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Springer books | up to 60%


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Springer books | up to 60%

  1. 1. Oferta książek anglojęzycznychSpis treści:Architektura……………………………………………..2Biologia………………………………………………..2-4Botanika……………………………………………....4-5Chemia………………………………………………..5-6Ekonomia……………………………………………..6-7Fizyka………………………………………………..7-10Humanistyka…………………………………………..10Matematyka……………………………………….10-12Nauki o ziemi……………………………………....13-14Społeczeństwo i nauki społeczne …………...……...14Technologia informacyjna i komputerowa……....14-18Technologia, inżynieria i rolnictwo………………..18-23Rabaty od 40 do 60%Zamówienia można składać:ABE– IPS sp. z o.o.ul. Grzybowska 37A00-855, Warszawatel. +48 22 654 06 75fax +48 22 652 07 Podane ceny są cenami brutto i zawierają 5% podatek VAT. Oferta ważna do 30 kwietnia 2013 bądź do wyczerpania zapasów.
  2. 2. SPRINGER Porsche Museum Counterpoint Daniel -4 -5 Libeskind 0 0 % % Frontiers L Goldberger P Architektura Architektura 9783211997369 9783764389451 12.1.2009 10.1.2008 Oprawa: miękka Oprawa: twarda 262 zł Po rabacie: 157 zł 194 zł Po rabacie: 97 złThe recently opened Porsche Museum in Zuffenhausen, at the entrance to the city Architect Daniel Libeskind, known for his dynamic, fractured compositions, is alsoof Stuttgart, is exceptional in three respects: for its architecture, its construction recognized for introducing a new critical discourse to architecture. In an enormousand its urban design. In its form, use of technology and dynamic elegance the variety of projects around the world - major cultural institutions, conventiondesign reflects the qualities of the traditional automobile brand. A 160 metre long centers, universities, hotels, commercial centers, and residential work - he hasexhibition element rests on three concrete cores, which enable the smooth ... manifested his commitment to expanding the horizons of architecture and ... Powell/Kleinschmidt Fresh Dialogue 2 -6 -6 Interior Architecture 0 0 % % Blaser Werner Corbitt Warren Architektura Architektura 9783764365615 9781568982649 11.1.2001 1.1.2001 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: miękka 257 zł Po rabacie: 103 zł 135 zł Po rabacie: 54 złPowell/Kleinschmidt, based in Chicago and acclaimed as one of the 20 best Shopping for the freshest new design talent? Youll find them here in Freshinterior design firms of the last 25 years, have designed interiors for corporate, Dialogue 2, the latest entree from the American Institute of Graphic, educational, retail, hospitality and residential environments. Underlying their Showcasing three exciting new voices--Warren Corbitt and Matt Owens fromwork is always the belief that good design is the result of thoughtful planning, One9ine; Kevin Lyons; and Susan Parr from ReVerb--Fresh Dialogue 2 presentscareful attention to detail, cost effective budgeting and impeccable execution. their design ideas and practices through discussion and vivid color images. Rural Studio Anton Schweighofer Quiet -6 -6 Radical 0 0 % % Hursley T Architektura Architektura 9781568982922 9783211837184 1.1.2002 3.1.2001 Oprawa: miękka Oprawa: twarda 156 zł Po rabacie: 63 zł 230 zł Po rabacie: 92 złFor almost ten years, Samuel Mockbee, a recent MacArthur Grant recipient, and Anton Schweighofer, one of Austrias most eminent architects, is a declaredhis architecture students at Auburn University have been designing and building supporter of a rationalism that relates both to a traditional anonymous architecturestriking houses and community buildings for impoverished residents of Alabamas as well as to that of the classical modern movement; a lone figure, therefore, in anHale County. Using salvaged lumber and bricks, discarded tires, hay and waste architectural scene that rates sophisticated detail and glossy surfaces more highlycardboard bales, concrete rubble, colored bottles, and old license plates., they than the radical sounding out of the typological and structural aspects. of a Heterologous Expression of Mouse Cell Culture -4 -4 Membrane Proteins 0 0 % % Mus-Veteau I Ward A Biologia Biologia 9781607613435 9781588297723 1.1.2009 3.1.2010 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 378 zł Po rabacie: 227 zł 447 zł Po rabacie: 268 złMembrane proteins play a key role in numerous pathologies such as cancer, cystic Cultured cells have combined accessibility and the ability to expand afibrosis, epilepsy, hyperinsulinism, and Alzheimers disease, yet studies on these homogeneous cell population from a relatively limited source, thus opening up aand other disorders are hampered by a lack of information about the proteins wealth of possibilities for researchers. In Mouse Cell Culture: Methods andinvolved. In Heterologous Expression of Membrane Proteins: Methods and Protocols, expert researchers provide a number of methods for the culture of aProtocols, expert researchers provide an overview of the different heterologous. wide range of specific cells and tissues isolated from the key genetic model. of the 2
