Walking Dead Weapons & Ammo Breakdown


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The Walking Dead is one of the biggest series on TV. With so many characters and so many kills, we've decided to put together a breakdown of the most deadly characters, their favorite weapons and some interesting info on their weapons.

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Walking Dead Weapons & Ammo Breakdown

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  4. PROS RICK GRIMES Weapon of Choice KILLS 127 As of 3/9/14 COLT PYTHON Rick packs the Colt Python for the majority of the show and racks up the most kills with this Magnum caliber revolver. » Accurate » Smooth trigger pull » Tight cylinder lock-up » Can be hidden or stored for a long time without any decrease in functionality The .357 Magnum caliber revolver cartridge is regarded by many as an excellent self-defense round. of those were with his Colt Python T O TA L 70 The hollow point has a reputation of being the gold standard of stopping power among handgun cartridges. $1 avg. cost per round CONS » Maximum 6 shots before reload required » Lockwork needs to be re-timed with continued heavy shooting » Ammo expensive view the full infographic
  5. PROS CONS DARYL DIXON Weapon of Choice KILLS 98 As of 3/9/14 HORTON SCOUT 125 CROSSBOW Daryl gets his claim to fame and lands the second most kills in the show using his crossbow throughout the entire show. » Quiet » Accurate » Relatively lightweight » Long reload time » Difficult to handle » Must reuse ammo, i.e. collect from fallen bodies of those were with his Crossbow T O TA L 60 $5 avg. cost per arrow view the full infographic
  6. PROS CONS MICHONNE Weapon of Choice KILLS 45 As of 3/9/14 JAPANESE KATANA Michonne is usually seen brandishing this samurai sword which makes for easy mob shredding. » Smooth » No dependence on ammo or reload time » Little care or maintenance required » Difficult to use of those were with her katana T O TA L 31 view the full infographic
  7. PROS CONS GLENN RHEE Weapon of Choice KILLS 31 As of 3/9/14 SHARPENED PIPE Clearing walkers from a fence is a piece of cake with this weapon. Glenn is spotted many times throughout the show utilizing this deadly weapon. » No ammo » No reload time » Short range, must be used hand-to-hand with walkers of those were with a sharpened pipe T O TA L 9 view the full infographic
  8. PROS MAGGIE GREENE Weapon of Choice KILLS 25 As of 3/9/14 GLOCK 17 Maggie is spotted using a Glock 17 many times througout the show. The Glock 17 is known for its reliability and durability. » Extremely reliable and durable » Easy to use and maintain » Holds a lot of rounds for a pistol 9mm ammo is extremely affordable and easy to find. of those were with a Glock 17 T O TA L 6 $0.30 avg. cost per round CONS » Size makes it tricky to carry » Accuracy is not as good as many other guns view the full infographic
  9. PROS CONS CARL GRIMES Weapon of Choice KILLS 41 As of 3/9/14 BERETTA 92FS WITH SILENCER Carl is extremely effective at killing walkers with his Beretta. Berettas are known for reliability, accuracy, and durability. » Beautiful fit and finish » Unsurpassed reliability » Superb accuracy » Great durability » Hard pushable trigger decreases first shot's accuracy of those were with his Beretta T O TA L 34 $0.30 avg. cost per round view the full infographic
  10. PROS TYREESE Weapon of Choice KILLS 40 As of 3/9/14 HAMMER Tyresse uses his hammer to blow off steam and let his anger out on the walkers. » No ammo » No reload time of those were with a hammer T O TA L 40 CONS » Short range In the show, you never actually see Tyreese kill a walker with a gun. view the full infographic
  11. CAROL PELETIER Weapon of Choice KILLS 15 As of 3/9/14 KNIFE (OR WHATEVER IS AVAILABLE) Carol seems to kill more living people than walkers. She took it upon herself to teach children how to wield a knife. of those were with her knife T O TA L 3 view the full infographic
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