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  1. 1. Price : Rs.2 Page : 8RNI No. : MAHENG/2011/38665INDIAS LOCAL NEWSPAPERVol.:2 Issue:43 Monday, 22nd to 28thApril 2013Page .......2Not with you or for youPage .......3Students come up with anti-rape gadgets,innovative clothingPage .......8Senior cops jeep stolen, recoveredin seven hoursInsideINDIAS LOCAL NEWSPAPERThe Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporationhas granted a controversial builder the permis-siontobuildona"mangroveplot"inOshiwara-Lokhandwala area despite the land being at theheartofapendingpublicinterestlitigationandachargesheet.An executive engineer in BMCs buildingproposal department, P G Deshpande, report-edly issued a commencement certificate (CC)on April 6 to the developer to construct on a7,741-sq-m land adjacent to Oshiwara Creek.Lying between Lokhandwala bridge andLokhandwala Club, the plot comes under theCoastal Regulatory Zone-1 category, accord-ing to local activists, which means that no con-struction should be allowed on it.Alarmed by the development, the OshiwaraLokhandwala Citizens Association (OLCA)sent a legal notice on April 16 to civic chiefSitaram Kunte and Deshpande. Theassociations advocate Gayatri Singh stated inthenotice:itissurprising...thatwhileononehandBMCCLEARSBUILDINGONMANGROMANGROMANGROMANGROMANGROVE LANDVE LANDVE LANDVE LANDVE LANDthe"matter(incourt)hasbeenadjournedonsev-eral occasions to enable the BMC to file its re-ply, the BMC has gone ahead and granted CCto construct the proposed building"."ItissurprisingthatthisCChasbeengrantedin spite of a chargesheet being filed against thedeveloper subsequent to (an) FIR having beenfiledfordestroyingmangroves,whichthedevel-oper sought to quash and failed," added Singh,who is also a resident of the area.Last year, the same developer had allegedlydumped debris on the same plot and stored con-struction material there, prompting protests.Urged by locals, state environment secretaryValsa Nair Singh had set up an inquiry under thesuburban collector, who filed an FIR against thebuilder.At the same time, a PILwas filed in thecase. As a result of this struggle by locals, thedebris was removed from the plot and part ofthemangrovessaved.Now,however,localsfearthattheirfightisbeingsubverted.OLCAchairpersonAshokePanditsaid,"TheBMC had taken action against the builder lastyear. We now want municipal commissionerSitaram Kunte to intervene and suspend theconcerned officers (who granted permission tothe developer)."tried contacting Deshpande and Kunte, butthe executive engineers cellphone was foundswitched off and the municipal chief could notbereached.AseniorofficialinBMCsbuildingproposal department said of the grant of com-mencement certificate: "There cannot be sucha glaring anomaly. Ill look into the matter." ILhad carried reports on January 4, 2012, andMarch20,2012,highlightingresidentsattemptsat, and success in, ousting the developer fromthe plot and saving a big swathe of "mangroveland" from illegal construction. Residents saythe land falls under CRZ-I category accordingto Maharshtra Coastal Zone ManagementAu-thority maps as well as WetlandAtlas, whichwas prepared by the Indian Space ResearchOrganisation.Visit u at Email-indialocal9@gmail.comMANGROMANGROMANGROMANGROMANGROVE LANDVE LANDVE LANDVE LANDVE LANDMANGROMANGROMANGROMANGROMANGROVE LANDVE LANDVE LANDVE LANDVE LANDMANGROMANGROMANGROMANGROMANGROVE LANDVE LANDVE LANDVE LANDVE LAND
  2. 2. PAGE 2INDIALOCALMonday,22ndto28thApril2013Editorial‘Do you have it in you?’ goes thetagline the Indian Army uses for itsrecruitment drive. They say you walkin as a boy into the armed forces andcome out as an officer andgentleman. Just the sort of sentimentto get you jumping the queue to getrecruited into the army, don’t youthink? The armyis nothing if not innovative. Wedidn’t realise just how innovative untilwe saw this ad by a local recruiter inShillong. The billboard wasemblazoned with photographs ofPriyanka Chopra, Anuskha Sharma,Preity Zinta, Gul Panag and CelinaJaitley. The caption was even moreunique. It said: If you want to haveBeautiful and Successful DaughtersJOIN