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Top Purple Goldfish Restaurant Examples


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Top Restaurant examples from the amazon Best Seller "Purple Goldfish" including examples from AJ Bombers, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Capital Grille, Maggiano's and the Rainforest Cafe.

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Top Purple Goldfish Restaurant Examples

  1. 1. TOP RESTAURANTEXAMPLES by Stan Phelps,

  2. 2. THE GOLFISH RULE - ADDED VALUE DIFFERENTIATE THROUGH 12 Ways to Win Customers & Influence Word of Mouth 1. Throw-ins 2. In the Bag / Out of the Box 3. Sampling 4. First / Last Impressions 5. Guarantees 6. Pay it Forward 1. Follow-ups 2. Added Service 3. Waiting 4. Convenience 5. Special Needs 6. Handling Mistakes Value Maintenance
  3. 3. “ We figure our best salesman is our customer. Treat that person right, he’ll walk out the door and sell for you. From the beginning, I wanted people to know that we put all our money into the food. BONUS FRIES, FREE PEANUTS AND UNLIMITED TOPPINGS That’s why the décor is so simple — red and white tiles. We don’t spend our money on décor. Or on guys in chicken suits. But we’ll go overboard on food.” Jerry Murrell FOUNDER, FIVE GUYS
  4. 4. CATEGORY 1 - Throw In’s According to the NY Times: “The best dessert was the churros given gratis to every table. The warm, long spirals of fried dough rolled in cinnamon sugar were delivered in a white paper bag. Along with them we were given tiny Mexican “worry dolls” to be put under our pillows to take away worries. My only worry was the amount of delicious food I’d just eaten.”
  5. 5. Beating Bobby Flay “Mike Maroni beat Bobby Flay in a t h r o w d o w n ! T h e m e a l s a r e exclusively customized tasting menus, prix fixe, with all the wine you can drink included.  At the end of the meal, hours later, guests are generally presented with jars of Maroni Pasta sauce as a Thank You. Once you have used it, you want to go back for more (both the meal and the sauce!).” - Clark Johnson CATEGORY 2 -IntheBag/OutoftheBox
  6. 6. CATEGORY 3 - Sampling BOGO A t M a g g i a n o ’ s restaurant, if you order a classic pasta you get to pick one to take home. They bring it with the check
  7. 7. Sweet Bookends “Lolita, a hot new Mexican restaurant and tequila bar on Dartmouth and Boylston, gives free cotton candy with your bill at the end of the meal. They also give you a complimentary grapefruit- and tequila- flavored shaved ice palette cleanser when you first arrive at your table.” - Matt Sheehan CATEGORY 4 -First / Last Impressions
  8. 8. Giving back is on the menu “Chinese with spice and heart” best describes the “classic dishes taken to a new level” that are “hurried” out by a “funky and fun” staff. Though the decor consists of “typical” “plastic covered tables”, it’s “cheap enough” to eventually try “the entire Sichuan peppercorn–laden menu”, plus 75 cents per entree is donated to the SF (and NYC) Food Banks.” - Zagat PS - Free beer while you wait to be seated. CATEGORY 6 -Pay it Forward
  9. 9. Capital Grille Follows Up “When the hostess asked which one of us was Roy, and wished him a Happy Birthday! I had mentioned in the reservation on Open Table, and they not only noticed, but it seemed everyone there knew it was Roy’s Birthday and made sure to give him their well wishes! Nice! We were then escorted to our table, and on the crisp white tablecloth, there was shiny Birthday confetti and a Birthday card from The Capital Grille! Wow! - Roy and Ren CATEGORY 7 - Follow Up / Thank You’s
  10. 10. A Fresh Idea from Boston “Taranta uses squid ink to place QR codes on plates using fresh locally sourced seafood. Diners can scan the code to visit ‘Trace and Trust’.   It allows you to track where, by whom and when the fish was caught.” CATEGORY 8 -Added Service
  11. 11. No need to go to the bar Joe (Sorge) and his team at AJ Bombers consistently p r o v i d e t h e Purple Goldfish by offering free peanuts… shot at you in metal WWII bombers. - Phil Gerbyshak CATEGORY 9 -Convenience
  12. 12. Stripsteak at Mandalay Bay “The french fries were a lagniappe, served shortly after we ordered our wine. Fried in duck fat, they had an extreme crispness that sharpened the contrast to their fluffy interiors. They were served as a trio (a favorite Mina conceit) with one portion dusted with smoked paprika and served with barbecue sauce, one served with aioli, the other with homemade ketchup.” - Las Vegas Review Journal CATEGORY 10 - Waiting
  13. 13. Enjoying the House Pacific Café, a seafood restaurant in San Francisco, offers free glasses of wine while you wait for a table. They don’t accept reservations and it’s a popular spot, so the beverage is a nice gesture to extend to patrons as they wait to be seated. CATEGORY 10 - Waiting
  14. 14. CATEGORY 11 - Special Needs Catering to those with allergies “At The Rainforest Cafe Faye did not have to volunteer her allergies to the server because the server started off with a great question: ”does anybody have any food allergies we should know about?” She did this with a smile and genuine concern for her guests. Typically, Faye has to initiate an awkward and sometimes uncomfortable conversation about her allergies but not at The Rainforest Cafe. At The Rainforest Cafe the server brought out a separate menu that covered many of the allergy concerns that many of their guests have. This was great and made Faye feel pretty special.” -Hank Davis
  15. 15. ARE YOU STANDING OUT IN A SEA OF SAMENESS? -Tony Hsieh The New York Times bestselling author of Delivering Happiness and CEO of "In business you do must do something that's above and beyond what's expected. Phelps shows the ingredients behind signature extras that are unconventional and innovative. Every business should be asking themselves, "What's our Purple Goldfish?" phone: +1.919.360.4702e-mail:
  20. 20. available on