HomeSA Breeze Runs Through ITA new home design embraces San Diego Bay …and energy efficiencyby eva DitLer • pHotograpHy by...
•	H                               eat rises. so why is it that                  on an unusually sweltering day in Point Lo...
is actually an entrance hallway where inconspicuous, flexible               up, lead to the office space and the home’s ma...
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San Diego Home Garden/Lifestyles Magazine September 2011


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San Diego Home Garden/Lifestyles Magazine September 2011

  1. 1. HomeSA Breeze Runs Through ITA new home design embraces San Diego Bay …and energy efficiencyby eva DitLer • pHotograpHy by martin mannWith a striking view of the bay and beyond, it’s nowonder that Pete and Jen Lobner decided to add athird level with a deck to their Point Loma home.56 San Diego Home/garDen LifeStyLeS • September 2011 September 2011 • 57
  2. 2. • H eat rises. so why is it that on an unusually sweltering day in Point Loma,Pete and Jen Lobner are relaxing in the family room on the topfloor of their tri-level residence when they could just as easilytake their elevator down to the garage level and relax in thelibrary/den there? “Passive cooling plays a big role,” says Tony Garcia, a design the entrance hallway connects all the main spaces, such as the dining area, and does double duty as a gallery for the Lobner’s art collection. “we wanted a modern house, but a modern/contemporary house, not post-modern and not edgy contemporary.”principal at A2 Studios. “We have a pocketing multiple-leaf doorsystem. The opening is expansive bringing the indoors out andpulling the exterior deck space, just off that family room, in. A roofoverhang provides protection to the interior and the deck space,so you are able to have this open during summer months and getan amazing breeze — and no heat accumulation — because theentire interior space is being shaded.” The energy efficiency of flow-through ventilation is agreat reason to be upstairs in the heat of summer, but it’s theunobstructed 180-degree bay view that makes it the placeeveryone wants to hang out — summer or winter, day or night. “If you asked, ‘What’s the best feature of the house?’ theupstairs space is it,” says Pete. “There’s a 650-square-foot deck,and the upstairs family room and living space equal another 450square feet, which creates a 1,100-square-foot area with a greatview.” Creating this third level was the couple’s primary objectivewhen they bought the house. Originally a two-story home witha ground level and a garage underneath, the house had a looseSpanish Mediterranean look with peach-toned exterior and whitewindows. “Flow through the original house was poor, the result of tworenovations prior,” says Pete. “It had no street presence at all andno real architectural style. We told Tony we wanted a modernhouse, but a modern/contemporary house, not post-modern andnot edgy contemporary.” An angled metal roof above the office gives the ordinarysquare home some needed attitude from the exterior. Switchingthe tired peach hue to a subtle gray green and stepping up theold stucco to a siding combo of hand-troweled, smooth-finishedstucco and fiber cement with galvanized trim vamps theresidence with a more modern aesthetic — plus the materials arelow-maintenance and marine-environment friendly. “Lighting on the building exterior is subtle to give it someintensity and highlight the shapes and forms,” says Garcia.“Narrow lights go down the entrance door, which is a dual doorsystem. The nice thing is, when both are open, you view the galleryspace and this provides a continuation of indoors to outdoors andto the landing out there.” What Garcia and the homeowners refer to as the gallery space58 San Diego Home/garDen LifeStyLeS • September 2011 September 2011 • 59
  3. 3. is actually an entrance hallway where inconspicuous, flexible up, lead to the office space and the home’s main attractions — theceiling lights (“they can flip from 0 to 90 degrees, rotate 360 top floor’s family/media room and bayside terrace — and, goingdegrees and have dual-use movement,” says Garcia) showcases down, lead to the tertiary rooms, the “brains” of the integratedartwork hanging on a strip extending the entire length of the home-audio system and the garage.hallway. “With this clip system, when they want to change what To the east of the stairway is the master suite, which can bethey have hanging, there’s no hammering and nailing into walls,” closed off from the rest of the house via a sliding door; to thesays Garcia. west are the elevator and the guest bedroom/bath. Beyond the The dining/living space is on one side of the “gallery” and the stairway to the south is a bright and cheery morning room. Bothkitchen is on the other. the morning room and the master bedroom have sliding doors “You can see the kitchen via the gallery when you enter,” says leading to the backyard terrace.Garcia. “We created a seating area at counter height but integrated “We wanted to create a secluded area, opposite to what wea bar seating area that’s higher as well, so that from the gallery created on the deck, which is exposed and open,” says Garcia. “Inyou are concealing the working part of the island, like the sink for this rear yard, the neighbors are at a higher elevation so they canexample.” look down into the backyard. We provided a privacy shield with Jen says they went about the interior design of the kitchen fast-growing bamboo.” the upstairs family room encourages lingering and relaxing. in contrast to the top-floor deck, the backyard is a calm, comforting space in which to escape the workaday world.backwards by choosing the Verdi Tropical granite before choosing “We love that we have no grass,” says Pete. “We used to havepaint colors or cabinetry. “It has a strong green with red accents,” two acres and a lawn tractor and we vowed no grass here. Insteadshe says. “We selected cherry cabinets because its slight reddish we have accent landscaping and bamboo to provide a screen fromtint brings out the red in the granite. We opted for gray floor tiles exterior lighting reveals the home’s strength of form. Jen and pete Lobner the neighbors.”and a gray-green paint cast because it also goes well with the The backyard is divided into two areas by a sliding barngranite.” door. One side is the utility area, which includes the inverter Good Practice • a design was incorporated to provide as much natural daylight as Both the kitchen and the dining/living area offer bay views for the solar system. It can be hidden from view by closing the “When pete and Jen Lobner came to us,” says tony garcia of a2 Studios, possible thereby rendering artificial light as unnecessary duringthat stretch from the Coronado Bridge to downtown and beyond. “they were conscious of green-sustainable practices and wanted to daylight hours. door. The other area is a sanctuary with a fireplace and breakfast introduce some of these practices where they could in design and • energy Star-rated appliances were purchased. “We didn’t want a separate room called a living room, but table. layout.” Here’s some of what was done to make the residence morewe wanted a space, a lounge area where we could sit in comfort • a tankless hot-water heater replaced a conventional water heater. “There’s accent lighting highlighting the horsetail and the eco-friendly: • Durable, low-maintenance materials such as Hardieplank fiberdownstairs,” says Jen. “We bought a contemporary two-piece palm and it looks very nice at night,” says Jen. “Just before I go to • fifty percent of the original footprint was maintained. cement siding were installed.sofa that forms a semi circle when you put them together, so we sleep, I look out to the backyard and it makes me feel like I’m in • the home was built in an appropriate size and scale, so there’s no • Drought-tolerant landscaping was introduced.have those at the front window facing each other. Then I really energy waste due to overbuilding. a resort.” ◆ • Space was utilized to avoid waste — even a small connecting spacewanted a square dining table because that shape makes for easier • passive heating and cooling strategies, which included high-value Where TO FIND IT, PAGe 124 between the gallery and guest bedroom was used for storage. insulation, low-e windows, sliding doors for flow-through ventila-conversation than a rectangular table. The table is a perfect fit in • an elevator accommodates sustainable longevity — a sort of tion and large overhangs, were utilized.the space that we have and it can seat up to 10 people.” aging-in-place idea. • a 2.5 KW solar electric grid-connected system was installed. At the other end of the hallway are floating stairs that, going To enter our Homes of the Year contest, visit sandiegohomegarden.com60 San Diego Home/garDen LifeStyLeS • September 2011 September 2011 • 61