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Finanse                          Basel III Credit Rating Systems: An Applied Guide to                          Quantitativ...
Finanse                          Conquering Global Markets: Secrets from                                   ZA             ...
Finanse                          Credit Portfolio Management                                               ZA             ...
Finanse                          Dark Pools: The Structure and Future of Off-Exchange                          Trading and...
Finanse                          Luxury Talent Management:                                                     ZA         ...
Finanse                          Profiting from Monetary Policy:                          Investing Through the Business C...
Finanse                          Strategic Transformation: Changing While Winning                          George S. Yip  ...
Finanse                          The Economics of the Financial Crisis: Lessons and                          New Threats  ...
Finanse                          The Executives Guide to Financial Management:                          Improving Risk, St...
Finanse                          The International Banking System: Capital Adequacy,                          Core Busines...
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Business Books, Money Books, Finance Books


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Business Books, Money Books, Finance Books

  1. 1. FinanseKsiążki anglojęzyczne | Nowości Zamówienia można składać: Lista Przedstawicieli Handlowych znajduje się na ostatniej stronieCeny podane w PLN są cenami brutto i zawierają 5% podatek VAT.
  2. 2. Finanse Basel III Credit Rating Systems: An Applied Guide to Quantitative and Qualitative Models Luisa Izzi Palgrave Macmillan The market turmoil and the new Basel III credit risk management published since capital requirements are re-shaping the the crisis. financial competitive landscape. More than ever, banking competition is based on the ability to assess, to price and to manage the cost of credit risk. Bankers are increasingly called to manage a process of analysis of the customer in a9780230294240 more structured way. This book is a comprehensive guide to quantitative and16.12.2011 qualitative credit rating models andOprawa: twarda covers all loan portfolios (Corporate, 708 zł Retail, Banks, Sovereign and Specialized Lending).The credit rating models are illustrated in great detail and are based on the best practices currently in use in large international banking groups. The book also contains pricing tools for liquid and non-liquid markets and is one of the first books on Commercial and Investment Banking and the International Credit and Capital Markets Brian Scott-Quinn Palgrave Macmillan This book by a former practitioner- turned-academic fills a clear gap in the current literature for a practice-focused text that brings together organisational structure, strategy, business models, regulation and governance of the finance industry with its products and services, including financing978023037047001.07.2012Oprawa: twarda 156 zł 2
  3. 3. Finanse Conquering Global Markets: Secrets from ZA PO the Worlds Most Successful Multinationals W IED Nancy A. Hubbard Ź Palgrave Macmillan Conquering Global Markets offers assessments of the issues, statistics, cases, and best practices of mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and alliances throughout the world. Using information gleaned interviews with CEOs, the book provides insights into making global M&As successful.978023029355712.03.2013Oprawa: twarda 137 zł Creating Good Work: The Worlds Leading ZA PO Social Entrepreneurs W IED Ron Schultz Ź Palgrave Macmillan While social entrepreneurship continues impact on the world they encounter. to grow by leaps and bounds over the Including contributions from leading last decade, practitioners have begun to names at such social ventures as realize that no one model can be used Benetech, Brac-USA, KivaRoot Capital, for every type of social venture. Be it a Skoll Foundation, 7th Generation, and start-up for enhancing the educational YouthBuild, many of whom have been opportunities a community has access recognized by organizations like the to or a program to address the Skoll Foundation and Ashoka:9780230372030 sustainability of a regions environment, Innovators for the Public as being each type of social venture comes with among the worlds best. The lessons19.03.2013 its own hardships and pitfalls on its path these leaders share contained in thisOprawa: twarda to creating a better tomorrow. Creating volume are an asset to any social 120 zł Good Work is a practical resource that entrepreneur looking for new and goes beyond storytelling. It is a rich innovative ways to have a positive guide book recounts the stories of some impact on change the world around of the most successful social them, be they at their initial concept entrepreneurial programs operating phase or a successful venture looking to today, with real life examples of and how expand their sphere of influence. they overcame both physical and societal barriers to create a lasting 3
