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India local

  1. 1. Price : Rs.2 Page : 8RNI No. : MAHENG/2011/38665 INDIA'S LOCAL NEWSPAPER Vol.:3 Issue:10 Monday, 9thSept to 15th Sept 2013 Page .......2 PM inaugrates National Media Centre, says credibility is media’s currency Page .......3 Mumbai gang-rape: Press Council panel begins work Page .......8 Shinde says, Pak should hand over Dawood Ibrahim to India Inside INDIA'S LOCAL NEWSPAPER Visit u at Private builders as well as govern- ment bodies like the Mhada and Cidco have in the last few years tripled the property rates, de- spite recommenda- tions to revise the prices to bring them on par with the pur- chasing power of the citizens. Yashwant Dalal, president of the Estate Agents’ GOVT SHOULD TAKE CRIMINAL ACTION Association of India, said that the pressure to reduce prices to attain parity with the purchasing power of people is mounting on builders. Until the issue of affordability is addressed, the real estate market, espe- cially that of the city, will continue to be in doldrums. “ E v e r y b o d y knows why the build- ers are not reducing the rates, despite a low demand from the buyers. But, the situ- ation is such that the buyers will continue to wait and eventu- ally force the build- ers to reduce the rates,” Mr Dalal said. Advocate Vinod Sampat, an expert on real estate issues, is of the view that the government is just as responsible. He said, “The government is indirectly helping the builders by not taking action against them. It must take criminal action if a builder fails to comply with the statutory obliga- tions. Checking the builders’ books and ensuring that they are complying with the laws will not just regulate the prices, but help the entire housing industry,” Mr Sampat said. However, an offi- cial of the Maharashtra Cham- ber of Housing In- dustry (MCHI), a noted state body of builders, said that the cost of the construc- tion materials like cement and steel, as well as the govern- ment policies have forced the builders to increase prices,” adding, “Mhada and Cidco have also been increasing property rates.” Executive editor of a real estate daily, Sanjay Chaturvedi, also held the govern- ment responsible for the escalating prices and hence, the unsold flats. He said, “When Mhada has tripled its rates in the last couple of years, why should the private builders be behind in this money-making game? In fact, Mhada’s decision has encouraged the private builders.” He further said that the government should through its agencies like Mhada and Cidco sell its flats at affordable rates. However, the Mhada officials jus- tified their rates on the grounds that they needed to cross- subsidise the eco- nomically weaker section or mid-in- come group custom- ers by charging higher prices to the higher income group. “We sell the flats at no-profit, no-loss basis at carpet rates only. So, there can- not be any compari- son between Mhada and private builders. Secondly, we charge a bit higher prices than the ready- recknor rate at two- three locations, just to cross-subsidise the economically weaker section or the mid-income group,” said Vaishali Wagh, PRO, Mhada
  2. 2. PAGE 2INDIALOCALMonday,9thSeptto15thSept2013 Editorial The Group of 20 is, on the international plane, an essay in persuasion. In that context, I believe we had a very successful G 20 meeting. The Leaders’ Declaration and the St. Petersburg Action Plan are in line with the position we had advocated in the meeting.You have seen the documents. So I won’t attempt to summarise their contents, but I would be happy to answer questions. We also had a very useful BRICS meeting. The Leaders confirmed that agreement has been reached on the 100 billion dollar Currency Reserve Arrangement. There is also progress on the BRICS Bank which will lead to a concrete proposal by the next BRICS meeting. On the sidelines of the Summit, I had a brief discussion with the Prime Minister of Japan and the Deputy Prime Minister andFinanceMinisterofJapanandwehaveagreedtoraise the limit of the swap arrangement between our two countriesfrom15billiondollarsto50billiondollars.This is something by way of a second line of defense for our currency. Q: What are the important take-aways for India from the G20? Ans: As I said, G20 is at the international level an essay in persuasion about good practices. The Leaders’ DeclarationandtheActionProgrammereflectourconcerns that the world economy is not in good shape, that all countries who have influence in global affairs must work together to revive the growth process. In particular, we have been arguing at Los Cabos that infrastructure development is a commodity which can contribute to revivalofgrowthaswellasaccelerationofthedevelopment process. And that is reflected in the Action Programme andalsointhestatementsthatweremadebythePresident of the World Bank that they are working on a world infrastructurefinancingfacility.Ifthatcomesaboutitwill certainly help us greatly. Q- What kind of role do you see BRICS playing intheworldeconomyandIndia’scontributiontoitas well? Ans: BRICS is an important factor in the world economybecauseChina,Russia,SouthAfrica,Braziland India together command a significant proportion of the GDP and trade of the world, and therefore, whatever happens inside or to the development process in these countrieshasaninfluenceallovertheworld.Imentioned thatasconcreteactstheBRICScountrieshaveagreedtoa 100 billion dollar currency reserve arrangement. There is also an agreement to start a BRICS bank with 50 billion dollars and the concrete proposal is now being finalized andwillbebroughtbeforethenextSummitoftheBRICS. Q: The Japanese swap enhancement to 50 billion dollars and 100 billion BRICS contingency reserve fund, do you think together these two will have a Aadhare-KYC:Fast,Secure&CostEffective The Unique Identification Authority of India, UIDAI has de- veloped the e-KYC (Electronic – Know Your Customer) service, which promises to substantially improve customer services in the near future. The new offering, e-KYC allows an Aadhar number-holder to authorize UIDAI to release his personal details to any service provider to allow instant activation of services like bank account, mobile connection etc. Know Your Customer or KYC is a mandatory process that most financial institutions and mobile companies need to complete in regards to all their cus- tomers. Aadhar card is already a valid KYC instrument, still the KYC process takes much longer time and involves documenta- tion. The e-KYC service being offered by UIDAI will enable to electronically verify identity and address proof of the residents, which will cut down time required on many things like getting a new mobile connection, opening a Bank account or a trading account etc. “Not only will this service streamline the process of on-board- ing new customers but it will also simplify the process of linking existing customer accounts to their respective Aadhaar numbers in an easy, yet secure manner. The eKYC service will extend the power and convenience of Aadhaar KYC to paperless transac- tions. Using the eKYC service, residents can authorise the UIDAI to release their KYC data to a service provider,” says UIDAI Chairperson Nandan Nilekani. The authorization for release of personal data can either be done in person – through biometric authentication or it can be done online using OTP (One Time Password). Upon successful authentication and consent of the resident, the UIDAI will pro- vide the resident’s name, address, date of birth, gender, photo- graph, mobile number (if available), and email address (if avail- able) to the service provider electronically. As the service is paperlessandfullyelectronic,documentmanagementcanbeelimi- nated. Also, the KYC data being consent based, it can only be provided upon authorisation by the resident