INDIAN ARMY’. The lovelylasses are all from army families.Now, this will come as news togender specialists and doctors. Themere entrance into the army’s ranksis enough to determine the gender ofyour child. And not just that, nevermind your genes, you are assured ofa beautiful girl. A bit limiting if youaspire to have a boy and a goodlooking one at that. This casts thearmy in a new light. No longer is theurge to join the army driven bypatriotism, the overpoweringexhilaration of knowing that the nationcan sleep safely as long as you areguarding the border. No, your primaryduty as a soldier, it would seem, is toproduce a beautiful girl who will goon to grace the big screen. Butperhaps there is more to this than wethink.Many leaders from our worthyneighbour Pakistan are said to beenamoured of our Bollywoodbeauties. So, our army could churnout an assembly line of lovelies whowould so dazzle our Pakistanibrothers that they will abandon allthoughts of fighting for such footlingissues as Kashmir. Well, our doughtyShillong recruiter may be on tosomething here. From the barracksto Bollywood may not be such a leapof faith actually.Ifonlylookscould killNOT WITH YOUOR FOR YOUThe Delhi gang rape which made anapathetic nation sit up in shock and horrorhappened largely because the police didnot do their duty of checking a bus wherethe heinous crime took place while itroamed about the city with impunity. Nowthey have gone one step better. They notonly tried tohush up the rape of a five-year-old girlin Delhi but also thought it fit to bash upwomen protesters.If the rapistsare brutes thenthe police areshowing thatthey are notmuch better inthese cases.The child whowas brutalisedby a man wholived in the samebuilding as herwas missing fordays and it wasnot the police butpeople in thelocality whofound her. Thedetails of herabuse are so gruesome as to shake eventhe most hardhearted.Yet, the police choseto act as though this were a matter of noconsequence which could be hushed upwith a little money and when faced withprotest acted as though they were theinjured party which had to defend itself.As always, there is a clamour forstronger laws, for implementing the lawsthat are already there and for the sackingof erring police officials. The only thingdifferent this time around is that given theextent of outrage over the December gangrape, at least people like the primeminister, the Congress president and thepresident have wasted no time inexpressing their anguish and have calledfor action. The latest case shows thatdespite public anger over the Decembercase and the fate of the accused, therereally is little respect for women and verylittle fear of the law. While the police mayhave acted promptly in apprehending thesuspect, they have done little to make lifeany safer for women all round. The case ofthe little girl in Aligarh who was raped,murdered and thrown in a garbage dumpis proof of this, if any were needed. Onceagain, the police not only made insensitivecomments but also manhandled an elderlywoman protester. In an earlier case, thechild victim of rape was thrown behind barsby the police in an all-women police station.The gross insensitivity on the part of thepolice is one part of the problem. It is nowclear that we cannot wait for them tofunction as the true custodians of the lawwhile children and women are at risk. Civilsociety activists too must go beyondprotest and try and organiseneighbourhood watch bodies. This way, atleast there will be some vigilance when itcomes to the safety of women and children.Of course, ultimately, the responsibilityfor people’s safety lies with the State. Allwe can hope is that this ghastly crime willnot be hijacked for political mileage andbecome yet another pawn in the blamegame. Already there have beenallegations that the opposition is stokingthe protest and trying to blame thegovernment. None of this is conducive toensuring the safety of our children andwomen. There is no magic wand which willmake this go away. But certainly what weneed is the certainty and severity ofpunishment for rapists and molesters.And this process begins at the local policestation.
