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Singapore 3D Map for a Smart Nation


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This presentation accompanied a joint keynote address given by AAM's Brian Nicholls and Singapore Land Authority's (SLA) Dr Victor Khoo at the Locate17 Conference. AAM and the SLA are working together to capture and deliver an accurate and up-to-date 3D digital map for the entire country of Singapore, providing the digital framework for Singapore's visionary Smart Nation program. This presentation outlines the processes and technologies used to create the 3D digital map and highlights the many applications stemming from it such as Property Management systems, Solar Potential Studies, the development of Driverless Vehicle systems and more (many yet to be discovered!).

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Singapore 3D Map for a Smart Nation

  1. 1. Plenary – Thursday 6th April 2017 Singapore - 3D Map for a Smart Nation Dr Victor Khoo Singapore Land Authority Brian Nicholls AAM Group
  2. 2. Singapore Land Authority (SLA) Optimise and Manage Land Resource Administer Property Transaction System Manage Geospatial Information System Limited Land Unlimited SpaceLimited Land Unlimited Space
  3. 3. Title • Singapore is building the World's first Smart Nation by harnessing technology and gathering insights from data to the fullest with the aim of – improving the lives of citizens, – creating more opportunities, and – building stronger communities. Measurement + Prediction = Performance Source: Frost & Sullivan
  4. 4. 3D Empowered Smart Nation Smart Nation Applications • National Security • Urban Challenges • Underground Development • Climate Change Adaptation • Development Planning 3D Map Data • As-built • 3-dimension • Open Source Data Model • High Resolution • Reliable Smart Nation Applications 3D Map Data
  5. 5. Singapore Land Authority was tasked with building a 3D Digital Map, which would provide the ‘digital framework’ for the Smart Nation
  6. 6. Singapore Land Authority split the Project into two Phases Phase 1 of the project involved creating a 3D Model of all of Singapore from aerial mapping Phase 2 of the project involves enhancing the 3D Model using ground based Mobile Mapping
  7. 7. AAM successfully bid for both project phases
  8. 8. Phase 1 – Aerial Mapping • Oblique and Nadir Imagery • High Density LiDAR • High Resolution DTM and Orthoimage Mosaic • 3D Building Models (City GML) Nationwide Coverage
  9. 9. Phase 1 – Aerial Mapping
  10. 10. Phase 2 – Mobile Mapping • Capture and processing of 5,500km of Mobile LiDAR and Spherical Imagery • Production of 3D Models in CityGML Format • Over 50,000km actually driven • 3 drivers and 2 surveyors, 12 hours day / 7 days week • 14+ TB of processed data delivered • 45+ TB of raw data collected
  11. 11. Phase 2 – Mobile Mapping
  12. 12. 3D Mapping Framework • Single Point of Truth • Database • GIS • Spatial Data Infrastructure • Sharing Standards • Web Technology • Data Models • Data Standards • Modelling Techniques • Satellite Remote Sensing • GNSS • Laser Scanning • Imaging • Geodetic Survey Laser Scanning Capture • Data Standards • Modelling Techniques Model • Single Point of Truth • Database • GIS Manage Spatial Data Infrastructure Share Updating Workflow Managing Workflow Decision Making (Applications)
  13. 13. Data Management Collect once, use by many 1. Single point of truth (SPOT) is managed and maintained in Open Source Data Format and Data Schema – Embrace Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standard (e.g. CityGML) – Ensure government data is technology-independent 2. Data standard – Establish 3D data standard to ensure interoperability and support inter-agency data sharing – Actively contribute and influence international 3D standard 3. Multiple source / technology
  14. 14. CityGML • CityGML is an XML base data format • CityGML captures – 3D geometry, 3D topology, semantics, and appearance – in 5 discrete scales (Levels of Detail, LoD) LoD0 Terrain Model LoD1 Block models with no roof structures LoD2 Explicit roof structures LoD3 Detailed architectural models LoD4 Interior modelled Source: Thomas Kolbe LoD0 Terrain Model LoD1 Block models with no roof structures LoD2 Explicit roof structures
  15. 15. CityGML Building (LoD2) 3D Geometry + Topology + Semantics + Appearance roof surface ground surfaceground surface wall surface
  16. 16. CityGML Data
  17. 17. Real World Context for Ownership Owner: John Location: 30 Black Pepper Prawn Street Lease expiry: 31 Dec 2099 ….. Owner: Alan Location: 78 Good Food Avenue Lease expiry: 1 Jan 2199 ….. Owner: Steven Location: 62 Chilli Crab Road #15-01 Lease expiry: 15 June 2050 3D view: …..
  18. 18. Solar Potential Study
  19. 19. Urban Planning
  20. 20. Development of Driverless Vehicle ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG A*Star – iiRAV Autonomous Vehicle Delphi - Audi SQ5 prototype Gardens By The Bay – Auto Riders
  21. 21. Development of New Applications
  22. 22. Indoor & BIM Integration
  23. 23. Geo-Enabling our Communities
  24. 24. Geo-Enabling our Communities
  25. 25. A Dedicated, Smart, Passionate Team
  26. 26. What is Next? • Virtual Singapore • 3D Property Information • Underground and indoor