  4. 4. Finanse Credit Portfolio Management ZA PO W IED Michael Hunseler Ź Palgrave Macmillan Credit Portfolio Management is an derivatives. The author delves deep into excellent book on the modern credit the mechanics of Credit Default Swaps, value chain of banks. With the banking using case studies such as the Greek industry in general overhaul and credit default event to uncover built in flaws of business at the core of it, this book this most frequently used product for provides a timely and practical guidance credit risk mitigation. Other hedge on how to successfully manage a credit instruments and strategies, including portfolio in light of a challenging market sub-participations, swaptions, baskets,9780230391499 environment and increased regulatory tranches and macro hedges, are scrutiny. A focus is placed on the explained in detail. The book concludes29.03.2013 development of a risk strategy with with a very topical discussion on bankOprawa: twarda corresponding risk limits and stress regulatory capital optimisation through 313 zł tests. This book outlines the key credit risk transfer techniques. ingredients of fit for purpose business models for Active Credit Portfolio Management. Ever more important regulatory and accounting aspects of hedging are discussed and solutions provided for the accounting mismatch arising from hedging loans with credit Credit Treasury: A Credit Pricing Guide in Liquid and Non-Liquid Markets Gianluca Oricchio Palgrave Macmillan The recent financial crisis found its roots within the contemporary global banking within the credit market and quickly and financial industry and is based on broadened to all other asset classes. It the experience of one of the largest rapidly became a crisis of the real banks worldwide. economy and has caused a deep recession. We have learnt that healthy credit markets play a fundamental role in the efficient functioning of global9780230279667 financial markets. Proper credit risk evaluation and pricing are crucial29.03.2011 elements for the stability of theOprawa: twarda economic system. At the same time, 734 zł markets have become ever more complex, comprising not only the exchange of illiquid goods but also liquid and hybrid products. The management of credit portfolios has never been so tricky and yet so important. This book presents the state of the art with respect to credit risk evaluation and pricing 4
  5. 5. Finanse Dark Pools: The Structure and Future of Off-Exchange Trading and Liquidity Erik Banks Palgrave Macmillan Dark Pools is a practical text dealing then turns to the architecture of a typical with the increasingly important topic of dark pool, and how orders are routed to dark pools, or non-displayed, off- capture dimensions of non-displayed exchange trading and liquidity. A liquidity. This is followed by an analysis growing amount of institutional trading of the pricing and economics of dark occurs away from exchanges and liquidity and common trading strategies expansion in this little understood sector employed by institutions - including dark of the market is set to continue. The algorithms, high frequency trading and9780230238107 book is organized in three parts: Market the controversial mechanism of Structure, Micro Issues, and gaming. The final chapters analyze the09.04.2010 Environment of the Future. The first regulatory and control framework andOprawa: twarda chapters consider the development and consider how dark pools may evolve in a 680 zł evolution of the equity trading post-financial crisis world. marketplace over the past two decades, including the creation of dedicated dark pool platforms, and introduce the concept of market liquidity, the formation of displayed and non- displayed orders, and the operation and structure of key dark pools. Attention Discounting, Libor, CVA and Funding: Interest Rate and Credit Pricing Chris Kenyon Palgrave Macmillan The credit and sovereign debt crises defaults: my CVA is your DVA. Even have fundamentally changed the way collateralization does not remove pricing participants in the global financial problems: when you post collateral