European Year of the Brain | Europejski Rok Mózgu 2014 Psychologia


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The European Brain Council pledged to make 2014 the European Year of the Brain.
Celebrate with us this event and check our offer

Rok 2014 ogłoszono Europejskim Rokiem Mózgu.
Jak dowodzi Europejska Rada Mózgu: zrozumienie funkcjonowania mózgu może przyczynić się do odkrycia nowych sposobów leczenia, a także zapobiegania chorobom takim jak stwardnienie rozsiane, Parkinson czy Alzheimer.
To także okazja to propagowania wiedzy na ten temat.

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European Year of the Brain | Europejski Rok Mózgu 2014 Psychologia

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  2. 2. 3 DOSTĘPNE | PSYCHOLOGIA Always the Fat Kid Childhood obesity in the United States has tripled in a generation.But while debates continue over the content of school lunches and the dangers of fast food, we are just beginning to recognize the full extent of the long-term physical, psychological, and social problems that overweight children will endure throughout their lives. Most dramatically, children today have a shorter life expectancy than their parents, something never beforeseen in the course of human history. They will face more chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes that will further burden our healthcare system. Here, authors Jacob Warren and K. Bryant Smalley examine the full effects of childhood obesity and offer the provocative message that being overweight in youth is not a disease but the result of poor lifestyle choices. Theirs is a clarion call for parents to have "the talk" with their kids, which medical professionals say is a harder topicto addressthan sex or drugs. Urgent, timely, and authoritative, Always the Fat Kid delivers a message our society can no longer ignore. "A chronicle of the painful, long-term effects of being a "fat kid..".. [And a] useful call to arms in the fight against childhood obesity."--Kirkus"Children are Smalley K Bryant 3/1/2013 9780230341777 88.2 PLN PO RABACIE: 74.97 PLN Palgrave Macmillan -15% Behavioral Activation for Depression From leading experts with a decade of experience in research and clinical practice in behavioral activation (BA), this book provides empirically tested tools for helping clients overcome depression by becoming active and engaged in their lives. BA is a stand- alone treatment whose principles can be integrated easily with other approaches that therapists already use. Step-by-step guidelines are presented for identifying individualized treatment targets, monitoring and scheduling "antidepressant" activities - experiences that are likely to be rewarding and pleasurable - and decreasing avoidance and ruminative thinking. Rich clinical illustrations include an extended case example that runs throughout the book. More than 20 activity planning forms, worksheets, and other reproducible materials are featured. "Concise and well written, this is the most accessible and clinically useful book on behavioral activation (BA) for depression available to date. It covers the theoretical underpinnings of BA, the evidence for its effectiveness, and key principles of effective delivery. It clarifies the relationship of BA to other evidence-based treatments and is illustrated throughout with Herman-Dunn Ruth 3/1/2013 9781462510177 88.2 PLN PO RABACIE: 74.97 PLN Guilford Press -15% Chaos and Complexity in Psychology While many books have discussed methodological advances in nonlinear dynamical systems theory (NDS), this volume is unique in its focus on NDS's role in the development of psychological theory. After an introductory chapter covering the fundamentals of chaos, complexity and other nonlinear dynamics, subsequent chapters provide in-depth coverage of each of the specific topic areas in psychology. A concluding chapter takes stock of the field as a whole, evaluating important challenges for the immediate future. The chapters are written by experts in the use of NDS in each of their respective areas, including biological, cognitive, developmental, social, organizational and clinical psychology. Each chapter provides an in-depth examination of theoretical foundations and specific applications and a review of relevant methods. This edited collection represents the state of the art in NDS science across the disciplines of psychology. 'Just as did Henri Bergson's L'Evolution Creatrice in 1907, James Gleick's Chaos in 1987 crystallized a community of concern for nonlinear dynamic systems. Major progress thereafter is documented in this collection of Guastello Stephen J. 8/1/2011 9781107680265 131 PLN PO RABACIE: 111.35 PLN Cambridge University Press -15%
  3. 3. 4 DOSTĘPNE | PSYCHOLOGIA Child, Adolescent and Family Development The third edition of Child, Adolescent and Family Development provides a comprehensive, readable study of human development from conception to adulthood. It explores the foundations of modern developmental thought, incorporating the latest in international research set within a cultural and historical context. Richly illustrated and enhanced by a range of practical teaching resources, this clear and engaging text is intended to reach students across a range of teaching, psychology, social science and health science disciplines. By employing a thematic approach within the chronologically ordered chapters, this text offers a systematic and intuitive structure for both learning and teaching. This new edition features a set of fully updated case studies that consider current trends and issues in developmental theory and practice, as well as end-of-chapter sections that address important stages in the family life cycle. Spears Barbara 9/1/2012 9781107402164 313.95 PLN PO RABACIE: 266.86 PLN Cambridge University Press -15% Clickology Internet shopping has rapidly become a normal, daily activity for people throughout the world. Click.ology investigates this growing phenomenon and reveals the psychology of why we click and what businesses can do to encourage more of us to buy online. From one of the world's leading Internet Psychologists, Graham Jones, this book shows why we buy online and how Internet retail businesses can tap into that behaviour to sell more. With examples from online shops from around the world, this book also reveals the differences in online shopping behaviour in different cultures and exposes how global business can improve international sales if they adapted their online shops to suit local needs. Click.ology looks at the way we use shopping carts, the importance of social media in online shopping and the whole issue of how retailers establish trust and credibility for their web shops. Mobile shopping and the growing importance of video is discussed in this book, as is the future of online shopping and what businesses need to do now to prepare themselves for the way we will be buying online in the next few years. 'This is a great Jones Graham 12/1/2014 9781857886047 69 PLN PO RABACIE: 58.64 PLN Nicholas Brealey Publising -15% Clinical Work with Traumatized Young Children Presenting crucial knowledge and state-of- the-art treatment approaches for working with young children affected by trauma, this book is an essential resource for mental health professionals and child welfare advocates. Readers gain an understanding of how trauma affects the developing brain, the impact on attachment processes, and how to provide effective help to young children and their families from diverse backgrounds. Top experts in the field cover key evidence-based treatments - including child-parent psychotherapy, attachment- based treatments, and relational interventions - as well as interventions for pediatric, legal, and community settings. Special sections give in-depth attention to deployment-related trauma in military families and the needs of children of substance- abusing parents. "The vulnerability of young children's emotions is movingly documented on these pages, as are avenues of hope. Leading experts in the field profile the most promising approaches to promoting recovery and healing in traumatized young children. As they do so, we learn about the importance of relational support, understanding developmental needs, 3/1/2013 9781462509645 93.45 PLN PO RABACIE: 79.43 PLN Guilford Press -15%
  4. 4. 5 DOSTĘPNE | PSYCHOLOGIA Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Teach Yourself "Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is now hugely popular, and as a self-help technique that has helped millions of people in the UK alone, and as an NHS-funded treatment for illnesses like depression. Teach Yourself: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy was one of the first and most successful books on CBT. This new edition shows how CBT techniques, which focus on using altered patterns of thinking to achieve goals and overcome problems, can make a major difference to your mentality. The first half of the book explains the background to CBT, what it is, and how to use it. The second half of the book gives examples of how you can use CBT to deal with specific issues, such as helping to overcome depression and anxiety, and boosting your mindfulness, resilience, assertiveness and self-esteem." Wilding Christine 10/1/2012 9781444170290 57.75 PLN PO RABACIE: 49.09 PLN Hodder Stoughton -15% Controlling Your Drinking: Tools to Make Moderation Work for You Interested in cutting down on your drinking without giving it up altogether? This encouraging, science-based book can help make that goal a reality. Distinguished clinician-researchers William R. Miller and Ricardo F. Munoz have spent more than 40 years studying whether moderation works, who it works (and doesn't work) for, and how to achieve it. They give you tools to evaluate your alcohol consumption, decide what changes you want to make, and create a doable plan of action. Learn new ways to enjoy social events, defuse tension and stress, and cope with difficult emotions - with or without a glass in hand. The updated second edition incorporates the latest scientific data and features a new chapter on mindfulness. "Now in its second edition, this book has only gotten better. By helping readers overcome alcohol problems on their own, this book fills an enormous need, and is consistent with the scientific evidence that self-change is a common pathway to recovery. A welcome alternative in a field where those with concerns about their alcohol use are given few options." - Linda Carter Sobell, PhD, ABPP, and Mark B. Sobell, PhD, ABPP, Nova Southeastern Miller William 9/1/2013 9781462507597 61.95 PLN PO RABACIE: 52.66 PLN Guilford Press -15% Cybercrime Cybercrime is a growing problem in the modern world. Despite the many advantages of computers, they have spawned a number of crimes, such as hacking and virus writing, and made other crimes more prevalent and easier to commit, including music piracy, identity theft and child sex offences. Understanding the psychology behind these crimes helps to determine what motivates and characterises offenders and how such crimes can be prevented. This textbook on the psychology of the cybercriminal is the first written for undergraduate and postgraduate students of psychology, criminology, law, forensic science and computer science. It requires no specific background knowledge and covers legal issues, offenders, effects on victims, punishment and preventative measures for a wide range of cybercrimes. Introductory chapters on forensic psychology and the legal issues of cybercrime ease students into the subject, and many pedagogical features in the book and online provide support for the student. 'Kirwan and Power have produced a truly contemporary text that shines a very bright and critical light on the relatively unexplored area of cybercrime. Kirwan Grainne 8/1/2013 9780521180214 126 PLN PO RABACIE: 107.1 PLN Cambridge University Press -15%
