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June pti

  1. 1. REGN. NO. PKL-92/2010-2012, P/KL-1/International /2008-2011 RNI NO. 02957/96 P ULTRY TIMES OF INDIA Volume 33 Issue 6 June - 2012 Cover ARTICLE Optimizing Trace Mineral Nutrition in Story - SKYLARK-THE TRUSTED BRAND Poultry- Key to Assure Better Immunity PRODUCT WRITE UP Silo based grain storage technology for India PRESS RELEASE Sequent Scientific forays into domestic Animal Health Care business ANNOUNCEMENT IAI Vision 2020 - Postponed NEW APPOINTMENT New appointment at Novus BUYERS GUIDE Poultry Breeding & Breeding Equipment CompaniesCOMPLIMENTARY COPY 7th in series IAI Poultry & Meat EXPO 2012 Pixie team with Mr. Jagbir Singh Dhull-MD, Skylark at their Office 13-15 December 2012 IARI Ground, PUSA New Delhi
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  3. 3. From the Pen of Chief EditorEditorial Optimizing Poultry Health for Optimal CONTENTS Production Performance Despite modern state-of-the art management Optimizing Trace Mineral Nutrition in Poultry- Key to 4 equipments, housing and practices the diseases of Assure Better Immunity poultry continue to be a limiting factor to poultry production in many countries. Sometimes variant 8 Silo based grain storage technology for India. forms of well known diseases occur, requiring new control measures to be developed and implemented. In DSM Marched with Quality & Brand in Ajmer, some cases, even new diseases have emerged and 12 Rajasthan DSM Nutritional Products organized which are not fully understood. “ Product Differentiation Seminar ” We often forget that diagnosis of diseases requires some processes, which are: Unnat Feeds Expand Its Wings…. Clinical history of the affected flock 14 This Time…… “North-East” Clinical examination of the affected flock and individual affected birds On farm necropsy examinations 16 SKYLARK-THE TRUSTED BRAND Tentative diagnosis Implementing corrective measures best on the tentative diagnosis Laboratory tests 18 Aviagen France Celebrates First Anniversary Re-evaluation of the diagnosis based on the laboratory tests Re-evaluation of the corrective measures Sequent Scientific forays into domestic Animal Field veterinarians and other field service staff are best suited to conduct 20 Health Care business diagnostic investigations in conjunction with flock owners and managers. Often poultry diseases are multi-factorial. One way of considering disease is DSM Marched with Quality & Brand in Mysore, that it is a combination of pathogens, immunity and environmental factors. 22 Karnataka DSM Nutritional Products organized So we often have to investigate whether there are contributing factors to the “ Product Differentiation Seminar ” viral infection, because it is only then that we can control the viral disease. While poultry meat and egg consumption is increasing in most countries, National Poultry Forum organzied by AB Vista South Asia, food poisoning incidents attributed to poultry products can have devastating 26 Berg and Schmidt India Pvt. Ltd. and Polchem effects on the sale of poultry products. As industrialization of poultry Hygiene Laboratories production and processing increases in many countries, some food borne infections can be so significant that they attract media attention. Hence food safety assurance is more important than ever. 24 New Appointments Some diseases linger in a farm for years together evading the attention of the farm managers and even the owner of the farm. These are particularly of 28 Buyers Guide respiratory and gastro-intestinal tract infections and they invite the highest priority for eradication. 30 Egg Rates The role of various factors contributing to disease, experiences in the control of specific diseases and the latest information available on their control will be the guiding line to be successful in the disease control affairs. 33 Events Calendar Office : Our Team Advertisement 923, Sector-9, Urban Estate, Karnal 132 001 (Haryana) Tel.: + 91 (184) 4033326/327, 2202174/75 Vishal Gupa Fax : + 91 (184) 2231050 Avitech 32 E-mail: info@pixie.co.in | Website :www.pixie.co.in Chairman & Editor in Chief Biomin India 23 vishal@pixie.co.in Vinod Kumar Confidence of Indian Industry 9 General Manager DSM 25 gm@pixie.co.in IAI Expo 2012 36 Jawahar Khurana IMV Technologies 29 Marketing Manager Indian Herbs Overseas 5,11,20 Editorial & Advertisements may not be reproduced marketing@pixie.co.in Without the written consent of the publishers. Dr. S.S. Mondal Microteknik 35 Whilst every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the contents of Poultry Times of India the M.V.Sc. & A.H., Ph.D. Natural Remedies 21 publishers do not accept any responsibility or info@pixie.co.in Novus 2 liability for the matterial. Prachi Arora Pfizer Animal Health Indian Ltd. 7 Co-editor Manish Kumar Prakash Feed 31 Assistant Co-editor Provimi 13 Kamljeet Taya Vamso Biotec Pvt. Ltd. 19 Assistant Content Manager V-Tech Agro 18 Pixie Consulting Solutions Ltd. Karnal poultry@pixie.co.in Printed at : Jaiswal Printing Press, Chaura Bazar, Karnal Ventri 15, 27 Ashwani Verma Published at : 821, Sector-13, Urban Estate, Zeus Biotech 14, 22 Karnal 132 001 (Haryana)c Graphic Designer : design@pixie.co.in Zydus Animal Health Ltd. 34
  4. 4. ArticleOptimizing Trace Mineral Nutrition in Poultry- Key toAssure Better ImmunityIntroduction origin, the lymphocytes will differentiate to infected with E. tenellaFormulation poultry diets consist of an array of become B-cells or T-cells. Upon antigenic had improved resistanceingredients that match a desired nutrient profile stimulation, these cells will produce specific (i.e., reduced mortalityat the minimum cost. Todays nutritionists are antibodies that destroy the antigen. and cecal lesions) whenrequired to be able to formulate poultry diets Role of Nutrients on Immunity supplemented with Sewhich allow for optimal performance in (Colnago et al., 1984). Dietary bioactive food components that interactsituations where birds may exposed to various Functional benefits of with the immune response have considerabledisease challenges, or managemental stresses. trace minerals potential to reduce susceptibility to infectious Dr. G. SaravananMost of the times in a commercial point of view diseases. Major classes of macronutrients provide It has been accepted that a higher plane ofthe nutrient profile used are based on research or numerous examples, including amino acids such nutrition is required to achieve the full geneticfield observations evaluating the economically as arginine or threonine (Kidd M T et al 2001), and economic potential of todays