  3. 3. SPRINGER Hematopoietic Stem Cell Genetic Variation -4 -4 Biology 0 0 % % Kondo M Barnes M Biologia Biologia 9781603273466 9781603273664 12.1.2009 9.1.2010 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 648 zł Po rabacie: 389 zł 507 zł Po rabacie: 304 złThis book is written by experts in the field of hematopoietic stem cell biology and With the continuing advances in sequencing technologies and the availability oflymphocyte development in order to overview recent advances in the field. thousands of distinct human genomes, we are fast approaching the day whenProspective isolation of various progenitors and stem cells enables us to "personal genomes" become a standard study measure and a routine componentunderstand self-renewal mechanisms of stem cells as well as regulation of of personal health records. In Genetic Variation: Methods and Protocols, experthematopoiesis. Furthermore, the importance of extrinsic factors has been researchers address the rising importance of genome variation, both at the level of Innate Immunity Of Plants Progress in Mycology -4 -4 Animals And Humans 0 0 % % Heine H Rai M Biologia Biologia 9783540739296 9789048137121 12.1.2007 5.1.2009 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 682 zł Po rabacie: 409 zł 686 zł Po rabacie: 412 złThis book has been cunningly designed to provide an overview of our current There has been tremendous biotechnological advancement in the field of fungi inknowledge about the innate immune systems of these three types of organisms. It the last two decades. The present book is aimed to provide the readers withnot only covers the innate immune mechanisms and responses of such diverse current trends in the field of Mycology in general and fungal biotechnology inorganisms as plants, Cnidaria, Drosophila, urochordates and zebrafish, but also particular. The book would be of utmost importance to students, researchers, andthe major receptor systems in mammalians and humans. It delves too into the teachers of botany, mycology, microbiology, medical microbiology, fungal Handbook of Hydrocarbon Essential Readings in -4 -4 and Lipid Microbiology 5 vols Biosemiotics 0 0 % % McGenity T Favareau D Biologia Biologia 9783540775843 9781402096495 12.1.2009 6.1.2010 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 7503 zł Po rabacie: 4502 zł 928 zł Po rabacie: 557 złThis handbook provides a comprehensive overview of microbial interactions with Synthesizing the findings from a wide range of disciplines - from biology andthe major forms of hydrocarbons, oils, and lipids in or entering the biosphere. It is anthropology to philosophy and linguistics - the emerging field of Biosemioticsthe definitive resource on the physiological mechanisms and adaptive strategies explores the highly complex phenomenon of sign processing in living systems.characteristic of the microbial lifestyle that plays out at hydrophobic material: Seeking to advance a naturalistic understanding of the evolution and developmentaqueous liquid interfaces. of sign-dependent life processes, contemporary biosemiotic theory offers Conservation Monitoring in Vector Biology Ecology and -4 -4 Freshwater Habitats Control 0 0 % % Hurford C Atkins Peter Biologia Biologia 9781402092770 9789048124572 12.1.2009 12.1.2009 Oprawa: miękka Oprawa: twarda 629 zł Po rabacie: 378 zł 659 zł Po rabacie: 396 złThe predicted changes to global weather patterns and increases in the human The control of mosquitoes and other insect vectors of human pathogens in anpopulation will put unprecedented pressure on European freshwater habitats and area-wide, environmentally and sustainable way is critical to solving global healththe species that depend on them. Our success in conserving the ecological value problems in the developing world but also to industrialized countries that alreadyof these habitats will depend greatly on carefully planned conservation have in place efficient vector control programs. The rapid spread of West Nile virusmanagement integrated with efficient and reliable monitoring. Conservation through the United States provides one example of how even a highly 3
