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Engage your online community

  1. 1. ENGAGING your customersonline ‘dialogue’ marketing
  2. 2. About MeCreative Director at EmpiricalSuccessfully started a sold interactive marketing companyBeen in the online game for 12 yearsProduced 100+ websites, and hundreds of marketing programsBlog @ www.whiteboarddiaries.comOnline Communities I engage in:Facebook, linkedIN, Twitter, MyBlogLog, Flickr, CreativeHotList, Technoratti,SlideShare, del.icio.us, digg
  3. 3. My Blog www.whiteboarddiaries.com
  4. 4. Online Marketing 101What I’m not going to talk about todayMake sure you have a websiteMake sure you have a GOOD website • Up to date - should be able to be updated at an hours notice • Make sure any user can CLEARLY and QUICKLY find the info they need • Well designed and professional - impression countsHave a customer database that you can act on • At the very least, you should be able to send email newsletters to registered usersYour URL (web address) is on every single piece of communicationyou produce • ads, posters, tickets, emails, business cards, banners, videos, buttons, coasters, maps, programs, schedules
  5. 5. AgendaWhat I Am Going To Share TodayIdeas about Engaging your customersA sample integrated marketing program driven through onlineactivitiesGive you the floor to ask questions - even if they’re about the stuff onthe previous slide
  6. 6. Four Fundamentals of in the age of engagementSource: Stan Rapp 1. the internet is the CENTER of the Universe
  7. 7. TV/Radio InternetWord of Mouth Offline ads billboards posters Events
  8. 8. Four Fundamentals of in the age of engagementSource: Stan Rapp 2. the EXPERIENCE is the brand differentiator
  9. 9. 3. the DATABASE is the primary marketplaceFour Fundamentals of in the age of engagementSource: Stan Rapp
  10. 10. 4. the TECHNOLOGY is the explosive ingredientFour Fundamentals of in the age of engagementSource: Stan Rapp
  11. 11. are you communicating with your customers like the individuals they are?you
  12. 12. In the new free market, individual customers expect to be listened to. They not only expect it, they demand it. are you communicating with your customers like the individuals they are?you
  13. 13. Each and every customer expects to be treated as they are the most important. are you communicating with your customers like the individuals they are?you
  14. 14. Each and every customer expects to be treated as they are the most important. Expectation Shift are you communicating with your customers like the individuals they are?you
  15. 15. The new empowered customer believes thatthey lead the relationship Customer
  16. 16. The new empowered customer believes thatthey lead the relationship You You better know who they are and what they want. Customer
  17. 17. The new empowered customer believes thatthey lead the relationship You Another Thing You better know who they are and what they want. Customer
  18. 18. You’re not always invited to the conversationCustomers Customers
  19. 19. You’re not always invited to the conversation Customers CustomersCustomers You must find a way to authentically You join the conversation.
  20. 20. You’re not always invited to the conversation Customers Customers YouCustomers Better yet, you need to be at the center of the conversation
  21. 21. 76% A huge amount of consumers don’t believe that companies tell the truth in advertising and marketing -- Yankelowich
  22. 22. Their Friends Their FriendsThere is still one trustedmedium left in the world Me and My Friends
  23. 23. People Trust PeopleWhen forming an opinion of a company/product or servicehow credible would the information be from... Edelman Trust Barometer - 2006 %Academic 62Doctor or similar 62Person like yourself or a peer 61Financial Analyst 58NGO Rep 58Accountant 53Lawyer 36Regular employee 33CEO 29Union 19Entertainer 17PR person 16 People like yourselfBlogger 15
  24. 24. Web 2.0It’s a free channel if you can find an authentic way to harness it.
  25. 25. What Really Distinguishes Web 2.0 Systems that harness network effects to get better as more people use them Web 1.0 Web 2.0 DoubleClick Google AdSense Ofoto Flickr Akamai BitTorrent mp3.com Napster Britannica Online Wikipedia MySpace/Blogging/Facebook/ personal websites LinkedIN evite upcoming.org page views cost per click screen scraping web services publishing content participation content management wikis systems directories (taxonomy) tagging (“folksonomy”) stickiness syndicationImage courtesy of David Armano
  26. 26. The Lines Have BlurredWe’re all marketers Image courtesy of David Armano
  27. 27. 14,463,346 auctions 200,000,000 blogs www.ebay.com - Nov 21, 2006 Almost 4,000,000 articles > 100,000,000 Videos (10 languages) (65,000/day) 1,500,000 Residents 33,347,000 profilesSome mind boggling stats
  28. 28. DialogueCan users ENGAGE in your site? Company to Consumer: Shut up & listen Consumer to Company: Is anyone there?