  5. 5. 6 DOSTĘPNE | PSYCHOLOGIA Difficult Mothers Mother love is often seen as sacred, but for many children the relationship is a painful struggle. Using the newest research on human attachment and brain development, Terri Apter, an internationally acclaimed psychologist and writer, unlocks the mysteries of this complicated bond. She showcases the five different types of difficult mother the angry mother, the controlling mother, the narcissistic mother, the envious mother, and the emotionally neglectful mother and explains the patterns of behavior seen in each type. Apter also explores the dilemma at the heart of a difficult relationship: why a mother has such a powerful impact on us and why we continue to care about her responses long after we have outgrown our dependence. She then shows how we can conduct an emotional audit on ourselves to overcome the power of the complex feelings a difficult mother inflicts. In the end this book celebrates the great resilience of sons and daughters of difficult mothers as well as acknowledging their special challenges. Apter Terri 6/1/2012 9780393081022 89 PLN PO RABACIE: 75.65 PLN W.W. Norton & Company -15% E is for Exceptional By the author of You Can Change Your Life (Macmillan, December 2012) Over the last decade, Rob Yeung has interviewed hundreds of high achievers in business, sport and entertainment to gain insight into the minds of successful people. Combining this knowledge with a wealth of scientific research, he has defined the subtle yet crucial differences that distinguish exceptional people from everyone else. By reading this book you will: - Discover the critical mindset that allows high achievers to generate creative ideas - Learn the secret psychology that helps you to influence and persuade others to come round to your way of thinking - Develop practical techniques for boosting yoour relationships and earning and achieving more 'A great guide to high achievement. Full of fascinating information and wonderful advice' Professor Richard Wiseman Please note this book was published as THE EXTRA ONE PER CENT in Trade Paperback. Yeung Rob 1/1/2012 9781447209980 46.2 PLN PO RABACIE: 39.27 PLN Pan Macmillan Books -15% Emotion Regulation in Children and Adolescents Emotion regulation difficulties are central to a range of clinical problems, yet many therapies for children and adolescents lack a focus on emotion and related skills. In a flexible modular format, this much-needed book presents cutting-edge strategies for helping children and adolescents understand and manage challenging emotional experiences. Each of the eight treatment modules can be used on its own or in conjunction with other therapies, and includes user-friendly case examples, sample dialogues, and engaging activities and games. Emotion-informed assessment and case conceptualization are also addressed. Reproducible handouts can be photocopied from the book or downloaded and printed in a convenient 8 1/2" x 11" size. "This volume provides an impressive integration of the science of emotion and its clinical application. The book is versatile and will be useful to psychotherapy practitioners and students alike. The modular approach - suitable for young people experiencing a range of psychological difficulties - is especially valuable. I see this book becoming a 'go-to' resource for all clinicians working with school-age children and adolescents." - Southam-Gerow Michael A. 3/1/2013 9781462508297 156.45 PLN PO RABACIE: 132.98 PLN Guilford Press -15%
  6. 6. 7 DOSTĘPNE | PSYCHOLOGIA Essentials of Psychiatric Diagnosis Grounded in author Allen Frances's extensive clinical experience, this practical guide helps the busy clinician find the right psychiatric diagnosis and avoid the many pitfalls that lead to errors. Covering every disorder routinely encountered in clinical practice, Frances provides the appropriate ICD-9-CM code for each one (the same code utilized in the DSM), a useful screening question, a colorful descriptive prototype, lucid diagnostic tips, and a discussion of other disorders that must be ruled out. The book closes with an index of the most common presenting symptoms, listing possible diagnoses that must be considered for each. Frances was instrumental in the development of past editions of the DSM and provides helpful cautions on questionable aspects of DSM-5. ""Essentials of Psychiatric Diagnosis" is simply the best book I've read about how to accurately diagnose your patients. Frances's combination of vast experience, down-in-the -trenches common sense, and informed skepticism is unique. Whether you're a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, nurse, crisis counselor, or any other mental health professional, you should buy this Frances Allen 5/1/2013 9781462510498 127.05 PLN PO RABACIE: 107.99 PLN Guilford Press -15% Everything I Know About Success I Learned from Napoleon Hill: Essential Lessons for In 1937, Napoleon Hill changed the world with think and grow rich...Now his legacy can be yours. In 1937, one man changed the face of entrepreneurship forever with a single book. Napoleon Hill's landmark Think and Grow Rich remains one of the biggest bestsellers of all time, with over 20 million copies in print and translated into more than 30 languages. Hill's philosophy of personal achievement, wealth, and empowerment created millionaires the world over. At the present time, the principles behind Think and Grow Rich are more vital - and relevant - than ever before. Are you ready to put the power of Napoleon Hill to work for you? In this new book, the Napoleon Hill Foundation's own executive director puts Hill's essential principles right at your fingertips. Filled with fascinating stories from Dolly Parton, Jeffrey Gitomer, Chief Poly Emenike, and Joe Dudley, Jr. - iconic figures who each applied Hill's principles to their own lives, Everything I Know About Success I Learned from Napoleon Hill lays out the tools needed to uncover the secrets of growth, creativity, power, and achievement inside all of us. It's an essential playbook for any business Green Don 4/1/2013 9780071810067 79.8 PLN PO RABACIE: 67.83 PLN McGraw-Hill -15% Evolution, Early Experience and Human Development The field of cognitive psychology has expanded rapidly in recent years, with experts in affective and cognitive neuroscience revealing more about mammalian brain function than ever before. In contrast, psychological problems such as ADHD, autism, anxiety, and depression are on the rise, as are medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and autoimmune disorders. Why, in this era of unprecedented scientific self-knowledge, does there seem to be so much uncertainty about what human beings need for optimal development? Evolution, Early Experience and Human Development asserts that human development is being misshaped by government policies, social practices, and public beliefs that fail to consider basic human needs. In this pioneering volume, scientists from a range of disciplines theorize that the increase in conditions such as depression and obesity can be partially attributed to a disparity between the environments and conditions under which our mammalian brains currently develop and our evolutionary heritage. For example, healthy brain and emotional development depends to a significant extent upon 3/1/2013 9780199755059 268.8 PLN PO RABACIE: 228.48 PLN Oxford University Press -15%
  7. 7. 8 DOSTĘPNE | PSYCHOLOGIA Experiencing the Lifespan Janet Belsky's Experiencing the Lifespan reflects a scientist's understanding of key research, a psychologist's understanding of people, and a teacher's understanding of students. This extensively updated new edition features significant new findings, an expanded focus on applications and a broad -based global perspective. Belsky Janet K. 12/1/2012 9781429299220 264.6 PLN PO RABACIE: 224.91 PLN Worth Publishers -15% Exploring Psychology The new ninth edition merges the rigor of science with a broad human perspective to provide a state-of-the-art introduction to psychology. From vivid presentation and intense attention to detail, to research-based study aids and media learning tools, the inviting, authorial voice of David Myers speaks to the life experiences of all students. New features include: * New study system based on learning and memory research * Over a thousand new research citations - informed by the author's meticulous, ongoing review of the current scientific literature * New chapter on Gender and Sexuality - includes new and significantly reorganised and updated discussions of gender and sexuality research * Enhanced coverage of clinical psychology * New contributor - Nathan Dewall, University of Kentucky - DeWall assisted with the 'Need to Belong' section in Chapter 10, Motivation and Emotion; the 'Personal Control' discussion in Chapter 11, Stress, Health, and Human Flourishing; and the 'Aggression' discussion in Chapter 13, Social Psychology * New time management section - a new preface helps students maximize their study time * Beautiful new design and Myers David G. 2/1/2013 9781464147050 238.35 PLN PO RABACIE: 202.6 PLN Freeman WH -15% Friendships in Childhood and Adolescence Highly readable and comprehensive, this volume explores the significance of friendship for social, emotional, and cognitive development from early childhood through adolescence. The authors trace how friendships change as children age and what specific functions these relationships play in promoting adjustment and well-being. Compelling topics include the effects of individual differences on friendship quality, ways in which certain friendships may promote negative outcomes, and cutting- edge research approaches. Examining what clinicians, educators, and parents can do to help children who struggle with making friends, the book reviews available interventions and identifies important directions for future work in the field. "This clear and authoritative book is a splendid resource for all those interested in children's friendships - their drama and excitements, pleasures and problems. It covers a broad range of topics with exemplary thoroughness; where the research findings are inconsistent, the authors keep a sharp eye on the empirical evidence. The focus includes topics of clinical interest, such as attachment relationships, antisocial and Bagwell Catherine L. 3/1/2013 9781462509607 103.95 PLN PO RABACIE: 88.36 PLN Guilford Press -15%
  8. 8. 9 DOSTĘPNE | PSYCHOLOGIA I is for Influence Some people are naturally gifted in the art of influence and persuasion. Why do some have it and others don't? And what is it, exactly, that makes someone and their point of view so irresistible? In fact, anyone can master the power of influence and Rob Yeung shows you how. Delving into fascinating psychology, he reveals unexpected insights including: * Why giving people more choice might make them less happy * Why telling people they 'should' do something makes them less likely to do it * Why offering something for free makes it less desirable * When GBP1 is more persuasive than GBP50 Revealing the secrets behind effortlessly winning trust and support, I is for Influence will open doors to endless potential in your life, whether it's getting that promotion, winning that business contract or finding your perfect match. By the bestselling author of Confidence and The Extra One Per Cent (Macmillan, 2010). Yeung Rob 9/1/2011 9781905744657 68.25 PLN PO RABACIE: 58.01 PLN Palgrave Macmillan -15% Individual and Team Skill Decay Skill and knowledge retention is a major issue and concern in learning and skill acquisition, especially when trained or acquired skills (or knowledge) are needed after long periods of nonuse. The goal of this book is to summarize and advance the thinking of critical issues related to skill retention and decay in the context of individual and team training on complex tasks. This volume will be of interest to researchers and practitioners in the fields of industrial and organizational psychology, human factors, organizational behavior, and human resources management. This edited book is a 'must have volume' for those interested in skill decay and interventions to reduce it. Skill decay results in performance decrements on delay retention and transfer tasks. The focus of the book on individual and team skill decay in complex domains is unique and valuable . The excellent chapters in the book offer both breadth and depth on the subject of skill decay and ways to reduce it. --Harold F ONeil, Professor of Educational Psychology and Technology, Rossier School of Education/CRESST, University of Southern California 4/1/2013 9780415821933 228.9 PLN PO RABACIE: 194.57 PLN Routledge -15% Industrial Organizational Psychology The new fourth edition introduces students to the psychological factors active in the workplace, including the psychology of the workforce, employee health and well-being, and various dynamics of work interaction. It includes recent studies focusing on new technologies, new work habits, and newly emergent organizational structures. 'Levy does a good job pitching his material at the right level. He spends a good deal of time addressing goals and assumptions of science and how theories work. This...does not appear in enough texts.' - Bryan Myers, University of North Carolina, USA Levy Paul 3/1/2013 9781429242295 266.7 PLN PO RABACIE: 226.7 PLN Worth Publishers -15%