throughAadhaar au- thentication, thus protecting resident’s privacy. This process will eliminate the requirement of lengthy paper- work and facilitate quicker transactions. It is expected that the e- KYC will enhance customer convenience and greatly increase business efficiency across sectors. That apart, e-KYC will also eliminate document forgery and reduces the risk of identity mis- use. Both end-points of the data transfer are secured through the use of encryption and digital signature as per the Information Technology Act, 2000 making e-KYC document legally equiva- lent to paper documents. In addition, the use of encryption and digital signature ensures that no unauthorized parties in the middle can tamper or steal the data. The Ministry of Finance, has al- ready recognized e-KYC as a valid document for all financial services under the Prevention of Money Laundering (PML) Rules. e-KYC is not only beneficial to consumers, but also to service providers because they do not have to store any kind of photo copies. Everything is centralized and stored digitally helping them save on paper costs. Since the entire data is machine readable, it is possible for the service provider to directly store it as the cus- tomer record in their database for purposes of service, audit, etc. without human intervention making the process low cost and error free. Additionally, e-KYC is instantaneous so service pro- viders can start consumer service immediately, which will go a long way in enhancing customer satisfaction. As per the latest figures put out by the UIDAI, 40.36 crore Aadhar cards have been generated and issued till the middle of August 2013. The progress has not been even across the country. While Andhra Pradesh (6.74 crores) and Maharashtra (6.43 crores) lead in ab- solute numbers, the states of Goa (88.7%) Delhi (87.5 %), Himachal Pradesh (86.4%) Sikkim (85.9%) and Kerala (81.94%) have achieved better coverage. Though, the process of issuing Aadhar cards began in September 2010, a large number of city dwellers are still fence sitters, not being able to see much of the perceived benefits accruing to them. The launch of e-KYC which promises to remove KYC hassles is expected to work as a moti- vator for large number of people to enrol for Aadhar in the near future. UIDAI Chairperson Nandan Nilekani expects to issue 60 crore Aadhar cards by 2014. To facilitate issue of Aadhar cards, the UIDAI has announced setting up of permanent enrolment centres in various states. PM’son-boardbriefingenroutefrom St.PetersburgG-20Summit calming effect on the markets of Indian currency and what should be done domestically to take care of current account deficit? Ans: On the margins, certainly, what we have agreed with Japanwillhelp,butultimately,wehavetogetthefundamentalsof oureconomyinrobusthealth.Thelastweek,Parliamenthaspassed some important legislation, economic legislation. That will also help to revive confidence and we have to work to ensure that the fiscal deficit does not exceed 4.8% and whatever we can do to contain the current account deficit, will be put in practice. Q: This is a question on the ‘unconventional monetary policy’andhowtheyshouldbetackledbecauseoftheimpact? The final declaration clause 14 seems to suggest that Central Banks across the world of advanced economies will continue to be dictated by domestic considerations including price stability? Was your point of view therefore a point found resonance within the G20.And what can we expect as far as rollback taperingis concerned? Ans: There was widespread appreciation of the point that I made about the unintended consequences of unorthodox monetary policies being pursued by countries like the United States and the Euro Zone. But, I also pointed out in my own speech that I don’t see immediate concrete action because Central Banks are the creation of their domestic legislations, somevaluetheirindependence,somealsohavealimitedmandate. But overall there was general appreciation that when it comes to consultations on global economic policies, macro-economic policies, for example, in the mutual development process, the countries should be discussing how monetary policies are being shaped, what are the concerns and how we can soften the impact on other countries. So I would say that as a general idea, there was widespread appreciation and in fact most developing countries’ leaders made the same point that I made and I expect that as an essay in persuasion it was a good idea and good ideas are scarce in the world. I do believe sooner or later it will catch attention. Q: How will the Indian economy and markets benefit from your forthcoming visits to the United States,ASEAN, Russia, and China? Ans: I have important visits lined up later this month to the United States, then next month to Russia, and there are also visits planned toASEAN and then to China.All these countries are important trading partners, and therefore, whatever we may do in these meetings, they create a climate conducive to accelerating the processes of cooperation. And I, therefore, sincerely hope that my discussions in Washington, in Russia, inChina,inBrunei,wouldcertainlyhelptocreate,atthemargin, a better environment for cooperation between us and these countries in matters relating to trade, in matters relating to investment.And certainly, I think, the visit to the United States, if we do the right things before going there, they will have an influence on the climate for capital flows from the United States to our country. The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh addressing the accompanying media onboard on his way back to Delhi after attending the G-20 Summit, in St. Petersburg, Russia on September 07, 2013. The Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, Shri Montek SinghAhluwalia and the National SecurityAdvisor, Shri Shivshankar Menon are also seen.
  3. 3. PAGE 3INDIALOCALMonday,9thSeptto15thSept2013 1.45Lprofessional seats vacant Mumbai (AU NEWS NETWORK) : As the 2013 admissions in techni- cal professional colleges closed a total of 1.45 lakh seats are unfilled. The slowdown in enrolment has intensified over time. Vacant seats have risen 30% from 1.12 lakh last year. Chief minister Prithviraj Chavan has set up a 20 member committee headed by Institute of Chemical Technology vice chancellor G.D.Yadav to list reasons for the vacancies, suggest a solution, state how quality can be enhanced and suggest which courses must be stopped. Vacancies in electronics and telecommunication have few takers and nearly 100 colleges have vacancies ranging from 30% to 90% AC bus service to be discontinued on Sundays BEST has decided to discontinue the Sunday service of its AC bus on route No.AS592 which ferries passengers from Mahape to Tardeo. ReturnAirfare Mumbai-Delhi Rs.10,000-12,000 Mumbai-Chennai Rs.9,000-11,000 Mumbai-Kolkata Rs.14,500-16,000 Mumbai-Lucknow Rs.17,000 Mumbai-Jaipur Rs.11,000-13,500 Mumbai-Indore Rs.10,000-11,000 Mumbai-Bhopal Rs.12,000-13,000 Mumbai-Bangalore Rs.7,000-8,000 Source : Major travel portals (All are return fares for Diwali weekend and are subject to change) 25 minors among 52 booked for harassing railway commuters Mumbai (AU NEWS NETWORK) : The GRP have booked 52 people, including 25 minors, for misbehaving with passengers on the suburban railways Tuesday. Most of those booked are young devotees who cre- ate a nuisance while returning from SiddhivinayakTemple in Prabhadevi. Many colleges are func- tioning without full time prin- ciples, some without a single approved teacher. This is not a desirable situation. K.Sankaranarayan,gov- ernor, on bifurcation of large universities and creation of sub campuses Register for Aadhaar at your doorstep in Mumbai, for a fee Mumbai(AU NEWS NET- WORK): If you haven’t yet reg- istered for yourAadhaar card, you could soon get this done right at your