The third man


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The third man

  2. 2. The banner tells the reader important information about the magazine such as the release date and the cost of the magazine. As Empires audience is mainly regular (due to its specific target audience and content) this information will most likely be known to the reader and so Empire have chosen for it to be quite small and in the bottom corner of the magazine. Unlike other magazines such as „Grazia‟ the cost of the magazine is not used as a unique selling point (USP) and so does not to beThe Banner in a large font.
  3. 3. The Masthead Empire is a well established magazine and due to its brightred recognisable colour and sansserif font it is easily recognisablewhen viewed from afar. Becauseof this Empire is able to partiallycover their masthead with image and in this case the cover line.Like in most magazines, the mast head is at the top of the magazine as this ensure it is clearly visible when it is on a shelf.
  4. 4. The Main Image The main image in this magazine cover is of the protagonist in the film. The low angle portrays him as a dominant character. By having the man look past the camera it makes the audience question what he is looking at creating intrigue. The use of chiaroscuro lighting meant that a shadow has been cast over half of his face and body. This has an impact as it makes him appear as an isolated character. The genre of this film is film noir and this is shown through the use of the black and white image. Due to the lack of props in the background the audience cant interpret much about the film, this is effective as it means that the audience are left to make their own interpretations about the films narrative.
  5. 5. The Cover line Unlike the rest of themagazine‟s text, the cover lineis in a serif font with shading on the background. The cover line providesinformation about what is in the magazine.Its placed at the top so that itis eye-catching and can draw their audience in.
  6. 6. Lead ArticleThe lead article in this magazineis the films title. This informs the reader that the main feature in this magazine is about the film It is capitol letters and sans serif font meaning that it clearly stands out and is easily visible. The black edging around the texts means that it stands out clearly against the paler background of the wall.
  7. 7. Anchorage The anchorage is text that is used in order to add meaning to the image.In this cover the anchorage is essential in adding meaning as narrativeenigma is created through the image.The quote “I believe in God and mercyand all that. But the dead are happierdead. They don‟t miss much here, poor devils” This quote helps to enforce the genre of film as a film noir film as itintroduces the concept of death which in black and white films is often through murder.
  8. 8. The Flash Flashes promote the content of the magazinewhich entices the audience to buy and then read the magazine. Unlike other magazines and even otherissues of empire magazine, this issue only has one flash.