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Student assessment in photosynthesis


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Worksheet for Photosynthesis.

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Student assessment in photosynthesis

  1. 1. Name : _____________________________Class : _____________________________Date : _____________________________Classwork #7: Plant Nutrition 1. Write the word equation of photosynthesis. [3] 2. How fast or how slow the process of photosynthesis takes place depend on light intensity and temperature. Draw separate labeled graphs and answer the following questions. [2] Effect of Light intensity: At certain level, the rate of photosynthesis remains constant even if the light becomes brighter. Why does the graph remian constant instead of going up? [2] _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ a) The rate of photosynthesis increases as the temperature gets higher. Effect of Temperature:: Why is this? [1] ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ b) Above 40⁰C, the rate of photosynthesis slows down and eventually stopped. Why is this? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________3. Label the lead structure and answer the following questions. a) Name the green pigments that trap lights? _____________________ b) Where are these green pigments found? _______________________ c) Which part of the leaf structure where gas exchange takes place? __________________ d) What are the two gases that go in and out the leaf? __________________ e) Name the part that transports water. _______________________ f) In which region do the cells conain the greatest number of chloroplasts?_________________ g) Which two regions that do not contain chloroplast? ____________________
  2. 2. Fun Photosynthesis Summative AssessmentDescription of Assessment Activity:Teacher Directions:Tell students that they have now completed the unit on Photosynthesis and you need to assess what theyhave learned. Distribute the summative to students and go over the instructions. Once students havecompleted the assessment, assess the summative.Student Directions:Listen while I read the directions to you. Ask any questions about the directions. Complete the assessment tothe best of your ability, and turn it in to me when completed.Scoring Method and Criteria:Suggested points per question- 20. Partial credit may be awarded for students who capture mostly correctinformation. PHOTOSYNTHESIS AND THE FLOW OF ENERGY 1. Fill in the blanks to complete the process of photosynthesis.Living things use the [L] ________ energy to live and grow. In [P] ____________________, green plantsuse sunlight to make their own [F] _________ called [S] _______________. The [L] _________ are the partof the plant that is responsible for photosynthesis. Plants use the food they make during photosynthesis to[L] _________ and grow. Food is [S] _________ energy, which can then be used by other living organismsto maintain life and growth. Animals eat plants or other [L] ___________ [O] ______________ to get theenergy they need for [S]_____________. As plants and animals die, [D] _______________ use them asenergy sources. 2. What is a decomposer? Give two examples. _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Why do animals eat plants or other animals? _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ 4. Describe the importance of photosynthesis to your survival and growth. _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ 5. Create a picture showing the flow of energy. Use the keywords from below. Then, write a short paragraph explaining what is happening in the picture. Sun Green Plant Robin Earthworm Leaf _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________