how markets perceive credit risk. In market much do you have to pay for it? This practice this is most directly visible from FVA is not symmetric in many ways: significant bases throughout the interest whatever it costs you to source it, your rate world, especially tenor bases, cross counterparty will only pay you OIS. Even -currency bases, and bond-CDS bases. worse is that your funding costs are9781137268518 This means that the curve used for unlikely to be the same as those of all discounting is no longer the curve used your counterparties. Discounting,01.08.2012 for LIBOR (aka Fixing Curve or LIBOR, CVA and Funding: Interest RateOprawa: twarda Forwarding Curve). In the last two years and Credit Pricing is the first book to 209 zł a consensus has emerged that this multi illustrate new ways of pricing interest -curve pricing is now standard. The rate and credit products in the post- crises have also altered the perception crisis markets. Written by two seasoned of banks and governments - they are no practitioners, it will enable the readers to longer regarded as zero-risk understand the many different versions counterparties. Now both sides of an of credit and basis spreads, and to build uncollateralized trade need to consider, the appropriate discount curves that and price in, the risk that the other take these spreads into account so that 5
  6. 6. Finanse Luxury Talent Management: ZA PO Leading and Managing a Luxury Brand W IED Michel Gutsatz Ź Palgrave Macmillan When people wish to enter a specific of luxury competencies, and gives real industry they are rarely given the life examples and cases studies that opportunity to understand how it allow the reader to understand what are functions, what sort of critical the key requirements to work in this competencies are looked for, and how industry. It also explores the leadership to build a career within this industry. The challenges that this industry now faces: luxury industry is quite unique and has to replicate and cultivate talents, update major differences with other brand- customer service in a rapidly changing9781137270665 centered industries that one has to digital marketplace, hire Asian understand and master: family business managers, and understand the05.03.2013 heritage, role of creation, and existence intricacies of family businesses. To thisOprawa: twarda of key populations.This book introduces day, such people change issues have 137 zł us to the specific challenges faced by been tackled intuitively, on an those working in the luxury industry and experience-basis most of the time: many what it takes to succeed, as well as executives act upon previous what luxury brands must do to ensure experiences they have gone through - they are retaining and recruiting the right mostly in marketing, finance, or people who will go on to shape their distribution. They often lack expertise in companies in the future. It provides a what the future is about: creation, retail, concrete and comprehensive framework internet, customer experience. This Private Company Valuation: How Credit Risk Reshaped Equity Markets and Corporate Finance Valuation Tools Gianluca Oricchio Palgrave Macmillan The recent crisis in financial markets has Fixed Income Approach (FIA). The book seen a gradual erosion of the begins by introducing the changing boundaries of asset classes previously landscape of financial markets post regarded as risk-free. We have gone crisis, discussing the notion of risk free from a world mostly free of default risk asset classes and how equity valuation to one where credit risk is largely methods are changing in the light of reflected in equity prices. Traditional credit risk. Oricchio then goes on to valuation methods now need to be illustrate the limitations of traditional9780230291447 integrated to take into account a methods for estimating the economic scenario in which expectations of value of non-listed companies,01.11.2012 growth are considerably reduced, and demonstrating that methods such as theOprawa: twarda credit risk is increased to levels Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), 313 zł previously unheard of. But as the which are market-based, cannot majority of private companies are sub- effectively capture credit risk in sub- investment grade, Valuing Private investment grade companies. The Companies: How Credit Risk Reshaped author advocates the use of a new Equity Markets and Corporate Finance model to estimate the cost of equity - Valuation Tools sets out an innovative the Integrated Pricing Model (IPM). This new method for estimating private new model combines CAPM with a companies cost of equity based on a second method based on fixed income 6
