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Dr. Jim Taylor's 2013 SLC Presentation


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Dr. Jim Taylor's 2013 SLC Presentation

  1. 1. Louisiana Academy of Family Physicians Legislative and Advocacy Award
  2. 2. Prologue LAFP • Past 3 sessions family physicians have been threatened by scope of practice bills • Bills from Nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and optometrists Your • All but 1 of these bills was defeated
  3. 3. Timeline The Beginning June 6, 2012 6 pm: August 2012 Applied for grants and looked for funding Total received: $10,500 Received a call from Rep. Scott Simon LAFP July 16, 2012 Rep. Simon drove from Abita Springs to Baton Rouge for the first meeting at the LAFP office. Your Idea for the Legislative Breakfasts are brought up Left with no firm plan, but knew something proactive needed to be done September 26, 2012 Plan of action is determined Drafts of legislation begin Shared staff with other organizations for expertise October 2012 Budgeted for First Aid Station at the Capitol January 2013 LSMS House of Delegates
  4. 4. Legislative Breakfasts Target audience: the ENTIRE membership Your LAFP • March 1, 2013 - Monroe 5 legislators/ 7 physicians • March 11, 2013 - Baton Rouge 8 legislators/ 4 physicians • March 13, 2013 - Franklinton 2 legislators/ 6 physicians • March 25, 2013- Lake Charles 4 legislators/ 7 physicians • April 2, 2013- Shreveport 5 legislators/ 6 physicians
  5. 5. Your LAFP Legislative Breakfasts All legislators were given a packet including: • Who is the LAFP? • Supported LAFP Legislation • Scope of Practice • Patient Centered Medical Home • Primary Care Workforce • “Education Wheel” If you want copies of these handouts, contact
  6. 6. Your LAFP LAFP introduces SB 192 by Senator Dale (R – Livingston) Part 1 • Brings Nurse Practitioners under the complete authority of the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners Part 2 • Strengthens the rules governing physicians who are supervising nurse practitioners
  7. 7. Your LAFP Part 2 included: • Number of agreements they can be in • Requires MD and NP to be in the same specialty • Geographic restrictions • Limit of 4 NP’s • Signage indicating name of supervising MD in any NP office • Chart review • Quarterly F2F reviews
  8. 8. Memorandum of Understanding Your LAFP • Never done before in the legislature during a legislative session • Both parties agreed to negotiate in good faith • First meeting July 24, 2013- mostly housekeeping • Second meeting (closed)- negotiating session on October 28, 2013 • Third meeting scheduled for November 8, 2013
  9. 9. Legislative and Advocacy Training Seminar May 8, 2013 • Provide members with better understanding of legislative process Your LAFP • Offered to all levels of membership • Prepare younger members for future leadership roles • Presentations by Joe Mapes, LAFP Lobbyist and Michelle Greenhalgh, State Legislative Coordinator for the AAFP • Pre and post tests given
  10. 10. Your LAFP Legislative & Advocacy Training Seminar Topics: • State & National Legislative Landscapes, • Fundaments of Lobbying and the Legislative Process, • Shaping Healthcare Policy, • Practical, Strategic • Tactful Grassroots Advocacy Tools
  11. 11. Legislative Health Fair and White Coat Day May 8, 2013 • Reserve rotunda of the State Capitol Your LAFP • Health screenings to legislators and the community • Residency programs invited to provide free screenings • Personal discussions with legislators • Gives Family Medicine residents a chance to see legislative process • Encouraged to put skills learned during training seminar to good use
  12. 12. Your LAFP Overall successes of Series • Provided our members with the education, tools and resources to successfully fight for the best interest of their specialty within the political arena. • Improved member understanding of the legislative process; • Increased member participation and involvement in the legislative process; • Educated members on how to effectively communicate with legislators; and • Provided members with the opportunity to discuss with their legislators the issues affecting family medicine, their practice and their patients.
  13. 13. Lessons for other chapters Your LAFP • Don’t need huge media campaigns • Done without a large amount of funding • Physician key contacts are important PHYSICIAN MEMBERSHIP PARTICIPATION IS A MUST
  14. 14. Your LAFP Toujours L’audace Jim Taylor, MD Legislative Chair – LAFP 225.923.3313