  4. 4. SPRINGER New Horizons of Applied Ecotoxicology of -4 -5 Scanning Electron Antifouling Biocides 0 0 % % Shimizu K Arai T Biologia Biologia 9783642031595 9784431857082 12.1.2009 3.1.2008 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 462 zł Po rabacie: 278 zł 831 zł Po rabacie: 416 złIn modern scanning electron microscopy, sample surface preparation is of key Organotin compounds, used as antifouling biocides since 1960, are chemicalimportance. This book presents the procedures for sample surface preparation, compounds that act as endocrine disrupters. It is not known how organotinthereby facilitating unprecedented capabilities with advanced scanning electron compounds cause hormone disturbance, however, and many questions remainmicroscopes. From the reviews: "The book is attractively presented, in hardcover about their effect on aquatic organisms. Studies on organotin compounds havewith numerous illustrations. It is a text book doing little to disguise its academic recently evolved, with many new findings reported. Following a worldwide ban on Functional Nucleic Acids Function & Regulation of -5 -6 for Analytical Applications Cellular Systems 0 0 % % Li Y Alt W Biologia Biologia 9780387737102 9783764369255 12.1.2007 2.1.2003 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 357 zł Po rabacie: 179 zł 415 zł Po rabacie: 166 złNature has long used nucleic acid aptamers and enzymes for regulatory activities, Current biological research demands the extensive use of sophisticatedsuch as the recently discovered "riboswitches" involved in gene expression. The mathematical methods and computer-aided analysis of experiments and data.existence of a large array of natural and artificial functional nucleic acids has This highly interdisciplinary volume focuses on structural, dynamical and functionalgenerated tremendous enthusiasm and new opportunities for molecular scientists aspects of cellular systems and presents corresponding experiments andfrom diverse disciplines to devise new concepts and real applications that take mathematical models. The book may serve as an introduction for biologists, Protein - Protein Interaction Climate Vegetation -6 -4 0 0 % % Werther M Zahran M Biologia Botanika 9783540688174 9789048185948 1.1.2008 3.1.2010 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 809 zł Po rabacie: 324 zł 692 zł Po rabacie: 416 złThis book covers trends in modern biotechnology. It treats all aspects of this Deserts are unique ecosystems with their own biotic and abiotic components, andinterdisciplinary technology, where knowledge, methods and expertise are are often rich in renewable natural resources, the appropriate management ofrequired from chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, chemical which can contribute significantly to the sustainable management of desert regionsengineering and computer science. for the welfare of the people. Yet while there are many books on the flora of the countries fringing the important desert countries of the Mediterranean and Red Role of Plant Pathology in Integrated Management of -4 -4 Food Safety and Food Arthropod Pests and Insect 0 0 % % Strange R Ciancio A Botanika Botanika 9781402089312 9789048124633 12.1.2009 6.1.2010 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 426 zł Po rabacie: 256 zł 697 zł Po rabacie: 418 złThis book views the vulnerability of our crops in general to devastating diseases as The fifth and last Volume of this IPMD series reviews, in a multi-disciplinarywell as specifically the disease problems of two important staples, rice and approach, recent achievements in crop protection and integrated management ofcassava. Increased travel and increased transport of plant material throughout the arthropod pests. The volume is organized in a first Section covering IPM in citrusworld pose ever more significant risks to the health of our plants. These include productions, a Second one dealing with advacements in the integratioon ofnot only the destruction of our food crops by pathogens which may be imported management technologies and a last Section covering mites and their biological 4
