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Video progress powerpoint


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Video progress powerpoint

  1. 1. Timeline so Far The song The audio from the videos The clips Effects and transitions
  2. 2. Transitions and Effects These are the transitions and effects I have used so far… This is the first transition/effect I have used. It doesn’t show up on the timeline as I put together the first section on Windows Movie Maker when I was having trouble with Adobe Premier Pro. I have put both clips on top of each other so they play at the same time with some transparency so that both can be seen. I then use this effect as a transition to focus fully on the glistening lights shown in the overlapped section. This is a smooth transition which looks delicate and really suits the pace of the music.
  3. 4. This is just a transition not an effect as I needed something to drag the clip out to fill an extra 1.3 seconds before the next verse of lyrics come in. The transition just holds the last shot and fades to black with a quick cut to the next clip. This has come in handy for just filling in that one second and will also suit the feel of the song.
  4. 6. I have used a similar effect for this as I did at the beginning of my video, although I created this on Adobe Premier Pro whereas the other was created on Windows Movie Maker. I have placed the clips on top of each other and added two cross fades. One for the first half and another for the second. The clip is underneath these cross fades. This enables be to show the two clips at once which really link with the lyrics; “No kiss…”