistics such as SelectionBias in Surveys, Biomarker Discovery, Analysis of Earth Temperature, Supply ChainManagement, Trimmed ANOVA, Zero-inflated Data, Non-Gaussian Time Series, andStochastic Ordering; Classification, Nonparametric Test, and Jackknifed RidgeEstimator; Bayes Factor; Random Graphs and Error Correcting Codes; MetaAnalysis; and National Health Plans and Risk Reduction through Supply Chain. Thetopics have been reviewed by experts in the field and the selected papers areexpected to provide a topical resource on the subjects concerned.World Scientific PublishingStatistical Inference: A Short Course9781118229408 26.07.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 76,95Michael J. Paniktatistical Inference: A Short Course offers a concise presentation of the essentials ofbasic statistics for readers seeking to acquire a working knowledge of statisticalconcepts, measures, and procedures.The author conducts tests on the assumption of randomness and normality,provides nonparametric methods when parametric approaches might not work. Thebook also explores how to determine a confidence interval for a population medianwhile also providing coverage of ratio estimation, randomness, and causality. Toensure a thorough understanding of all key concepts, Statistical Inference providesnumerous examples and solutions along with complete and precise answers tomany fundamental questions, including:How do we determine that a given dataset is actually a random sample?With what level of precision and reliability can a population sample be estimated?How are probabilities determined and are they the same thing as odds?How can we predict the level of one variable from that of another?WileyStatistical Methods for StochasticDifferential Equations9781439849408 18.05.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 63,99Mathieu KesslerThe seventh volume in the SemStat series, Statistical Methods for StochasticDifferential Equations presents current research trends and recent developments instatistical methods for stochastic differential equations. Written to be accessible toboth new students and seasoned researchers, each self-contained chapter startswith introductions to the topic at hand and builds gradually towards discussingrecent research. The book covers Wiener-driven equations as well as stochasticdifferential equations with jumps, including continuous-time ARMA processes andCOGARCH processes. It presents a spectrum of estimation methods, includingnonparametric estimation as well as parametric estimation based on likelihoodmethods, estimating functions, and simulation techniques. Two chapters aredevoted to high-frequency data. Multivariate models are also considered, includingpartially observed systems, asynchronous sampling, tests for simultaneous jumps,and multiscale diffusions.Taylor & Francis
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