  3. 3. PAGE 3INDIALOCALMonday,22ndto28thApril2013Externally, it looks likea nightgown, ordinarilyworn by women or teen-age girls, but the garmentis literally a power packedGPS and sensor-enableddevice capable of tempo-rarily incapacitatingassaulters off their feet bytriggering an 3800 kV elec-tric shock at the press ofbutton by the wearer."It was the pain of ev-ery women, which trig-gered the idea. All themore, it was hatred againstmolesters and eve- teaserswhich led to this design,"says Manisha Mohan theinventor of the "anti-rapeunderwear" and what shecalls SHE or Society Har-nessing Equipment.Apart from administer-ing a powerful shock to theassaulter the garment isalso devised to send analert to the police when thesensors are activated.Manisha, a student ofAeronautical Engineering,along with collaboratorsNiladri Basu and RimpiTripathy, students of Instru-mentation and Control En-gineering at ChennaisSRM University got to-gether to build the deviceafter the December 2012horrific gangrape of a 23-year-old woman in Delhi.Similarly, two fashiondesigning students of NIFTreworked a concept devel-oped earlier in 2004 to cre-ate a anti-molestationjacket, an innovation forwhich patent is awaitedand subsequent commer-cial sale "hopefully" by2014."We took the concept ofa stun gun similar to theSTUDENTS COME UP WITHANTI-RAPE GADGETS,INNOVATIVE CLOTHINGones used by a policemanwhich can can dischargeelectricity up to 110 volt andcatch a person off-guard.The principle is to mo-mentarily shock the personinto immobility with a low-voltage pulse delivered be-tween two electrodes," saysprofessor Noopur Anandwho mentored NishantPriya and Shahzad Ahmad,students of the Bachelorsprogram in technology tocreate two prototypes of the"anti-molestation" jacket.The jacket bears no spe-cial appearance but has"special features". "Therewere so many cases of mo-lestation and rapes and thatbecame the motivation forour graduation project.Guided by Noopur, thebasic idea was hers and wastaken from a similar con-cept done by NIFT studentsin 2004.The idea was to make apiece of clothing that willgive the girl or the womantime to make a quick get-away if assaulted. It alsoshould be wearable as wellas washable," says NishantPriya.The duo took help froman engineer to fashion theself defence jackets - onein acrylic and another intrendy denim - with metalembroidery that can con-duct 100 volts of shock tomolesters when triggered bya button on the waistband ofthe wearer.The charge in the jacketis delivered to the surfacethrough the metallic contactpoints which are camou-flaged in the embellishmentsof the jacket."We had to keep in mindthat the jacket should befunctional and affordable.The electric current shouldbe mild, else it would turninto a weapon and thatwould entail getting a li-cense and thereby raisingthe cost of the garment,"says Nishant Priya whoadds the garment can "ren-der the assaulter immobilefor at least 10 to 15 min-utes."Both the "anti-molesta-tion jacket" and the SHE"anti-rape underwear" havebeen designed with insula-tion, that protects thewearer from the shocksthrough perspiration."Along with our gadget,we aim to provide the userwith a manual with instruc-tions on washing the gar-ment," says Nishant.Also, Manisha says thatfor the SHE device they are"trying to bring down thecost of production and alsoworking on the fabric. Weneed some time to cope upwith the loop holes," says theteenager.The SRM students arealso working to ensure theproduct is water-resistantand can be interfaced withmobile via Bluetooth.Meanwhile, NoopurAnand, the guiding forcebehind the NIFT studentsinnovation, has severalideas that she would like tosee the light of the day."I want to explore aporcupine jacket onewhose bristles will standup and ward off a mo-lester. I also have plans onmy mind to explore theconcept of smell andsound. Something whichcan emit a shrill noise orone that can give off apungent odour that candeter assault. The puzzle,though is to protect thewearer," says Noopur.The professor, who hasexpertise in working withsuch "Smart Garment"technology says they areon the look out for col-laborators who can "workbeyond the lab.""I am aware thatorganisations like the Mas-sachusetts Institute ofTechnology (MIT) haveworked with some electri-cal fabric but it is not eas-ily available commerciallyin India and the cost isalso prohibitive. We wantto do something whichcomes for less than Rs1500," says Noopur.There are also reportsof a school student fromDelhi who has designed adevice that can be wornon the wrist like a watchand immobilise anassaulter giving the pro-spective victim enoughtime to flee and call forhelp. When activated, theanti-molestation devicerecords a significant risein nerve speed and pulserate of the victim, asks foran activation commandand once it comes in con-tact with the attackersskin, it delivers a shock of0.1 ampere. It is also ca-pable of taking images ofthe attacker using aninbuilt camera.
