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August poultry times of india


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August Poultry Times Of India......

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August poultry times of india

  1. 1. REGN. NO. PKL-92/2010-2012, P/KL-1/International /2008-2011 RNI NO. 02957/96 P ULTRY TIMES OF INDIA Volume 34 Issue 1 August - 2012 COVER STORY Novus creates Health through Nutrition Cover Story - products for livestock,through Nutrition Novus creates Health pets and people. products for livestock, pets and people. ARTICLE Zinc complexes improve feed conversion INTERVIEW Interview with Dr.Vaibhav Nagpal, Director, Novus Animal Nutrition (India) Pvt. Ltd. PRESS RELEASE DSM Marched with Quality & Brand in Davanagere, Karnataka NEW APPOINTMENT Aviagen Adds Experience to its Global Veterinary Technical Team BUYERS GUIDE Poultry SoftwareCOMPLIMENTARY COPY 7th in series Interview with Dr.Vaibhav Nagpal, Director, Novus Animal Nutrition (India) Pvt. Ltd. IAI Poultry & Meat EXPO 2012 13-15 December 2012 IARI Ground, PUSA New Delhi
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  3. 3. From the Pen of Chief EditorEditorial Branded Eggs likely to make CONTENTS growth Stranded If this is some kind of add-stunt or something 4 Zinc complexes improve feed conversion innovative in the realm of egg industry has not been clearly explained by the producers of “Branded DSM Marched with Quality & Brand in Eggs”. Anyway, the small producers have become 6 Davanagere, Karnataka successful in creating a niche for their innovative product, BRANDED EGGS. Selling Branded eggs has not become so easy in the retail market because the 8 WPC 2012: 24th World Poultry Congress opens in Salvador price is almost double the price of ordinary eggs in the market. A few years ago some poultry farmers in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, launched branded eggs but discarded the practice due to lack of point of sale. The DSM Marched with Quality & Brand in 10 consumers, however, have become very much conscious about these Panchkula, Haryana branded eggs, just like organic poultry products. Aviagen Announces Keith McCay to The branded eggs have a higher vitamin and mineral content and are free 11 Oversee Poultry Breeding Operations from odor. They ensure a clean production atmosphere and stringent production norms, while the unbranded eggs may be contaminated. Other Aviagen Adds Experience to its 11 features for branded eggs are; low cholesterol content, high DHM content Global Veterinary Technical Team and folic acid. These eggs are mostly rich in protein, contain less fat and, in Danisco Animal Nutrition Expands US Team cases, have herbal features. 11 with Poultry Specialist While the whole country consumes 3.6 billion eggs every month, the branded eggs constitute only around six million eggs. But this segment is likely to catch up first in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Interview with Dr. Vaibhav Nagpal, Director, 14 Bangalore, and is growing at an annual rate of 20 per cent. Novus Animal Nutrition (India) Pvt. Ltd. Poultry farmers are hopeful that growing incomes and health- consciousness will help them switch over from unbranded to branded eggs. They also observed that the demand for normal eggs dwindled by 40 Novus creates Health through Nutrition 16 per cent but that of branded eggs fell by only 10 per cent. products for livestock, pets and people. Very soon the egg farmers will be able to bring out eggs for specific category of people with specific requirements such as children, heart patients, diabetics and pregnant women as well. Generally the eggs with 20-23 News low Glycemic Index (G.I.) values are recommended for consumption by the diabetics. 24 Egg Rates Albeit the branded eggs are priced higher than loose eggs, the demand is increasing as it gives a premium look and appeal. So majority of first class Buyers Guide 26 customers prefer these eggs The branded egs ensures quality and convenience and the concept of branding eggs is fast catching up with the egg producers. 29 Events Calender Office : Our Team Advertisement 923, Sector-9, Urban Estate, Karnal 132 001 (Haryana) Tel.: + 91 (184) 4033326/327, 2202174/75 Vishal Gupta Fax : + 91 (184) 2231050 Avitech 31 E-mail: | Website Chairman & Editor in Chief Confidence of Indian Industry 9 Vinod Kumar DSM 19 General Manager IAI Expo 2012 32 Jawahar Khurana IAI Aquaculture Expo 28 Marketing Manager IMV Technologies 25 Editorial & Advertisements may not be reproduced Without the written consent of the publishers. Dr. S.S. Mondal Indian Herbs Overseas 5 Whilst every care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the contents of Poultry Times of India the M.V.Sc. & A.H., Ph.D. publishers do not accept any responsibility or Natural Remedies 2 liability for the matterial. Prachi Arora Novus 15 Co-editor Pfizer Animal Health Indian Ltd. 7 Manish Kumar Assistant Co-editor Prakash Feed 27 Kamljeet Taya Tata Chemicals Ltd. 11 Assistant Content Manager Pixie Consulting Solutions Ltd. Karnal Vamso Biotec Pvt. Ltd. 13 Printed at : Jaiswal Printing Press, Chaura Bazar, Karnal Ashwani Verma Published at : 821, Sector-13, Urban Estate, Zeus Biotech 18, 20 Karnal 132 001 (Haryana)c Graphic Designer : Zydus Animal Health Ltd. 30
  4. 4. ArticleZinc complexes improve feed conversionDietary zinc stimulates immunity and supports skeletal development, feathering and skinstrength, etc. In addition, feeding highly bioavailable sources of zinc, such as zinc complexes, tobroilers also shows improvements in gain and feed conversion.By Wiebe van der Sluis, Rooster45, Doetinchem, The Netherlands acetate 19%. It is also true that the relative biological value of zinc sources varies (see Table 1). Growth promotion effects Because of the low zinc content in some feed ingredients with varying levels of bioavailabily, it is necessary to add zinc to poultry diets. In the European Union, zinc diet contents are allowed up to 150 mg/kg feed. These levels cover largely the recommended requirements for most animals, especially when highly bioavailable zinc complexes are supplemented. When feeding zinc complexes within these legal limits, it helps decrease the severity of footpad and skin lesions, as well as improve feathering conditionZinc is an essential trace element in all living and skeletal development. Since zincsystems from bacteria, plants and animals to also stimulates the development of thehumans. Its biological function was not immune system, providing sufficientunderstood until 1934. It took another 20 years bioavailable zinc results in healthierbefore naturally occurring zinc deficiency was birds. Trials conducted in various partsrecognized as the cause of parakeratotic of the world clearly indicate that zinc(hardening and cracking) lesions of the skin of complexes have a positive effect onpigs, and slow growth, poor feathering and body weight and feed conversion inabnormal skeletal development in poultry. broilers, as well as egg production andRecent poultry literature suggests zinc shell quality in laying hens. Thesedeficiency