  9. 9. 10 DOSTĘPNE | PSYCHOLOGIA Kiss That Frog! Kiss That Frog! contains a series of practical, proven, easy-to-apply ideas and strategies that anyone can use to change their thinking from negative to positive. The ideas in this book are based on more than 100 years of writing and research in psychology and psychotherapy and are presented in an easily digestible form that goes directly to the root of the reasons why people feel negatively about themselves and about various factors in their lives. Every idea and instruction in this book has been tested and proven in the crucible of real life experiences, both by the authors (Brian Tracy and Christina Tracy Stein) and by the millions of other people worldwide whose lives have been positively affected by these simple principles. <p>"The moment Brian shared with me the message of his new book, I knew I had to have it, read it, and share it with my friends. I recommend you buy this book, read it, and use it--because a happier, more joyful life is just a few hours away."<br> --David Bach, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Automatic Millionaire and founder of<br><br> "Don't let the funny title fool you--Kiss That Frog! could change Tracy Brian 3/1/2012 9781444757798 42 PLN PO RABACIE: 35.7 PLN Hodder Stoughton / Children's Books / Fiction -15% Learning and Memory: from Brain to Behavior Rigorously updated, with a new modular format, the second edition of Learning and Memory brings a modern perspective to the study of this key topic. Reflecting the growing importance of neuroscience in the field, it compares brain studies and behavioural approaches in human and other animal species, and is available in full-colour throughout. Gluck Mark A. 3/1/2013 9781429298582 243.6 PLN PO RABACIE: 207.06 PLN Worth Publishers -15% Longitudinal Structural Equation Modeling Featuring actual data sets as illustrative examples, this book reveals numerous ways to apply structural equation modeling (SEM) to any repeated-measures study. Initial chapters lay the groundwork for modeling a longitudinal change process, from measurement, design, and specification issues to model evaluation and interpretation. Covering both big-picture ideas and technical "how-to-do-it" details, the author deftly walks through when and how to use longitudinal confirmatory factor analysis, longitudinal panel models (including the multiple-group case), multilevel models, growth curve models, and complex factor models, as well as models for mediation and moderation. User-friendly features include equation boxes that clearly explain the elements in every equation, end-of-chapter glossaries, and annotated suggestions for further reading. The companion website provides data sets for all of the examples- which include studies of bullying, adolescent students' emotions, and healthy aging-with syntax and output from LISREL, Mplus, and R (lavaan). "Novices and experts alike will learn something new from this book. Little is a born teacher, and it shows in his writing. Little Todd D. 5/1/2013 9781462510160 242.55 PLN PO RABACIE: 206.17 PLN Guilford Press -15%
  10. 10. 11 DOSTĘPNE | PSYCHOLOGIA Neuroergonomics This book covers the foundations and successes of Neuroergonomics, combining neuroscience and ergonomics to enhance efficiency and safety in work environments. An overview of the essential areas within the field is given with chapters on brain networks, perception, attention, and performance. New developments in brain monitoring, molecular genetics, augmentation of human abilities, and cognitive modelling are explored and serve to illustrate how our increasing knowledge of the brain is being used to change how we work. Johnson and Proctor's book is a seminal text for Neuroergonomics, providing a key introductory outline of this expanding new field and a valuable source for all those interested in and studying Neuroergonomics, applied cognitive psychology and human performance. To come 2/1/2013 9780230299726 285.6 PLN PO RABACIE: 242.76 PLN Palgrave Macmillan -15% NLP Workbook: Teach Yourself Do you want to use the power of NLP to supercharge every aspect of your life? Do you want to understand how to create instant rapport with anyone? Do you want to be able to effectively emulate the skills of the people you respect the most? This new Teach Yourself Workbook doesn't just tell you how to use NLP. It accompanies you every step of the way, with diagnostic tools, goal-setting charts, practical exercises, and many more features ideal for people who want a more active style of learning. The book starts by helping you identify your own preferred styles of learning and communication. It then helps you set specific goals to improve on; as you progress through the book, you will be able to keep checking your progress against these goals. Specially created exercises, using the tools and techniques of NLP, will help you boost your skills and communication so that you can reach your potential in any situation. Bartkowiak Judy 9/1/2012 9781444174434 68.25 PLN PO RABACIE: 58.01 PLN Hodder Stoughton -15% Out of Character Surprising Truths about the Liar, Cheat, Sinner Desteno David 5/1/2011 9780307717757 72.45 PLN PO RABACIE: 61.58 PLN Random House -15%
  11. 11. 12 DOSTĘPNE | PSYCHOLOGIA Positive Psychology Happiness is fundamental to how we live our lives, but the meaning of happiness remains as contentious as it did when it was first debated thousands of years ago. Taking a critical approach to the subject, Positive Psychology investigates the debates that have shaped the psychological discussion of happiness, from theories of well-being to examining how psychotherapy can help foster positive mental health. Offering contrasting perspectives on each topic and examining a range of classic and contemporary research, this book encourages you to engage with positive psychology in a critical way while considering how the theory applies to our everyday lives. Whether you are new to the subject or want to develop your understanding of the complexities of the field, this lively and engaging introduction will enhance your knowledge not just of positive psychology, but of what happiness and well-being mean to you. "An excellent, readable introduction to positive psychology for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, with interesting and innovative coverage of the relationship between happiness and personality." - John Parkinson, Senior Moneta Giovanni B. 10/1/2013 9780230242937 130.2 PLN PO RABACIE: 110.67 PLN Palgrave Macmillan -15% Psychoanalysis and Social Involvement What is the ethical anchoring of psychoanalysis? What does it mean to be a subject and how is it different from being a self? Is analytic psychotherapy doomed to promote individualism? Psychoanalysis and Social Involvement conducts a comparative investigation of psychoanalytic psychotherapy and activism, especially as it manifests in the Israeli-Palestinian arena. The basis for this comparative analysis is laid by means of a critical look at what it means to be a subject across social levels; the manner in which subjecthood develops and its inherent reliance on ethical positioning. Methodologically, the book interfaces theory with the empirical fields of psychotherapy and social activism, further strengthening its rooting in psychosocial studies. This book will appeal to professionals including mental health workers, social workers, political scientists, and socio-political activists, especially those with liberal and radical agendas. "Hadar's ambitious, captivating account of psychoanalysis and social issues uniquely combines the experiences of the clinician and the social activist. Informed by Lacanian and critical theory, Hadar defines the psychoanalytic project not in terms of the Hadar Uri 7/1/2013 9781137301086 93.45 PLN PO RABACIE: 79.43 PLN Palgrave Macmillan -15% Psychology "The proper study of mankind is man," wrote Alexander Pope, and the attempt to understand the nature of the human mind has been a central preoccupation of leading thinkers throughout the ages. In this intriguing book, author John G. Benjafield, an expert in the history of psychology, examines the contributions of scores of psychologists and psychological thinkers, from Pythagoras, Lao-tzu, and Aristotle to Darwin, Skinner, and Jung. Benjafield begins by considering the origins of psychological thought in the philosophical works of Plato and Aristotle, who framed many of the key questions that still define the field. After considering the contributions of such scholars as Descartes and Darwin, the author examines the rise of psychology as a distinct academic discipline, discussing in detail the work of William James and Wilhelm Wundt, before moving on to the seminal contributions of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. Later chapters deal with the rise of behaviourism and with recent developments in the field, including the growing influence of neuroscience. The result is a fascinating look at how mankind's "proper study" has been carried out, from ancient times to the present day. Benjafield John 2/1/2011 9780195447347 74.55 PLN PO RABACIE: 63.37 PLN Oxford University Press -15%
  12. 12. 13 DOSTĘPNE | PSYCHOLOGIA Psychology Accessible, Active, and Applied with a focus on different learning styles Designed to make the Introductory Psychology course an engaging, relevant, and interactive experience, the authors of the new seventh edition of Psychology offer multiple decades of combined teaching experience to create an accessible textbook that encourages applied and active learning. Through this book's accessible, active, and applied approach, users determine whether their learning style strengths are verbal/linguistic, logical/mathematical, visual/spatial, or interpersonal. By encouraging them to study according to their own personal learning style, Psychology helps students become more effective and efficient learners. The seventh edition can now be packaged with Pearson's MyPsychLab providing students with an interactive eText, personalized study plans, and automatically graded assignments giving them an even more engaging experience! A better teaching and learning experience This program will provide a better teaching and learning experience- for you and your students. Here's how: *Personalize Learning - The new MyPsychLab delivers proven results in Christopherson Kimberly M. 7/1/2012 9780205846849 475.65 PLN PO RABACIE: 404.3 PLN Pearson Education -15% Psychology Psychology: European Edition is a landmark new textbook for introductory psychology modules. Written by world-renowned researchers who are also award-winning popular science authors, the book introduces students to the core areas of this broad and fast-moving field with irresistible enthusiasm, insight, and humour. Psychology: European Edition features: * Totally up-to-date research coverage and a modern neuroscientific approach * A storytelling style that deftly weaves the historical with the contemporary * An innovative approach that highlights how insights into the mind are often derived from slips and errors - what the authors term mindbugs * Comprehensive coverage without unmanageable detail * A full range of pedagogical features, including Hot science boxes on cutting-edge research, and The real world boxes on psychology in everyday life * Fully adapted and new content for European students written by an eminent psychologist at Bristol University, UK who is also a renowned communicator of science. The Psychology: European Edition online package includes an extensive array of high- quality materials for lecturers and students. Schacter Daniel L. 12/1/2011 9780230579835 218.4 PLN PO RABACIE: 185.64 PLN Palgrave Macmillan -15% Psychology: A Very Short Introduction Psychology is part of everyone's experience: it influences the way we think about everything from education and intelligence, to relationships and emotions, advertising and criminality. People readily behave as amateur psychologists, offering explanations for what people think, feel, and do. But what exactly are psychologists trying to do? What scientific grounding do they have for their approach? This Very Short Introduction explores some of psychology's leading ideas and their practical relevance. In this new edition, Gillian Butler and Freda McManus explore a variety of new topics and ways of studying the brain. Until recently it was not possible to study the living human brain directly, so psychologists studied our behaviour, and used their observations to derive hypotheses about what was going on inside. Now - through neuroscience - our knowledge of the workings of the brain has increased and improved technology provides us with a scientific basis on which to understand the structure and workings of the brain, and allows brain activity to be observed and measured. Exploring some of the most important advances and developments in psychology - McManus Freda 1/1/2014 9780199670420 42 PLN PO RABACIE: 35.7 PLN Oxford University Press -15%