  7. 7. Finanse Profiting from Monetary Policy: Investing Through the Business Cycle Thomas Aubrey Palgrave Macmillan The Financial Crisis has brought the Friedrich Hayek and Gunnar Myrdal. pensions time bomb centre stage due to Credit-based frameworks can measure a decade of low returns increasing the extent of disequilibrium in an unfunded pension liabilities and lowering economy signaling to investors when to future retirement incomes. This is switch from equities to bonds and vice because most investors have been versa, thus preserving capital as the unable to avoid the substantial volatility business cycle shifts. Empirical analysis in asset prices and capital destruction on multiple countries demonstrates that9781137289698 that has accompanied the business investment strategies that track the cycle. Until investors reject the prevailing business cycle generate equity like01.11.2012 monetary policy consensus as an returns with bond-like volatility. TheOprawa: twarda investment framework based on price provision of business cycle tracking 104 zł stability and general equilibrium, pension funds will therefore at least go some way schemes will continue to suffer poor to defusing the shortfall in pension returns due to periodic downturns. provision. Profiting from Monetary Policy Alternative credit-based disequilibrium is a highly innovative book that provides frameworks exist, originating with the new insights on the business cycle and work of Knut Wicksell that was exposes the flaws in current monetary subsequently developed by the joint policy. It advocates a new, credit-based winners of the 1974 Nobel Prize, framework which can provide investors Risk Culture: A Practical Guide to Building and Strengthening the Fabric of Risk Management Erik Banks Palgrave Macmillan Risk, or the uncertainty regarding a field of risk management. Risk Culture is future event or outcome, characterizes a practical volume devoted to the much of what banks, industrial qualitative aspects of risk management, corporations, and governmental including those that should be firmly agencies must deal with on a daily embedded in the corporate culture. basis. Failure to recognize, quantify and Through descriptions, examples and manage risk can lead to significant case studies, the book analyzes weak problems. The very fact that risk exists and strong cultures and proposes a9781137263711 and has the potential to create negative series of structural and behavioral results means that it has to be actively actions that can lead to the01.09.2012 managed. And, while the quantitative strengthening of a companys culture. InOprawa: twarda models and governance frameworks a 21st century business world 183 zł used to manage risks are by now well characterized by volatility and established, the behavioral aspects, uncertainty, a strong risk culture is a centered on the concept of risk culture, prerequisite to success are often unclear and under-theorized. Risk culture, which can be defined as an internal sensibility that reflects knowledge of, and respect for risk, represents a new frontier in the evolving 7
  8. 8. Finanse Strategic Transformation: Changing While Winning George S. Yip Palgrave Macmillan Todays global marketplace offers of Cadbury Schweppes, J Sainsbury, opportunities for fast growth, but a Smith & Nephew, SSL International, winning strategy over the long term Tesco, and Unilever, Strategic raises a special challenge: how to make Transformation provides a vital guide for major strategic changes while creating a sustainably successful maintaining high levels of performance. business organization. The extensive Business historian Manuel Hensmans research base for this book included and renowned management experts analysis of the 20-year financial9781137268457 Gerry Johnson and George Yip analyze performance of 215 of the largest and examine the strategies employed by publicly listed British companies, a11.12.2012 exceptional firms that have met this further strategic analysis of those 28Oprawa: twarda challenge successfully. Hensmans, companies that were found to have 105 zł Johnson and Yip assess the strategies consistent financial performance, and in- of organizations that have depth historical research and extensive simultaneously posted consistent, long- interviews with top executives at six term superior financial performance companies. The study found that while also undertaking the strategic successful strategic transformers changes needed to ensure future developed three historical traditions over success. With real-life case studies and a 40-year or longer period, each of revealing expert insight from the leaders which contributed to the companies Strategy, Value and Risk: The Real Options Approach Jamie Rogers Palgrave Macmillan Updated and revised, this second edition applies advanced financial analytics within a strategic framework that recognizes an environment where sustainable competitive advantage is a progressively more difficult task. Real options offer the link to value and the strategic opportunities that lie in an9780230577374 increasingly dynamic landscape.18.09.2009Oprawa: twarda 708 zł 8