in poultry is associated with footpad effects are more notable during heatlesions and poor carcass quality due to scratches stress.and skin damage. This made poultry producers Improved performanceand nutritionists realise that adequate dietaryzinc supplementation is critical in poultry Recently, researchers at Auburnproduction. University, Alabama, USA, investigated the influence of zincBioavailability of zinc complexes on live performance andZinc is primarily absorbed in the small intestine. carcass grade of broilers. They reportedHowever, it is known that binding form and that feed conversion was improved forother dietary ingredients can influence the female broilers fed Zn complexes at 25bioavailability of zinc. In monogastric animals, and 42 d of age and male broilers at 21 dphytate, for example, decreases zinc absorption. of age. In a follow up study, the sameDietary calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, group showed (in a trial with 1440 malenickel, copper and iron also affect zincbioavailability. Ross broilers over 49 days) a feed:gain of 1.701 versus 1.736 for broilers fed zincThere are differences in bioavailability between complexes and ordinary sulphate,various zinc sources. Most of them are quite low, respectively (Figure 1). A summary offor example: the absolute bioavailability for zinc 22 trials from Zinpro Corporationoxide is 22%, for zinc sulphate 23% and for zinc showed that feeding broilers zinc complexes improved the feed efficiencySome zinc facts3 by 3.9 points (0.039 or a 2%• Zinc is needed for immunity, cell division, improvement) when weights were cell growth, wound healing, and equalized to those of the sulphate carbohydrate metabolism. control (Figure 2). This feed efficiency• Zinc is also needed for the senses of smell advantage continued to persists even and taste. when broilers were reared to heavier• Zinc from plant sources is not as available weights (>3.4 kg). These results show for use by the body as the zinc from animal that providing sufficient zinc sources. Therefore, low-protein and complexes helps improves bird vegetarian diets tend to be low in zinc. performance.04
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  6. 6. Press ReleaseDSM Marched with Quality & Brand in Davanagere, Karnataka of “Safety, Quality, Reliability andTraceability”. technologies with the aim to retain the product He emphasised about DSM global alliance with efficacy, potency and stability in different feed Novozyme, world leader in enzyme production applications and stress conditions, which makes and research. these products more bioavailable to the animals. Dr. Mahendran also informed that all the DSM He talked about various vitamin forms vitamins are sold under the brand name of (Rovimix®), enzymes solutions (Ronozyme® “Rovimix®”, carotenoids as “Carophyll” and VAX, Ronozyme® NP, Ronozyme® ProAct) feed enzymes are named as “Ronozyme®”. from DSM to reduce feed cost in layers. Dr. Mr. Krishnamurthy Naidu welcoming all guestsDSM Nutritional Products organized seminaron “ Importance of Product Forms &Differentiation”DSM Nutritional Products India Pvt. Ltd. Dr. Mahendran during presentation on company profile and product formsorganized technical seminar in Davanagere,Karnataka on 13th July2012; aiming to extend DSM Nutritional Products India Pvt. Ltd. has Mahendran emphasized significance ofits technical expertise in Vitamins, Carotenoids started its own premixing plant at Ambernath, Ronozyme ProAct (Protease enzyme) in& Enzymes to poultry farmers in and around near Mumbai, Maharashtra to deliver the reducing feed cost when soya & other rawDavanagere. material prices are high at present.The seminar was arranged at “Hotel Sai Dr Mahendran showed the vitamins, enzymesInternational, Davanagere” and was well and carotenoids forms and explained theattended by progressive layer farmers in and differences under live demonstration througharound Davanagere. microscope and was well appreciated by them.Mr. Krishnamurthy Naidu of M/s Balaji Mr. Bhaskar, Area Sales Manager, DSMEnterprises welcomed the guests and Nutritional Products India Pvt. Ltd. gave vote ofintroduced DSM team to them. thanks to the guests and speakers.Dr. Mahendran, Nutritionist- South & EastIndia, DSM Nutritional Products, gavecompany presentation and DSM activities. Hegave brief introduction about DSM global andDSM India and its activities of focusing and Dr Mahendran and Mr Bhaskar during liveworking for people and planet by providing product differentiationright solution to improve quality of life. He premixes and products precisely, quickly and asinformed that DSM is the global leader in per local need.vitamin manufacturing and in marketing of Dr. Mahendran in his presentation onvitamin premixes and at present they have 46 “Importance of product form andpremix plants worldwide to cater global market differentiation” highlighted the importance ofand to offer customized blends as per needs. vitamins formulation technology in the poultryDSM is the only and largest integrated vitamin feed. He explained how vitamin and enzymemanufacturer and its quality vitamins have product forms help to overcome the criticalbeen produced in its state of art plants located at features of mixability, stability, handling anddifferent parts of world. DSM produces bioavailability.vitamins and carotenoids and enzymes forpoultry, dairy and aqua feeds as well as for He shown presentation on different producthuman nutrition, therapeutics and personal forms of Rovimix® Vitamins, Carophyll &care. He also mentioned that all DSM products Ronozyme® brand of enzymes to explain theare manufactured with stringent quality quality of DSM products. DSM products are View of the Guests in the seminarmeasures that assure to meet critical parameters manufactured with advanced formulation Advertise Today For further details contact: In India’s most preferred poultry +91 99917 05005 | magazines06
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  8. 8. NEWSPress ReleaseWPC 2012: 24th World Poultry Congress opens in Salvador Feed Additive Market toBRAZIL - The opening ceremony of the 24th poultry producers and exporters association, Reach Value of $17.5 BillionWorld Poultry Congress took place in Salvador UBABEF, offered a number of examples of the Feed Additive Market toin the state of Bahia on 5th August. The event importance of poultry meat to the economy ofmarked the centenary of the very first congress. his country. In 2011, exports reached 4.11 Reach Value of $17.5 BillionRepresenting more than 90 countries on all five million tonnes, worth US$8.85 billion, or more GLOBAL - The global animal feed additivescontinents, delegates gathered at the than three per cent of the countrys total exports market was worth $ 13.5 billion in 2011 and isConvention Centre in the Brazilian city for the and went to 150 countries. Nevertheless, two- expected to reach $ 17.5 billion in 2018,opening ceremony of the World Poultry thirds of poultry meat produced is aimed at the The global animal feed additives market isCongress. domestic market. The industry provides employment for 1.2 million