  13. 13. 14 DOSTĘPNE | PSYCHOLOGIA Re(con)figuring Psychoanalysis Psychoanalysis, having been situated in the borders of natural and social sciences and humanities as well as at the crossroads of Romantic, Modern and Postmodern historical conditions, continues to inspire and learn from extremely rich human imagination, thought and experience. This volume brings together leading scholars and practitioners from different parts of the world who present unique insights into the field of psychoanalysis. It forms novel dialogues between different psychoanalytic orientations as well as the particularities of diverse socio- cultural and historical contexts. The interconnected chapters in this collection: * critically explore important aspects of psychoanalysis which have been underutilized in socio-historical and political analysis * provide new insights on human psychosocial world in terms of embodiment, subjectivity, collective action, contemporary societal structures and political cultural dynamics in order to facilitate further transdisciplinary conversations * re-vision psychoanalysis as a self-reflective way of life, which is significantly relevant to, and is a meaningful way out of, many of our contemporary dilemmas 4/1/2012 9780230293755 305.55 PLN PO RABACIE: 259.72 PLN Palgrave Macmillan -15% Resilience: Teach Yourself How to Survive and Thrive in Any Situation Resilience: How to Thrive and Survive in Any Situation helps you to prepare for adversity by finding healthier ways of responding to stressful thoughts and feelings. You will learn a comprehensive toolkit of effective therapeutic strategies and techniques, drawing upon innovative "mindfulness and acceptance-based" approaches to cognitive- behavioural therapy (CBT), combined with elements of established psychological approaches to stress prevention and management. The book also draws upon classical Stoic philosophy to provide a wider context for resilience-building. This book is a complete course in resilience training, covering everything from building long-term resilience by developing psychological flexibility, mindfulness and valued action, through specific behavioural skills such as applied relaxation, worry postponement, problem-solving, and assertiveness. Each chapter contains a self-assessment test, case study, practical exercises and reminder boxes and concludes with a reminder of the key points of the chapter (Focus Points) and a round-up of what to expect in the next (Next Step), which will whet your appetite for what's coming and how it relates to what Robertson Donald 5/1/2012 9781444168716 59.85 PLN PO RABACIE: 50.87 PLN Hodder Stoughton -15% Rip It Up Rip up this book and unleash your hidden potential Most self-help books encourage you to think differently; to think yourself thin, imagine a richer self or to visualize the perfect you. This is difficult, time consuming and often doesn't work. Drawing on a dazzling array of scientific evidence, psychologist Richard Wiseman presents a radical new insight that turns conventional self-help on its head: simple physical actions represent the quickest, easiest and most powerful way to instantly change how you think and feel. So don't just think about changing your life. Do it. *Discover the simple idea that changes everything *Lose weight * Stop smoking * Feel instantly younger Wiseman Richard 7/1/2013 9781447236856 48.3 PLN PO RABACIE: 41.06 PLN Palgrave Macmillan -15%
  14. 14. 15 DOSTĘPNE | PSYCHOLOGIA Safe, Sane and Consensual Psychological and medical perspectives on sadomasochism (SM) have historically been concerned with understanding it as a form of psychopathology. In the past (but still often today) studies of SM have been concerned with extreme and most often non- consensual acts. More recently, however, there has been growing interest in exploring the meaning of sadomasochism in non- pathological ways. Safe, Sane and Consensual includes work from across the social sciences exploring a variety of aspects of SM from a non-pathological perspective. There are discussions of the history and culture of SM, medical and legal understandings, along with theory and original research on the topic. There are also sections on SM and psychotherapy and writing on bridging the academic/activist divide. This book, now in paperback with a new introduction, includes contributions from an international group of academics, practitioners and activists and represents some of the most recent cutting edge work in the field by leading scholars "One could say that Safe, Sane and Consensual poses more questions than it answers, but it is not necessarily a criticism - it was high time that 7/1/2013 9781137338372 103.95 PLN PO RABACIE: 88.36 PLN Palgrave Macmillan -15% Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is a unique project reflecting the contribution that Robin M. Murray has made to the field of psychiatry over the past 35 years, with a particular focus on the advances that have been made to the understanding and treatment of schizophrenia. International contributors have been brought together to pay tribute to Robin Murray's work and explore the latest findings in the area. Sections cover: neurodevelopment neuroscience and pharmacology neuroimaging genetics cognition social psychiatry treatment. This book will be essential reading for psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, social and basic scientists whose work is related to major mental illness, as well as admirers of the work of Robin Murray. 'We would not be here without the work of Professor Murray and we would not be heading towards an optimistic future of important breakthroughs in schizophrenia research were it not for his influence on the next generation of scientists and clinicians' - Daniel R. Weinberger, from the foreword. David Anthony S. 6/1/2011 9781848720770 162.75 PLN PO RABACIE: 138.34 PLN Taylor & Francis -15% Science as Psychology Science as Psychology reveals the complexity and richness of rationality by demonstrating how social relationships, emotion, culture, and identity are implicated in the problem-solving practices of laboratory scientists. In this study, the authors gather and analyze interview and observational data from innovation-focused laboratories in the engineering sciences to show how the complex practices of laboratory research scientists provide rich psychological insights, and how a better understanding of science practice facilitates understanding of human beings more generally. The study focuses not on dismantling the rational core of scientific practice, but on illustrating how social, personal, and cognitive processes are intricately woven together in scientific thinking. The book is thus a contribution to science studies, the psychology of science, and general psychology. 'In Science as Psychology, three psychologists and an expert in the philosophy and cognitive science of science have produced a valuable contribution that takes the field of psychology of science in fascinating new directions ... provides fascinating data about sense-making and identity in scientific Osbeck Lisa M. 3/1/2013 9780521708418 106 PLN PO RABACIE: 90.1 PLN Cambridge University Press -15%
  15. 15. 16 DOSTĘPNE | PSYCHOLOGIA Scorecasting In Scorecasting, University of Chicago behavioral economist Tobias Moskowitz teams up with veteran Sports Illustrated writer L. Jon Wertheim to overturn some of the most cherished truisms of sports, and reveal the hidden forces that shape how basketball, baseball, football, and hockey games are played, won and lost. Drawing from Moskowitz's original research, as well as studies from fellow economists such as bestselling author Richard Thaler, the authors look at: the influence home-field advantage has on the outcomes of games in all sports and why it exists; the surprising truth about the universally accepted axiom that defense wins championships; the subtle biases that umpires exhibit in calling balls and strikes in key situations; the unintended consequences of referees' tendencies in every sport to "swallow the whistle," and more. Wertheim L Jon 3/1/2011 9780307591791 75.6 PLN PO RABACIE: 64.26 PLN Random House -15% Study Guide for Exploring Psychology The ninth edition of the study guide is packed with useful features to support students using the main text. Chapter reviews include questions, art to labelled, summary tables and practical study tips and applications. These are followed by two Progress Tests featuring multiple-choice, matching, true-false, and essay questions. Myers David G 11/1/2013 9781464108365 171.15 PLN PO RABACIE: 145.48 PLN Worth Publishers -15% Teach Yourself Advanced Brain Training Advanced Brain Training is much more than a set of diverting and engaging puzzles - it will enable you to out-think and outperform everyone you know, either at work, at home, or on the pitch. It combines despatches from the front-line of neuroscience, revealing the link between your brain chemistry and things such as Risk, Innovation and Strategic Thinking. and giving your practical exercises so you can immediately see the benefits. The second part of the book features hundreds of challenging, Mensa-level puzzles, sudoku grids, crosswords and lateral and logical thinking problems, allowing you to develop the mental agility to put the lessons from the first part of the book into practice. Peppered with tips, techniques, cutting-edge research and fun puzzles, this is more challenging, fun and original than any other brain training book on the market. Wootton Simon 9/1/2012 9781444136562 52.5 PLN PO RABACIE: 44.63 PLN Hodder Stoughton -15%
  16. 16. 17 DOSTĘPNE | PSYCHOLOGIA Teach Yourself Assertiveness: Workbook Do you want to be more assertive and get what you want in all aspects of life? Do you want to develop life-long confidence, greater self-esteem and a more effective communication style? This new Teach Yourself Workbook doesn't just tell you how to become more assertive. It accompanies you every step of the way, with diagnostic tools, goal-setting charts, practical exercises, and many more features ideal for people who want a more active style of learning. The book starts by helping you identify your own preferred styles of learning and communication. It then helps you set specific goals to improve on; as you progress through the book, you will be able to keep checking your progress against these goals. Specially created exercises will help you boost your skills and communication so that you can reach your potential in any situation. Michelli Dena 1/1/2013 9781444183115 68.25 PLN PO RABACIE: 58.01 PLN Hodder Stoughton -15% Teach Yourself Body Language Secrets Research shows that our body language accounts for more than 50% of the success (or lack of it) of our communication. This book tells you how to give out the right signals, and read other people's body language. As well as body movements, this book (complete with photos) includes specific chapters on situations such as networking, meetings, public speaking, interviews, and dating. Mather Diana 12/1/2012 9781444176773 58 PLN PO RABACIE: 49.3 PLN Hodder Stoughton -15% Teach Yourself Jung in a Week Learn in a week, remember for a lifetime! In just one week, this accessible book will give you knowledge to last forever. End of chapter summaries and multiple choice questions are all designed to help you test your knowledge and gain confidence. So whether you are a student or you simply want to widen your knowledge, you will find this seven-day course a very memorable introduction. Sunday: Learn who Jung was and what he did Monday: Explore Jung's inner world and how this informed his ideas Tuesday: Understand Jung's view of the psyche and its journey Wednesday: Consider Jung's views on dreams and symbols Thursday: Engage with Jung's understanding of personality and how we form relationships Friday: Find out what Jung thought about esoterica, the paranormal, religion and spirituality. Saturday: Look at how Jung's ideas have been developed over time and how they are relevant today. Snowden Ruth 8/1/2013 9781444196221 36.75 PLN PO RABACIE: 31.24 PLN Hodder Education -15%