  5. 5. SPRINGER Root and Tuber Crops Sustainable use of Genetic -4 -4 Diversity in Forage and Turf 0 0 % % Bradshaw J Huyghe C Botanika Botanika 9780387927640 9789048187058 9.1.2010 6.1.2010 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 696 zł Po rabacie: 418 zł 774 zł Po rabacie: 465 złIt is important to include "Tuber and Root Crops" in the "Handbook of Plant This book is a collection of papers presented at the 2009 meeting of the FodderBreeding". They include starchy staple crops that are of increasing importance for Crops and Amenity grasses section of Eucarpia. It provides a unique source ofglobal food security and relief of poverty, important millennium goals for the United information on the most recent results on genetic diversity and breeding in forageNations. Indeed, 2008 was the UN International Year of the Potato in recognition crops and turf species from Europe and overseas. It is organised in five sections.of this role of the potato as the worlds third most important food crop after wheat The first section is devoted to genetic resources which are the source of diversity Chemical Elements in Progress in Ultrafast -4 -4 Plants and Soil Intense Laser Science 0 0 % % Franzle S Yamanouchi K Chemia Chemia 9789048127511 9783642038242 12.1.2009 12.1.2009 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 665 zł Po rabacie: 399 zł 454 zł Po rabacie: 273 złEarlier works on plant essential elements have revealed a series of complicated, The PUILS series delivers up-to-date reviews of progress in Ultrafast Intense Lasercounter-intuitive relationships among various chemical elements in different plant Science, a newly emerging interdisciplinary research field spanning atomic andspecies, due to both unlike usage of certain elements in plants and to different molecular physics, molecular science, and optical science, which has beencarriers effecting resorption and transport.In an attempt to provide a more stimulated by the recent developments in ultrafast laser technologies. Each volumecoherent theory behind plant mineral nutrition, this groundbreaking book. adopts a compiles peer-reviewed articles authored by researchers at the forefront of each Data Mining in Functional Phthalocyanine -4 -4 Crystallography Molecular Materials 0 0 % % Hofmann D Jiang J Chemia Chemia 9783642047589 9783642047510 11.1.2009 2.1.2010 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 647 zł Po rabacie: 389 zł 1147 zł Po rabacie: 688 zł Steroid Analysis 2e Molecular Organometallic -4 -4 Materials for Optics 0 0 % % Makin Bozec H Chemia Chemia 9781402097744 9783642018657 9.1.2010 11.1.2009 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 1107 zł Po rabacie: 665 zł 880 zł Po rabacie: 528 złThe second edition of this handbook concentrates on the analysis of steroids in Contents of this title include: S. Di Bella, C. Dragonetti, M. Pizzotti, D. Roberto, F.biological fluids. It offers analysis of low levels of steroid analytes in biological Tessore, R.; Ugo - Coordination and Organometallic Complexes as Second-Orderfluids. This new edition also provides an extra chapter on pharmaceutical aspects Nonlinear Optical Molecular Materials - M. G. Humphrey, M.P. Cifuentes, M.of steroid analysis. Coverage details spectroscopic and other methods, including Samoc; NLO Molecules and Materials Based on Organometallics - Cubic NLOUV and IR absorption spectroscopy, NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, X- Properties - L. Murphy, J. A. G. Williams; Luminescent Platinum Compounds. 5
  6. 6. SPRINGER Asymmetric Crystallization Modalities in -4 -4 Organocatalysis Polymer Melt Processing 0 0 % % List B Janeschitz-Kriegl H Chemia Chemia 9783642028144 9783211876268 3.1.2009 1.1.2009 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 1150 zł Po rabacie: 690 zł 458 zł Po rabacie: 275 zł This is the first book to explicitly focus on the processing of crystallizing polymers. It presents innovative research on diverse interfering processes to help clarify the subject. The first to address the unexpectedly strong interaction of three transport phenomena: heat transfer, momentum transfer (rheology) with crystallization kinetics. With many applications, most well-known crystalline structures are found Modern Techniques for Polymer Libraries -4 -4 Nano- and Microreactors 0 0 % % Caruso F Meier M Chemia Chemia 9783642128721 9783642001697 8.1.2010 5.1.2010 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 877 zł Po rabacie: 527 zł 881 zł Po rabacie: 529 zł"Encapsulation by Miniemulsion Polymerization" By K. Landfester and C. K. Weiss;"Enzyme-Encapsulated Layer-by-Layer Assemblies: Current Status andChallenges Toward Ultimate Nanodevices" By