animals.important production function of interest. This lipids such as the n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, Optimizing mineral nutrition is part of thisproduction function is typically body weight, or novel carbohydrates such as various sources of package. In todays scenario subclinical tracefeed conversion, or breast meat accretion, but β-glucans (Lowry V K et al 2005). Vitamins such mineral deficiencies occurs more frequently thanmay not immunity or disease resistance. as D and E are commonly used as antioxidants, clinical deficiencies. Currently this is theAlthough the balance of nutrients is directly whereas zinc and selenium are minerals with a challenging issue because poultry producersinvolved in optimizing the production function, wide spectrum of effects on the immune system ( could not visualize any specific symptom.variation in their levels can have a substantial Stahl J L et al 1989). There is accumulating Instead, as shown in fig.1 the immune system isimpact on cellular systems (i.e., immunity). evidence for prevention of infectious diseases by depressed when the trace mineral status of bodyHowever, altering nutrients in the field during an probiotics and prebiotics, and these may also is compromised. Then birds begin to grow slowlyinfectious challenge is typically an afterthought affect the immune response (Klasing K C 2007). when the immunity is challenged because theand usually consists of drinking water This review is not discussing in detail about the biological system tends to divert more nutrientsadministration of vitamins, electrolytes, or an role of all related nutrients on immunity, specific for safeguarding the health rather thanantibiotic. Dietary composition impacts immune to the importance of trace minerals. productive parameters. So, how is this done,function of the chicken. As research in the area of Role of trace elements on immunity given the limitations in bioavailability ofnutritional immunology has increased, it is inorganic trace minerals (ITMs)? The solution isbecoming apparent that nutrient needs for The trace metals that have been associated with not simply to feed higher levels of minerals, asimmunity do not coincide with those for growth an improvement in immunity, or functions that this in itself can lead to even lower mineralor skeletal tissue accretion. (Kidd MT, 2004). Most support immunity, are: Zn, Mn, Cu, and Se. Zinc bioavailability, increased environmental burdennutrient requirements of poultry and livestock supports metabolism of numerous cells by and potentially even decreased animalhave been determined in environment where functioning structurally and catalytically in performance the end result is inefficientdisease and stress have been minimized. metalcoenzymes. Zincs role in immunity has production and lower profitability. The key is toConsequently, the recommended level of been reviewed (Kidd et al., 1996). Although feed a more bioavailable source of trace minerals.nutrients may limit the animal performance in adequate dietary Zn is critical to optimize cellulartime of diseases or stresses. a n d h u m o r a l i m m u n i t y , i t h a s b e e n What does bioavailability mean?Types of Immunity demonstrated that chickens require more Zn to Mineral bioavailability is simply the degree to support BW than immune function (Pimentel et which an animal can absorb and utilize a mineralA functional immune system is absolutely al., 1991). Copper deficiency can decrease (for example, zinc) from one particular sourceessential for the survival and performance of a n t i b o d y r e s p o n s e , m i t o g e n - i n d u c e d (such as a chelate). In practice, bioavailability of amodern livestock and poultry. Recent researches blastogenesis and mixed-lymphocyte reactions in mineral from a given source is usually measuredshown that, each and every trace mineral mice, and addition of copper to poultry diets relative to the same mineral in a second, orcomponents are having their specific role in increased primary antibody response. Zinc “standard,” source. Chelated minerals are widelyimmunity of birds but the crucial trace metals that deficiency also has been demonstrated to reported to be more bioavailable than ITMs,have been associated with an improvement in suppress immune functions in mammals and presumably due to their ability to avoid feedimmunity, or functions that support immunity, poultry (Cook, 1991).are: Zn, Mn, Cu, and Se. The immune system uses Dietary Se interactsseveral methods to detoxify these foreign agents with vitamin E inor antigens. For example, phagocytosis is a a n t i o x i d a n tnonspecific immune response in which a particle protection of cellsis engulfed by a phagocyte and subsequently because it is adigested. component ofIn contrast to the phagocytic system, which lacks g l u t a t h i o n especificity and memory to an antigen, the peroxidase. Inlymphoid organ dependent immune system a d d i t i o n t odevelops different antibodies for each antigen. antioxidant status, SeThe major cell type involved is lymphocyte, has been shown towhich can be found free in tissues, blood or i m p a c t d i s e a s e Fig.1. Schematic depiction of the relationship between nutrient statusconcentrated in distinct organs like spleen, lymph resistance. For and presence of subclinicalor clinical disease manifestationsnodes and thymus. Depending on the organ of example, broilers (Reproduced from Dr. Gorden Carstens, Texas A&M University)04
  5. 5. BIOCHOLINE-60 (Natural and Highly Bioavailable Choline) Features Benefits 25 times more active and more effective than synthetic choline Choline in esterified form chloride or choline citrate Other herbal bioactive Promote acylation reaction and exhibit lipotropic action that constituents facilitate fat mobilization and energy metabolism Non-hygroscopic Does not cause damage to vitamins and other feed ingredients Helps in systemic conversion of homocysteine to Methionine for its Recycles methionine regeneration & sustained bio-activity Thermostable Stable during storage and also after feed pelletizationFEED INCLUSION RATE PRESENTATION1 Kg BioCholine-60 can replace 1 kg ofsynthetic Choline chloride (60 % ) with 25 kgbetter production performance andprevention of FLS. INDIAN HERBS OVERSEAS S.C.O. 233, 2nd Floor, Sector - 20, PANCHKULA - 134116 Ph. No.: 09357247217, TeleFax No.: (0172) 5011470, E-mail: ihspl@indianherbs.org, Web: www.indianherbs.org We Know Herbs Better For Over 60 Years 15