people in chicken growing at a CAGR of 3.8 per cent from 2011 toAustralias Dr Bob Pym, president of the WPSA, 2018. In the overall global market, Asia Pacific production and a total of 3.5 million direct andwelcomed the guests and delegates, explaining indirect jobs. is expected to maintain its lead position inthat this Congress is a special one, marking thecentenary of the organisation. The International The sustainability of the industry is important, terms of revenue till 2018. Asia Pacific isAssociation of Poultry Instructors, as it was then he stressed, economically, in poultry health and expected to enjoy 32.4 per cent of global animalcalled, held its first meeting in 1912, attended by for improving social conditions as it depends on feed additives market revenue share in 2018delegates from just 12 countries. Six years later, successful partnerships between small farms followed by Europe.the Worlds Poultry Science Association was and large organisations. Furthermore, The increase in global demand for meat andformed, an organisation that now includes production can be achieved with less environmental impact than in many countries, meat products has fueled the growth of globalalmost 8,000 members in 80 countries. he said, adding the a chicken in Brazil has half feed additives market over the last three years.He said. The organisation has always had the the carbon dioxide emissions of one produced in This growth is particularly higher in emerginggoal of helping family farmers in developing the UK. countries like China, India, and Brazil whichcountries to improve poultry production withtechnology and the latest science, aiming to In his address, Minister of Agriculture, Mendes contributed 23 per cent in 2011 and expected tomake them self-sufficient in poultry meat and Ribeiro Filho, stated that the aims of President contribute 39 per cent in 2018.eggs, sustainably. Never has this help been more Dilma Rousseffs government include self- The animal feed additives market isneeded than in these days of high and volatile sufficiency in corn (maize) by next year and the segmented into antibiotics, vitamins,feed prices, he stressed, when developing eradication of poverty over the coming decade. antioxidants, amino acids, feed enzymes, feedcountries are under greater pressure from the Until the 1970s, Brazil imported many basic acidifiers and others (Trace minerals, NPN andeffects of drought and use of land for biofuel foods but it has applied the best technologies toproduction. triple food production over 20 years and food so on). The global feed acidifiers market isPresident of the Congress organising body, exports now contribute much to the countrys estimated to reach $1.6 billion in 2018 from $1.0FACTA, Dr Edir da Silva, replied and welcomed positive balance of trade. billion in 2011, at a CAGR of 6.3 per cent fromthe guests and delegates. He highlighted the Brazil is in an outstanding position to meet the 2011 to 2018. Asia Pacific is major salesdevelopment of the Brazilian poultry meat demands of the worlds growing human contributor and is expected to hold 32 per centindustry over the last decades to one that is now population, the Minister said. of the global market share in 2018.the worlds top exporter of this product, Last but by no means least to address the This market is expected to have high growth ofaccounting for 40 per cent of the total volume of Congress opening ceremony was the Governor CAGR 4.0 per cent due to higher demand andpoultry meat graded across the world. of the state of Bahia, Jaques Wagner. Salvador sales. The US remains the leader in the NorthHe identified the strong integrated supply chain was Brazils first capital city, he his country as the basis for this success, and American amino acids market with 29.9 per He encouraged investment in the poultrystressed the need to support the many small cent market share, while China leads the Asia industry in the state, which currently providesfamily farms on which the industry depends, as just 12 per cent of the eggs and 60 per cent of the Pacific market with 49.5 per cent market sharean example of the sustainable growth that is chicken consumed in Bahia. Brazils poultry followed by Japan. Within Europe, UK drawsvital for further expansion. industry is centred in the south, south-east and the largest demand, which is followed byFrancisco Turra, chairman of the Brazilian mid-west states. Germany. Ceva combines poultry vaccines into single dose against three diseasesThe world leader in poultry vaccine technology made it possible to provide lifetime protection Vectormune ND (which also protects againstCEVA has combined two of its poultry vaccines against all forms of IBD with a single dose Mareks Disease), can be mixed in diluent with ainto a single dose that will protect against blue vaccine tracer and administered in theNewcastle, Gumboro and Mareks disease. hatchery, either in ovo or subcutaneously at oneInfectious Bursal Disease (IBD) has been a long day old, according to Ceva. "Vaccinating chicksstanding challenge in the field. Producers against Gumboro and Newcastle disease hasneeded a vaccine that worked in the presence of always been difficult for broiler producersa relatively high level of maternal antibodies.In because of the uncertainty around what day toresponse, CEVA developed CEVAC® administer," said Ceva.Transmune IBD, a unique vaccine utilizing The two vaccines used to come in packages inupgraded immune complex technology that different sizes, but the company haseliminated the difficulties of vaccinating for IBD administered via in ovo (in the egg) or standardized the packaging for ease of overcoming the challenge of when to subcutaneous injection. Transmune IBD and Vectormune ND are nowvaccinate and the problem of non-uniform The companys Gumboro vaccine, Transmune available in uniform 1,000-, 2,000- and 4,000-administration in the chicken house. It also IBD, and its Newcastle Disease vector vaccine, dose vials.8
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  10. 10. Press ReleaseDSM Marched with Quality & Brand in Panchkula, Haryana from DSM to reduce feed cost in layers. Dr. Pradip demonstrated feed cost reduction in feed formulation by using Ronozyme NP, VAX and ProAct to utilize feed nutrients most efficiently. Dr. Pradip Naik with Dr. Lokesh Gupta showed the vitamins, enzymes and carotenoids physical forms and explained the differences under live demonstration through microscope. One of the important factors that influence the mixability in feed is flowability. Live demonstration of Dr. Lokesh Gupta welcoming all guests and speakersDSM Nutritional Products organized “ Product and products precisely, quickly and as per local Dr. Pradip Naik and Dr. Lokesh GuptaDifferentiation Seminar ” need. Dr. Lokesh emphasized significance of during live product differentiationDSM Nutritional Products India Pvt. Ltd. Ronozyme ProAct (Pure Protease enzyme) in flowability was shown to the seminarorganized Technical Seminar at Panchkula, reducing feed cost and to better utilize feed participants and was well appreciated by them.Haryana on 13th July 2012; aiming