doorstep.All this, for a price, of course. The state administration plans to deploy registration agents on two-wheelers at the doorstep of people who want the service of registering for an Aadhar card. The registration staff will carry portable equip- ment to carry out the reg- istration process and the citizen need not go any- where to get his Aadhar card.Aminimal fee will be charged and the entire regis- tration process will be com- pleted by the registration agent from a private agency which will be appointed by the gov- ernment. This ‘at-your-door- step’ service is bound to help those who are hardpressed for time, the old and infirm who have not yet been able to step out to get the registration done. “We are examining ways to reach out to those who are yet to register for the UID cards by sending registering staff to the homes of people, who do not have time and en- ergy to go to a centre and reg- ister themselves. We will charge a minimal fee to cover the cost of sending the staff to the home,” said the official fromtheadministrationdepart- ment. The official added that elderly persons and those who areailingcouldpossiblyberen- dered this service free of cost. The state has sought the ser- vices of private agencies, which are ready to carry out the task of delivering the ser- vices of registration, at door- steps. “We are waiting for agencies to come forward and offer services,” said In- formation Technology de- partment secretary Rajesh Agarwal. But no agency has come forward to take up the job. “If nobody comes forward, we might start the ser- vices with our own staff initially,” said an official from the state information technology depart- ment.Sofar,theUniqueIden- tificationNumber(UID)card registrations was carried out in housing societies and even among corporate houses for bulk registration. However, asthenumberofregistrations are decreasing, the state UID authorities are planning to offer doorstep registration services. Rs3CNGhike,pipedgasslabchangetoupsethomebudget Mumbai(AUNEWSNETWORK): Here’san- other one that will send your household expenses skyrocketing. By the time you read this, the prices of natural gas will have gone up. Mahanagar Gas Limited has increased the price of CNG or compressed natural gas (what you tank up in your car) with immediate effect. Also, the utility slabs for piped natural gas or PNG have been reduced. This hike in price and reduction in slabs could possibly have a cascading effect on taxi and autorickshaw fares. The auto and taxi unions, as it is, have been agitating for a hike in fares. In a press statement issued on Friday, Mahanagar Gas Limited said that it has been “con- strained” to increase the price of CNG by Rs3/kg in Mumbai effective from the night of September 6. The press statement further said that this hike was being introduced to recover part of increase in in- put costs, especially towards sudden and rapid depreciation of the rupee against the US dollar. Reacting to this hike, Thampi Kurien of the Mumbai Rickshawmen’s Union said, “Since the last fare hike in October 2012, prices of CNG have increased by Rs 5.85. Now, CNG will cost us almost Rs40 per kg. This is really hitting our income and is nullifying the effect of the fare hike. We are talking to the transport commissioner to convene a meeting of all rickshaw unions so that the issue of a fare hike, pending since May this year, can be discussed.” The reduced slabs of piped cooking gas will be effective from Saturday. This means you will pay a higher amount for a certain amount of cooking gas as compared to what you would have paid earlier. CongressquestionsNaik'sassurancetogarbagecontractworkers Vashi (AU NEWS NETWORK) : Mumbai Congress which has op- posed the rate proposal of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) for garbage collection and transportation has questioned guardian minister Ganesh Naik’s assurance of fighting for contract work- ers them till Supreme Court. “Ganesh Naik is a minister in the state government and if he wants he can get the proposal for equal pay for equal work cleared at the state level, but he is well aware that it cannot happen because there are several flaws in it,” said an office-bearer from city Congress. The office bearer further said, “Time has come for the guardian minister to decide on what is more important – the 12 lakh people of Navi Mumbai who are paying taxes or 550 contract workers whom the contractor normally brings from adjoining areas of Mumbai and Thane.” The leader said, “NMMC can absorb workers in its services and give them the salary they want; what is the need to give the salary through contractor’s bill. This is being done to extract commission from the contractor.” “Navi Mumbai Congress has always taken a stand for workers and we are not against salary cut, but the ruling party raises the matter of workers’ salary every time and misleads people. There are several other heads where expenses can be cut down like the number of vehicles to be purchased or giving contracts on ward basis. We have raised this matter,” said the Congress leader. Bombay HC unhappy with state over death of 793 kids in Ashram schools Mumbai(AUNEWSNET- WORK): Asserting that mea- sures taken were inadequate, the Bombay High Court on Wednesday expressed un- happiness over the steps taken by Maharashtra gov- ernment to prevent death of tribal students studying in ashram schools in the state due to alleged negligence of staff. A division bench of Jus- tices P V Hardas and P N Deshmukh was hearing a PIL that alleged death of 793 chil- dren in the last one decade due to snake bites, scorpion bites, fever and minor illness. The PIL alleged the children had died due to negligence of staff who did not ensure that proper treatment was given to them on time. The peti- tion, filed by Nasik resident Ravindra Talpe, said there were 1,100 ashram residential schools imparting education to 4,50,000 students in the state. The PIL de- manded that ex-gratia be granted to the parents of students who had died during their stay in ashram schools, in accordance with a Government Resolution. Govern- ment pleaderAruna Pai informed the court that 453 parents were given ex-gratia payment, while 340 parents have yet to be dis- bursed the ex-gratia amount.She said the state did not have enough grant to pay ex-gratia and when- everfundswereavailable,thestate wouldmakethepaymenttothere- maining parents. The government pleader further informed that the state had taken preventive mea- sures to prevent death of children such as regular health check-ups, pest control, first aid and appoint- ment of district health officers. Pervert held for 'stalking' 16-yr-old Pune(AU NEWS NET- WORK): In what could be one of its first use of the amended section 354 of the Indian Penal Code that deals with stalking, a 19-year old youth was arrested by Vishrantwadi police station. Sagar alias Aryan Almelkar, a college student living in Wagholi, was arrested by the police for sending lewd text messages to a 16-year-old student. This is probably the first time the police have invoked the new provision in the section 354 that deals with stalking. It is a non- bailable offence as opposed to the earlier provisions where the culprit would usually be warned by the po- lice and let off for want of adequate provision in the law. Section 354 D stipulates that whoever follows a person and contacts, or attempts to contact to foster personal interaction repeatedly, despite the clear indica- tion of disinterest by such person or whoever monitors the use by a per- son of the internet, email, or any other form of electronic communication or watches or spies on a person in a manner that results in a fear of vio- lence or serious alarm or distress in the mind of such person or interferes with the mental peace of such person, is committing the offence of stalking.
