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Brooklyn Apartment & Neighborhood Guide


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This is a document I created for the person swapping apartments with me via

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Brooklyn Apartment & Neighborhood Guide

  1. 1. The Apartment<br />Address: <br />**REMOVED**<br />Google Map Link:<br />**REMOVED**<br />Entrance:<br />The apartment is on the ground floor. The entrance is the black door on the side of the stairs next to the mailboxes. <br />Locks:<br />I usually only lock the first two doors (the black door and the white door). I don’t usually lock the door to the kitchen. I leave this open. No one has access to the bottom floor except the landlord, who never comes down. <br />I have created one set of keys. There is a key for the first and second doors as well as the kitchen door. The small key is for the mailbox. <br />Mail:<br />I am planning on putting a stop on my mail. If you need to receive mail while here, you can have it sent to The JAR Group offices. <br />There is also a post office at the **REMOVED**<br />Air Conditioner:<br />There is an air conditioner in the kitchen. This keeps the apartment pretty cool when the weather is under 90F. However, when the weather is over 90F the living room can sometimes get hot. I bought a fan to cool down the living room while you’re here. When you leave during the day, please turn off the air conditioner to save on electric costs. <br />TV/Audio/Xbox:<br />To turn on the TV use the silver remote control. Press “TV” button at the top and then the “I/O” button above it. Make sure the Cisco cable box is also on – “cbl” button and then “I/O” button. The audio is powered through the Onkyo receiver. Use the Onkyo remove and press the yellow power button. Make sure the source is “cbl/sat” when watching TV. <br />If you want to watch a movie or play video games use the Xbox. To use the Xbox you have to change the video source by pressing the “Source” button on the top of the TV on the right side (it’s the left button on the right side). Press this until you can see the Xbox video. For audio, press the “Game/TV” button on the Onkyo remote. <br />Coffee Machine:<br />If you want coffee in the morning, turn on the machine until it’s done heating. Lift the lid and add a coffee pod. Close lid. Place coffee cup on the stand. Press button for the small cup size. The coffee pods are in the closet by the trash can.<br />Grill:<br />I would recommend not using the grill in the back yard. The self-starter button does not work so you have to turn on the gas and then throw a match in. Sometimes it creates a big fireball that can burn the hair off your arms ;) However, feel free to sit in the backyard. If you want to cook some meat you can use the “George Foreman” grill in the closet, the oven, the stove, etc.<br />The stove and oven are gas. Please remember to turn them off once done. <br />Food/Liquor:<br />Feel free to use any food or spices that is still in the house. Also, feel free to drink any of the liquor in the liquor cabinet. <br />I dare you to try the Bacon Vodka that is on the bookshelf <br />Laundry:<br />When you need to do laundry go to the Laundromat at the end of **REMOVED**. You have to get a yellow card from the machine next to the cashier. You can either do your laundry at the laundromat or drop off your clothes. I usually just drop off my clothes in the morning and pick them up at night. They fold them as well. You can pay when you pick up your clothes by adding money to your card at the machine. If you need a bag to put your clothes in, you can use the yellow bag in my clothes closet in the living room. <br />I’ve also made room for your clothes in the closet and also in the closet in the hallway. Feel free to put your clothes here.<br />Trash:<br />When the trash bags get full, please take them outside and put in the trash cans. The landlord takes the trash out. Trash day is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Friday is also recycling day. All cans and plastic have to go in a see-through trash bag (I usually use a blue bag). Cardboard can go in a separate blue trash bag. The trash bags are under the kitchen sink.<br />Eating & Restaurants<br />Food Delivery:<br />I usually order from these four restaurants:<br />Fulton Thai -<br />Soule -<br />Bombay Masala -<br />Taqueria de Los Muertos -<br />Restaurants:<br />When I go out to eat in Brooklyn I usually go to four main areas:<br />DeKalb Ave (Closest) – Walk down Washington St until you come to DeKalb Ave and turn left on DeKalb Ave. There are a ton of restaurants on this street. My favorite is called “Kif” – it’s a Moroccan restaurant.<br />Smtih St – Take the “G” subway line to Bergen St. Walk up and down this street to find a food place to eat. I usually go to Cubana Café. Also, there are many bars and wine bars on this street.<br />Montague St – This is a beautiful street that ends at the “Brooklyn Promenade.” The Promenade is an area with amazing views of Manhattan. Teresas is a good Polish restaurant on this street.<br />Court St –Near Montague street is also Court St. Court street is parallel to Smith St. There are many restaurants here as well. There is a good thai restaurant called Joyas. <br />Williamsburg – This is an area of Brooklyn. Take the “G” train to Metropolitan-Lorimer stop and transfer to the “L” train one stop towards Manhattan and get off at Bedford Ave. There are a ton of bars and restaurants up this way as well. I’d recommend going to the Brooklyn Brewery for some drinks on Friday night around 6pm. It’s only open to the public on Fridays. Don’t do the tour! It’s boring. Next door, go to Brooklyn Bowl – it’s a bowling place, has live concerts, and bar.<br />In Manhattan, there are too many restaurants to name! There are plenty of websites to find what’s good. I’m sure you’ve been researching so no need to list them here.<br />A few favorites: Ippudo, The Spotted Pig, Alias, Otto, Patsies, Craft Steak. Go to Café Wha for some late night music.<br /> and are great.<br />Must See Attractions<br />Brooklyn:<br />Prospect Park<br />Brooklyn Botantical Garden<br />Brooklyn Museum<br />Brooklyn Promenade<br />Brooklyn Flea Market (Saturdays – down the street from the apartment)<br />Coney Island<br />DUMBO (You’ll be working in this area!) – Look for “DUMBO First Thursdays.” This is a gallery walk in DUMBO where all the art galleries have free wine. It’s a fun time.<br />Manhattan:<br />Cloisters (Take the C train all the way there)<br />Highline Park<br />Central Park<br />American History Museum<br />MoMA<br />Guggenheim<br />I’m sure you have a list of places as well.<br />Essential Contacts<br />Personal Friend – Any questions at all, call **friend**. She also has an extra set of keys if you get locked out.<br />Phone: **REMOVED**<br />Personal Friend – Any questions, call **friend**. She also speaks Spanish.<br />Phone: **REMOVED**<br />Landlord – Only contact **landlord** if there is a major problem with the apartment. Please let me know if you contact her unless it is an immediate emergency.<br />Phone: **REMOVED**<br />The JAR Group – Any questions about The JAR Group or work-related issues, call **The JAR Group**.<br />Phone: **REMOVED**<br />Myrtle Car Service – If you need a car or ride to the airport or city, you can call this car service.<br />Phone: +1-718-230-3003<br />