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How crowd testing works


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Learn how crowd testing helps improve app quality. Find out how crowd testing works at 99tests.

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How crowd testing works

  1. 1. How crowd testing works
  2. 2. Introduction: Need For Crowd Testing Crowd testing is a form of testing that relies on crowd platform to manage testers and testing projects. This method enables testing to be carried out by multiple testers from different locations. Thus it is more fast, accurate and cost-effective than traditional lab-based testing approaches. Crowd testing is apt for user-centric apps that is used by a diverse crowd. It is particularly useful in scenarios where you want to test the application on multiple devices, with many testers from different locations. As it is more fast and cost effective, it is a boon for clients who want to meet their release deadlines faster & also for those who do not have the QA resources to execute testing. It is also helpful in case of testing apps that are in the early stages of development. The fresh insights given by crowd testers can development team identify and fix defects in time before releasing the app to the public.
  3. 3. The Crowd testing community The strength of a crowd testing platform lies in its diverse testing community. A crowd sourced testing community consists of many testers from all over the world, with diverse backgrounds, domain knowledge and expertise. This provides clients the opportunity to test their application in diverse test environments that are realistic. Apart from allowing you to see how your app works in real life conditions, crowd testing platforms enable you to scale your QA efforts as per needs. All this without the hassles of hiring full time QA specialists and without any major investment in devices and tools.
  4. 4. The way crowd testing works Crowd sourced testing companies connect the clients who have specific testing needs with testers who match their requirement. Crowd testing thus lets you test your app on real devices by real users, giving you accurate insights on how well your app works. It can add value in addition to traditional testing methods to give you greater coverage and a fresh insight on your app quality. The process involves requirement analysis, project launch, project execution, monitoring & delivery of results.
  5. 5. 1) Requirement Analysis Every app is unique. The testing requirement for an app depends on the business goals of the company. The first step in crowd testing is to analyze the requirements of the client and the testing project. A testing plan in line with the product’s quality goals is prepared. This testing plan serves as the basis for fixing the price, assigning the crowd testers and finalizing other aspects like number of test cycles etc. Usually a dedicated project manager will be assigned by the crowd testing company for creating and managing the test strategy. By understanding the app, its environment and its quality goals, the plan and deliverables are set by the project manager.
  6. 6. 2) Project Launch Once the project is initiated, crowd testers who match the requirement in terms of demographics and domain knowledge are assigned for testing. The test environment covering the configurations mentioned is set up. 3) Project Execution Crowd testers execute the project by testing the app on different devices from different locations. The crowd sourced testing experts will help uncover all the issues in your app.
  7. 7. 4) Monitoring & Evaluation Clients can monitor the bug logging and testing coverage. The bugs logged by the crowd testers is evaluated either by crowd validators or designated experts from the crowd testing company. 5) Project Completion All the bug reports, test summary and recommendations are shared with the client once the test cycles are executed. Many platforms have added bug tracking features that makes it easy for development teams to not only find the bugs but also to fix them. The crowd testers assigned to the project are also rated as per the quality of bugs they log. This ensures that the top testers who log the most difficult bugs are paid the most, creating a reward based system that encourages testers to perform well.
  8. 8. How Crowd testing at 99tests works? 99tests will help you bring order to your crowd sourced testing efforts. Getting started is easy and hassle free. You can watch the below video to get acquainted with the 99tests crowd testing platform:
  9. 9. 1) Manage test cycle easily Relying on the expertise of professional testers through crowdsourced platform makes it easier to manage test cycles. Experts in functional testing can help plan and execute your entire testing strategy to meet all the app quality goals. They can help identify and implement test cycles for testing core functionality aspects like devices, locations and other factors that impact the app’s performance. Gain valuable insights for improving your app quality with crowdsourced functional testing. Ensure your app’s success on different devices, on different platforms, everywhere, every time. 2) Ensure success, everywhere, every time Benefits of Crowd Testing Platforms
  10. 10. 3) Boost development With crowd testing, you can equip your development team with useful insights to improve the app. With insightful reports & data, you can make your app more powerful. Get professional testers from around the world to execute your test cycles. Leverage on the talent of expert testers to uncover bugs missed out during automation. 4) Access global community of testers Benefits Of Crowd Testing Platforms
  11. 11. About 99tests 99tests is an online crowd testing platform that helps enterprises meet their App quality goals. Our crowd testing platform provides economical, and effective crowd-sourced testing solutions that enable individuals and businesses to pursue excellence in software technology. Learn more about the App testing services provided by 99tests. Visit . For more information, contact: