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AAJ Webinar - Office 365 Versus on Premise Differences


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AAJ Webinar - Office 365 Versus on Premise Differences

  1. 1. Identifying the differences between Office365 and on-premise versions Our presentation will start shortly.
  2. 2. Microsoft Productivity Differences between Office365 and on-premise installation Understanding Office365 Presented by:
  3. 3. Agenda • Presenter • Office365 Service Offering • Differences between cloud and on-premise • Questions
  4. 4. Chris Jackson Vice President of Sales AAJ Technologies
  5. 5. The Future of Productivity 5
  6. 6. Announcing Microsoft Office 365
  7. 7. Microsoft Office Professional Plus Depending on service plan: • Includes On-Premise and the Office Web Apps • Includes Mobile Device Support
  8. 8. Microsoft Office 365 Value Instant messaging * Access from mobile devices depends on carrier network quality and availability
  9. 9. Microsoft Office 365 Value * Access from mobile devices depends on carrier network quality and availability
  10. 10. Microsoft Office 365 Value * Access from mobile devices depends on carrier network quality and availability
  11. 11. Microsoft Office 365 Value * Access from mobile devices depends on carrier network quality and availability
  12. 12. Microsoft Office 365 Value * Access from mobile devices depends on carrier network quality and availability
  13. 13. Customers Are Embracing Cloud Productivity with Microsoft 13
  14. 14. What’s New in Office 365 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 14 •
  15. 15. Plans for All Your Employees 15
  16. 16. Office 365 SharePoint Service Plans Office 365 for Pro & Small Biz Exc h. SharePoint Lync Web Apps Office 365 Enterprise Exc h. Office Pro & Lync Web Apps SharePoint 1 Team Site Collection 300 Team Site Collections Public Facing Site Public Facing Site My Site for each E plan user Tenant Admin
  17. 17. User Segments: Right Features for the Right Users 17
  18. 18. Exchange Key Differentiators • Online does not have catch-all mailboxes • Online supports aggregate mail (from multiple external accounts) • Online does not support custom or hierarchical address lists • Online does not support address book policies • Online does not support Application connectivity through Exchange Server MAPI/CDO API • No public folders (use SharePoint instead) • Global Address List synchronization from multiple on-premises Active Directory forests – must cleanup AD and consolidate to single forest
  19. 19. Lync Online – Enterprise IM & PC-to-PC Audio/Video • • • • • • • • • • •
  20. 20. Cloud/on-premises co-existence options: • Lync Server 2010 on-prem integrates with Exchange Online for voice mail in the cloud (UM) • Today on-premises Lync users and Online Lync users within the same company will require two separate SIP domains • Support for splitting groups of Lync 2010 users between Lync Server and Lync Online on a single domain is planned but no ETA. • It is not possible to split Lync workloads (IM, online meetings and Voice/PBX) between the cloud and onpremises. • For example, it is not possible to deploy IM and meetings in the cloud with voice on-premises for a single user.
  21. 21. Lync Federation Enables Interop For Online and Server Deployments • Lync Federation (separate domains) Users in two separate Lync deployments can see presence and communicate through Lync • Requires 2 separate SIP domains for server and online deployments • Optimized for person-to-person communications
  22. 22. Interop with Dial-in Audio Conferencing • • • • •
  23. 23. Lync Online Web Scheduler Access via • A web-based meeting management tool for users who don’t have access to Microsoft Outlook, or are using a non-Windows OS. • Send invitations by using iCalendar • Send invitations by using your email program (Copy Paste) 25 | Microsoft Confidential
  24. 24. What is Included in Office 365 SharePoint Online? 4 major types of sites to share documents, data insights and information within and outside your organization
  25. 25. Team Sites Keep teams in sync Share documents to help teams work together efficiently Create, edit and review documents and proposals with colleagues Share documents and information easily with trusted business partners
  26. 26. Team sites • Create site collection or sub sites • Number of site collections vary by subscription plan bought • Choose from many different out of the box templates like teamsite, blog, wiki, meeting workspace, contact database, search center, document center etc. • Upload and apply a custom site template • Search for custom site templates at Office 365 SharePoint Online Market Place • Use Office Web Applications and co-authoring capability within team sites to collaborate real-time
  27. 27. My Sites Share and manage personal documents and information Create a personal site to share and manage your documents Share your profile and areas of professional expertise Access your important documents from your PC, phone or browser • Check the subscription plan to see if My Sites feature is supported
  28. 28. Intranet Sites Keep everyone up to date with company information and news Find important documents and people quickly and easily Share ideas and seek input using wikis and blogs Simplify routine business processes using online forms and workflow
  29. 29. The Simple, Lightweight, Public-Facing Site • One per customer/tenancy • Based on what people could do in Office Live for Small Business • New edit tool (ribbon based) called ‘Site Designer’ • You cannot use SharePoint Designer • Vanity URLs supported • HTTP based • No WCM (Web Content Management) publishing workflow, no site variations
  30. 30. “SharePoint On-Premises” vs. “SharePoint Online” Comparison My Sites, Team Sites Intranet Sites Customize sites to deliver business solutions BI, FAST Search, Intern et Sites
  31. 31. SharePoint Online new features
  32. 32. SharePoint features not available yet with Office 365
  33. 33. Extensibility Overview SharePoint Online - O365 Compared to SharePoint 2010 On-Premises 36 | Office 365 Deployment Workshop
  34. 34. Detailed Feature Function Matrices
  35. 35. Contact Information To obtain the detailed matrices: Brett Gillin (954) 689-3984 x 129 Chris Jackson (954) 689-3984 x115