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Second powerpoint progress


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Second powerpoint progress

  1. 1. Continuing from the last powerpoint
  2. 2. This is six seconds of my video that I have worked on and hopefully finalised (that’s if I don’t decide to change it in a few days time!) I have added a cross fade from Stacey to the fist to make the transition a little smoother.
  3. 3. I have used two shots that are 0.5 seconds long each together to create a fast snap of images, It shows the fist then again in a close up. I have also used a shot of Staceys feet that is 1.2 seconds long This broadens the type of shots I have used and hopefully will improve the video. Although, these are other shots that have caused some problems, as you can see they don’t fill the whole screen. It is unknown why this has happened but I am going to complete my video before trying to solve the problem. I chose to use the fist and feet here as it is a direct link to the lyrics; “I felt it in my fist in my feet…”
  4. 4. I have chosen a clip of Stacey opening her eyes for the lyrics “I felt It in my fist in my feet In the hollows of my eyelids” but I have put it in slow motion to accentuate her eyes and the pace of the music. Then I chose to have three fast pace shots to fit in with the faster beats. I had one shot of Staceys face in the dark with a light focusing on her face, another of her eyes upside down and another of her eyes the right way round. I chose to use these angles and shots just to add some variation really and mix it up a little. The shots fall on the beats of the music s really fit in with the pace.