  4. 4. PAGE 4INDIALOCALMonday,22ndto28thApril2013When Welcome released in 2007, theAnees Bazmee directorial did brisk busi-ness at the box office. And with the film’s sequel being made, the makers haveapparently paid a whopping fee of Rs 15 crore to lead actor JohnAbraham.AfterWelcome, its producer Firoz Nadiadwala’s presence in B-Town has been quitelimited.WhilethethirdinstallmentofHeraPherifailedtotakeoff,sources say that the sequel of Welcome is all ready to rolltowards the end of this year. While from the originalcastAnil Kapoor and Nana Patekar have been re-tained, the makers are looking for a replacementfor late actor Firoz Khan.Anees will be helmingtheproject.Oursourcesays,“Nadiadwalawantedto make the sequel of his film since quite sometime now. However when talks with AkshayKumar fizzled out, Firoz was looking for anotheroption.Anees and Firoz decided to cast John andthey have apparently paid him Rs 15 crore for thefilm.GiventhatJohn’supcomingfilmwithSanjayGupta is being much talked about, it was but ob-viousthattheactorwouldbecommandingapricelike this.” While Nadiadwala refuses to divulgefurtherdetails,allhesaysis,“No,nothinglikethat!Also, Welcome Back will be a complete familyentertainer.”WhiletheoriginalfilmstarredKatrinaKaif,thesequel’sleadingladyisyettobefinalised.JOHN GETS PAID RS 15 CROREFOR WELCOME SEQUELSources say that af-ter 3 Idiots, Sridevi’sBollywood comebackfilmEnglishVinglishhasbecome the highestHindifilmgrosserintheHong Kong territory, acountry that is fast be-comingagrowingmar-ket for Bollywoodfilms. While the filmalso did good businessinIndia,inHongKongthe Sri starrer raked innearly US $ 2,00,000.Asourcesays,“Thefilmreleasedlastmonthdubbed in Cantoneseand English for the au-dience in Hong Kong.It had seven screensand 29 shows on adaily basis. In fact, thefilm is also going to bescreened at TheDirector’s Club, avenue that celebratesworksbypopularfilm-makers.”ENGLISHVINGLISHBECOMESTHESECONDHIGHESTGROSSERINHONGKONGZARINE KHANSSALMANMOMENTINBHOPALZarine Khan may be missing in action fromthe big screen but she keeps herself occupiedwith event launches. She is one of the names onthe appearance market all over the country.TheVeer and Housefull 2 actress was recently in-vited to Bhopal for a store launch which provedto be an intimidating experience for her.Says a source, “Zarine reached the store at 2pm and was supposed to leave by 3.15 pm tocatch a flight back to Mumbai. However afterthe ribbon cutting, the crowd that had gatheredrefusedtomove.TheykeptchantingherSalmanKhan-starrer Character Dheela item numberfrom Ready.”Adds the onlooker, “As the crowdkeptmultiplying,thesecuritywasn’tenoughforcrowd control. Zarine and her manager werestuck inside the store for an hour. But the crowdseemed relentless and began to grow impatient.The organisers had no choice but to request herto address the crowd directly. She greeted theonlookers and requested them to clear the wayso that she could leave for the airport to catchherflight.Itwasonlythenthatthesecurityman-aged to create a path between the excited on-lookerstoescorthertohercar.”Lookslikethereis no escaping the Salman and Character Dheelamania!
