Emotional Content Marketing In India


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Emotional Marketing Tactics On Social Media, Content Marketing India, British Airways Case Study, Viral Video Marketing, Driving The New Age Social Media

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Emotional Content Marketing In India

  1. 1. Emotions To Decisions Driving The New Age Social Media Ankur Srivastav Image source – Cyclone Strategies
  2. 2. Content Marketing Brands have been putting white papers and blog posts on their websites for years, but in a modern social media-based world, the concept of using online content to market the brand has evolved significantly. Nowadays, content marketing includes not just blog posts and webpages, but also slide decks, videos, images, animations, infographics. © Ankur Srivastav | 9.ankur@gmail.com
  3. 3. Knowing The Medium Twitter is the top means of distributing content, with 82% of social media marketers doing it that way. LinkedIn beats Facebook into second place, with YouTube coming in fourth. Pinterest only made it into sixth place, falling behind Google+.
  4. 4. What Makes Videos Viral? Effective Story Telling A binding story with the right set of emotions The right integration with the brand / product The right time © Ankur Srivastav | 9.ankur@gmail.com
  5. 5. What Makes Videos Viral? Effective Story Telling – British Airways Love story of a couple. Flight tickets to London Valentine’s Day © Ankur Srivastav | 9.ankur@gmail.com
  6. 6. Case Study – British Airways Go further to get closer
  7. 7. What does it earn? Prospective Customers Brand Advocates © Ankur Srivastav | 9.ankur@gmail.com
  8. 8. Communication Analysis Communication Visual Ordinary couple, Realistic, Touching hearts. Emotional, Aspirational, Connecting the product Call-to-action YouTube url and not lead generation specific © Ankur Srivastav | 9.ankur@gmail.com
  9. 9. Why Such Videos? Organic outreach on multiple platforms Content consumption! Traditional Social World! Content oriented! New Age Social! Mobile! Latest Sensation! © Ankur Srivastav | 9.ankur@gmail.com
  10. 10. Quick facts WhatsApp has estimated 30-35 million purely mobile users in India that will now be coupled with the more than 100 million users of Facebook, of which an estimated 40% access social network on mobile devices. Mobile is the way forward and chat is now integral to smartphone usage, analysts say. According to research firm Forrester, 69% of global information workers use texting (SMS or a service such as Apple Inc.’s iMessage or WhatsApp) on a smartphone for work. © Ankur Srivastav | 9.ankur@gmail.com
  11. 11. How To Seed The Content Upload Share Sponsored Video Seed in groups People consume a lot of content on such sites and share it People share a lot of videos on chat messengers © Ankur Srivastav | 9.ankur@gmail.com
  12. 12. What’s loved is shared! If you do love this, do share it. Need more? Connect to me at 9.ankur@gmail.com © Ankur Srivastav www.ankursrivastav.in