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General Statistics

  1. 1. Katalog książekanglojęzycznychstatystyka ogólnaAmerykańskie Towarzystwo Statystyczne ogłosiło rok 2013Międzynarodowym Rokiem Statystyki. Ogólnoświatowa akcjama na celu uczczenie i docenienie osiągnięć nauk statystycznych.Przyłączyliśmy się do akcji promując najważniejsze książki z tejdziedziny.Przeglądaj katalog z nowościami i najciekawszymi publikacjami.Dowiedz się więcej na
  2. 2.    Statystyka ogólna2 www.abe.plA Career in Statistics: Beyond theNumbers9780470404416 22.07.2011Oprawa: miękka£ 46,95Gerald J. HahnA valuable guide to a successful career as a statistician A Career in Statistics:Beyond the Numbers prepares readers for careers in statistics by emphasizingessential concepts and practices beyond the technical tools provided in standardcourses and texts. This insiders guide from internationally recognized appliedstatisticians helps readers decide whether a career in statistics is right for them,provides hands-on guidance on how to prepare for such a career, and shows howto succeed on the job. The book provides non-technical guidance for a successfulcareer. The authors extensive industrial experience is supplemented by insightsfrom contributing authors from government and academia, Carol Joyce Blumberg,Leonard M. Gaines, Lynne B. Hare, William Q. Meeker, and Josef Schmee.Following an introductory chapter that provides an overview of the field, the authorsdiscuss the various dimensions of a career in applied statistics in three succinctparts: The Work of a Statistician describes the day-to-day activities of appliedstatisticians in business and industry, official government, and various otherapplication areas, highlighting the work environment and major on-the-jobWiley...A Course in Probability9780321189547 01.08.2003Oprawa: miękka£ 50,99Neil A. WeissThis text is intended primarily for a first course in mathematical probability forstudents in mathematics, statistics, operations research, engineering, and computerscience. It is also appropriate for mathematically oriented students in the physicaland social sciences. Prerequisite material consists of basic set theory and a firmfoundation in elementary calculus, including infinite series, partial differentiation, andmultiple integration. Some exposure to rudimentary linear algebra (e.g., matrices anddeterminants) is also desirable. This text includes pedagogical techniques not oftenfound in books at this level, in order to make the learning process smooth, efficient,and enjoyable.Pearson EducationA First Course in Bayesian StatisticalMethods9780387922997 15.06.2009Oprawa: twarda€ 59,95Peter D. HoffA self-contained introduction to probability, exchangeability and Bayes rule providesa theoretical understanding of the applied material. Numerous examples with R-code that can be run "as-is" allow the reader to perform the data analysesthemselves. The development of Monte Carlo and Markov chain Monte Carlomethods in the context of data analysis examples provides motivation for thesecomputational methods.SpringerA First Course in Probability9780321866813 02.01.2013Oprawa: miękka£ 52,99Sheldon M. RossA First Course in Probability, Ninth Edition, features clear and intuitive explanationsof the mathematics of probability theory, outstanding problem sets, and a variety ofdiverse examples and applications. This book is ideal for an upper-levelundergraduate or graduate level introduction to probability for math, science,engineering and business students. It assumes a background in elementarycalculus.Pearson EducationA Whistle-Stop Tour of Statistics9781439877487 16.01.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 26,99Brian S. EverittA Whistle-Stop Tour of Statistics introduces basic probability and statistics throughbite-size coverage of key topics. A review aid and study guide for undergraduatestudents, it presents descriptions of key concepts from probability and statistics inself-contained sections. Features Presents an accessible reference to the keyconcepts in probability and statistics Introduces each concept through bite-sizedescriptions and presents interesting real-world examples Includes lots of diagramsand graphs to clarify and illustrate topics Provides a concise summary of ten majorareas of statistics including survival analysis and the analysis of longitudinal dataWritten by Brian S, Everitt, the author of over 60 statistical texts, the book showshow statistics can be applied in the real world, with interesting examples and plentyof diagrams and graphs to illustrate concepts.Taylor & FrancisAdaptive Tests of Significance UsingPermutations of Residuals with R and SAS9780470922255 30.03.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 83,50Thomas W. OGormanAdaptive Tests of Significance Using Permutations of Residuals with R and SASillustrates the power of adaptive tests and showcases their ability to adjust thetesting method to suit a particular set of data. The book utilizes state-of-the-artsoftware to demonstrate the practicality and benefits for data analysis in variousfields of study.Beginning with an introduction, the book moves on to explore the underlyingconcepts of adaptive tests, including:Smoothing methods and normalizing transformationsPermutation tests with linear methodsApplications of adaptive testsMulticenter and cross-over trialsAnalysis of repeated measures dataAdaptive confidence intervals and estimatesWiley
  3. 3.    Statystyka ogó 3Advances in Statistical Monitoring ofComplex Multivariate Processes9780470028193 14.09.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 55,00Uwe KrugerThe development and application of multivariate statistical techniques in processmonitoring has gained substantial interest over the past two decades in academiaand industry alike. Initially developed for monitoring and fault diagnosis in complexsystems, such techniques have been refined and applied in various engineeringareas, for example mechanical and manufacturing, chemical, electrical andelectronic, and power engineering. The recipe for the tremendous interest inmultivariate statistical techniques lies in its simplicity and adaptability for developingmonitoring applications. In contrast, competitive model, signal or knowledge basedtechniques showed their potential only whenever cost-benefit economics havejustified the required effort in developing applications. Statistical Monitoring ofComplex Multivariate Processes presents recent advances in statistics basedprocess monitoring, explaining how these processes can now be used in areassuch as mechanical and manufacturing engineering for example, in addition to thetraditional chemical industry. This book: Contains a detailed theoretical backgroundof the component technology.WileyAn Introduction to Applied MultivariateAnalysis with R9781441996497 28.04.2011Oprawa: miękka€ 49,95Brian S. EverittThe majority of data sets collected by researchers in all disciplines are multivariate,meaning that several measurements, observations, or recordings are taken on eachof the units in the data set. These units might be human subjects, archaeologicalartifacts, countries, or a vast variety of other things. In a few cases, it may besensible to isolate each variable and study it separately, but in most instances all thevariables need to be examined simultaneously in order to fully grasp the structureand key features of the data. For this purpose, one or another method ofmultivariate analysis might be helpful, and it is with such methods that this book islargely concerned. Multivariate analysis includes methods both for describing andexploring such data and for making formal inferences about them. The aim of all thetechniques is, in general sense, to display or extract the signal in the data in thepresence of noise and to find out what the data show us in the midst of theirapparent chaos.SpringerAn Introduction to Bootstrap Methodswith Applications to R9780470467046 02.12.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 66,95Michael R. ChernickA comprehensive introduction to bootstrap methods in the R programmingenvironment Bootstrap methods provide a powerful approach to statistical dataanalysis, as they have more general applications than standard parametric methods.An Introduction to Bootstrap Methods with Applications to R explores thepracticality of this approach and successfully utilizes R to illustrate applications forthe bootstrap and other resampling methods. This book provides a modernintroduction to bootstrap methods for readers who do not have an extensivebackground in advanced mathematics. Emphasis throughout is on the use ofbootstrap methods as an exploratory tool, including its value in variable selectionand other modeling environments. The authors begin with a description ofbootstrap methods and its relationship to other resampling methods, along with anoverview of the wide variety of applications of the approach. Subsequent chaptersoffer coverage of improved confidence set estimation, estimation of error rates indiscriminant analysis, and applications to a wide variety of hypothesis testing andestimation problems, including pharmaceutical, genomics, and economics.WileyAn Introduction to Statistics: An ActiveLearning Approach9781452217437 02.03.2013Oprawa: miękka£ 39,99Kieth A. CarlsonIn An Introduction to Statistics Kieth Carlson and Jennifer Winquist encourage anactive approach to learning statistics. While the chapters in this book introducebasic and key concepts, this book is unique in the depth of its active pedagogicalapproach. Carefully placed reading questions throughout each chapter reinforcedifficult concepts and guide student learning: 29 in-depth activities, eachaccompanied by learning objectives, carefully developed scenarios, problem sets,and quiz questions give students the opportunity to test or demonstrate theirunderstanding of basic concepts while they read detailed explanations of morecomplex statistical concepts; and 15 sets of practice problems further solidifystudent learning. When using most traditional text books, students only performstatistical procedures after they read multiple pages of text. This book adopts aworkbook approach that forces students to be actively engaged while they readexplanations. Most of the activities are self-correcting so if students misunderstanda concept their misunderstanding is corrected early in the learning process.SAGEAnalysis of International Large-ScaleAssessment Data9781439895122 15.10.2013Oprawa: twarda£ 49,99Leslie RutkowskiInternational large-scale assessments (ILSAs) of educational achievement such asthe Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study and the Programme forInternational Student Assessment are an increasingly important part of theeducational research and policy landscape in the U.S. and internationally. This bookwill bring together recognized scholars in the field of ILSA, behavioral statistics, andpolicy to develop a detailed guide for ILSA users that goes beyond ILSA usermanuals.Taylor & FrancisANOVA and ANCOVA: A GLM Approach9780470385555 28.10.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 73,50Andrew RutherfordProvides an in-depth treatment of ANOVA and ANCOVA techniques from a linearmodel perspective ANOVA and ANCOVA: A GLM Approach provides acontemporary look at the general linear model (GLM) approach to the analysis ofvariance (ANOVA) of one- and two-factor psychological experiments. With itsorganized and comprehensive presentation, the book successfully guides readersthrough conventional statistical concepts and how to interpret them in GLM terms,treating the main single- and multi-factor designs as they relate to ANOVA andANCOVA. The book begins with a brief history of the separate development ofANOVA and regression analyses, and then goes on to demonstrate how bothanalyses are incorporated into the understanding of GLMs. This new edition nowexplains specific and multiple comparisons of experimental conditions before andafter the Omnibus ANOVA, and describes the estimation of effect sizes and poweranalyses leading to the determination of appropriate sample sizes for experiments tobe conducted.Wiley