  9. 9. Finanse The Economics of the Financial Crisis: Lessons and New Threats Marco Annunziata Palgrave Macmillan We were all in it together. Through the this clear and compelling analysis are tools of economics, Marco Annunziatas essential to dispel the myths and learn vivid and gripping book shows how the the right lessons from the crisis, and to global financial crisis was caused by a see the new threats around the corner. failure of leadership and common sense in which we all played a role. We could have seen it coming--we just did not want to. Now the temptation to9780230282810 scapegoat rather than take responsibility is leading us to repeat the same13.09.2011 mistakes. As the major advancedOprawa: twarda economies struggle with unsustainable 708 zł fiscal trends, while the weight of the world shifts to emerging Asia, the global economy faces a new set of challenges. Meeting them requires every one of us, policymakers, investors and consumers, to realize that common sense, humility, imagination and information are our most powerful weapons. The insights of The Edge: 50 Tips from Brands That Lead ZA PO W IED Allen P. Adamson Ź Palgrave Macmillan In the digital age, the old rules of Adamson succinctly accounts specific marketing and branding are in desperate challenges facing the biggest brands of need of overhaul. Word of mouth has today, from major companies like Apple evolved to word of type as customers and General Mills to celebrity brands like promote or deride products and Lady Gaga and Jay Z. He reveals the services to a massive Internet audience guiding principles employed to ensure at a moments notice.Any misstep away the message stays focused, remains from the brand message becomes a clear, and continues to drive a brand to9780230342248 catastrophe as companies are no longer the top of the market. afforded the luxury of tweaking their19.02.2013 message as a commercial, ad, or storyOprawa: twarda develops, resulting in damage control 95 zł that not only costs the brand money, but also costs customer support, hurting a brands image and integrity. In The Edge, Allen Adamson examines how the leading brands of today maintain their dominance in the market utilizing the strategies put forth in his previous books BrandSimple and BrandDigital. 9
  10. 10. Finanse The Executives Guide to Financial Management: Improving Risk, Strategy, and Financial Performance Dewey Norton Palgrave Macmillan Financial officers often face problems solve problems effectively and in a time are so numerous and deep seated that it efficient way, to strengthen accounting is difficult to know where to start, how to controls and all the other financial set priorities and which tasks should be management functions. This is the result deferred. Often there is disagreement of an extensive effort to develop an among senior executives about this. innovative, highly practical approach to This book provides tools to assess the the task of improving financial performance of the entire finance management and cash flow. Using the9780230341951 function. The most effective techniques tools developed here, we present the that are most relevant to the task of results of assessments of 33 firms,01.12.2012 financial management are presented. including an assessment of whatOprawa: twarda Although these are based on books happened to them during the five years 287 zł representing the most valuable following the assessment. scholarship the author can find, as of this writing there are no other publications that apply these concepts to the complete scope of financial management. This book is intended to expand and enhance the tools that are available to financial professionals to The Future of Private Equity: Beyond the Mega Buy-Out Mark Bishop Palgrave Macmillan The private equity industry is at a cross- Steve Klinsky and Ajit Nedungadi of US roads. In the easy money years between growth investors New Mountain Capital 2004 and 2008, it was awash with and TA Associates investment, debt was easily obtained and some rash, over-leveraged deals were done by the so-called mega buyout funds. Today, fund managers are dealing with the legacy of that era,9780230354937 while also figuring out how best to secure new investment and make01.10.2012 attractive returns in the age ofOprawa: twarda deleveraging. Many firms are 136 zł succeeding, sometimes spectacularly, in both developed and emerging markets. Some have developed innovative new business models, while others have reinvented the old. This book contains exclusive interviews with the leaders of many of the worlds most successful and innovative funds. These include: 10
