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Project report on reliance

  1. 1. I<br />Project Report Submitted To<br />Accurate Institute of Management and technology <br />Greater Noida<br />In<br />For Academic Year 2010-2012<br />By<br />Vijesh kumar Sharma (DM 10154)<br />Saket ranjan <br />Sec G1<br />Under the Supervision of<br />Mr. Mukesh sherawat<br />Prof.AIMT<br />CONTENTS<br />Organizational Certificate<br />Acknowledgement<br />Preface<br />Chapter – 1Introduction<br />Chapter – 2Main Studies<br />Introduction of the Topic <br />The problems being faced <br />Chapter – 3Methodologies<br />Research problem<br />Research Objective<br />Choice of Research Design<br />Research Instrument used<br />Sampling Technique used & Sample size<br />Field Work<br />Chapter – 4Data Analysis & Interpretation<br />Data Interpretation & Finding of customer Survey<br />Chapter – 5Conclusions<br />Conclusion<br />Finding <br />Chapter – 6Suggestions<br />Appendices<br />Bibliography<br />Questionnaire<br />ACKNOWLEDGEMENT<br />There are a few things that come in the life of a person, may be for a short span of time, but leaves on ever shining impression in to the mind. My Project report is one of the events which will be ever green in my life.<br />As I have been placed in RELIANCE COMMUNICATION LIMITED . I shared the real reserch skills and knowledge from their experienced, enthusiastic and cordial executives, without whom I would have not been able to achieve my aim.<br />First of all I would like to express my thanks to Mr. Mukesh sherawat (prof.AIMT) for permitting me to do the training at his concern. <br />I also owe sincere gratitude to my family members whose love, affection, co-operation and moral support have provided me the strength to carry out this project.<br />PREFACE<br />A project is a scientific and systematic study of real issues on a problem with the application of management concept and skills. The study can deal with small or big issues in any division of an organization. It can be case study where a problem has been dealt with, through the process of management. The essential equipment of a project this that, it should contain scientific collection of data, analysis and interpretation of data leading to valid conclusion.<br />The topic of my project was Business Development, SWOT Analysis and Sales Promotion of RELIANCE COMMUNICATION in Broadband .<br />This project report tends to give a sharp picture of the telecom industry.<br />I hope, this study can be of some help to the telecom industry of his product and service .<br />CHAPTER - 1<br />Introduction<br />CONCEPT OF RELIANCE COMMUNICATION<br />“My vision is to provide the latest telecommunication facilities to every Indian at the price of a post card” – Dhirubhai Ambani.<br />Reliance Infocomm was launched as a very ambitious project. The project was conceived at the convergence of communication and information technology. It was designed to connect every home and office in India with each other and the world.<br />On Friday 15 march 2011 <br />NEW DELHI, INDIA: When the VOICE&DATA jury, comprising eminent professionals from the telecom field, met in Delhi in March to choose the Telecom Person of the Year 2011, the five-hour selection process was steamy. <br />The reason was obvious: The telecom sector is growing faster than any other segment and naturally their CEOs have a lot to crow about. The jury had to select one from three CEOs, who had made it to the final list through nominations from the industry and the initial scrutiny. Among the three, one of the main contenders was a young CEO. The jury decided that he should come back next year to try and win the coveted award. The list now had two names-both CEOs of two well-known companies. The pivotal difference between the two: one is an entrepreneur and the other is not so popular, as his credit is shared among a number of his big daddies. <br />CHAPTER - 2<br />Main Studies<br />Objective<br />Introduction of the Topic <br />The problems being faced <br />What does Company expect to do by solving the problem<br /><ul><li>OBJECTIVE :- How to achieve customer retention and increase the Sales within the limited territory within the existing potential.
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION OF THE TOPIC:-</li></ul>Marketing Strategy<br />Customer Generation - Tapping in to Internal Resources<br />Every employee was offered 10 connections at a discounted rate.<br />Dhirubhai Ambani Entrepreneurship Program – A New Way to Market.<br />Reliance Infocomm fostered a new breed of entrepreneurs, as channel partners..<br />Advertising – Educating Masses and Evoking Passions<br />The Reliance mobile brand was branded as India Mobile to cash in on patriotic feelings<br />This campaign helped to educate people on the importance of telecommunication services. <br />.<br />: <br />.<br />RELIANCE COMMUNICATION LIMITED<br />StrengthLow PriceNetworkConnectivityFlexible plansCheap VAS ServicesReputed Brand NameWeaknessBranding ImageMarketing problemLimited reach of wire lines.Slowest Activation ProcessLimited Budget for Sales PromotionOpportunityPreference of Flexible wired plans IPTV introduction Rural TelephonyNew Market, Vertical, HorizontalCompetitors` Vulnerabilities ThreatPolitical destabilization.New EntrantsIT DevelopmentMarket DemandSeasonality, Weather EffectsNew Product development by competitors<br />(3) PROBLEM BEING FACED<br /><ul><li>Competitors
  3. 3. No Visit of ASM to feasibility study
  4. 4. Not Proper Communication of Customers Complaint to the company
  5. 5. Lack of instant complaint solving due to the lengthy documentation and entertainment of complaint</li></ul>(4) WHAT DOES COMPANY EXPECT TO DO BY SOLVING THE PROBLEM<br />Customer Satisfaction<br /><ul><li>Customer Retention
  6. 6. Increase in Sale
  7. 7. Service Excellence
  8. 8. Increase in Revenue by Broadband Department</li></ul>CHAPTER - 3<br /> METHODOLOGIES<br /> <br /><ul><li>Research problem</li></ul>Research Objective & sub- objective<br />Information Requirement<br />Choice of Research Design<br />Research Instrument used<br />Schemes, Products & Sample size<br />Field Work<br />(1) RESEARCH PROBLEM<br /><ul><li>Collection of Customer Data of other companies –Tata Indicom, Airtel & BSNL </li></ul>Sales associates and Sales Executive sometime gives wrong data<br />Limitation of time and money<br />(2)RESEARCH OBJECTIVE<br /><ul><li>To Retain the customer and increase the potential within the limited territory
  9. 9. To understand the reason of negative churn.
