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Banco de preguntas sexto

  1. 1. 1 COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES WITH THE THIRD CONDITIONAL. 1. We_________________(save) a lot of money if we______________________(go) to a cheaper restaurant. 2. She ___________________(not buy) such an expensive guitar if her father__________________(not give) her the money. 3. If he __________________(passed) his driving test, he ______________drive us to California. 4. No one________________________(hear) us if we________________________(not shout). 5. If you_____________________(not run after) me, I______________________(not fall) 6. If she_____________________(study harder) for the test, she___________________(get) a better mark. 7. He___________________(drive) so fast if he______________________(know) that the policeman was there. 8. If I_________________(not be) ill, I ____________________________(go ) to school. COMPLETE THE SENTENCES IN REPORTED SPEECH. “I will play a new computer game,” said Bill. _______________________________________ “I am doing my Math homework” said Molly. _______________________________________ “It is late”, he said. _______________________________________ “I sold my car ”, John said _______________________________________ “We have lost my watch ”, They said _______________________________________ “I can open the window ”, Juanita said _______________________________________ WRITE SENTENCES USING I WISH AND IF ONLY. Ex. I wish I had gone to Bolivia. Ex. If only she had studied Chemistry. ______________________________ ______________________________________ (buy) ______________________________ ______________________________________(broke) ______________________________ ______________________________________(play) ______________________________ ______________________________________(drink) COMPLETE THE SENTENCES WITH SHOULD HAVE OR SHOULDN’T HAVE. She ________________(STUDY) more Maths. They ____________________(buy) healthy food. Susan __________________(do) her homework Jhon__________________(not, play) soccer. I___________________(not, waste ) my money. WRITE THE MEANING OF THE FOLOWING WORDS. Furious=_________________ lost the Temper________________ cross_______________ Bitten the head off_______________ hot-head_________________ tantrum_____________ Calm_______________________- keep the cool_______________ WRITE THE MEANING OF THE FOLLOWING WORDS. 1. Return _________________________ 2. Find _________________________ 3. Disappear _________________________ 4. Appear _________________________ 5. Pretend it’s not there _________________________
  2. 2. GIVE SOME ADVICES WITH SHOULD HAVE OR SHOULDN’T HAVE. She has to go to the mechanic with her car tomorrow. ____________________________________________________________________________________ My nice got a zero in her Math exam. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Paul didn’t have time to eat the lunch at home. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Peter broke his arm last weekend. ____________________________________________________________________________________ I got a terrible stomachache yesterday. ____________________________________________________________________________________ WRITE THE FOLLOWING SENTENCES IN REPORTED SPEECH. “I will play a new computer game,” said Bill. “I am doing my Math homework” said Molly. _______________________________________ _______________________________________________ “Many students are feeling ill,” said George. “We can save this forest,” said the firemen. _______________________________________ _______________________________________________ ”Do you like hamburgers?“ Tony asked Jill. ”Why is the baby crying?” asked the boy. _______________________________________ _______________________________________________ Where are Tommy´s toys, John said. "Where are you going?”, asked Mom _______________________________________ _______________________________________________ She has eaten a hamburger, said Marcel Why is he shouting?”, asked Christian _______________________________________ _______________________________________________ "Who was the champion?" , Mary asked Can you read, Juan?, asked the teacher _______________________________________ _______________________________________________ 2) WRITE THE MEANING OF THE FOLLOWING ADJECTIVES. Bossy______________ sensitive________________ bad-temperate______________________ Considerate_____________ imaginative_______________ shy_______________________________ CHOOSE 3 ADJECTIVES THAT DESCRIBE PERSONALITY AND WRITE THE DEFINITION. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________- 3. DRAW THE APPEARANCE WITH THE FOLLOWING DESCRIPTIONS. 1. Marilyn is 15 years old, she is medium height and plump, she has black long hair, she wears skirt and blouse, also she has a mole in her right cheek. 2. Andre is 17 years old, he is tall and slim, he has a pony tail and his color hair is black, he wears shorts and T-shirt, also he has a beard.