  6. 6. Article Mineral Zinc Copper Manganese Iron Selenium Function -Reduces viral penetration Copper dependent Epithelial tissue is the Iron is an interesting Selenium -Increases production of enzymes play role first line of defense. trace element in that ependent enzyme antiviral interferon in immunity Manganese plays a role either a deficiency or glutathione -Inhibits proteases involved in the development, excess can peroxidase is in viral capsid formation repair and maintenance compromise the protecting - increases t cell count of epithelial immune lymphocytes from - increases antibody tissues system. oxidation productioningredient antagonisms and deliver the trace depends on the amount of zinc absorbed (Davismineral to the small intestine for absorption (Cao and Cousins, 2000). Therefore, metallothioneinet al., 2000; Fly et al., 1989; Guo et al., 2001; Predieri mRNA or protein expression is often used as anet al., 2005; Wang et al., 2007; Yan and Waldroup, indicator of the zinc status of humans and2006). Still, not all OTMs are more bioavailable animals and to evaluate the bioavailability ofthan ITMs. While chelation is important, just different zinc sources (Blanchard et al. 2001; Caobecause a mineral is chelated does not guarantee et al., 2002; Huang et al., 2009; Lu et al., 1990;that it is more absorbable than an ITM salt. For Martinez et al., 2004; McCormick et al., 1981;this reason, it is important to examine how Reeves, 1995; Rojas et al., 1995; Sullivan et al., Fig.3. Relative bioavailability ofbioavailability is estimated. 1998). various zinc sourcesBioavailability of OTMs In the experiment conducted to study the small as these are not traditionally considered to be intestine metallothionen mRNA expression,Mineral bioavailability has been evaluated by indicators of trace mineral bioavailability, they broilers were fed control diets or dietsmeasuring the mineral levels incorporated in can and should be used to confirm the supplemented with 70 ppm zinc from thebody tissues, such as liver and bone. Recent trials information gained from assessing more indicated sources. Because zinc absorption occursexamining tibia Zn (Fig 3) levels demonstrated customary measures, such as tissue minerals in the small intestine, differences insuperior bioavailability with more defined OTM and genetic biomarkers. metallothionein expression here would bethan other less defined organic or inorganic zinc expected to more closely represent relative ConclusionsSource of Mineral and Immunity bioavailability than tissue zinc levels would. In summary, the immune system is one of the These data are consistent with the data in Figures most complex and intricate cellular and 1 and 2 in that they demonstrate that some, but molecular interactions known in all of biology. not all, chelated zinc sources are more All the trace elements and discussed act as keys, bioavailable than inorganic zinc. Consistent with which unlock the ability of the immune system the other experiments, Zn(HMTBa)2 was the to ward off invaders. Proper nutrient most available source. Measuring tissue minerals supplementation will not eliminate disease, but or mineral ependent biomarkers can be the easiest it will allow the animals immune system to and most straightforward measures to generate a operate at optimum levels to minimize the risk quantitative estimate of mineral bioavailability. of infection and disease. Therefore a profitable Fundamental roles and efficient farm operation must provide the Fig-2 Improved Antibody Titers @40 wks layers (Different sources of Zn Mn Cu) With that said, it is important not to stop there. highly bioavailable trace mineral. In highly Zinc, copper and manganese play fundamental competitive enterprise it can be the differencessources (Dibner et al 2004; Richards et al 2005).While these types of experiments generate useful roles in the biochemistry of the cells of the animal, between profit and loss.data, their utility is limited. First, they measure primarily by serving as essential components ofonly a fraction of the mineral taken up by the hundreds of cellular enzymes and transcriptionanimal. Tibia Zn, for example, only measures the factors (Underwood and Suttle, 1999). If traceZn that is distributed to the tibia and as such may minerals are limiting in the diet, any of thesenot be the best marker of total Zn uptake. A processes can suffer. So, by supplementing dietssecond shortcoming is that tissue minerals with more bioavailable forms of trace minerals, aactually represent a storage pool of mineral, producer will more effectively “feed” theserather than serving as an indicator of absorption. enzyme systems, which should translate into aTissue Zn, for example, measures the amount of wide variety of biological benefits. Indeed, recentZn that enters the tissue, less the amount left the results with trace minerals chelated with HMTBa Figure 4. shows an example of usingtissue. have demonstrated benefits such as enhanced small intestinal metallothionein mRNA expression as an indicator of zincBiomarkers immune function (Dibner, 2005), reduced bioavailability (Richards et al., 2007; incidence of tibial dyschondroplasia (Dibner etAnother method for estimating bioavailability is Richards et al., 2008b). al., 2007; Richards et al., 2006) and footpad lesionsto measure mineral responsive biomarkers, such Note: References are available with the author,as changes in gene expression, or the activity of a (Richards et al., 2006), reduced leg abnormalities may be provided on requestmineral-dependent enzyme. Biomarkers are (varus, valgus, shaky leg) and increased bone breaking strength (Ferket et al., 2009), reduced References available on request.particularly informative when measured in thesmall intestine (Fig 4). Metallothionein is one such oxidative stress (Richards et al., 2008a) and For more information, please contactbiomarker, because its expression is regulated by improved performance (Ferket et al., 2009) even Dr. G. Saravanan M. V. Sc., Technical Managerzinc status; the magnitude of metallothionein at lower levels of trace mineral inclusion South India, Novus Animal Nutrition (India)messenger RNA (mRNA) and protein expression (manuscript submitted). While measures such Mail: G.Saravanan@novusint.com16
