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What's Digital about Fashion Design?


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What's Digital about Fashion Design? Presentation by Mary Jane Edwards

Published in: Technology
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What's Digital about Fashion Design?

  1. 1. What’s digital about fashion design? October 2015 PRESENTED BY Professor Sandy Black Mary Jane edwards Gabrielle Miller Funded by NEMODE Network+   AAM.
  2. 2. What’s digital about fashion design? October 2015 PRESENTED BY Mary Jane edwards Funded by NEMODE Network+   AAM.
  3. 3. Overview
  4. 4. Content •  Defining  the  Digital  Economy   •  Understanding  the  rela5onship  between  the  fashion   industry  and  Digital  Economy     •  Examples  of  new  models     •  Highligh5ng  opportuni5es  for  the  fashion  design   community   •  Open  session  overview  
  5. 5. Things are moving at pace… …But don’t always last!
  6. 6. The digital economy
  7. 7. The digital economy As  Normann  predicted  in  2000,  the  digital   economy  is  libera5ng  us  from  the  constraints  of:     Time,  when  things  can  be  done   Place,  where  things  can  be  done   Actor,  who  can  do  what   Constella0on,  with  whom  it  can  be  done    
  8. 8. From this
  9. 9. To this Forbes,  Tommy  Hilfiger's  In-­‐Store   Virtual  Reality  Catwalk  Experience    
  10. 10. Four parts   1.  New information models 2.  New mechanisms 3.  New objects 4.  New markets
  11. 11. Digital Clusters o  3D  Prin5ng   o  Beacon  Technology   o  Body  Scanning  &  Measuring     o  Business  Support  PlaTorms   o  Brokerage  PlaTorms   o  Crowdfunding   o  Crowdsourcing   o  Data  Driven  Forecas5ng   o  Design  Inspira5on  and   Management  tools   o  Design  Prepara5on  SoUware   o  Digital  Embroidery   o  Freelance  Recruitment  Sites   o  Garment  Measuring   o  Inventory  SoUware   o  Laser  Technology   o  Live  Streaming   o  Manufacturing  PlaTorms   o  Magic  Mirrors   o  Material  Experimenta5on   o  Mobile  Marketplaces  and   E-­‐commerce  PlaTorms   o  Open  Source  SoUware   o  Order  Management  and   Fulfilment   o  PaXern  Digi5sing   o  PaXern  Grading   o  Print  on  Demand  SoUware   o  Prototyping   o  Retail  Apps  and  PlaTorms   o  Robo5cs   o  Social  Shopping  and   Commerce  enabled  Social   Networks   o  Transparency  and   Sustainability  Indexes,  Apps   and  PlaTorms   o  Virtual  Dressing  Rooms   o  Virtual  Reality     o  Wearables  and  E-­‐Tex5les   o  Wholesale  PlaTorms  
  12. 12. The digital experience
  13. 13. 1. New information models
  14. 14. Data -  Discrete  facts  and  figures  about  people,  objects  &  events     information - Analysis  &  processing  of  data     knowledge - Dis5lling  informa5on  to  incorporate  experience  and  values   Raw information + knowledge   By 2020, information will be used to reinvent, digitalise or eliminate 80% of business processes and products from a decade earlier gartner predicts
  15. 15. data touch points   E-mail Apps Buyer history Social media WebsitE Digital mags Retail store beacon games Wifi pings Wear- ables Foot fall
  16. 16. Matching user intent   Targeting the right user At the right time With the right message
  17. 17. Sales direct to consumer going beyond: Mobile marketplaces Ecommerce social shopping Retail apps A Move towards Allowing the market to dictate what consumers really want
  18. 18. Opening up The process of creation
  19. 19. 2. New mechanisms
  20. 20. The crowd led economy Crowd funding will grow 200,000% from 2015 to 2030 sap centre for business insight
