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  1. 1. R.N.I. 71668/99 Vol. 1, Issue 3 | May 2012 ARTICLE Managing Heat Stress in Poultry COVER STORY Fancom - forward thinking INTERVIEW E-interview with Mr. Philip Dye Big Dutchman India ANNOUNCEMENT Pixie Consulting Solutions Ltd. Launches new series of trade specific Poultry magazines PRESS RELEASE Reichindia- A New Player in Poultry Industry TECHNOLOGY UPDATE Bio Gas Generator A new era technology NEW APPOINTMENTS Dr Velisetty Ashok Kumar Heads Novartis India Animal Health BUYERS GUIDE Poultry Feed Machinery Manufacturers IAI Expo 2012 13-15 December IARI Ground, PUSA Road, New Delhi +91 9991705005, +91 9812082121
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  3. 3. From the Pen of Chief EditorEditorial SPCA (Society for Prevention of CONTENTS Cruelty to Animals) and World Veterinary Day 4 How to Make Money of Manure (3m) From times immemorial human race is gathering food 4 Organic poultry: a better alternative from two main sources from plants and from animals. While gathering food from these sources plants and "BIOMIN confirms its quality commitment animals are subject to all types of in-human processes for 6 with additional accreditation” extracting more and more food from them. In this process of increased food production especially the 1st IMV Seminar 6 animals were subject to various types of tortures. To keep the food on Poultry Reproduction production at optimized level animals, birds and other domestic living creatures are sometimes subject to cruel treatments just to extract maximums Pixie Consulting Solutions Ltd. Launches new series of 8 produce from them. trade specific Poultry magazines In meat production, animals suffer during sale, transport and slaughter. In 8 BIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey Program 2011 poultry farms, cramming together of birds in cages never gives them the chance to do anything that is natural and important to them. Poultry federation of India executive Members April 28 is the World Veterinary Day which is celebrated throughout the 10 Working for the welfare of poultry industry world on the last Saturday of April every year. On this day all Veterinarians celebrate love for animals. They bring out processions with placards to create E-interview with Mr. Philip Dye - Managing Director, 14 awareness amongst the people for love for animals. Big Dutchman India Rearing of animals and birds is another vital source of human food since food production from main stream agriculture has become stagnant after the 16 Managing Heat Stress in Poultry Green Revolution a decade ago. The food production from animal sources that provide costly animal protein to the human beings is growing much 18 Cover Story : Fancom - forward thinking faster than the core agriculture. So we should be indebted to the livestock and the birds as they keep the food production wheel rolling on. DSM Took Part In First 19 Paschimbanga Poultry Mela 2012 As an animal welfare mission it is needless to mention here that the veterinarians are doing their best for the health care and comfort of the 22 animals. On the World Veterinary Day a large number of veterinarians and Reichindia- A New Player in Poultry Industry students of the Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Hisar, participated in a 5-Km walk on the University Campus to mark World 24 New Appointments Veterinary Day. The procession was led by horse riders of the Remount 24 Bio Gas Generator - a new era technology Veterinary Corps unit of NCC. Celebrating the World Veterinary Day every year will be a mark for the 30 Buyers Guide Animal Lovers and Animal Welfare Societies just to remind us about the unnecessary cruelties made by us to the livestock sectors. Let them live 31 Egg Rates happily, let them produce optimally and allow them to give us more profit from their produce. Grow more and go ahead. 12-26 News Office : Our Team Advertisement 923, Sector-9, Urban Estate, Karnal 132 001 (Haryana) Tel.: + 91 (184) 4033326/327, 2202174/75 Biomin India 23 Fax : + 91 (184) 2231050 Bhavana Gupta E-mail: | Website Confidence on Indian Industry 7 Chairman & Editor in Chief Editorial Policy is independent. Views expressed by DSM 27 authors are not necessarily those held by the editors. Himalaya Drug Company 17 Registered as Newspaper by Registrar of Newspaper Vinod Kumar, General Manager for India : RNI No. 71668/99 IAI Expo 2012 36 Licensed to post at Karnal HPO under Postal Regn. No. IMV Technologies 29 PKL-91/2007-2009 Jawahar Khurana, Mkt. Manager Indian Herbs Overseas 5, 11 Editorial & Advertisements may not be reproduced without the written consent of the publishers. Whilst ISRMAX Asia 34 every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the contents of Poultry Planner the publishers do not Microteknik 35 accept any responsibility or liability for the material Dr. S.S. Mondal, Technical Editor herein. M.V.Sc. & A.H., Ph.D. Natural Remedies 21 Publication of news, views and information is in the Novus 32 interest of positive poultry industrial development in India. It does not imply publisher’s endorsement. Pfizer Animal Health Indian Ltd. 9 Unpublished material of industrial interest, not Prachi Arora, Co-editor submitted elsewhere, is invited. Poly Plastic 22 The submitted material will not be returned. Prakash Feed 25 Publisher, Printer - Mrs. Bhavana Gupta on behalf of Pixie Publication India (P) Ltd. Karnal Manish Arora, Assistant Co-editor Provimi 13 Printed at: Jaiswal Printing Press, Chaura Bazar, Karnal Vamso Biotec Pvt. Ltd. 02 Published at: 821, Sector-13, Urban Estate Karnal 132001 (Haryana) Ashwani Verma, Graphic Designer Venky’s (India) Limited 15 Editor-in-chief - Mrs. Bhavana Gupta V-Tech Agro Industries 24 All legal matters are subject to karnal jurisdiction.
