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Recrutez, animez, fidelisez vos partenaires avec

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Prez a2 partner 2010 english

  1. 1. A2Partner helps its customers todefine, recruit, manage andmeasure their partnerships inorder to increase their business.
  2. 2. “ If you think you can do it alone in the global economy of today, you make a big mistake” Jack Welsh CEO for General Electric© 2010 A2Partner
  3. 3. Sales With or Sales Through Partners Growth Increasing revenus coming from Indirect Sales are more & more partners in large accounts from present in Cies contributing 2% in 1980 to 42% in 2008. incremental business to direct sales. Direct Sales 60% 49,7% 40% 15% Indirect Sales 1990 2004 2007 2010 Partnership Directors Study - 2008 A2Partner, IneumConsulting IDC, Gartner - 2007© 2010 A2Partner
  4. 4. Why Partnerships are increasing ? • Companies now focus on their assesment and core business • Customers buy solutions and no more products • Customers want single and nearest contact In this complex environment, Companies allied with others to answer customers needs, decrease their costs and increase their marketshare.© 2010 A2Partner
  5. 5. A2Partner :A global approach Consulting Operational Organization Built Partner Strategy & Business Process Planing Programs KPI / MBO Recruitment Run Tools & Measures Marketing Partner Managers’ Websites/Newsletters Externalization PRM© 2010 A2Partner
  6. 6. A2Partner Methodology Evaluation Market Partners Plan Channel Value Strategic Dvpt Cartography & recruitment Proposition Swot Market Channel Implementation Analysis Segmentation segmentation & Follow Up Value Proposition Partner’s Selection PRM tools selection Partners Program Marketing Analyse Recomend Realize Measure© 2010 A2Partner
  7. 7. A2Partner’s offers Alliances Strategic Analysis Alliances Business Plan Linking contacts/orga Process / Tools Alliance Mgmt Outsourcing Marketing Channels Newsletter Market analyse & offers Increase your Channel Cartography Partners website Communities Mgmt Market share Channel recruitment Partner’s Academy Metrics & KPI Partners Roadshow Channel Marketing PRM/CRM Cursus for Managers Workshop indirect sales Partners Academy Change Management Member Direct Sales/indirect Sales Education / Change Management© 2010 A2Partner
  8. 8. A2 Alliances Organization, Objectives : Strategic Alliances of your company may speed up your business growth. They boost the promotion of your products to your customers. They help you to increase your marketshare. Alliances Strategic’s selection : A2Partner helps you to identify & to define your strategic partnerships. A2Partner assists you up to the conclusion of partnerships (contract) Business Plan, Value Proposition, Strategic Initiatives : A2Partner’s team helps you to set up your specific Alliance Business Plan & adapt it to each market share / products. Lead Generation : Strategic Initiatives realized with your partners increase the number of your business deals. A2Partner implements PRM/CRM softwares processes. Strategic Alliances in the Cloud: A2Partner deliver studies for its customer to understand witch Alliances’ typology is the most strategic in this new environment. Outsourcing management : you are not ready to create an Alliance Manager position or you have a temporary vacant post, due to their multiple experiences, A2Partner’s experts are ready to understand your environment and manage the job very easly. A Partner Selection is a key factor in your business & for your image & promotion. A2Partner’s experiences & assessment will set up the timing for your Strategic Alliances construction.© 2010 A2Partner
  9. 9. A2 Channel Channel Analysis: A2Partner helps evaluate your Channel : criterias, monitoring, compare to the competitors Channel, for you to reach your Business Targets, for you to reach your new strategic goals. Channel Recruitment: A2Partner will help you to define your criterias and make for you a large or smaller selection of your futur partnerships. Partners Academy: your partners have to be aware on your products, but they have to know how to sell them, make the best promotion versus your competitor’s products. The A2Partner Cursus helps them to sell your products with added Value. Education cursus for your Partner Managers : A2Partner Channel Pro™ Education cursus can help your Partners Managers team to perform better in their relationships with their Partners. Marketing for Partners: your Channel needs to be more dynamic ? A2Partner build and run for you original and appropriate Partners Programs: websites dedicated for communities, Newsletter, Partners Roadshow, Channel in the Cloud: because of our large experience with SaaS editors and Managed Services customers, A2Partner can help you recruiting your Channel in the Cloud, define the Plan, sign contracts and managed your Channel for you. Outsourcing Management : A new Channel strategy, someone is missing in your team ? Be sure we can easly understand your environment and manage the job for sometimes. Experience & multiple assessment to help you built & run your Partner’s Strategy A2Partner follow up the most important stages for you to perfrom© 2010 A2Partner with your Channel.