  21. 21. The “X” of “X” THE [Insert here, Airbnb, Uber, Netflix, Ebay, etc.] OF [Insert industry here] The sharing economy is about owning the customer-supply interface techcrunch
  22. 22. 3. New markets
  23. 23. Wholesale marketplaces •  B2b marketplaces •  Wholesale buying platforms •  Online trade show platforms •  Global trade platforms •  Ecommerce solutions •  Inventory and shipping platforms •  Data driven forecasting   The new online middlemen
  24. 24. Industry 4.0 “Industrial internet” CLOUD – Mobile – Social – big data – sensors – machine intelligence   Access  and  Connec5vity   Loca5on  Context   Unique  Profiling   Gaming  Behaviours   Permanent  Data  Records   Real  Time  Responses   Augmented  Experiences   Mul5plicity  of  Content      Manufacturing generates more data than any other sector of the economy. More data than healthcare, more data than retail, finance. deloitte
  25. 25. 4. New objects
  26. 26. By 2025, the total worth of IoT-enabled technology is expected to reach $6.2 trillion insight Hyper connectivity   The use of sensors will grow 700,000% by 2030 sap center for business insight Google, project jacquardIntel, curiE Robots Group, MIT Media Lab 
  27. 27. 3d printing   3d printing usage will grow 2,000% from 2015 to 2030 SAP Centre for business insight
  28. 28. 3d design apps Eora 3d Microsoft, Fusion app Trupick (brands) rhino electroloom Marvelous designer
  29. 29. Integrated software KnyXan  uses  technology  that   turns  the  industrial  kni]ng   machines,  which  make  20%   of  the  world’s  garments,  into   the  equivalent  of  3D  printers   for  clothes,  enabling  users  to   design  and  ‘print’  their  own   customised  sweaters     knyttan  
  30. 30. THE opportunity
  31. 31. Producers of tech Skills gaps and lack of brokerage •  How  do  you  up  skill  designers  outside   of  formal  ins5tu5ons?   •  How  can  we  beXer  connect  designers   and  manufacturers?     •  How  can  designers  understand  which   digital  tools  would  be  relevant  and  how   can  they  access  them?     Gaps in innovation •  Design  Inspira5on   •  Product  Development   •  Sales  –  Wholesale  /  Trade   •  Bulk  Produc5on,  Manufacturing  and   Delivery  to  Retail     •  Embedding  digital  opera5ons  in  life   cycle  of  design   How to encourage more creative producers and adopters of technology rather than passive consumers? How to become the creators of new models?
  32. 32. Open session overview
  33. 33. Group discussions 1. Blurred Lines? How is the transition from wholesale to direct to consumer retail changing fashion design? Mary Jane 3.  What Next? Do we need to reclaim the digital economy? Andy 4. Survival of the fittest? How can we navigate the evolving tech landscape? Sandy 2.  What now? Where else can we find Inspiration for crafting new business models? Gabrielle
  34. 34. Speakers
  35. 35. Quick break
  36. 36. Feedback & discussion
  37. 37. THANKS for your tIME!          Feel  free  to  get  in  touch  if  you  have  any  ques5ons  or  would  like  to  hear  more  about   our  work. @MaryJaneEdwards @FIREupUAL @LCFLondon @digitalfashion AAM.
  38. 38. Links 1 The digital economy • From this • • To This • Opening up process of creation  • • • • • weebly-and-flipboard/ • • Crowdfunding  • • • • • •
  39. 39. Links 2 The X of X • • • • • Wholesale Marketplaces • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Industry 4.0 •  http://www.economistinsights.cdefault/om/sites/files/Manufacturing_Data_Conundrum_Jul14.pdf • excellence/
  40. 40. Links 3 Hyper connectivity • • • Sales direct to consumer • 3D pRinting • JwlwnAlgHxUKSPyHyjSwmlnWmmywSRwPwmwUmPSgX4wAHmgc/ SAPTL38_1573DPrinting_QA.htm 3D Design Apps • your-smartph • portable-3d-scanner/ • • • • Knyttan •