  4. 4. PAGE 4INDIALOCALMonday,9thSeptto15thSept2013 Shuddh Desi Romance One loverboy and two lovely ladies. Live-in, walk out, make-up, makeout. In turns. Not necessarily in that order. Confused about love and marriage, they fol- low their heart (at times) and all that lies in between (pun!). So there, Bollywood breaks the stereotype. It steps out from behind the bloomin' trees in tulip fields and comfortably 'shacks- up' with the times. Here 'smooch-at-first-sight' hap- pens in a bus-full with baaratis. Coffee dates are sipped in bed (Happy End- ings?Huh!).Commitmentis not the criteria. Marriage is not on the cards. And sexual compatibility is high priority. Yes, welcome to a modern day shuddh ro- mance in desiland. Plenty 'Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang', tucked in with some emo- tion and drama too. Raghu-(Sushant)-the- Romeo is a tourist guide in Jaipur, who also doubles up as rental baraati for Goyal (Rishi),ashaadiplanner. He meets the rebellious Gayatri (Parineeti) and feels a "tezwala" attraction to- wards her. They waste no time in moving in, and mak- ing out. Soon, they're love- addicts, but commitment- phobic. The third character in this threesome (don't ex- pect any of that) is Tara (Vaani), who was supposed to wed Raghu, until he fled on his wedding day. She makes a re-entry for re- venge, but ends up with a complicated status, really. Sushant swings be- tween the Patiala-clad women and makes for the perfectly confused, charm- ing and lovable Romeo. His hair perfectly styled at all times (though he should have had the 'out-of-bed' look more often), his clothes are more designer than dehati, but he more than makes up for it with his desi cool performance. Parineeti is a phataka, firing dialogues (smoking up too) and living it up. She makes the character her own, complementing Sushant with a casualness that's commendable. Newbie Vaani is impres- sive, pretty and commands a good screen-presence. Rishi Kapoor, blows you away yet again with his in- credible histrionics. ManeeshSharma's'SDR'has a 'Band Bajaa Baraat' blend, but the essence lies in the conversational chemistry between the characters, some beautifully captured moments and slice-of-life scenes.Hedoesn'tplaysafe, which is good, but the sec- ond half seems repetitive. Theconceptisengaging,but the plot is little shudd, little desi and quite confused. Big B, Rekha attend Rakesh Roshan's birthday bash Veteran actor-filmmaker Rakesh Roshan's 64th birth- day celebrations, organised by his actor son Hrithik Roshan, turned out to be a star-studded event, attended by the likes of megastar Amitabh Bachchan and actress Rekha. Apart from the entire Roshan family, many Bollywood celebrities marked their attendance - Dharmendra, Jeetendra, Shobha Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Sridevi, Vivek Oberoi, Shilpa Shetty, Prem Chopra, ShabanaAzmi, Javed Akhtar, Honey Irani and Zoya Akhtar...and the list went on. The party was held at Blue Sea in Worli here Friday night. Hrithik, who underwent a brain surgery in July, is said to have delivered a touching speech for his father, who gave the actor a perfect launchpad in filmdom with Kaho Naa...Pyaar Hai in 2000. The father-son duo are now awaiting the release of their ambitious project Krrish 3, the third film of their franchise which began with Koi Mil Gaya in 2003, fol- lowed by Krrish in 2006. "Krrish 3", which will see Hrithik play a superhero once again, is slated for release Nov 4. The film also stars Vivek Oberoi, Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut. Salman, SRK fans clash on Twitter A 'cyber world war' is apparently happening between SRK fans and Salman Khan fans on Twitter.While SRK's fans are going gaga, goo-goo and gee-gee over 'Chennai Express' breaking all BO records (which also includes Salman's 'Ek Tha Tiger'), seems like Salman Khan's fans are unable to digest this.An alleged verbal fight between SRK andSalmanKhanfanshasensuedonmicroblogging site Twitter which seems to have escalated. Appar- ently, fans of Salman and SRK are supporting their superstars in their own style. Salman's controversial stories are being openly talked about onTwitter. But is this the work of some PR machinery? To know more, check the exclusive story on Zoom. Stop hoopla around my bikini: Aditi Rao Hydari Actress Aditi Rao Hydari is tired of the hullabaloo around her bikini scene in the forth- coming film 'Boss'. She wants people to start treating it as just another garment. "Actually, the bikini is just another gar- ment.Iamsureeverygirlwhoswimshasworn a bikini in a pool. You do wear a bikini in a pool, you don't wear a gown! I think the hoopla around a bikini should go away be- cause that is a wrong way to look at it," the 34-year-old said while promoting the film at a college. "It's just a garment, a very beautiful garment. For a girl, to be happy with her body and her femininity is fine. In fact, I feel that everybody today should grow up and treat a bikini just as any other piece of clothing. I've been wearing a bikini since I was a kid, and I was very comfortable," she added. Aditi admits she had to go through a rig- orous fitness process to get a perfect bikini body. "They (filmmakers) kept a very nice, closed set, they were very understanding. I worked out for five months and I was only thinking about when will it end and when will I be able to have a slice of pizza," Aditi said. Directed byAnthony D'Souza, Boss stars Akshay Kumar in the lead, while Shiv Pandit plays is paired withAditi.The film will release on Oct 16. (AU NEWS NETWORK)
  5. 5. PAGE 5INDIALOCALMonday,9thSeptto15thSept2013 TOP BUSINESS NEWS Rajan : Preparing RBI for a new role RBI - New governor an- nounces steps to support ru- pee, liberalize markets, ease banking restrictions, boost ex- ports, increase inflows Asserting that the country's economy is fundamentally sound, Raghuram Rajan Wednesday unveiled a bold blueprint for the financial sec- tor, hours after taking over as the new governor of the Re- serve Bank of India He an- nounced plans to internationalise the rupee, float inflation bonds linked to the consumer price index, steps to boost exports and increase in- flows, plans to review the monetary policy process and gave banks the freedom to open branches without having to approach the RBI for li- cences. Rajan also promised to "steadily but surely liberalise" the markets as well as ease restrictions on invest- mentandpositiontakingincol- laborationwiththegovernment and regulators such as SEBI and "lay out a broader roadmap of reforms soon" My sense is that we certainly don't need false optimism … these are not easy times, and the economy faces challenges. But I think there is good reason to believe the future of the country is strong, he said in his first me- dia interaction. Rajan added two other traditions. New gov- ernor Raghuram Rajan sought to assuage markets with his action list for the next 6 months.''The time frame for these measures is not years but months and weeks in some cases'', Rajan