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Kingfisher, Facts on Kingfisher

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  3. 3. INTRODUCTION & HISTORY • Kingfisher Airline is a private airline based in Bangalore, India. The airlines owned by Vijay Mallya of United Beverages Group. • Kingfisher Airlines started its operations on May 9, 2005 with a fleet of 4 Airbus A320 aircrafts. • Kingfisher Airlines is a subsidiary of the UB Group, one of the largest beverage companies in the world . • The destinations covered by Kingfisher Airlines are Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Cochin, Guwahati , Kolkata, Pune, Agartala, Dibrugarh, Mang alore and Jaipur.
  4. 4. VISSION & MISSION • Vision – “The KFA family will continually deliver a safe, value based and enjoyable travel experience to all our guests.” • "Kingfisher Airlines will have 'Fly the Good Times' approach and this will reflect in the experience we will offer to passengers.“
  5. 5. LOCATION OF THE COMPANY-HO • King fisher airlines limited was an airlines group based in india. • Its head office is in andheri ,mumbai. • Its registered office in UB city Bangalore.
  6. 6. Company structure
  7. 7. BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND KEY PEOPLE  BOARD OF DIRECTORS • • • • Dr. Vijay Mallya, Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Subhash R. Gupte, Vice Chairman Mr. A. K. Ravi Nedungadi Mr. Manmohan Singh Kapur CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal PRESIDENT & CFO - THE UB GROUP Mr. A. K. Ravi Nedungadi.
  8. 8. OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE Overall company performance highlights: FY12  Total revenue of Rs. 5,715 Cr (-11.8% vs. FY11) Passenger revenue declined by 11.8% over FY11  EBITDA loss of Rs. 855 Cr vs. profit of Rs. 140 Cr in FY11 (a decline of Rs. 995 Cr over FY11)  EBITDAR profit of Rs. 13 Cr vs. profit of Rs. 1,124 Cr in FY11)  Total RASK (revenue per available seat kilometers)declined to Rs. 3.72 from Rs. 4.01 in FY11 (-7%)  Passenger RASK declined by 8% over FY11 (Rs. 3.48 to Rs. 3.20) Ex-fuel EBITDAR CASK(cost avialble seat per kilometer) reduced to Rs. 1.79 from Rs. 1.92 in FY11 (-7%)  CASK (EBITDA) increased by 9% over FY11 (Rs. 4.28 from Rs. 3.93) (Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization)
  9. 9. AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS  „Best Airline in India and Central Asia‟, „Best Economy Class Seats‟ and „Staff Service Excellence Award for airlines in India and Central Asia‟ in World Airline Awards,2010  '5-STAR AIRLINE' award by Skytrax for 3rd consecutive year, 2010  'IndIa’s Favourite Airline' in HT MARS Consumer Satisfaction Survey , 2009(hindhustan times)  Kingfisher Airlines frequent flyer programme, King Club has won Top Honors at the 21st Annual Freddie Awards in the Japan, Pacific, Asia and Australia region.
  10. 10.  Kingfisher Airlines has received three global awards at the SKYTRAX World Airline Awards  rated India's "Second Buzziest Brand 2008" by agfaqs! and The Brand Reporter  NDTV Profit Business Leadership Award for Aviation" awarded to Kingfisher Airlines by NDTV twice in two years  Economic Times Avaya Award 2006 for Excellence in "Customer Responsiveness"  "India's only 5 Star airline", rated by Skytrax and "6th airline in the world"  NDTV Profit Business Leadership Award for Aviation"  ranked amongst India's "Top Service Brands of 2008" in a ranking by Pitch magazine
  14. 14. BALANCE SHEET 10000 7651.81 8000 6000 4000 5868.07 4734.62 5822.37 4747.51 6314.96 5823.91 5289.34 INCOME EXPENDITURE PROFIT 2000 1569.9 1781.46 0 FY 08 FY 09 FY 10 FT 11 FY 12 -1027.4 -2000 -188.14 -1608.83 -1647.22 -2328.01 -4000
  15. 15. COMPETITORS ATTRIBUTES KINGFISHER JET AIRWAYS SPICE JET Price 25% higher than jet Airways and Indian Lower than Kingfisher airlines Extremely low Permission to fly to US NO YES NA Permission to fly to UK YES YES NA IPO Floated Floated Floated Targeted Customer Both ends of customer Both ends of customer Lower end of customers Positioning Premium Domestic Segment Premium Domestic Segment and international Segment Lowest fares and no frills INTIAL PUBLIC OFFERINGS
  16. 16. PESTLE ANALYSIS  POLITICAL FACTORS • Open sky policy ( INCRESE IN FUEL PRICE) • FDI limits: 100% for Greenfield airports 74% for the existing airports 100% through special permission 49% for airlines (Foreign direct investments)
  17. 17.  ECONOMICAL FACTORS Contribution to the Indian economy. Rising cost of fuel. Investment in the sector of aviation. The growth of the middle income group family affects the aviation sector.  SOCIAL FACTORS Development of cities leads to better services and airports. Employment opportunities. Safety regulations. The status symbol attached to a plane travel.  TECHNOLOGICAL FACTORS The growth of e-commerce and e-ticketing. Satellite based navigation system. Modernisation and privatisation of the airports. Developing green field airports with private sector for example in Bangalore the airport corporation limited.  ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS The sudden and unexpected behavior of the atmosphere and the dependency on whether  LEGAL FACTORS FDI limits
  18. 18. Swot Analysis Strength Weakness  Strong brand value and reputation in the minds of the consumer.  UB group as the parent company.  Quality service and innovation.  More than 80 destinations.  Less than 100 people (employees) per aircraft.  High maintenance cost at ground and airline.  High ticket pricing (KF First & Class).  Tough competition from Indian as well as international players.  Heavy Debt.
  19. 19. Swot Analysis OPPORTUNITIES Threat  If able to survive for a couple of years, then can have a big market share.  Expanding tourism business.  Reputation of providing the best Quality & Services in Indian skies.  Growth in air travel, with businesses and markets doing better.     Rising Fuel Costs. Rising Labour Costs. Other low cost airlines providing better services. Government initiatives in railways with fast running trains like Duronto.  Economic slowdown.
  21. 21. Product 1. Core Transportation 2 Supplementary Check in Food on board Connecting flight Complementary gifts In-flight entertainment Frequent flier programs In-Flight entertainment
  22. 22. Price Based on Class of travel Load factors Date of travel Day of travel Profit margins Competitors pricing
  23. 23. PLACE “Vijay Mallya” himself is a brand and the brand “Kingfisher” has also established a remarkable standing in the market place Kingfisher has a wide distribution channel that gives easy access to it‟s customers Tickets can be booked through various channels Consolidation Tour Operator/ Travel Agency (Clear trip, make my Affiliated with companies Direct through home leased system Kingfisher has a plush corporate office in Andheri, well equipped with trained employees & has a spread of offices across India
  24. 24. Promotion: advertisements & publicity Hoardings NDTV good times Brand ambassador Tag line King fisher calendar Media & Press Releases
  25. 25. PEOPLE • At Kingfisher Airlines, „people‟ are the most important „p‟ • People provide most services that is the selection, training, and motivation of employees • The airhostesses at Kingfisher come in contact with the customers in the process of providing the service, while the cock-pit crew are employees who contribute to the service product but do not come in direct contact with the customers. • Dr. Mallya handpicks the air hostesses for his Airlines as they is expected to possess a pleasing personality with polite service handling • Whereas the cock pit crew at Kingfisher Airlines require to possess high analytical and technical skills • Also at Kingfisher, there is the ancillary service personnel, the travel agent who plays a very important role in creating the service exchange but is not a part of the service. • At Kingfisher Airlines, the front line staff play a critical role in ensuring that the service is delivered to the customers as promised
  26. 26. PROCESS The process of Kingfisher airlines‟ service lays emphasis on the involvement of channels, front line staff, travel agency offices, offices of the tour operators or so form where the services flow & reach to the ultimate users. The process begins at the time of reservation goes on to the confirmation of seats. For e.g.: Computer reservation system of Kingfisher Airlines enables any reservation request from anywhere in the world to be auctioned in minutes. The reservation facility is accessible through all-major computerized reservation system of the world. By giving details of where to book and how to book Kingfisher airlines help in providing quality services to the customers. They also offer concession, by not charging any cancellation charges and also giving them the option to make a change in the reservation status if they request. All these facilities go a long way in increasing passenger convenience.
  27. 27. PHYSICAL EVIDENCE • Physical Evidence refers to the environment in which the service is delivered and where the service industry and customer interact. • At Kingfisher Airlines, the aircraft by itself, the seating configuration which is meant to be comfortable and spacious, and the in-flight food provided would make up the physical evidence in this service. • Boeing & Airbus are the 2 best commercial aircraft makers and almost all airline industries make use of one of these airlines. The seating is such that it is comfortable and there is enough leg space. • The in-flight food is another, important aspect, a wide selection of meals is offered to the passengers. Passengers are requested to indicate their reference at the time of reservation itself. Kingfisher Airlines has introduced new sleeper seats with electric controls for reclining lumbar support, leg rest extension, expanded seat back height for a more insulated environment, thus providing highly comfortable seating.
  28. 28. Conclusion • The ROI is low for kingfisher airlines. (ROI = Profit / Capital Employed) • Being a private carrier it has potential to improve on its margins with effective cost reduction policies. • The strategy of Vijay Mallya is that he uses Kingfisher Airlines to popularize his beer “Kingfisher” thus helping him to leverage his brand name to a win-win situation in both his businesses .
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