K. Ariga, Q. Ji, and J. P. Hill; "Non-LBL Assembly and Encapsulation Uses 1 of Nanoparticle-Shelled Hollow Spheres2" By G.C. Kini, S. L. Biswal, and M. S. Wong; "PolymersomesBiological Organic Electronics Metal Catalysts in Olefin -4 -5 Polymerization 0 0 % % Meller G Guan Z Chemia Chemia 9783642045370 9783540877509 11.1.2009 3.1.2008 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 1158 zł Po rabacie: 695 zł 910 zł Po rabacie: 455 zł Polyolefin is a major industry that is important for our economy and impacts every aspect of our lives. The discovery of new transition metal-based catalysts is one of the driving forces for the further advancement of this field. Whereas the classical heterogeneous Ziegler-Natta catalysts and homogeneous early transition metal metallocene catalysts remain the workhorses of the polyolefin industry, in roughly Polymineral-Metasomatic Price Regulation and Risk -6 -4 Crystallogenesis 0 0 % % Glikin A Hierzenberger M Chemia Ekonomia 9781402089824 9783642120466 1.1.2008 1.1.2010 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: miękka 787 zł Po rabacie: 315 zł 326 zł Po rabacie: 196 zł"Polymineral-Metasomatic Crystallogenesis" is dedicated to the foundations of Natural monopolies are not subject to the market-based principle of competition.polymineral crystallogenesis in solutions typically occurring in nature. Effects, laws, Consequently, it is necessary to control companies in such monopoly positionsand mechanisms of a meta somatic crystal replacement, joint crystal growth of with regard to their pricing. In the future, it will become more and more importantdifferent phases, mixed crystal formation, and aggregate re-crystallization as well to consider a possible change in the regulation regime when the future-orientedas oriented overgrowth (epitaxy and quasi-epitaxy) and crystal habit origin are costs of equity - both in terms of price regulation and for conducting capital 6
  7. 7. SPRINGER Financial Liberalization in New Partnerships for -5 -5 Developing Countries Innovation in Microfinance 0 0 % % Ahmed A Matthaus Ekonomia Ekonomia 9783790821673 9783540938989 10.1.2009 3.1.2009 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: miękka 529 zł Po rabacie: 265 zł 146 zł Po rabacie: 73 złThe latest global financial and economic crisis of 2008 has shown the need to re- Microfinance has experienced dynamic development. Today, microfinanceexamine the desirability of financial liberalization. This book is undertaking such a providers reach close to 100 million clients worldwide and are growing fast. Newstudy on the issue of financial and market liberalization by adopting sophisticated partnerships expand the impact of microfinance even further. Three types ofeconometric methods. It examines the effects of financial liberalization on partnerships are examined in this book, each consisting of a thematic pillar. Pillar Ieconomic development and social welfare using a case study approach on a focuses on equity investments in microfinance, especially the possibilities for Risk Assessment Applications of Software -5 -6 Agent Technology in Health 0 0 % % Bol G Moreno A Ekonomia Ekonomia 9783790820492 9783764326623 12.1.2008 1.1.2003 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: miękka 376 zł Po rabacie: 188 zł 163 zł Po rabacie: 66 złNew developments in assessing and managing risk are discussed in this volume. This volume contains a collection of papers that provides a unique, novel and up-Addressing both practitioners in the banking sector and research institutions, the to-date overview of how software agents technology is being applied in verybook provides a manifold view on the most-discussed topics in finance. Among diverse problems in health care, ranging from community care to management ofthe subjects treated are important issues such as: risk measures and allocation of organ transplants. It also provides an introductory survey that highlights the mainrisks, factor modeling, risk premia in the hedge funds industry and credit risk issues to be taken into account when deploying agents in the health care area. Developing Safety Health Fuhrungswissen Fur Bau- & -6 -6 Program Immobilienfachleute 1 0 0 % % Della-Giustina Daniel Diederichs C Ekonomia Ekonomia 9781566705189 9783540221708 1.1.1999 1.1.2004 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 177 zł Po rabacie: 71 zł 352 zł Po rabacie: 141 złThe Occupational Safety and Health Act requires every employer to create a job Das Buch beinhaltet