said. Thus spake Rajan … ''We certainly do not need false optimism … but all the doom and gloom is probably overdone … India is a funda- mentally sound economy with a bright future.'' ''Some of the actions I take will not be popular. The gov- ernorship of the central bank is not meant to win one votes or Facebook "likes". But I hope to do the right thing, no matter what the criticism, even while looking to learn from the criti- cism. '' '' Promoters do not have a divine right to stay in charge regardless of how badly they mismanage an enterprise, nor do they have the right to use the banking system to recapi- talize their failed ventures.'' MEASURES IMPACT RUPEE SUPPORT RBI will swap dollars raised by banks under long term FCNR(B) deposits at fixed rate of 3.5% Bank's overseas borrow- ing limit doubled to 100% of Tier-I capital; RBI to swap dollars at 100 bps discount. Bank provisions for cash reserve ratio and statu- tory liquidity ratio to be cut. Will encourage banks to raise dollars overseas without currency risk. Banks will bring in more dollars as cost of hedging comes down. RBI may ease liquidity in forth -coming monetary policy BANKING LICENCE Ex-guv Bimal Jalan to head panel to screen ap- plications for bank licences new licences before end January Liberalized branch licens- ing for banks which meet rural obligations. Roadmap for freeing the entry of new private banks and allowing different types of banks. More leeway for foreign banks coupled with more regulation and supervisory control. Removes uncertainty of delay due to elections. Increase availability of banks in rural areas. More competition in banking Strengthening of financial system MARKET CONFIDENCE Cap on a company's overseas buy at 100% of its networth relaxed. Limit for re-booking can- celled for-ward exchange contract doubled to 50% for exporters. Importers to be allowed to rebook cancelled for- ward contracts upto 25% Companies can freely acquire businesses up to 400% of their net worth is funding through CB Aimed at inspiring confi- dence, greater risk man- agement flexibility for ex- porters. Will enable better risk management BANKING REFORMS Panel headed by deputy guv Urjit Patel to review monetary policy frame- work. RBI director Nachiket Mor to look into direct lend- ing requirement under pri- ority sector norms. Liberalization of markets and allowing speculation. Aadhaar to be used for collating an individual's credit history. RBI may dropmid quar- ter review for consistency. Improved efficiency in lending. Seen to be hinting at re- moval of restriction on banks taking position in currency futures. Improved credit for indi- viduals FINANCIAL INFRASTRUCTE Electronic bill factoring ex- change for MSMEs where bills against corpora-tes can be auctioned. Deputy guv Anand Sinha and guv to look at speeding up working of debt recovery tri- bunals and asset reconstruc- tion companies Deputy guv K.C. Chakrabarty to review NPAs, central reg- istry to record loans by large corporates across banks. White label PoS (card swipe) machines and mini ATMs to be allowed. More credit options for MSMEs Speedy resolution of bad loans Reduce risks from large ac- counts going bad Increased penetration of electronic payments. MOBILE Market share (%) All figures for quarter ended June 2013 WorldwideOS 2.9BlackBerry 3.7 Windows Phone 13.2iOS 0.9 Others 79.3Android Worldwide Smartphone Samsung 30.4 Apple 13.1 LG 5.1 Lenovo 4.7 ZTE 4.3 Others 42.4 Handset Samsung 26.2 Nokia 14.1 Apple 7.2 LG 3.7 ZTE 3.5 Others 45.2 India Smartphone Samsung 25.7 Micromax 22.2 Karbonn 13 Nokia 5.4 Others 33.7 India Handsets Feature Phone Overall Nokia 14.6 Samsung 13.8 Samsung 11.8 Nokia 13.2 Karbonn 7.8 Micromax 9.8 Microsoft is buying Nokia's troubled mobile phone business for $7.2 billion (Rs.42,024 crore) in a bid for a piece of the smartphone market, and to strengthen its fight with rivals Apple and Google. The deal, announced late on Monday night, will bring 32,000 Nokia employees, including CEO Stephen Elop, to Microsoft. Elop is slated to be a leading contender to succeed Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Microsoft will pay •5.44 billion, $7.2 billion. It is a bold step into the future a win-win for employees, shareholders and consumers, said Ballmer. For Nokia, this is an important moment of reinvention and from a position of financial strength, we can build our next chapter, said Risto Siilasmaa, Nokia board Chairman. Bringing these great teams together will accelerate Microsoft's share and profit in phones, and strengthen the overall opportunities for both Microsoft and our partners across our entire family of devices and services.Steve Ballmer | CEO, Microsoft We can now bring together the best of Microsoft's software engineering with the best of Nokia's product engineering, award winning design, and global sales, marketing and manufacturing. Stephen Elop | President and CEO, India Connecting Nokia-Microsoft The deal | Microsoft will pay $5bn for the devices division and $2.2 bn for patents in an all cash transaction. Growth potential | Nokia Windows Phones have over 10% share in 9 markets, outsell BlackBerry in 34 markets and show a 78% y-o-y growth. Investors gain | Nokia shares surged as much as 48% valuing it at over $20bn compared with $263 bn m- cap of Microsoft History unmade | Mobile phone industry pioneers Motorola, Nokia and Ericcson have ceased to be independent handset makers. What Microsoft gets Nokia's devices and services business, which generated an estimated $20bn, or almost 50% of Nokia's net sales for 2012 Around 32,000 employees Lumia brand (sales reaching 7.4m in Q2 of 2013) Nokia's mobile phones business (shipped 53.7m units in Q2, ranked second after Samsung globally) Access to Nokia's patents under a long term pact What Nokia gets NokiawillcontinuetoowntheNokia brand Rights to use Microsoft patents in its HERE services (cloud based location service);MS will separately pay Nokia for a four year licence to use HERE platform. Immediate financing of $2bn About Nokia 1871 | Founded by mining engineer Fredrik Idestam as groundwood pulp mill. 1900-87 | Enters power generation; merged with two other companies to become Nokia; diversifies into electronics and telecoms by making radio telephones for army and telephone exchanges 1987-91 | Unveils first mobile phone and GSM network 1992-2002 | Launches first GSM phone; becomes the world's biggest phone maker. 2002 | Launches first 3G phone that allows web browsing 2007-11 | Apple enters maker with iPhone and becomes world's biggest smartphone marker; Nokia loses market share. 2011-12 | Nokia unveils Lumia range; Samsung becomes the world's biggest handset maker; Nokia sells its Espoo, Finland headquarters for $222m MicrosoftacquiresNokiafor$7.2bn(Rs42,024cr) InfrastructuremostproblematicinIndia New Delhi / Geneva : Infrastructure has been looked upon as the single biggest hindrance for doing business in India followed by corruption and cumbersome bureaucracy, aWorld Economic Forum report said.
