Good night, and good luck Film Poster Analysis


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Good night, and good luck Film Poster Analysis

  1. 1. Good Night, and Good Luck Film Poster Analysis Katie Charman
  2. 2. The Poster:
  3. 3. The Image, Including Lighting and Camera DistanceThe shot type used is a mediumclose up of his face. This is amain character within the filmas it is based around his role aspresident, the image is usedbecause it would wish to conveythat to the audience withoutgiving too much away. The starsand stripes behind his head oneagain represent the Americanflag and his role of running the country.The lighting on the image of the characters face is Chiaroscuro as only one light sourcehas been used to illuminate one side of his face and leave the left side in shadoweddarkness. The adds a sense of mystery to the character as it appears he is light andinnocent on the light side and then the use of the shadow makes it seem as though he ismysterious and hiding some sort of a secret. This fits with the narrative as he is thepresident making a speech, he may be telling the public one thing but keepinggovernment secrets.
  4. 4. The TextThe text within the poster is in asans serif font as the edges of theletters are slightly rounded.Interestingly, no capital lettershave been used and this could bean ironic hint at the narrative asthe characters are journalists.The tracking used for the poster isclose together.The actors names and the writtentext at the bottom has the sametext and background colour, thisshows that these are all technicalaspects of the film.Only 4 colours have been usedthroughout the poster;red, black, white and grey. Theyare all alternated within thelayers.
  5. 5. The NarrativeThe red sentence in the middle ofthe film is a quote from the film,this adds to the narrative andshows that people within the filmare sticking up for one another.All the writing on the poster, theanchorage and the title are quotesfrom the film. This is because ifyou look at the poster itself it ishard to create meaning from it.The narrative is created throughthese quotes.The recurring motif of theAmerican flag and the stars andstripes adds to the American feelof the film.
  6. 6. The ColourThe colour scheme within the poster isred, black and white.Red could represent the passionwithin the narrative of the film as thejournalist team plan to expose thepresident.The black could represent the strengththat they have to complete thearticles to go against him. The blackand white together resemble the lookof a newspaper which links again withthe narrative of the film as they arejournalists.The red and white together couldperhaps be a link to the American flagas they are some of the colours and asthe blue has been replaced with blackit could mean that there is darknessahead within the narrative.
  7. 7. The AnchorageIt is quite common for film-noirfilms to include an anchorage ontheir poster. This is because it ishard to sometimes understandthe storyline solely through theposters image.The Anchorage for this poster isa quote from the film that is alsopresent in the films trailer whichcreates a link between the two.
  8. 8. The LayoutThe layout of the poster is interestingas it has the picture at the bottom andthen the different layers of black andwhite building up on top.The black and white blocks could againrepresent the stripes that are in theAmerican flag which the film is basedaround.The blocks are all different sizes apartfrom the three at the top which makethe poster look more professional as itgives the actors names two at a time.George Clooney is the most well-known actor within the film andtherefore his name is posted in a greyfont on a white background whichmakes it stand out more compared tothe other actors names.
  9. 9. The Written Text The written text on this poster is different to normal as it appears above the image and not right at the bottom. This is due to the posters unique layered layout. The production companies are shown in the written text, for this particular film Warner Independent Pictures produced it and therefore the audience can tell a lot from this such as the genre because other film-noir films have been produced by the same company.