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  8. 8. Product Write upSilo based grain storage technology for IndiaFoodgrain production in India is crossed 220 India (FCI) should plan Galvanized Silo Storage The Galvanized Silos with accessories aremillion tons and it is increasing every year. System on their own. State Warehousing installed with grain conveying equipments likeApproximately 28-30% of the total grain Corporation has the land and trained workers Bucket Elevators, Chain /Belt Conveyors andproduction is procured by FCI. According to who are operating the traditional storage and Post Harvest Equipments like Pre-cleaners, Finemedia, in June 2010, FCI were having grain of 60 distribution system (Godowns) at present. Cleaners, De-stoner and dryers etc. The grainmillion tons. Out of 60 million tons of grain, received in the Silo complex is handled by The Galvanized Silo Storage System is17.68 million tons grain was lying outside in the conveying equipments in bulk and stored in affordable to small-scale entrepreneurs but notopen which is prone to go waste due to rain and Galvanized Silos after cleaning. Moisture to farmers. Indian farmer is selling the excessother factors. content in grain also plays an important role in production of Grain in the local market of FCIAt the same time when some of the poorest belt storage life of grain. Grain with lower the after harvesting. He is not yet financially soundin India is suffering due to monsoon failure, the moisture content and with proper aeration shall to hold the stock and take it to the market whenthousands of tons of grain rot due to improper be stored in Galvanized Silos for longer period. prices of commodities are higher. Farming Co-storage. In August 2011, Supreme Court has If grain is having excess moisture content, it is operatives can afford to have such systems.ordered to Govt. of India for distributing the reduced using grain drier online after the Government should encourage such Co-grain free to the hungry instead of rotting in cleaning and before the storage of grain inside operatives across the country.Godowns and open. the Galvanized Silos. Grain is live and respirates We suggest minimum packaging of foodgrains. while stored. This respiration creates hot spots inside the grain mass. Increase in hot spots helps moisture migration process which causes creation of fungus and lumps. The temperature monitoring system of Galvanized Silo detects the hotspots in grain mass. The aeration system is eliminating the hotspots in grain mass and maintains uniform temperature of stored grain. This maintains the quality of stored grain in Galvanized Silos. Mechanization for handling of grain and storage in Galvanized Silos in bulk requires less manpower which reduces the cost of handling and storage. Distribution / transportation of grain in bulk play an important role in order to minimizing the packages expenses. We should plan the distribution system through bulk containers. It will avoid bagging expenses at base depot and cutting these bags at field depot. This could be planned with the help and expertise of authorities connected with Indian Railways. We at Fowler Westrup (A joint Venture Company of John Fowler India and Westrup,Galvanized Silo Storage Systems is a proven Only the Grain required to be distributed at Denmark) have taken advanced steps throughscientific system for storage of foodgrains in taluka place should be packed at field depots of technical collaboration with worlds leader SilosEurope and America. This system ensures zero State Warehousing Corporations. FCI / State Cordoba from Spain for manufacturing entirewastage due to moisture, fungus & rodents etc. Government should distribute the Grain in Bulk range of Galvanized Silos in India based onIn India this system is adopted to some extent by to private entrepreneurs i.e. Rice Millers, Wheat Indian conditions since 2007. They have over 35private sector since 1990 but it is limited to the Roller Flour Millers, Poultry / Cattle Feed years of experience of manufacturing wideprocess industry rather than for storage of grain manufacturers, Starch plants, Distilleries and range of Galvanized Silos. They have executedfor longer period. Breweries, Solvent Extraction plants etc. This many large projects of Galvanized Silos for will avoid packaging expenses as well as grain storage for longer period. The capacityGovernment of India is seriously planning to wastages of Grain. range of Galvanized Silo includes very lowput up Scientific Storage Solutions for Food capacity of 5 MT to as high as 15000 MT andGrains. This is an extremely important Galvanized Silos are used for storage of grains in above. So far we have installed more than 300initiative in view of the huge wastage of bulk for longer period. These silos are made in Galvanized Silo Storage System on turn keyprecious food grains due to lack of proper Galvanized Steel and bolted in construction. basis in India. The capacity range of installedstorage facility. Govt. of India has executed The Galvanized Silos are equipped with Gal. Silo Storage System is 100 MT to 30,000 MTGalvanized Silo Storage System for 5.5 Lacs MT Accessories like Level Switches, Aeration with grain conveying and cleaning capacityin 2007-08 on BOO basis. Execution of such type System, Temperature Monitoring, Ventilation upto 150 MT/Hr.of projects will reduce the stocks lying in the and Sweep Augers. These accessories help us toopen and deteriorating due to moisture, We are also a manufacturer of wide range of monitor the quality of stored grain inside therodents, fungus etc. grain handling equipments in Galvanized Steel silos. with technical collaboration with renownedState Warehousing Corporations under Govt of08
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  10. 10. Product Write upDanish company called Crocus. The capacity operation in a short time through exchange of operations in India, Denmark and UK has givenrange of handling equipment is from 20 MT/Hr. technically qualified personnel, training at the us global opportunities and Perception of whatTo 400 MT/Hr. Danish factory and at Danish sites, supervision is needed to take up the handling of preciousWe have developed post harvest equipments i.e. by the Danish experts of Indian projects etc. Agricultural products in India.Pre-cleaners, fine cleaners, graders of high After two decades of such relationship, the For more information, please contactcapacity upto 400 TPH required for Galvanized Indian promoters have reverse acquired 100% D D Koditkar., Senior Marketing ManagerSilo Storage System. We are manufacturing assets of the Danish company. We have also acquired 100% assets of a UK company which M: +91 80 27832992these equipments since 1995 in India underlicense from Westrup, Denmark. Their expertise specializes in Opto Electronic Sorting of grains, E: koditkar@fowlerwestrup.com.of decades could be transferred to Indian pulses etc. The Management of the threeNew Appointment Bangladesh Temporarily Lifts Ban on Eggs New Appointments at Sequent Scientific BANGLADESH - The government has