  17. 17. 18 DOSTĘPNE | PSYCHOLOGIA Teach Yourself Motivate Yourself and Reach Your Goals Do you struggle to achieve your goals and your dreams? Or are you not even sure where you want to go with your life? If so, then this is the book for you. Motivational expert Frances Coombes incorporates the latest research on goal-setting and achievement, to show you how you can set realistic targets for yourself - and how you can achieve them. The practical advice contained in this book will tell you everything you need to know to live a purposeful life. Coombes Frances 9/1/2013 9781444183894 57.75 PLN PO RABACIE: 49.09 PLN Hodder Stoughton -15% Teach Yourself Persuasion & Influence in a Week Sunday Explore factors that influence, both positively and negatively and discover how influencing is selling Monday Understand the power of personality and charisma and ensure you are putting the right message across Tuesday Use the Assertiveness Sentence technique to sound more confident in any situation Wednesday Discover the three elements of communication and how to use them to build rapid, effective rapport with others Thursday Learn to recognize the internal filters that we all have and utilize them in patterns of persuasion Friday Use NLP models to influence at an unconscious level, including the technique of 'chunking' to gain agreement Saturday Learn how to use proven persuasion techniques such as emotional 'triggers', scarcity, the law of reciprocity, the power of three, and the AIDA formula McLanachan Di 7/1/2013 9781444182705 36.75 PLN PO RABACIE: 31.24 PLN Hodder Stoughton -15% Teach Yourself Psychology in a Week Learn in a week, remember for a lifetime! In just one week, this accessible book will give you knowledge to last forever. End of chapter summaries and multiple choice questions are all designed to help you test your knowledge and gain confidence. So whether you are a student or you simply want to widen your knowledge, you will find this seven-day course a very memorable introduction. Sunday: Learn how humans grow up in and adapt to a social environment Monday: Discover what emotions are and what affects our state of mind Tuesday: Consider why we are motivated to do what we do Wednesday: Discover the Buddhist scriptures and learn how they are interpreted today. Thursday: Engage with evolutionary psychology and the role of genes. Think about what intelligence is and how it comes about. Friday: Discover the factors influencing the psychological development of children, adolescents and adults. Saturday: Explore what psychologists do and how Hayes Nicky 8/1/2013 9781444196160 36.75 PLN PO RABACIE: 31.24 PLN Hodder Education -15%
  18. 18. 19 DOSTĘPNE | PSYCHOLOGIA Teach Yourself Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done Do you ever find yourself putting off something that you need to do but you don't want to do? Even though you know you are doing it? And even though it makes you feel guilty? If so, you are one of millions of procrastinators, and this book can help you. Unlike other books on the subject, it starts by explaining the common causes of procrastination, which can range from the psychological (fear of failure, or performance anxiety) to the practical (the task is boring or repulsive). This understanding will form the first step of your journey from procrastination to productivity - a journey in which you will be accompanied all the way by Adrian Tannock, an ex-procrastinator who is now a prolific author and coach, with qualifications in hypnotherapy and NLP. Tannock Adrian 9/1/2012 9781444171310 57.75 PLN PO RABACIE: 49.09 PLN Hodder Stoughton -15% Teach Yourself Successful Memory Techniques in a Week An effective memory is crucial to anyone who wants to advance their career. Written by Jonathan Hancock and Cheryl Buggy, leading international memory experts, this book quickly teaches you the insider secrets you need to know to in order to recall whatever you need to in the workplace. The highly motivational 'in a week' structure of the book provides seven straightforward chapters explaining the key points, and at the end there are optional questions to ensure you have taken it all in. There are also cartoons and diagrams throughout, to help make this book a more enjoyable and effective learning experience. So what are you waiting for? Let this book put you on the fast track to success! Hancock Jonathan 2/1/2012 9781444159103 35.7 PLN PO RABACIE: 30.35 PLN Hodder Stoughton -15% Teach Yourself the Self-motivation Workbook - Understand why you lack motivation, and learn how you can change the direction of your life - Overcome procrastination and lethargic and negative emotions, and focus on what you want to achieve - Find the motivation you need to work harder at your jo Tannock Adrian 8/1/2013 9781444187014 68.25 PLN PO RABACIE: 58.01 PLN Hodder Stoughton -15%
  19. 19. 20 DOSTĘPNE | PSYCHOLOGIA The Complex Mind The dominant approach of the last century to behaviour was 'associationism' - reducing the complexity of behaviour to the homogeneous strengthening and weakening of simple connections between stimuli and responses. Chomsky's devastating critique of this account of human language in the 1960s, resulted in a cease fire with human's allowed 'cognitive minds' with more expressive machinery, and animals consigned to the graveyard of associations. As messy as all ceasefires, this one left some animal researchers thinking associationism as bad a theory for animals as for people. But the good effect was that there was a broad appreciation that no one discipline would understand the complexities of the mind, and their origins. This book brings comparative and developmental psychology, robotics, linguistics and philosophy to bear on the problem of understanding the biological continuities and discontinuities of the human mind. Recommended by Choice 5/1/2012 9780230247574 310.8 PLN PO RABACIE: 264.18 PLN Palgrave Macmillan -15% The Emergence of Somatic Psychology and Bodymind Therapy Somatic psychology and bodymind therapy examine the body and the mind as a whole, emphasising the reciprocal relationships between the two. This branch of psychotherapy focuses on the body, body language, emotional expression, psychosomatics, and sexuality. Somatic psychology is challenging the contemporary scene, shaking up our understanding of what it means to be human and how to heal human suffering. This book guides us to consider what life might be like when we relinquish the mind/body dichotomy. For example, what therapy means when we acknowledge the functioning of memory in every tissue of our embodiment. Rooted in the ancient holistic disciplines or energy sciences, and becoming established in the work of early psychodynamic pioneers, this new discipline, with the current growth of its bodymind methodologies, draws from phenomenological philosophies, depth psychologies, and from the latest neuroscience. This unique text explores both the remarkable history and the contemporary burgeoning of somatic psychology, and addresses the theoretical challenges that must be met if it is to realize its impressive Barratt Barnaby B. 1/1/2013 9781137310965 98.7 PLN PO RABACIE: 83.9 PLN Palgrave Macmillan -15% The Fractured Self in Freud and German Philosophy Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory has deeply affected how we think of ourselves, in emphasizing the limits of consciousness and the impact of irrational forces on our behavior. Philosophers have begun to appreciate the significance of Freud's work, but they have not yet established Freud's place in the history of philosophy. The Fractured Self in Freud and German Philosophy argues that Freud addresses pivotal questions concerning the nature of subjectivity that occupy philosophers such as Kant, Hegel, Marx, and Nietzsche. Altman and Coe examine Freud's transformation of German philosophical approaches to freedom, history, and self-knowledge; defend a theory of situated knowledge and agency; and consider the relevance of Freudian thought for contemporary issues in critical race theory, science studies, and cultural studies. Through this interdisciplinary analysis, the book illuminates the productive tensions between Freud and nineteenth- century thought in ways that are relevant to philosophy, psychology, and intellectual history. To come Altman Matthew C. 2/1/2013 9781137263315 279.3 PLN PO RABACIE: 237.41 PLN Palgrave Macmillan -15%
  20. 20. 21 DOSTĘPNE | PSYCHOLOGIA The Neuroscience of Freedom and Creativity Professor Joaquin M. Fuster is an eminent cognitive neuroscientist whose research over the last five decades has made fundamental contributions to our understanding of the neural structures underlying cognition and behaviour. This book provides his view on the eternal question of whether we have free will. Based on his seminal work on the functions of the prefrontal cortex in decision- making, planning, creativity, working memory, and language, Professor Fuster argues that the liberty or freedom to choose between alternatives is a function of the cerebral cortex, under prefrontal control, in its reciprocal interaction with the environment. Freedom is therefore inseparable from that circular relationship. The Neuroscience of Freedom and Creativity is a fascinating inquiry into the cerebral foundation of our ability to choose between alternative actions and to freely lead creative plans to their goal. 'Joaquin Fuster is a distinguished pioneer in the exploration of the brain's prefrontal cortex, the regions we depend on for choices and self-control. With subtlety, clarity, and a deep feel for the complexities of living a life, Fuster takes a fresh and insightful look [at] human choice. Fuster Joaquin M. 8/1/2013 9781107608627 92.4 PLN PO RABACIE: 78.54 PLN Cambridge University Press -15% The Psychology Book All the big ideas, simply explained - an innovative and accessible guide to the study of human nature "The Psychology Book" clearly explains more than 100 groundbreaking ideas in this fascinating field of science. How does the brain remember faces? What makes us choose one decision over another? Where does language come from? With the use of powerful and easy-to- follow images, quotations from all the major thinkers, and explanations that are easily understandable, this book demystifies hard- to-grasp concepts and shows how these have shaped our knowledge of the human mind. All the schools of psychology are covered from cognitive to behavioural psychology making this ideal for students or for anyone with a general interest in this popular area. If you're fascinated by the human mind then "The Psychology Book" will get you thinking.2/1/2012 9781405391245 89.25 PLN PO RABACIE: 75.86 PLN Penguin -15% The Psychopath Test What if society wasn't fundamentally rational, but was motivated by insanity? This thought sets Jon Ronson on an utterly compelling adventure into the world of madness. Along the way, Jon meets psychopaths, those whose lives have been touched by madness and those whose job it is to diagnose it, including the influential psychologist who developed the Psychopath Test, from whom Jon learns the art of psychopath-spotting. A skill which seemingly reveals that madness could indeed be at the heart of everything ...Combining Jon's trademark humour, charm and investigative incision, The Psychopath Test is both entertaining and honest, unearthing dangerous truths and asking serious questions about how we define normality in a world where we are increasingly judged by our maddest edges. 'I began The Psychopath Test late at night, tired, dispirited and ill - then found myself laughing like the proverbial loon for page after page' Will Self, Guardian 'The belly laughs come thick and fast - my God, he is funny ... Ronson's new book is provocative and interesting, and you will, I guarantee, zip merrily through it' Observer Ronson Jon 1/1/2012 9780330492270 46.2 PLN PO RABACIE: 39.27 PLN Pan Macmillan Books -15%