  4. 4.    Statystyka ogólna4 www.abe.plApplied Categorical and Count DataAnalysis9781439806241 04.07.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 57,99Wan TangDeveloped from the authors graduate-level biostatistics course, Applied Categoricaland Count Data Analysis explains how to perform the statistical analysis of discretedata, including categorical and count outcomes. The authors describe the basicideas underlying each concept, model, and approach to give readers a good graspof the fundamentals of the methodology without using rigorous mathematicalarguments. The text covers classic concepts and popular topics, such ascontingency tables, logistic models, and Poisson regression models, along withmodern areas that include models for zero-modified count outcomes, parametricand semiparametric longitudinal data analysis, reliability analysis, and methods fordealing with missing values. R, SAS, SPSS, and Stata programming codes areprovided for all the examples, enabling readers to immediately experiment with thedata in the examples and even adapt or extend the codes to fit data from their ownstudies. Designed for a one-semester course for graduate and seniorundergraduate students in biostatistics, this self-contained text is also suitable as aself-learning guide for biomedical and psychosocial researchers.Taylor & FrancisApplied Multivariate Statistical Analysis9780135143506 30.04.2007Oprawa: miękka£ 68,99Richard A. JohnsonFor courses in Multivariate Statistics, Marketing Research, Intermediate BusinessStatistics, Statistics in Education, and graduate-level courses in Experimental Designand Statistics. Appropriate for experimental scientists in a variety of disciplines, thismarket-leading text offers a readable introduction to the statistical analysis ofmultivariate observations. Its primary goal is to impart the knowledge necessary tomake proper interpretations and select appropriate techniques for analyzingmultivariate data. Ideal for a junior/senior or graduate level course that explores thestatistical methods for describing and analyzing multivariate data, the text assumestwo or more statistics courses as a prerequisite.Pearson EducationApplied Multivariate Statistical Analysis9783642172281 01.12.2011Oprawa: miękka€ 79,95Wolfgang Karl HardleMost of the observable phenomena in the empirical sciences are of a multivariatenature. In financial studies, assets are observed simultaneously and their jointdevelopment is analysed to better understand general risk and to track indices. Inmedicine recorded observations of subjects in different locations are the basis ofreliable diagnoses and medication. In quantitative marketing consumer preferencesare collected in order to construct models of consumer behavior. The underlyingdata structure of these and many other quantitative studies of applied sciences ismultivariate. Focusing on applications this book presents the tools and concepts ofmultivariate data analysis in a way that is understandable for non-mathematiciansand practitioners who need to analyze statistical data. The book surveys the basicprinciples of multivariate statistical data analysis and emphasizes both exploratoryand inferential statistics. All chapters have exercises that highlight applications indifferent fields.SpringerApplied Regression Modeling9781118097281 17.08.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 73,50Iain PardoeThis book offers a practical, concise introduction to regression analysis for upper-level undergraduate students of diverse disciplines including, but not limited tostatistics, the social and behavioral sciences, MBA, and vocational studies. Thebooks overall approach is strongly based on an abundant use of illustrations,examples, case studies, and graphics. It emphasizes major statistical softwarepackages, including SPSS(r), Minitab(r), SAS(r), R, and R/S-PLUS(r). Detailedinstructions for use of these packages, as well as for Microsoft Office Excel(r), areprovided on a specially prepared and maintained author web site. Select softwareoutput appears throughout the text. To help readers understand, analyze, andinterpret data and make informed decisions in uncertain settings, many of theexamples and problems use real-life situations and settings. The book introducesmodeling extensions that illustrate more advanced regression techniques, includinglogistic regression, Poisson regression, discrete choice models, multilevel models,Bayesian modeling, and time series and forecasting.WileyApplied Time Series Analysis9781439818374 24.10.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 60,99Wayne A. WoodwardVirtually any random process developing chronologically can be viewed as a timeseries. In economics, closing prices of stocks, the cost of money, the jobless rate,and retail sales are just a few examples of many. Developed from course notes andextensively classroom-tested, Applied Time Series Analysis includes examplesacross a variety of fields, develops theory, and provides software to address timeseries problems in a broad spectrum of fields. The authors organize the informationin such a format that graduate students in applied science, statistics, andeconomics can satisfactorily navigate their way through the book while maintainingmathematical rigor. One of the unique features of Applied Time Series Analysis is theassociated software, GW-WINKS, designed to help students easily generaterealizations from models and explore the associated model and data characteristics.The text explores many important new methodologies that have developed in timeseries, such as ARCH and GARCH processes, time varying frequencies (TVF),wavelets, and more.Taylor & FrancisArthur L. Bowley: A Pioneer in ModernStatistics and Economics9789812835505 16.04.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 72,00Samuel KotzArthur Lyon Bowley, the founding father of modern statistics, was an important andcolorful figure and a leader in cementing the foundations of statistical methodology,including survey methodology, and of the applications of statistics to economicaland social issues during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In many respects, hewas ahead of his time.The giants in this field around that time were largelyconcentrated in the British Isles and Scandinavian countries; among thesecontributors, Arthur Bowley was one of the most active in revolutionizing statisticalmethodology and its economic applications. However, Bowley has been vastlyundervalued by subsequent commentators - while hundreds of articles and bookshave been written on Karl Pearson, those on Arthur Bowley amount to a dozen orless. This book seeks to remedy this and fill in an important omission in themonographical literature on the history of statistics. In particular, the recentresurgence of interest in poverty research has led to a renewed interest in Bowleyslegacy.World Scientific Publishing
  5. 5.    Statystyka ogó 5Assessment Methods in StatisticalEducation9780470745328 25.03.2010Oprawa: miękka£ 57,50Neville HuntAssessment Methods in Statistical Education: An International Perspective providesa modern, international perspective on assessing students of statistics in highereducation. It is a collection of contributions written by some of the leading figures instatistical education from around the world, drawing on their personal teachingexperience and educational research. The book reflects the wide variety ofdisciplines, such as business, psychology and the health sciences, which includestatistics teaching and assessment. The authors acknowledge the increasinglyimportant role of technology in assessment, whether it be using the internet foraccessing information and data sources or using software to construct and manageindividualised or online assessments. Key Features: Presents successfulassessment strategies, striking a balance between formative and summativeassessment, individual and group work, take-away assignments and supervisedtests. Assesses statistical thinking by questioning students ability to interpret andcommunicate the results of their analysis. Relates assessment to the real world bybasing it on real data in an appropriate context.WileyBasic and Advanced BayesianStructural Equation Modeling9780470669525 24.08.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 65,00Sik-Yum LeeBasic and Advanced Structural Equation Models for Medical and BehaviouralSciences introduces the Bayesian approach to SEMs, including the selection of priordistributions and data augmentation, and offers an overview of the subjects recentadvances. This book takes a Bayesian approach to SEMs allowing the use of priorinformation resulting in improved parameter estimates, latent variable estimates, andstatistics for model comparison, as well as offering more reliable results for smallersamples.WileyBasic Statistical Tools for ImprovingQuality9780470889497 20.05.2011Oprawa: miękka£ 36,95Chang W. KangThis book is an introductory book on improving the quality of a process or a system,primarily through the technique of statistical process control (SPC). There arenumerous technical manuals available for SPC, but this book differs in two ways: (1)the basic tools of SPC are introduced in a no-nonsense, simple, non-math manner,and (2) the methods can be learned and practiced in an uncomplicated fashionusing free software (eZ SPC 2.0), which is available to all readers online as adownloadable product. The book explains QC7 Tools, control charts, and statisticalanalysis including basic design of experiments. Theoretical explanations of theanalytical methods are avoided; instead, results are interpreted through the use ofthe software.WileyBayesian Analysis of StochasticProcess Models9780470744536 30.03.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 60,00Fabrizio RuggeriBayesian analysis of complex models based on stochastic processes has in recentyears become a growing area. This book provides a unified treatment of Bayesiananalysis of models based on stochastic processes, covering the main classes ofstochastic processing including modeling, computational, inference, forecasting,decision making and important applied models. Key features: Explores Bayesiananalysis of models based on stochastic processes, providing a unified treatment.Provides a thorough introduction for research students. Computational tools to dealwith complex problems are illustrated along with real life case studies Looks atinference, prediction and decision making. Researchers, graduate and advancedundergraduate students interested in stochastic processes in fields such asstatistics, operations research (OR), engineering, finance, economics, computerscience and Bayesian analysis will benefit from reading this book. With numerousapplications included, practitioners of OR, stochastic modelling and appliedstatistics will also find this book useful.WileyBayesian Ideas and Data Analysis9781439803547 06.07.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 48,99Ronald ChristensenEmphasizing the use of WinBUGS and R to analyze real data, Bayesian Ideas andData Analysis: An Introduction for Scientists and Statisticians presents statisticaltools to address scientific questions. It highlights foundational issues in statistics, theimportance of making accurate predictions, and the need for scientists andstatisticians to collaborate in analyzing data. The WinBUGS code provided offers aconvenient platform to model and analyze a wide range of data. The first fivechapters of the book contain core material that spans basic Bayesian ideas,calculations, and inference, including modeling one and two sample data fromtraditional sampling models. The text then covers Monte Carlo methods, such asMarkov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulation. After discussing linear structures inregression, it presents binomial regression, normal regression, analysis of variance,and Poisson regression, before extending these methods to handle correlated data.The authors also examine survival analysis and binary diagnostic testing. Acomplementary chapter on diagnostic testing for continuous outcomes is availableon the books website.Taylor & FrancisBayesian Methods: A Social andBehavioral Sciences Approach9781439862483 15.06.2013Oprawa: twarda£ 48,99Jeff GillThis updated, bestselling book continues to be one of the only Bayesian statisticstexts designed for social scientists. Incorporating new research and additionalmaterial, the third edition presents state-of-the-art guidance on Bayesian statisticalcomputing. It emphasizes Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) and computation withR and WinBUGS. Along with doubling the number of exercises, this edition coverstime series, decision theory, nonparametric models, and mixture models. A solutionsmanual is available with qualifying course adoption.Taylor & Francis