removedSequent Scientific, an integrated all restrictions on the import of eggs and salt until D. K. Singh- Generalpharmaceutical company with a global 30 June in preparation for the Ramadan and to Manager-sales will lead arrest the soaring prices of the items, said anfootprint and proven expertise in domestic team of official of the commerce ministry.pharmaceutical/life sciences is pleased to formulation business and The price of eggs increased by 51.06 per cent to Tkannounce the appointment of a core provide conceptual, 36 for four pieces from Tk 24 a year ago, accordingmanagement team who will play a pivotalrole in the companys foray into the domestic strategic and operational to data from Trading Corporation of Bangladeshformulation segment of Animal Health. leadership to pan India D K Singh (TCB). GeneralAbir Mukherjee has joined as Chief Executive operations. After Manager- Sales Under current import policies, the commerce Officer-Veterinary Graduating from G.B.P.U ministry permitted imports of eggs. Formulation, he will lead Ag & Tech Pantnagar, DK “Between now and 30 June, businessmen can and independently handle started his career with import any quantity of eggs without permission the Veterinary Formulations Merind-A TATA from the commerce ministry,” the official said. Division of the company. “They have to certify, though, that the eggs Enterprise. DK has a originated from avian influenza-free countries.” Abir holds a Bachelors learning experience of 20 degree in Science and a Daily demand for eggs across the country is years& was associated with Abir Mukherjee, 2 billion while the production of all kinds of CEO- Veterinary Diploma in Sales & animal healthcare eggs in the country is 1 billion a day, Formulations Marketing Manage-ment companies like Vetoquinol, C K Dhawan, according to data from Bangladesh Poultry from AIMA in association Sales Manager- North Himalaya & Merind. ‘DK Industries Association.with American Management Association. will be strengthened by Chandrakant “Our industries will be sufferers, but we haveAbir has worked with companies like Dhawan- Sales Manager North with his little to do as we cannot produce the requiredVetoquinol, Wockhardt Ltd. and in Merind proven industry experience of 15 years. number of eggs,” said MM Khan, secretaryLtd. general of the association.Abir with his more than 23 years of D r . J a y a n t a However, if the prices of these two items comeexperience in Animal Health market will play Bhattacharrya has been down by June 30 the government might nota pivotal role. appointed as the continue with the withdrawal, the official of theAbir Mukherjee will be assisted by a core Marketing Manager and commerce ministry said.management team comprising of 4 key will be responsible formembers having a rich and varied experience IAI Poultry & entire marketingof the animal healthcare business. activities for domestic Dr. Jayanta Bhattcharyya Ms. Lalitha Prakash- Vice formulation business. He Meat Expo Marketing Manager president- Pharmaceutical has done a master in Veterinary Formulations has been with Sequent for veterinary science from last 15 years and has served in various capacities in the West Bengal University of Animal & Fishery Science and another Masters in Marketing 7th in Series 13-15 December company. Apart from IARI Ground, PUSA Road Management from University of Mumbai. He New Delhi handling the existing has served animal health industry in variousMs. Lalitha Prakash v e t e r i n a r y f o r m u l a t i o n For Space Booking, Contact: Vice president export business, she will also capacities for last 10 years. His last assignment +91 9991705005, +91 9812082121 Pharmaceutical was with Boehringer Ingelheim India as provide support for product poultry@pixie.co.inmanufacturing, procurement & purchase. MarketingHead- Animal Health. www.iaipoultryandmeatexpo.co.in ANNOUNCEMENT IAI Vision 2020 For further details, contact Dr. C.B. Singh IAI which was scheduled to be held from 21st - 22nd July 2012 +91 9915003429 VISI 2020... N Series is postponed until further notification10
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  12. 12. Press ReleaseDSM Marched with Quality & Brand in Ajmer, Rajasthan DSMNutritional Products organized “ Product Differentiation Seminar ” Welcome address and company significance of ProAct (Pure Protease) from presentation was given by Dr Lokesh DSM in reducing feed cost when soya & Gupta, Technical Manager-Enzymes, DSM other raw material prices are skyrocketing. Nutritional Products India Pvt Ltd. Who Second technical presentation was given by gave brief note about DSM global and DSM Dr. Pradip Naik, Technical Manager (North India. He said DSM is the global leader in & West), DSM Nutritional Products India vitamin manufacturing and in marketing of Ltd. on “Importance of Product Form in Vitamin Nutrition & Product vitamin premixes. DSM produces Differentiation” vitamins, carotenoids and enzymes forDr Lokesh presenting topic on “Optimization Dr Pradip Naik highlighted the importance poultry, dairy and aqua feeds. of feed nutrients in layers” of vitamins formulation technology in the All the DSM vitamins are sold under the poultry feed. He explained how vitamin brand name of Rovimix, Carotenoids as product forms help overcome the critical Carophyll & Enzymes are named as features of mixability, stability, handling Ronozyme. Dr Lokesh Gupta in his and bioavailability. The different forms of vitamins were viewed under microscope to presentation on “Optimization of feed the participants. He also explained in nutrient in layers” talked about various detail about the different manufacturing ways to improve feed efficiency in layers. process of feed grade vitamins & how they He talked about various enzymes solutions can be used for specific purpose. He said Dr. Pradip Naik & Dr Lokesh Gupta (RONOZYME VAX, RONOZYME NP) from that all DSM products are manufactured answering queries DSM to reduce feed cost in layers and about with advanced formulation technologies with the aim to retain the product efficacy, DSM Nutritional Products India Pvt. Ltd potency and stability in different feedorganized technical seminar in Ajmer applications and stress conditions and thatRajasthan on 4th May 2012 aiming to all products are more bioavailable to theextend its technical expertise in Vitamins, animals.Carotenoids & Enzymes to poultry farmersin and around Ajmer. One of the important factor that influenceThe seminar was arranged at Hotel DATA the mixability in feed is flowability. LiveInn, Ajmer, Rajasthan and was well demonstration of flowability was shown toattended by