Inception Magazine Cover Analysis


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Inception Magazine Cover Analysis

  1. 1. Inception Magazine Cover AnalysisHannah Burgess, Katie Charman and Lauren Hill
  2. 2. The Magazine Cover:
  3. 3. The Main Image:The main image of the magazinecover is of Leonardo DiCaprio whois the main character of the film.As the writing is slanted inwardsand the magazines name ‘Empire’is behind his head give a 3D effectto the image.The image of Leonardo DiCapriohas a backlighting which combinedwith the low angle makes himseem dominant. The lighting addsimpact making the outline of himseem very sharp.The background image is of abirds-eye view of the city, thismakes DiCaprio appeardisconnected from the rest of theworld and also enforces thefantasy element that is presentthroughout this film.
  4. 4. The Banner:The banner for this magazine is hard toread but it says the month it wasreleased “July 2010” and it also gives theprice “£3.99”.As it is in white font it fits in with thecolour scheme and it is in sans serif fontwhich makes it easy to see and standout for a reader.
  5. 5. The Masthead:The Masthead for this magazine is “EMPIRE”. A good Masthead is determinedon whether it can be recognised from a far. As Empire is a well knownmagazine, it is known for its title being the colour red.Leonardo’s head covers part of the writing, however it is still easilyrecognisable due to its sans serif font. The font is slightly blocked, but theedges have been cut as a slant which makes it unique to that particularmagazine.In proportion to the rest of the cover, the Masthead comes near to thetop, this way if it is stacked on a shelf, the magazines name will still be visible.
  6. 6. Lead Article:The lead article of the magazinecover is for Inception as it ispromoting the release of the newfilm.The title of the film ‘Inception’ isin the second largest font on thewhole cover which shows thatthis is the main article.The font of ‘inception’ is in sansserif, however it does not matchthe same style as the Masthead‘Empire’ as it needs to follow themovies theme which uses boldblock letters.
  7. 7. The Flash:There are various flashes used on this magazine cover which allow the reader tosee which other articles will be promoted within the magazine.As Empire is a film magazine, the articles within are all films, the titles are inbold sans serif writing and then in a less bold font is a caption explaining thearticle. In total there are 7 different articles being promoted and as they are in asmaller font this allows there to be so many.
  8. 8. The Image The washed out colours and the blue colour scheme of the images matches the colour schemes used in the film trailer and the film poster. The blue colour scheme also reflects the idea of water being a recurring motif in the film trailer. The dark suite with the black tie would usually signify a funeral as this would be appropriate attire, however the gun in the protagonists hand suggest that he is either a figure of high authority or a high class criminal. However as the gun is subtly placed in the image it shows that it the violence is not a main part of the narrative. The layout of the magazine is interesting as the words on the side are slanting inwards, this gives the look that they are being sucked into the magazine and therefore adds to the narrative of the film as the characters get sucked into the dreams.
  9. 9. Cover lineThe main cover line is smaller than the masthead but arelarger and bolder than other cover lines or ‘puffs.’They’re used to be eye-catching.This cover line is in the same font and colour as themagazine title and this insures that it will be clearlyvisible.
  10. 10. Anchorage THE MATRIX MEETS 007 “ON STEROIDS!”The anchorage is used to add meaning to the image on thecover.The anchorage for Inception suggests that the film combinesideas, themes and/or concepts from two vastly different, yetextremely successful films and has enhanced them to makethem even better. This suggests that the film is a must see andwill encourage the audience to go and see it in the cinema.This anchorage is also effective as it doesn’t give anythingaway about the films narrative which tempts the audience tobuy the magazine to find out more and to also watch the film.