Reservoir dogs


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Reservoir dogs

  1. 1. Upon research we discovered that L.A. Confidential didn’t have amagazine cover and so decided to look at the magazine cover for‘Reservoir Dogs’ as it is in the same genre and the narrative is of a similar criminal nature. Hannah Burgess RESERVOIR DOGS
  2. 2. The banner is used to tell the audienceimportant purchase information about themagazine. It states the cost of purchaseand the release date.On most Empire magazines thisinformation is quite small, this is becausethe audience for this magazine is veryspecific and would by the magazine on aregular basis and so would know the priceand which magazine was released at whattime.It also shows their website address, thisallows the audience to know how they canaccess more information about themagazine itself but also about what isfeatured in the magazine for example podcasts, online reviews and video interviews. The Banner
  3. 3. The MastheadThe Masthead is the magazine’s title.As Empire is so well established ‘Empire’ is hidden partiallyby the mans head and also by the cover line. If themagazine wasn’t so well established then the audiencewouldn’t be able to tell what magazine this was if the fontwas covered up.The use of sans serif font means that the font is clearlyvisible from a far. However as the font for the magazine isindividual, the font is recognisable as an Empire magazine.By having the masthead in red against the blackbackground it ensures that is highly visible when stackedon a shelf next to other magazines.
  4. 4. In this magazine cover there is onlyThe Image one image. It is boxed in red, however the image is not refrained to this space. The first thing you see is the men in two dark suits aimed at each other. Through their positions, it is clear that one character is more dominant than the other. It also suggest that their criminals through their bloodied suits and their guns. In addition it shows the character on the floor as resilient as he is still trying to fight even though he’s on the floor. It suggests that the film genre is about criminals and so could film into the film noir genre. It implies that there is a lot of violence and confrontation through out the narrative.
  5. 5. Cover line The main cover line is larger than all the other cover lines yet is smaller than the mast head.It’s used to be eye catching and to draw the audience by informing them about what is in the magazine.
  6. 6. Lead ArticleThe Lead article informs the reader of what the mainfeature of the magazine is about. It is done to promotethe film but also to attract fan of the film to buy themagazine.The font used is sans serif so it is easy to read and isalso reflective of the film noir genre.By having the beige colour it stands out as it contrastswith the image in the background. The bold blackoutline around the edges of the font also help it tostand out.
  7. 7. AnchorageThe anchorage... “You shoot me in a dream, you better wake up and apologise.”Helps to enforce the criminal aspect of the film, it alsoshows that the protagonist is a dominant and highlyranked character in the film. Through the use ofquotation marks it shows that it is a quote from a filmrather than a critics quote or review.
  8. 8. The FlashFlashes are used to promote the magazine andencourage the reader to read and buy themagazine, unlike other magazines, this one only has oneflash. This flash encourages the reader to purchase themagazine so that they can obtain the 100 covers.I think this magazine only has one flash as this magazinecover is from 2009 where as now more flashes would beused.