progressive farmers & feed audience and was well appreciated by allmanufacturers of Ajmer. the farmers and feed millers. Audience in the seminarVamso Biotec Pvt. Ltd. Annual Conducted at Kerala Mr. Mukesh Agrawal, MD laid the vision statements for next five years while Dr. SK Pandey, GM, Presented the strategic planning to achieve the goal. The group deliberated on various aspects of poultry market and the company requirement to fit into the customer need. As a part of its expansion program a plan was laid to ad new territories for market penetration. Also, three new products were lunched to cater to customer nee. The performers reward plan was also laid for theVamso biotec pvt. Ltd. conducted its annual year 2012-13. Several motivation programs weremeeting at poovar beach resort, Kerala on 10-13 also arranged during the meeting. The companyApril 2012. The all India sales and marketing celebrated its success night by cutting theteam attended the meeting. The major objective success cake followed by a gala dinner at theof the meeting. The major objective of the beach side. The various acivities like beachmeeting was to review the business progress volley ball and beach cricket were organizedand lay a strategic plan for future business during the stay. The group enjoyed the scenicdevelopment. Since its inception Vamso Biotec beauty of poovar and the glamour of Kovalumhas launched innovative concepts and services apart from visiting several religious places. Theand the objective remains to carry forward this high level of enthusiasm in the team was highlyvision in the years jto come. appreciative 12
  13. 13. 13
  14. 14. Press ReleaseVH Group Hosts Pas Reform Lecture Unnat Feeds Expand Its Wings….Program in Bangalore This Time…… “North-East”INDIA - Indias Garden City Bangalore Mr. Ranpal Dhanda , The Joint Managing Director of Unnat Groupprovided the dynamic backdrop for a lecture inaugurated a new poultry feed factory at Guwahati , the Gate-way ofprogramme presented by Pas Reform recently, North-East. Thus the poultry Farmers of the entire North-East states,when Indias VH Group hosted a seminar for popularly known as “Seven Sister states” will be benefited from “Unnattechnical and support staff in March. Poultry Feeds” through its “state-of the Art” facility at Guwahati commissioned on 14th May 2012.VH Groups Dr Shetty-General Manager forBreeder Sales & Service has worked with Dr Tan 14th May 2012, was a special day, when Parents of Mr. Ranpal DhandaEe Seng-Sales Director, Pas Reforms and Dr switched on the panel buttons ,to run the Feed- Mill ,after performing “Hawan” at the factory premises, followed by the keen customers visit toMarleen Boerjan-Director R&D, Pas ReformAcademy and leading embryologist to develop the programme around aseries of four lectures on hatching egg storage, embryonic developmentand optimising incubation.More than 40 staff members from VH Group breeder farms andhatcheries, Bala Industries and recent SmartPro™ single-stage customerSahayadri Hatchery, from Pune, attended the seminar. Two practicalsessions, one on hatching egg quality and the second on analysis of clearsand unhatched eggs, were projected onto a large screen to ensure thateveryone in the group could see Dr Boerjans demonstrations clearly.Pas Reform emphasised its commitment to Indian customers in 2009,when the company continued its expansion in Asia with the launch of a the factory , for understanding the “New” in the feed-mill operations,dedicated country sales and service center in Udumalpet, to deliver which is totally computerized.localised support. On this opening ceremony, a Technical Seminar was organized at Hotel Dr Seng said we are very grateful to Executives and staff of VH Group Gateway Grandeur Guwahati, where poultry feed dealers from Assam,for their support and hospitality in hosting this event and to the hatchery Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, Meghalayaprofessionals who attended, whose questions and involvement made it attended in large number. On the occasion Mr. Ranpal Dhanda sharedsuch an interesting and successful occasion. We look forward to the next the Economic benefits of Choosing “Unnat Poultry Feed” & Feedingone. regimen. He particularly talked about “ Low Feed Conversion Ratio”, Higher Growth resulting into Better Value Conversion Ratio., enabling the Broiler-Producers gain more Profits through Sterilized, Nutritionally Balanced Feed, minimizing the Medicine supplementation Cost. He shared the Feed- Performance in different areas of its operation & is hopeful of still better results in North-East due to better climatic conditions & small, scattered poultry units throughout the area. Mr. Dhanda committed to offer the best & sustainable quality of Poultry Feed, at affordable price ,resulting .. “The Best Return on Investment.” Dr. N. K. Mahajan , the renowned Scientist, delivered a Technical session, embracing all the departments of Poultry management, Production, Disease prevention through Bio-Security & Hygiene Methods. He answered the questions of the farmers , who were very much satisfied & thankful to The Unnat Group for organizing such an informative & interesting seminar. Dr. Karan Sondhi who is Heading the Guwahati Feed-Mill, anchored the show & emphasized the benefits of Quality Feed, Feeding System & the importance of Vaccination. He was appreciated by the M.D for organizing the seminar in a short time & inviting the valuable customers , travelling the entire seven states extensively. The august audience was very much delighted ,having benefits from the Technical session & were keen & enthusiastic to avail the products & Services from Unnat poultry feeds & experience themselves…. …. “ JAB PERFORMANCE BOLTI HAI… TOH DUNIA SUNTI HAI”… The program me concluded with Cocktail & sumptuous dinner.14
  15. 15. 15
