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We have broadband mickey slimp-2012


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AATYC conference keynote presentation by Dr. Mickey Slimp. October 15, 2012

Published in: Education
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We have broadband mickey slimp-2012

  1. 1. Now that We Have Broadband . . .Mickey SlimpExecutive Director, Northeast Texas Consortium of Colleges andUniversitiesmickey.slimp@netnet.org903-571-0892Access to the world at large is the dream of everyeducator. With the expansion of ARE-ON, the ArkansasResearch and Education Optical Network to includenearly all of the state’s two-year colleges, we now haveit! Let’s explore together what we can do.
  2. 2. What are we going to do?• Identify what broadband is.• Learn about YOUR broadband –details• Find ways to use broadband• Guidelines for putting it in place• What’s next?
  3. 3. The Northeast Texas Consortium of Colleges & Universities – NETnet• Sixteen college and universities sites with over 60,000 students• Enabled over 22,000 college enrollments per semester
  4. 4. The Northeast Texas Consortium of Colleges & Universities – NETnet• Trains over 450 college faculty and staff per year• Manages a regional ISD collaborative SUPERnet, serving 64,000 students.
  5. 5. Broadband DensityWiredConnectivity inArkanasas
  6. 6. Minimum Connection 100 mbpsMaximum Connection 10 gbps
  7. 7. www.itcnetwork.orgAn American Association of Community Colleges council supporting the growth of distance learning.
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Time-to-Adoption: One Year or Less 1. Cloud Computing 2. Mobile Apps 3. Social Reading(http://horizon. 4. Tablet Computing Time-to-Adoption: Two to Three Years 1. Adaptive Learning Environments 2. Augmented Reality 3. Game-Based Learning 4. Learning Analytics Time-to-Adoption: Four to Five Years 1. Digital Identity 2. Gesture-Based Computing 3. Haptic Interfaces 4. Internet of Things
  10. 10. Broadband Impact
  11. 11. Broadband ImpactTablet PC’s and Readers
  12. 12. Broadband Impact
  13. 13. Broadband ImpactUse of Evidence to ImprovePrograms and ServicesThe college establishesprocesses for using data aboutstudent progression and out-comes to identify achievementgaps among student groups,formulates strategies foraddressing the gaps identifiedand improving student successoverall, and evaluates theeffectiveness of thosestrategies. Learning “Analytics”
  14. 14. Broadband ImpactGaming, Simulation, and Scenarios
  15. 15. Shared Advanced Teaching Resources Med Education Simulation Technology
  16. 16. Professional Resources The Texas Network for Teaching Excellence
  17. 17. Access to Primary Sources National Poet Laureate Phillip Levine Internet2 K-20 Initiative 2012 For more information, contact Also see:
  18. 18. Performance Opportunities Internet2 LOLA Performance Demonstration Internet2 Fall Meeting 2012
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Now that We Have Broadband: Mickey Slimp Executive Director, Northeast Texas Consortium 903-571-0892