das betriebliche Basiswissen f r eine fundierte Unternehmensfenvironment free from hazards that cause or are likely to cause death or serious hrung. Das Grundwissen wird erg nzt um Ausf hrungen zur Wirtschaftspolitik undphysical harm. Each employer must comply with safety and health standards zum europ ischen System der Zentralbanken. Behandelt werden auch diespecifically spelled out by law. Developing a Safety and Health Program provides a Bilanzansatz- und Bewertungsvorschriften nach International Accountingpractical, step-by-step approach to setting up safety programs. Easy-to-use, this Standards (IAS) und Basiswissen zur Behandlung von Nachtr gen bei Leistungs. Introduction to the Introduction to the Basic -4 -4 Mechanics of Fluids Concepts of Modern Physics 0 0 % % Truesdell C Becchi C Fizyka Fizyka 9780817648459 9788847016156 11.1.2008 1.1.2010 Oprawa: miękka Oprawa: miękka 162 zł Po rabacie: 98 zł 186 zł Po rabacie: 112 złA compact, moderately general book which encompasses many fluid models of These notes are designed as a text book for a course on the Modern Physicscurrent interest...The book is written very clearly and contains a large number of Theory for undergraduate students. The purpose is providing a rigorous and self-exercises and their solutions. The level of mathematics is that commonly taught to contained presentation of the simplest theoretical framework using elementaryundergraduates in mathematics departments. -Mathematical Reviews. The book mathematical tools. A number of examples of relevant applications and anshould be useful for graduates and researchers not only in applied mathematics appropriate list of exercises and answered questions are also given. The first 7
  8. 8. SPRINGER Quantum Private Biological Physics -4 -4 Communication 0 0 % % Zeng G Rivasseau V Fizyka Fizyka 9783642032950 9783034604277 1.1.2010 1.1.2010 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 431 zł Po rabacie: 259 zł 384 zł Po rabacie: 230 złQuantum Private Communication covers the fundamentals of the areas of secure The book contains articles from leading experts in different areas of biologicalcommunication, quantum cryptography, quantum communication, and their physics. Topics ranging from cell dynamics to the evolution of multicellularity tophysical implementation with applications. The book appears in a timely manner conscious versus non-conscious evidence accumulation are reviewed andfor an emerging field at the crossroad of classic private communication and discussed, both from a theoretical and an experimental perspective. Furthermore,quantum physics. Graduate students and scientists alike in communication current developments of practical applications like magnetic tweezers for the study Classical Mechanics Critical Regimes of Two- -4 -4 Phase Flows with a 0 0 % % Deriglazov A Barsky E Fizyka Fizyka 9783642140365 9789048188376 1.1.2010 1.1.2010 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 555 zł Po rabacie: 333 zł 461 zł Po rabacie: 277 złFormalism of classical mechanics underlies a number of powerful mathematical Critical regimes of two-phase flows with a polydisperse solid phase form the basismethods that are widely used in theoretical and mathematical physics. This book of such widespread industrial processes as separation of various powderyconsiders the basics facts of Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics, as well as materials and minerals dressing. It is impossible to describe such complicatedrelated topics, such as canonical transformations, integral invariants, potential flows analytically. Therefore, this study concentrates on invariants experimentallymotion in geometric setting, symmetries, the Noether theorem and systems .with revealed and theoretically grounded for such flows. This approach can be Underwater Acoustics Boron Rich Solids -4 -4 0 0 % % Lurton X Orlovskaya N Fizyka Fizyka 9783540784807 9789048198238 9.1.2010 1.1.2010 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: miękka 829 zł Po rabacie: 498 zł 415 zł Po rabacie: 249 złSound waves are the only practical means of remote investigation of the sea and The objective of this book is to discuss the current status of research andits bottom and transmission in seawater. Underwater acoustics has become one development of boron-rich solids as sensors, ultra-high temperature ceramics,of the major technologies used in the exploration and exploitation of the oceans for thermoelectrics, and armor. Novel biological and