Lessons for LinkedIn from House of Cards


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House of Cards is one of our absolute favorite shows. As even president Obama admitted we all would love to be as efficient at getting things done as Frank Underwood is. In this presentation we highlight three tips from house of cards that would help you utilize LinkedIn effectively.

We at AAyuja feel LinkedIn can be a very vital part to your sales efforts especially in a B2B scenario. LinkedIn can help your right from prospecting/ lead generation to getting vital information while qualifying leads. It can even help you nurture non sales ready leads.

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Lessons for LinkedIn from House of Cards

  1. 1. Three LinkedIn Lessons From
  2. 2. “ Competency is such a rare bird in these woods that I always appreciate it when I see it. And I bet you these people are competent! Check them out www.aayuja.com “ Well that isn’t what Frank said, but you get the point. Apologies from our marketing team if we distracted you!
  3. 3. Build A Network Selling is a team effort, and your network plays a significant role in successful prospecting. You stand a greater chance of success with a trusted source introduction than by reaching out cold. Initially Frank was the majority whip. He used this position to establish a reputation for cunning political insight and collected numerous allies He used them to further his goals when the moment was right.
  4. 4. Always Have A Story A compelling, relevant story about achieving results with similar companies can help win over prospects. Boost your chances even further by looping the customer into your story. Underwood hailed from South Carolina, not normally considered Democratic territory. But he leveraged his family and military connections to win the seat, and then used his political talents to ascend higher.
  5. 5. Get Your Hands Dirty After the initial connection, give your prospect a reason to keep engaging – a personalized piece of content helps build trust between both parties. There is no delegating with selling tactics – you are your own brand! Even though Frank has Doug Stamper, he’s not afraid to do the dirty work. Remember the Russo incident and his visit to Tusk. Underwood just shown through in direct discussions.
  6. 6. And Here’s Something Exquisite! A LinkedIn network consisting of all the characters from the show
  7. 7. Resources and Downloads http://www.aayuja.com/resources/blogs/ Or