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offline eximiner vb project


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this is an fantastic vb project named offline eximiner and main part of this project is conducting exam in less time easy way

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offline eximiner vb project

  1. 1. Project on
  2. 2. “Offline - examiner”PRESENTED BY  Mr.Shelar Sagar Sunil  Mr.Nimbalkar Amar Pradiprao Under the Guidance of “Chatse sir”
  3. 3. Introduction Offline examiner is a real time project. The project will be implemented using VB. The aim of the project is to allow teachers to conduct examinations to the students. There are many unique features in the project. The students are not allowed to go back to the previous question once they click the next question. This option is up to the teachers to decide the teachers can either enable such an option or disable the option. The teachers are also given option to set the time limit of the exam. Various types of reports can be generated both for the teachers as well as the Administrators. The software will be used by three different types of users namely:- Students Staffs Administrators
  4. 4.  Nature and Scope of “On-Line Examination”: Teachers can add new questions to the exam paper Teachers can set the duration of the exam Students attend the exam Administrators can generate various types of reports Administrators can enable security settings Print out of the grade sheet is issued when the student completes the exam, or when the duration is finished Students can view their past exam history.
  5. 5. Existing System:- Lack of security of data. More man power. Time consuming. Consumes large volume of pare work. Needs manual calculations. PROPOSED SYSTEM:- Security of data. Proper control of the higher officials. Minimize manual data entry. Greater efficiency. Better service. Minimum time required. Need of System:-
  6. 6. HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS Processor : X86 Compatible processor with 1.7 GHz Clock speed RAM : 512 MB or more Hard disk : 20 GB or more Monitor : VGA/SVGA Keyboard : 104 Keys Mouse : 2 buttons/ 3 buttons System Requirement
  7. 7. Software Requirement:- Operating System : Windows 2000/XP Front end : Visual Basic 6.0 Back end : oracle 10g
  8. 8. Testing PlanningTesting Planning Project Organization:-The s/w testing consists of levels of testing: 1)Unit testing 2)Integration testing 3)System testing 1)UNIT TESTING: This testing forces verification efforts on the smallest of the s/w. While doing this, each module was tested to see that information properly flows into and out of the program under consideration. 2)INTEGRATION TESTING: Once all modules have been tested individually, then system is tested by integrating modules. 3)SYSTEM TESTING: Last of all the whole system is tested to find weather the system and its original objectives tally.
  9. 9. Technical OverviewTechnical Overview Language Used:-Language used   Visual Basic:-  Visual basic 6.0 for windows requires at least windows-95 and minimum of 16MB of RAM. A complete installation of visual basic 6.0 requires more than 250MB of hard disk space. DATABASE:   ORACLE To store the records of the students or database we require oracle as a backend. In addition to this it also act as a front-end. Using oracle forms can be created that act as a interface between user and the tables.
  10. 10. Administrator Offline Examiner Teachers Students Admin details Teacher details Student details Data Flow Diagram LEVEL 0
  11. 11. 1)Exam can be conducted easily. 2)Exam time management i.e., Exam starts and end at the right time. 3)Valuation is easy and result can be published with in time. 4)Only manual work needed is entering questions and corresponding right answer key. 5)No mishap is possible because the system is password protected. Advantages
  12. 12. Disadvantages 1.Exam won’t be conducted if there is power failure. 2.Exam can’t be conducted without Hub.
  13. 13. ApplicationsApplications • College Examination. • For the Aptitude tests in interviews. • Quiz competition.
  14. 14. ReferencesReferences BOOKS:- A Complete Guide to Programming in Visual Basic .Net Advanced Programming Using Visual Basic: Version 6.0 Advanced MS Visual Basic Site Address:-