chemical sensors made of stiffscientific, industrial, or military/naval purposes. It is widely employed in the fields of and light-weight boron-rich solids are very exciting and efficient for applications inocean engineering, seafloor mapping, defence, oceanography, navigation, and medical diagnoses, environmental surveillance and the detection of pathogen and Innovative Technological X-Ray Optics and -4 -4 Materials Microanalysis 0 0 % % Skrzypek J Denecke M Fizyka Fizyka 9783642120589 9780735407640 5.1.2010 1.1.2010 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 460 zł Po rabacie: 276 zł 486 zł Po rabacie: 292 złThis book provides at first ideas on the answers that neutrons and Synchrotron "ICXOM Series" is a platform dedicated for reporting progress in fundamental andRadiation could give in innovative materials science and technology. In particular, applied research in x-ray optics and micro- and nano-analysis by means of x-raynon-conventional, unusual or innovative neutron and x-ray scattering experiments beams (with an ICXOM20 emphasis on synchrotron sources), electrons or other(from both the scientific and the instrumental point of view) will be described which energetic particles, including application examples, as well as methodological andeither have novel applications or provide a new insight into material science and instrumental developments. 8
  9. 9. SPRINGER Introduction to Complex Current Problems in -4 -5 Plasmas Atmospheric Radiation 0 0 % % Bonitz M Nakajima T Fizyka Fizyka 9783642105913 9780735406353 1.1.2010 4.1.2009 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: płócienna 552 zł Po rabacie: 331 zł 1623 zł Po rabacie: 812 złComplex plasmas differ from traditional plasmas in many ways: there are low-temperature high pressure systems containing nanometer to micrometer sizeparticles which may be highly charged and strongly interacting. The particles maybe chamically reacting or be in contact with solid surfaces, and the electrons mayshow quantum behaviour. These interesting properties have led to many Micro-Raman Parallel Computational -5 -5 Spectroscopy and Fluid Dynamics 2007 0 0 % % Gucsik A Tuncer I Fizyka Fizyka 9780735407008 9783540927433 8.1.2009 5.1.2009 Oprawa: miękka Oprawa: miękka 572 zł Po rabacie: 286 zł 381 zł Po rabacie: 191 zł At the 19th Annual Conference on Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics held in Antalya, Turkey, in May 2007, the most recent developments and implementations of large-scale and grid computing were presented. This book, comprised of the invited and selected papers of this conference, details those advances, which are of particular interest to CFD and CFD-related communities. It also offers the results Viscosity of Pure Organic High Energy Physics and -5 -6 Liquids and Binary Liquid Applications 0 0 % % Wohlfarth C Ellis J Fizyka Fizyka 9783540560500 9780735405257 1.1.2009 1.1.2008 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 20627 zł Po rabacie: 10314 zł 483 zł Po rabacie: 194 złThis Landolt-Bornstein volume IV/25 is a supplement to the volume IV/18 The workshop was dedicated to topics in elementary particle physics such as: The"Viscosity of Pure Organic Liquids and Binary Liquid Mixtures" and provides electroweak precision, supersymmetry, new ideas beyond the standard model andviscosity data published in the years 2000-2006. Included in this volume are new physics at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). These proceedings feature aviscosities of pure organic liquids and binary liquid mixtures at different number of plenary and parallel talks as well as poster sessions presented at thetemperatures and pressures including organic liquids, organometallic liquids, and workshop. Compound Nuclear Atomic Physics 17 -6 -6 Reactions and Related Topics 0 0 % % Escher J Arimondo E Fizyka Fizyka 9780735405240 9781563969829 5.1.2008 4.1.2001 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 543 zł Po rabacie: 218 zł 709 zł Po rabacie: 284 złAll papers have been peer-reviewed. Compound-nuclear reactions play a crucial The papers of this international conference present the most recent advances inrole in nuclear astrophysics, nuclear energy, and national security. Although the atomic physics, which presently encompasses a number of branches in rapidconcept of the compound nucleus dates back to the 1930s, a comprehensive, development, representing the cutting edge of frontier physics. Some of the mainquantitative description of compound-nuclear reactions remains to be established. topics presented are: recent advances in the study of ultra-cold matter,CNR* 2007 brought together experts in nuclear theory, experiment, and data determination of fundamental constants, study of single atoms and molecules, 9