  21. 21. 22 DOSTĘPNE | PSYCHOLOGIA The Teach Yourself Confidence Workbook "Do you want to have the confidence to talk to anyone in any situation? Or to stand out from the crowd at work or when you're interviewed? This new Teach Yourself Workbook doesn't just tell you how to be confident. It accompanies you every step of the way, with diagnostic tools, goal-setting charts, practical exercises, and many more features ideal for people who want a more active style of learning. The book starts by helping you identify the factors currently constraining your confidence, and their causes. It then helps you set specific goals to improve on; as you progress through the book, you will be able to keep checking your progress against these goals. Specially created exercises, using the tools of NLP, hypnotherapy and cognitive psychology, will help you to boost your confidence so that you can reach your potential in any situation. " Tannock Adrian 9/1/2012 9781444171112 68.25 PLN PO RABACIE: 58.01 PLN Hodder Stoughton -15% The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Leadership, Change This volume provides a comprehensive treatment of the principles, theories, constructs, and strategies in organizational development and change management. Developed as a companion to other texts in the Wiley-Blackwell Handbooks in Organizational Psychology series, this handbook focuses on the theories and ideas that inspire and support the practice and strategy of these areas of study. Appropriate for graduate students as well as faculty, the Handbook will be a useful tool for teaching the theories and strategies that provide key background for successful organizational leaders. 4/1/2013 9781119976578 634.2 PLN PO RABACIE: 539.07 PLN John Wiley & Sons -15% The Winner Effect What makes a winner? Why do some succeed both in life and in business, and others fail? The 'winner effect' is a term used in biology to describe how an animal that has won a few fights against weak opponents is much more likely to win later bouts against stronger contenders. As Ian Robertson reveals, it applies to humans, too. Success changes the chemistry of the brain, making you more focused, smarter, more confident and more aggressive. And the more you win, the more you will go on to win. But the downside is that winning can become physically addictive. By understanding what the mental and physical changes are that take place in the brain of a 'winner', how they happen, and why they affect some people more than others, Robertson explains what makes a winner or a loser - and how we can use the answers to these questions to understand better the behaviour of our business colleagues, employees, family and friends. Compelling stories combine with cutting-edge science to show why coming first is not the same as being a real winner - engrossing Oliver James, author of Affluenza A compelling, vivid and instructive story of how we are empowered and how we are Robertson Ian 3/1/2013 9781408831656 46.2 PLN PO RABACIE: 39.27 PLN Bloomsbury Publishing Plc -15%
  22. 22. 23 DOSTĘPNE | PSYCHOLOGIA Trancework For three decades, Trancework has been the fundamental textbook for guiding professionals in learning hypnosis. Now in its fourth edition, this classic text continues to be the most comprehensive book for learning the fundamental skills of the field. This edition accommodates new studies and topics, and contains five new chapters on positive psychology, the management of pain, pediatric and adolescent hypnosis, behavioral medicine, and hypnosis across modalities. Readers can expect to receive a comprehensive overview of what is currently going on in the domain of hypnosis, an in- depth consideration of issues associated with the use of hypnosis, a greater appreciation for the diverse ways in which hypnosis can be applied, and a more detailed description of hypnotic methods and characteristics. Those new to the field will also appreciate the "Frames of Reference" sections found throughout the book, which provide insights into the work of some of the founders and leaders of clinical hypnosis. Each chapter concludes with suggestions from the author for things to consider and things to do, further emphasizing the importance of active learning. Included online Yapko Michael D. 4/1/2012 9780415884945 159.6 PLN PO RABACIE: 135.66 PLN Routledge -15% Treating Complex Traumatic Stress Disorders in Children and Adolescents With contributions from prominent experts, this pragmatic book takes a close look at the nature of complex psychological trauma in children and adolescents and the clinical challenges it presents. Each chapter shows how a complex trauma perspective can provide an invaluable unifying framework for case conceptualization, assessment, and intervention amidst the chaos and turmoil of these young patients' lives. A range of evidence-based and promising therapies are reviewed and illustrated with vivid case vignettes. The volume is grounded in clinical innovations and cutting-edge research on child and adolescent brain development, attachment, and emotion regulation and discusses diagnostic criteria, including those from DSM-IV and DSM-5. "Describing evidence-based models for treatment of complex trauma in children, this book is interwoven with contemporary knowledge about psychobiology and is richly illustrated with extended clinical examples. In addition to a focus on individual treatment, some chapters address the systems within which traumatized children live and are treated. There is a repeated focus throughout the chapters on attachment, self-regulation, and Courtois Christine A. 1/1/2013 9781462509492 160.65 PLN PO RABACIE: 136.55 PLN Guilford Press -15%
  23. 23. 24 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | PSYCHOLOGIA Action, Perception and the Brain Theories of brain evolution stress communication and sociality are essential to our capacity to represent objects as intersubjectively accessible. How did we grow as a species to be able to recognize objects as common, as that which can also be seen in much the same way by others? Such constitution of intersubjectively accessible objects is bound up with our flexible and sophisticated capacities for social cognition - understanding others and their desires, intentions, emotions, and moods - which are crucial to the way human beings live. This book is about contemporary philosophical and neuroscientific perspectives on the relation of action, perception, and cognition as it is lived in embodied and socially embedded experience. This emphasis on embodiment and embeddedness is a change from traditional theories, which focused on isolated, representational, and conceptual cognition. In the new perspectives contained in our book, such 'pure' cognition is thought to be under-girded and interpenetrated by embodied and embedded processes. 2/1/2012 9780230282582 61 GBP PO RABACIE: 55 GBP Palgrave Macmillan -10% Adult Psychopathology and Diagnosis This comprehensive resource offers complete coverage of the major psychological disorders and presents a balanced integration of empirical data and diagnostic criteria to demonstrate the basis for individual diagnoses. The accessible format and case study approach provide the opportunity to understand how diagnoses are reached. Thoroughly updated and revised, this Seventh Edition reflects the new DSM-5 classifications, encompassing the most current research in the field and featuring expanded coverage of the neurobiological foundations of disorders. 8/1/2014 9781118657089 70 GBP PO RABACIE: 63 GBP John Wiley & Sons -10% An Introduction to the Psychology of Hearing Now available in a sixth edition, "An Introduction to the Psychology of Hearing" is theleading textbook in the field of auditory perception, also known as psychoacoustics. Moore Brian 4/1/2013 9789004252424 44.95 EUR PO RABACIE: 41 EUR Brill Academic Publishing -10%
  24. 24. 25 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | PSYCHOLOGIA Analyzing Neural Time Series Data This book offers a comprehensive guide to the theory and practice of analyzing electrical brain signals. It explains the conceptual, mathematical, and implementational (via Matlab programming) aspects of time-, time- frequency- and synchronization-based analyses of magnetoencephalography (MEG), electroencephalography (EEG), and local field potential (LFP) recordings from humans and nonhuman animals. It is the only book on the topic that covers both the theoretical background and the implementation in language that can be understood by readers without extensive formal training in mathematics, including cognitive scientists, neuroscientists, and psychologists. Readers who go through the book chapter by chapter and implement the examples in Matlab will develop an understanding of why and how analyses are performed, how to interpret results, what the methodological issues are, and how to perform single-subject-level and group-level analyses. Researchers who are familiar with using automated programs to perform advanced analyses will learn what happens when they click the "analyze now" button. The book provides sample data and Cohen Mike X. 2/1/2014 9780262019873 41.95 GBP PO RABACIE: 38 GBP MIT Press Massachusets Institute of Tech nology -10% Anomalistic Psychology From the ancient world to the present day, anomalous experiences - such as apparitions, premonitions, out-of-body and near- death experiences - provide stories that continue to mystify and intrigue. In this lively introduction, the authors investigate what these stories signify, and why some people turn to the paranormal for explanation. From defining anomalous experiences to examining the psychological models and methods that have been used to explain them, this text will help open up these strange tales to analysis. Whatever your level of study, this introduction will guide you through the key areas of this fascinating subject. 'A wonderful introduction to a fascinating topic. Clear, concise and comprehensive. It belongs on the bookshelf of everyone who is seriously curious about the human mind.' - Professor Richard Wiseman, School of Psychology, University of Hertfordshire, UK. 'Anomalistic Psychology is a thoughtful and careful introduction to this fascinating domain.' - Etzel Cardena, Thorsen Professor of Psychology, Lund University, Sweden and co -author of Varieties of Anomalous Experience and Altering Consciousness. 'Psychology is Holt Nicola 2/1/2012 9780230301504 10.99 GBP PO RABACIE: 10 GBP Palgrave Macmillan -10% Brain and Music A comprehensive survey of the latest neuroscientific research into the effects of music on the brain Covers a variety of topics fundamental for music perception, including musical syntax, musical semantics, music and action, music and emotion Includes general introductory chapters to engage a broad readership, as well as a wealth of detailed research material for experts Offers the most empirical (and most systematic) work on the topics of neural correlates of musical syntax and musical semantics Integrates research from different domains (such as music, language, action and emotion both theoretically and empirically, to create a comprehensive theory of music psychology Koelsch Stefan 4/1/2012 9780470683392 34.99 GBP PO RABACIE: 32 GBP Blackwell Science -10%
  25. 25. 26 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | PSYCHOLOGIA Clinical Neuropsychology Featuring updates and revisions, the second edition of Clinical Neuropsychology provides trainee and practicing clinicians with practical, real-world advice on neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation. Offers illustrated coverage of neuroimaging techniques and updates on key neuro-pathological findings underpinning neurodegenerative disorders Features increased coverage of specialist areas of work, including severe brain injury, frontotemporal lobar degeneration, assessing mental capacity, and cognitive impairment and driving Features updated literature and increased coverage of topics that are of direct clinical relevance to trainee and practicing clinical psychologists Includes chapters written by professionals with many years' experience in the training of clinical psychologists "In this regard, the book has done very well. It provides a basic for applied practice with up to date references for more in-depth reading." ( The Journal of Clinical Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy , 1 August 2013) 4/1/2012 9780470683712 39.99 GBP PO RABACIE: 36 GBP Blackwell Science -10% Clinical Neuropsychology Study Guide and Board Review The Clinical Neuropsychology Study Guide and Board Review provides an easy to study volume with sample questions and recommended readings that are specifically designed to help individuals prepare for the ABCN written examination. In addition, this book can also be used as a teaching tool for graduate students and trainees at various levels. The book is divided into three sections: Section 1: Foundations of Clinical Neuropsychology; Section II: Fundamentals of Assessment; and Section III: Disorders and Conditions. The format is geared toward exam preparation and is much less dense than a typical textbook. Materials are provided in a concise, outlined manner, with liberal use of bullets, boxes, and illustrations/ tables that allow readers to easily review and integrate information into their already established knowledge base. To augment the study guide, a recommended readings list at the end of each chapter provides references to more comprehensive materials considered important or seminal in each topic area. "The recently published book, Neuropsychology Study Guide and Board Review, by Drs. Stucky, Kirkwood, and Donders is a wonderful resource. I wish this 11/1/2013 9780199896677 60 GBP PO RABACIE: 54 GBP Oxford University Press -10% Clinical Practice of Forensic Neuropsychology Written by a foremost expert in the field, this hands-on, evidence-based guide describes how to conduct a comprehensive forensic neuropsychological evaluation and provide expert testimony. All steps are covered-from selecting, scoring, and interpreting tests to writing reports and responding to cross- examination-with special attention to assessing noncredible performance. The book identifies seven common flaws of forensic neuropsychological reports and shows how to avoid them. Excerpts from testimony transcripts illustrate ways neuropsychologists can protect their reports from attack. Also featured are case illustrations and a sample report. "This is a truly excellent book. In an era where private practice appears an increasingly appealing prospect to many psychologists, this book provides a comprehensive discussion of neuropsychology in a medico-legal context. As a published professor and practicing neuropsychologist, the author provides a thorough evaluation of the literature alongside well-informed recommendations for practice. ... My favourite aspect of this book is the ease of application to clinical practice. The chapter entitled 'Seven Boone Kyle Brauer 11/1/2012 9781462507177 45 GBP PO RABACIE: 41 GBP Guilford Press -10%