  29. 29. User Participation This is the true value of the webBlog or Be BloggedIf people are already talking about youonline (and they are) you need a way toparticipate/respond to that conversation. 200 million + blogs 120,000 new blogs created today 1.5 million blog posts today 1.4 new blogs every second Adult blog usage grew 163% in 2006If you don’t add blogging to yourmarketing mix - you’re not even in thegame.
  30. 30. The Blogospere is on FireWhat does this mean for you? Remember: People trust People blogs are about user participation Is there a way to motivate your audience to participate in your site - even if it is not a blog? (joining the conversation - read the new book by Joseph Jaffe)
  31. 31. DialogueBlogs Are The Next Generation Websites 1 out of 5 adults will comment online 80% of all consumers read online comments/recommendations 75% do online research before making a purchase decision 1 out of every 30 comments is an employee discussing the company they work for Jupiter Research
  32. 32. Why This is ImportantIf Google says it is.....it must be 82% of Google’s top result pages have blog/discussion posts 63% of Yahoo’s top result pages have blog discussion posts
  33. 33. Do you have the stomach to play in this game?You can’t control word of mouth (community), you can only guide it
  34. 34. Who is participating?
  35. 35. A Crazy StatisticUsers with high-speed internet spend 48%of their spare time online Why would they spend it with you? Give them a reason (join their conversations)
  36. 36. Are You Worth Talking About - Online? “Be Remark-able” Seth Godin
  37. 37. Creating Remarkable Marketing Programs Pick the Campaign, not the medium Where does your market congregate? What kind of message will resonate best? What are my touch-points? The medium is the facilitator not the differentiator. Remember: The Internet is the center of the universe
  38. 38. Technorati Windows Live Spaces Yahoo! vimeo MSN You Tube Blogs Outlook Wikipedia MySpace Lavalife Flickr del.icio.us Joost Zazzle.com MySpace Meetup dailymotion Sharkle digg Friendster clipshackgrouper.com LinkedIN ning.com dabble Personal Blogs Orkut Revver twitter gofish AOL Shutterfly hi5.com Stumbleupon.com Facebook grew by 1300% this year can you make your content authentic and relevant in this (and many other) environments
  39. 39. a strategy is necessary { as of April 24th, 2007 }
  40. 40. { as of Feb 19, 2007 }
  41. 41. Do you have video on your site?Use the power of SYNDICATION and EMBEDDING This little piece of code is your best friend <object width="425" height="355"> <param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/BLdU8z1zMgw&rel=1"></param> <param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param> <embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/BLdU8z1zMgw&rel=1" type="application/x- shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355"></embed> </object> It’s attached to every video on YouTube and its free
  42. 42. TIPBe proactive in enabling sharing and syndication
  43. 43. TIPDon’t be guilty of the ‘cart before the horse’ or ‘chicken and egg’ syndrome Before you even think about optimizing for search engines... ...optimize for user experience I can take a blind man to see a mime, but chances are he’s not going to care
  44. 44. Final Thoughts Remember its not about you - its about them Enable the voiceless to have a voice because they’ll take care of each other - and you.
  45. 45. Program Idea
  46. 46. Obvservationa large audience that congregates around a specific eventlittle or no relationship exists post eventword of mouth activity is not facilitatedno database is generatedno online follow-up
  47. 47. You Are Canadian
  48. 48. how are you going to bridge the gap? ...and truly connect digital life and real life Online - Mobile - Offline - Event You Are Canadian
  49. 49. Image courtesy of David Armano
  50. 50. Image courtesy of David Armano
  51. 51. What’s the one thing that Amusement Park, Fair and Expo attendees usually have after attending?
  52. 52. Memories
  53. 53. Right now - that responsibility is left completely up to theconsumer
  54. 54. What If... Every entry ticket has a unique ID or a barcode
  55. 55. Camera’s/photographersphoto opportunities placedthroughout the event
  56. 56. All digital photos were captured and associated withthat unique ID and uploaded to web-app at the endof the day
  57. 57. Remember This? Enable quick and easy sharing and Syndication
  58. 58. Photos will be shared with friends and family who will belooking at them in YOUR branded, engaging environment
  59. 59. A Sponsor/Partner Opportunity?
  60. 60. A collaboration Alain Thys Kim Sheehan Thomas Purves Marketing3 University of Oregon Ben Kelly Creative Director Jeff BrennanLaurel Papworth Apollo IdeasSocial Network Strategist ben.kelly@empirical.com David Armano Logic + Emotion Christina Wodtke Andy Howard Public Square Online Community Dude