  4. 4. ArticleHow to Make Money of Manure (3m) composting process the temperature in the concentration and reduces the losses of manure pile reaches 60 to 70 degree centigrade ) nutrients through leaching The SALMET composting unit, is a self driven increases the water holding capacity of the unit that can be programmed to work fully soil automatic without requiring the presence of any increases the soil ability to hold added operator. mineral fertiliser elements helps supply nitrogen as the plants need it compost 3. The SALMET composting unit moves the contains a slow release organic nitrogen manure mass ( by 5 meters with each passage ) from the beginning of the track to the end of it, Contains some of the highest concentrations of phosphorous and where it can be collected. potassium. Both are readily available toThe SALMET COMPOSTING UNIT (By Jan When this last stage is achieved, approximately plants.Hulzebosch SALMET) 48 days later, a high qualitative natural fertiliser supplements the plant intake with many ( free from artificial or chemical products ), that needed micro nutrients which commercialThe Salmet composting unit will transfer yourpoultry manure in 48 days into valuable fertilisers do not supplycompost. costs less than commercial fertilisersThe production of compost is based on a is easily handled and spread withbiological process by micro organisms that commercial fertiliser spreading equipmenttransforms poultry manure into a valuable Minimal odour not offensive tocompost. neighboursA Salmet composting Unit is installed in a Is an all organic productsimple shed with three lanes, every day the is safe and environmental friendlycomposter will mix and homogenize the Advantages of the SALMET composter unit:manure in one lane 1. Possibility to reduce flies, smell andThe basic procedure is as follows: Ammonia emission by using a closed shed1. The manure is carried from the battery cages is odourless and has a moisture content of 15 to 2. Simple , safe systemto the composting lanes, where it is dropped in 20 %. 3. Specially designed for poultry manure.up to 20m3 piles. 4. This end product can either be market as it is 4. Easy sparepart supply, and very little 2 . The SALMET (in bulk or in retail packs) or further processed spareparts needed. composting unit into pellet form. 5. Proven for more than 20 years on many mixes and Results indicate that poultry compost will help farms in Asia and south America. homogenises the you balancing the soil nutrient needs. The 6. Low investment. manure and in following benefits that the compost provides: 7. Low labour needed the process adds reduces soil bulk density and increases soil oxygen to it. porosity increases soil organic matter 8. Easy to handle final product which is very (during the good accepted by consumers.Organic poultry: a better alternativeDeepak Kumar, Nagappa S. KarabasanavarMeat being an excellent source of animal protein which can cause serious food poisoning in commercially-raised counterparts. Leaner cutshas become a vital component of human diet. It humans; especially children are most of meat make chicken an even healthy proteinis a natural blend of essential nutrients. Among susceptible. Persistent exposure to low doses of choice. Another benefit of organic chicken is theall meats, poultry meat is widely preferred. In pesticides may cause neurological or flavor, organic chicken tends to be tenderer andconventional system, birds are raised in reproductive disorders mostly in infants. possess better flavor. These birds are rich inconfined rooms, even majority of them are beneficial fats (lower cholesterol) and higher On the other hand, the Organic birds arereared in extremely cramped, damp, ammonia- amount of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A. always fed only organic grains grown in farmsaccumulated and polluted environments with Their eggs also taste better than commercial where no chemicals or pesticides have been eggs.inadequate ventilation. All these factors used for at least three years. These birds havepredispose birds to stress and induce sickness. never been treated with antibiotics, hormones or There is a need to create awareness among theFurthermore, birds are treated (prophylactic or drugs and have been raised humanely and in a people about benefits of organics produce. Thistherapeutic) with antibiotics regularly to stress-free environment. These birds stay in a would in long run curtail the use of injudiciousprevent infectious diseases; fed medicines to clean environment, have access to outdoors and and indiscriminate use of drugs and chemicals get more space to roam and are fed only organic that have public health implications in the foodenhance their growth; additives to improve grains which are free from residues. Access to chain.production. Conventional raised chicken maypose higher risk of food-borne zoonotic more space, fresh air and no chemicals makes For further details please contact:pathogens such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, organic birds to be healthier; so such taste better. Organic chicken tends to be less fatty than itsListeria monocytogenes and pathogenic E. coli, Mob.+91-897491661804
  5. 5. BIOCHOLINE-60 (Natural and Highly Bioavailable Choline) Features Benefits 25 times more active and more effective than synthetic choline Choline in esterified form chloride or choline citrate Other herbal bioactive Promote acylation reaction and exhibit lipotropic action that constituents facilitate fat mobilization and energy metabolism Non-hygroscopic Does not cause damage to vitamins and other feed ingredients Helps in systemic conversion of homocysteine to Methionine for its Recycles methionine regeneration & sustained bio-activity Thermostable Stable during storage and also after feed pelletizationFEED INCLUSION RATE PRESENTATION1 Kg BioCholine-60 can replace 1 kg ofsynthetic Choline chloride (60 % ) with 25 kgbetter production performance andprevention of FLS. INDIAN HERBS OVERSEAS S.C.O. 233, 2nd Floor, Sector - 20, PANCHKULA - 134116 Ph. No.: 09357247217, TeleFax No.: (0172) 5011470, E-mail:, Web: We Know Herbs Better For Over 60 Years 05
  6. 6. Press Release PARTNER COUNTRY COLUMN"BIOMIN confirms its quality commitmentwith additional accreditation” 1st IMV SeminarBIOMIN Singapore is very pleased to announce the extension of its on Poultry Reproductionquality assurance with recent achievement of FAMI-QS accreditation FRANCE - IMV organized itsacross two of its manufacturing plants in Asia. first seminar on poultryIn China, BIOMINs Shanghai production, plant responsible for the bulk reproduction in its newof its acid-based solutions, achieved FAMI-QS status during early 2012. headquarters in lAigle, on 18During the same period, FAMI-QS approval was also achieved at and 19 April. A total of 87 peopleBIOMINs large manufacturing facility in Singapore. As well as registered for the event.supplying the Asian continent customers, both of these manufacturing IMV reports that the vastfacilities are also supplying to BIOMINs global customer base. majority of the FrenchThe FAMI-QS accreditation goes alongside the existing quality assurance professionals and specialistspolicies that BIOMIN has in place within these manufacturing plants. involved in Poultry“We