to extend its Dr. V. Ramasubba Reddy, Retd. Professor andtechnical expertise in Vitamins, Carotenoids & renowned poultry nutritionist from HyderabadEnzymes to poultry farmers around Haryana delivered an excellent presentation onand Punjab. “Emerging challenges in Poultry Production”.The seminar was arranged at “Hotel KC Dr. Reddy emphasized on right nutrition,Crossroad, Sector-10” and was well attended by proper biosecurity, water quality and birdsprogressive layer farmers, feed manufacturers intestinal health management to maximize theand veterinary consultants of barwala and near economic returns from area.Dr. Lokesh Gupta, Technical Manager, DSM Dr. Pradip Naik during his presentation onNutritional Products welcomed the guests and product forms and differentiationintroduced DSM team and speakers to theguests. He gave brief introduction about DSM proteins and improving its digestibility whenGlobal and DSM India and their activities of soya & other protein ingredients prices arefocusing and working for people and planet by extremely high at present. By using Ronozymeproviding right solution to improve quality of ProAct feed producer can reduce protein andlife. amino acids substantially and thus reduce feed cost.Dr. Lokesh informed that DSM is the globalmarket leader in vitamin manufacturing and in Dr. Pradip Naik, Technical Manager - North andmarketing of vitamin premixes and at present West India, in his presentation on “Importance of product form and differentiation” Dr. V. Ramasubba Reddy during presentationthey have 46 premix plants worldwide to cater highlighted the importance of vitamin on emerging challenges in poultry productionglobal market and to offer customized blends as Dr. Reddy answered many questions raised byper local needs. DSM is the largest and only formulation technology in the poultry feed. He explained how vitamin and enzyme product farmers and poultry consultants for optimumintegrated vitamin manufacturer of all vitamins, utilization of feed ingredients and to maintainpro-vitamins, intermediates and its quality forms help to overcome the critical features of mixability, stability, handling and intestinal health. He gave a simple advice tovitamins have been produced in their own state reduce feed cost by using protease (Ronozymeof art manufacturing plants located at different bioavailability. ProAct) and NSP degrading enzymesparts of world. DSM produces and market Dr. Pradip showed presentation on different (Ronozyme VAX) at present and maximizevitamins, carotenoids and enzymes for poultry, product forms of Rovimix Vitamins, Carophyll nutrient utilization from feed to bird.dairy and aqua feeds as well as for human & Ronozyme brand of enzymes to explain the quality of DSM products. He also explained in Mr. Deepak Mukhija, Area Sales Managernutrition, therapeutics and personal care. He detail about the different manufacturing North India, DSM Nutritional Products Indiaalso mentioned that all DSM products are process of feed grade vitamins & how they can Pvt. Ltd. gave vote of thanks to the participants,manufactured with stringent quality measures be used for specific purpose. DSM products are consultants and speakers for sparing their timethat assure to meet critical parameters of manufactured with advanced formulation and for valuable exchange of information .“Safety, Quality, Reliability and Traceability”. technologies with the aim to retain the product Seminar ended with cocktail and dinner.Dr. Lokesh also informed that all the DSMvitamins are sold under the brand name of efficacy, potency and stability in different feed“Rovimix”, carotenoids as “Carophyll” and applications and stress conditions, which makesfeed enzymes are named as “Ronozyme”. DSM these products more bioavailable andNutritional Products India Pvt. Ltd. has started efficacious to the animals and birds.its own premixing plant at Ambernath, near He talked about various vitamin formsMumbai, Maharashtra to deliver the premixes (Rovimix), enzymes solutions (RONOZYME VAX, RONOZYME NP, Ronozyme ProAct) View of guests in the seminar10
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  12. 12. New AppointmentsAviagen Announces Keith McCay to Aviagen Adds Experience to itsOversee Poultry Breeding Operations Global Veterinary Technical TeamUS & UK - Aviagen today announced the promotion of production MIDDLE EAST - Aviagen has strengthened its Global Veterinaryexecutive Keith McCay to Director of Pedigree and Great-Grandparent Technical Team with the appointment of Dr. Pavel Shkarlat as Poultry(GGP) Operations. In his new role, Mr McCay will oversee all operational Veterinarian, providing health and management advice as the Rossfunctions for Aviagens breeding programs in the United States and Veterinarian for the Turkey, Middle East and Africa (TMEA)United Kingdom. He most recently was Vice President of Operations at region.Aviagen Adds Experience to its Global Veterinary TechnicalAviagen North America. Team MIDDLE EAST - Aviagen has strengthened its Global Veterinary Technical Team with the appointment of Dr. Pavel Shkarlat as Poultry Veterinarian, providing health and management advice as the Ross Veterinarian for the Turkey, Middle East and Africa (TMEA) region. Dr Shkarlat has been with Aviagen since 2005 and has previously held roles within the company as a Technical Service Manager for Eastern and Central European countries and most recently as Senior Technical Service Manager for Russia. Prior to that he had worked for OJSC CherkizovoMr McCay will also drive innovations to improve the output through Group in Moscow and spent time asefficiencies in the Pedigree and GGP operations, working closely with a visiting researcher at The NationalAviagens R&D operation to establish, test and implement best practices University of Ireland in Galway.across the program. Nick Dorko, Global Head of“With Keiths experience and knowledge of the breeding program and Veterinary Technical Services athis focus on operational excellence, he will bring a new dimension to our Aviagen, said: "The appointment of Dr Shkarlat demonstrates thatelite level breeding operations,” said Mr Ennis. “Keith has been involved Aviagen is committed to being the industry leader in technical support.with operations at various levels for nearly two decades here at Aviagen, Dr Shkarlat joins the team with a wealth of experience working in poultryand will work closely with R&D and the Executive Board to incorporate behind him and I am confident his previous experience will be a strongunique and exciting technology into the existing program.” asset to Aviagen and our customers in the Middle East, Turkey, AfricaDuring his 22 year career in the poultry industry, McCay has spent 18 ansd beyond.”years at Aviagen and held senior management posts in GP operations, Originally from Russia, Dr Shkarlat received his Doctor of Veterinaryquality assurance, sales and production. McCay grew up on family Medicine degree from the Peoples Friendship University in Russia inbroiler farms with ConAgra, and pursued a BS degree in Biology from 1999 and has also completed the MAHM online programme (Master