  10. 10. A2 Training Training for General Management : Yes it’s important for you to be part of the Channel development ! With this workshops you will lurn how to built a efficient partner strategy, how to follow it with your team, how to manage your partners with the appropriate level. Training for Partner Managers : Indirect Sales, Alliance Managers, A2Partner delivers appropriate & personalized programs as Channel Pro™, Alliance Pro™ in Workshops. This programs will help them to progress in their Partner Business Plan, follow the Partner’s projects, better communication with the Partners and internally. Partner ACADEMY (Training for your Partners) : Is your Channel performing ? How do they make a choice between you and your competitors ? A2Partner can built and manage for you the entire Partner Academy: train the trainers, manage the rooms, training’s calendar, registration... Training for Direct Sales rep : New develop a special program for your direct Sales Rep as we know they work with your Partners. They need to understand the Partners motivations, their way of work and how to make better job together. They will lurn in this workshop how to work jointly with your Indirect Sales Rep. Experience & multiple assessment to help you built & run your Partner’s Strategy A2Partner follow up the most important stages until your Channel success.© 2010 A2Partner
  11. 11. A2Marketing Partner Marketing Plan: A2Partner will help you define your target market segmentation, build with your team a adapted value proposition for partners. We’ll identify the value channel and role of each partners. A2Partner will describe for you the role of each partner’s typology Marketing tools & support: A2Partner can manage Partner website, dedicated Partner Newsletter, Partner Roadshow, dedicated documentations, “Conciergerie”, Partner’s Programs…. Reporting & steering tools: A2Partner will defined adapted tools for your Partner Managers to report and manage their partners. Marketing Manager Outsourced : you don’t want to recruit a full time marketing manager, A2Partne will manage your Partner part time, will organize your Partner Program, can manage your team if needed. Our channel marketing and PRM assessment means that customers will save money and maximise their channel investments, save time as well as adopt the best strategy and most effective solution.© 2010 A2Partner
  12. 12. A2Partner On-line  Partners ‘Academy’, logistic & enablement : your Partners enablement is so critical: they have to know your offers & they have to resell. A2Partner propose to its customers to manage the entire Academy for you: logistic, train the trainers, boost the ideal Partners to com, register, billing, certify your Partners...  PRM On-Line: do you have a real Partner database ? Can you find all your Patner’s with one click ? Do you know who is your best Partner ? A2Partner has built a PRM (Partner Relationship Management) in SaaS, that you can use as a CRM. Your Partners can register, find your documents, create co-marketing operation with your team, file & track their leads....  Contracts, reporting Tools, Partner Business Plan  BUY THEM On-Line Experience & multiple assessment to help you built & run your Partner’s Strategy A2Partner follow up the most important stages for you to perfrom with your Channel.© 2010 A2Partner
  13. 13. A2 PRM PRM Assessment In-depth gap-analysis of existing channel tools and processes. Recommendations in terms of more streamlined/ optimized solutions and documentation of typical/ specific PRM best practices. PRM Strategy Definition of PRM requirements (incl. functional and business prioritization). Business case documentation , incl. full expected ROI analysis. PRM Vendor/ Solution Selection Participation and support in RFP/ RFI process (incl. creation of actual RFP collateral). Project Management Full or partial involvement, at a business-level, in deployment effort. Definition / documentation of the customer-facing project plan. Client and partner training (pre- and during-deployment) Customer Adoption Channel performance and PRM adoption assessment. Business propositions and timeline planning, execution with client team. Our channel marketing and PRM assessment means that customers will save money and maximise their channel investments, save time as well as adopt the best strategy and most effective solution.© 2010 A2Partner