are extremely pleased to announce this achievement” says Dr. Jan reproduction and ArtificialVanbrabant, CEO of BIOMIN Sinagpore. “With increasing awareness Insemination participated inand expectations from our customers on a global level with respect to addition to 20 attendees fromquality assurance, this once again proves the dedication of BIOMIN to different countries including Germany, India, Italy, Holland, Brazil, United Kingdom, Tunisia andproduce to the highest quality standards”. Egypt. Product Release This seminar was held with the partnership from several leadingCATO introduces new grinder lineSPAIN CATO has launched a new Power Plus Grinders Line for thetreatment of frozen meat.The company says this is a line of very powerful grinders with independentgrinding and feeding motors and frequency converters that allows theadjustment of production parameters to the kind of product to be ground.Power Plus machines are manufactured in the following diameters: 130,160and 200mm, and can reach a production of 4,300 kilos per hour.CATO has been manufacturing grinders for more than 50 years now;grinders that are widely known for being solid and durable, for theirspecially delicate treatment of meat and for producing a homogenousmincing with no smearing and with a minimum increase in temperature.Power Plus machines meet the growing need to use frozen meat and on theother hand, they bring profit to manufacturers of delicate products such as"embutidos ibééicos" (Spanish sausages), where smearing and heating arecritical topics. For this kind of manufacturers, the fact that feeding and companies involved in the poultry industry (genetics, insemination ormincing parameters can be adjusted to each kind of product is a clear sexing service providers, nutrients) was a real success.advantage and leads to better quality and efficiency. IMV reports that the event started by a complete visit of the IMVCATO belongs to the Adfood Group, which specialised in technology for manufacturing facility, followed by a presentation of IMVs vision forthe meat sector and brings together the brand names Roser (hygiene and animal reproduction with a particular focus on poultry breeding.handling equipment), Ogalsa (injectors), Cato (machinery for sausage According to IMV, 2nd day was dedicated to the actual scientific andproduction) and RMT (turnkey projects, production lines, technological technical meetings during which current and future challenges facing theconsultancy on projects and processing lines). AI industry were addressed and how new technologies could play aFor more information write us at critical role in helping overcome them. This event was more than a real success and showcase for IMV: - It was a real opportunity for the industry professionals to meet and exchange. IAI Expo 2012 13-15 December Leading Exhibition on Poultry & Livestock Industry IARI Ground, PUSA Road, New Delhi 923, Sector-9, Urban Estate, Karnal (Hry.) +91 9991705005, +91 9812082121,
  7. 7. th10 International Exposition on Livestock Management Event Sponsors : 06
  8. 8. Press ReleasePixie Consulting Solutions Ltd. launches new series oftrade specific Poultry magazinesPixie Consulting Solutions Ltd., publisher ofthe leading Poultry magazines, is introducingnew series of trade specific Poultrymagazines i.e. Poultry Feed Links, PoultryHatchery Links & Egg Links.These quaterly magazines will be lauched onweb as well as in the printed from. Theprupose of the magazines is to serve theindustry by creating awareness about latesttechnologies.These will be featuring the best of companycover stories, interviews, buyers guide andmuch more. The online promotion kicked-offwith social media, specifically the facebookpages which played a key role to promote themagazines in the industry.The magazines will be distributed free as alink to more than 3000 readers from all acrossthe World (free subscriptions are available at For Further details ). You may also join us at Prachi Arora | M:+91-99917905621facebook. E- Mycotoxin Survey Program 2011 Americas (27 %), and secondly by meansof commodity types, ranging from raw materials like corn (33 %), wheat (9 %), barley (7 %) and soybean (5 %) to finished feed (25 %), silage (8 %) and other feed ingredients (13 %). The results show that average contamination levels were slightly lower in 2011 compared with 2010, whereas the percentage of mycotoxin distribution found at the maximum levels remains similar to last years for ZON, DON and FUM. It was found that contamination with Afla, ZON, DON, FUM and/or OTA affected 27%, 40%, 59%, 51% and 27% of the 4,327 samples collected worldwide, respectively. Besides providing a worldwide geographical and statistical analysis, the report also details the regional breakdown for common mycotoxin occurrences, types of commodities associated with the different mycotoxins, and theThis comprehensive survey documents the various countries over a 12-month period from corresponding maximum and average levels ofoccurrence of mycotoxins in samples taken January to December and 13,854 analyses were contamination per region for each toxin. It alsothroughout 2011 in different regions. One thing carried out to investigate the occurrence of highlights the commodities with the highest riskremains clear the global prevalence of aflatoxins (Afla), zearalenone (ZON), of contamination, based on the tested samples.mycotoxins in a range of common feed deoxynivalenol (DON), fumonisins (FUM) Attention should also be given to the potentiallycommodities underscores the need for quality and/or ochratoxin A (OTA) in the different harmful synergistic effects on animals arisingfeed management strategies. regions and feed materials. from the presence of more than one mycotoxin inMay 2, 2012 Since 2005, BIOMIN has been More than 70 % of the samples were analyzed by the feed. Given the ubiquitous presence ofconducting extensive studies documenting the High Performance Liquid Chromatography mycotoxins worldwide, an effective mycotoxinoccurrence of mycotoxins worldwide. The (HPLC), followed by Enzyme Linked risk management program is critical toBIOMIN Mycotoxin Survey Program 2011, the Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) and the thin- preventing additional costs in farm managementmost comprehensive report on the market, details layer chromatography (TLC) method. and economic losses due to sub-par animalthe distribution of mycotoxins according to their performance. Samples were classified firstly according to theirregion of origin and commodity type. region of origin, mainly by the Asia-Pacific(37 %), For the full report please visitMore than 4,300 samples were collected from Europe, Africa and the Middle East (35 %), the