ofAthens State University. Prior to joining Aviagen he held the position of Avian Health and Medicine from the University of Melbourne/Broiler Flock Supervisor at Wayne Farms for four years. Georgia). Danisco Animal Nutrition Expands US Team with Poultry Specialist US - Danisco Animal Nutrition, a business segment of DuPont Industrial Biosciences, has strengthened its technical services team in the United States with the appointment of poultry nutrition specialist Dr. Nuntawadee Sriperm to the role of technical services manager. Dr Sriperm, known as Nickki, has a background in animal husbandry, and degrees at a masters level in both Business Economics and Agriculture Economics. Dr Sriperm worked in the animal nutrition industry for seven years before pursuing her Ph.D. in poultry science, which she recently attained from the University of Georgia. Her experience in feed formulation, data analysis, economics and specialisation in poultry nutrition will assist customers in capturing maximum nutritional value from their diets as well as cost savings opportunities. I am pleased to have joined such an innovative company. Danisco Animal Nutrition is firmly focused on working in partnership with their customers to address the long-term needs of using finite resources to feed a growing population. I am particularly excited to be working with such a skilled group of professional scientists,” said Dr Sriperm. Working from Buford, northeast of Atlanta, Georgia in the United States, she will report to Dr Janet Remus, director, Regional Research and Technical Services. Advertise Today For further details contact: In India’s most preferred poultry +91 99917 05005 | magazines12
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  14. 14. Interview Interview with Dr. Vaibhav Nagpal, Director, Novus Animal Nutrition (India) Pvt. Ltd. What is the value addition Novus provides productivity through various programs like; to the customers or the poultry industry? “Feed Cost Reduction”, “Trace Mineral Novus works with the poultry industry as a Optimization”, “Feed Mill Efficiency”, solutions provider for various segments in “Pathogen Control”, “Feed Hygiene”, “Feed the field of Health & Nutrition. Novus not Quality”, “Gut Health” and “Egg Shell only focuses on supplying Products and Quality. solutions to the Customers but because of In the current scenario, feed raw material presence in more than 100 countries, it helps prices are sky rocketing. Can you elaborate the Customer access to global technologies by the Feed Cost Reduction program? becoming a bridge to the outside industry. At present, the Industry is witnessing a Novus is setting up a world class R&D tremendous spike in raw material prices. The laboratory in India to provide Laboratory major reasons are lower productions from Dr. Vaibhav Nagpal, Director, support to our customers and develop the major producers like USA and Latin America solutions as per the local requirements. The and increased demand from China and other Novus Animal Nutrition (India) Pvt. Ltd. lab should be functional in the beginning of Asian countries. It appears that it is going to INTERVIEW 2013. One of the major issues faced by our stay on for some time. Customers is Raw Material Quality. The Lab The animal feed industry has been forced to will standardize IDEA Analysis, so that our look for and explore the alternate feed Customers can analyze real time Digestible ingredients to keep the finished feed prices Amino Acid profile of major protein sources and animal protein prices as affordable as and they can optimize their formulations and possible. also screen their suppliers. In this scenario, Novus has helped the Novus is doing lot of collaborative research industry in sharing the work done for last with Universities in South Asia like Bombay several years on improving the amino acid Veterinary College and TANUVAS to digestibility in raw materials with Cibenza develop effective solutions relevant to our DP 100. local customers needs. Novus also helps This allows us to use and get more out of raw Universities to upgrade the infrastructure materials like De-oiled rice bran, rice polish, and send the students from these Universities meat and bone meal, mustard meal, cotton to outside universities under the Novus seed meal, etc which have significantly lower Graduate Scholarship Program so that amount of digestible amino acids. Students can learn new technologies and What are future key drivers for the growth come back and apply it in our Industry. of Novus in Indian poultry industry? How does your company differentiate itself Performance, Animal Well Being, Food Safety from others in the market? and Environment are the key areas driving Novus pledges to provide its customers the Novus not only in India but also globally. “Triple-S Bottom Line” - “Solutions, Services, What are the major challenges in the Indian Sustainability”. In simple terms, Novus poultry industry? partners with the customers by offering Agricultural productivity and inconsistent sustainable solutions and services. The supply of feed raw materials, quality of feed company embraces science and has a sense of raw materials and drinking water, man curiosity that stimulates innovative thinking power, immune challenges due to various and actions toward everything it does. reasons are the major concerns in the poultry industry. We look at health and nutrition Where you see Novus after 10 years in South issues from a holistic perspective, Asia poultry & livestock market? recognizing that only an integrated approach We are striving to bring innovative programs will make a clear, sustainable economic and products to address the challenges difference to our customers. experienced by our customers to improve What are the major expectations of poultry their productivity and profitability while farmers from Novus? being environmentally sustainable. The Though the industry is steadily growing at a future of Novus in South Asia looks positive phase of 8-15% in various segments, still it is and exciting: through organic growth, facing unexpected fluctuations in raw acquisitions and technology partnerships, we material and finished product prices, quality see ourselves as the Top most solution issues and disease outbreaks. Poultry provider in Animal Health and Nutrition. industry is expecting a lot of innovative What are your major programs for the concepts and programs to moderate the cost Indian poultry industry? of production while maintaining the superior Novus helps the customers to improve the quality.14
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  16. 16. Cover StoryNovus creates Health through Nutritionproducts for livestock, pets and people. Novus History Novus has employees working in over 100 countries, serving more than 3,000 customers worldwide. Based in St. Charles, Missouri, Novus has facilities including corporate offices, research and development laboratories and manufacturing operations in more than 35 countries, as well as smaller offices with field staff in an additional 60 countries. The Novus South Asia office is located at Chennai, Tamil Nadu coordinating the operations of 16
