AAL Investment Forum 2010 - Regional needs in AAL investments


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Mikkel Hemmingsen, Syddanmark Region, Denmark


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AAL Investment Forum 2010 - Regional needs in AAL investments

  1. 1. AAL Investment Forum What is the right mix of public and private investments? - Regional Needs in AAL Investments Mikkel Hemmingsen Director of the Region of Southern Denmark 15 September 2010, Odense
  2. 2. Welfare Technology - A Strategic Business Area in the Region of Southern Denmark: • We have a regional strategy for developing the business area of welfare technology • We have the right competence areas in the region • We have the right players in the region • We have dedicated public venture capital to a regional capital fund aimed at investing in young companies in the field of welfare technology
  3. 3. Elements in Developing a Strategic Business Area Demand for welfare technology solutions Research / Internationalisation / Knowledge / Venture capital Education Kvalificeret udbud Supply of welfare technology solutions
  4. 4. Four commercial strengths in the region Competence areas Examples of products and services for the health and welfare sector IT system Electronic patient journals, administrative IT systems for residences development and institutions, for example Intelligent aids Self-operating (robot) vacuum cleaners, raise/lower/lift devices, intelligent beds, hand-held computers for health and care staff Automation Robots for surgery, diagnostics and blood tests, packing medicine in daily rations, automation of support functions (meals, washing, purchasing, transport) at institutions Telemedicine Patient suitcases for patients with chronic illnesses, video consultations for home help assistants and patients Medicine and biotech Pharmaceuticals Medico-technical Measurement instruments, disposable items, etc. equipment Misc. Other subsidiary sectors related to the health and welfare sector.
  5. 5. We have the right players … Companies 4 Hospital Units – currently at 18 sites - Odense University Hospital/Svendborg Hospital - More than 200 companies - South-West Jutland Hospital - More than 30% in Odense - Hospital Little Belt ties - South Jutland Hospital al authorities egion of Southern Denmark ational Board of Social Services Research & education hers - SDU (Multiple faculties and centres, including Unions - The Mærsk Institute - FOA - The Mads Clausen Institute - The Danish Nurses’ - Knowledge Lab) Organisation - Designskolen Kolding - University College West mmercialisation - University College South usiness promotion - University College Little Belt ech Trans dense Development Forum Knowledge institutions outh Jutland Development Council - Danish Technological Institute Network -MedCom - RoboCluster (Supplynet, Carenet Danish Innovation Incubators Medicnet) Alu-Cluster THE INITIATIVE IS OPEN TO EVERYONE WHO IS INTERESTED IN WELFARE Mechatronics cluster TECHNOLOGIES AND SERVICES IT Forum Southern Denmark IT Forum Fyn
  6. 6. The Southern Denmark Growth Forum has planned a capital fund for stimulating the market Welfare technology investment fund Total: DKK 100 million Southern Denmark DKK 50 million Growth Forum - for start-ups and young companies bringing new products to the market - will generally take the form of venture capital allocated to non-listed companies Matching funds needed DKK 50 million - may also involve loan financing.
  7. 7. Access to Private Venture Capital is Required • There is public money available – especially for welfare technology/AAL projects – but there is a financial gap when it comes to bringing the new technologies to the market • In Denmark, there is public money dedicated to venture capital, but these funds must be mixed with private venture capital (this is currently a major problem in Denmark) • Improved options for matching public and private investments in young companies – in a flexible manner – are required • Private investors seem to be reluctant to become involved – apparently they are not aware of the market potential that exists within the area of welfare technology/AAL • Therefore, it is essential to focus continuously on the market potential in this business area • Business success stories are still few and far between – so it is important to identify and highlight more successful cases