  11. 11. Finanse The International Banking System: Capital Adequacy, Core Businesses and Risk Management Felix Lessambo Palgrave Macmillan International Banking is an indispensable tool for financial and banking experts around the world. It provides an original insight as to the regulatory and legal challenges facing central key banks in the monitoring of international banking operations. Through its detailed analysis of core banking operations, International9781137275127 Banking System provides to professionals as well as students01.12.2012 involved in the Banking IndustryOprawa: twarda (regulators, auditors) the relevant details, 235 zł approaches, and answers to complex financial issues. The New Workforce Challenge ZA PO W IED Andres Hatum Ź Palgrave Macmillan Few books go into enough depth to really understand the differences between the future generations of professionals to come and the ones that have gone before. The New Workforce Challenge is an innovative new book that examines how new generations of the workplace and workforce will be9781137302984 shaped in the future and shows organizations the ways in which they will26.03.2013 have to adapt to succeed.Oprawa: twarda 137 zł 11
  12. 12. FORMULARZ ZAMÓWIENIAPodane ceny są cenami brutto i zawierają 5% podatek VATOferta ważna do 28 lutego 2013. Ilość Tytuł ISBNSPOSÓB PŁATNOŚCI DOSTAWA KSIĄŻEK przelew za pośrednictwem firmy kurierskiej OPEK za pobraniem odbiór osobisty gotówkaNABYWCA (płatnik) SKŁADANIE ZAMÓWIEŃNazwa: Online EmailAdres: info@abe.plNIP: Fax: Tel.:ODBIORCANazwa: +48 22 654 06 75 +48 22 652 07 67 801 777 223Adres: Znajdź najbliższego przedstawicielaTel. handlowego (zobacz listę kontaktów na następnej stronie)Fax. DANE FIRMYe-mail: ABE-IPS Sp. z o.oOsoba odpowiedzialna za zamówienie: ul. Grzybowska 37A, 00-855 Warszawa Rachunek:................................... ............................................................... Kredyt Bank S.A., 18 1500 1012 1210 1013 (data) (podpis) 3967 0000 Jestem zainteresowany/a otrzymywaniem informacji o nowych tytułach oraz ofertach
  13. 13. KONTAKTKSIĘGARNIE Warszawa Wrocław Gliwiceul. Piękna 31/37 ul. Grzybowska 37A ul. Szczytnicka 51 ul. Gorzołki 17a/100-677 Warszawa 00-855 Warszawa 50-382 Wrocław 44-100 Gliwicetel. +48 22 628 60 89 tel. +48 22 654 06 75 kom. +48 609 683 837 tel. +48 32 747 41 00fax +48 22 621 72 55 fax +48 22 652 07 67 tel. +48 71 321 92 69 www.abe.plPon. - Pt. 8:00 - 18:00 Pon. - Pt. 8:00 - 18:00 Pon. - Pt. 11:00 - 17:00 Pon. - Pt. 10:00 - 16:00Księgarnia MDM I piętro Wejście przez Księgarnię PWNGdańsk Kraków Poznańul. Hoene Wrońskiego 6/1 ul. Legionów Piłsudskiego 17 ul. Powstańców Wielkopolskich 2B80-210 Gdańsk 30-509 Kraków 61-895, Poznańtel. /fax +48 58 550 09 36 tel. +48 12 296 3336 tel./fax +48 61 856 02 79kom. +48 608 520 298 tel./fax +48 12 296 3337 krakow@abe.plPon. - Czw. 11:00 - 17:00 Pon. - Pt. 9:00 - 17:00 Pon. - Pt. 8:00 - 16:00Pt. 11:00 - 16:00PRZEDSTAWICIELE HANDLOWIWarszawa Warszawa Warszawa WarszawaTomasz Świąder Dorota Bojanowska Robert Dębkowski Marcin KosieradzkiKierownik dział marcin.kosieradzki@abe.plkom. +48 683 522 243 kom. +48 502 277 348 kom. +48 603 307 713 kom. +48 600 557 617Warszawa Warszawa Białystok, Łódź, Szczecin, Białystok, Łódź, Toruń,Tomasz Kwiatkowski Tadeusz Wiącek Warszawa Jerzy Pluskota Jerzy Wołosiukkom. +48 501 563 100 kom. +48 607 307 734 kom. +48 693 522 249 kom. +48 693 427 881Województwo pomorskie, Województwo dolnośląskie Województwo śląskie Województwo małopolskiekujawsko-pomorskie i opolskie i świętokrzyskie i podkarpackiei warmińsko-mazurskie Jolanta Bieńkowska Marta Kak Wojciech JanickiKamila Wirkus tel. +48 71 321 92 69 kom. +48 609 666 205 kom. +48 501 731 150kom. +48 608 520 298 kom. +48 609 683 837 Katarzyna Kopiasz Ewa Łobaza kom. +48 609 510 867 kom. +48 607 270 463 Norbert Niewalda kom. +48 501 731 160Województwo wielkopolskie KijówMarek Jazikowski 03151, Ukraine, ul. Kerchenska, 7/7kom. +48 691 512 975 ukraine@abe.plPaweł Kleczkowski Irina irina.nesmianowa@abe.plkom. +48 516 176 138 +380 973181210Katarzyna Ostrowska Gennadiy gennadiy.chernov@abe.plkom. +48 502 572 937 +380 973622816