  17. 17. Cover StoryIndia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and About Novus support alignment, diversity, individualNepal. growth, initiative and teamwork. VisionBased on Science We strive to provide products with To help feed the world affordable,Novus International, Inc. was founded in demonstrable value. Our research wholesome food and achieve a higher quality1991, but our scientific roots and history focuses on leading-edge concepts, and of life.originated over 50 years ago. In the 1950s, St. we are committed to supplying Novus has a clearly defined Vision. Feeding preferred products and services.Louis, Missouri-based Monsanto Company the world over the next four decades will It is critical that we maximize long-termbegan conducting livestock and poultry feed require producing more food than in the customer satisfaction. Whether relatedmetabolism studies. In 1959, one of its previous 4,000 years. Satisfying this to products, services or innovation, weproducts received FDA approval as an animal increasing demand without straining, must always anticipate our customersfeed additive, which helped launch the depleting or polluting the earths natural needs and exceed their expectations.Monsanto division that would become resources will continue to be a complex We protect our employees, the publicNovus. In 1991, in an effort to focus on its core challenge. It will require innovative solutions and the environment. Specifically, webusinesses - seed, herbicide and in nutrition, combined with a solid make health, safety and environmentalbiotechnology - Monsanto sold its Feed commitment to global sustainability. considerations a priority in everythingIngredients division to Mitsui & Co. Ltd. and Mission we do.Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. The new owners saw Make a clear difference in sustainably We act with integrity. We treat all of ourNovuss strategic potential for growth. meeting the growing global need for nutrition stakeholders - including employees,In our first year, we put into place the and health. customers, suppliers, business partners, ourcorporate Vision of "helping to feed the world Our core expertise and experience in health owners and the public - in a fair and ethicalaffordable, wholesome food." At the time, and nutritional research empower Novus to manner.this Vision statement was considered a bold move toward our Mission. Together, our Solutions and Novusgoal and some questioned how Novus could Vision and Mission form the solid bedrock Novus has pledged to answer customer painsrealistically make a contribution. We were a that supports Health through Nutrition. and industry issues by providing solutions.small, business-to-business company with Core Values This pledge comes from our rich legacy intwo products for the poultry industry, but we Novuss Core Values bring our Vision and providing innovative total managementunderstood that Novuss core knowledge of Mission to life. The Core Values define, in solutions that optimize livestock and poultryhealth and nutrition related to poultry could practical terms, how our 800-plus employees production, addressing just about anybe beneficial to other species. challenges nutritionists and producers face. conduct business with each other, withWorking from a strong base of scientific customers and with other stakeholders. They We are committed to reducing feed costs,understanding, we have brought to market guide all business strategies, plans and optimizing gut health and supporting amore than 100 new products over the past objectives. They shape our companys greater plane of nutrition for livestock anddecade. Today the Novus product portfolio culture, which begins at the individual level poultry production globally.provides a holistic approach to Health and carries through to the marketplace. [ Feed Cost Reduction ] Helpingthrough Nutrition for poultry, cattle, pigs, We seek excellence from every Producers Target Their Largest Inputpets, farm-raised fish, horses and people. employee. We encourage, expect and Cost17
  18. 18. Cover Story [ Gut Health Optimization ] Supporting [ Community Service ] Locally include ALIMET® and MHA® feed Health Through Nutrition Backed By Experienced in Communities Where We supplements, CIBENZA™ feed enzymes, Research Do Business ACTIVATE® nutritional feed acid, [ Tissue Integrity and Health ] Feeding [ Industry Service ] Addressing Industry ACIDOMIX® preservative premixture, Livestock and Poultry to Their Genetic Challenges Around the Globe ADVENT® coccidiosis control, MINTREX® Potential Sustainability and Novus chelated trace minerals, SANTOQUIN® feed Service and Novus preservative, MERA™MET aquaculture feed Novus is driven by a vision of helping feed Service is central to Novus presence in the additive, AGRADO® feed ingredient and the world affordable, wholesome food so they market as it embodies our interaction with many other specialty ingredients. Arenus® can achieve a higher quality of life. This customers, business partners and our ( is a division of Novus ambition is ingrained in our culture and is a communities. Service is multi-dimensional Nutrition Brands, LLC (a subsidiary of Novus driving force in our mission to make a and Novus approach is to think globally and International, Inc.) that focuses on difference in sustainably meeting the act locally. Whether providing superior developing health and dietary supplements growing global need for nutrition and health. customer service in applying solutions to for the equine and companion animal Sustainability is a priority for Novus and is a support our customers in dealing with their markets. Stratum® Nutrition, a division of mindset that permeates throughout our many challenges, or working one-on-one in Novus Nutrition Brands, LLC, focuses on operations. We have a social, environmental communities we serve, Novus believes in a human nutrition through specialty and and economic obligation to deliver products, hands-on working relationship to serve. Our functional ingredients for manufacturers of services and programs that ensure a service pledge to all of our stakeholders is a foods, beverages and dietary supplements sustainable future for all of us. promise of professional, knowledgeable and ( Novus is [ Social Sustainability ] Helping friendly service and support from people privately owned by Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Producers Meet Global Food Needs with appropriate backgrounds, training, Inc. and Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. For more [ Environmental Sustainability ] understanding and commitment to the information visit Protecting Against Excess Nutrients solutions and markets we participate in Media contact: [ Economic Sustainability ] Optimizing around the globe. Dr.S.P.Vinil, Marketing Manager South Asia Nutrient Utilization for Return on [ Customer Service ] Professional, Novus Animal Nutrition (India) Pvt. Ltd. Investment Knowledgeable and Friendly Service Tel: +91 26880782 A global leader in developing animal health and Support Email: and nutrition solutions, Novuss