  5. 5. PAGE 5INDIALOCALMonday,22ndto28thApril2013MONTE CARLO MASTERS: DJOKOVICBEATSNADALTOWINTITLETheWorldNo1hadbeenadoubtfulstarterthisweekwithan injured ankle but playedthroughthepaintolifthisfirsttrophyintheprincipality,the37thofhiscareerand14thattheMasters1000level. Itwasalso a huge psychologicalboostaheadofnextmonth’sFrenchOpenwhereNadalisarecordseven-timechampion.NadalhadreignedsupremeattheMonteCarloCountryClubsince his last loss in 2003,whenhewasstillateenager,and had won every editionsince2005.Djokovic,whoachievedthewininonehour,51min-utes, was overwhelmed tohavebeatenthekingofclay.“It’ssuchagreatpleasuretowinhere,it’sveryspecial,”saidtheSerbwhoisbasedintheprincipality.“IlivehereandlovethiseventRafa,itwasapleasureagain,thanksforal-lowingmetowinhereatleastonce,”hejokedduringthetro-phyceremony.“I can’t ask for a betterstarttotheclayseason.”Thewinneradmittedthattheankleherolledearlierthismonthhadbeenahugeconcern.“Ididn’tknow if I could be a part ofthisyear.ButImadethedeci-siontoplay—anditwasthebestdecisionI’vemadeinmylife.”Nadal, who returned totennisinFebruaryaftersevenmonthsoutwithakneeinjury,stands38-6inclayfinals,los-ing to only three players —Djokovic(threetimes)RogerFederer(twice)andHoracioZeballos(once). Beforethefinal,theSpaniardhadlostonlyonesetallweekafterplayinginhisfifthstraightfinalsincehisreturntothecircuit.Sachin Tendulkars waxworkin Sydney has wrong T-Shirt!Indian batting legend Sachin Tendulkar’s wax statue was un-veiled amidst cheering fans at his favourite overseas cricket venueon Saturday – the Sydney Cricket Ground.The wax statue, whichwill now be part of Madame Tussauds museum here at DarlingHarbour, shows Tendulkar raising his bat and helmet in elation oncompleting a century. It is similar to the one in the London branchof the famous museum. In Sydney,Tendulkar will be placed besidesSir Don Bradman and Shane Warne. However, the wax statue hasthe 2012 ICCWorldT20 t-shirt, a tournament whichTendulkar wasnot part of. In fact, the icon has not represented India in any of thefour T20 World events. He has played only one T20 internationalfor India – in Johannesburg – on the 2006-07 tour of SouthAfrica.With another season of the Indian Premier League(IPL) in full swing, we take a look at the most suc-cessful six hitters in the league till date. Pics.
  6. 6. PAGE 6INDIALOCALMonday,22ndto28thApril2013In a bid to assure seats to many more passengers who book their traintickets through Tatkal services, the railways have proposed to run speciallong-distance trains. Even passengers on waiting lists will benefit, once theunion railway ministry accepts the proposal. Passengers often line up as earlyas 8 am at Tatkal counters to reserve a spot.“We will be presenting the pro-posal of running special trains forTatkal passengers to the union railway min-ister,” said Subodh Jain, general manager of Central Railway and member(engineering) of the Railway Board. Hopeful commuters line up as early as 8in the morning to get tickets through Tatkal bookings, but often return empty-handed, as these get booked within minutes. To give them a fair chance, therailways have now barred travel agents who would hog a chunk of the berthsfrom booking tickets online during the first two hours of business.As per thecurrent proposal, the railways intend to run back-to-back trains to ease thepressure. They also plan to add extra coaches to existing rakes to accommo-date more bookings. The number of people opting for Tatkal bookings in-creases during holidays and summer vacations, and even the waiting list climbsup to 300-400 people, including those who have registered through Tatkal.Sources in the railways said the additional trains would have between 15-18coaches, unlike regular outstation trains that have about 20 coaches.HOSPITAL HANDS OVERBODYTO WRONGFAMILYRelatives of 45-year-old Nitin Mahajan whodied in Ruby Hall Clinicat 1 am yesterday, wereshocked to the core whenthey discovered that thehospital has given thebody to one Kadam fam-ily.Mahajan, who hailsfrom Nashik, was admit-ted to the hospital for avalve replacement sur-gery.After he died yester-day, the family kept thebody in the morgue. Later,when the relatives went toclaim the body to performthe last rites, they realisedthat the body was miss-ing.Body politics: NitinMahajan’s relativesgather outside Ruby Hos-pitalafterthegoof-up;(in-set) The apology letterthat the hospital authori-ties issued to the family.Pics/Krunal Gosavi“When we confrontedthe hospital administra-tion, they tried to playdown the goof-up. Whenwe contacted theKadams, they too wereshocked to know that thehospital gave them thewrong body,” said SachinMahajan’s brother. “Thehospital administrationthen sent Kadam’s bodyto his house, while mybrother’s body, whichwas in another hospital,was brought back,”Sachin said. “The hospi-tal had earlier instructedus to take Kadam’s bodyand exchange it withMahajan’s body somewhere on the way,” saidone of the relatives.