  26. 26. 27 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | PSYCHOLOGIA Clinical Psychology Clinical Psychology: Scientific and Cultural Foundations will address the major areas associated with clinical psychology. This texts integrates perspectives from multiple cultures in every chapter. Clinical Psychology: Scientific and Cultural Foundations is designed to expose students to the breadth of areas associated with clinical psychology, and to provide a window into the wide diversity of professional activities of clinical psychologists. McKay Dean 12/1/2014 9781405170727 34.99 GBP PO RABACIE: 32 GBP John Wiley & Sons -10% Cognition This introductory text provides students with a clear, accessible, and well-illustrated presentation of the field, starting with memory, the most accessible starting point to more complex theories and research in information processing. It presents an overall conceptual structure of cognition, organizing the material around the idea of the use of knowledge in carrying out the various cognitive processes. Pedagogically sensible and unique in organization, the book integrates classical and modern research as well as demonstration experiments for students to conduct with simple materials. Weisberg Robert W. 2/1/2013 9780470226285 85 GBP PO RABACIE: 77 GBP John Wiley & Sons -10% Cognitive-behavioural Therapy for ADHD in Adolescents and Adults The first edition of this book introduced the Young-Bramham Programme, a pioneering approach to cognitive behavioural treatment for ADHD in adults, which was well-received by clinical and academic communities alike. Based on the latest findings in the field, the authors have expanded the second edition to incorporate treatment strategies not only for adults, but also for adolescents with ADHD. Updates the proven Young-Bramham Programme to be used not only with adults but also with adolescents, who are making the difficult transition from child to adult services New edition of an influential guide to treating ADHD beyond childhood which encompasses the recent growth in scientific knowledge of ADHD along with published treatment guidelines Chapter format provides a general introduction, a description of functional deficits, assessment methods, CBT solutions to the problem, and a template for group delivery "What's nice about this resource is its potential to offer thoughtful and evidence based- psychological intervention, as recommended in current and future national documentation. It supports the person to be understood and viewed as a whole and not as a Young Susan 4/1/2012 9781119960744 72.5 GBP PO RABACIE: 66 GBP John Wiley & Sons -10%
  27. 27. 28 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | PSYCHOLOGIA Competing Motivations in Grammar and Usage This volume examines the conflicting factors that shape the content and form of grammatical rules in language usage. Speakers and addressees need to contend with these rules when expressing themselves and when trying to comprehend messages. For example, there are on-going competitions between the speaker's interests and the addressee's needs, or between constraints imposed by grammar and those imposed by online processing. These competitions influence a wide variety of systems, including case marking, agreement and word order, politeness forms, lexical choices, and the position of relative clauses. Chapters in the book analyse grammar and usage in adult language as well as first and second language acquisition, and the motivations that drive historical change. Several of the chapters seek explanations for the competitions involved, based on earlier accounts including the Competition Model, Natural Morphology, the functional-typological tradition, and Optimality Theory. The book will be of interest to linguists from a wide variety of backgrounds, particularly those interested in psycholinguistics, 10/1/2014 9780198709848 80 GBP PO RABACIE: 72 GBP Oxford University Press -10% Controversies in Cognitive Neuroscience When we're thinking about how the brain works, why do we believe that one explanation is better than another? Is the majority view necessarily the correct view? In Controversies in Cognitive Neuroscience, Scott Slotnick tackles the most contentious debates within the exciting and fast-paced field of cognitive neuroscience. Student- focused and sympathetically written, its deep engagement with cutting-edge debates will help you develop your critical thinking skills. Providing evidence from both sides of each debate, the book covers essential topics such as long-term memory, working memory, language, perception, and attention. By helping you to weigh up the evidence and choose the most compelling answer, Controversies in Cognitive Neuroscience will enhance your analytical skills. With its unique debate format and a wealth of illustrations, the book brings to life the key issues that are sparking debate within psychology and neuroscience. "One of the most crucial skills for university students is to learn how to become critical consumers of scientific knowledge. This book provides the ideal structure and support to develop their own critical evaluation of cognitive Slotnick Scott 11/1/2012 9780230301115 27.99 GBP PO RABACIE: 26 GBP Palgrave Macmillan -10% Developmental Social Neuroscience and Childhood Brain Insult Synthesizing cutting-edge knowledge from multiple disciplines, this book explores the impact of acquired brain injury and developmental disabilities on children's emerging social skills. The editors present an innovative framework for understanding how brain processes interact with social development in both typically developing children and clinical populations. Key issues in assessment are addressed, including ways to measure both social function and brain function using developmentally sound tools. Balancing theoretical and clinical concerns, the book describes promising interventions for promoting children's adjustment and helping them participate more fully in the social world. Illustrations include six color plates. "The editors have put together an authoritative volume at the expanding edge of the exciting new field of developmental social neuroscience. Grounded in Anderson and Beauchamp's comprehensive theory of the neural, cognitive, and environmental predictors of social skills, the chapters skillfully weave together theory and empirical research on the social consequences of childhood brain insult, with a strong emphasis on 7/1/2012 9781462504299 50.99 GBP PO RABACIE: 46 GBP Guilford Press -10%
  28. 28. 29 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | PSYCHOLOGIA Education and Learning Education and Learning offers an accessible introduction to the most recent evidence- based research results into teaching, learning, and our education system. Presents a wide range references for both seminal and contemporary research into learning and teaching Examines the evidence around topical issues such as the impact of Academies and Free Schools on student attainment and the strong international performance of other countries Looks at evidence-based differences in the attainment of students from different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds, and explores the strong international performance of Finnish and East Asian students Provides accessible explanations of key studies that are supplemented with real-life case examples Mellanby Jane 5/1/2014 9781118483619 24.99 GBP PO RABACIE: 23 GBP John Wiley & Sons -10% Educational Neuroscience Educational Neuroscience presents a series of readings from educators, psychologists, and neuroscientists that explore the latest findings in developmental cognitive neurosciences and their potential applications to education. Represents a new research area with direct relevance to current educational practices and policy making Features individual chapters written collaboratively by educationalist, psychologists, and neuroscientists to ensure maximum clarity and relevance to a broad range of readers Edited by a trio of leading academics with extensive experience in the field 12/1/2013 9781118725894 27.99 GBP PO RABACIE: 26 GBP John Wiley & Sons -10% Essentials of ADHD Assessment for Children and Adolescents A comprehensive approach to accurate ADHD diagnosis In Essentials of ADHD Assessment in Children and Adolescents, the authors provide a clear and informative road map for practitioners seeking to conduct state-of-the-art assessments for one of the most common disorders of childhood. Drawing upon years of experience in conducting diagnostic evaluations of ADHD following best-practice standards, they emphasize the importance of a comprehensive evaluation, incorporating data from multiple sources, using multiple methods, and interpreting findings within the appropriate developmental and cultural contexts. The major components of an ADHD evaluation (interviews, rating scales, cognitive testing, observation, record review) are reviewed in detail. Expert guidance is provided for resolving the most common challenges in assessing ADHD, including differentiating symptoms from normal development, dealing with discrepant data, differential diagnosis, and considering comorbidity. The latest scholarly literature is integrated with the authors' practical recommendations to provide clinicians with the concepts and Sparrow Elizabeth P. 4/1/2014 9781118112700 26.99 GBP PO RABACIE: 25 GBP John Wiley & Sons -10%