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  10. 10. Press ReleasePoultry federation of India executive Members Hubbard extends itWorking for the welfare of poultry industry distribution network in Indonesia byPoultry federation of India (PFI) an apex andrenowned association of poultry farmers the country to promote the aims sand objectives of PFI among the poultry industry in their signing an agreementbreeders, equipment manufacturers, zones. with the Sujaya Grouppharmaceutical companies and all alliedindustries has been doing excellent work for last Mr. Ricky Thaper and Mr. Dinesh Kumar have France/Indonesia - Hubbard is very pleased24 years for the betterment and uplift of the been nominated as convener. PFI with the to announce that they have concluded a Grandpoultry industry with team work spirit by all responsibility t increase the membership of PFI Parent Stock agreement with Sujaya GroupPFI executive members in their respective Ltd., based on Kalimantan-Indonesia, for thearea/zones production and sales of the Hubbard ClassicMr. Jabris singh Dhull, one of the pioneer in in Indonesia. The Hubbard Classic is poultry industry as chairman renowned for its ease of management and PFI working Group has outstanding day-old-chick production at s o l v e d v a r i o u s breeder level - recent records show that it is issues/problems of the possible to reach up to 158 chicks at 65 weeks poultry industry by taking Mr. Ricky Thaper Mr. Dinesh Kumar Arora of age - and a broiler recognised as one the Convener, PFI Convener, PFI up their cause with the fastest growing strains available in the market animal husbandry today, making it a combination which is department ministry of and workshop in various parts of India with Mr. Jagbir Singh Dhull Chairman, PFI Working Group support from Zonal members. difficult to beat. The Hubbard Classic is agriculture, government of already used by many customers in Central India The executive body of PFI is excellent example and South America, Africa, the Middle EastMr. Satish pal as dynamic president has been of the team work and all the executive of the and South East Asia.working very closely with team work and all the executive members of PFIthe industry on various have been working for the welfare of India Indonesia is one of the major broiler marketspoultry related issues. Mr. Poultry Industry whole heartedly and get more in South East Asia and has, with a populationSatish Pal has further and more new members in their territories to of around 240 million people, a tremendousstrengthened PFI with make this 24 years old federation stronger sopositive support and that poultry farmers coming under PFI bannerapproach to poultry farmers should feel privileged and proud.and members of the Mr. Satish Pal PFI appreciates all the cooperation and support President, PFIfederation. All over India from various poultry journals by regularlyMr. Shyam Kumar, PFI vice highlighting the activities of PFI during its president (HQ) has done participation in various poultry trade shows In the center of the picture: Mr. Tetetiono, President of remarkable job by regular where PFI encouraged the trade visitors visiting Sujaya Group Ltd., and Vincent Baumier Hubbard Liaison with poultry PFI booth to become PFI members. The zonal Area Sales Manager industry and highlighting vice presidents and zonal members in their opportunity for further development of its the various poultry problems areas have been also following poultry meat sector. In 2010 around 1,226 to PFI working group to take million day-old-chick production were the matter with government produced and between 2000 and 2010 the of India Mr. Shyam Kumar poultry meat consumption has grown with Mr. Ramesh Chander Khatri Vice-President, PFI 5.5% per annum from 2.3 to 3.9 kg per capita. Secretary Vincent Baumier, Area Manager for Hubbard,PFI has been very active ingetting funds for PFI from explains “Hubbard already has a very longPoultry industry of the history in the Indonesian poultry industrysmooth running of PFI office through our existing distributor Wonokoyowith Mr. Khatris efforts Jaya Corporation based in Surabaya. The newnumber of regional poultry agreement with the Sujaya Group extendsassociation has extend their Hubbards distribution network and re- Mr. Ramesh Chander Khatrisupport to PFI in the Secretary, PFI inforces Hubbards presence following thecommon cause betterment of recognition of the Hubbard products and itspoultry farmers excellent performance by the local market.”Mr. Ranbir Raman PFI Treasurer has been “The Sujaya Group is a vertically integrated following up with the poultry broiler business, but we also have interests in industry for getting more PFI layers and the production of egg trays, memberships and financial fertilizer and palm oil. We are very excited contributions for the betterment and good about this new venture with Hubbard and are financial status jog the PFI looking forward to expanding our business in the near future”, stated Mr. Tetetiono, Besides the apex body. PFI Mr. Ranbir Raman President of Sujaya Group Ltd. Treasurer, PFI team has nominated one vice president and two executive For more information please contact: Members from each zone of asia@hubbardbreeders.com10
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. NewsEggs Turn cheaper on Oman ban on US POULTRYimports from India celebrates 65 yearsINDIA - With Oman reducing egg imports from added. Omans ban on Indian egg imports willIndia, egg prices have plummeted by 30 per cent further soften egg prices in the country. of industry servicein the wholesale market. But fish and meat US - US Poultry & Egg Association is The ban was imposed in late March following aprices have appreciated between 20 per cent and celebrating 65 years of service to the poultry bird flu outbreak in the country earlier in the40 per cent over the last two weeks. and egg industry. Formed in May of 1947 in year. This has made it difficult for Indian Atlanta, the organization was originallyThe combined consumer price inflation in egg, exporters to clear 1.5-2 million eggs a day that known as the Southeastern Poultry & Eggfish and meat was at 10.06 per cent in March, were meant to be shipped to Oman, causing a Association and was created to help itsaccording to The Economic Times. Though rural drop in domestic egg prices. members meet the challenges of the ever-inflation in the three items was at 9.85 per cent, S Jaikumar, executive director of CLFMA of changing poultry and egg industry. Theurban inflation was at 10.58 per cent making life India, an association of the Indian livestockin a metro more difficult. The domestic poultry industry, said the prices of broiler meat havemarket is currently estimated at about Rs 49,000 gone up because there has been a steep increasecrore and is growing at the rate of 20 per cent in poultry feed prices.annually. "The cost of soya bean feed has risen by 23 perBroiler meat and table eggs account for most of cent which has increased the cost of rearingthe domestic poultry market as India is the third broiler chicken. The high cost of poultry feed islargest egg producer and fourth largest broiler reflected in the end price of broiler meat. Broilermeat producer in the world. Poultry Federation meat has appreciated by 15 per cent -20 per centof India administrator AK Sharma said egg price in the last two weeks. At this point I cannot sayhas come down to Rs 2.20 apiece in the whether prices will go up further in comingwholesale market though it is sold at the retail months," he said.end for Rs 4. In Kolkata, broiler price has appreciated by 20 organisations name was changed to the US"During summer months, we do see a drop in per cent in the last two weeks. For the fish- Poultry & Egg Association (USPOULTRY) inprices. Though warehousing facilities are loving Indian, high prices will