“Thehospital administrationwas initially reluctant tohelp the family and sharedinformation about theKadam family only afterthey raised an alarm,”Sachin said. Likewise, theKadam family too wasshocked with the goof-up. “My uncle DilipKadam died at Ruby Hos-pital on Saturday. We de-cided to bring the bodyon Sunday, as his son’spractical exams were on.As the body waswrapped in cloth, wedidn’t see the face. It wasonly when we removedthe cloth to bathe thebody that we realised thathe was not my uncle,”said Kadam’s nephew.Meanwhile theMahajans demanded anapology from hospitaladministration for thegoof-up. “The hospitalhas given us a letterapologising for the inci-dent,” Sachin said. How-ever, when the Mahajansdemanded to meet thehospital officials, the ad-ministration called up thepolice. “The hospital au-thorities have spoken tothe relatives and also is-sued an apology letter.Besides, they have calledrelatives on the Mondayto pay some compensa-tion for the goof-up thathappened on their part,”said VK Jachak, assistantpolice inspector ofMangaldas Road policechowky. The Mahajanfamily has decided to do-nate the compensationamount to anorganisation or some-one needy. Speaking toMiD DAY, medical direc-tor of the hospital SujataMalik said, “We have is-sued an apology letter tothe concerned family,and the bodies havenow been handed overto their respective fam-ily members.” Whencontacted and askedabout how the goof-uphappened, the chief se-curity officer of the hos-pital Lt Col (retd)Satishkumar Bhatiathreatened this reporter,saying that he would suethe publication if wepublish his name. Arecoding of the conver-sation is with IL“Just tear off thepage from your notepad.If you publish either myor the CEO’s name, I’llsue you,” he warned.Pointing at the securityguards who had gath-ered at the spot, Bhatiathreatened this reporterthat he would producethem as witnesses andclaim that the reporterwas hindering him whilehe was discharging hisduties.TATKAL,WAIT-LISTPASSENGERSMAYNOWGETSPECIALTRAINS
  7. 7. PAGE 7INDIALOCALMonday,22ndto28thApril2013CROSSWORDARIES: The starsrecommend that youshould take proper careof your health andtemperament during thisweek. Some of you might be undermental stress during first half of theweek and vague feeling of depressionmay engulf you.TAURUS : You will be in a relaxedand a happy state of mindmost of the time duringthis week. Be prepared toshoulder responsibilitiesthat come your wayregarding family matters. There isstrong possibility that you wouldrepent later to wonder how you couldhave done this.GEMINI : Your healthwill be fine and you willfeel energetic and able toundertake tasks that youhad postponed earlier. Howeversenior citizens might suffer fromjoint pains or chest congestion. Longawaited promotions, elevations insocial status or rise in salary are onthe cards for the most of you.CANCER : Theplanetary configurationindicates that you arerequired to observenecessary precautions inyour eating habits and take properrest coupled with sleep to maintainyour physical and mental health. Youwill receive lot of respect fromothers.LEO : The period underconsideration isfavourable for enjoyinggood health most of thetime. The favourable daysduring this week are likely to beMonday, Tuesday and Thursday. Youare advised to try to make theoptimum use of opportunities whenthey come along.VIRGO : Health anddomestic affairs would needyour attention this week. Donot neglect an ailment that,though not serious, maybecome a nagging problem. However,your expertise in preparing meticulousand detailed project reports will stand youin good stead later.LIBRA : Those of you,who had been sufferingfrom general weakness andheadaches, would feelrelieved during this week. Youngstersmight decide to go on a health binge.Regular exercise schedule and properdiet will make them more relaxed andactive. If connected with computerrelated work, you will receive an offerto set up your own enterprise.SCORPIO : Your healthwill be fine and you willfeel energetic throughoutthis week. However youmight be required to look after thehealth of the elderly in your familywho may require medical attention.There may