  10. 10. To analyze the current perception of RCom with respect to other companies.</li></ul> (3) INFORMATION REQUIREMENT<br />Complete Price structure of Rcom, Airtel & Tata Indicom offer which includes:<br />Installation and Processing Fees<br />Discount Offered<br />Schemes offered<br />Service Tax<br /> (4) SOURCES OF INFORMATION<br />Data collected from the Company<br />Secondary Data<br />Internet<br />Sales Associates<br />Sales Executives<br />Other Trainees (Runner)<br /> (5) SCHEMES, PRODUCTS <br />RELIANCE PRODUCT<br />Reliance Broad Band<br />Reliance Fixed Line Phone<br />Reliance Mobile <br />Reliance Data Card<br />Reliance Voucher, E-Recharge<br />(6) FIELD WORK<br /><ul><li>Marketing visiting & Survey (01/03/2011to 20/03/2011)</li></ul>2.Approach for new customers (21/03/2011 to 10/04/2011)<br />RESEARCH METHODOLOGY<br />Research methodology is a way to systematically do the job. It may be understood as a science of studying how research is done scientifically. The most desirable approach with regards to the selection of the research methodology depends on the nature of particular work, time and resources available along with the desire level of accuracy.<br />Research TypeDescriptive Research<br />Data SourcePrimary Data and Secondary data<br />Research InstrumentQuestionnaire design and Govt. sources<br />Type of QuestionnaireStructured<br />Sampling MethodJudgmental<br />Contact MethodPersonal Interview<br />CHAPTER - 4<br />Data Analysis & Interpretation<br />Data Interpretation & Finding of customer Survey<br />Market share of mobile subscribers<br />(1) DATA INTERPRETATION OF CUSTOMER’S SURVEY<br />Most Influencing factor of consideration while purchasing broad band No. of Respondent% of peoplebrand name 6 6flexibility in tariff plan 6 6Price1010easy availability 4 4after sale service1010Others<br />Satisfaction level in consumer from RCom servicesavg. figureTariff planpriceAfter sales serviceReliance997Airtel668Tata221BSNL112<br />Interpretation- As shown in the graph it was found that satisfaction level of customer from Reliance communication towards after sales serice is found worst and then it is approx. same for airtel and tata indicom in broadband sector. BSNL has the moderate satisfied customer in terms of after sales service.<br />Reliance broadband is better than any other companyBuyer Behaviourno. of respondant%of peoplestrongly agree11 Agree1010 disagree33 Some agree44Total18<br />Interpretation – It is found that Buyer readiness state for Reliance Broadband in which 10% people are strongly agree with reliance broadband and 80% people are agree and 4% people are disagree and 6% people are some agree.<br />Problem most suffered by Rcom Customer no.of respondant%of people  Service level 1385%  Claim level 015%  Product availability 015%  Product awareness 0210%<br />Chapter - 5<br /> <br />Conclusions<br />Conclusion<br />Finding <br />Problems<br />Conclusion<br />Indian economy is an emerging one and is growing very fast at the average GDP rate 8.6% so in this emerging market competition level among telecommunication services provides new players are coming who will necessarily intensify the competition. New products and new schemes are being offered by the telecom service providers.. Indian telecom companies are putting in their best offer to rope in major telecom operators of the world e.g. Vodafone, Aircel and MTNL, Virgin etc. are playing their role in synergy with the operation of the Indian companies. Process of acquisition and merger are in process and future will be only for those companies who have an edge over others in the field. The better quality of service etc. is provided at affordable cost. In this process of competition it is assumed that only those companies will survive who adopt suitable market strategy and technology innovation and up gradation to suit the aspiration and demand of the consumer.<br />.<br />Market access and growth is alright but the improvement of quality on the above counts is necessity of the time. <br />Problems: -Around 25% of the respondents that there is Bandwidth problem with RCom, on the other hand they found its competitors viz. Airtel, BSNL, TATA indicom network connectivity of very good level.<br />.<br />Chapter – 6<br />Suggestions<br />Appendices<br />Bibliography<br />Questionnaire<br />SUGGESTIONS<br />On the basis of extensive study and research, here are some recommendation and suggestion which may help the company to market the product and service more profitability and increase its share in the Telecom market.<br />I have analyzed that the customer complaint is not entertained as they desires hence customer should be cater and confirmed by telecalling about the problem and satisfaction.<br />(1) Promotional Activities<br />(2)Advertising – Newpaper,,add.<br /><ul><li>Technical Expertise:- </li></ul>The advertisement should show the companies expertise, experience and pride in market the product service sale.<br />(4) Media :-<br />A combination of print ads and TV commercial do a better job. Local ads and publicity should be giving more stress. Hoardings, banners, wall painting should be promoted. <br />(5) Sales Promotion -<br /><ul><li>Cash discount
  11. 11. Premiums
  12. 12. Appointment of sale promoter
  13. 13. Financial schemes </li></ul>(6)Occasional Discount - <br />The company may go for occasional discount offers or price off from time to time specially during any festival. Off season discount may also prove helpful to check fluctuating sales.<br />BIBLIOGRAPHY<br />BOOKS,MAGAZINE,<br /> NEWSPAPERS <br />Economic Times<br />Hindustan Times<br />WEBSITE<br />www.COAI .in<br /><br />www.AUSPI .in <br />The relevant information from the internal source of the organization.<br />