hurt at least till the 1990s to reflect the Associations nationalavailable, poultry owners find them not the middle of the next month. Fish production is scope.affordable and sell eggs at a lower price," he about 12 million tonne annually. USPOULTRY represents the complete spectrum of todays poultry and egg industry,Entries open for Pfizer Poultry Trainee with a mission of progressively serving member companies through research,of Year Award education, communication, and technical assistance. Association membership includesUK - Entries are invited for the 2012 Pfizer Entries must be received by 27 July, and there is producers and processors of broilers, turkeys,Poultry Trainee of the Year Awards with no age limit. The judging panel comprises Phil ducks, eggs, and breeding stock, as well asopportunity to win a £2000 training grant in Clarke, editor of Poultry World, ADAS allied development. consultant John Newton and Pfizers poultry Association leaders recognised early theThe award, organised in association with technical manager Stuart Andrews. importance of continuing education forPoultry World, is now in its sixth year and In September they will interview candidates managers to keep up with the rapid changescomes at a time when there is increasing interest chosen as the three finalists who will then attend and advancements occurring in the careers in the industry. the presentation event at the House of This is demonstrated through the “ T h e Associations International Poultry Expo, Commons where the winner will be announced. poultry which will also be celebrating its 65th Hotel accommodation will be provided in industry is anniversary with the 2013 Expo. It can further London for the three finalists and their partners. a major be seen in the oldest, still-running seminar sector of The 2010 winner, Ben Pollard is using the £2000 grant to fund an Open University management hosted by the Association, the Poultry U K Processor Workshop, which was established qualification and enjoying the new experience. agriculture in 1958. Ben is employed by Aviagen in its pedigree and a big breeding operation in Scotland with his duties Another ongoing legacy of USPOULTRY has success including monitoring the performance of been its research programme with $23 million story,” says pedigree lines. reinvested back into the industry in the formJames Porritt, poultry manager of Pfizer Animal The 2011 winner, James Newman, of Suffolk- of competitive research grants. The research isHealth for UK and Ireland. “In contrast to the based duck producers Green Label Farms, is selected by a panel of industry experts andsituation a few years ago, more young people using the grant for a course organised through conducted primarily at universities aroundand their teachers and careers advisers are the Institute of Leadership & Management the nation to provide a comprehensive look atrecognising the opportunities in the poultry leading to a Level 3 Award in first line every aspect of poultry and egg productionindustry. management starting in September 2012 at Bury and processing. Additionally, the“There is every chance that if you have the talent St Edmunds. USPOULTRY Foundation allocates funds toand ambition, you can work your way to a For further information write us at over 17 schools, including six schools withsenior position in the UK or even global poultry science degrees, to recruit studentsindustry. The award is designed to provide real into poultry related courses or degreehelp in career development as well as attracting Downloaded at : programmes.attention to prospects in the industry.”
  13. 13. Provimi 3Care Special 13
  14. 14. Interview Big Dutchman soon will be customers first choice for installations & services e-interview with Mr. Philip Dye - Managing Director, Big Dutchman India industry compared to European Poultry win as there are wonderful opportunities. The Industry? market is looking to develop and we are going to India is an emerging market, where we are serve, supply and support it. developing quickly. This huge country has the 6. How many people are employed in India? advantage of seeing what is happening in other Any expansion plan for India. parts of the world and developing without **At the moment we have 40-45 people. We have making all the mistakes made elsewhere which a plan to increase very rapidly. I am anticipating saves time and investment. in the next 12 months we will be double if not We will follow many of the worlds standard more than that. principals in the form of manure drying, manure 7. What is growth rate of Big Dutchman in utilization, egg collection and packing, reduction India? in labour and food hygiene. I feel this is the It is significant. direction India will go in the next decade. For me Philip Dye, Managing Director 8. What are future key drivers for the growth the journey has started. When I first came to India, Representative, India of Big Dutchman Indian Poultry people told me India was a great market but1. With over 2000 employees and 200 required simple basic products. I have found that Industries? representative offices and agents all across India is a market which requires good tested **We have been in the Indian market for the last the world, whats next active step for Big technology and the industry is keen to embrace it 10 years. We are now at a point of pushing to Dutchman towards the present time and go for benefits. develop the company; we intend to recruit many problem in the Poultry Industry? 4. What are the changes required in Indian more staff because we see the market is nowIn the main it will be more or less of the same ready for development Poultry Industry to boost up the growth?mission, which is to provide quality service and tosupport the quality products we supply to ourcustomers worldwide. Legislation and ourcustomer demands are our driving force coupledwith our desire to provide more technicallyefficient products to our customers.Land is a limiting factor which drives allproducers to look at higher stocking rates on thesame number of square feet. This does not meanless room for the stock it simply means betterutilization of the available space.One thing which will always be required is food.As peoples incomes increase people becomemore health conscious and seek an increasedknowledge of the products they eat. In eggproduction this leads to different methods ofproduction such as barn, organic, free range etc.All of this results in a move from least cost The Indian poultry industry has to look for labour Our biggest area of challenge and investment willproduction to higher production cost systems. saving systems and look at manure handling etc. be our people.There is always ongoing development. India will The future is not hand labour, more mechanical It is training our staff to understand, what theyneed to develop more rapidly than some methods are required. are doing so that they are able to share thiscountries as the industry moves from open I feel that in the coming years India will move knowledge with the customer. They need tohouses to closed houses in both meat and eggs. quickly towards greater bio-security, hygiene, fly know the technique of the product, like how it2. You have been with Big Dutchman since control, environment control, traceability and works, how it should be managed, how to install long time past. How is your journey? Any many more areas linked to customer demands it. specific experience you want to share with and supermarket pressures. 