  6. 6.    Statystyka ogólna6 www.abe.plBayesian Model Selection andStatistical Modeling9781439836149 03.06.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 62,99Tomohiro AndoBayesian model selection is a fundamental part of the Bayesian statistical modelingprocess. The quality of these solutions usually depends on the goodness of theconstructed Bayesian model. Realizing how crucial this issue is, many researchersand practitioners have been extensively investigating the Bayesian model selectionproblem. This book provides comprehensive explanations of the concepts andderivations of the Bayesian approach for model selection and related criteria,including the Bayes factor, the Bayesian information criterion (BIC), the generalizedBIC, and the pseudo marginal likelihood. It also includes a wide range of practicalexamples of model selection criteria.Taylor & FrancisBayesian Nonparametrics9780521513463 12.04.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 42,00Nils Lid HjortBayesian nonparametrics works - theoretically, computationally. The theory provideshighly flexible models whose complexity grows appropriately with the amount ofdata. Computational issues, though challenging, are no longer intractable. All that isneeded is an entry point: this intelligent book is the perfect guide to what can seema forbidding landscape. Tutorial chapters by Ghosal, Lijoi and Prunster, Teh andJordan, and Dunson advance from theory, to basic models and hierarchicalmodeling, to applications and implementation, particularly in computer science andbiostatistics. These are complemented by companion chapters by the editors andGriffin and Quintana, providing additional models, examining computational issues,identifying future growth areas, and giving links to related topics. This coherent textgives ready access both to underlying principles and to state-of-the-art practice.Specific examples are drawn from information retrieval, NLP, machine vision,computational biology, biostatistics, and bioinformatics.Cambridge University PressBayesian Statistics: An Introduction9781118332573 03.08.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 35,00Peter M. LeeBayesian Statistics is the school of thought that combines prior beliefs with thelikelihood of a hypothesis to arrive at posterior beliefs. The first edition of PeterLees book appeared in 1989, but the subject has moved ever onwards, withincreasing emphasis on Monte Carlo based techniques. This new fourth editionlooks at recent techniques such as variational methods, Bayesian importancesampling, approximate Bayesian computation and Reversible Jump Markov ChainMonte Carlo (RJMCMC), providing a concise account of the way in which theBayesian approach to statistics develops as well as how it contrasts with theconventional approach. The theory is built up step by step, and important notionssuch as sufficiency are brought out of a discussion of the salient features of specificexamples. This edition: Includes expanded coverage of Gibbs sampling, includingmore numerical examples and treatments of OpenBUGS, R2WinBUGS andR2OpenBUGS.WileyCase Studies in Bayesian StatisticalModelling and Analysis9781119941828 16.11.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 65,00Clair L. AlstonCase Studies in Bayesian Statistical Modelling and Analysis provides an accessiblefoundation into Bayesian modelling and analysis using real-world models. Eachchapter comprises of a description of the problem, the corresponding model, thecomputational method, results, and inferences as well as the issues that arise in theimplementation of these approaches. Coverage focuses on a real-world problemsdrawn from the editors own experiences while illustrating the way in which theproblem can be analyzed using Bayesian methods.WileyCategorical Data Analysis with SAS andSPSS Applications9780415646413 03.05.2013Oprawa: miękka£ 28,00Bayo LawalThis book covers the fundamental aspects of categorical data analysis with anemphasis on how to implement the models used in the book using SAS and SPSS.This is accomplished through the frequent use of examples, with relevant codes andinstructions, that are closely related to the problems in the text. Concepts areexplained in detail so that students can reproduce similar results on their own.Beginning with chapter two, exercises at the end of each chapter further strengthenstudents understanding of the concepts by requiring them to apply some of theideas expressed in the text in a more advanced capacity. Most of these exercisesrequire intensive use of PC-based statistical software. Numerous tables with resultsof analyses, including interpretations of the results, further strengthen studentsunderstanding of the material.Categorical Data Analysis With SAS(R) and SPSS Applications features:detailed programs and outputs of all examples illustrated in the book using SAS(R) 8.02 and SPSS on the books CD;Taylor & FrancisCausality: Statistical Perspectives andApplications9780470665565 13.07.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 55,00Carlo BerzuiniThis book looks at a broad collection of contributions from experts in their fields.Providing a thorough treatment on statistical causality. Methods and theirapplications are provided with theoretical background and emphasis is given topractice rather than theory, with technical content kept to a minimum. Step-by-stepinstructions for using the methods are presented with a broad range of examples,including medicine, biology, economics, sociology and political science.Wiley
  7. 7.    Statystyka ogó 7Classic Problems of Probability9781118063255 27.07.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 40,50Prakash GorroochurnClassic Problems of Probability presents a lively account of the most intriguingaspects of statistics. The book features a large collection of more than thirty classicprobability problems which have been carefully selected for their interesting history,the way they have shaped the field, and their counterintuitive nature.From Cardanos 1564 Games of Chance to Jacob Bernoullis 1713 GoldenTheorem to Parrondos 1996 Perplexing Paradox, the book clearly outlines thepuzzles and problems of probability, interweaving the discussion with rich historicaldetail and the story of how the mathematicians involved arrived at their solutions.Each problem is given an in-depth treatment, including detailed and rigorousmathematical proofs as needed. Some of the fascinating topics discussed by theauthor include:Buffons Needle problem and its ingenious treatment by Joseph Barbier,culminating into a discussion of invarianceVarious paradoxes raised by Joseph BertrandWileyCliffsNotes Statistics Quick Review9780470902608 27.05.2011Oprawa: miękka£ 7,99David H. VoelkerInside the Book: Graphic displays Numerical measures Probability SamplingPrinciples of testing Univariate inferential tests Bivariate relationships Reviewquestions Resource center Glossary Common mistakes Tables Why CliffsNotes? Gowith the name you know and trust Get the information you need-fast! CliffsNotesQuick Review guides give you a clear, concise, easy-to-use review of the basics.Introducing each topic, defining key terms, and carefully walking you throughsample problems, this guide helps you grasp and understand the importantconcepts needed to succeed. Access 500 additional practice questions Master the Basics--Fast Complete coverageof core concepts Easy topic-by-topic organization Access hundreds of practiceproblems at Errors in Statistics (and Howto Avoid Them)9781118294390 26.07.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 40,50Phillip I. GoodCommon Errors in Statistics (and How to Avoid Them), Fourth Edition provides amathematically rigorous, yet readily accessible foundation in statistics forexperienced readers as well as students learning to design and completeexperiments, surveys, and clinical trials.Providing a consistent level of coherency throughout, the highly readable FourthEdition focuses on debunking popular myths, analyzing common mistakes, andinstructing readers on how to choose the appropriate statistical technique toaddress their specific task. The authors begin with an introduction to the mainsources of error and provide techniques for avoiding them. Subsequent chaptersoutline key methods and practices for accurate analysis, reporting, and modelbuilding. The Fourth Edition features newly added topics, including:Baseline dataDetecting fraudLinear regression versus linear behaviorWileyCompeting Risks and Multistate Modelswith R9781461420347 18.11.2011Oprawa: miękka€ 49,95Jan BeyersmannThis book covers competing risks and multistate models, sometimes summarizedas event history analysis. These models generalize the analysis of time to a singleevent (survival analysis) to analysing the timing of distinct terminal events (competingrisks) and possible intermediate events (multistate models). Both R and multistatemethods are promoted with a focus on nonparametric methods.SpringerConfidence Intervals for Proportionsand Related Measures for Effect Size9781439812785 20.09.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 57,99Robert G. NewcombeConfidence Intervals for Proportions and Related Measures of Effect Size illustratesthe use of effect size measures and corresponding confidence intervals as moreinformative alternatives to the most basic and widely used significance tests. Thebook provides you with a deep understanding of what happens when thesestatistical methods are applied in situations far removed from the familiar Gaussiancase. Drawing on his extensive work as a statistician and professor at CardiffUniversity School of Medicine, the author brings together methods for calculatingconfidence intervals for proportions and several other important measures, includingdifferences, ratios, and nonparametric effect size measures generalizing Mann-Whitney and Wilcoxon tests. He also explains three important approaches toobtaining intervals for related measures. Many examples illustrate the application ofthe methods in the health and social sciences. Requiring little computational skills,the book offers user-friendly Excel spreadsheets for download, enabling you to easily apply the methods to your own empiricaldata.Taylor & FrancisConstrained Principal ComponentAnalysis and Related Techniques9781466556669 16.11.2013Oprawa: twarda£ 57,99Yoshio TakaneDespite the introduction of constrained principal component analysis (CPCA) over20 years ago, there is no single resource that examines its ramifications, extensions,implementations, and applications. This book explores how CPCA incorporatesexternal information into PCA of a main data matrix. It provides a systematic, in-depth account of the mathematical underpinnings, special cases, related topics,interesting applications, and implementation details. The author explains how CPCAfirst decomposes the data matrix according to the external information (externalanalysis) and then applies PCA to decomposed matrices (internal analysis).Taylor & Francis