  6. 6. PAGE 6INDIALOCALMonday,9thSeptto15thSept2013 Asaramoftenmetwomenaloneatnight,hiscounselquestionsFIR Jaipur (AU NEWS NET- WORK) : The Jodhpur police are set to slap more stringent sec- tions of the newly introduced Protection of Children against SexualOffences(POCSO)Acton Asaram. He will be booked un- der section 9 of the Act which tries an accused for allegedly sexually assaulting a minor un- der his charge. The police have documents to prove that the girl who has charged Asaram with sexual assault studied and lived in his ashram school. Cops are now looking to establish Asaram's connection to the ashram school. Once it is proved and this should not be difficult his alleged act would attract a maximum imprisonment of seven years in prison, said a legal ex- pert. He added that this would also shift the onus on Asaram of proving his innocence. DuringAsaram's bail applica- tion hearing, his counsel K.K. Menon raised several questions over the FIR, the medical report and the statement of the girl who has alleged that she was sexually assaulted. He argued that no non bailable section was applicable as the girl was not raped. Besides, Menon said, the FIR did not mention the timing of the alleged sexual assault. He said that according to the FIR, the mother of the girl was outside the room in which she was said to be with Asaram. So when she cried, why did not her mother respond? He asked. He added that the teenager's statement of the vic- tim is therefore inadmissible. Menon also said that the girl's medical examination was carried out before the FIR but it does not mention sexual assault. He raised questions about the age of vic- tim. Asaram Bapu regularly met women alone at night in his dhyan ki kutiya (meditation hut) to "heal" them, Shiva, the per- sonal attendant of the religious guru, has told the police, Rajasthan additional advocate general Anand Purohit informed the sessions and district magis- trate (Rural) on Wednesday. Details provided by Shiva, whom the police have been inter- rogating strengthen the case against Asaram. The guru has been accused of sexually assault- ing the minor daughter of a dis- ciple inside his Jodhpur ashram on the night of August 15. The magistrate rejected Asaram's plea for bail and left him in judicial custody.The court gave the police custody of Shiva for another three days. Investigators said they have substantial evidence to conclude thatAsaram, Shiva and Shilpi, the hostel warden, "conspired" to get the 16 year old victim to Jodhpur from Chhindwara where she stud- ied. Call detail records show Shilpi had been in constant touch with both Asaram and the girl's family, and that the contact grew very frequent in the week before the girl was allegedly assaulted, they said. Sources close to the investi- gation said they believe Shilpi and Asaram discussed the "con- dition" and "movement" of the girl, and that Shilpi "reassured" Asaram that he would get the opportunity to "heal" her. Call records show Shilpi to have been in touch also with Shiva, who was allegedly instructed to es- cort the family toAsaram's door- step. The sources said investiga- tors had reason to believe that some text messages were also ex- changed between the accused, and that investigators were try- ing to retrieve them Shilpi re- mains on the run as does Sharad, the warden of the Chhindwara hostel. Asaram had asked the girl's father for a 'kutiya' so that he could hold satsangs at his home in UP. The minor's parents were such staunch followers that they would speak to Asaram's photo and make daily offerings to it. The accused was certain that even if the girl complained to her parents, they would not believe her. He was confident he would be able to manipulate them. It is a clear case of a cold blooded conspiracy, and therefore Sec- tion 120B of IPC (criminal con- spiracy) has been added to the case against Asaram, Shiva and Shilpi. Asaram, who allegedly spent an hour and a half inside his cell alone with the girl on the night of the alleged assault, is thought to have threatened to kill her if she spoke about what had hap- pened. The prosecution on Wednes- day rejected the defence argu- ment that the medico legal cer- tificate did not prove rape. Bihar flood situation wors- ens, death toll rises to 166 Bihar flood situation worsens, death toll rises to 166 Updated on : 06-09-201309:32AM Death toll in Bihar floods has gone up to 166 as the situation has worsened in several parts of the state. At least 5.9 million people spread over 20 districts have been displaced by rising floodwater, ac- cording to a disaster management department report. Major rivers in the state are flowing above danger marks in several areas, forcing people to move to safer places. In Khagaria district, Gogri and Narayanpur embankments have been breached by up to ten meters flooding 21 villages of four panchayats. The restoration and strengthening works on the em- bankments were underway on war footing, the report said. In Arwal station, it said. The Water Re- sources Department (WRD) minis- ter Vijay Kumar Chaudhary held a high-level meeting to review dis- charge of water from the catchment area in Nepal and heavy rainfall in the riverine area near Ganga. Prin- cipalSecretary(WRD)ArunKumar Singh inspected status of embank- ment near Punpun river and di- rected the engineers to activate anti-flood sluice canal to discharge water from Pahari Nalla, Khanua Nalla and Badshahi Nalla areas. Flood affects two districts of Arunachal Incessant rain in the past couple of days has flooded two districts of Arunachal Pradesh, dis- rupting normal life and surface communication. The second wave of flood in the current monsoon has created havoc in several villages under Lohit and Changlang dis- tricts of the state, officials said. Flood water of Noa Dehing River had entered Dumpani and four other villages under Diyun circle of Changlang district as the river has breached the wet rice cultiva- tion and village protection bund. At least 13,246 people of eleven villages have been affected by the current wave of flood. Parliamen- tary Secretary C C Singpho accom- panied by government officials and Panchayat leaders visited the flood affected Dumpani village and the erosion site. He advised the people living near the river bank to shift to safer locations, sources informed. The local people with assistance of the Water Resource Develop- mentExecutiveEngineerBordumsa are making temporary bunds with mud filled gunny bags. A report fromTezu,theheadquartersofLohit district today stated that heavy downpour in the past few days has disrupted surface communication between Parsuramkund and Tezu besides Alubari and Tezu. The dis- trict administration has pressed all its men and machineries to restore the two important roads, the report said, adding, the district headquar- ters recorded 200 mm of rainfall in the past two days. district, 30 people sur- vived by swimming to safety after a country-made boat ferrying them capsized in Punpun river in Ibrahimpurvil- lage under Kinjar police 68 more bodies found in Kedar valley The death toll in Uttarkhand tragedy continues to mount with 68 more bodies believed to be of pilgrims who died of cold and starvation while trying to escape the devastating June floods being found on way to Kedarnath shrine. The badly decomposed 68 bodies, found over the ridges between Garurchatti and Gaurikund, were cremated on Friday just a couple of days after 64 bodies were consigned to flames close to the Himalayan shrine, Inspector General of Police R S Meena said. "They are be- ing cremated after necessary rituals and other formalities like DNA sampling, Panchnama and preservation of the ornaments worn by them like bangles, rings etc for identification," he said. Since the start of the third round of combing operations in the worst af- fected Kedar valley on Tuesday, a total of 166 bodies have been found and cremated, officials said. Over 200 bodies were extricated in the previous two rounds with sources saying that the official toll has now crossed the 1000 mark. However, NGOs and others have expressed fears that thousands have perished in the tragedy with many not yet found due to inhospitable hilly terrain. The operation which is likely to continue till Sunday is being carried out by mountaineers and commandos of Uttarakhand police at a height of 12500-13000 ft. "These bodies seem to be of pilgrims who climbed up the ridges out of fear after the calamity struck in mid June to save themselves and perished due to extreme cold conditions there, hunger and thirst," Meena said. "We resumed our search on Tuesday for bodies trapped in the higher reaches and ridges of the valley which we could not access earlier due to bad weather. "If the weather permits, the pro- cess will go on till tomorrow in Junglechatti, Rambada, Gaurigaon and Bheembali areas of the valley where we expect to find bodies," he said. Clear weather has given fresh impetus to the search for bodies, the IG said. "As of now we are concentrating on areas where bodies are lying visibly on the surface and not on places where they may be lying underneath the debris," Meena said. The operation to retrieve bodies are on even as Kedranath Shrine is all set resume prayers on September 11.