9. What Big Dutchmen is doing in terms of us? co-operating socio responsibility in India? 5. What is the main market focus for BigI have been with Big Dutchman for about 18 years Dutchman? **We are offering security and future for aand seen the company grow beyond all growing number of people which includes **We are interested in all poultry relatedrecognition of my first visit to the head office in considering the European social security equipment but we are not closing our eyes toGermany. The one thing that has remained the methods we operate in other countries. anything. If you are a poultry farmer we are verysame is the attitude, Big Dutchman is a family interested in working with you and offering you 11. Where do you see Big Dutchman 10 yearscompany with family values and they value solutions and service after the sale. We will both on in the Indian Market?customers. They will always go that little bitfurther to ensure that we meet the customers -No. 1 of course “India will move quicklyrequirements as the customer is seen as our most -We will be our customers first choice forprecious partner. towards greater installations and service3. How do you compare challenges and bio-security, hygiene, fly control, -I visualize we grow national coverage with lots opportunities for Big Dutchman in Indian environment control, traceability” of existing and new customers and develop their and our future together in India.14
  15. 15. 15
  16. 16. ArticleManaging Heat Stress in PoultryBalamurugan E and Bhagwat VGThe Himalaya Drug Company, Makali, Bangalore, IndiaHot weather is the major stress factor affecting Management of Heat Stress by Nutrition Field trial was conducted in day old 2000poultry production efficiency in many parts of the commercial broiler chicks during summer with Supplementation of specific anti-stress vitaminscountry. Though the problem is seasonal and of environmental temperature of above 37oC. The and minerals is one of the ways of alleviating heatvariable duration, its effects are economically birds in Geriforte Vet Liquid supplemented stress in poultry. Vitamins such as vitamins A,significant. The higher production performance group showed improvement in body weight gain vitamin C and minerals like Selenium can be usedand feed conversion efficiency makes todays by 150 g and livability by 6.6% over control group. in poultry diets because of their anti-stress effects.poultry more susceptible to heat stress than ever In another study, Bhagwat et al (2006)before. Hot summer season imposes severe Supplementation of Herbal Anti-stress Adaptogens demonstrated the efficacy of Geriforte Vet Liquidstress on birds, which leads to poor performance in stress-induced broiler chicks. The mean bodyand high mortality among these birds (Njoku, Feed withdrawal is advised during the day times, weight (9.67% more) and feed conversion ratio1986). Heat stress occurs when birds have the amount of anti-stress supplementation or (12.29% less) was better in Geriforte Vet liquiddifficulty in maintaining a balance between body medication fed through the feed may not be supplemented birds as compared with controls.heat production and body heat loss. At high sufficient and for an effective anti-stress action The stress-induced lipid peroxidation and H:Lenvironmental temperatures, birds rely on water medication also should be explored using ratio was also very close to normal in Gerifortedifferent mechanisms to regulate their body various adaptogenic and anti-stress preparations. Vet Liquid-supplemented birds.temperature within a zone of comfort, the thermoneutral zone (Simon, 2003). As the temperature Geriforte Vet Liquid contains fulvic acid, arises, the birds undergo many changes like supercharged antioxidant and free-radicalincreased water consumption, increased scavenger. Fulvic acid greatly enhances therespiration rate, higher body temperature, bioavailability of important trace minerals.inferior egg quality and susceptibility to diseases. Enhance the permeability for digestive, circulatory and cell membranes and maintainsIt has been clearly shown that broiler chicken the electrolyte balance.death losses caused by heat stress can beprevented or reduced by adding electrolyte Herbs like Capparis spinosa (Himsra), Cichoriumsupplements to diets (Borges, 1997). intybus, Solanum nigrum, Withania somnifera present in Geriforte Vet Liquid possess strongStress caused by high ambient temperature leads antioxidant and antistress; poor feed intake, decreased growth andincreased muscle degradation, Herbs like Tinospora cordifolia, Berberis aristata,immunosuppression, excess fat deposition in the possess strong immunomodulatory action,abdomen, ascites, etc. This may lead to poor which is helpful in maintaining the immuneproductivity and huge mortality. response during severe heat stress.Ambient temperature and diet can influence the Geriforte Vet Liquid works likeacid base balance in poultry. However, birds are Antistress: Decreases level of plasmaequipped to regulate body fluid pH during carticostteroids Geriforte Vet Liquid is one such polyingredientmetabolism. Most importantly, metabolites are Immunomodulator-Stimulates anti-stress adaptogenic preparation marketed byacids, and unless regulated, these can accumulate macrophage activity and helps in formation The Himalaya Drug Company, Bangalore, whichin the body and alter acid-base balance from its of antibodies has proved itself in minimizing the stress andnormal status. Acids can be removed from the improving production due to high ambient Antioxidant- Increases the levels ofbody by the kidneys and lungs. Therefore, to temperature in broilers as well as layers. superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalasemaintain the acid-base balance, birds have toregulate acid uptake and excretion (Ruiz-Lopez Geriforte Vet Liquid is an anti-stress, enzymes (CAT)and Austic, 1993). immunomodulator and adaptogenic ConclusionsManagement of Heat Stress polyingredient preparation useful in maintaining The heat stress of the summer is unavoidable, productivity and livability during the adverse however, by recognizing the signs of heat stressTodays poultry producers are confronted by wheather conditions like summer stress/heat and using Geriforte Vet Liquid to prevent heatnumerous techniques that have been proposed as stress. stress in poultry flock, one can help keep poultrypossible therapies to offset the consequences ofheat stress. Alleviating the effects of heat stress The beneficial effects of Geriforte Vet Liquid as an comfortable and productive even during theinvolves various management practices, such as adaptogen in broilers during summer stress is summertime.improved ventilation, providing clean and cool well demonstrated by Narayanasamy et al (2004). References are available on request.water, altered feed formulation to suit thesummer, altered nutritions, providing feedduring cooler part of the day, avoidingovercrowding and excessive activity,supplementing drinking water with electrolytes,etc. A farmer cannot increase/alter themanagement practices beyond these levels due toeconomic constraints.16