  14. 14. Some of our missions… Alliance Management Business Plan. Coaching of the new Alliance Director on organization, tools, KPI, choice of the Strategic Partners. Following the implementation of Partner’s plan Choice of the partners after Veritas acquisition. Skilled transfer. Evaluation of Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software to follow 3 000 Channel Partners around EMEA. Assistance for the project with European marketing management team. Change management for Alliances & Channel Teams for Orange, Equant & France Telecom during 1 year. Strategic Business Plan for influencers companioes. Value proposition construction for each type of partners. Liking people in each organization. Strategic Partner Plan : organization, objectives, process. Alliance Manager externalized during 1,5 year. Strategic Business Plan for Strategic Alliances. 10 major points to grow the Partner Engagement. List of partner’s choice. Skilled transfer. Delivry for process & KPI for Strategic Alliances Group. Business Plan & Tools for Alliance Management team. 2 years later, optimization of Organisation & Strategy for Alliance Management. Partners Strategy Business plan, definition & runing for Alliance & Channel. An A2Partner Consultant delegated as Partner Manager’s© 2010 A2Partner Director. «Channel Pro™» Education cursus for Mid-Market Sales Rep.
  15. 15. Some of our references© 2010 A2Partner
  16. 16. A2Partner in Europe A2Partner A2Partner Network© 2010 A2Partner
  17. 17. Laurence Dugué started her career as direct sales manager at IBM. She joined Oracle’s Strategic Alliance team where she developed her indirect sales skills. Laurence then moved to A2Partner’s Team Ariba to manage their most significant partners at European level and spent 3 years at SAP as Partners Director for France and North Africa. End 2004, Laurence left the job of Alliance Management Director for SAP in France to co- found A2Partner Consulting. Laurence Dugué is also founder and President of ADALEC, Partnership Directors French National Association. Jean Jacques Ndoumbe has started his career in NCR (Teradata) as Sales resp for large accounts, then, to Olivier Choron managed all European sales and develop Strategic Alliances, his joined SAS, software marketing activities for global PRM-leader editor in finance analysis. Few years after, Jean – ClickCommerce prior to co-found A2Partner. In that Jacques joined Cognos to increase , follow and push capacity, he supervised several successful PRM programs for the Channel (Var’s & resellers) as Channel deployments for leading companies in the IT, Manager, before joined A2Partner’s team as senior manufacturing, franchise and chemical industries. consultant. Throughout his previous 10 years in the high-tech Norbert Gruère, began his career in sector, Olivier also held various senior channel managing partnerships with launching the marketing positions at European and global levels Channel for Gentia, an English Software (for 3Com and Nortel Networks amongst others). company. Norbert then moved to Brio acquired by Hyperion, where he was Anne Flavin: after ten years practicing Direct successively EMEA Business Developer and Sales in IBM, from midmarket to key accounts, Indirect Sales Manager for France. In 2006, and marketing implementation. Then, Anne is joining IBM Oracle acquire Hyperion and ask Norbert to Europe to become Partners Sales representative. She follow-up their 800 partners enablement managed big ISVs (independents software vendors) for Europe. within the European Alliance and Channel She joins Oracle in 2000, in the Alliance and Channel entity to team. Norbert is graduated with an develop partnerships with strategic SI’s on the technology and Engineering degree from the French School applications sides, and leads the Human Resources’ market. of Electronics and Computing Sciences of Anne joined A2Partner in 2010 as Consultant and manages Paris.© 2010 A2Partner large accounts’ missions. Anne is graduated in Management and Finance from Paris IX Dauphine University, and Insead.
  18. 18. Channels Formation Alliances PRM A2Partner Tour Areva 1 place Jean Miller 92088 Paris la Défense + 33 1 55 62 06 79© 2010 A2Partner