products AMI Comments on FSIS Compliance Guideline HACCP System Validation, Offers Implementation Recommendations AMI submitted comments today on the Food Safety and Inspection Services (FSIS) Compliance Guideline HACCP Systems Validation, stating that it has been significantly improved and will provide tools to support establishments in completing and meeting validation requirements. AMI comments offered several recommendations forNews implementation to help achieve a seamless transition, including determining how non-critical control points should be validated. The comments state, “Whether to validate CCPs [Critical Control Points], prerequisite programs, or both is a decision that could impact the effectiveness of food safety programs. It may also have an economic impact on the cost of inspection personnel reviewing documents and programs that do not impact food safety. Establishments could have prerequisite programs to address environmental issues such as pest control, employee hygiene and sanitation practices, among others. Programs of this nature should not be subject to validation requirements. However, in the absence of a CCP, prerequisite programs referenced in the process flow chart should be validated.” AMI also recommended that the self-assessment contained in the Guideline be used to confirm whether the establishments HACCP program is validated, as well as additional self-assessment questions that could be added to the Guideline to aid in the review of validation program. 18
  19. 19. 19
  20. 20. NewsGermany Reviewing Animal Welfare StandardsGERMANY - The German Parliament has reached The symposium "10 Years of the State Target for more animal welfare in Germany," Minister Aignercross party agreement to boost animal welfare Animal Protection" saw scientists, farmers and said.regulations. representatives of animal protection groups come She added that it is also important to gain a newFederal Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner told a together. impetus particularly on animal-friendlysymposium in Bonn last week: "This decision is an "Talking to each other instead of talking about each production of food with methods that are generallyimportant signal to legislature, executives and other - thats my clear vision on animal welfare and accepted by the public.judiciary. The protection of animals has been animal husbandry. "All of us to hear the arguments The German Agricultural Research Alliancegreatly upgraded." of others and to check their own arguments," said (DAFA) recently submitted new advice forShe said that Germany has high standards Ms Aigner. research and on the basis of these proposals specificcompared to other European animal welfare The Minister stressed that there is a broad research projects and funding are now beingstandards and it could be proud of its science-based consensus on animal welfare. formulated.approach as well as the approach of its farmers. She The protection of animals has been a high priority The innovation support programme of the BMELVadded that in the area of animal welfare special for the federal government, the Minister stressed has received funding of €34 million this year.attention had been paid to animal husbandry. and pointed to the recent amendment to the The minister concluded: "I am convinced thatMinister Aigner said there will be a broad public Animal Welfare Act, which contained a number of Germany is not only a leading location for high-debate on the issue because for the regulations to be improvements for animal welfare in Germany, tech agricultural machinery - Germany is also asuccessful they needed consumer acceptance. such as the phasing out of the castration of piglets leading centre for sustainable, environmentally-The discussion process, which is in the "Charter for without anaesthetic by 2017 or the implementation friendly animal agriculture.Agriculture and Consumers" of the federal of the EU Laboratory Animal Directive into “And we will continue to be successful if everyoneDepartment of Agriculture (BMELV), will German law. works together - farmers, who live with animalcontinue, the minister said."We have to keep going "Whether it is the reduction of animal testing or the welfare in animal production, animal welfareand continue to develop the standards of modern development of alternative animal husbandry, organisations, who are committed to the issue, andanimal husbandry steadily - in a dialogue on the research and development are driving forces for science and industry with their innovations.”research with farmers and consumers.” Retailers Asked to Recognise Effect of Cost Pressure UK - The NFU, BPC and BEIC have written to the major retailers asking them to recognise the soaring commodity cost pressures and the impact this has on production costs. The UK the poultry industry uses in excess of 5.5 million tonnes of compound feed in laying hen, broiler, turkey and breeder farming systems every year. In recent weeks the prices for wheat and soya have risen rapidly due to adverse weather conditions. The letter calls for supermarkets take in to account the effect that the fundamental changes in commodity prices have had on poultry producers when in pricing considerations and promotional schedules for the year ahead, and that it is everyones interest to maintain long-term sustainable chains.Farm exports increase by 88% to nearlyRs 82,000 cr during Fy12NEW DELHIAgricultural and Processed Food Products Export DevelopmentAuthority (APEDA), the government-run export promotion body forfarm products said that the export of agricultural items jump by 88 percent to close to Rs 82,000 crore in the last fiscal.The increased export of processed foods, basmati, non-basmati rice, guar(gum and seed), buffalo meat and groundnut fuelled the growth in farmitems.Indias agri exports under APEDA stood at Rs 43,626.88 crore during thelast financial year (2010-11). According to the report, the growth wasachieved on the back of increased export of processed foods, basmati,non-basmati rice, guar (gum and seed), buffalo meat and groundnut.The increase of processed food export from the country is a positive signand the country also witnesses huge benefits from the global increase indemand for guar seed and gum due to rise in shale gas explorations in theUS.The allowance of export of non-basmati rice last year also elevated theshipments. There was healthy demand for groundnuts and buffalo meat,of which India is a major exporter in the overseas markets.In the 2011-12, the export earnings from processed food, which includesprocessed fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry products, etc.,increased to Rs 38,950 crore from around Rs 15,816 crore in the year-agoperiod.In the similar fashion, the earnings from shipment of buffalo meatjumped to around Rs 14,000 crore in 2011-12 compared to Rs 8,412.68crore in 2010-11 fiscal.20
