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  • Skillman, Susan et. al. “Understanding Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Distribution in Urban and Rural Areas of the United
    States Using National Provider Identifier Data”. WWAMI Rural Health Research Center, February 2012.
    Stated, “… showed that ARNP will go into areas that physician will not."
    Bill Crump looked at study and concluded, “First, comparing ARNPs and CRNAs is much worse than apples and oranges, and should not be included in the same report.
     The data in Table 2 [WAMI Study] does not support the conclusion that is presented in the section on rural practice for ARNPs.  In fact, the data show that more independent practice is NOT associated with more rural practice, so the conclusion is unfounded.  With a study this large, the "crossing of 1" in the relative risk is fairly strong evidence AGAINST their conclusion.  To their credit, they infer this but not clearly enough.”  
    Deloitte – Recommendation
    7.1 – Improve professional licensure data quality and reporting across all workforce groups
    7.2 – Promote additional limited service clinics to expand access in rural/underserved areas
    7.3 – Create support programs for small practices in rural and underserved areas
    7.4 – Increase/Expand Medicaid reimbursement for rural areas and technology-driven care
    7.5 – Expand programs to engage international medical graduates in rural and underserved areas
    7.6 – Address scope of practice limitations for mid-level practitioners
    7.7 – Evaluate medical malpractice caps
    7.8 – Expand loan forgiveness programs to improve distribution in rural and underserved areas
    7.9 – Enhance programs that support recruiting for retention
    7.10 – Expand regional rural health tracks to improve rural pipeline and retention
    7.11 – Increase health care degree and residency capacity across the Commonwealth
  • Waldridge.aafp slc 2013

    1. 1. Kentucky Staying in the Union Ron Waldridge, II, MD President Kentucky Academy of Family Physicians
    2. 2. “I hope to have God on my side, but I must have Kentucky.” Born: February 12, 1809, Hodgenville, KY Height: 6' 4" (1.93 m) Assassinated: April 15, 1865, Spouse: Mary Todd Lincoln of Lexington, KY
    3. 3. Where We Have Been • History of CA-NS & CA-CS • Deloitte Study – WAMI Study • Media – Courier Journal – Video
    4. 4. Where We Are • Pill Mill Bill – Governor’s – Senate President • Hiring KAFP Lobbyist – Opening Doors • Push for Being 18 • Freeze – Education/Training Difference – PCMH
    5. 5. Where We Hope To Be • Opt In • Joint Working Committee of KBML & KNA • 5 Years under a CA with a Physician
    6. 6. Where We Hope To Be • Opt In • Joint Working Committee of KBML & KNA • 5 Years under a CA with a Physician