  17. 17. 17
  18. 18. Cover StoryFancom - forward thinkingFancom is a global leader in the development global scale. Our export activities started in these developments became standard for theof automation systems for the intensive animal 1980 and meanwhile we export to more than 50 agricultural industry. To stay market leaderhusbandry sector. Its objective is to create the countries worldwide. Since 1997, our company we continue to develop new products thatoptimum conditions, both in the animal house is part of the American enterprise CTB contribute to the technical performance of ourand for business management. The industry Incorporated. systems to optimize the process in the house.will require intelligent automation systems for With 35 years of experience, no one knows the Accurate ventilation systems improve animalhealthy profits and in order to continue business like Fancom. Innovation is our performancecomplying with the growing demands for second nature. We closely cooperate with Fancom changes the climate in animalanimal proteins and the growing influence of leading universities and research institutes on buildings. Following are the advantages:todays critical consumers. new and revolutionary developments. Some of Animals perform betterFancom provide this by combining climatecontrol, feeding automation, biometrics anddata management in such a way that thesynergy this creates gives the user the optimalbenefits.Fancom is the partner who helps you lookforward and lead the way. Whatever yourambition is, Fancom will help you achieve it.And what if different requirements are set inthe future? Then Fancom will identify them intime, together with you, and react to them. Wecall this Forward thinking.35 years of experienceFancom is based at the heart of a regionnumbering the highest concentration of pigsand poultry in the Netherlands. That is whereFancom started in 1977 as a one man businesswith the first climate control computers for pighouses. In 1982 our first poultry computer wasintroduced. The solutions offered are not justvalued and appreciated regionally, but on a18
  19. 19. Cover Story Show stronger growth Less susceptible to illness Lower mortality rates.A well-controlled climate also impactspositively on energy costs.Minimum Transitional Tunnel (MTT) isFancoms ventilation system that ensures aneven climate in poultry houses. Extremeweather conditions and fluctuating day andnight temperatures will have no influence onthe house climate. The principle is based on agradual transition from minimum tomaximum ventilation in 3 phases.A suitable feed weighing system for everyhouseIndependent to the chosen feeding system, thefeed installation ensures the animals aresupplied with the right amount of feed at theright moment. Feed, water and light areharmonised under all circumstances. Youranimals grow optimally. The feed compositioncan be easily adapted to suit the animalsneeds; this saves time and helps you keep thecost price of feed and the production resultsunder control. Fancom offers two systems: process in your house and insight into animal Fancoms unique quality is the combination of EasyBin™ is a silo weighing system activity. Deviations to the norm show up more our core activities climate control, feed where the silo is weighed using weighing quickly, so you can take timely intervention to automation and biometrics and our focus on bars or compression cells. improve your results. Plus you can accurately regulating the total process in the building. predict the end weights. We do this by linking the process computers in EasyBlend™ uses a batch weigher The Fancom weighing system is the most the houses to FarmManager, our unique positioned between the silo and the accurate animal weighing system in use. It management software for your PC. hoppers in the house to accurately automatically takes factors, such as mutual FarmManager software links you to your distribute small amounts of feed. Two differences in weight and activity of the birds houses 24 hours a day. You can check on the feed types can be mixed or grain can be into account and calculates a reliable value for situation in the house from any place in the added. the average weight of your animals under all world. FarmManager combines all the dataLive bird weighing for perfect insight into conditions. The unique calculation algorithm from your process computers and presents it inanimal performance is based on years of practical trials and clear graphs and tables. Information that isContinuously weighing animals provides you research. easily analysed and compared and giveswith an up to date overview of the growth insight into animal performance, farm Unique through data management processes and economic consequences. Based on facts and figures you can consult with your employees and advisors to focus on improvements. iFarming, Fancoms vision of a future-proof livestock farming Fancom is the partner that provides the tools for efficient daily management of your business. In addition to our familiar systems for climate control, feed automation and biometrics, we are always looking for innovative techniques to control the process in the house and make the actual welfare of the birds measurable. This not only improves efficiency but also helps to ensure food safety, enhance animal welfare and lower the impact on the environment. iFarming, or intelligent farming, we call it! iFarming is Fancoms vision of a future-proof livestock. iFarming brings together societal, economic and social aspects, and generates solutions for the livestock farming of the future, which can benefit the farmer, consumer and society in equal measure.19
  20. 20. Press ReleaseDSM took part in first InterviewPaschimbanga Poultry Mela 20121st Paschim Banga Poultry Mela 2012, the largest Poultry fair of EasternIndia was organized by West Bengal Poultry Federation in associationwith ARD Deptt. Govt of West Bengal in Kolkata from 1st-3rdMarch2012. DSM Nutritional Products India Pvt Ltd actively took part inthe exhibition as a Gold Sponsorer. DSM Nutritional Products is a globalleader in the synthesis, production & supply of Vitamins, Carotenoidsand enzymes.More than 20000 farmers, poultry personalities, poultry producers from Interview with Mr. Mayank Singhal,across India and neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Nepal andBhutan have participated in the esteemed mela. The DSM stall was Sales& Tech. Head-Nice Poultry Feedsdecorated nicely with the newly designed logo which the visitors 1. What is the history of the company, when it was started?appreciated very much. DSM also got the award for the best stall The business was started by Mhd. Haaji Kallu Qureshi somewhere aboutdecoration. 