  7. 7. PAGE 7INDIALOCALMonday,9thSeptto15thSept2013 Exhibition and Biz centre in Vashi A state of the art exhibition and business centre with an auditorium, landscaped gardens and a mega food court spread over 7.41 hectares is set to be thrown open next February at a prime location off the Sion Panvel Highway near Vashi station. It could change the fact that Mumbai hosts only 10% of the top grade fairs in the country, primarily due to the lack of international standard facilities. Cidco, the planning authority for NaviMumbaiisimplementingthe project. ProjectLayout PlotArea 74,155 Sq.m. FoodCourt1,183Sq.m. ExhibitionCentre24,288Sq.m. ElevatedPlaza2,095Sq.m Business Centre 11,965 Sq.m Car Parking 384 vehicles OpenAirSpacewithLandscaped Gardens32,249Sq.m Original deadline Oct. 2013 Interested teams fromAustralia and Germany have visited the site in last six months in anticipation of global tender for operators. Cidco is working on a 9 year contract on revenue sharing model Scheduledtoopen Feb. 2014 (after addition of 8,000 sq.m to the exhibition centre) 12 year old from Goregaon succumbs to dengue Mumbai :A12 year old boy from Goregaon [West] died of dengue late Tuesday night. This is the second death reported from the area. Anup Karwar, a residential of Motilal Nagar, was admitted in Kapadia hospital Tuesday afternoon. CBWEofficialheldfortakingRs.1lakhbribe Nagpur (AU NEWS NETWORK) ; The Central Bureau of Investi- gation (CBI) late Tuesday evening caught additional director of Cen- tral Board of Workers' Education (CBWE) V.R. Hanwate demanding and accepting a bribe of Rs.1 lakh from an executive of a private firm. Officers said Hanwate sought the bribe for clearing bills worth over Rs.17 lakh pending since 2008. The firm, which supplies computer and accessories, approached Hanwate for bill payment but he alleg- edly sought 25 percent commission and kept the bills pending. Dur- ing negotiations, Hanwate allegedly asked for an advance of Rs.1 lakh to initiate the process. Can accommodate 2,500 - 3,000 persons . Ample space for future expansion FullyAC exhibition centre Auditorium can seat 670 persons Food Court to be open to all Elevated plaza to have art gallery and cafeteria Proposed to be a 'green building'withenergyefficientlifts and light fixtures CCTV coverage for security Wi-Fi connectivity Full power back up Total cost : Rs.250.6 crore Interior DesigningTender : Rs.10 crore . (AU NEWS NETWORK) 18 year old tells police she was gangraped on July 31 in Shakti Mills An 18 year old telephone operator approached the Mumbai Police alleging that she was gangraped by five men in- side Shakti Mills premises on July 31. The woman and her boy- friend were walking on the railway tracks and passing by Shakti Mills on the evening of July 31, when they were stopped by three men, who assaulted her boy- friend and dragged the two inside the com- pound. They were later joined by two others who took turns to rape her, while the boyfriend was tied to a tree, said the police. The woman who was shown sketches, has identified SalimAnsari, Qasim Shaikh and Vijay Jadhav, who are currently in police custody for theAugust 22 gangrape of the photojour- nalist. Based on their question- ing, they found the remaining accused were two new accom- plices, not connected with the earlier probe. One of them, a minor, was arrested Tuesday evening. The fifth suspect is Mohammad Ashfaq Dawood Sheikh alias Bala, 30. The vic- tim, a resident of Mulund, is a Std. IX pass out. She works in a private company in Bhandup. The girl wanted to marry a 21 year old with whom she was in a relationship. On July 27, the boy met the girl's mother to dis- cuss marriage plans. At 8 pm, three men accosted them. They threatened the victim's friend and tied him up, a method they employed onAugust 22, he said. Later, one of the accused call two more friends on the mobile phone and they gang raped her. On the same day (July 31), the boy and the girl travelled to Bilaspur from CST.They stayed with a relative of the boy for a month. When the girl did not return home, her mother lodged a complaint at Bhandup police station on August 1. The girl called her mother on August 10 and told her she will reach Mumbai the next day. On August 11, the duo came to the city. On learning there is a police complaint, they fled the city again, the police said. They came back to Mumbai on September 1 and narrated the in- cident to her mother. The girl's mother in- formed the Bhandup Police that her daugh- ter had returned, but hid the rape incident. The girl, however, told the police about the incident on Sep- tember 2 while they were re- cording her statement. After her statement was re- corded, the police showed her photographs of the accused in the August 22 gang rape case. SheidentifiedMohammadSalim Ansari, 27, and Vijay Mohan Jadhav, 18, and Mohammad Kasim Sheikh alias Bengali, 19, who were involved in the Au- gust 22 incident. The three, later, disclosed the names of the other two, the police said. RBI tightens norms on 80:20 home loan schemesMumbai (AU NEWS NET- WORK) : The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on Tuesday raised concern on the home loans given by banks in as- sociation with developers or builders, popularly known as 80:29 or 75:25 schemes. Such schemes typically involve a bank launching a housing loan scheme in as- sociation with a certain de- veloper or builder, wherein the bank makes an upfront disbursal of the sanctioned housing loans to the builder rather than linking it to the stages of construction. The interest is serviced by the builder on behalf of the bor- rower for the agreed period. The RBI has asked lend- ers to stop up front loan dis- bursements in case of in- complete or under construc- tion housing projects and link disbursements closely to the stages of house construc- tion. Such housing loan prod- ucts are likely to expose banks as well as their home loan borrowers to additional risks, it said. Many Bangladeshis work illegally in Navi Mumbai CBD Belapur: The arrest of a Bangladeshi national in connec- tion with murder of another Bangladeshi in Panvel, has once again raised questions on mea- sures taken by police against for- eign nationals working illegally in the city. The main culprit fled to Bangladesh after committing the crime, stayed there for two months and came back to work in Mumbai. If sources are to be be- lieved, a huge number of Bangladeshis are illegally work- ing at Kharghar, Kamothe, Kalamboli, Khandeshwar, Turbhe, Rabale, Taloja and inte- rior areas of Panvel. Some private companies prefer Bangladeshi nationals as they are ready to work for wages lower than that demanded by Indian labourers. While men work in private com- panies and at construction sites as labourer, women usually work as domestic helps. Examples of crimes committed by Bangladeshi nationals are also not rare in the city.A team of seven officials in- cluding two female constables of CID I-Branch who came to Kharghar were attacked by sus- pected Bangladeshi immigrants in the last week of February. Two officers were severely injured in the attack. What is more worry- ing is that a section of these for- eign nationals are now trying to get documents to prove their In- dian citizenship. “We have heard that certain agents of the city pro- vide documents likeAadhaar card and PAN Card to Bangladeshi nationals in return of huge amount of money. We are on the look out for such agents, but have not found evidence against any- one so far,” said a crime branch official. Police detained and de- ported a total of 202 Bangladeshi nationals from the city in 2012. Approximately 180 Bangladeshis have been detained since Janu- ary. SanjayYenpure, deputy com- missioner of police (special branch), said, “There are around 50Africans in Navi Mumbai who are registered with us. However, not a single Bangladeshi residing in the city is registered with us. All of them illegally enter the country through the porous bor- der to work in bigger cities like Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Clubbed by robber, woman dragged off local train, is critical Mumbai: A 43-year-old woman travelling in the second class ladies compartment of a Thane local train fell off the moving train between Rabale and Ghansoli stations around 7.20pm on Thursday when an unidentified robber hiding behind a pole hit her with a wooden stick. The robber pulled her down with a rope which got entangled around her neck. The victim, who sustained severe head injuries, has been admitted to Criti Care Hospital in Thane in a critical condition. Besides a mangalsutra and earrings, her bag containing money were stolen. A Dombivli resident, Aarati Anil Gholapkar, had boarded the train around 7.11 pm from Koparkhairane station with her female colleagues on their way home from office. As the compartment was packed, she was standing near the door with her bag slug on the shoulder.As the train was moving, the robber threw the rope in her direction and held out the stick to grab her cell phone and bag. The rope got entangled Gholapkar’s neck and she was dragged out of the moving train.