  8. 8.    Statystyka ogólna8 www.abe.plData Analysis Using Stata9781597181105 21.09.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 49,99Ulrich KohlerData Analysis Using Stata, Third Edition is a comprehensive introduction to bothstatistical methods and Stata. Beginners will learn the logic of data analysis andinterpretation and easily become self-sufficient data analysts. Readers alreadyfamiliar with Stata will find it an enjoyable resource for picking up new tips and tricks.The book is written as a self-study tutorial and organized around examples. Itinteractively introduces statistical techniques such as data exploration, description,and regression techniques for continuous and binary dependent variables. Step bystep, readers move through the entire process of data analysis and in doing so learnthe principles of Stata, data manipulation, graphical representation, and programs toautomate repetitive tasks. This third edition includes advanced topics, such as factor-variables notation, average marginal effects, standard errors in complex survey, andmultiple imputation in a way, that beginners of both data analysis and Stata canunderstand. Using data from a longitudinal study of private households, the authorsprovide examples from the social sciences that are relatable to researchers from alldisciplines.Taylor & FrancisDesign and Analysis of Experimentswith Examples of SAS9781420060607 03.05.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 66,99John LawsonA culmination of the authors many years of consulting and teaching, "Design andAnalysis of Experiments with SAS" provides practical guidance on the computeranalysis of experimental data. It connects the objectives of research to the type ofexperimental design required, describes the actual process of creating the designand collecting the data, shows how to perform the proper analysis of the data, andillustrates the interpretation of results. Drawing on a variety of application areas, frompharmaceuticals to machinery, the book presents numerous examples ofexperiments and exercises that enable students to perform their own experiments.Harnessing the capabilities of SAS 9.2, it includes examples of SAS data stepprogramming and IML, along with procedures from SAS Stat, SAS QC, and SASOR. The text also shows how to display experimental results graphically using SAScodes graphics. The author emphasizes how the sample size, the assignment ofexperimental units to combinations of treatment factor levels (error control), and theselection of treatment factor combinations (treatment design) affect the resultingvariance and bias of estimates as well as the validity of conclusions.Taylor & FrancisDesign of Experiments: An IntroductionBased on Linear Models9781584889236 27.07.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 62,99Max MorrisOffering deep insight into the connections between design choice and the resultingstatistical analysis, Design of Experiments: An Introduction Based on Linear Modelsexplores how experiments are designed using the language of linear statisticalmodels. The book presents an organized framework for understanding the statisticalaspects of experimental design as a whole within the structure provided by generallinear models, rather than as a collection of seemingly unrelated solutions to uniqueproblems. The core material can be found in the first thirteen chapters. Thesechapters cover a review of linear statistical models, completely randomized designs,randomized complete blocks designs, Latin squares, analysis of data fromorthogonally blocked designs, balanced incomplete block designs, random blockeffects, split-plot designs, and two-level factorial experiments. The remainder of thetext discusses factorial group screening experiments, regression model design, andan introduction to optimal design. To emphasize the practical value of design, mostchapters contain a short example of a real-world experiment.Taylor & FrancisDesign of Observational Studies9781441912121 06.11.2009Oprawa: twarda€ 76,95Paul R. RosenbaumAn observational study is an empiric investigation of effects caused by treatmentswhen randomized experimentation is unethical or infeasible. Observational studiesare common in most fields that study the effects of treatments on people, includingmedicine, economics, epidemiology, education, psychology, political science andsociology. The quality and strength of evidence provided by an observational studyis determined largely by its design. Design of Observational Studies is both anintroduction to statistical inference in observational studies and a detailed discussionof the principles that guide the design of observational studies. Design ofObservational Studies is divided into four parts. Chapters 2, 3, and 5 of Part I coverconcisely, in about one hundred pages, many of the ideas discussed inRosenbaums Observational Studies (also published by Springer) but in a lesstechnical fashion. Part II discusses the practical aspects of using propensity scoresand other tools to create a matched comparison that balances many covariates.Part II includes a chapter on matching in R.SpringerDirichlet and Related Distributions9780470688199 13.04.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 257,00Kai Wang NgThe Dirichlet distribution appears in many areas of application, which includemodelling of compositional data, Bayesian analysis, statistical genetics, andnonparametric inference. This book provides a comprehensive review of the Dirichletdistribution and two extended versions, the Grouped Dirichlet Distribution (GDD) andthe Nested Dirichlet Distribution (NDD), arising from likelihood and Bayesian analysisof incomplete categorical data and survey data with non-response.The theoretical properties and applications are also reviewed in detail for otherrelated distributions, such as the inverted Dirichlet distribution, Dirichlet-multinomialdistribution, the truncated Dirichlet distribution, the generalized Dirichlet distribution,Hyper-Dirichlet distribution, scaled Dirichlet distribution, mixed Dirichlet distribution,Liouville distribution, and the generalized Liouville distribution.WileyDiscovering Statistics Using IBM SPSSStatistics9781446249185 31.03.2013Oprawa: miękka£ 41,99Andy FieldUnrivalled in the way it makes the teaching of statistics compelling and accessible toeven the most anxious of students, the only statistics textbook you and yourstudents will ever need just got better! Andy Fields bestselling Discovering StatisticsUsing SPSS 4th Edition, already an immensely comprehensive textbook - takingstudents from first principles to advanced statistical concepts, and all the whilegrounding knowledge through the use of SPSS - now focuses on providing essentialupdates, better accessibility to its key features, more instructor resources andbroader reach to new student groups - with powerful new digital developments onthe textbooks companion website. New to the 4th Edition - New WebAssign(R)facility. If you adopt this for use on your course it will allow you to produce andmanage assignments online with your students and includes a grading facility tomonitor students progress. Students can practise questions over and over and beprovided with instant feedback and links to the accompanying Ebook where correctsolutions can be found - The mobile study facility encourages students equippedwith smartphones and tablets to access revision material such as CrammingSAGE...
  9. 9.    Statystyka ogó 9Discovering Statistics Using R9781446200469 01.03.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 46,99FieldKeeping the uniquely humorous and self-deprecating style that has made studentsacross the world fall in love with Andy Fields books, Discovering Statistics Using Rtakes students on a journey of statistical discovery using R, a free, flexible anddynamically changing software tool for data analysis that is becoming increasinglypopular across the social and behavioural sciences throughout the world.The journey begins by explaining basic statistical and research concepts before aguided tour of the R software environment. Next you discover the importance ofexploring and graphing data, before moving onto statistical tests that are thefoundations of the rest of the book (for example correlation and regression). You willthen stride confidently into intermediate level analyses such as ANOVA, beforeending your journey with advanced techniques such as MANOVA and multilevelmodels. Although there is enough theory to help you gain the necessary conceptualunderstanding of what youre doing, the emphasis is on applying what you learn toplayful and real-world examples that should make the experience more fun than youmight expect.SAGEDiscovering Stats Using SAS9781849200929 15.02.2010Oprawa: miękka£ 39,99FieldHot on the heels of the 3rd edition of Andy Fields award-winning DiscoveringStatistics Using SPSS comes this brand new version for students using SAS®.Andy has teamed up with a co-author, Jeremy Miles, to adapt the book with all themost up-to-date commands and programming language from SAS® 9.2. If youreusing SAS®, this is the only book on statistics that you will need!The book provides a comprehensive collection of statistical methods, tests andprocedures, covering everything youre likely to need to know for your course, allpresented in Andys accessible and humourous writing style. Suitable for those newto statistics as well as students on intermediate and more advanced courses, thebook walks students through from basic to advanced level concepts, all the whilereinforcing knowledge through the use of SAS®.A cast of characters supports the learning process throughout the book, fromproviding tips on how to enter data in SAS® properly to testing knowledge coveredin chapters interactively, and real world and invented examples illustrate theconcepts and make the techniques come alive.SAGEElementary Statistics9780321709981 01.01.2011Oprawa: miękka£ 56,99Neil A. WeissWeisss Elementary Statistics, Eighth Edition is the ideal textbook for introductorystatistics classes that emphasize statistical reasoning and critical thinking.Comprehensive in its coverage, Weisss meticulous style offers careful, detailedexplanations to ease the learning process. With more than 2,000 exercises, mostusing real data, there is a wealth of opportunity for students to apply theirknowledge and develop statistical literacy. The text is suitable for a one-semestercourse. Elementary Statistics, Eighth Edition, contains parallel presentation of critical-value and p-value approaches to hypothesis testing. This unique design allowsboth the flexibility to concentrate on one approach or the opportunity for greaterdepth in comparing the two. This edition of Elementary Statistics continues thebooks tradition of being on the cutting edge of statistical pedagogy, technology,and data analysis. It includes hundreds of new and updated exercises with real datafrom journals, magazines, newspapers, and Web sites. Elementary Statistics, EighthEdition, takes a data-driven approach with more than 700 data sets documented byseveral hundred data sources.Pearson EducationElementary Statistics9780321894014 01.01.2013Oprawa: twarda£ 53,99Mario F. TriolaFrom SAT scores to job search methods, statistics influences and shapes the worldaround us. Marty Triolas text continues to be the bestseller because it helpsstudents understand the relationship between statistics and the world, bringing lifeto the theory and methods. Elementary Statistics raises the bar with every edition byincorporating an unprecedented amount of real and interesting data that will helpinstructors connect with students today, and help them connect statistics to theirdaily lives. The Twelfth Edition contains more than 1,800 exercises, 89% of whichuse real data and 85% of which are new. Hundreds of examples are included, 91%of which use real data and 84% of which are new. New coverage of Ethics inStatistics highlights new guidelines that have been established in industry.Pearson EducationElementary Statistics Tables9780415563475 04.08.2011Oprawa: miękka£ 17,99H.R. NeaveThis book, designed for students taking a basic introductory course in statisticalanalysis, is far more than just a book of tables. Each table is accompanied by acareful but concise explanation and useful worked examples. Requiring littlemathematical background, "Elementary Statistics Tables" is thus not just a referencebook but a positive and user-friendly teaching and learning aid.Taylor & FrancisElementary Statistics Using Excel9780321890245 13.02.2013Oprawa: twarda£ 119,99Mario F. TriolaFrom SAT scores to job search methods, statistics influences and shapes the worldaround us. Marty Triolas text continues to be the bestseller because it helpsstudents understand the relationship between statistics and the world, bringing lifeto the theory and methods. Elementary Statistics raises the bar with every edition byincorporating an unprecedented amount of real and interesting data that will helpinstructors connect with students today, and help them connect statistics to theirdaily lives. The Twelfth Edition contains more than 1,800 exercises, 89% of whichuse real data and 85% of which are new. Hundreds of examples are included, 91%of which use real data and 84% of which are new. New coverage of Ethics inStatistics highlights new guidelines that have been established in industry.Pearson Education