  29. 29. 30 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | PSYCHOLOGIA Essentials of School Neuropsychological Assessment Now in a Second Edition, this evidence- based guide provides a current and concise overview of the field of school neuropsychology with practical guidance on how to apply neuropsychological assessment principles in school settings. The Second Edition features new coverage of major neuropsychological tests batteries for children, including NEPSY-II, WISC-IV Integrated, and D-KEFS. A new accompanying CD-ROM includes helpful tools such as sample case studies and searchable databases of neuropsychological tests. Miller Daniel C. 2/1/2013 9781118175842 33.99 GBP PO RABACIE: 31 GBP John Wiley & Sons -10% Ethics Field Guide We have provided the reader with a resource for applied ethical decision-making for use in clinical, educational, and research settings. The Rehabilitation Psychologist using this book will have a choice of utilizing a Quick Reference guide including pro-con positions regarding possible resolutions and a tabular summary of the varied case examples presented, or making use of more detailed discussion of the ethical concepts pertinent to each case. The most important aspect of this book is inclusion of psycho-social context information for each case example. This critical factor allows the reader to understand the flow of events and other factors influencing the actions of the key stakeholders, thereby facilitating the ethical decision-making process. The mix of case examples is intentionally broad-based, including ample clinical practice situations, along with challenges found in educational and research settings. There is also variety among the case examples, with two detailed scenarios in each chapter, along with two briefer learning exercises with focused summaries. The reader is challenged to analyze each case and compare the results with the Kerkhoff Thomas R. 4/1/2013 9780199928071 29.99 GBP PO RABACIE: 27 GBP Oxford University Press -10% Explaining Abnormal Behavior Highly readable and accessible, this book describes how research in cognitive science is transforming the way scientists and clinicians think about abnormal behavior. Bruce Pennington draws on work from multiple disciplines to identify compelling links among psychiatric, neurodevelopmental, and neurological disorders that are not generally studied together. Presenting cutting-edge work on the brain systems involved in key domains of neuropsychological functioning, Pennington sheds light on acquired neurological disorders like aphasia and amnesia, as well as the development of such conditions as schizophrenia, depression, dyslexia, autism, and intellectual disability. The book also reveals how the analysis of both typical and atypical brain-behavior relationships can contribute to a neural explanation of the self and consciousness. "This remarkable book offers a broadly synthetic account of brain- behavior relationships by blending perspectives from the neurodevelopmental disorders, neurology, and psychiatry. Erudite, lucid, and engagingly written, the text brims with sparkling insights derived from Pennington's vast experience as a clinician Pennington Bruce F. 3/1/2014 9781462513666 36.99 GBP PO RABACIE: 34 GBP Guilford Press -10%
  30. 30. 31 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | PSYCHOLOGIA Face Recognition and Its Disorders Human faces reveal much about the people around us - who they are, what they're thinking, and how they're feeling. It's so simple that most of us take our ability to interpret faces for granted. But what would happen if we suddenly lost that ability? How would we pick out our friends in a crowd? Face Recognition and its Disorders tackles these questions and more. Uniquely focusing on the disorders of face perception, Sarah Bate provides detailed insight into both the neurological and psychiatric conditions that deprive some people of this ability, and what this tells us about the healthy human brain. Key features: * Core chapters examine the mechanics of the disorders along with the most important literature and research in the area; focus chapters discuss the theoretical implications of this research, ideal if you are looking to advance your knowledge even further. * Discussion points encourage you to think critically about fundamental ideas and key pieces of research. * Written with students in mind, this is a book that's perfect for dipping into or reading from cover to cover. Face Recognition and its Disorders sheds new light on both disorder and the healthy Bate Sarah 10/1/2012 9780230292178 30.99 GBP PO RABACIE: 28 GBP Palgrave Macmillan -10% From Neuron to Brain The fifth edition of From Neuron and Brain has been thoroughly rewritten, with new chapters added, to provide a readable, up-to -date book for use in undergraduate, graduate, and medical school courses in neuroscience. As in previous editions, the emphasis is on experiments made by electrical recordings, molecular and cellular biological techniques, and behavioral studies on the nervous system, from simple reflexes to cognitive functions. Lines of research are followed from the inception of an idea to new findings being made in laboratories and clinics today. A major change is that this edition begins with the anatomy and physiology of the visual system, from light receptors in the retina to the perception of images. This allows the reader to appreciate right away how nerve cells act as the building blocks for perception. Detailed mechanisms of signaling are then described in later chapters. For adopting lecturers an Instructor Resource Library is available; please email Nicholls John G. 2/1/2012 9780878936090 54.99 GBP PO RABACIE: 50 GBP Sinauer Associates -10% Galileo's Visions Galileo is known as a pioneer of science - especially of mechanics and astronomy - but far less attention has been paid to his work on the senses generally, and more specifically on vision. In this book, two experts on the history of science look at the novel ways in which Galileo looked at the heavens through his telescope, and, in the process, emphasised the importance of contrast phenomena and visual resolution for all observations. He also described the senses and perception in terms that found an echo in doctrines advanced by nineteenth century sensory physiologists. In a fascinating and accessible style, Marco Piccolino and Nick Wade analyse the scientific and philosophical work of Galileo Galilei from the particular viewpoint of his approach to the senses (and especially vision) as a means of acquiring trustworthy knowledge about the constitution of the world. For Galileo evidence from the senses was potentially ambiguous, hence reliable information capable of penetrating the complexity of reality could only be obtained by interpreting the sensory data critically. The philosophical background of Galileo's attitude to the senses was his awareness Piccolino Marco 12/1/2013 9780199554355 39.99 GBP PO RABACIE: 36 GBP Oxford University Press -10%
  31. 31. 32 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | PSYCHOLOGIA Getting Your Head Around the Brain Have you ever wondered how it's possible to walk down a street, with your thoughts on what you're going to have for lunch? What's telling your legs to move while your mind is on other things? And how are you reading these words right now? The simple answer: it's your brain. By answering these questions and more, Getting Your Head Around the Brain is your first stop for understanding human behaviour. It provides intriguing insight into the brain's awesome abilities, and covers fascinating topics like sensation, memory and emotion. Whether you're studying for your psychology degree, or whether you just want to learn more about human behaviour, Getting Your Head Around the Brain is a fun-and-friendly guide to this mysterious and often misunderstood organ. Key features: * no nonsense - it's written in language that you don't need a PhD to understand; * eye-catching illustrations and cartoons; * fascinating examples throughout. Let this book guide your curiosity for the intricacies and surprises of the brain and the behaviour it produces. 'Dr Amanda Ellison has pulled off an amazing feat. This book explains the structure and function of our brain in such a way that neuroanatomy and Ellison Amanda 9/1/2012 9780230298552 14.99 GBP PO RABACIE: 14 GBP Palgrave Macmillan -10% Handbook of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders This invaluable, two-volume reference work brings readers up to date on the abundance of research conducted and published since the previous edition. Providing a comprehensive review of all information presently available about autism and pervasive developmental disorders, this set explores findings and clinical experience from a number of related disciplines such as psychiatry, psychology, neurobiology, pediatrics, and more. The Handbook covers descriptive and diagnostic characteristics, biological contributions, intervention techniques, as well as legal and social issues. The Fourth Edition includes new research on genetics,neurobiology, and brain imaging, as well as new coverage of sophisticated methods of screening and assessment. Rogers Sally J. 3/1/2014 9781118107027 70 GBP PO RABACIE: 63 GBP John Wiley & Sons -10% Handbook of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders The latest and most comprehensive resource on autism and related disorders Since the original edition was first published more than a quarter-century ago, The Handbook of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders has been the most influential reference work in the field. Volume 2 of this comprehensive work includes a wealth of information from the experts in their respective specialities within the larger field of autism studies: Assessment, Interventions, and Social Policy Perspectives. Within the three sections found in Volume 2 , readers will find in-depth treatment of: Screening for autism in young children; diagnostic instruments in autism spectrum disorders (ASD); clinical evaluation in multidisciplinary settings; assessing communications in ASD; and behavioral assessment of individuals with autism, including current practice and future directions Interventions for infants and toddlers at risk; comprehensive treatment models for children and youth with ASD; targeted interventions for social communication symptoms in preschoolers with ASD; augmentative and alternative communication; interventions for challenging Rogers Sally J. 3/1/2014 9781118107034 70 GBP PO RABACIE: 63 GBP John Wiley & Sons -10%
  32. 32. 33 NA ZAMÓWIENIE | PSYCHOLOGIA Handbook of Emotion Regulation Reviewing the state of the science in a dynamic, thriving field, this influential handbook integrates knowledge from multiple psychological subdisciplines. Foremost experts address the neurobiological and cognitive bases of emotion regulation and examine how individuals develop and use regulatory strategies across the lifespan. The social context of emotion regulation is explored, as are personality processes and individual differences. Critical implications are discussed for psychopathology, psychosocial interventions, and health. Including helpful cross-referencing among chapters, the volume describes cutting-edge methods and identifies promising directions for future investigation. New to This Edition Incorporates significant scientific advances and many new topics. Greatly expanded coverage of clinical issues and applications. Chapters on neural systems, delay of gratification, decision making, and health. Chapters on adolescence, social baseline theory, and desire regulation, plus more. "The study of emotion regulation has surged dramatically in the last decade. Researchers, teachers, and students who feel 12/1/2013 9781462503506 63.99 GBP PO RABACIE: 58 GBP Guilford Press -10% Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics This is the fourth edition of the market- leading reference for human factors and ergonomics researchers, academics, and professionals. Editor Gavriel Salvendy, a well- known and respected authority, has assembled the top thinkers and practitioners from throughout the world to update this volume. It features new coverage of voice communication, multi-modal design, human- robot communication, call center design and operation, design of electronic games, and much more. Plus new and expanded coverage of Human Error and Human Reliability Analysis. Salvendy Gavriel 4/1/2012 9780470528389 200 GBP PO RABACIE: 180 GBP John Wiley & Sons -10% Handbook of Neurologic Music Therapy Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) is a form of music therapy developed for people suffering from cognitive, sensory, or motor dysfunctions - arising from neurological diseases of the nervous system. People who can benefit from this therapy include sufferers from: stroke, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson's and Huntington's disease, cerebral palsy, Alzheimer's disease, autism, and other neurological diseases affecting cognition, movement, and communication (e.g., MS, Muscular Dystrophy, etc). The Handbook of Neurologic Music Therapy is a comprehensive landmark text presenting a new and revolutionary model of music in rehabilitation, therapy and medicine that is scientifically validated and clinically tested. Each of the 20 clinical techniques is described in detail with specific exercises, richly illustrated and with pertinent background information regarding research and clinical diagnoses. The book is a 'must have' for all neurologic music therapists and those who want to become one, clinicians, university faculty, and students alike. Physicians and therapists from other disciplines will find this tome an important guide to provide new insight how music can 6/1/2014 9780199695461 65 GBP PO RABACIE: 59 GBP Oxford University Press -10%