be some changes in thehousehold for those living in a jointfamily.SAGITTARIUS : It isa busy period for workand career, but at thesame time you shouldnot neglect your regularexercise schedule. It is necessary topay necessary attention towardsyour health also. The work assignedto you during this week might be atest of your expertise andknowledge.CAPRICORN : Yourhealth might experienceups and downs. Henceyou are required toobserve slightprecautions regarding your healthduring this week. A desire to advanceyour career will inspire you to worksincerely towards achieving yourobjectives and goals.AQUARIUS : Thosewho have justrecovered from a spellof illness should becareful regarding theirhealth. A relapse at this stagemight prove to be troublesome foryou. If you have been thinking ofstarting an independententerprise, make a concrete movein that direction now by meetingpeople and discussing your ideas.It may take some time.PISCES : It will be agood week to build upyour stamina andreserves to tackle thecoming onslaught ofwork. However some of you mayhave a slight health problem thatwill require you to take rest forfew days. Take care of your dietand focus on your health.Your horoscope for this weekAHOWTOIDENTIFYALOVECHEATIt has been revealed thatfor every six men who willcheat, there are four men whowill be faithful, the HuffingtonPost reported.It should come as no sur-prise that some men cheat.Whether it’s the President ofthe United Sates, the topgolfer in the world or a worldclass musician, it’s a provenfact that when it comes tocheating on their spouses,some men just can’t keep itin their pants.Guys who cheat are prettytransparent and predictable.In fact, there are three majorsigns that accurately predictif a guy will cheat on you.Firstly he’s secretive.Guys who cheat often leaddouble lives, and in order todo so, they have to cover theirtracks.A guy who is secretiveand doesn’t reveal muchabout himself or his life is aguy who is a prime candidateto be featured on an upcom-ing episode of “Cheaters.”Sex and relationships,How to identify a lovecheatCommunicationand the willingness tobe an open book aretwo of the most im-portant indicatorsof a happy andsuccessful rela-tionship.And if a guy iskeeping secretsin the beginning,look out becauseyou are headed for trouble.Secondly if he’s selfishand self-indulgent.Guys who cheat do so be-cause they are only focusedon one thing -- themselves.The good news is thatguys like these are easy tospot. Guys who are selfishand self-indulgent tend to belike that in all aspects of theirlives.If you want toget a goodgauge ofthe moralcharac-ter andinteg-r i t yo fthe man you are dating, lookat the way he lives his life andthe way he treats others. Ifyou start noticing that he isonly out for himself, and heobviously doesn’t care aboutAcross:1 __ Lanka : our southerlyneighbour (3)4 Detonate or cause to begin orstart (3,3)7 A dividing membrane or parti-tion (6)8 Crave, covet or lust for (4)10 Lower House of Parliament(UK) (3,7)12 Prohibitions by custom or reli-gion (6)14 Accumulates by skimping (6)15 In large amounts of quantity,in a way (4,2)17 Famous hospital on Pedderroad (6)19 Unable to read or write (10)21 Bathroom powder (4)22 ___ ___ nobis : pray for us, inLatin (3,3)23 __ ___ puzzle : fit the pieces –you get the picture (3,3)24 Big name in moulded luggage(3)Down:1 Agroup of six musici (6)2 Understanding term? (1,3)3 Tramples heavily on (6)4 Feeling ones way overseas (6)5 Unwelcome visitor, intruder (10)6 Whimsical; strange (3)9 Sorcery from the West Indies (6)11ChineserestaurantatChurchgate(10)13 Microscopic one-celled animal(6)16 Come as a logical consequence(6)17 Delayed bodily effects due tolong journey by plane (3,3)18 Maintain, prevent from sink-ing, especially tempo, ones spir-its, etc (4,2)20Nameofseaformingnorth-east-ern arm of Black Sea (4)21 __ Mahal : the wonder at Agra(3)others (including you) asidefrom what they can do for him,there is only one thing youshould do -- run!Lastly if he has a suddenchange in behavior. Cheatingguys will suddenly changetheir behavior, and in numer-ous ways.He might make a suddenchange in his appearance orgrooming habits, or it couldbe a sudden change inhis work schedule whereall of a sudden he’s work-ing late, has to travel andcan’t be reached.But the most com-mon sign is when yoursex life decreases, andhe shows less of an in-terest in you in the bed-room.There are someguys out there who can’t betrusted and some who can.The key is being able torecognize a potential cheaterbefore the relationship be-gins.
