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Email Marketing - zeekee interactive


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Email Marketing - zeekee interactive

  1. 1. Email Marketing
  2. 2. Email Marketing Overview• Why Email• List Development• Email Marketing Concepts• Message Content• Message Frequency• Email Distribution Platforms• Marketing Analytics
  3. 3. Conversion Rates• Average e-commerce conversion rate is 2% - 3%• The average of the top ten converting websites is 22.5%• Amazon’s conversion rate 16.8%• What do the top ten have in common? – All of these sites regularly remarket to past customers and visitors. – Only 26% of e-commerce sites remarket.
  4. 4. Remarketing• A 5% increase in customer retention translates into a 25% - 100% increase in profits• When done well, remarketing is perceived as good service.• When delivered through email, recommendations, suggestions and relevant content gets very high open rates, and low unsubscribe rates.• Drive highly qualified visitors back to the website with products in mind to purchase.
  5. 5. List Development• Do collect emails from current clients• Do not purchase a list• Do use promotions and contests to add names to your list• Do not cross promote lists without justification
  6. 6. Concept• What are you trying to communicate?• “What is going to happen as a result of this email blast?” – Education about a new product – Discount an aging product – Announcement about event – Emergency response – PR for your services
  7. 7. Email Content• The concept drives the content• The subject sells the email the email sells the “action” – There is no participation for an unopened email• Be respectful of your customer’s inbox and time• Keep it simple and valuable
  8. 8. Email Content• Email titles and content are a major indicator for spam filters – Over 75% of all emails are blocked• Titles and Spam: – Avoid ALL CAPITALS – Avoid…Excessive…punctuation… – Avoid “$AVE” or “Sale-Sale-Sale” – Avoid “Weight Loss” – Use Proper English – Avoid tiepos
  9. 9. Frequency• Depends on the amount and value of content – Groupon Daily Deals – Weekly News Alerts – Monthly Newsletters – Random Interval based on topical information• Email Drip
  10. 10. Distribution Methods• DO NOT use your outlook account to send email blasts – Violates the CANN Spam Act• National Providers – Constant Contact – Mail Chimp – ECN – Emma• All about the same, it comes down to list size, blast frequency, personal preference.
  11. 11. Analytics• Conversion Tracking – Open Rates – Unsubscribe Rates • Reduce your blast Frequency • Increase your value – Participation Rates – After the email has been opened, how many people clicked on something – Website Conversion – Did the click result in a “sale”
  12. 12. QUESTIONS?