  16. 16. Cover StorySKYLARK-THE TRUSTED BRAND Skylark Hatcheries is one of the leading broiler farming companies in the Northern Indian market.Skylark Group Year 2000: The turning point for growth and skylark went a step ahead and started working setting long term goals of the company. The on producing antibiotic free chicken whichSkylark Hatcheries is one of the most renowned company started broiler contract farming with involved a lot of R&D, experimentations andintegrated player in the poultry industry in small capacity which gradually gained trail on flocks.North India. Founded in 1985 by Sh. Jagbir momentum with time. Skylark focused on After long struggle, integrity & deepSingh in association with Sh. Jasbir Singh. developing innovative equipments for better involvement, the company got success andSkylark charted its growth plan with farming practices and management and started became the only company producing antibioticdiversification into all poultry activities which poultry equipment manufacturing division in free, anticoccidial drug free chicken which is aincluded Grand Parent (G.P.) Operations, 2000. milestone in the history of Indian poultryParent Stock (P.S.) Operations, Hatcheries, Feed industry.Milling, Broiler Contract Farming, Poultry Year 2002: The company entered in layerEquipments, Poultry Processing and retail breeding operations. Group of Companiesmarketing with a commitment to provide Year 2003: With an aim to increase the capacities Skylark Hatcherie pvt. Ltd.quality products. and meet with growing in house demand for The company has separate hatcheries for Grand quality poultry feeds, the companyJourney so far Parent, Parent Stock and commercials at 5 commissioned its feed plant. The company different locations in Haryana, Himachal focused on delivering high quality products and Pradesh and Gujarat. Hygiene and sanitary services to customers. conditions are maintained inside hatcheries. Year 2005: Skylark had earned a big name in Proper training is imparted to the manpower at regular intervals to supervise the facilities. the whole sale live poultry trade in North India Proper egg grading for egg sizes is done with the and started getting premium on its live broilers help of automatic grading machines to ensure due to differentiation in quality. With a vision to uniformity in the flocks. Complementing allYear 1985: Skylark started its first operation further integrate the poultry value chain and cutwith broiler breeding & hatchery with a capacity down costs, Skylark ventured in Poultryof 1000 broiler breeders in 1985 in village-Anta, Processing to provide hygienic and safe chickentehsil-Safidon, Distt.-Jind, Haryana. The main to consumers at reasonable prices bybusiness at that time was to produce and sale establishing a Poultry Processing Plant in anhigh quality day old chicks to poultry farmers. approved Food Processing Zone near Delhi.This business continued upto year 2000. Keeping Consumer health as its prime concern,16
  17. 17. Cover Storyother efforts, digital incubators indigenously we maintain the complete traceability of the disease.developed by our company controlled by a finished products. We are running the plant at a Poultry Equipmentsspecial software which control all the capacity of 1500 birds / hour which is With an aim to develop some innovative andparameters automatically are used for hatching expandable to 2000 birds/hour. Production at improved equipments, Skylark started itseggs which ultimately yield high quality DOCs. plant is done by adopting modern hygiene poultry equipments division in year 2000. OurProper heat retention by hot water inside principles and implementing standard sanitary equipments division has developed manyincubators maintains oxygen levels necessary operating procedures. equipments and gave contribution to poultryfor optimum development of chicks. industry with innovative ideas and solutions Production processThese DOCs are then sent to poultry farmers for rarely available in India.. Digital incubators live bird arrival & hanging ›› stunning ››growing after proper vaccination. We have well which are developed by our company yield high scalding ›› defeathering ›› evisceration ›› bird quality DOCs and are available in differentestablished distribution network for the sale ofDOCs / hatching eggs in Haryana Punjab, washing ›› hock cutting ›› screw chilling capacities. These are available in setting &Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, hatching capacity of 30,000 eggs and 10,000 eggsRajasthan states. respectively. Innovations with respect toSkylak Poultry Feed Mill technological advancements are incorporated in the products. We keep abreast of the latestQuality of broiler meat cant be ascertained until technology, changes and international trendswe dont have control over feed given to them. for the scope of improvement.“Safe feed, safe food” is the hymn. So feed, beinga major ingredient is produced by our companyin a fully automatic, computerized auto batch ›› portioning ›› grading ›› weighing ›› packingpallet feed mill commissioned in 2003. The feed ›› labeling ›› chilling ›› blast freezing ›› storingmill is situated at Village Khera Khemavati, and dispatch. To ensure food safety at each step,Safidon, Distt. Jind, Haryana and has a we have implemented comprehensive foodproduction capacity of 400 tonnes per day. All safety processes & procedures as per theraw materials ( e.g. maize, soya, wheat, corn etc.) guidelines of HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Pixie Team Visited Skylark Hatchery Critical Control Points) system. A fully equipped microbiological lab is set up to diagnose the health & hygiene status of the product and plant. Regular swabs are taken from plant, personnel, tools, tables, trolleys and finished products to analyse the bacterial load and take the corrective actions. L-R: Mr. Chandan Sareen, Mr. Vishal Gupta-Chairman, We are marketing fresh chilled and frozen PCSL, Mr. Jagbir Singh Dhull-MD, Skylark, chicken in institutions (wholesale) and retail Mr. Manish Kumar, Mr. Manoj Singla segments in different pack sizes under brand name “ Nutrich” in North India. Our products range includes whole chicken, chicken boneless (breast & thigh), drumsticks, full legs, wings, lollipops etc. Our clients include Wal-Mart,are screened and tested in our nutritional lab Reliance Retail Ltd., Nirulas, five star hotels etc.before it goes into production to analyze Mr. Kuldeep Singh-PCSL with and franchisees outlets of our company.whether the material is fit for consumption or Mr. Sanjeev Sheokand-Manager, Skylarknot. Nutrition lab is equipped with latest Antibiotic Free Chicken a reality ! Our product range includes:equipments like most advanced feed analyzer Taking consumer health as the prime motive, . Electronic Digital Incubatorsso called NIR. Free services are rendered to our Skylark took a step ahead and started working . Setter trayscustomer to check the feed quality. on antibiotic free chicken. With dedication, . 