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Csisa cimmyt 22 may 2012_sajahan

  1. 1. WELCOMEToCSISA-CIMMYTKhulna HubPresented in AAS Hub Scoping at Khulna
  2. 2. The Goal and ObjectivesThe overall goal of the project isto increase household income,food security and livelihoods inimpoverished and agriculturallydependent regions of Bangladesh.
  3. 3. • The total area of Bangladesh is 147,570 km2. The coastal areas of Bangladeshcover more than 30% of thecultivable lands of the country.About 53% of the coastal areas areaffected by salinity (0.83 Million ha.)• Agricultural land use in these areasis very poor, which is much lowerthan countrys average croppingintensity.• The factors which contributesignificantly to the development ofsaline soil are, tidal flooding duringwet season (June-October), directinundation by saline water, andupward or lateral movement ofsaline ground water during dryseason (November-May)Satkhira Khulna
  4. 4.  The Khulna Hub belongs to mainly Ganges Tidal Flood Plain(AEZ11 ,12 & 13) Bagerhat, Khulna and Satkhira districts Area: 11444 km2 (including Sundarban forests) The max. & min. annual mean temperature of the region is 35.50C& 12.50C. Mean annual rainfall is 1710 mm. Whole region lies within the cyclone zone.Khulna Hub
  5. 5. Fig: Monthly rainfall of Satkhira district 2010-11Khulna Hub
  6. 6. Fig: Monthly Salinity Status of Sovna VillageKhulna Hub
  7. 7. Land type PercentageHighland 2Medium highland 78Medium lowland 2Lowland <1Homestead, water 16Soil type: The texture of the soil is mainly clay and loamy.•Transplanted Aman is the principal crop throughout theregion.•Aus, jute, sesame, mungbean, wheat, mustard and rabi cropsare grown in some non saline/less saline areas.Land types and uses
  8. 8. • Area under cultivation and cultivable Fallow landLand under Cultivation& FallowName oftheDistrictLandUnderCultivation(ha)Fallow land (To be cultivated) (ha)Rabi % Kharif-1 %Kharif-2%Khulna135882 58858 45 94505 69 18425 13.6Sathkira135000 18080 13 92862 68.8 11286 8.36
  9. 9. • T. Aman – Fallow – Fallow(Bagherhat 62%, Khulna 23%, Satkhira 28%)• T. Aman – Fallow - Boro(Bagherhat 9%, Khulna 21%, Satkhira 55% )• Sesame – Fallow- T. Aman• T. Aman – Wheat - Mungbeen• T. Aman - MustardMajor croppingpattern
  10. 10. Soil and water salinity during rabi season causes low productivityof winter crop.Lack of fresh irrigation waterLeakage of saline water through sluice gateUse of Local varieties in T.Amon Season causes lower yield andlate harvest resulting late established of Rabi crop.Water logging that creates late planting of different Rabi crops.Lake of quality seed for HYV rice and Rabi crops like Wheat,Maize, Mustard, Sesame and Pulses.Marketing problem for some crops like Maize other Rabi crops.Lack of knowledge of modern production practice of high valuecrop.Social problem of management of water resources.Lack of rain (sweet) water reserver in the locality.DevelopmentConstraints
  11. 11.  Saline tolerant crops (Mainly Wheat, Maize, Rice) may beintroduce. Mechanization in agriculture (Use of 2WT with multi cropseeders, Power thresher).CA Based Agriculture.Vegetables & fodder cultivation in the dike of Gher.Opportunities
  12. 12. CIMMYT-Khulna HubOperational AreaOperational Area(2011-12)(2011-12)Location: (Location: (DistrictDistrict))KhulnaSatkhiraSatkhira Khulna
  13. 13. SatkhiraDistrictLocation:Location: (Upazila)(Upazila)Sadar UpazilaTala UpazilaKaligonj UpazilaKolaroa Upazila
  14. 14. KhulnaDistrictLocation:Location: (Upazila)(Upazila)BatiaghataUpazilaDumuria UpazilaFultala Upazila
  15. 15. Activities and Achievement
  16. 16. SLNo.Activities Targeted technologyTargetfarms#UnderimplementationAdaptive research trials1 Farmer’s participatory evaluation ofcommercial maize hybrids under ricebased cropping systems in the southernand central east reason of BangladeshBHM-3, BHM-5, BHM-9, Pinacle, CP808, 900M,NK4005 052 Performance of new wheat genotypesunder different sowing dates andmanagement practices in southern BDBARI Gom 25, Francolinand Satabdi,38 383 Comparison of strip and conventionaltillage in maize-rice and wheat ricesystems in saline and water limitedenvironments of southern BangladeshConservationAgriculture (CA)25 254 On-Farm nutrient omission andsufficiency trials for 2011-12 rabi seasonin BangladeshFull fertilizer, -N, -P,-K, -ZnS20 155 Demonstration of Summer tomatocultivationSummer Tomato 4 5
  17. 17. SL # Activities TargetedtechnologyTargetfarms #AchievementTraining & others1 Whole Family Training forfarm households on improvedmaize & wheat production.Wheat & Maizeproduction technology600 3002 Farmer exchange visits formaize farmers in Khulna andSatkhira Districts.Maize production,postharvest operation &marketing system50 Tentative date25-26 May’123 Farmers field days for wheat& maize farmersWheat & Maizeproduction600 2504 Planting demonstration andtraining using 2WT multi-cropseeders2WT multi-cropseeders & CA200 2005 Demonstration of hand-cranked maize shellingmachinesHand-cranked maizeshelling400 Tentative datelast week Mayto Mid june’12
  18. 18. SL # Activities TargetedtechnologyTargetfarms #AchievementTraining & others6 .Training on demonstration ofSummer tomato cultivation inkhulna & SatkhiraSummer Tomato 5 57 Training of LSP onvegetables seedling raising forvegetables cultivation in thedyke of GherVegetables cultivationin the dyke of Gher8 8Total Target Farmers 2191
  23. 23.  Light irrigation following seed sowing of wheat stimulates good germination. Wheat can be sown in late (even after 15 December).Raise bed wheat shows good performance in saline prone area even heavyrainfall comes.BARI Gom 25, Satabdi and Francolin can be successfully grown in saline pronearea.Rabi maize will show better performance if it is sown in early ( after shortduration rice varieties).Capacity building training, field days and demonstration are the effective meansof farmers awareness that can help to increase cropping intensity of the largeamount of fallow land in southern BD.Major Lessons Learnt
  24. 24. Thank youforyourpatience