  3. 3. 4. COMPLETE THE REPORTING VERBS ACCORDING TO THE RULES. Rule 1 ) offer,__________,_________ + infinitive with (to) Rule 2) say,______________ + that + clause. Rule 3) suggest,________________ + gerund Rule 4) ask,__________,_________,___________,_________,__________, +object + infinitive with (to) 5. WRITE THE MEANING OF THE FOLLOWING WORDS Witnesses__________________ best man_________________ priest_____________ Bride_____________________ Groom___________________ jewellery_____________ 6. COMPLETE THE SENTENCES WITH THE WORDS IN THE BOX 1 Jane and Benjamin have broken up. He is _________________with another girl. 2 My parents got ____________ fourteen years ago. Ten years late they got________________, and now they are thinking of ________________together again. 3. I think Sandra is_________________ with Chris. She’s been looking at him all evening´´. 4. Bruce and Nancy have been________________for three years but they still haven’t said when they’re getting_______________. COMPLETE THE SENTENCES WITH A PREPOSITION FROM THE BOX. 1. I’ll be home late tonight. A problem comes up at work. 2. If you’ve got a problem at school, why don’t you talk it_______with your teacher? 3. I can’t make_______ my mind about what to wear tonight. 4. Don’t worry about it. I’m sure it’ll go___________by itself. Up away over on up out over up back Broken up engaged getting back married Falling in love married going out divorced
  4. 4. 5. I can’t give you a decision now. Can I have a few minutes to think it_________? 6. When nobody knows what to do, Dan always comes__________with a great idea. 7. Why don’t you sleep___________ it and give me an answer tomorrow? 8. That’s a good point but I’d like to come________to it a bit later. 9. Let’s try to sort______________ who is doing what before we start. Complete the sentences in reported speech. 1. John said, "I love this town." John said 2. "Do you like soccer ?" He asked me. He asked me 3. "I can't drive a lorry," he said. He said 4. "I am nice with my brother," he said. He asked me GIVE ADVICES FOR THE NEXT CLAUSES. USE SHOULD HAVE OR SHOULDN’T HAVE. She broke her leg last month. She shouldn’t have ridden a motorcycle. My son got a zero in his English Quiz. ____________________________________________________________ I have to go to the mechanic with my car tomorrow _______________________________________________ He has a terrible headache _______________________________________________________ My laptop is so old _______________________________________________________ 1 Complete the following sentences with the THIRD CONDITIONAL. a) If Jane_____________ (not/lose) her job as a sales representative in London, she______________ (not/move) to Edinburgh. b) If she ______________(not/move) to Edinburgh, she_______________ (not/find) a job in a new company. c) If she ______________(not/find) a job in the new company, she ______________(not/meet) Adam. d) If she _________________(not/meet) Adam, they _________________(not/fall) in love. e) If they _______________(not/fall) in love, Adam____________ (not/ask) Jane to marry him. f) If Michael's alarm clock _____________(ring) on time, he_____________- (have) time to have breakfast at home. g) If he _____________(have) breakfast and home, he ___________(feel) more relaxed. h) If he ___________(feel) more relaxed, he _______________(not/drive) so fast.
  5. 5. i) If he ____________(drive) slowly, he _________________(see) the "STOP" sign. j) If he ___________(see) the sign, he _________________(not/crash) against the other car. 2. Choose the correct ending for the following sentences: a) If the weather had been better yesterday, 1.-We had gone to the countryside 2. We would have gone to the countryside 3. We would had gone to the countryside. b) If Jane had arrived on time last night, 1. We would have watched a film together. 2. We had watched a film together. 3. We could watch a film together. c) If I had studied more for my exams, 1. My grades would be better. 2. My grades would have been better. 3. My grades had been better. d) We would have had a wonderful weekend e) The party would have been funnier 1. if it hadn’t begun to rain 1. if my parents would have decided to stay. 2. if it hadn’t began to rain 2. if my parents wouldn’t decided to stay. 3. If it wouldn’t have begun to rain 3. if my parents hadn’t decided to stay. Join main and second sentence to form Non-defining clauses. Guayaquil is so far from here. Places My wife lives there. Maria is a beautiful girl. Possessive Her brother is a friend of mine. The keys have disappeared. Things They were on the table Paul had to leave Oxford. People Paul was too poor to pay the fees.
  6. 6. READ AND WRITE TRUE OR FALSE 1. Skateboarding was more ( ) 4. Competitions like the X-games ( ) popular in the past. Have encouraged new skaters. 2. All skate parks in the UK ( ) 5. Professional skaters are often ( ) are free. Given money by companies if they use their products. 3. There’s lot money involved ( ) In skateboarding.
  7. 7. JOIN THE SENTENCES USING THIRD CONDITIONAL (NEGATIVE) (POSITIVE) 1. Jane lost her job as a sales in London 1. Alex’s alarm clock ran on time. 2. She moved to Edinburgh. 2. He had time to eat breakfast at home. 3. She found a job in a new company. 3. He felt more relaxed. 4. She met Adam 4. He drove slowly 5. They fell in love. 5. He saw the STOP sign. 6. They got married. 6. He braked the car. __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ __________________________________________ COMPLETE THE CHART ABOUT IRREGULAR VERBS. ENGLISH IRREGULAR VERB CHART base form past simple past participle be was/were become become begin began begun bent bent bit bitten bleed bled blow blew broke broken bring brought build built burn burnt/burned burst burst bought bought
  8. 8. can …… (been able) caught caught choose chosen come came cost cost cut cut dig dug do did draw drew drawn dreamt/dreamed dreamt/dreamed drink drank drive driven ate eaten fall fell fed fed feel felt fight fought find found fly flew flown forgot forgotten forgive forgiven get got gave given go gone had had hear heard hide hid hit hit hold held hurt hurt hurt keep kept know knew learnt/learned learnt/learned leave left lose lost made made meet met
  9. 9. pay paid put put read read rode ridden ring rung run ran run said said see saw sell sold sent sent shake shaken sing sang sat sat slept slept speak spoken spend spent stand stood swam swum swing swung took taken teach taught tell told told think thought thought throw threw thrown understand understood understood wake woke woken wear wore worn write wrote written TO PRACTICE LISTENING, PLEASE VISIT THE NEXT WEB PAGE: AND STUDY FROM 1 TO 10 LISTENING EXERCISES