180 eggs Hatcher TrayAutomation of the production process involvement and continuous research, Skylark . Exhaust fansmaintains the proper feed formulation and . Environmental friendly poultry houses became the only company inpalletisation further ensures the homogeneity of . Drinkers the world to produceall ingredients and reducing. . Industrial Environmental Control fans chicken raised without using . Feedersmicrobial load if any by steam treatment. antibiotics, anticoccidial . Hot air generator on biofuelNutrition experts takes take of the nutritional drugs and chemical free diet. . Cage matsvalue of the feed. We produce feed for G.P., So we are complying with . Guarantees operational safetyParent Stock, Layer Stock and commercial world quality standards and . Plastic potsbroiler farming having their respective starters assure our consumers to . Wire meshand finishers range. . Plastic pots supply the same quality inSkylark food future. Strengthening its FootholdThe plant is operated by veterinarians, meat The secret of drug free chicken is the use of With its owned GP Operations in place, Skylarktechnologist and trained supervisors. Healthy is confident in spreading out across north India. natural herbal products to enhance thelive broilers are selectively taken from our own By the end of the year, the company targets to immunity of birds and prevent coccidiosis increase its hatchery capacity to 7.5 million eggs.commercial farming operations only and thus17
  18. 18. Partner Country Column Aviagen France Celebrates First Anniversary CTB New Long TermFRANCE - It is one year since the formation of PM3. Investing in a more concentrated diet can Owner of MeynAviagen France and to mark the occasion the pay real dividends in terms of feed conversion NETHERLANDS - CTB, Inc. has reached ancompany held a meeting with over 120 attendees and meat yield.” agreement to acquire Meyn Holding. B.V., afrom across the industry. The event focused on The audience was made up of representatives parent company to Meyn Food Processingthe achievements made already and set out from all areas of the French poultry industry, Technology B.V., the global leading poultryAviagens strategy in France for the coming years. including customers, feed mill owners, growers processing equipment company, from AltorKeynote speakers included Aviagen CEO and processors as well as a group of Aviagen 2003 Fund.Randall Ennis and Graeme Dear, General customers from Morocco. Headquartered in The Netherlands, Meyn isManager, Aviagen Limited, who both discussed Graeme Dear explained: “There are some very the global market leader in poultrythe way Aviagen was on track to keep the specific challenges we are tackling. Were processing equipment, serving industrialpromises made twelve months previously. working hard to ensure chick quality is the poultry processors worldwide through itsRandall Ennis said: “When we made this move in highest it can be by producing high quality offering of full “wall-to-wall” solutions.France it was for strategic reasons. We wanted to antibiotic free chicks from our hatchery in Meyn develops, manufactures, markets andbe closer to customers so we could understand Champtocé sur Loire. The increasing drive distributes its poultry processing solutionsthe market conditions and the needs of the French towards eliminating the use of antibiotics across globally to over 90 countries.poultry industry. We also wish to share how the industry puts even more importance on effective brooding conditions and getting chicks Han Defauwes, President and CEO of Meyn,Aviagen could contribute to address the market off to a good start. As a primary breeder our role is comments, “Meyn has under the ownershipdemand and expectations of our customers. crucial so well be making sure we start at first of Altor, become the global leader in poultryOther speakers included Mr Nan-Dirk Mulder principles by implementing new techniques for processing solutions. Meyn has successfullyfrom RABOBANK International who set the disinfecting eggs to reduce the bacterial load and developed its services to encompass thescene for the day by giving his outlook of the thus reduce the need for on farm use of entire poultry processing value chain,French industry from an international antibiotics. providing market leading efficiency to theperspective. industry. With CTB as a new owner, we will “Our aim is to listen and to be responsive to ourRandall Ennis added: “Weve already made some customers. I am confident that in Thierry Rollandgreat progress, France has a number of and his team we have the right level of highlycompetitive advantages and there is no reason skilled support in France. We have a clear visionwhy the French industry should not be able to and strategy to succeed and we will be workingincrease market share especially within the closely with customers to make that vision adomestic market. I believe that Aviagen has the reality.”right products and support network to make that Thierry Rolland added: “This meeting was veryhappen.” well attended and we enjoyed a lot of positiveAviagen UK Breeding Programme Director, Jim feedback. This type of event is very important inMcAdam said: “In the Ross PM3, Aviagen has a enabling us to bring customers, the local Aviagengreat bird for the French market and we are led by France team and Aviagens senior management be able to continue our successful strategy towhat the market demands. Thanks to the support together to ensure our efforts are in line with further build our leading position in theof our customers we are able to show just how customer requirements, now and in the future. poultry processing industry. We arewell the birds perform in the field and offer some We hope to hold another event in the near future delighted to be part of CTB and we arehelpful advice. The key element is to better for broiler customers, where management and looking forward to develop Meyn togetherexpress the performance potential of the Ross nutrition will be more specifically addressed.” with CTB by serving our customers with a broader range of products." Victor A. Mancinelli, CTB President and CEO, comments, ”Meyn is a great match for CTB. The acquisition joins together leading companies in two distinct sectors of the poultry industry. Both companies are innovative in their approach, and both seek to partner with poultry companies to provide intelligent, forward-thinking solutions. The acquisition will provide CTB with the ability to offer global poultry companies total solutions from grow-out through the eventual processing cycle.” Bengt Maunsbach, Partner at Altor Equity Partners AB, comments, “In Meyn Altor acquired a great business with a world class management team. We are pleased with the way Meyn has developed. Having completed our development plans for Meyn we are confident Meyn will continue to prosper under CTBs ownership.” The transaction is conditional upon approval by competition authorities and the Dutch works council.18
  19. 19. 19