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Price nys afp lsga

  1. 1. COMPREHENSIVE HIVTESTING IN NEW YORKSTATE New York State Legislative Advocacy Efforts Marc D. Price, D.O. NYS Board of Directors NYS Advocacy Chair
  2. 2. One Man
  3. 3. His Academy
  4. 4. His Passion
  5. 5. The Background• NYS Public Health Law • Unique with regards to HIV privacy issues • “The dead have rights”
  6. 6. The History• 2003 • NYSAFP COD Resolution • Protecting the rights of the exposed healthcare provider • Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY) • “HIV testing should be handled the same as everything else, anything short of this is unacceptable”
  7. 7. The Legislation• 2007-2009 • Proposed legislation • Streamlined written consent for HIV testing • Allowed for testing in cases of occupational exposure • Supported by the NYSAFP • Not passed by Republican lead Legislature
  8. 8. The Legislation• 2010 • Proposed legislation • Streamlined written consent for HIV testing • Allowed anonymous testing of an unconscious or deceased source patient in the incidence of occupational exposure of physicians, health care workers and first responders • Mandated the offering of HIV testing to those 13yo-64yo
  9. 9. The Fight• NYSAFP influence within the state and it’s endorsement of the bill referenced by the sponsor and Health Committee Chair during the Assembly floor debate • Academy joined by many allies • NYC DOH, Gay Men’s Health Crisis, Harlem United, Latino and Black Associations on AIDS, NYS Nurses Association, Gay Pride Association, etc • Silent supporters
  10. 10. Unlikely Opposition• MSSNY • Requirement of offering HIV testing placed an unacceptable, unfunded mandate on physicians which could not be supported • Lack of specific details regarding implementation, enforcement and potential penalties of the mandate made support of the bill impossible
  11. 11. Success!• Unanimous passage in Democratic lead Assembly• Passage in Democratic lead Senate• Legislation sent to Governor’s Office • NYSAFP members met with Governor’s Counsel• July 30th, 2010, Governor Patterson signed the legislation into law
  12. 12. Aftermath• NYSAFP influential in implementationof the new law through the DOH • Able to shape and clarify qualifications for “Routine Offering” of HIV testing• NYSAFP contacted by DOH to opine on other health care related issues• NYSAFP relationship and influence with key legislators and in the DOH strengthened
  13. 13. Aftermath• MSSNY upset and instructed us (informally) that it would not be wise to “break ranks” with them again• NYSAFP legislative priorities given more attention by MSSNY• MSSNY legislative positions seem, more recently, to be more in line with NYSAFP
  14. 14. Stay Passionate!• Don’t forget why you became a family physician• Fight for what’s good for you and your patients• Don’t give up• Be an advocate!