  10. 10. SPRINGER Monitoring the Frontiers in Quantum -6 -6 Comprehesive Nuclear-Test- Systems in Chemistry and 0 0 % % Murphy J Wilson H Fizyka Fizyka 9783764365523 9781402087066 12.1.2001 1.1.2008 Oprawa: miękka Oprawa: twarda 387 zł Po rabacie: 155 zł 1041 zł Po rabacie: 417 złThis volume presents summaries of recent research results on the related subjects The basic theory of matter on the nanoscale is quantum mechanics and theof source processes and explosion yield estimation, which are important elements application of quantum mechanics to the study of the many-body problem inof any treaty verification system. The term Source Processes, in the context of molecules and materials is a rapidly developing field of research. "Frontiers innuclear test monitoring, refers to a wide range of research topics. In a narrow Quantum Systems" defines the leading edge; hence it describes the newdefinition, it describes the complex physical phenomena that are directly theoretical developments available to a wider audience and presents theories Encyclopedia of Knowledge and Cical -5 -6 Psychology and Religion 2 Pedagogy 0 0 % % Leeming D Kincheloe J Humanistyka Humanistyka 9780387718019 9781402082238 11.1.2009 1.1.2008 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: twarda 1766 zł Po rabacie: 883 zł 384 zł Po rabacie: 154 złIntegrating psychology and religion, this unique encyclopedia offers a rich In a globalized neo-colonial world an insidious and often debilitating crisis ofcontribution to the development of human self-understanding. It provides an knowledge not only continues to undermine the quality of research produced byintellectually rigorous collection of psychological interpretations of the stories, scholars but to also perpetuate a neo-colonial and oppressive socio-cultural,rituals, motifs, symbols, doctrines, dogmas, and experiences of the worlds political economic, and educational system. The lack of attention such issuesreligious traditions. Easy-to-read, the encyclopedia draws from forty different receive in pedagogical institutions around the world undermines the value of Structural Analysis of Intelligent Computer -4 -4 Complex Networks Mathematics 0 0 % % Dehmer M Autexier S Matematyka Matematyka 9780817647889 9783642141270 1.1.2010 1.1.2010 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: miękka 665 zł Po rabacie: 399 zł 287 zł Po rabacie: 172 złFilling a gap in literature, this self-contained book presents theoretical and This book constitutes the joint refereed proceedings of the 10th Internationalapplication-oriented results that allow for a structural exploration of complex Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Computation, AISC 2010, thenetworks. The work focuses not only on classical graph-theoretic methods, but 17th Symposium on the Integration of Symbolic Computation and Mechanizedalso demonstrates the usefulness of structural graph theory as a tool for solving Reasoning, Calculemus 2010, and the 9th International Conference oninterdisciplinary problems. Applications to biology, chemistry, linguistics, and data Mathematical Knowledge Management, MKM 2010. All submissions passed Markets with Transaction Analytical and Stochastic -4 -4 Costs Mathematical Theory Modeling Techniques and 0 0 % % Kabanov Y Al-Begain K Matematyka Matematyka 9783540681205 9783642135675 12.1.2008 1.1.2010 Oprawa: twarda Oprawa: miękka 327 zł Po rabacie: 196 zł 287 zł Po rabacie: 172 złThe book is the first monograph on this highly important subject. From the This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 17th Internationalreviews: "This book contains an introduction to the mathematical theory of Conference on Analytical and Stochastic Modeling Techniques and Applications,financial markets with proportional transaction costs. ... This is the first book that ASMTA 2010, held in Cardiff, UK, in June 2010. The 28 revised full paperscovers this subject and thus is very useful for scientists and researchers on this presented were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions forfield. One can find useful information in the bibliographical comments at the end of inclusion in the book. The papers are organized in topical sections on queueing 10