50 years ago near Jama Masjid, Delhi. In 1981, the business was shifted and renamed to Eagle Poultry. In 2000 the company started its ownA majority of the visitors enquired about the concept of egg yolk company called Best Poultry.colouration and the HyD. DSM managers explained their newly 2. According to you what will be the future of Poultry industry indeveloped enzymes for Indian market to the customers and consultants. India?Visitors enquiring about DSM products Dr. Sawant with Customers In Indian scenario future is very bright, as the young generation is gettingfrom India & Bangladesh more biased towards non-vegetarian food specifically to chicken.Interaction with Customers Nicely decorated DSM Stall A number of Expensive meat from other sources is the other factor.poultry feed manufacturer visited the DSM stall and appreciated the 3. What is your vision for Indian Poultry industry 10 years down theconcept. Dr. Sawant, ANH Manager, South Asia briefed them about line?DSMs vision in India. DSM also organized Product differentiation for There will be a minimum of 20% growth in Poultry sector.their customers and visitors during the exhibition. The visitors got and 4. Kindly give us a brief introduction of Nice Poultry feed?inside view of the DSM product form in the product differentiation and It was started in October 2011, the feed market spreads all acrossappreciated the concept. DSM also took part in the Technical seminar on Rajasthan, Haryana, UP , Uttrakhand and Punjab.2nd March12. Dr. Andrew Ball, DSM consultant spoke about layer 5. What is the capacity of your plant?management in technical session. It was a very interactive session. It is 400 tonne per day in terms of demand v/s supply; the demand is more than supply.Product differentiation going on Dr. Andrew Ball in Technical SeminarAudience attending the Technical Seminar. 6. What are your marketing tools to promote your business? Dealer and distributor; the best tool to promote the business is directDemonstration of Yolk Colouration farmer data.Dr. Pradip from DSM receiving Best Stall, award from Hon. ARDMinister, Nure Alam, ChowdhuryDr. Koushik conducting the Session. Interview with Mr. Mohsim Bharat Poultry Unnat Feeds Pvt. Ltd. 1. Kindly give us a brief introduction about your company? CA Symbol of Quality and Trust We started our business in 1984 near Jama Masjid, in 1992 we shifted from there. Jab Perfomance Bolti hai to Duniya Sunti hai 2. What is processing capacity of the Gazipur mandi and what are Unnat Feeds Pvt. Ltd. Organized” POULTRY TECHNICAL the major states for sourcing of birds? SEMINAR” with “Pawan Feed Store”Dis.-Motihari (Bihar) c/o We process 70000-130000 birds per day. The major states for bird Pawan Guapta ,Shugoli in Rajkiya Middle School Shugoli on 8th sourcing are Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan and UP. April,2012. Nearly about 40 farmers and whole area Delar, sub Delar and poultry coordinators member was present in POULTRY 3. Which areas are covered for supply of the birds? TECHINICAL SEMINAR. Delhi NCR, five star hotels and retail outlets. Dr. Manoj Dhama corporate G.M advises farmers to make quality 4. What is the size of this mandi? farming shed for Broiler. Dr. Manoj Dhama also advises to give This is the biggest butcher market in India; there are 88 wholesalers & proper space, Temperature and ventilation and ALL IN ALL OUT in Broiler farming. He also advises farmers to follow-up proper commission agents in this market. Vaccination schedule for Broilers, Summer Management and also 5. What are your views for IAI Expo? discusses present seasonal Poultry disease with treatment. These events play an important role for industry progress; we are looking Pawan Guapta gave a vote of thanks &invited all guest for lunch. forward for the next event.20
  21. 21. 21
  22. 22. Press ReleaseReichindia- A new player in poultry industry accepted in the areas of POULTRY, to respective department is also planned. AQUA CULTURE and VETERINARY The plant is also designed for recirculation segments. Now focused into wide range of water to minimize losses and save of veterinary medicines and contract precious water wherever possible. manufacturing segment to manufacture Effluent treatment: quality formulations toward animal and The pharma effluents shall be tested and treated aquaculture to prove its motto Enriching by Effluent Treatment Plant as per the Pollution society through healthcare. With the Board norms. Recirculation of treated and tested following standards: effluents shall be utilized for gardening & toilet HVAC System & Utilities: flushings. Heat ventilation and air-conditioning Quality Control and Assurance: systems catering to the specified area classification shall be met along with Fully equipped laboratory along withIntroduction: pressure differentials & particulate matter Instrumentation (like HPLC,Reichindia Bio Applications Limited came out control. UVspectrophotometer, polarimeter,with its formulation Plant at APIIC - Industrial Separate service area provides for HVAC refractometer) and Microbiology dept.withpark, Bhongir, Nalgonda District, Andhra and electrical systems. Laminar Air Flow are planned.Pradesh on 01.04.2012 with an objective to Stability:manufacture quality formulations like Oral Purified steam, Filtered Compressed air are planned. A separate Stability area is available for Stabilityliquids, Granules, Powders, Solid Doses studies of Drugs.(Tablets) and External Applications (Ointments Generator along with separate invertors& Solutions) with latest specifications and for lighting, emergency lighting, Intercom Electrical System:standards like Schedule-M, cGMP and WHO and UPS for sensitive equipments shall be Electrical system is planned taking intonorms. It provides employment to about 100 provided. consideration the pharma clean roompeople both skilled and unskilled and now the Water System: requirements.Plant is ready for operations. Safety Systems: Raw water shall be treated suitably (NanoREICHINDIA is presently marketing Poultry, Filtration-Reverse Osmosis system 2000Litres Safety systems with respect to machinery, fireAqua, Veterinary feed supplements and per hour) to meet the specifications of Purified escape corridor , flame proof systems in flameMedicines in all the Districts of Andhra Pradesh water as per Indian Pharmacopoeia. susceptible critical areas, separate solventand part of Orissa states. storage areas & fire alarm systems is planned . Loop system for distribution of PurifiedWide range of REICHINDIA brands are well water using electro polished SS316L lines Contact:- Global market for co-products is changingFRANCE - The global market for co-products is changing as the meatand poultry processing industry develops.According to the French company, which is a specialist in meat-bone separators, deboners and desinewers, Lima, whereas a few years ago all the co- products from processing, such as necks, wings, legs, were kept together when it came to recovering the meat, now they are more often sorted by quality. Each different co-product can have a different value and asBernard le Bris from Lima said, the processor is trying to earn more oneach step of the process.To this end, Lima has improved the capacity of its machines and hasdeveloped them to meet specific demands from customers.The company that has between 70 and 80 per cent of its business in thepoultry processing sector is seeing the demand for low cost protein riseand as the industry improves and expands there are going to be moreand more co-products going forward for further processing and meatrecovery.The company is finding strong market in emerging nations such asChina and the former Soviet Union countries and Eastern Europewhere there is a demand for low cost protein.22
  23. 23. 23