  10. 10.    Statystyka ogólna10 www.abe.plElementary Statistics Using the TI-83/84Plus Calculator9780321641489 08.02.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 113,98Mario F. Triola95% of Introductory Statistics students will never take another Statistics course.What do you want to learn? Discover the Power of Real Data Mario Triola remainsthe market-leading statistics author by engaging readers of each edition with anabundance of real data in the examples, applications, and exercises. Statistics is allaround us, and Triola helps readers understand how this course will impact theirlives beyond the classroom-as consumers, citizens, and professionals. ElementaryStatistics Using the TI-83/84 Plus Calculator, Third Edition provides extensiveinstruction for using the TI-83 and TI-84 Plus (and Silver Edition) calculators forstatistics, with information on calculator functions, images of screen displays, andprojects designed exclusively for the graphing calculator. Drawn from Triola,sElementary Statistics, Eleventh Edition, this text provides the same student-friendlyapproach with material presented in a real-world context. The Third Edition containsmore than 2,000 exercises, 87% are new, and 82% use real data. It also containshundreds of examples; 86% are new and 94% use real data.Pearson EducationElementary Statistics: Picturing theWorld9780321709974 24.12.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 67,99Ron LarsonElementary Statistics: Picturing the World, Fifth Edition, offers our most accessibleapproach to statistics-with more than 750 graphical displays that illustrate data,readers are able to visualize key statistical concepts immediately. Adhering to thephilosophy that students learn best by doing, this book relies heavily on examples-25% of the examples and exercises are new for this edition. Larson and Farbercontinue to demonstrate that statistics is all around us and that its easy tounderstand.Pearson EducationElements of Distribution Theory9781107630734 24.10.2011Oprawa: miękka£ 29,99Thomas A. SeveriniThis detailed introduction to distribution theory uses no measure theory, making itsuitable for students in statistics and econometrics as well as for researchers whouse statistical methods. Good backgrounds in calculus and linear algebra areimportant and a course in elementary mathematical analysis is useful, but notrequired. An appendix gives a detailed summary of the mathematical definitions andresults that are used in the book. Topics covered range from the basic distributionand density functions, expectation, conditioning, characteristic functions, cumulants,convergence in distribution and the central limit theorem to more advancedconcepts such as exchangeability, models with a group structure, asymptoticapproximations to integrals, orthogonal polynomials and saddlepointapproximations. The emphasis is on topics useful in understanding statisticalmethodology; thus, parametric statistical models and the distribution theoryassociated with the normal distribution are covered comprehensively.Cambridge University PressEmpirical Model Building: Data, Models,and Reality9780470467039 02.12.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 83,50James R. ThompsonPraise for the First Edition "This...novel and highly stimulating book, whichemphasizes solving real problems...should be widely read. It will have a positive andlasting effect on the teaching of modeling and statistics in general." - Short BookReviews This new edition features developments and real-world examples thatshowcase essential empirical modeling techniques Successful empirical modelbuilding is founded on the relationship between data and approximaterepresentations of the real systems that generated that data. As a result, it isessential for researchers who construct these models to possess the special skillsand techniques for producing results that are insightful, reliable, and useful.Empirical Model Building: Data, Models, and Reality, Second Edition presents ahands-on approach to the basic principles of empirical model building through ashrewd mixture of differential equations, computer-intensive methods, and data.WileyEmpirical Processes in M-estimation9780521123259 19.01.2010Oprawa: miękka£ 28,99Sara A. van de GeerThe theory of empirical processes provides valuable tools for the development ofasymptotic theory in (nonparametric) statistical models, and makes possible theunified treatment of a number of them. This book reveals the relation between theasymptotic behaviour of M-estimators and the complexity of parameter space.Virtually all results are proved using only elementary ideas developed within thebook; there is minimal recourse to abstract theoretical results. To make the resultsconcrete, a detailed treatment is presented for two important examples of M-estimation, namely maximum likelihood and least squares. The theory also coversestimation methods using penalties and sieves. Many illustrative examples are given,including the Grenander estimator, estimation of functions of bounded variation,smoothing splines, partially linear models, mixture models and image analysis.Graduate students and professionals in statistics as well as those with an interest inapplications, to such areas as econometrics, medical statistics, etc., will welcomethis treatment.Cambridge University PressEssentials of Statistical Inference9780521548663 29.03.2010Oprawa: miękka£ 21,99G.A. YoungAimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate students in mathematics andrelated disciplines, this 2005 book presents the concepts and results underlying theBayesian, frequentist and Fisherian approaches, with particular emphasis on thecontrasts between them. Computational ideas are explained, as well as basicmathematical theory. Written in a lucid and informal style, this concise text providesboth basic material on the main approaches to inference, as well as more advancedmaterial on developments in statistical theory, including: material on Bayesiancomputation, such as MCMC, higher-order likelihood theory, predictive inference,bootstrap methods and conditional inference. It contains numerous extendedexamples of the application of formal inference techniques to real data, as well ashistorical commentary on the development of the subject. Throughout, the textconcentrates on concepts, rather than mathematical detail, while maintainingappropriate levels of formality. Each chapter ends with a set of accessible problems.Cambridge University Press
  11. 11.    Statystyka ogó 11Essentials of Statistics9780321721693 30.04.2010Oprawa: miękka£ 56,99Mario F. Triola95% of Introductory Statistics students will never take another statistics course.What do you want to learn? Discover the Power of Real Data Mario Triola remainsthe market-leading statistics author by engaging readers of each edition with anabundance of real data in the examples, applications, and exercises. Statistics is allaround us, and Triola helps readers understand how this course will impact theirlives beyond the classroom-as consumers, citizens, and professionals. Essentials ofStatistics, Fourth Edition is a more economical and streamlined introductorystatistics text. Drawn from Triolas Elementary Statistics, Eleventh Edition, this textprovides the same student-friendly approach with material presented in a real-worldcontext. The Fourth Edition contains more than 1,700 exercises (18% more than theprevious edition); 89% are new and 81% use real data. The book also containshundreds of examples; 86% are new and 92% use real data. By analyzing real data,readers are able to connect abstract concepts to the world at large, teaching themto think statistically and apply their conceptual understanding using the samemethods that professional statisticians employ.Pearson EducationEssentials of Stochastic Processes9781461436140 23.05.2012Oprawa: twarda€ 49,95Richard DurrettThis book is for a first course in stochastic processes taken by undergraduates ormaster,s students who have had a course in probability theory. It covers Markovchains in discrete and continuous time, Poisson processes, renewal processes,martingales, and mathematical finance. One can only learn a subject by seeing it inaction, so there are a large number of examples and more than 300 carefully chosenexercises to deepen the reader,s understanding The book has undergone athorough revision since the first edition. There are many new examples andproblems with solutions that use the TI-83 to eliminate the tedious details of solvinglinear equations by hand. Some material that was too advanced for the level hasbeen eliminated while the treatment of other topics useful for applications has beenexpanded. In addition, the ordering of topics has been improved. For example, thedifficult subject of martingales is delayed until its usefulness can be seen in thetreatment of mathematical finance. Richard Durrett received his Ph.D. in OperationsResearch from Stanford in 1976. He taught at the UCLA math department for nineyears and at Cornell for twenty-five before moving to Duke in 2010.SpringerEveryday Probability and Statistics9781848167629 07.08.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 31,00Michael Mark WoolfsonProbability and statistics impinge on the life of the average person in a variety ofways - as is suggested by the title of this book. Very often, information is providedthat is factually accurate but intended to present a biased view. This book presentsthe important results of probability and statistics without making heavy mathematicaldemands on the reader. It should enable an intelligent reader to properly assessstatistical information and to understand that the same information can bepresented in different ways. The author presents a new chapter exploring scienceand society including the way that scientists communicate with the public on currenttopics such as global warming. The book also investigates pensions and pensionpolicy, and how they are influenced by changing actuarial tables.World Scientific PublishingExpansions and Asymptotics forStatistics9781584885900 04.05.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 62,99Christopher G. SmallAsymptotic methods provide important tools for approximating and analysingfunctions that arise in probability and statistics. Moreover, the conclusions ofasymptotic analysis often supplement the conclusions obtained by numericalmethods. Providing a broad toolkit of analytical methods, Expansions andAsymptotics for Statistics shows how asymptotics, when coupled with numericalmethods, becomes a powerful way to acquire a deeper understanding of thetechniques used in probability and statistics.The book first discusses the role of expansions and asymptotics in statistics, thebasic properties of power series and asymptotic series, and the study of rationalapproximations to functions. With a focus on asymptotic normality and asymptoticefficiency of standard estimators, it covers various applications, such as the use ofthe delta method for bias reduction, variance stabilisation, and the construction ofnormalising transformations, as well as the standard theory derived from the work ofR.A. Fisher, H. Cramér, L. Le Cam, and others. The book then examines the closeconnection between saddle-point approximation and the Laplace method.Taylor & FrancisFisher, Neyman, and the Creation ofClassical Statistics9781441994998 03.08.2011Oprawa: miękka€ 26,95Erich L. LehmannClassical statistical theory-hypothesis testing, estimation, and the design ofexperiments and sample surveys-is mainly the creation of two men: Ronald A.Fisher (1890-1962) and Jerzy Neyman (1894-1981). Their contributions sometimescomplemented each other, sometimes occurred in parallel, and, particularly at laterstages, often were in strong opposition. The two men would not be pleased to seetheir names linked in this way, since throughout most of their working lives theydetested each other. Nevertheless, they worked on the same problems, andthrough their combined efforts created a new discipline. This new book by E.L.Lehmann, himself a student of Neymans, explores the relationship betweenNeyman and Fisher, as well as their interactions with other influential statisticians,and the statistical history they helped create together. Lehmann uses directcorrespondence and original papers to recreate an historical account of the creationof the Neyman-Pearson Theory as well as Fishers dissent, and other importantstatistical theories.SpringerFrequency Curves and Correlation9781107601291 30.06.2011Oprawa: miękka£ 16,99William Palin EldertonOriginally published in 1906 by C. & E. Layton, Limited, this work, with its many laterimprovements, became a standard textbook on curve-fitting and was several timesreissued. Reprinted here is the 1953 fourth edition of the book, published byCambridge University Press, and containing a preface by the author, Sir WilliamElderton, in which he comments on the changes that he introduced.Cambridge University Press
