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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE • PERSONAL INFORMATIONS Name :BOUBECHICHE Family Name : ABD ELBAQI Day and place of birth : 01/09/1990 Merounna Batna Family situation: Single Adresse :86. Boukthir Ahmed 05016O Oed El ma W-De Batna. N° Tel : • ACADEMIC INFORMATION • Bac :2009 :Humanities and Philosophy High school Oued El Ma. Batna. • july :2013 License Information and Communication:. Specialty :Audiovisual Law Faculty and Political Science University Elhadj Lakhdar. Batna Career History August2013- Janury2014 : Internship at the NationalAlgerian Radio of Batna. *** 2012-2015 editor and journalist who specializes in financial and economic affairs and responsible for local economic news, regional and global newspaper in the Aures News In the same period, she served as editor of the political section of the newspaper • JOURNALISM MEDIA SKILLS • ****1IN Journalism: • 1 Reporting
  2. 2. • 2 Research • 3 Interviewing • 4 Sub-editing • 5 production • 6 Check linguist • 7 Video Editor • 8 Editing and Programming • 9 Dealing with the camera • 10 Output *****2 Proofreadingskilled in publishing techniques and activation of the radio and televisionTechnique Training and Interests Press and media constitute a particularly important aspect of my interests in general if I'm working on knowing what is going on around the world from various media sources available today as the permanent activity in the internet keeps the receiver is ready to learn more in sports, news, politics, entertainment As I am fond of traveling across the world within and I would love to be a part of my work in the media, especially television Project Management 1 People management (team work) 2 Recruitment 3 Budgetary control 4 proposal writing LANGUAGE SKILL 1 * ARABIC(fluent) 2*ENGLISH (fluent) 3*French (fluent) SOFTWARE SKILLS
  3. 3. 1*MS Word 2*MS Excel 3*Dreamweaver 4*MS FrontPage 5*Photoshop Miscellaneous • Very dynamic, serious and dedicated. • Adaptation Facility. • Grown and be aware of all the news (politics and The economic on the national stage regional and international) -Good radio voice and an acceptable form and appearance(for media and communication skills)only - Strong communication skills - Strong relationship management - Permanent readiness to navigate by function and job requirements