  8. 8. PAGE 8INDIALOCALMonday,22ndto28thApril2013If you want to make it BIG inLIFE start readingOWNED,PRINTED&PUBLISHEDBY:ARINDAM BANERJEE,AshiwiniCo.Op.Hsg.Soc. Flat No. B/008, Gr. Flr., First Lane, Lokhandwala Complex,Andheri(W), MUMBAI-400058 Printed at Somani Printing Press, Sharma Ind. Estate, Goregaon(E),Mumbai-400072.EditorialOffice :ShopNo.2,MarbleArch,ShastriNagar,Andheri (W), Mumbai-400053. Mob. :9920205579-022- 26365459 EDITOR:ARINDAM BANERJEE.AllDisputestobesettelledinAndheriCourtonly.With monsoons coming up soon, BrihanmumbaiMunicipal Corporation (BMC) has begun giving out contractsworth Rs 112 crore for desilting nullahs in the city. However,many citizens have been complaining that the small nullahsare left out of the cleaning process. Keeping this in mind,this year, the civic body has invested Rs 2 crore in buyingtwo new machines that will help desilt the small nullahs inthe city for the first time. This is the first experience of theStorm Water Drain (SWD) department with these machines,which were earlier used for sewerage operations by theSewerage Operation (SO) department.BMC gives out contracts every year to have a properdrainage system in place, so flooding due to clogged drainscan be prevented during monsoons. Earlier, the small nullahswould be ignored and would add to the woes of residentsduring monsoons. The civic body was also blamed of ignoringthe issue and not keeping a check on the contractors workingon cleaning the nullahs.Sachin Parkar, a resident of Ghatkopar, said, “Silt hasalways been a problem, and the BMC doesn’t do it at theground level, only giving out tenders. I doubt if these machineswill be used to clean small nullahs. If the big ones nullahsare lying unclean, the contractors surely won’t bother to cleanthe small ones.” The administration however claimed thatthe department will be operating these machines directlyand there will be no third party involved in the process. “Weare experimenting with this kind of machines for the firsttime,” said Laxman Vhatkar, Chief Engineer (SWD). “Thework has already started in some parts of the city. Thesemachines are helpful for the small nullahs where work cannotbe done manually.”SENIOR COPS JEEP STOLEN,RECOVERED IN SEVEN HOURSIn what can be countedas one of the fasteststolen-and-recoveredincidents, a MahindraBolero belonging to seniorpolice inspector,Mantralaya security, wasstolen around 3 am onFriday night from his policeresidential quarters inMahim, only to be foundabandoned by cops at 10am on Saturday.Senior Police InspectorDilip Kendre had parked hisofficial vehicle, a MahindraBolero, outside building No8, New Police colony, nearRaheja Hospital, Mahim, onFriday night. “On Saturdaymorning Kendre found thejeep missing. Heapproached the Mahimpolice and lodged a theftcase around 7 am,” said apolice officer from Mahimpolice station. The policestarted a search and amessage about themissing vehicle was alsoflashed on wireless policedevices. Luckily, the copsdidn’t have to go very far.The jeep was foundabandoned around 2 kmaway from his residence atRaja Badhe Chowk around10 am. “Prima facie itappears that theunidentified accused tookthe jeep for a ride andparked it at a corner whenthe vehicle ran dry,” saidthe police officer. TheMahim police handed overthe jeep to Kendre and asearch is on for theculprits. “We are checkingif there are any CCTVs inthe area for some footageof the accused,” he added.BMC invests Rs 2 crtocleansmallnullahsCouncillor put in fake social servicecertificate to get nominatedThe Central police in Ulhasnagar have booked SanmukhManwani alias Annu for submitting fake certificates to theUlhasnagar Municipal Council to obtain the post of acouncillor. The police have also booked the chairman andmembers of the Sai Baba Educational Trust (SBET), whoallegedly issued the fake certificate to Manwani. Late onSaturday night, the police registered an FIR against AnnuManwani, SBET chairman Sheetaldas Harchandani, SBETmembers Murali Makhija, Manohar Makhija and SureshHarchandani under sections 420, 465, 467, 471, 171 (g),409 and 34 of the IPC for forgery and cheating. According tothe police, Manwani, a well-known businessman, submitteda certificate to the Ulhasnagar Municipal Council stating thathe was the secretary of SBET and had done a lot of work fordeaf and dumb children. On April 9, 2012, members at aspecial general body meeting nominated him as councillor,on the basis of this certificate.