  12. 12.    Statystyka ogólna12 www.abe.plFrom Finite Sample to AsymptoticMethods in Statistics9780521877220 03.01.2009Oprawa: twarda£ 54,00Pranab Kumar SenExact statistical inference may be employed in diverse fields of science andtechnology. As problems become more complex and sample sizes become larger,mathematical and computational difficulties can arise that require the use ofapproximate statistical methods. Such methods are justified by asymptoticarguments but are still based on the concepts and principles that underlie exactstatistical inference. With this in perspective, this book presents a broad view ofexact statistical inference and the development of asymptotic statistical inference,providing a justification for the use of asymptotic methods for large samples.Methodological results are developed on a concrete and yet rigorous mathematicallevel and are applied to a variety of problems that include categorical data,regression, and survival analyses. This book is designed as a textbook for advancedundergraduate or beginning graduate students in statistics, biostatistics, or appliedstatistics but may also be used as a reference for academic researchers.Cambridge University PressFunctional Estimation for Density,Regression Models and Processes9789814343732 25.03.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 52,00Odile PonsThis book presents a unified approach on nonparametric estimators for models ofindependent observations, jump processes and continuous processes. Newestimators are defined and their limiting behavior is studied. From a practical point ofview, the book expounds on the construction of estimators for functionals ofprocesses and densities, and provides asymptotic expansions and optimalityproperties from smooth estimators. It also presents new regular estimators forfunctionals of processes, compares histogram and kernel estimators of several newestimators for single-index models, and examines the weak convergence of theestimators.World Scientific PublishingGeneralized Linear Models: withApplications in Engineering and the9780470454633 16.04.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 83,50Raymond H. MyersMaintaining the same nontechnical approach as its acclaimed predecessor, thissecond edition of Generalized Linear Models is now thoroughly extended to includethe latest developments in the field, the most relevant computational approaches,and the most relevant examples from the fields of engineering and physicalsciences. This new edition is more tutorial in nature with added examples, exercises,and step-by-step analyses that can be easily worked using the SAS, Minitab, JMP,and R software packages. Its relevant for upper-undergraduate and graduatestudents as well as engineers, scientists, and statisticians.WileyGraphical Models with R9781461422983 23.02.2012Oprawa: miękka€ 49,95Soren HojsgaardGraphical models in their modern form have been around since the late 1970s andappear today in many areas of the sciences. Along with the ongoing developmentsof graphical models, a number of different graphical modeling software programshave been written over the years. In recent years many of these softwaredevelopments have taken place within the R community, either in the form of newpackages or by providing an R interface to existing software. This book attempts togive the reader a gentle introduction to graphical modeling using R and the mainfeatures of some of these packages. In addition, the book provides examples ofhow more advanced aspects of graphical modeling can be represented andhandled within R. Topics covered in the seven chapters include graphical modelsfor contingency tables, Gaussian and mixed graphical models, Bayesian networksand modeling high dimensional data.SpringerHandbook of Fitting StatisticalDistributions with R9781584887119 01.10.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 101,00Zaven A. KarianStrengthened by examples taken from the scientific literature, this handbookprovides statisticians and researchers across the physical and social sciences withcutting-edge methods for fitting continuous probability distributions. It presentsfamilies with wide-ranging applicability, including Johnsons system, kappadistribution, and generalized lambda distribution. By providing the necessary Rprograms, the book enables practitioners to implement the techniques using Rcomputer code. To cover distribution method combinations not included in thebooks extensive tables, the authors delve into the application of computationalalgorithms and attendant approximation errors.Taylor & FrancisHandbook of Mixed MembershipModels and Their Applications9781466504080 26.10.2013Oprawa: twarda£ 63,99Edoardo M Airoldi (Harvard University, Massa-Unlike classical mixture models that are limited by the assumption that each objector individual belongs to only one mixture component, mixed membership modelshandle various data structures and multivariate data of mixed types, includinglongitudinal, sparse, and relational data structures. A compilation of peer-reviewedarticles from researchers in genetics and computer science, this volume examinesthe characteristics of mixed membership distribution. It gives a fresh take on clusterand classical modeling with a focus on posterior membership probabilities.Taylor & Francis
  13. 13.    Statystyka ogó 13Handbook of Monte Carlo Methods9780470177938 01.04.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 96,95Dirk P. KroeseMore and more of today’s numerical problems found in engineering and finance aresolved through Monte Carlo methods. The heightened popularity of these methodsand their continuing development makes it important for researchers to have acomprehensive understanding of the Monte Carlo approach. Handbook of MonteCarlo Methods provides the theory, algorithms, and applications that helps provide athorough understanding of the emerging dynamics of this rapidly-growing field.The authors begin with a discussion of fundamentals such as how to generaterandom numbers on a computer. Subsequent chapters discuss key Monte Carlotopics and methods, including:Random variable and stochastic process generationMarkov chain Monte Carlo, featuring key algorithms such as the Metropolis-Hastings method, the Gibbs sampler, and hit-and-runDiscrete-event simulationTechniques for the statistical analysis of simulation data including the deltamethod, steady-state estimation, and kernel density estimationWileyHandbook of Parametric andNonparametric Statistical Procedures9781439858011 02.05.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 115,00David J. SheskinFollowing in the footsteps of its bestselling predecessors, the Handbook ofParametric and Nonparametric Statistical Procedures, Fifth Edition providesresearchers, teachers, and students with an all-inclusive reference on univariate,bivariate, and multivariate statistical procedures. New in the Fifth Edition:Substantial updates and new material throughout New chapters on path analysis,meta-analysis, and structural equation modeling Index numbers and time seriesanalysis applications in business and economics Statistical quality controlapplications in industry Random- and fixed-effects models for the analysis ofvariance Broad in scope, the Handbook is intended for individuals involved in a widespectrum of academic disciplines encompassing the fields of mathematics, thesocial, biological, and environmental sciences, business, and education. A referencefor statistically sophisticated individuals, the Handbook is also accessible to thoselacking the theoretical or mathematical background required for understandingsubject matter typically documented in statistics reference books.Taylor & FrancisHandbook of Spatial Point PatternAnalysis in Ecology9781420082548 25.10.2013Oprawa: twarda£ 49,99Thorsten WiegandA guidebook to spatial point-pattern analysis for ecologists, this book provides acomprehensive presentation of the theory behind point-pattern analysis targeted atthe non-expert. It contains case studies, worked examples, focus boxes, abibliography, and a glossary. The book uses Programita for the analysis of allexamples and includes detailed step-by-step instructions of how to perform theanalyses within the workbook. An executable copy of Programita and all exampledata sets is available with the workbook. This book meets the growing need for aresource focusing on the applications of point patterns analysis to ecologicalproblems.Taylor & FrancisHigh-Dimensional Data Analysis9789814324854 15.12.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 59,00Tony CaiOver the last few years, significant developments have been taking place in high-dimensional data analysis, driven primarily by a wide range of applications in manyfields such as genomics and signal processing. In particular, substantial advanceshave been made in the areas of feature selection, covariance estimation,classification and regression. This book intends to examine important issues arisingfrom high-dimensional data analysis to explore key ideas for statistical inference andprediction. It is structured around topics on multiple hypothesis testing, featureselection, regression, classification, dimension reduction, as well as applications insurvival analysis and biomedical research. This book will appeal to graduatestudents and new researchers interested in the plethora of opportunities available inhigh-dimensional data analysis.World Scientific PublishingIncomplete Block Designs9789814322683 31.08.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 52,00Aloke DeyThis book presents a systematic, rigorous and comprehensive account of the theoryand applications of incomplete block designs. All major aspects of incomplete blockdesigns are considered by consolidating vast amounts of material from the literature- the classical incomplete block designs, like the balanced incomplete block (BIB)and partially balanced incomplete block (PBIB) designs. Other developments likeefficiency-balanced designs, nested designs, robust designs, C-designs and alphadesigns are also discussed, along with more recent developments in incompleteblock designs for special types of experiments, like biological assays, test-controlexperiments and diallel crosses, which are generally not covered in existing books.Results on the optimality aspects of various incomplete block designs are reviewedin a separate chapter, that also includes recent results for test-control comparisons,parallel-line assays and diallel cross experiments.World Scientific PublishingIncomplete Categorical Data Design:Non-Randomized Response9781439855331 16.08.2013Oprawa: twarda£ 57,99Guo-Liang TianUnlike the established randomized response (RR) technique, non-randomizedresponse (NRR) techniques yield reproducible results in survey design and analysis.This book presents new techniques designed to overcome the bias inherent inposing sensitive questions in sociological or behavioral science surveys, withoutrequiring a means of randomization. The authors provide a systematic introductionto NRR techniques that can overcome the limitations of RR techniques, combiningthe strengths of existing approaches, such as RR models, incomplete data design,expectation-maximization algorithm, data augmentation algorithm, and bootstrapmethod.Taylor & Francis