  8. 8. PAGE 8INDIALOCALMonday,9thSeptto15thSept2013 If you want to make it BIG in LIFE start reading OWNED,PRINTED&PUBLISHEDBY:ARINDAM BANERJEE,AshiwiniCo.Op.Hsg.Soc.Flat No. B/008, Gr. Flr., First Lane, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri (W), MUMBAI-400058 Printed at Somani Printing Press, Sharma Ind. Estate, Goregaon (E), Mumbai-400072.Editorial Office : Shop No.2, MarbleArch, Shastri Nagar, Andheri (W), Mumbai-400053. Mob. :9920205579-022-26365459 EDITOR:ARINDAM BANERJEE.AllDisputestobesettelledinAndheriCourtonly. Asaram to remain in jail as court rejects bail plea Jodhpur : The bail plea of self styled godman Asaram Bapu, accused of allegedly sexually assaulting a 16 year old girl, was on Wednesday rejected by a Jodhpur court after the prosecution raised strong objection to setting him free. The district and sessions judge (rural) Manoj Kumar Vyas dismissed the bail plea after two days of hearing arguments by Asaram's counsel KK Manan and perusing prosecution's detailed reply. The court rejected the defense counsel's arguments raised over the FIR, medical report and statement of the girl who was sexually assaulted, additional advocate General Anand Purohit told reporters. 65 year old 'Godman' arrested for Rape Sehore (MP) : A65 year old self styled 'godman' was arrested on chargesofillegallyconfininga24yearoldmarriedwomanathisashram and raping her for over four months at a village here, police said on Wednesday. Mahendra Giri aliasTunnu Baba was arrested on Tuesday after the police raided his ashram in Neelkhand village and rescued the woman. The victim's husband and mother in law, who also lived in the ashram, allegedly assisted Giri in the crime, police said. Both of them have also been arrested. The victim had marriedVishram Banjara in May 2013, and soon after Giri began sexually assaulting her.Acase has been registered against Giri under sections related to rape, wrongful confinement and criminal intimidation of the Indian Penal Code. Lok Sabha passes Pension Bill The Lok Sabha on Wednesday passed the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority Bill (PFRDA), 2011, to regulate the New Pension System (NPS).TheministrysaidthePFRDA Bill would also provide subscribers with a wide choice to invest their funds for assured returns by opting for government bonds as well as in other funds depending on their capacity for risk. It also pegs the FDI in pension sector at 26 per cent or such percentage as may be approved for the insurance sector, whichever is higher. SlammingAmit Shah, DGVanzara quits IPS Ahmedabad : IPS officer DG Vanzara, suspended and behind the bars in a string of fake encounter cases, has resigned from service accusing Gujarat government of having failed to protect the jailed police officers who fought against "Pakistan inspired terrorism". Vanzara, a 1987 batch IPS officer, lodged in Sabarmati central jail, in a 10 page hard hitting resignation letter to additional chief secretary of the state's home department, has accused the state government, particularly former minister of state for homeAmit Shah of betraying him and 32 other officers, in jail in encounter killing cases being probed by the CBI. World's BESTairports for long stopovers World's best airports are improving their services to provide for exciting and comfortable stopovers Heathrow airport's Terminal 5 Boutique helps stoppers to plan travel wardrobe or select a gift. It also houses art galleries and luxurious restaurants. Amsterdam's SchipholAirport is the only airport which houses a museum apart from a well stocked library. It also has lounges and hotels. Travellers can get some peace and quiet at the airport's totally device free Silence Centre. ZurichAirport offers bikes and in line stakes for rent, apart from the Skymetro rail between TerminalsAand E which plays the bucolic sounds of the Alps. Singapore's Changi International Airport has movie theatres, a butterfly garden, a 40 foot slide, a rooftop pool among other fun distractions. HongKongInternationalAirporthastheworld'sfirstairportIMAX theatre and the iSports simulator for car racing and basketball, apart from a nine hole regulation golf course. Vancouver InternationalAirport has an aquarium which exhibits more than 5,000 sea creatures such as sea stars and giant kelp. Shinde says, Pak should hand over Dawood Ibrahim to India Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde has said Pakistan should hand over underworld don Dawood Ibrahim to India. Addressing a monthly press conference of his ministry in New Delhi this evening, Shinde said India has sufficient proof that Dawood is in Pakistan. Replying to a query on recently arrested co founder of Indian Mujahideen Yasin Bhatkal, Shinde said his arrest was made on the basis of inputs given by the Indian intelligence agencies and denied any role of international intelligence agency. He said that country's intelligence agencies were tracking him for long. The Home Minister said that as per preliminary information it is confirmed that Bhatkal was involved in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and some other blasts. He, however, said, the whole picture would be clear only when investigation is over. Bhatkal a key suspect in several terror blasts since 2008, was arrested in a joint operation by the central intelligence agencies and the Bihar Police. When asked about the growing communal violence cases in the states in view of upcoming elections, the Home Minister said the government has asked states to be on alert. He added that Cabinet Secretary had a meeting with Chief Secretaries and Directors General of Police of seven states yesterday in this regard. Shinde said that he also spoke to the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in this connection. On Telengana, Shinde said at present his ministry is preparing a Cabinet note. He said, the government is taking notice of happenings in Andhra Pradesh and law and order situation is under control. Lok Sabha adjourned sine die The Lok Sabha was adjourned sine die Friday night after a month-long session. The House passed five bills including, Street Vendors (ProtectionofLivelihoodandRegulationofStreet Vending) Bill and Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and their Rehabilitation Bill on the last day of the session having late night sitting. Also, there were submissions by the members on the statement by Defence Minister on media reports about Chinese intrusionintotheIndianTerritory.Beforebeing adjourned sine die, the House also had a short duration discussion on a question regarding compensation to farmers for crop loss.