Sunil saini grooming assignment ppt


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Sunil saini grooming assignment ppt

  1. 1. INTRODUCTIONMy name is sunil kumar saini. I am student of frankfinn instituteof air hostess training centre batch m-5. I am presenting mygrooming assignment In guidance of Mrs. Parneta Pareek mygrooming teacher.This assignment is a art of self presentation. By this assignment Ican carry out range of personal grooming treatments, products,techniques to improve and maintain The condition of skin and hair.I am very grateful to frankfinn and my assessor Mrs. ParnetaPareek. I want to say marry thanks To frankfinn and my trainer.I am preparing this assignment for achieve a merit.
  2. 2. GROOMING Skin care Hair care weight management Exercise Diet chart Work and body language Social graces and protocol Hygiene
  3. 3. SKIN CARESkin care is a important part of grooming. We allknow that physical appearance plays an enormousrole in determining how others perceive us.
  4. 4. •Cleansing the • Toning remove • To keep our face face seems like greasiness that looking as such a simple remains after youthful as thing. Doesn’t it cleansing close possible. We need pores refine the to properly clean but it’s normal to skin and makes exfoliate and have question the skin texture moisturize ourabout normal skin smooth. Surly skin while never cleansing. one should tone leaving the house Especially it you the skin in order at least 30 spfare prone to acne to look fresher. sunscreem . breakouts. cleansin Moisturiz toning g er
  5. 5. HAIR CARE Hair care is an overall term for parts of hygiene and cosmetology involving the hair on the human head. Hair will differ according to one’s hair type and according to one’s processes that can be applied to hair. All hair is not the same; indeed, hair is a manifestation of human diversity.
  6. 6. Dry hair Oily hairCombination hair
  7. 7. Weight managementI am 18 years old. My height is164 cms. My weight is 50 kgs.I am in the range of height and weight.
  8. 8. EXERCISEI am in the range of weight so I didn’t need hard exercise.Exercise is very important for body maintain. There are manytypes of exercise for different age groups. Normally morningwalk and evening walk is good exercise for me. Doing exercisegives me pleaser.
  9. 9. DIET CHARTMorning breakfastLunchEvening snacks/supperDinner
  10. 10. Morning breakfast is very important meal of day. Morningbreakfast gives proper energy for start a day. It is important totake morning breakfast for a good start of day. Morningbreakfast should be light and full of energy.
  11. 11. LUNCHLunched commonly abbreviated to lunch is a middle of the day mealand is generally smaller than dinner which is the main meal of the day,whenever dinner is eaten the origin of the words lunch and luncheonrelate to a small meal originally eaten at the time of the day or night.but during the
  12. 12. DINNERDinner is usually the name of the main meal of the day. Dependingupon culture, dinner may be the second, third or fourth meal of theday.[1][2] Originally, though, it referred to the first meal of the day, eatenaround noon, and is still occasionally used for a noontime meal, if it isa large or main meal
  13. 13. WALK AND BODY LANGUAGEWalk and body language is a important partof grooming. Good body language give goodeffect at the time of job interview and the
  14. 14. Social graces and protocolThe diligentlyresearched AT SOCIAL GRACESand preparedcurriculum of PERFECTED we believe that whenSocial GracesPerfectedtogether with poor behavior is accepted asthe exceptionalcurriculum of normal behavior it builds an attitudeThe Academyof Etiquetteand Protocol, is of indifference toward fellow citizensbased on self-respect, and becomes a detriment to societyrespect forothers, and because it dilutes humanmanners lacedwith goodmorals and compassion.values thatproduceeternal rewards
  15. 15. Hygiene  Hygiene refers to the set of practices"Hygiene perceived by a community to beis very associated with the preservationimportant of health and healthy living. While infor both modern medical sciences there is a set ofgrooming standards of hygiene recommended forand different situations, what is consideredhealth.” hygienic or not can vary between different cultures, genders and etesian groups. Some regular hygienic practices may be considered good habits by a society while the neglect of hygiene can be considered disgusting, disrespectful or even threatening.
  16. 16. BIBLIOGRAPHYIn making of this assignment I took help of assessor “Mrs. Parneta pareek.”Images and some text are taken from the siteThis assignment made in “power point.”