  14. 14.    Statystyka ogólna14 www.abe.plIndustrial Statistics: Practical Methodsand Guidance for Improved9780470497166 14.04.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 53,50Anand M. Joglekarndustrial Statistics guides you through ten practical statistical methods that havebroad applications in many different industries for enhancing research, productdesign, process design, validation, manufacturing, and continuous improvement. Asyou progress through the book, youll discover some valuable methods that arecurrently underutilized in industry as well as other methods that are often not usedcorrectly.With twenty-five years of teaching and consulting experience, author AnandJoglekar has helped a diverse group of companies reduce costs, accelerate productdevelopment, and improve operations through the effective implementation ofstatistical methods. Based on his experience working with both clients andstudents, Dr. Joglekar focuses on real-world problem-solving. For each statisticalmethod, the book:Presents the most important underlying concepts clearly and succinctlyMinimizes mathematical details that can be delegated to a computerIllustrates applications with numerous practical examplesWileyInequalities in Analysis and Probability9789814412575 22.01.2013Oprawa: twarda£ 65,00Odile PonsThe book is aimed at graduate students and researchers with basic knowledge ofProbability and Integration Theory. It introduces classical inequalities in vector andfunctional spaces with applications to probability. It also develops new extensions ofthe analytical inequalities, with sharper bounds and generalizations to the sum or thesupremum of random variables, to martingales and to transformed Brownianmotions. The proofs of the new results are presented in great detail.World Scientific PublishingIntro Stats9780321891358 02.01.2013Oprawa: twarda£ 53,99Richard D. De VeauxRichard De Veaux, Paul Velleman, and David Bock wrote Intro Stats with the goalthat you have as much fun reading it as they did in writing it. Maintaining aconversational, humorous, and informal writing style, this new edition engagesreaders from the first page. The authors focus on statistical thinking throughout thetext and rely on technology for calculations. As a result, students can focus ondeveloping their conceptual understanding. Innovative Think/Show/Tell examplesprovide a problem-solving framework and, more importantly, a way to think throughany statistics problem and present their results. New to the Fourth Edition is astreamlined presentation that keeps students focused on whats most important,while including out helpful features. An updated organization divides chapters intosections, with specific learning objectives to keep students on track. A detailed tableof contents assists with navigation through this new layout. Single-conceptexercises complement the existing mid- to hard-level exercises for basic skilldevelopment.Pearson EducationIntroduction to General and GeneralizedLinear Models9781420091557 05.11.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 41,99Poul ThyregodSince the mathematics behind generalized linear models is often difficult to followwhile the mathematics behind general linear models is well understood, this textdescribes the methodology behind both models in a parallel setup. After introducinga likelihood framework that is sufficient to cover both approaches, the authorspresent general linear models, including analysis of covariance, before moving on tomore complicated generalized linear models using the same likelihood-basedapproach. Numerous simulated and real-world examples, implemented using R andSAS, illustrate the methods discussed. The text also provides exercises to furtherdevelop understanding.Taylor & FrancisIntroduction to Linear RegressionAnalysis9780470542811 27.04.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 90,50Douglas C. MontgomeryPraise for the Fourth Edition "As with previous editions, the authors have produceda leading textbook on regression." -- Journal of the American Statistical AssociationA comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to the fundamentals of regressionanalysis Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis, Fifth Edition continues topresent both the conventional and less common uses of linear regression in todayscutting-edge scientific research. The authors blend both theory and application toequip readers with an understanding of the basic principles needed to applyregression model-building techniques in various fields of study, includingengineering, management, and the health sciences. Following a generalintroduction to regression modeling, including typical applications, a host oftechnical tools are outlined such as basic inference procedures, introductoryaspects of model adequacy checking, and polynomial regression models and theirvariations. The book then discusses how transformations and weighted leastsquares can be used to resolve problems of model inadequacy and also how todeal with influential observations.WileyIntroduction to Modeling and Analysisof Stochastic Systems9781441917713 10.11.2010Oprawa: twarda€ 79,95V. G. KulkarniThis book provides a self-contained review of all the relevant topics in probabilitytheory. A software package called MAXIM, which runs on MATLAB, is madeavailable for downloading. Vidyadhar G. Kulkarni is Professor of OperationsResearch at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.Springer
  15. 15.    Statystyka ogó 15Introduction to the Theory of StatisticalInference9781439852927 25.07.2011Oprawa: miękka£ 31,99Silvelyn ZwanzigBased on the authors lecture notes, Introduction to the Theory of StatisticalInference presents concise yet complete coverage of statistical inference theory,focusing on the fundamental classical principles. Suitable for a second-semesterundergraduate course on statistical inference, the book offers proofs to support themathematics. It illustrates core concepts using cartoons and provides solutions to allexamples and problems. Highlights Basic notations and ideas of statistical inferenceare explained in a mathematically rigorous, but understandable, form Classroom-tested and designed for students of mathematical statistics Examples, applicationsof the general theory to special cases, exercises, and figures provide a deeperinsight into the material Solutions provided for problems formulated at the end ofeach chapter Combines the theoretical basis of statistical inference with a usefulapplied toolbox that includes linear models Theoretical, difficult, or frequentlymisunderstood problems are marked The book is aimed at advancedundergraduate students, graduate students in mathematics and statistics, andtheoretically-interested students from other disciplines.Taylor & FrancisIntroduction to Time Series Using Stata9781597181327 08.02.2013Oprawa: miękka£ 49,99Sean BeckettiRecent decades have witnessed explosive growth in new and powerful tools fortimeseries analysis. These innovations have overturned older approaches toforecasting, macroeconomic policy analysis, the study of productivity and long-runeconomic growth, and the trading of financial assets. Familiarity with these newtools on time series is an essential skill for statisticians, econometricians, andapplied researchers. Introduction to Time Series Using Stata provides a step-by-step guide to essential timeseries techniques-from the incredibly simple to the quitecomplex-and, at the same time, demonstrates how these techniques can be appliedin the Stata statistical package. The emphasis is on an understanding of the intuitionunderlying theoretical innovations and an ability to apply them. Real-world examplesillustrate the application of each concept as it is introduced, and care is taken tohighlight the pitfalls, as well as the power, of each new tool. Sean Becketti is afinancial industry veteran with three decades of experience in academics,government, and private industry.Taylor & FrancisIntroductory Statistics9780321740458 01.10.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 63,99Neil A. WeissWeisss Introductory Statistics, Ninth Edition is the ideal textbook for introductorystatistics classes that emphasize statistical reasoning and critical thinking. The text issuitable for a one- or two-semester course. Comprehensive in its coverage, Weisssmeticulous style offers careful, detailed explanations to ease the learning process.With more than 1,000 data sets and more than 2,600 exercises, most using realdata, this text takes a data-driven approach that encourages students to apply theirknowledge and develop statistical literacy. Introductory Statistics, Ninth Edition,contains parallel presentation of critical-value and p-value approaches to hypothesistesting. This unique design allows both the flexibility to concentrate on oneapproach or the opportunity for greater depth in comparing the two. This editioncontinues the books tradition of being on the cutting edge of statistical pedagogy,technology, and data analysis. It includes hundreds of new and updated exerciseswith real data from journals, magazines, newspapers, and websites. Datasets andother resources (where applicable) for this book are available here.Pearson EducationIntroductory Statistics: A ConceptualApproach Using R9780415996006 17.12.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 60,00William B. WareThis comprehensive and uniquely organized text is aimed at undergraduate andgraduate level statistics courses in education, psychology, and other socialsciences. A conceptual approach, built around common issues and problems ratherthan statistical techniques, allows students to understand the conceptual nature ofstatistical procedures and to focus more on cases and examples of analysis.Wherever possible, presentations contain explanations of the underlying reasonsbehind a technique. Importantly, this is one of the first statistics texts in the socialsciences using R as the principal statistical package. Key features include thefollowing. Conceptual Focus - The focus throughout is more on conceptualunderstanding and attainment of statistical literacy and thinking than on learning aset of tools and procedures. Problems and Cases - Chapters and sections openwith examples of situations related to the forthcoming issues, and major sectionsends with a case study.Taylor & FrancisIntroductory Statistics: Exploring theWorld Through Data9780321322159 27.12.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 75,99Robert GouldWe live in a data-driven world, and this is a book about understanding and workingwith that data. In order to be informed citizens, authors Rob Gould and ColleenRyan believe that learning statistics extends beyond the classroom to an essentiallife skill. They teach students of all math backgrounds how to think about data, howto reason using data, and how to make decisions based on data. With a clear,unintimidating writing style and carefully chosen pedagogy,Introductory Statistics:Exploring the World through Data makes data analysis accessible to all students.Guided Exercises support students by building their confidence as they learn tosolve problems. Snapshots summarize statistical procedures and concepts forconvenient studying. While this text assumes the use of statistical software, formulasare presented as an aid to understanding the concepts rather than the focus ofstudy. Check Your Tech features demonstrate how students will get the samenumerical value by-hand as when using statistical software.Pearson EducationIntroductory Time Series with R9780387886978 01.04.2009Oprawa: miękka€ 49,95Paul S.P. CowpertwaitYearly global mean temperature and ocean levels, daily share prices, and the signalstransmitted back to Earth by the Voyager space craft are all examples of sequentialobservations over time known as time series. This book gives you a step-by-stepintroduction to analysing time series using the open source software R. Each timeseries model is motivated with practical applications, and is defined in mathematicalnotation. Once the model has been introduced it is used to generate synthetic data,using R code, and these generated data are then used to estimate its parameters.This sequence enhances understanding of both the time series model and the Rfunction used to fit the model to data. Finally, the model is used to analyse observeddata taken from a practical application. By using R, the whole procedure can bereproduced by the reader. All the data sets used in the book are available on thewebsite The book is written forundergraduate students of mathematics, economics, business and finance,geography, engineering and related disciplines, and postgraduate students whomay need to analyse time series as part of their taught programme or theirSpringer...