  21. 21. NewsWPC 2012: Brazils WPSA President Shares a AB Vista Launches OnlineVision for Africa Corn Quality ServiceBRAZIL - The president of the Brazilian branch of topics in a regional content, while aiming o keep GLOBAL - AB Vista has launched a unique,WPSA, Dr Edir Nepomuceno da Silva, set out his the meetings free of commercial bias. fully automated, real time global Corngoals for the future at a satellite meeting, Quality Service. The service uses Near Infra- One of the most positive aspects of the presentorganised by Novus, at the World Poultry Red (NIR) spectroscopy to predict quality of Congress, said Dr da Silva, was a StudentCongress in Salvador yesterday, 6th August. corn (maize). Programme arranged by WPSA for 33 students toAmong these is to help develop the poultry meet in Sao Paulo and spend one week, travelling The Corn Quality Service has been developedindustry in Africa, an ambitious aim on which around Brazil and getting to know all the aspects by AB Vista and its sister company, Aunir,Novus has already made a start. Jackie Linden, of the poultry industry while also providing the which is a world expert in Near Infra-Redsenior editor, reports. participants with the opportunity to get to know (NIR) spectroscopy. NIR provides anThe real business of the 24th World Poultry each other and to network. alternative method to wet chemistry forCongress started in earnest yesterday, 6th analysing corn quality. Aunir has developed Another Congress development of which Dr daAugust, with six concurrent conferences sessions a database of NIR spectra, from which Silva is proud is the large area for posters,covering a variety of topics from poultry health proximate component values can be conveniently placed between the Congressand nutrition to welfare/environment, predicted and energy values estimated based sessions, exhibition area and food court, offeringslaughtering and genetics. There is also a on quality parameters. plenty of opportunity for visitors to find out moresubstantial exhibition area featuring exhibits and about the very many one-year research projects The results of NIR analysed via the Cornstands from local and global suppliers to the presented there. The posters are set to remain in Quality Service provide AB Vista customerspoultry industry. place throughout the Congress. with instant and accurate predictions. ThisAt an event organised by Novus entitled The facilitates decision making and enables Finally, Dr da Silva congratulated Novus onFuture of the Poultry Industry: Are you Ready?, adjustments to be made in real time meaning organising a satellite meeting that addressed thethe president of the WPSA branch hosting the that customers can optimise ingredients and real issues facing the industry today, includingCongress, Dr da Silva, expressed his hopes and additives use in diet formulations. . the opportunities and challenges in the globalpriorities for the next four years, a period in which poultry market and the future of poultry nutrition The Corn Quality Service is a sophisticatedhe will be president of the global WPSA if he is in the context of high and volatile feed ingredient web-based tool that delivers results to theelected later this week. prices. customers instantly. This in turn enables theThe first conference was held in 1912, in London, AB Vista technical team to offer advice on Following on Dr da Silvas commitment to theand the Worlds Poultry Science Association now how to maximise output from a particular African continent, the executive director ofhas almost 8,000 members of 81 national branches batch of corn. The results will be better Novus in Latin America, Luis Azevedo, said hisaround the world. managed in an online system which can be company, together with the government of Chad accessed remotely or onsite. Finally, theDr da Silva stressed how much the poultry and other partners including Globoaves, are development of this service will allow aindustry has developed over that time and so too setting up a model poultry production project, greater number of samples to be analysed,has the WPSA. Poulet Koundoul in the central African country. meaning that more of AB Vistas customersIf he is elected president, he wants to develop Chad has a population of over 11 million and an can benefit from this service and knowledge.closer links of the WPSA with African countries, annual rate of population increase of 3.6 per cent. The project aims to transfer technology in the Commenting on the launch, Dr Tiago Santos,taking expertise from his country and others to form of a whole poultry production chain from Technical Services Manager for AB Vista,help grow poultry production to meet the hatchery and feed mill, through growing the said: “The launch of the online, fullydemands of an ever increasing human broilers and to a modern processing facility. automated Corn Quality Service has madepopulation. Salvador is the top African city the process faster and more accessibleoutside Africa, he explained, and Brazil can offer The aims of the project, explained Mr Azevedo, customers. AB Vista is looking forward tothat continent the benefits of its research and are to increase food security in the country, being able to offer support and advice to moreexpertise. improve food safety, build production capacity of its customers with this service.”He is also keen to propose more frequent, and transfer technology, with an output of 20,000 broilers per day, providing 1,500 jobs and offering For more information about accessing thisregional meetings of WPSA in conjunction with 15 different poultry products. service and creating an account, contact aother events, such as exhibitions, to explore new member of the AB Vista team by emailing and Egg Prices Likely to RiseINDIA - It is not only the prices of staples, edible poultry farming, and this sharp price increaseoils and vegetables that have been rising. Prices suggests that prices of eggs and chicken (proteinof eggs and chicken (protein food items) mayalso rise in the coming months.The Times of India reports that scanty rainfall food items) may rise sharply in the coming months, the note adds. If farmers choose to substitute poultry feed with IAI Poultry &and higher global prices have led to a hugeincrease in average prices of poultry feed in thecountry, which is also an early indicator of the cereals, then prices for cereals could rise as well. Rising feed prices are an early indicator of the potential impact that the deficient monsoons Meat Expopotential impact a drought may have on food could have on food prices. As delayed 7th in Series 13-15 Decemberinflation. monsoons hurt production of vegetables, cereal IARI Ground, PUSA RoadAverage prices of poultry feed - consisting of and oilseeds, we expect WPI food (primary and New Delhioilseed cakes, rice bran, grounded maize and manufactured) inflation, which is currently 9soya - rose by 69 per cent year-on-year in July up per cent year-on-year, to rise into double digits For Space Booking, Contact: in the coming months. This will keep both WPIfrom 18 per cent in June, due to lack of rainfall (wholesale price index) and CPI ( consumer +91 9991705005, +91 9812082121and higher global prices, a Nomura researchsays. These price increases outpaced those price index) inflation elevated above the central the 2009 drought. Feed is a key input in banks comfort zone.