  16. 16.    Statystyka ogólna16 www.abe.plKendalls Advanced Theory of Statistics9780470669549 09.02.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 257,00Alan StuartWileyLarge Sample Inference for LongMemory Processes9781848162785 01.07.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 78,00Liudas GiraitisA discrete-time stationary stochastic process with finite variance is said to have longmemory if its autocorrelations tend to zero hyperbolically in the lag, i.e. like a powerof the lag, as the lag tends to infinity. The absolute sum of autocorrelations of suchprocesses diverges and their spectral density at the origin is unbounded. This isunlike the so-called weakly dependent processes, where autocorrelations tend tozero exponentially fast and the spectral density is bounded at the origin. In a longmemory process, the dependence between the current observation and the one ata distant future is persistent; whereas in the weakly dependent processes, theseobservations are approximately independent. This fact alone is enough to warn aperson about the validity of the classical inference procedures based on the squareroot of the sample size standardization when data are generated by a long-termmemory process. The aim of this volume is to provide a text at the graduate levelfrom which one can learn, in a concise fashion, some basic theory and techniquesof proving limit theorems for numerous statistics based on long memory processes.World Scientific PublishingLarge-Scale Inference9781107619678 29.11.2012Oprawa: miękka£ 24,99Bradley EfronWe live in a new age for statistical inference, where modern scientific technologysuch as microarrays and fMRI machines routinely produce thousands andsometimes millions of parallel data sets, each with its own estimation or testingproblem. Doing thousands of problems at once is more than repeated application ofclassical methods. Taking an empirical Bayes approach, Bradley Efron, inventor ofthe bootstrap, shows how information accrues across problems in a way thatcombines Bayesian and frequentist ideas. Estimation, testing and prediction blend inthis framework, producing opportunities for new methodologies of increased power.New difficulties also arise, easily leading to flawed inferences. This book takes acareful look at both the promise and pitfalls of large-scale statistical inference, withparticular attention to false discovery rates, the most successful of the newstatistical techniques. Emphasis is on the inferential ideas underlying technicaldevelopments, illustrated using a large number of real examples.Cambridge University PressLatent Class and Latent TransitionAnalysis9780470228395 12.01.2010Oprawa: twarda£ 71,95Linda M. CollinsOne of the few books on latent class analysis (LCA) and latent transition analysis(LTA) with a comprehensive treatment of longitudinal latent class models, LatentClass and Latent Transition Analysis reflects improvements in statistical computingas the most up-to-date reference for theoretical, technical, and practical issues incross-sectional and longitudinal data. Plentiful examples enable the reader toacquire a thorough conceptual and technical understanding and to apply techniquesto address empirical research questions. Researchers seeking an advancedintroduction to LCA and LTA and graduate students will benefit from this text.WileyLatent Variable Models and FactorAnalysis9780470971925 15.07.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 55,00David J. BartholomewLatent Variable Models and Factor Analysis provides a comprehensive and unifiedapproach to factor analysis and latent variable modeling from a statisticalperspective. This book presents a general framework to enable the derivation of thecommonly used models, along with updated numerical examples. Nature andinterpretation of a latent variable is also introduced along with related techniques forinvestigating dependency. This book: Provides a unified approach showing howsuch apparently diverse methods as Latent Class Analysis and Factor Analysis areactually members of the same family. Presents new material on ordered manifestvariables, MCMC methods, non-linear models as well as a new chapter on relatedtechniques for investigating dependency. Includes new sections on structuralequation models (SEM) and Markov Chain Monte Carlo methods for parameterestimation, along with new illustrative examples. Looks at recent developments ongoodness-of-fit test statistics and on non-linear models and models with mixedlatent variables, both categorical and continuous.WileyMaximum Likelihood Estimation andInference9780470094822 02.09.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 60,00Russell B. MillarThis book takes a fresh look at the popular and well-established method ofmaximum likelihood for statistical estimation and inference. It begins with an intuitiveintroduction to the concepts and background of likelihood, and moves through tothe latest developments in maximum likelihood methodology, including generallatent variable models and new material for the practical implementation ofintegrated likelihood using the free ADMB software. Fundamental issues of statisticalinference are also examined, with a presentation of some of the philosophicaldebates underlying the choice of statistical paradigm. Key features: Provides anaccessible introduction to pragmatic maximum likelihood modelling. Covers moreadvanced topics, including general forms of latent variable models (including non-linear and non-normal mixed-effects and state-space models) and the use ofmaximum likelihood variants, such as estimating equations, conditional likelihood,restricted likelihood and integrated likelihood. Adopts a practical approach, with afocus on providing the relevant tools required by researchers and practitioners whocollect and analyze real data.Wiley
  17. 17.    Statystyka ogó 17Methodology in Robust andNonparametric Statistics9781439840689 30.07.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 63,99Jana JureckovaRobust and nonparametric statistical methods have their foundation in fields rangingfrom agricultural science to astronomy, from biomedical sciences to the publichealth disciplines, and, more recently, in genomics, bioinformatics, and financialstatistics. These disciplines are presently nourished by data mining and high-levelcomputer-based algorithms, but to work actively with robust and nonparametricprocedures, practitioners need to understand their background. Explaining theunderpinnings of robust methods and recent theoretical developments,Methodology in Robust and Nonparametric Statistics provides a profoundmathematically rigorous explanation of the methodology of robust andnonparametric statistical procedures. Thoroughly up-to-date, this book Presentsmultivariate robust and nonparametric estimation with special emphasis on affine-equivariant procedures, followed by hypotheses testing and confidence sets Keepsmathematical abstractions at bay while remaining largely theoretical Provides a poolof basic mathematical tools used throughout the book in derivations of main resultsTaylor & FrancisMixture9781119993896 06.05.2011Oprawa: twarda£ 60,00Christian RobertThis book uses the EM (expectation maximization) algorithm to simultaneouslyestimate the missing data and unknown parameter(s) associated with a data set.The parameters describe the component distributions of the mixture; thedistributions may be continuous or discrete.The editors provide a complete account of the applications, mathematical structureand statistical analysis of finite mixture distributions along with MCMC computationalmethods, together with a range of detailed discussions covering the applications ofthe methods and features chapters from the leading experts on the subject. Theapplications are drawn from scientific discipline, including biostatistics, computerscience, ecology and finance. This area of statistics is important to a range ofdisciplines, and its methodology attracts interest from researchers in the fields inwhich it can be applied.WileyModelling Under Risk and Uncertainty9780470695142 19.04.2012Oprawa: twarda£ 70,00Etienne de RocquignyModelling has permeated virtually all areas of industrial, environmental, economic,bio-medical or civil engineering: yet the use of models for decision-making raises anumber of issues to which this book is dedicated: How uncertain is my model ? Is ittruly valuable to support decision-making ? What kind of decision can be trulysupported and how can I handle residual uncertainty ? How much refined shouldthe mathematical description be, given the true data limitations ? Could theuncertainty be reduced through more data, increased modeling investment orcomputational budget ? Should it be reduced now or later ? How robust is theanalysis or the computational methods involved ? Should / could those methods bemore robust ? Does it make sense to handle uncertainty, risk, lack of knowledge,variability or errors altogether ? How reasonable is the choice of probabilisticmodeling for rare events ? How rare are the events to be considered? How far doesit make sense to handle extreme events and elaborate confidence figures ? Can Itake advantage of expert / phenomenological knowledge to tighten the probabilisticfigures ?WileyModern Elementary Statistics9780131742581 21.11.2005Oprawa: twarda£ 55,26Benjamin PerlesThis book is intended for use in a first course in Statistics. There is a systematicacademic approach in "Modern Elementary Statistics". Its emphasis is onintroduction to meaningful, well-established statistical techniques. The future wouldbe medical doctor, business executive, scientist, teacher, or other professionalspecialist must comprehend and be skillful in the application of baisc statistical toolsand methodology. The students knowledge is greatly enhanced by repeatedexposure to statistical exercises.Pearson EducationModern Multivariate StatisticalTechniques9780387781884 Aug 2008Oprawa: twarda€ 73,95Alan Julian IzenmanThis is the first book on multivariate analysis to look at large data sets whichdescribes the state of the art in analyzing such data. Material such as databasemanagement systems is included that has never appeared in statistics booksbefore.SpringerModern Research Methods for theStudy of Behavior in Organizations9780415885591 22.04.2013Oprawa: twarda£ 57,00Jose M. CortinaThe goal for the chapters in this book SIOP Organizational Frontiers series volumeis to challenge researchers to break away from the rote application of traditionalmethodologies and to capitalize upon the wealth of data collection and analyticstrategies available to them. In that spirit, many of the chapters in this book dealwith methodologies that encourage organizational scientists to re-conceptualizephenomena of interest (e.g., experience sampling, catastrophe modeling), employnovel data collection strategies (e.g., data mining, Petri nets), and/or applysophisticated analytic techniques (e.g., latent class analysis). The editors believethat these chapters provide compelling solutions for the complex problems faced byorganizational researchers.Taylor & Francis